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Default avatar.png SKP6207:

Default avatar.png kristoffer888: monke?

Default avatar.png FrederikVil: yes

Default avatar.png FrederikVil: :revolving_hearts::sagittarius::x:

Default avatar.png kristoffer888: :open_mouth:

AntiSquid: go to #clash to paste those invites Xedux SKP6207

K2ARISM: salut

K2ARISM: sa va

K2ARISM: hello

Raph2003: hey

K2ARISM: i love france

Raph2003: me 2

K2ARISM: nice

K2ARISM: u are very ugly

Raph2003: thank U


K2ARISM: can u help me

K2ARISM: i lost my dog

Astrobytes: guys, stop spamming the chat please

Default avatar.png _Nilu_: :D

K2ARISM: sorry

Default avatar.png _Nilu_: hello

Astrobytes: Seriously, don't.

Default avatar.png _Nilu_:

Default avatar.png _Nilu_: come on

Astrobytes: Use channel #clash for clash invites _Nilu_

Default avatar.png kristoffer888: pogchamp he lost his dog :joy:

Raph2003: ok i spam

K2ARISM: toxic

Astrobytes: Spamming gets you kicked

Default avatar.png kristoffer888: who is spamming?

K2ARISM: we are just talking tho

Astrobytes: Keep it on topic, don't flood the chat with rubbish

Default avatar.png kristoffer888: NO chatting in the chat guys! :rage:

Astrobytes: Hardly.

K2ARISM: :innocent:i will be an angel now sir

Astrobytes: Just be good and we'll all have a nice day

Default avatar.png Maxim251: I am now in game 1D spreadsheet and there I have question, if there is operation VALUE is posible that arg1 will have char '_' ? or always will be a number ?

Default avatar.png Maxim251: and how interpret char '_' ass 0 or write if statement to not include second value ?

Astrobytes: Maxim251 I haven't done that one but it looks like it could be from the statement

Default avatar.png kristoffer888: @astrobytes do you like dogs?

Default avatar.png kristoffer888: or cats?

Astrobytes: Both.

Default avatar.png Maxim251: thanks.

Default avatar.png kristoffer888: np

Astrobytes: kristoffer888 don't you have anything better to do?

Default avatar.png Maxim251: Now i figureout that... VALUE arg1 arg2: The cell's value is arg1, (arg2 is not used and will be "_" to aid parsing). it means that arg1 will be used as answare, but arg2 = '_' is only for passing cin >> arg2 to finish whole string. without that string from next line will go to previouse and everything will become messy.

Astrobytes: Yes, however the statement "arg1 and arg2 are either a number ("-?[0-9]+"), a reference ("\$[0-9]+") or nothing "_". " makes this ambiguous

MichailIvanov: pepega

Default avatar.png Maxim251: yes, because arg1 and arg2 are strings.

Default avatar.png Maxim251: later i need convert them in to numbers

Astrobytes: AntiSquid ?

Default avatar.png Maxim251: I am only struggling how write if statements to distinguish between reference and value.

Astrobytes: you have to check for a "$" for a reference right?

Default avatar.png Maxim251: I know, this is so simple, but maybe to simple, :persevere:

Astrobytes: Does your language have a find character or find substring method?

Default avatar.png Maxim251: yes $ ass reference, and I know how substring them. I think the answer from previous operation I will need use with arrays

Default avatar.png Maxim251: Yes, is C++.

Default avatar.png Maxim251: like arg1[5] = "$1" num = arg1.find("$") val = arg1[5].substr(num + 1)

Default avatar.png Maxim251: int v = stof(val)

Default avatar.png Maxim251: numArg[5] = answare[1] // answare from 1 line will be used ass numerical value in actual line to calculate

Default avatar.png Maxim251: it means that answare I should have ass array to memorise all values?

Default avatar.png Maxim251: saying values i mean answers

Default avatar.png Maxim251: What is wrong with that ?

Default avatar.png Maxim251:

Default avatar.png Maxim251: it gives me answere 48, but i should have 3

Default avatar.png Maxim251:

Default avatar.png Maxim251: this is whole code, i use cerr to track that error, and untill numarg1[1] = answare[1]; looks good, after passing to numarg1[1] number become 48.

Default avatar.png Maxim251: and 48 anything what i can think of, could be keyboard characketr number :unamused:

Default avatar.png Maxim251: !! YES :grinning: I know where i make mistake, I use string answare and float answare[N] beliving that there are 2 diferent arguments.

