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Default avatar.png midomawk: Hey, juste a question, which level consider to be good at coding in codingame

Default avatar.png IplayerLG: Hi every one)

Default avatar.png TheForgottenDidgeridoo_5d6e: Hi there

jacek: good morning

doduyphuong: :grinning:

gsomix: Good morning jacek

Default avatar.png Romil: will I be considered as good programmer if I managed to reach silver league in some game...??

Default avatar.png Romil: as a 2nd year BTech Student..?

ErebosTheos: yes you are gonna be a best programmer.

ErebosTheos: nobody from bronze and others can beat you now. Congratulation brother.

Default avatar.png norensaiga: yes romil you are awesome, you are way above others soon you will reach legend too

Default avatar.png Romil: Uhhh... I didn't achieved this.. But I think I can do it in 10-12 days..

Default avatar.png Romil: ...sorry to say this.. But, are you serious/sure ?? :no_mouth:

jacek: if you did it yourself, its good

jacek: as in, no copy/paste exact solution

Default avatar.png Romil: oh yeah.. I gonna do it without copy paste and without importing some modules to make thing easier.. :upside_down:

DmcPhuc: nnonononononono

jacek: python? you can use modules if there are there

Uljahn: somebody said in comments to my puzzle solution that using imports in python is cheating :smiley:

jrke: then how he solved the puzzle :smiley:

jacek: on a bright side, my breakthrough bot on littlegolem won its first game. well not yet, but its proved a win and its pending when other side will make move or resign

jacek: :tada:

Muin: Hi guys

Muin: How do I find my solved problems history?

jacek: clash or puzzles

Muin: puzzles I think

Muin: actually I'm new to this site. registered yesterday

Muin: It was a "text alignment" problem

Uljahn: Muin: try to paste it in the CG search

jacek: in practice -> puzzles, completed puzzles are grouped

RobkePila: uztilk

Joris_Serva: nespamink

shredyz: ka tu vakare?

Default avatar.png Zenkov: buckis

RobkePila: px

jacek: #lt

shashwat986: Is there anyone who's interested in trying a private Reverse-mode Clash?

shashwat986: I'm creating a puzzle, and I want to see what "Reverse mode" looks like


jrke: what is chain power in smash the code

jrke: the no. of chanes cleared?

jrke: chains*

Uljahn: it's in the expert rules

Uljahn: 0, 8, 16, 32 etc. depending on a step

Ahriana: \clear

Ahriana: how to close this area

Ahriana: i didnt see it before

Fandrew: \clear

jacek: triangle at the bottom

Default avatar.png kwer: Hi every one

GoogleJeff: Hi kwer!

jacek: so many newcomers *.*

Illedan: HI

BitThief: Is anyone else getting a captcha before every clash?

Illedan: Happens after a lot of clashes

Illedan: to everyone

Illedan: to prevent bots

Ahriana: yes, but after refresh page , this area show again

Default avatar.png ProCoder3: How to Activate Shield in CSB

Default avatar.png ProCoder3: ???

Uljahn: similar to BOOST by using SHIELD command in the output

Default avatar.png ProCoder3: so the output should be x , y,Shield instead of regular x,y,Thrust

Default avatar.png ProCoder3: am i right ??

Uljahn: ye

Default avatar.png ProCoder3: okay thanks:slight_smile:

Uljahn: SHIELD is a just string that shoud be printed instead of thrust

Uljahn: *is just a

Default avatar.png harslantrk: +

Queuebee: Does anyone know if over-steering helps to steer faster in CSB? As in, putting the target coordinate next to the actual target, so that the angle-to-be-steered is slightly higher?

Scarfield: it does, targetPos = CP - 3v

Default avatar.png gbzhou: Does anyone know why solutions to some puzzles are locked? Thanks

Nanosplitter: My guess is because you haven't completed those puzzles yet gbzhou

Scarfield: you can only see solutions for puzzles you have solved, and only in the same lang

Uljahn: also some puzzles (like ANEO) are actually sponsored so sharing solutions is unavailable

Default avatar.png gbzhou: thanks

Default avatar.png Chapo: Hello, I am trying to solve Coders strike back and I am currently on Wood 2 league. I am getting "Warning: your code did not read all available input before printing an instruction, your outputs will not be synchronized with the game's turns and unexpected behaviour may occur."

