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Default avatar.png FahrendraKhoirul: help me to solve "temperatures problem"

Uljahn: FahrendraKhoirul: basic algorithm is to convert temperatures from string to ints, make variables for minimum positive and maximum negative value, iterate through temperatures, compare each temperature with those two variables and update them, make some final check and output closest to zero

AbouAmine: Hi here !

GoogleJeff: Hello there

MadKnight: hihi

MadKnight: say hello Automaton2000

Automaton2000: it may be the first time i see that i spawned the slasher on the long run

jacek: what about wanderers, Automaton2000

Automaton2000: so you can try to make it a community puzzle?

Nerchio: how to win ktulu Automaton2000

Automaton2000: seems like i have to know what is wrong with it

Nerchio: silver boss in ktulu is so fed with points :p

Default avatar.png paarth:

Uljahn: paarth: please use #clash channel for coc invite links, don't spam it here, thanks

Default avatar.png kasudy: how to beat bronze in kutulu?

jacek: be higher than boss in bronze [solved]

Nerchio: gz

Default avatar.png that_akward_coder: hello

uvBoss: @jacek does it work for silvers too?

jacek: eeyup

jacek: and even for legend bot

jacek: ss

Uljahn: Automaton2000: ba-dum-t ss

Automaton2000: and he is in the while loop

jacek: will he ever break free, Automaton2000?

Automaton2000: and do not know where to begin

uvBoss: what happens if a slasher sees 2 players in line of sight as he is spawning

uvBoss: ??

Bassel: Hello

DrewTriggered: hello

Default avatar.png Aravind3009: hello

TheSilent_Boy: hi

TheSilent_Boy: Arvind

TheSilent_Boy: Are You from India?

vtenneke: So im trying to complete horse-racing duals and my code works codingame just says that it's too slow... even though im using c++

vtenneke: and i have 2 loops

vtenneke: thats all

blasterpoard: you need time complexity of n *log n, not n^2

Uljahn: 2 loops is very inefficient solution, try to use more clever approach with one loop

uvBoss: agreeed

Uljahn: there is a hint button on the left i guess


Uljahn: PrinceSanjivy: please share clash invites on #clash

PrinceSanjivy: Okay Bro

Uljahn: thanks

Sachin_07: well this is hard avib

Default avatar.png Gwitninm: They told me to say "hi", so hello everybody... I hope everyone had a good day sofar :)

Bassel: Hello Gwitninm

Uljahn: Gwitninm: welcome aboard

Tee-Resa: hello :D

jacek: who told you that?

Gwitninm: the tutorial message after i completed the first puzzle

AbouAmine: Hi Gwitninm !

Gwitninm: so how does this work? If i have a question i just ask it here or what for is this chat used for?

Tee-Resa: sure, you can ask here. but ther is a discussion section for each puzzle ... so this chat is for smalltalk i guess

Astrobytes: Both :)

uvBoss: @Astrobytes what happens if a slasher sees 2 players in line of sight as he is spawning ??

uvBoss: do u know?

Default avatar.png DaIsNum: closer to slasher i guess

Astrobytes: uvBoss: nothing if he's just spawning, if it's in the rushing state it will scare all explorers in the line of sight

uvBoss: scare all?

Astrobytes: Yes, they will lose sanity

uvBoss: when it rushed everyone on LOS are scared?

Astrobytes: Yep

uvBoss: oh damn

uvBoss: what will happen to its xand y tho?

Astrobytes: But it targets the closest one in line of sight I think (double check in the referee)

uvBoss: kk

uvBoss: ty

Hjax: i feel like when i get 4th i die like, long before anyone else

BitThief: Is anyone also getting captchas each game?

jacek: youre clash addict arent you

Hjax: ugh, when 3 explorers go one way and i go to the other

Hjax: its actually the worst

Nerchio: and wanderers still follw you :D

Hjax: yep!

Nerchio: im coming to gold to beat you :D

Hjax: not if i get legend first!

Hjax: (no idea how to get legend right now lol)

Nerchio: im in gold in 1 min

Nerchio: you need to hurry

Hjax: nice :D

Hjax: when i promoted to gold it was super close

Hjax: i think i was 0.02 above the boss

Nerchio: i crushed him :D

Hjax: nice!