Default avatar.png Maxim251: thats why I get 48 ,

Default avatar.png _Nilu_:

Astrobytes: _Nilu_ you were warned not to post clash links

Default avatar.png Maxim251: F* YEAH, I get it. 4 if statments and one switch case

Default avatar.png Maxim251: Oh no, Backward depencyy.. They mast me kidding. How I can do backward depency if value is on line 1 and I need compute it at line 0

jacek: goto?

Default avatar.png _Nilu_:

Default avatar.png _Nilu_: sorry


Xedux: get into the race :joy:

gsomix: Xedux, _Nilu_, please, post invites to #clash room


Xedux: come on

SPDene: Xedux use the #clash channel

Xedux: @John404 please share your recent clash solution

John404: y ofc

Xedux: @SPDene :joy:

Astrobytes: Nothing to laugh about Xedux, clash links go in #clash

Xedux: :joy:

Astrobytes: You can still ask if anyone wants to clash in this chat though

Xedux: @jhon404

professional_dumbass: ah

professional_dumbass: these people who use ruby always beat us

Astrobytes: Get learning ruby then ;)

ErebosTheos: Ruby or JS for fast problem solving??

jacek: fast?

ErebosTheos: i mean learning the basics?

Astrobytes: Whichever you feel most comfortable with

ErebosTheos: Python :joy:

Astrobytes: Use python then!

professional_dumbass: but code golf is the problem

professional_dumbass: :/

Astrobytes: look up some tips for golfing in your language

Astrobytes: on stackoverflow or something

jacek: should i search for polish tutorial of golf?

Zenoscave: jacek you troll lol

Hjax: good morning

Zenoscave: morning hjax

Zenoscave: I'm ~4200 CP away from first in my country in overall ranking

Zenoscave: I'm so close

Zenoscave: wait... something changed. I am first

Hjax: siharde vanished

Hjax: strange

Zenoscave: He's still there just different country

Hjax: oh he changed his country to Morocco

Hjax: lol

Hjax: well, congrats :D

Hjax: currently it appears im #13 USA, you have like 2.5x my CP count

Zenoscave: thanks!

Zenoscave: You'll catch up ;) I'm not anything but diligent

Hjax: need more unofficial contests to motivate me to play multis

Hjax: im doing pretty well in kutulu right now i think

Zenoscave: you're first in change of rank

Hjax: yeah, went from no submission to rank 100 over the weekend, pretty solid start

Zenoscave: you're well ahead of me even ;) (not hard though i'm awful at Kutulu)

Hjax: :P

Default avatar.png TheSilent_Boy: Hey!

Hjax: hello

Default avatar.png TheSilent_Boy: hi

uvBoss: @Hjax do u simulate?

Hjax: nope

uvBoss: no?

uvBoss: damn

uvBoss: heuristics?

Hjax: yeah

uvBoss: i cant get out of silver with just that

uvBoss: :sob:

Default avatar.png kasudy: lol

Default avatar.png kasudy: can you give me some tips?

Default avatar.png kasudy: im stuck at wood

uvBoss: for wood i just had a scoring system for all the squares in the map

Hjax: i just score all of my legal moves, and pick the one with the highest score

Hjax: and then i hard coded some logic for light and plan

Hjax: i dont use yell yet

Hjax: and i dont use shelters yet

uvBoss: hjax ur and mine sounds so same

uvBoss: but so different

uvBoss: xD

Default avatar.png kasudy: tips for using light and plan?

Default avatar.png kasudy: i skipped the tutorial and now i regret it

uvBoss: use light when sitting idle

uvBoss: and plan whenu running out of sanity

uvBoss: thats what i do

Hjax: i use light when theres a wanderer thats roughly the same distance from me and someone else

Hjax: to convince it to go after the other person

uvBoss: oh damn n1

Default avatar.png kasudy: i made a scoring algo using bfs

Hjax: i plan when i have less than 200 sanity, theres at least one explorer nearby, and theres no wanderers about to attack me

Default avatar.png kasudy: ive been using just that

Default avatar.png kasudy: how does plan work?

