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TheSilent_Boy: how to search my school

TheSilent_Boy: ?

Default avatar.png ChrisChrisLoLo: google

TheSilent_Boy: :joy:

TheSilent_Boy: bro

TheSilent_Boy: I meant how to find out my school friends on this website

Default avatar.png gameOverManGameOver: Hello Earth!

TheSilent_Boy: Hi Aliens !

Default avatar.png kasudy: anyone coding kutulu?

TheSilent_Boy: Nope

TheSilent_Boy: Python here

Uljahn: xD

TheSilent_Boy: where did the aliens go??

TheSilent_Boy: :joy:

Default avatar.png ProCoder3: How many times can we use SHEILD command in CSB

MadKnight: any

MadKnight: unlimited

jrke: as many you want procoder3

jrke: but we can use boost once in a game

Default avatar.png ProCoder3: Okay thanks:smile:

Default avatar.png MI_coder: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Default avatar.png BotNC: Can anyone recommend any sources to learn JavaScript?

Default avatar.png MI_coder: hey guys someone know if there is a way to close this chatbox from my scree?

Default avatar.png MI_coder: screen*?

Default avatar.png MI_coder: botNC use freecodecamp


Default avatar.png MI_coder: hey man is there anyway i can hide this chatbox frm my scrn?

Default avatar.png mortadha: hello world

Uljahn: MI_coder: click triangle on the bottom of the chat

Uljahn: also it can be disabled with adblock rule or css userstyle

Default avatar.png MI_coder: i cant find a triangle tho

Default avatar.png AwemA: hello

Default avatar.png AwemA: it's possible to have some help here ?

Default avatar.png mortadha: also me i need to some help

Default avatar.png mortadha: who can help me

Default avatar.png mortadha: ???

Default avatar.png AwemA: i'm totaly new to this , and i'm on the elevator with clone stage

Default avatar.png AwemA: @mortadha , explain your problem, i prefer break my head on something else than what is under my eyes actually ^^

Default avatar.png mortadha: i have a low level in algorthm

Default avatar.png mortadha: how i can make my level in algorithm good level

Default avatar.png AwemA: oh, we are in the same boat, and it's for this reason that i'm here , to increase my level , but some topic look so hard for my newbie face :(

Default avatar.png mortadha: yes :pensive:

Default avatar.png AwemA: on youtube i think that you can found some good video that explain how solve this pick what fit with your learn way , for it's gaming

Default avatar.png mortadha: i need to person have a good level to guide me

Uljahn: you could use free online courses for learning algorithms and data structures or read some books :smirk:

Default avatar.png mortadha: give me a website can help to learn a basic fo data structures

Default avatar.png mortadha: please

anantaCodes: Why is shortest mode there? I want to the know the intention behind it

Lazy_Programmer: I am a student of youtube... Anyone else here from same school?

Moctrof: anantaCodes, I hated it at first but the goal is to learn new features of your language I think

Moctrof: But with somelanguages you can't compete, I use python whenever it's shortest and I am a c# guy

anantaCodes: Yea the learning part if OK. but the platform is meant for competing. How is it a fair competition? Can I choose which types of challenges I can play in a public challege? Not the private ones

AntiSquid: think clash is meant as a more for fun section

Saptarshi: anyone on IBM?

Lazy_Programmer: shortest mode sucks if you are not a python programmer

Saptarshi: Yup that a word of carat Lazy_programmer

Lazy_Programmer: I am a c++ guy so I usually skip the shortest mode...

Saptarshi: thats not the spirit ... whether u win or lose ... u should complete the challenge

Saptarshi: I'm a C & Java guy

jrke: even if you are good in c++ so you can get top3 in shortest mode also

Saptarshi: but I'm always learning python for competitive cuz thats best for these

Default avatar.png prakash218: hello

Default avatar.png prakash218: hi

jrke: i prefer c++ for complex coding and python for easy and fast coding

Saptarshi: That's very right jrke

Saptarshi: even in interviews C/C++ guys are placed above python guys

Saptarshi: but for competitve I prefer learning up python

Lazy_Programmer: yeah i know python but i hate string handling stuff, and in shortest mode there are usually string handling challenges...(I hate working with strings cause i found them boring)

Saptarshi: Yep...