Nerchio: but in gold looks like im getting bopped

VALI: yo les tepu

K2ARISM: please speak english here

Astrobytes: And don't be rude either

Nerchio: what do you guys think what is more random pacman or ktulu

Hjax: pacman

Astrobytes: pacman

TheSilent_Boy: Hi

Hjax: hi

Default avatar.png Puju: hello

eulerscheZahl: the most random game is platinum rift 1 anyways

Marchete: :point_up:

eulerscheZahl: but locam was a pain too

Marchete: 1-turn GG multi

eulerscheZahl: as 1vs1 it's not even that bad

eulerscheZahl: but with 3+ players :rage:

Illedan: Damn, Marchete pulling me down

Illedan: hmpf

eulerscheZahl: and me up

eulerscheZahl: oh, smits uncrashed his bot

Marchete: you started it

Marchete: I was happy at my place

eulerscheZahl: and now we should all stop

Marchete: :)

Illedan: It wont

Illedan: with the contes :P

Marchete: trigger happy Ille

eulerscheZahl: "contest"

Illedan: *contest

Illedan: dammit

eulerscheZahl: will your colleague join us in the reply challenge btw?

eulerscheZahl: depending on the answer we still have 1-2 players to recruit

Illedan: He said he will come back to me closer to the contest to check his time.

Marchete: eulerscheZahl is first \o/

eulerscheZahl: yes, you pushed me up

eulerscheZahl: thanks

eulerscheZahl: i'm afk for a few hours

Marchete: ok

Marchete: go Ille go :D

Illedan: Wow

Illedan: That broke it

Illedan: lol

Marchete: that never happens /s

Illedan: Let me just reset that

Illedan: xD

Hjax: im running out of ideas for heuristics

Hjax: and i cant quite crack the boss

Illedan: OH

Illedan: I have a bug in my slasher logic

Illedan: hmmm

Marchete: you found the bug really fast...

Illedan: I just looked at my 2 year old code

Illedan: and was a little puzzled

Illedan: had to read that diagram again

Marchete: but why?

Illedan: The submitted bot is better vs the top

Marchete: leave the dead code dead...

Illedan: Hmm, submit froze

Illedan: Seems so

Illedan: And it works

Illedan: :)

Illedan: Your go ille go worked

Illedan: Aaaaand it died. 80 rounds before anyone else

Illedan: pff

Hjax: story of my life

Illedan: You legend yet?

Hjax: rank 6 gold :(

Illedan: :rocket:

Hjax: im being lazy and trying to not write a search

Hjax: but im basically out of ideas for heuristics

Hjax: i think i do really poorly when theres a lot of minions near me

Hjax: like if all 4 explorers are in a corner, surrounded, i usually am the first to die

Default avatar.png AntiVenom616: How to use shield for coders strike back

Hjax: Illedan if you have any tips id appreciate it :D

Hjax: although i know you are doing a search

uvBoss: @hjax can i ask what ur heuristics are or is it asking too much?

Hjax: go read R4N4R4M4's postmortem

Hjax: mine are very similar

uvBoss: oh noice

uvBoss: ty

uvBoss: i did skim through the PM

uvBoss: but everyone was like iused search algo

uvBoss: so i gave up

Hjax: R4N4R4M4 is legend with just heuristics

uvBoss: damn

Hjax: i should be able to do the same

uvBoss: ayt ty dude

Illedan: My PM is still 100 % what I am doing :P


uvBoss: @hjax GL

Hjax: i should probably come up with some way to counter yells

Hjax: that might be the boosts i need

uvBoss: @HJax what are voronois used for here?

Illedan: Maximize possible paths without wanderers

uvBoss: oh ty

uvBoss: im noob

uvBoss: never heard of these terms before

Default avatar.png Ma.Ay: what is better js or php?

Hjax: depends what you are doing

CopperFr: but js can be used for frontend and backend (with node)

Hjax: but if you are doing server side scripting, maybe you want to use php

Default avatar.png Lisker_the_slow: node is shit man

ErebosTheos: PHP is mainly for dealing with data while js is mainly used for dealing with elements. but both can be used for both

Hjax: this gold boss is beating me up

Default avatar.png Lisker_the_slow: python beats php and javscript asses all day everyday

Default avatar.png Lisker_the_slow: exept in frontend

Default avatar.png Lisker_the_slow: javascript beats python ass

Hjax: i believe node is generally faster than python

Zenoscave: Lisker_the_slow any language is just a tool. some tools are better at some tasks than others

Hjax: ^

Zenoscave: saying one language is _ALWAYS_ better than another is juvenile

AntiSquid: test test, is chat dead?

Marchete: fast and these languages can't be in the same sentence </c++ masterrace>

Hjax: hi squid

Zenoscave: lol Marchete

Zenoscave: what about fast development and fast maintenence?

Zenoscave: hey anti

Marchete: I don't know, non typed languages aren't good to maintain in my opinion

Marchete: i mean not strongly typed

Zenoscave: I agree that without some typing contracts there is overhead of development held on the develop rather than the language

Marchete: anyways it was just a joke

Zenoscave: no jokes allowed!