Hjax: you gain sanity for each explorer nearby

Hjax: and give them some sanity

uvBoss: im resetting everything and tryin to use SIMULATION

Hjax: i might write a sim eventually

Hjax: i think i can get legend without one though

Hjax: losing a game because you made the wrong guess at a crossroads is unfortunate

Nerchio: Hjax you got the top so fast :) nice

Hjax: ty :)

Hjax: i think i got a little lucky, a lot of my ideas worked, also blasterpoard gave me some tips

Hjax: my bot is just heuristics right now, no search or simulation

uvBoss: no GA too right??

Hjax: nothing like that

uvBoss: so u adjusted the weights yourself?

Hjax: yep!

uvBoss: nice

Illedan: -.- Frame 35 wtf are my dude doing

Illedan: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Illedan: Need to update my GetFriends eval

blasterpoard: thx for the boost Illedan

Illedan: Np

Illedan: Gimme a sec and I'll go above

blasterpoard: honestly, it's about time

Illedan: :P

Illedan: I am just trying some small changes

blasterpoard: didn't you go me above before?

Illedan: shouldn't be much needed

Illedan: sure

blasterpoard: I think someone even pushed euler above me for a while

Illedan: The randomness is strong with teamwork..

Illedan: "teamwork"

Hjax: my bot ends up alone too much

Hjax: basically all of my losses are because i was alone for too long

Illedan: I guess it needs to talk to someone?

blasterpoard: my bot always ends up alone too... because everyone else is dead

Hjax: must be nice

Hjax: :P

Illedan: xD

Scarfield: nothing like being reassured once in a while

Illedan: euler times out too :thinking:

Nerchio: first turn is 1000ms and i timed out wtf :d

Hjax: are you sure you didnt crash

Hjax: crashes appear as timeouts in viewer

Nerchio: nah im calculating the distance from every square to every square xd

blasterpoard: I do that too

blasterpoard: takem about 6ms

blasterpoard: *takes

Nerchio: on big map rip

Scarfield: yea, forgot to take visited cells into account in my BFS at first, did time out

Hjax: takes me about 100 ms to BFS everything

Nerchio: yea i do it inefficiently :D

Hjax: my bot seems to lose any game where its 3 on 1, because its not willing to join the 3 because they tend to be surrounded by monsters

Nerchio: Hjax how long is your distance calculation on this seed

Nerchio: seed=2016281719346875900

Hjax: "Calculating all paths took 135.0 ms"

Nerchio: Distance map time: 587.221015 ms

Nerchio: xD

Nerchio: im confused why it takes so long

Nerchio: but whatever i guess im just in time now

Scarfield: when you have calculated the distance from the first cell to the rest, do you calculate the distance from the next cell to the first .. and so on? might be worth it not to, but idk

Hjax: i dont, but yes that can divide your time in half

Default avatar.png kasudy: Hjax can you give me some tips to implement scoring algorithim?

Nerchio: if i calculate from A to B i dont calculate from B to A

Nerchio: still 600ms :D

Nerchio: and how do you store the information?

Nerchio: i use Map<integer, 2Darray>

Default avatar.png kasudy: ya mee too

Default avatar.png kasudy: are you coding in C++?

Nerchio: nah java

Default avatar.png kasudy: oh

Nerchio: but Hjax also is Java i think

Nerchio: and he has 4x faster calculation :D

blasterpoard: what algorithm are you using to calculate distances?

Nerchio: bfs

blasterpoard: from every square, I suppose... weird

blasterpoard: because that's much faster for me

Nerchio: yea idk maybe i did something bad in bfs or map creation :P

AllYourPawns: what game are you guys talking about?


Scarfield: currently an unofficial contest

Default avatar.png kasudy: ive been using abismal python code.

Default avatar.png kasudy: im not even using deque,

Default avatar.png kasudy: and somehow its still working XD


uvBoss: my bot tryna scare the wwanderersoff

uvBoss: xD

Default avatar.png kasudy: lol

Nerchio: idk you really need to feel this game to do well

Nerchio: like i will advance to silver soon but im looking at the board and not sure what are the best moves xD

Hjax: thats why i think i got lucky

Hjax: i guessed some heuristics and it turns out they were good

Moctrof: I hate kululu

Moctrof: because I suck

Hjax: i need to add yelling and shelters

Hjax: but im not sure those two alone will be enough for legend

Nerchio: most of the games shelters dont come in play i think xD

Hjax: yeah they arent super impactful, and i think if you go to one alone its not super good

Hjax: if you bring a buddy they are good

Nerchio: yea

uvBoss: nerchio do u use simulation??