Saptarshi: Hey lazy programmer whats ur age

Lazy_Programmer: yeah I am 21... why?

Saptarshi: and are u working?

Saptarshi: or studying

Lazy_Programmer: yeah an internship as a unity game developer

Lazy_Programmer: also studying

Saptarshi: Woah that's great

Saptarshi: btw I'm 16

Saptarshi: how did u got ur internship at Unity?

Lazy_Programmer: damn dude I wish I could get to know these competitive programming sites or even programming in that age

Lazy_Programmer: you are lucky bro really lucky

jacek: mhm

Lazy_Programmer: not at unity bro as a unity game developer at a small indie studio

AntiSquid: i am 12

Saptarshi: Great!

Lazy_Programmer: AntiSquid :astonished:

Saptarshi: ehh AntiSquid might be jocking

Saptarshi: *joking

Saptarshi: Hey Lazy_Programmer I found u quite an interesting guy

Saptarshi: are u on insta?

Lazy_Programmer: nope I just use linked in (a professional site) and a few competitive programming sites nothing else

Saptarshi: Oh

Saptarshi: I would like to keep u in can I?

Lazy_Programmer: its okay bro we will meet here again after a week. it was my last day of codingames site I used to be here on thursday and friday tomorrow is for leetcode

Saptarshi: leetcode's really hard bro.. I could just able to win one contest till now

starmaq: leetcode is weird

Saptarshi: Said right bro

Saptarshi: Hackerrank's nice

Lazy_Programmer: not for contest just for practice...

starmaq: I didn't try it out that much, but there is always a single test case, and in python the solution has to be a method inside of a class

starmaq: other than that, it's pretty good tbh

Saptarshi: why dont google develop such sites

Lazy_Programmer: well leetcode is hard but not weird... because only person with good knowledge of algorithms can survive there

Lazy_Programmer: saptarshi! google it...

Lazy_Programmer: that why google is not doing this

Saptarshi: Can u tell me what did u studied to get such internship at this age

AntiSquid: use duckduckgo if you too lazy to google

Lazy_Programmer: wait bro are you making joke of me by saying 'at this age'?

Saptarshi: No No

Saptarshi: Im Appreciating bro

jacek: :thinking:

Lazy_Programmer: I wanted to get this at age of 19

Saptarshi: too not such late to have on 21

Saptarshi: btw

Saptarshi: leave it

Saptarshi: just tell me what did u studies

Saptarshi: *studied

AntiSquid: i think he considers you to be very successful for your age due to getting an intership at unity Lazy_Programmer

Lazy_Programmer: by the way I just followed youtube tutorials for one and half year to learn game development and one day I applied for a junior game deve job post on linked in and I got it... boom

Default avatar.png LoukasPap: go duckduckgo

Default avatar.png LoukasPap: google stealing our info

AntiSquid: and your avatar i guess since you have none

Lazy_Programmer: let me repeat i am not unity's team member I am doing an intership in a small game dev studio as a unity developer.

Lazy_Programmer: not in unity

AntiSquid: well you got him excited about it

Saptarshi: I have only some pdf assignments given by my school these lockdowns..let google steal it

Lazy_Programmer: AntiSquid! I don't know when I said that I am working at unity. I said I am working as unity developer somewhere

Lazy_Programmer: by the way! Saptarshi if you want to work at unity then you have to learn game engine programming

AntiSquid: sometimes i am speedreading with same comprehension level as Automaton2000

Saptarshi: how can I convert a String to Integer in C?

Automaton2000: i end up with a way to do it in a string

Lazy_Programmer: type casting bro

Alshock: that one is priceless, well done Automaton2000

Automaton2000: search for a good reason

Saptarshi: I know... Like in java we have Integer.valueOf()

Saptarshi: how can I in C

Saptarshi: I know i would find in google

Alshock: strtol I think?