Zenoscave: ;)

Marchete: :(

itzblinkzy: @Jack92 do you mind sharing your code? i messed up :pensive:

itzblinkzy: Okay then :cry:

Zenoscave: itzblinkzy you're in general chat

itzblinkzy: i know that

Zenoscave: There may be a Clash specific chat, no?

Zenoscave: or did it already end

itzblinkzy: he finished it

Zenoscave: ah shame.

eulerscheZahl: Illedan "Coded in C#, ended 5th and was bearly beaten by MSmiths." i like that typo: bearly :D

eulerscheZahl: :bear:

eulerscheZahl: "size beeing search depth" :bee:

Hjax: the gold boss has quite the lead over rank 1 gold

eulerscheZahl: nice animal collection

Hjax: almost two whole points

eulerscheZahl: because everyone close to the boss got a lucky push

eulerscheZahl: gold boss is me with reduced search depth btw

Hjax: i go about 50% with it

Hjax: but thats not enough

Zenoscave: Good to know. Hi euler

Hjax: im really hurting for ideas as to what my bot is missing on the heuristic front

Hjax: im so close, having to add search to get legend would be frustrating

Zenoscave: Hjax That usually is the sad part

Hjax: my only idea left is avoiding yells

eulerscheZahl: that sounds complicated

Hjax: it does

Zenoscave: I'm not sure that would work

eulerscheZahl: not even my sim accounts for that

Zenoscave: Try it and get top legend

Zenoscave: ;)

eulerscheZahl: not gonna touch this game again

Marchete: ktulu?

Marchete: PR1?

eulerscheZahl: both

eulerscheZahl: we can extend this list

Marchete: that's the best answer you can give :D

Hjax: i still feel like my biggest issue is that i make the wrong decision at a crossroads and end up alone

Nerchio: too bad :D

Hjax: do you have a solution to that nerchio? XD

Nerchio: feel good dying alone :)

Hjax: :)

Nerchio: i implemented friend finder at the start


Nerchio: blue doesnt like me so i go to brown who likes me

Nerchio: or yellow or orange whatever this it lol

eulerscheZahl: fun fact: the boss prints RIGHT, LEFT, ... instead of coordinates

that was the original output format

Nerchio: xD


Hjax: games like this hurt me

Nerchio: you can code some late game shelter stuff

Nerchio: turn 62 you are winning

Nerchio: no enemies around you for a long time and u have plenty of shelters :) just take the hit

Default avatar.png Lisker_the_slow: python is faster than guys

Hjax: problem is that map has high drain when you are alone

Default avatar.png Lisker_the_slow: compiling wise

Hjax: you dont even gain sanity by standing on a shelter

Hjax: you just stay the same

Nerchio: maybe but it would be worth it this time

Default avatar.png Lisker_the_slow: modify the code bro


Hjax: even with a massive bonus to shelter score

Hjax: doesnt make a huge difference

Nerchio: just thought the corner shelter is a missed opportunity

Nerchio: taking wanderer hit and staying there then moving to center

Nerchio: more monsters would go to the other guys

Nerchio: but yea

Hjax: i dont actually track wanderer aggro

Nerchio: its very specific to the situation might not be very useful in the general sense

Nerchio: I only go to shelters when they are nearby and have energy

Hjax: maybe it would help if i knew not to move up, because suddenly every wanderer wants to kill me

Hjax: notice they all turn orange

Nerchio: y

Nerchio: i didnt even realise they change colors based on the target hahaha :D

Hjax: the red hat and the orange hat look too similar though

Nerchio: my least favourite map

Nerchio: is typhoon


Hjax: ouch yeah that one looks hard

shashwat986: Please upvote:

shashwat986: or, you know, downvote or comment, ig

jacek: o:

Hjax: got to love the 50 rank variance on submits

Hjax: i wonder how convincingly blasterpoard would promote if you dropped him in gold

Hjax: theres no way he wins all of his games

Default avatar.png Lisker_the_slow: yoooo wassup programmersss

blasterpoard: Hjax a lot of it really is random, but there are some things you can do

Hjax: like your slasher tricks?

blasterpoard: I would promote without problems (the depth1 bot promoted on the first try), but I wouldn't completely destroy the league

blasterpoard: the slasher tricks are just the simulation and eval

blasterpoard: emergent behavior

Default avatar.png Yunus_3000: hey

Hjax: i wonder what is in your depth 1 that isnt in mine

Hjax: could be as simple as me needing better constants on my heuristic terms

Default avatar.png Yunus_3000: has anyone ever seen the stackoverflow mainpage? xDD

jacek: hm?