Nerchio: no im in bronze

uvBoss: oh oke

uvBoss: climb up then

uvBoss: xD

Nerchio: hehe

Hjax: i added voronoi calculations to my bot, i dont know how much they helped

Hjax: so now it tries to maximize the number of squares it can go to before a wanderer

uvBoss: never heard of that before XD

Hjax: google voronoi diagram

uvBoss: kk

uvBoss: xD

Scarfield: if you know BFS its simple enough, and very useful

Hjax: i will probably end up doing a search eventually

Scarfield: i already started making a sim, got bronze in first submit, and since all the rules are available i figured why not

Scarfield: not sure what search to use yet though

jacek: jacekmax

Scarfield: MLPS

Hjax: my search will probably be something like dijkstras algo

Hjax: with a cost function that takes into account the output from a sim

Hjax: because really you want to find the path of minimum cost

Hjax: cost being sanity and some heuristic of how good your end position is

uvBoss: im oding the same

uvBoss: doing*

uvBoss: but got shit ton of bugs

uvBoss: it always thinks waiting is the best move

Hjax: lol

Scarfield: xD

uvBoss: i havenot implemented the end position heuristic but with just the sanity as cost it should be tryna avoid the enemy right?

Hjax: sounds right yeah

jacek: wtf? why im dead suddenly?

Hjax: you timed out or crashed

jacek: oh right

uvBoss: next on murder mystery : jacek bot dies suddenly

uvBoss: XD

jacek: oh, a typo

Hjax: bots seem to be largely deterministic, which is nice

Moctrof: Anybody tried to use the referee to do simulations ? That's the only idea I would be excited about

Hjax: it wouldnt be that hard to implement the same logic as the ref yourself

Hjax: all of the logic is well documented in the problem statement

Scarfield: havent looked at the referee, just doing what he said ^

Moctrof: really ? Seemed to hard to try, I have never done A*

Moctrof: And there is a lot of rules

Scarfield: you dont need A*, just BFS

Moctrof: Will it find the same path ?

Moctrof: Because they use A*

Scarfield: yea, i never used A* but from what i have heard its only faster at finding the shortest path in very large maps

Moctrof: Humm ok , so you have a simulation that work ?

Scarfield: not yet, working on it

jacek: so how can you say its easy

Moctrof: Good luck, seems hard

Scarfield: never said it was, but from experience its easier for me to just implement the rules, rather than reading and translating a referee

Moctrof: I was thinking of using Java just to avoid that ahah


pradpant: Join Here

pradpant: Fast

jacek: oh my

Scarfield: but ty, u2 btw :)

uvBoss: what anarchy is this?

uvBoss: i have a question

uvBoss: in a given frame

uvBoss: is the info showm what i did to get here or what im tryna do now

uvBoss: my bot seems to b eon frame slower?

uvBoss: my goodness typos

uvBoss: my bot seems to be one frame slower

Scarfield: you can see your output, you are propably following more than leading?

Scarfield: if you waited or moved i mean by your output


uvBoss: aghhhhhhh

Hjax: testing against three of the boss isnt a good idea imo

Hjax: test against the boss, rank 1, and rank 2

uvBoss: no but its stupid af rn

Hjax: its really hard to beat 3 of the same bot, because they will do the same thing

Hjax: and your bot will do something different and lose

uvBoss: its not even running away u know

Scarfield: yea frame 17 in your replay hurts to watch :p

Moctrof: But you are silver

uvBoss: its like i guess dying is the best choice

Scarfield: maximizing sanity loss ftw

Moctrof: ahah

uvBoss: i am making a new bot

uvBoss: @Moctrof

uvBoss: @Scarfield this would be maximising sanity loss

uvBoss: btw i ahvenot yet included slashers

Scarfield: hahaha oh dear XD

Scarfield: that works well at least

uvBoss: it seems to know the worst moves

uvBoss: but not the best

Scarfield: xD

Moctrof: Do the reverse

Moctrof: if it's left do right

Moctrof: etc..

uvBoss: xDlet me try that

Moctrof: Legend guaranteed

uvBoss: if it works

uvBoss: .............