Default avatar.png Chapo:

Default avatar.png Chapo: Does anyone know what is wrong? My console.log is outputting x and y coordinates as NaN

Default avatar.png SpaghettiCode: hello world

Uljahn: hi, Chapo copy your code elsewhere and click "Restore default code" button on the top right of ide

Default avatar.png Chapo: Okay thanks Uljahn!

Alshock: Hello guys, in CvZ I have a weird error in my sim: if I rush the zombie in the first test case, I end up at turn 9 with Ash(x=6408, y=4667), H(x=8250, y=4500), Z(x=8250, y=5399). But dist(Ash, Z) = 1982.11705. So why is it still alive?

Alshock: According to description:

Illedan: Maybe the distance during the movement is closer?

Alshock: that was actually because I read the future z pos instead of its actual pos

Alshock: sorry for that

Schwase: you know just because i made a shit puzzle it doesnt mean people were given the right to shit all over me for it


Schwase: its private now

Astrobytes: Schwase: no need to make it private, puzzles get downvoted all the time. Leave it up, take some suggestions on board and keep working on it (community effort and all that)

Astrobytes: Don't let a few downvotes stand in the way of your puzzle

Hjax: if i was struct i wouldnt have an account right now

Hjax: seeing how i didnt get legend last night

Astrobytes: Ah still plugging away at gold eh

Scarfield: wasnt first sumbit was it?

Astrobytes: Any closer?

Hjax: i actually lost ranks, even when i submit the same code im barely top 20 now

Hjax: unlucky i guess

Hjax: the issue is my bot has a 60% chance of beating pretty much anyone

Astrobytes: That happens with this game

Hjax: so if i roll the 40% against weak players, i dont rank high

Hjax: if i roll the 60% against the good players, i get a good rank

Astrobytes: Yeah, you need a solid improvement to break through

Hjax: i really see almost no trend between the rank of the players i play against and my performance

Hjax: sometimes i just get dead last by like 80 rounds

Hjax: against mid gold people

Hjax: sometimes i smash the boss

Astrobytes: I've not had a chance to do anything, helping to clear my grandfathers house.

Astrobytes: Not very effectively cause of my back but helping nonetheless

Hjax: im currently in my "change parameters randomly instead of adding features" trap

Hjax: i really should stop doing this

Astrobytes: Ah. Yeah, that phase. Leave it a while and do some thinking

Astrobytes: Are you doing any sims/prediction?

Hjax: nope

Hjax: for square in around(my_position): pick maximum(heuristic(square))

Astrobytes: Might be worth adding some, maybe no need for a full search, just simulating a few things

Hjax: my entire algo pseudocode ^

Astrobytes: Mines is something like that too

Hjax: i need to be able to predict slashers with 100% accuracy at least

Hjax: i started writing something for that last night but i didnt like it and deleted it

Hjax: ill try again later

Astrobytes: Shouldn't take you too long to implement wanderers and slashers

Default avatar.png TheForgottenDidgeridoo_5d6e: Hjax which one are you trying?

Hjax: code of kutulu

Hjax: theres some things about slasher behavior i dont really understand

Hjax: i should probably read the ref

Hjax: the way the game exposes their state to you is kind of weird

Scarfield: like what, have just done a targetting function, and seems like it works

Hjax: so if they target an explorer, and the explorer walks out of range

Hjax: is their target still the explorer? or is it -1?

Hjax: and i still have to remember the last seen square from the slashers perspective to know where its going to dash

Scarfield: actually not sure what you get as input, but they remember the last position and rushes to it when stalking counter is +

Scarfield: 0 *

Scarfield: last seen position that is*, in LOS

Mathkute: I am porting to C my Java code but it times out when reading the input: any advice on how to get help on this?