Hjax: is there a preexisting param tuner somewhere

jacek: clop?

jacek: (not pony thing!)

Hjax: i mean an implementation

blasterpoard: Hjax does this help with the question about difference between the bots?

blasterpoard: it might by my slasher line of sight calculations

Hjax: i have those, but i dont really take into account slasher state much

blasterpoard: well, my slasher heuristics are really good

Hjax: because if i say "its ok when the slasher is stunned" then depth 1 cant find its way away from the slasher if its in a hallway

Hjax: it will happily get itself into a no escape situation

Hjax: i saw (i think in your post mortem) the mention of precalculating the number of moves to escape los

blasterpoard: yes

blasterpoard: that's a part of it

Hjax: so i guess that adds some artificial depth to the depth 1 search

Hjax: because it will know if its trapping itself

Hjax: ok well, im convinced i need to work on my slasher heuristics at least

Default avatar.png PedroMartine: Xd

itzblinkzy: @_bacali you share your code please?

GoogleJeff: +1, everyone please share your code!

GoogleJeff: don't be embarrassed, we are all terrible here :)

itzblinkzy: Indeed

itzblinkzy: I can always learn something from someone else.

Default avatar.png hem123: is there something like a memory maximum?

Default avatar.png hem123: somehow my matrix is being replaced/changed

Astrobytes: 768 MB


Default avatar.png hem123: hmm should nothave reached that.

Default avatar.png hem123: but somehow my list is getting changed

Astrobytes: Problem is most likely elsewhere ;)

AbouAmine: :)

Default avatar.png hem123: well, I created a new variable stored it and debuged it and after some operation it is also changed yet I just created the variable to test

Hjax: legend tonight or i delete account /s

Astrobytes: take a few minutes break then re-read your code hem123

Astrobytes: lol Hjax

Astrobytes: Where you at currently?

Hjax: rank 4 gold

Astrobytes: oof, so close

Hjax: the boss is pretty beefy

Hjax: 2 points above rank 1

Astrobytes: I think it's eulers bot but nerfed

Astrobytes: iirc

Hjax: yeah he said it was a reduced depth version of his bot

Astrobytes: I made a start today, I opened VS and copied in the default code.

Hjax: decided your old bot is beyond redemption?

Default avatar.png JBM: that's a start

Astrobytes: indeed

Default avatar.png Sohsoh: problems are so easy, who makes them ??

Astrobytes: yeah Hjax, I managed to do something with it a while ago but it's... a mess

jacek: what problems?

Default avatar.png JBM: i got many problems, but easiness ain't one

Astrobytes: J-ZBM

Hjax: trying to make your old code work is always a pain

Hjax: you are like.... what was i thinking

Astrobytes: ohhhhh yeah

MelodraMarco: Hi, I'm new here, I'm doing a test, can anyone tell me where the testcases are displayed?

Hjax: arent they just in the bottom middle of the ide?

MelodraMarco: Yeah, but let's say: i have a text that says choose the right temperature and choose the right temperature 2, complex test case, etc. do they have a description for themselves or they should be self-explainatory?

Hjax: if you hit the little button in the top right of the testcases window

Hjax: you can see the inputs and expected outputs if that helps

MelodraMarco: Aaah, got it. Damn, how didn't I see that. Ty :)

Default avatar.png hem123: Hi guys, can anyone help me on the chess board analyzer? Somehow it seems that my checkboard list is changing without me calling it.

Default avatar.png hem123:

Default avatar.png hem123:

Default avatar.png hem123: challenge 7

Default avatar.png hem123: or could it be that i somehow reach a limit?

Default avatar.png hem123: seems to only occur when chess board is full. Yet I only have 3 lists w 64 constituents

jacek: do w and belegering rows point to the same object?

Default avatar.png hem123: no they should not. The objects are similar

Default avatar.png hem123: list of 8 lists with length 8 (chessboard).

Default avatar.png hem123: have 1's and 0's for white and for black to determine if either of those win

Default avatar.png hem123: but when the field gets crowded, all of a sudden both lists become the same it seems

Default avatar.png hem123: (with crowded i mean a lot of chess pieces)

itzblinkzy: Kaikyu do you mind sharing please?

itzblinkzy: I'm here to learn.

itzblinkzy: :pensive:

jacek: w[i]=wt


jacek: if you change w[0][0], the belegering[0][0] will change as well

Default avatar.png hem123: that should not be right

Default avatar.png hem123: if i make a new list similar to wt it works

jacek: :no_mouth:

Kaikyu: @itzblinkzy of course, i will from now on

itzblinkzy: Thank you. :relaxed:

Default avatar.png hem123: thanks jacek. But this is not normal behaviour right?