Moctrof: new algorithm created the not Worst Search

uvBoss: does not work coz of damn walls

Moctrof: :(

uvBoss: but survived longer than my "bestmove"

Moctrof: I was so looking forward to see something magic

Moctrof: lol

Default avatar.png DaIsNum: walls shall break

uvBoss: they should add hammers

Default avatar.png DaIsNum: or daya.

uvBoss: hammer wall 0,0

Default avatar.png DaIsNum: new explorer = daya

uvBoss: but hammer wouldbe mor euseful to hit the enemies i suppose

Default avatar.png DaIsNum: ya could be

Default avatar.png DaIsNum: Erebostheos here

Moctrof: We should do this game in group of 4 and the goal is that one of us survive the longest

Moctrof: And you would be the tank

uvBoss: xD

uvBoss: my bronze bot was so good

uvBoss: it came silver 1st

uvBoss: but could not beat the boss

Moctrof: :0

Moctrof: Just wait

Moctrof: I was like 5th in wood 3, next day after sleep I was in bronze

Moctrof: There is not a lot of guys in wod 1 and 2

Moctrof: You are motivating me, I will try the java simulation with referee

Hjax: i think ill try to get legend before writing a search

jacek: or delete account

Fosfen: Hello ! Is there someone here who did Mars Lander (lvl 2 and 3) with an GA and could help me plz ? Thanks !

Moctrof: Yes

Moctrof: But I did it just partially with GA

Moctrof: I add some heuristics

Default avatar.png kasudy: finally got out of wood!!

jacek: good for you

Default avatar.png kasudy: almost but not sure

Bassel: hello

jacek: someone uses yell yet?

Hjax: is that a bell cranel profile picture? @Bassel

eulerscheZahl: YES!!!

Hjax: i dont use yell yet

Default avatar.png NOTsteve: is anyone else here just garbage at coding still:upside_down:

Bassel: Yeah

Hjax: identifying peoples anime profile pics is fun

Bassel: ikr :')

Bassel: Sometimes, I use Rem from Re:Zero or Araragi from Monogatari

Hjax: :thumbsup: for Rem

Hjax: i found someone recently who had a Shintaro Kisaragi profile picture, kind of surprised me

Hjax: character from a somewhat unpopular show that i like

derjack: huh

Hjax: it was this user

Hjax: he also has a my hero academia banner

Bassel: I watched an amv about this anime

Default avatar.png kasudy: damn bronze is a challenge

Bassel: Few years ago

Hjax: Mekakucity Actors?

Bassel: Ye

derjack: eeyup

Hjax: it was a series of songs before it was an anime or manga

Hjax: so you probably saw one of them

Bassel: It was mostly him throughout the video

Hjax: probably Losstime Memory

Hjax: thats one of his character songs

Hjax: the series has a song or two for each character, and a bunch of story stongs

Hjax: songs*

Nerchio: losses like this are so sad :D


Nerchio: nvm lol link


Nerchio: everybody just goes and groups up and leaves me alone :D

eulerscheZahl: that's bullying

eulerscheZahl: in hindsight the map design isn't optimal here

Moctrof: lol

eulerscheZahl: as the starting points are too far from each other

Hjax: i lose every time i get bottom left on that map

Hjax: for some reason everyone goes to the top right

jacek: random bias?

Hjax: the list of explorers should be given in a random order /s

jacek: how about swap rule

Moctrof: someon knows a command to make good indentations and shit in the codinggame ide ?

Hjax: i dont use the codingame ide

Hjax: i just copy paste from my preferred ide

Moctrof: Clever

Default avatar.png kasudy: right click and format

jacek: alt+f4

Moctrof: thanks

Moctrof: thanks !

Moctrof: I am not here anymore

Default avatar.png kasudy: XD

Default avatar.png kasudy: should i use plan insted of wait?

Moctrof: yes

Hjax: if theres other explorers nearby and you need sanity

Hjax: you only have a limited number of plans though

Default avatar.png kasudy: oh

Default avatar.png kasudy: all of these variables are getting really hard to control

Moctrof: I just copied the refere classes in one file and it's doing shit saying static class can only be declared if they are top level... Fuck Java

eulerscheZahl: then remove the static modifier

Default avatar.png kasudy: XD

Moctrof: I feel like it will do shit

eulerscheZahl: what classes are static?