Hjax: the inputs for slashers are: targeted ID, state machine state, and timer until next state

Hjax: so i have to track targeted square myself

Scarfield: yes

Hjax: i see the slasher in the RUSH state before it rushes right?

Hjax: RUSH state means its going to rush as soon as all of the explorers move once more

Hjax: why didnt they call the multi code of cthulhu

Hjax: Cthulhu is in the public domain

Scarfield: hmm its a little weird with the state, you get 3 as input the turn it rushes (after player moves as you say), but it says "stunned" when you hover the mouse over it in the viewer

Hjax: its kind of hard to avoid a slasher that is targeting an explorer, because i dont know where the explorer is going to move

Hjax: unless you can escape LOS

Hjax: i can predict that they will move away from the slasher i guess

Scarfield: it says "rush" the turn before it actually rushes when hovering with mouse in viewer, but the input state is 2 for stalking

Hjax: and either stay still or move towards the slasher

Hjax: im surprised the people doing antagonistic minimax have any sort of depth

Hjax: between the 3 other explorers there can be up to 125 legal moves per depth

Hjax: thats not a very kind branching factor

Hjax: which is why ill probably optimize against my heuristic bot

Hjax: but then my search might make mistakes if my heuristic bot is dumb

Hjax: once in a coding competition i saw someone grab a bunch of decent open source bots and optimize against all of them simultaneously

Scarfield: there is also (up to) the 3 effects, if all players have them remaining. I will probably try SmitisiMax for this, when i get the sim to work

Hjax: yeah smitsimax seems very sane for this game

Hjax: because it doesnt assume everyone hates you

Scarfield: xD

Hjax: it just assumes everyone is self interested, which they are

Scarfield: yea its a weird mix of coop and competive play, pretty cool idea

Hjax: if i get around to writing a search i probably wont use smitsimax

Hjax: ill probably just optimize against my heuristic

Hjax: even though i think its inferior to smitsimax here

Default avatar.png Lisker_the_slow: is python good for bot programming ?

Scarfield: sure, just not if you want to something with a lot of computations, like a search with simulation

jacek: well he is Lisker_the_slow after all

Default avatar.png Lisker_the_slow: lol

Hjax: yeah it really depends on the game

Hjax: some games you can get rank 1 with python, some youd be lucky to get gold (looking at you UTTT)

Default avatar.png xzxy: in coc, the first person who chooses to launch clash shouldnt be able to leave after launching it @admin

dbf: hi, for code vs zombies I have 130k or 180k score for the same code when re-submit. Is it something like different servers that are running my solution?

eulerscheZahl: is your solution randomized?

eulerscheZahl: CG has different servers. But iirc they only use one type for optim

Default avatar.png yadon: I can't understand.

eulerscheZahl: they even made a full rerun of all players when they switched servers

dbf: it has it has some random with fixed seed. a bit strange that it is mostly 130 or 180, not something between

eulerscheZahl: well, you have that awesome improvement somewhere close to the time limit i guess

eulerscheZahl: also: i guess you do something like while (time) tryRandomPlan()

eulerscheZahl: and your seed for later turns will depend on the number of simulations you can perform in the first turn - which is random

eulerscheZahl: also: any ETA for the next RAIC contest yet?

dbf: lol, no they mentioned that raic, min-raic and higloadcup should be sometime this year, but no final dates yet

dbf: and they should also send t-shirts soon

eulerscheZahl: yeah, they asked me to enter my shipping address last week

dbf: cool

dbf: have you registered for yandex.cup?

eulerscheZahl: i miss the optim track, i'm not that into algos :(

eulerscheZahl: and that's the only part open to everyone

eulerscheZahl: but i'm registered for the reply security challenge in october

dbf: yep, I'll try backend contest but looks like it is for russia only because it is mostly for hiring

eulerscheZahl: and no more 512 tshirts

eulerscheZahl: russian code cup dead as well

dbf: I've read that they have an idea to reduce number of t-shirts in raic because a lot of people don't collect them and packages are returned :_

eulerscheZahl: those monsters!