Alshock: the good ol' way i atoi

Saptarshi: but it would be kind if someone tells me here

Uljahn: just find it in google jeez

Lazy_Programmer: that why I hate strings...:grin:

Saptarshi: C++++++++++++++++++++++++

AntiSquid: would be kind for chat people to also read statements for some people, but it doesn't do much really

Saptarshi: C--

Saptarshi: AntiSquid++

Uljahn: would be kind for chat people to not spam

Saptarshi: spam++

Saptarshi: sorry

AntiSquid: no, too late now

Alshock: ... and to tell whether the answers they're given are what they were looking for

Lazy_Programmer: Lazy_Programmer.Leave();

Saptarshi: Saptarshi.leave();

AntiSquid: Automaton2000.kick();

Automaton2000: we have the same issues

Uljahn: Automaton2000.spam++

Automaton2000: bitrunner is a little over-performing compared to other games

jacek: eeyup

Saptarshi: Automaton2000.spam(while(true));

Automaton2000: i see you are a pro

Uljahn: :smile:

Saptarshi: is this site made with React?

Saptarshi: I donot code... code codes me

AntiSquid: it's vue and backbone js

Doju: C++ really is an entirely different beast to python

Doju: i've got a decent handle on python but i'm completely lost trying to learn c++

jacek: do c++ only if you need performance

Doju: I'm doing c++ because I want to learn it

Doju: and yeah i guess i need performance

Doju: i'm writing another bot for the spring challenge

Doju: this time simming instead of heuristics

AllYourPawns: jacek whats your bot do for breakthrough? do you use an eval function?

Uljahn: eval with NN?

AllYourPawns: ive been trying to do just pure MCTS but feels like its hitting a wall cause it doesnt take into account opponent minimizing score

AllYourPawns: wondering if there's something better than UCB since UCB is based on normally distributed rewards

AllYourPawns: which is not true at all for 1v1 games

jacek: AllYourPawns i use NN for eval

jacek: the eval is good for alpha-beta, but also MCTS with early playout termination

jacek: though i use best-first minimax search, which mostly resembles MCTS

jacek: pure MCTS isnt particularly good for games with many traps

AllYourPawns: yeah traps mess it up for sure, and okay yeah that makes sense

Uljahn: i guess Thompson sampling could be better than UCB in that case, no?

jacek: is this some complicated math? :scream:

AllYourPawns: haven't heard of that ill look into t hat for sure!

Doju: I'm really stumped

Doju: I want to organize all of the inputs into one place

Doju: maybe a class, maybe a function

Doju: anyways i can't do it as a function since you can't return multiple different types

Doju: so should i actually just return the whole class?

Doju: this is silly

Scarfield: you can make a void function with function parameters as references

Scarfield: void diffTypes(int& bla, float& blu, Pirate& jackSparrow) {}

Doju: right, functions can take multiple different types in but they can't output different types

Doju: i don't think that really helps though

Uljahn: can't you use global variables?

Doju: erm

Scarfield: no but the "&" makes it a refence, since you are pointing to the address of the parameter

Scarfield: a good tutorial for C++

Doju: i'll have a watch

Doju: thanks

Scarfield: so having Func(int& bla) will apply the changes made to bla within the function outside the function as well

Doju: yeah i get that

Scarfield: :)

Doju: oh maybe i didn't explain the problem clearly

Doju: actually i guess that will work with global variables

Doju: to solve the problem

jacek: yay for global variables

jacek: everywhere, everytime

Doju: nay :(

Doju: But i'll try to figure it out, thanks guys

Saptarshi: pls freakin make me understand * and &

Saptarshi: what if i write a=7

  • ptr=&a

Saptarshi: and how to print the value of a through ptr and address of a through ptr

Doju: If i understood correctly, pointers are just memory addresses

Doju: so int a = 7

Doju: *a_pointer = a

Doju: then a_pointer is just some address

Saptarshi: is it like this printf("%x",*ptr);//for address and printf("%d",ptr);//for value of a?

DomiKo: *ptr is value

DomiKo: ptr is memory address

Saptarshi: ohk thats what im asking for

Saptarshi: thanks

jacek: int a = 7; int *b = &a; *b = 5; // a == 5

DomiKo: and very important

DomiKo: int* a, b;

DomiKo: and

DomiKo: int *a, *b;

DomiKo: is not the same

Saptarshi: i know this

Saptarshi: btw if we do like



Saptarshi: will a change to 7?

jacek: eeyup

Saptarshi: that's cool

Saptarshi: can we do this in java without global vars?

DomiKo: you know any of Java?