Hjax: ugh

Moctrof: PathFinderResult only, but there are methods who are statics in not static classes and it's saying it's not valid

Moctrof: can only be declared in static or toplevel class

eulerscheZahl: in the end it's BFS anyways

eulerscheZahl: despite saying A*

Hjax: do top bots also just lose if everyone runs away from them at the start

Hjax: i dont really see what i could have done

eulerscheZahl: i guess they would do a little better but still come in 4th

eulerscheZahl: let me replace you by me :P

blasterpoard: Hjax

Hjax: blasterpoard is too fast

Hjax: ah yeah you just die

Hjax: so i shouldnt worry about it then

eulerscheZahl: i completely accept defeat :D

Hjax: yeah you seem to just try to not draw aggro

Hjax: and pray it works out

Moctrof: that's good


eulerscheZahl: blaster even won that match

AggYzz: hello guys

AggYzz: :wave:

Hjax: everyone split up for some reason

Hjax: which gave blaster a chance to win

blasterpoard: I manipulate slashers to damage them

blasterpoard: maybe that

Moctrof: lol

Moctrof: genius

blasterpoard: see that I spawned the slasher on the long path

Hjax: ah thats clever

blasterpoard: then triggered it when they were on that path

eulerscheZahl: and that's still not your best bot in the arena, is it?

Hjax: he was saying he has a depth 1 search bot that is top 10

blasterpoard: I have some improvements

Hjax: which gives me hope for my depth 1 search

blasterpoard: and I removed one search that made it timeout without pragmas

blasterpoard: because during the contest I didn't know about those

blasterpoard: it resulsted in 55-60% winrate against my then-best bot

Hjax: you do local testing for this?

Hjax: i was thinking local testing would be bad, because each explorer will make the same decisions

blasterpoard: I did a bit during the contest

Hjax: was it worth it?

blasterpoard: probably no

Hjax: maybe i go find some github bots and test locally against them

Hjax: then there would be a variety of decision making

eulerscheZahl: there is one strong bot on github

blasterpoard: "strong"

eulerscheZahl: top10, not blaster level strong

blasterpoard: even my bot isn't strong

blasterpoard: I believe I could reach 30 or even 31 rating on this leaderboard

Hjax: do you people with search simulate the movements of the other explorers?

Astrobytes: check the post mortems Hjax, quite a variety of approaches

blasterpoard: I do, these simulated explorers would suspiciously similar to the current #3 bot, if they used voronoi

Hjax: oh i completely forgot about post mortems

Hjax: thanks for reminding me astro

Astrobytes: :)

Default avatar.png kasudy: whats post mortem?

AllYourPawns: after death

Hjax: people post on the forums what approach they used

Default avatar.png kasudy: ooh

Hjax: my heuristics have been serving me well so far, but ill need a better approach soon

Doggednamed1: How do I make my own puzzles?

eulerscheZahl: the yellow create bottom

eulerscheZahl: at the top right

Hjax: oh code of kutulu was the original smitsimax game?

eulerscheZahl: yes

Astrobytes: yep

Hjax: neat

eulerscheZahl: with little recognition at that point

jacek: huh

eulerscheZahl: only after he ported it to CSB the hype started

jacek: but this game isnt so hexy

Astrobytes: lol

Hjax: you werent kidding about the post mortems astro

Hjax: everyone did something different

Astrobytes: Yeah, so many different approaches. Some interesting ones at that.

AggYzz: pppoopoo

Astrobytes: AggYzz really?

AggYzz: yes

Astrobytes: Talk sense laddie.

AggYzz: i am

Doggednamed1: How do you make a number guesser in the Go Langage?

Doggednamed1: Language

AggYzz: idk

AggYzz: find a random module

AggYzz: and boom

Astrobytes: Doggednamed1:

Hjax: these post mortems are leaving me more confused than i started

Hjax: no one agrees on anything lol

Astrobytes: There's a lot of different ways to tackle the game

Hjax: agade did an pessimistic minimax and got second, which sounds like it wouldnt be very good

Hjax: but somehow its good


AggYzz: that is better than your link astrobytes

AggYzz: ddg > google

Doggednamed1: I can't access those websites. They are blocked for some reason.

AllYourPawns: ive heard of paranoid MCTS being good in multiplayer games

Hjax: the weird thing is the game is collaborative

Astrobytes: just google (or insert your favourite search engine here) "number guessing golang" AggYzz

Hjax: the assumption people are out to get you isnt very good

Nerchio: oh hey im in silver lol

Hjax: because people will likely intentionally group up with you

AggYzz: Astrobytes i agree

Astrobytes: Yet it works...