dbf: lol, hope they will not cut prizes this year because of budget cuts like in some other contests :)

YurkovAS: dbf in optimizations 3 distinct CPUs Intel Haswell 2.2, 2.4, 3.0 GHz

Default avatar.png Matt_ttaM: cjchkc

Bassel: Sup

Default avatar.png Ryanless: if i want/need to write a visual debug tool similar to what would be the easiest way to do so? also consindering that my GeneticAlgorithm is in c#

Bassel: Check processing lib if you can use javascript

irishcoder: @DiL Can you share your code more often I come to this website to practice my programming :pensive:

TheSpiffiest: Anyone know when MadKnight comes on?

Hjax: hes russian, so its somewhat late there for him right now

Default avatar.png LoukasPap: hello hjax again

Default avatar.png LoukasPap: are those participants always inside coding gmae?

Default avatar.png LoukasPap: and they are moderators i see

Uljahn: moderators never sleep :(

Default avatar.png LoukasPap: and, are aall these participants, the only ones online?

Default avatar.png LoukasPap: in entire coding game

Default avatar.png zPerinax: is it normal im struggling my ass off for "easy" puzzles ?

Default avatar.png zPerinax: I feel so pathetic

Default avatar.png Bobbadillio: I'd say it REALLY depends on your background! If you're struggling on easy puzzles, I'd guess that you're newer to coding, probably without a CS degree, or maybe in your first year.

SPDene: also, some "easy" puzzles aren't that easy. I've seen some that are harder than the "hard" ones, so you might have just been unlucky which ones you chose

Default avatar.png Bobbadillio: A lot of the apparent "ease" will be related to how well you know CS algorithms too, and maybe even which ones you know specifically.

Default avatar.png Bobbadillio: Lots of people struggle more with one of iterative or recursive approaches to solving a problem

Default avatar.png Bobbadillio: There are a lot of tricks you learn through doing a lot of problems. I ask myself pretty much all the time, "how much easier would this problem be if I sorted something?"

PatrickMcGinnisII: some of the newer easy puzzles are kinda classified a little low ... I've done 100% of the easy ones / 68% medium / 37% hard/ 16% very hard. Pick and choose puzzles according to your comfort level. Sometimes coming back to a puzzle later is a more effective use of time. g/l.

PatrickMcGinnisII: example. puzzle "is that a possible word" i did in 26 lines of code but I used an associative array instead of a basic linear one, to me it maybe should be medium instead...but it is what it is

PatrickMcGinnisII: and maybe "the electricians apprentice" I used multidimensional array and booleans

PatrickMcGinnisII: ok they left

Default avatar.png solution.cpp: Hello, world

PatrickMcGinnisII: Anyone make a good run into Bender-Ep. 4?

PatrickMcGinnisII: Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 536870912 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 20480 bytes) in the answer code

PatrickMcGinnisII: smh, 10x10 testcases work fine

PatrickMcGinnisII: can't get even one 20x20 to complete

PatrickMcGinnisII: its not even recursive

PatrickMcGinnisII: gheesh

PatrickMcGinnisII: ok, guess I just have to feed bot my own boards then and find the bugs.

Default avatar.png kasudy: hello

Default avatar.png kasudy: what are the strat for Slashers

Default avatar.png kasudy: ?

AnyaA: ???

Default avatar.png kasudy: can you share some start to how to beat the slashers?

AnyaA: what game?

Default avatar.png kasudy: kutulu

AnyaA: oh...I can't really add on to what has alreday been said, it should be clear

PatrickMcGinnisII: Just stay off of visible row/column

Default avatar.png kasudy: hmm that seens like a fair strat

Benftwc: Hey

Benftwc: Any hearthstone helps here ?

Benftwc: Can't even figure what I have to do there, can't read the pool to make a pick choose :(