Doju: so hmm.. I need to give my input handler class, which runs every turn, references to, say, pac instances

Doju: that seems like a rather fragile way to do it

Saptarshi: a easier way to do it?

Saptarshi: *any

Saptarshi: :regional_indicator_j:

Saptarshi: A

Saptarshi: v

Saptarshi: A

jacek: kree java!

Default avatar.png pinki: a

Saptarshi: JAVA, C, C++

Saptarshi: these are programming langs

Saptarshi: Python, Ruby, JavaScript

Saptarshi: these are hamburgers

Doju: I think I'm gonna be spending a lot of time on this site during the next 6 months

Saptarshi: anyone aspiring for google?

Doju: I got the stupid placement of weatherman in the finnish army :d

Doju: that means i'm gonna be spending every third week in an office with pretty much nothing to do except look at the clouds every now and then and browse the web

Saptarshi: but are ya aspiring for google

Saptarshi: and anyone who has became a google assistant dev?

Doju: not aspiring for google

Doju: aspiring for spacex but that's not happening since you need to have US citizenship

Hjax: DomiKo do you have a search in kutulu?

Hjax: lol the submit button is called Test In Arena now?

jacek: and they added some checkbox on leaderboard

Marchete: test in arena?

Marchete: but, why?

AntiSquid: actually with working from home already being a thing and it now becoming more popular ... you never know Doju, keep trying

Marchete: I rather prefer they improve the toolbox instead of these changes or more languages

Marchete: like NN libraries and more than 100KB

AntiSquid: replay parser tool

AntiSquid: and more support for offline training, option to run "headless" for example without having to fiddle with the code :p

AntiSquid: well i know we can tweak that ourselves, but why not ...

jacek: more than 100k characters*

jacek: and NN guys are already OP

Marchete: irrelevant

Marchete: the purpose of the platform is to promote code and AI learning

jacek: then why there's "compete"

AntiSquid: more people using NN = more tutorials for using it on CG or NN tuts in general, though most important is to make it easier on CG, MCTS tuts are all over the internet and can be easily adapted to CG

AntiSquid: also depends on the userbase though

Hjax: i think proper nn libaries would be pretty interesting

jacek: there are some nn tutorials in cg

AntiSquid: i wouldn't start with those

jacek: because CSB?

AntiSquid: if you just want a basic feedforward-backprop then you need to be an acrobat

AntiSquid: didn't try for CSB because can't setup locally

AllYourMCTS: is pytorch supported?

AntiSquid: no

AllYourMCTS: rip

AntiSquid: oh and if you change timeout offline you still run into issues

jacek: ?

geppoz: i suppose someone is trying to crack ClashOfCode

geppoz: some user just enters and submits with 0%

geppoz: maybe doing a lib of problems?

geppoz: it is happening regularly

Astrobytes: The same account or different ones geppoz?

geppoz: seems different

Astrobytes: Think someone mentioned this yesterday too

geppoz: not sure, but quite suspect

Astrobytes: Noted

geppoz: how many problems there are for CoC ?

geppoz: it is feasible?

geppoz: or better not answer :D

geppoz: let's not give ideas

Astrobytes: Quite a few, but they do repeat

Astrobytes: The captcha is supposed to discourage botting

geppoz: once in, no captcha for each match

Astrobytes: Playing too many within a set time limit triggers the captcha

**eulerscheZahl counts 757

eulerscheZahl: a few more, should update the list...

Astrobytes: nice :)

eulerscheZahl: so joining clashes to get the list sounds pointless

geppoz: lol

geppoz: you published that?

Astrobytes: It's known site-wide

geppoz: :(

geppoz: so let's hope in people fairness ;)

Astrobytes: Nah, not like that. For looking up puzzles/clashes if you got stuck or whatever

Default avatar.png Lisker_the_slow: someone come 1v1

Astrobytes: People will bot, people will cheat sometimes. Most people are fair


eulerscheZahl: reach lvl29 and you can see the full list

geppoz: sorry lisker, diner pause, maybe later

eulerscheZahl: not gonna click that, it will freeze the tab

Astrobytes: With levelling up comes responsibility and hopefully honesty + integrity prevails

eulerscheZahl: btw i realized that the way I store data in heroku isn't persistent (updating the database with new entries) :(

eulerscheZahl: actually another user found out as he wanted to build a website with heroku too