Hjax: yeah, super surprising that it works

Hjax: cant argue with results lol

AllYourPawns: could also be he has an amazing eval function hah

Astrobytes: sorry AggYzz, Doggednamed1, search for "number guessing golang"

Astrobytes: He does AllYourPawns, read his PM

AggYzz: dg

Hjax: im always impressed by agades post mortems and results

AllYourPawns: whats the link for post mortems again?


Astrobytes: :+1: And for any other games just use the forum search and pick the 'feedback and strategies' threads

Hjax: i might steal a few of R4N4R4M4s heuristics

Hjax: it will probably take me a while to decide which search i like

Hjax: honestly its probably best for me to run minimax against the best heuristic bot i can come up with

Hjax: because that seems sane to me at least

Hjax: im sure i would fail with agades approach

Hjax: did Agade quit? ive read a lot of his post mortems and seen him on leaderboards, but i dont know if ive ever seen him in chat

Astrobytes: Nah, he pops in now and then

Hjax: i think if i ever see him in a contest im playing, i will be afraid :D

Astrobytes: I think squiddy said he's active on Kaggle too

Hjax: are you going to work on your kutulu bot astro?

Astrobytes: Hopefully yeah

Astrobytes: Should have some time starting from tomorrow

Astrobytes: Not as motivated since I was in gold already but Legend is a fair target!

Hjax: i think i got lucky with my heuristic choices so far

Hjax: maybe if i get lucky a couple more times ill be legend

Hjax: are you planning to write a search? or just add more heuristics

Astrobytes: Legend with heuristics is definitely possible, as you know from PMs. I donno whether to try to improve my existing (messy, was my 2nd contest other than the Thales semi-private one) or write a search-based one

Astrobytes: Either way, it could really do with a rewrite lol

Hjax: robostacs post mortem made me laugh "i had basically no time to work on my bot" and "i finished 22nd"

Hjax: i want his problems

Astrobytes: hehehe, yeah, he's a beast lol

Astrobytes: He really did do that quick. We had Thales overlapping with the start of Kutulu, then iirc he was away for the whole weekend

Hjax: msmits should fix his bot

Hjax: almost dead last in legend because its timing out all over the place

Astrobytes: Does he know it didn't survive the C# update?

Hjax: dunno

Hjax: is that what broke it?

Astrobytes: Think so, either that the weird timeout/timing issue with CG these days

Astrobytes: He's painting his new house so guess he's kinda busy atm

Hjax: also i have to admire Wala's enthusiasm for these unofficial contests

Astrobytes: how so?

Hjax: he won the last one, and i see him submitting lots to this one

Astrobytes: Ah ok, I've not been keeping tabs on the LB

Astrobytes: alright, I'm out for tonight. gl Hjax :)

Hjax: cya

Nerchio: this game is more random than pacman :D

AnyaA: ??? what game

AnyaA: How can I do better??? SOmeone help

Elsa_Polindo: chupenme el pico

Default avatar.png WorksOnMyMachineKEKW: anyone playing this game rn or just bots?

AnyaA: what game?

Default avatar.png WorksOnMyMachineKEKW: clash of code

AnyaA: oof

AnyaA: i can join

AnyaA: i joined

Default avatar.png WorksOnMyMachineKEKW: hey

uvBoss: @anaya use linear algebra

AnyaA: ???

uvBoss: instead of going towards the centre of yourtarget try and go towards where u can reach

uvBoss: u can use your previous X and Y to get yourvelocity

uvBoss: and use that to change your destination from the centre to towards your pod

uvBoss: idk how clear this is.....

AnyaA: oh ok

AnyaA: uoi spel my name wrong

uvBoss: xd sry

AnyaA: np

Default avatar.png WorksOnMyMachineKEKW: hey

AnyaA: hi

AnyaA: why am i so trash?

Default avatar.png WorksOnMyMachineKEKW: i just guessed on that last one lol

Default avatar.png WorksOnMyMachineKEKW: idk why but n * (n-1) worked

Enknable: n**2 - n / 2 is the sum of all numbers from 1->n

AnyaA: I still need to learn sme things, so That is why i basically got stuck... I know advanced stuff but not easy