Default avatar.png hem123: this should not happen correcT?

jacek: assigning row to 2d array can be messy in python

jacek: this is just shallow copy deepcopy thing

Default avatar.png Lisker_the_slow: some one come 1v1

Default avatar.png Lisker_the_slow: someone*

offeck: anyone wanna play clash of code?

itzblinkzy: send link Lisker_the_slow

itzblinkzy: and yeah im down

Zenoscave: JBM nice lambda calc

Zenoscave: will you be doing church enumeration later?

Zenoscave: seems to be based off ornithological logic ;)

Default avatar.png JBM: not sure i see the orni link

Default avatar.png JBM: glad you like

Default avatar.png JBM: have you solved?

Default avatar.png JBM: not totally ready for publi now

Zenoscave: not yet. just opened

Default avatar.png JBM: i think i got a blog about it from some time ago

Default avatar.png JBM: if you're into that

Zenoscave: orni in terms of your combinator naming

Default avatar.png JBM: errr

Zenoscave: sure!!

Default avatar.png JBM: wat?


Default avatar.png JBM: well that's (mostly) the point

Default avatar.png JBM: taken a lok at the cover pic?

Zenoscave: I figured and Yeah I saw it nice hidden easter egg

Default avatar.png JBM: a "connoisseur" thingy

Default avatar.png JBM: can't get used to that spelling

Default avatar.png JBM: how d'you people even utter that?

Zenoscave: Will you expand to evaluation of church numerals later?

Zenoscave: I say con-ih-sewer

Default avatar.png JBM: there's absolutely nothing preventing that just now

Default avatar.png JBM: stress on last?

Default avatar.png JBM: well

Zenoscave: yes

Default avatar.png JBM: on "SEWer"

Zenoscave: yup

Default avatar.png JBM: well that's french-suonding enough

Zenoscave: I mean mapping of the the enumerations to more common digital schemes

Default avatar.png JBM: please expansd

Zenoscave: input => /f/x.x : output => 0 input => /f/x.f: output => 1


Zenoscave: application of lambdas I guess is my point

Zenoscave: or is that eval? I always get them mixed up

Default avatar.png JBM: it's the converse

Default avatar.png JBM: haven't you seen the SICP cover? ;p

Zenoscave: once or twice ;)

Zenoscave: I prefer the little schemer

Default avatar.png JBM: damn

Default avatar.png JBM: that one's been on my list for like 20 years

Default avatar.png JBM: how have i not come to it yet

Zenoscave: I've skimmed it not done a deep dive yet.

Zenoscave: I only had a library copy for a while

Zenoscave: my campus library was a gold mine for a bit

Default avatar.png JBM: i think i've got an oreilly open invite from work

Default avatar.png JBM: i should really at least pop the cover

Zenoscave: I agree!

Default avatar.png JBM: the little schemer and lisp in small pieces

Default avatar.png JBM: got on the list at the same time

Zenoscave: There's a newer 4th book in the schemer series. the Little Typer

Zenoscave: enough to make you giddy

Default avatar.png JBM: don't think i heard off it

Default avatar.png JBM: but indeed i can put it on the list on the name alone


Default avatar.png JBM: if it can make it pas pierce's work

Default avatar.png JBM: yeeah i know of the bird

Default avatar.png JBM: if the cover art wasn't enough

Zenoscave: I swear I can ^C ^V properly


Default avatar.png JBM: dependent types no less

Default avatar.png JBM: well that's not in C++ for another 20 yeats

Default avatar.png JBM: will look into it as soon as i'm in bed

Default avatar.png kingcoder1: yo yo

AllYourPawns: is there a first player advantage in ultimate tic tac toe?

Default avatar.png Valjean_p: first player can never lose if he play well

Default avatar.png Valjean_p: But if you know how to play you can always tie even as 2nd player

AllYourPawns: cool ty

Default avatar.png sean_choi: Hey!

Default avatar.png sagya: hello

auddog: hi

AnyaA: hi!

Default avatar.png midomawk: Hello

Default avatar.png midomawk: What is the big O of 5 times


uvBoss: C

Default avatar.png WorksOnMyMachineKEKW: O(1)

Default avatar.png doduyphuong: Hello

Default avatar.png midomawk:

Default avatar.png WorksOnMyMachineKEKW: going through each character is O(N) but printing the string 5 times is a constant so overall its O(N) where N depends on the size of the string or "Text"

Default avatar.png midomawk: alright thank you