Astrobytes: Ah. Bit of an overhaul needed then

eulerscheZahl: when the site goes down and up again, the changes are gone

eulerscheZahl: now the best part, his genious solution :rolling_eyes:

Astrobytes: That's... not useful

eulerscheZahl: he found some free cronjob website

eulerscheZahl: pinging heroku every 15min so it won't go offline

Astrobytes: ...

eulerscheZahl: that was my reaction too :D

eulerscheZahl: it's possible to add a real database to your heroku project. not sure yet if it's free, have to do some readup

eulerscheZahl: that is: a persistent DB

Astrobytes: I'm somewhat sure it's not, though was a while ago I checked the T&Cs, maybe they have a free option now

jacek: whats wrong with that idea? i would ping heroku myself

AntiSquid: you could host your database separetely on mlab

AntiSquid: gives plenty space for free for small projects

AntiSquid: 500mb enough right?

eulerscheZahl: right now i'm at 72MB and that's mostly codejam results

AntiSquid: you can create multiple databases, problem is they are each 500mb max

eulerscheZahl: 500 is more than i need

eulerscheZahl: i don't like the red box at the top

eulerscheZahl: mLab has discontinued the MongoDB add-on. Please migrate to a new MongoDB provider before November 10, 2020.

AntiSquid: ya got an email about that, didn't fully read it

AntiSquid: thought they just change owners or something

Astrobytes: which Heroku data service package are you on eulerscheZahl, the Postgres one?

eulerscheZahl: yes, just realized that

eulerscheZahl: SERVICEheroku-postgresql PLANhobby-dev

Astrobytes: Hm, bit annoying that you have that updating issue then

eulerscheZahl: free plan for heroku postgres: Row Limit 10,000

AntiSquid: btw have you tried glitch yet? i stopped using heroku ages ago because of their restrictions

Astrobytes: Ah

eulerscheZahl: my codejam table has more than 500k rows

eulerscheZahl: no. saw it on another project once, never tried myself

AntiSquid: it's far more simple to use too

eulerscheZahl: tried pythonanywhere first they don't allow to access CG, only whitelisted hosts

eulerscheZahl: i like heroku actually

AntiSquid: is mlab only shutting down the heroku addon?

eulerscheZahl: don't know, didn't follow the link


just thinking you can use the sandbox directly without an add on, like you would access mlab from anywhere else (without heroku)

AntiSquid: sandbox is what they call the 500mb free DB

irishcoder: Hey JulesLagny do you mind sharing your code?

JulesLagny: yes no problem, i did it

irishcoder: Thank you :relaxed:

JulesLagny: np

PatrickMcGinnisII: eulerscheZahl is your leaderboard page working?

PatrickMcGinnisII: or was that someone elses?

PatrickMcGinnisII: i know there were two

PatrickMcGinnisII: 1 searches individual contests,etc. and another one was for all of CG

AntiSquid: dbdr PatrickMcGinnisII

PatrickMcGinnisII: I can't find link for the one that did CG

PatrickMcGinnisII: oh yea, thanks...i like that one

AntiSquid: there's also this one that tracks activity, kutulu didn't change much in activite due to contest:

icecream17: i just got an email about fall challenge

PatrickMcGinnisII: hmm 161 in xp and 512 in CP, I can't seem to break into the top 500, oh well

icecream17: oh nvm

icecream17: it was about the spring challenge

jacek: :ie:

eulerscheZahl: was afk that is from Stilgar t by the way

PatrickMcGinnisII: eulerscheZahl do you have your own host to play with?

eulerscheZahl: just the heroku free plan

eulerscheZahl: nothing where i'm completely free to put on the server whatever i want

eulerscheZahl: but enough for my needs

PatrickMcGinnisII: Well I would give you my login for, have to stay out of my e-mail tho

AntiSquid: what is ?

eulerscheZahl: thanks for the offer but i don't think i need it

PatrickMcGinnisII: only way I could really let you manage your own DB

eulerscheZahl: could afford the few bucks myself. i just lack motivation of setting it up

PatrickMcGinnisII: i used hostclear, now its justhost...cronjobs,DBs, etc. all infinite

PatrickMcGinnisII: need just ftp, hit me up

AntiSquid: how much does heroku addon automate?

AntiSquid: mongo schemas were annoying and confusing at first for me too

PatrickMcGinnisII: aunt on phone, ttyl

AntiSquid: there's even guide to migrate from heroku to atlas directly:

x544D: Hello ! There is no ASM included on CG ?

Hjax: you could inline asm in a C upload couldnt you

Default avatar.png zeesop: Hey guys! Live at twitch :)

Default avatar.png zeesop: This site is soo much fun lol

jacek: twitch eh

Default avatar.png Unkmar: And in multiple languages. Rarely English.

jacek: huh

Default avatar.png Unkmar: Dutch appears to be his primary language.

Default avatar.png zeesop: I can talk English if you'd like though

Default avatar.png zeesop: Just start talking it in the chat and I will

jacek: in this channel we talk in english generally

Default avatar.png zeesop: I mean on twitch :P

jacek: oh

geppoz: mission accomplished for today: <100th in CoC :D

MadKnight: but what's the point ?

MadKnight: Automaton2020 ?

AntiSquid: there is no point Automaton2000

Automaton2000: i am pretty sure it was a fun one :)

AntiSquid: Automaton2020 was not found on the chat. - trying to ban this user @_@

MadKnight: but what's the point of having no point Automaton2000 ?

Automaton2000: as long as you dont spam it, it doesn't seem to be a good idea

icecream17: i wonder how often automaton2000's posts are relevant

Automaton2000: anybody know why i am getting the error

icecream17: oh wait automaton2000 used a smile emoji

Automaton2000: yeah i remember that one

DomiKo: omg

DomiKo: I'm so close to Legend

DomiKo: in Kutulu

DomiKo: yes

DomiKo: finally <3

DomiKo: Legend ufff

MadKnight: gggg

icecream17: oh yeah boss 1:

DomiKo: automaton2000 do you like Kutulu?

Automaton2000: see if you can do it i think

DomiKo: automaton2000 can i beat them?

Automaton2000: it seems that intellisense never works

Default avatar.png yaboiikevin: quite unfortunate

DomiKo: automaton2000 what is the finall clue?

Automaton2000: i thought you were using it for 2 weeks

Default avatar.png KDragon: Hello everyone, i am new here, how things going here ?

LastRick: Great! Welcome to CG.

icecream17: i'm doing amazing

Default avatar.png KDragon: Thank you LastRick

Default avatar.png KDragon: Good luck to you icecream17

solution.cpp: turning off script blockers may help to bring back intellisense

MadKnight: Automaton2000 how can i beat MadKnight's bot in CSB ?

Automaton2000: i'm still wondering why it is like a whole new level

Unkmar: The longer I stay here. The more frustrated I get.

Unkmar: I knew my simple case for Fair numbering would work but be too slow.

Unkmar: I wasn't sure how to tackle the longest palindrome. Again, I have something that works but is far too slow.

Schwase: what language @unkmar?

Unkmar: JavaScript.

Schwase: hmmm

Schwase: maybe C+P your code to me in a private message?

Unkmar: I'm not using discord, so I'm not sure how.

Unkmar: Nevermind.

Schwase: you can click my name

Unkmar: Won't help much right now anyway. I have completely broken code.

Schwase: well

Schwase: what is your approach?

Unkmar: Well, the too slow approach to Fair numbering is, counting digits to each page into an array, finding half, then finding that page location in the array.

Schwase: yes that would be too slow

Schwase: but there is another way to get how many numbers are in a specific interval of page numbers

Schwase: too be more specific, how many digits

Unkmar: Yeah, 9 times per level. Assuming a complete level.

Unkmar: Actually, 9 * 10^level

Schwase: thats how many pages there are

Schwase: how many digits are there

Schwase: on level 1 theres 2 digits per page right?

Schwase: so itd be (level+1)*9*10^level

Unkmar: I keep trying to avoid musing Math.log(), but I know that is a much easier method.

Schwase: it is usefl

Schwase: a lot of the puzzles on here are simpler when applying math principles to simplify them and evaluation times

Unkmar: yeah, but log() is expensive if you can get away with just checking length of a casted string.