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trainman: hello everyone

trainman: I am new in Codingame I hope everyone will help each other

eulerscheZahl: did the Autumn challenge bring you here?

sugam: how to go to the contest ?

sugam: i don't see it in the contests tab

Hjax: @sugam the autumn ai challenge will be on an existing game

Hjax: you have to wait for the announcement to know which game it is

sugam: after the anouncement

sugam: just go and play

sugam: it?

Hjax: after the announcement youll be able to find it in this list

Hjax: its already there, we just dont know which one it is yet :D

sugam: hmm mm

Hjax: we do know its going to be a relatively unpopular game, and one thats beginner friendly

Hjax: so probably not one of the newer games, not CSB, and not one of the board games

eulerscheZahl: and not one with a top bot available on github

eulerscheZahl: so it must be vindinium :D

Hjax: code a la mode seems likely

Hjax: also euler arent you german? why are you awake

eulerscheZahl: because it's already close to 7am

eulerscheZahl: what a question :P

Hjax: ah early riser?

eulerscheZahl: yes

Hjax: i see

Hjax: its 1 am here, im about to sleep

eulerscheZahl: i have a cat who's even earlier than me

eulerscheZahl: "it's 4:30, i'm hungry"

Hjax: lol

eulerscheZahl: me: "no, i'll show you the door"

sugam: how to be good at bot programming

Hjax: practice!

eulerscheZahl: around 6am she usually wins

eulerscheZahl: read post mortems to get ideas

Hjax: since this game is one thats been played before, be sure to check out the posts on the forums

Hjax: yeah, what euler said

x544D: is there a private Command u type in chat to send a private msg using the name : Exmpl /msg name MessageText

x544D: ?

MadKnight: isn't that the one ?

sugam: i guess the text just appears red whenever it finds your username?

MadKnight: yea

sugam: MadKnight is a pro

sugam: did it appear red?

MadKnight: yep

MadKnight: good job sugam

x544D: testing on you @sugam

x544D: sorry bud :p

sugam: x544DTestingIfITGoesRedEvenWithOutTheSpaceBetweenYourNickname

x544D: Iget :

sugam: did it appear red

x544D: nop

eulerscheZahl: it does in some cases sugam

eulerscheZahl: when someone links to i get pinged

eulerscheZahl: but letters break the ping

dbdr: _Royale struck back again

eulerscheZahl: an up and down

dbdr: +1K is a lot

eulerscheZahl: +300

eulerscheZahl: he had a bigger leadership before and then dropped below me again

dbdr: i mean he's +1k compared to the previous day

eulerscheZahl: ok, 350..

eulerscheZahl: oh, he's going up and down a lot

eulerscheZahl: now i have 2 users DMing me about their problems :scream:

dbdr: yeah, happens to me too

dbdr: I think general chat is better for that

sugam: you guys made codinggame?

dbdr: no

dbdr: we're players like you

eulerscheZahl: maybe the CG logo behind the nick is misleading

Default avatar.png AnyaA: i need help

Marchete: moin

Uljahn: meowrning

sugam: long time no seeUljahn

uvBoss: unofficial contest has started guys

dbdr: what's the multi?

uvBoss: kutulu


Marchete: PCR :D

Marchete: kutulu, I'll better hurry up!

dbdr: Marchete: the top 3 in PCR looks like a tossup now

eulerscheZahl: after the github discussion and the possibility of cheating they choose kutulu? :rofl:

Default avatar.png AnyaA: wow

dbdr: public top bot?

Marchete: and the problem with ktulu is that bots are cooperative

Marchete: GoD is the oppositve

Marchete: opposite

Marchete: what I wrote?

dbdr: :D

Marchete: oppositive

Marchete: :D

eulerscheZahl: yes dbdr, a bit is leaked. just check for anid at the top and you will know

Marchete: I'll keep doing my Dots and Boxes stuff, I'm just trying stuff at my own pace (hint: terribly slow)

dbdr: eulerscheZahl: I looked at the diff of multi leabderboards and I only see royale going slightly down in a few places. something does not add up

Marchete: euler, it's a trap

Marchete: in reality dbdr is tricking you, he is the real threat

Marchete: slowly going 1st

eulerscheZahl: i won't do the math to compute the points myself

dbdr: tricking how?

eulerscheZahl: distracting

Marchete: yeah

Default avatar.png AnyaA: Kutulu has I high chance that you can cheat, so if you want to improve, play something else

dbdr: no need to do math, if you rank goes down your points don't go up

dbdr: conspiracy! ;)

eulerscheZahl: did royale submit recently?

eulerscheZahl: maybe at night during the leaderboard update?

dbdr: I don't see it

dbdr: all the tools run after the update for that reason

dbdr: Marchete: did you notice? ;)

Marchete: noticed what?

dbdr: our ranks

Marchete: yeah, congrats for the 4th place :D

dbdr: thx. you might very well get it tomorrow

dbdr: random noise

dbdr: *back

Marchete: except multi bots you have much better ranks on all other categories

dbdr: yes, and multis count the most, so it balances :)

Marchete: temp codegolf broke for me with that sort change...

Marchete: and they changed thor too

dbdr: ah, you didn't do anything about it yet?

dbdr: temp was a year ago I think :)

dbdr: thor a couple of months

dbdr: eulerscheZahl: An*d in Kutulu?

eulerscheZahl: what's about him?

dbdr: you told me to look at the leaderboard

dbdr: C&P bots

eulerscheZahl: lol, all crashing now :D

eulerscheZahl: i guess they didn't like the language update

dbdr: in arena?

dbdr: they didn't reach the bottom yet, that's me :)

eulerscheZahl: no one submitting recently

dbdr: so it might be IDE only?

eulerscheZahl: they have a nice harmony here (except for blaster ruining it)

dbdr: I guess I might as well resub and see :)

eulerscheZahl: and now they crash (except for dedoo who uses C# too)

dbdr: here we go!

dbdr: but I might bot even play against them

eulerscheZahl: you are destaibilizing my #2 :rage:

dbdr: wth

Marchete: I hate when people disturb the deads...

dbdr: also, no 10 ranking matches. I guess legend is too small

eulerscheZahl: red arrow already

Marchete: I mean, dead multis where I have a good place, please leave them alone!

dbdr: oh yes, you're #2 and #3

dbdr: but you won the match Marchete, might even get #2 ;)

sugam: i can't copy the code from ide useing ctrl + c

Marchete: we were in balance

Marchete: I was OK with 2,3,4 of euler, me and Ille

Marchete: no need to disturb that...

eulerscheZahl: sugam

Marchete: also, I need to say I had anti-bots measures

Marchete: I abused them

dbdr: bots?

Marchete: copied bots

dbdr: ah

eulerscheZahl: i did that for game of drones

eulerscheZahl: ignore those who always do the same thing. you don't have to defend against them

eulerscheZahl: dbdr still pretty low. what rank can we expect?

dbdr: from me? I was #46/47 before

dbdr: so nothing to lose :)

dbdr: but this legend is very flat

dbdr: last has 15, first has 26

dbdr: because of the weirdness of the game I think

dbdr: strong meta

dbdr: oh, only 1024 players in Kutulu

jrke: oh code of kutulu

jrke: dbdr are u in contest

dbdr: probably not

AnyaA: i am

jrke: in every unofficial contest i forgot the rules of game

eulerscheZahl: 1026 already

jrke: last i forgot rules of PR2 then i started from beginning

eulerscheZahl: the beginning is always a good place to start

eulerscheZahl: ceg would try to guess the rules

dbdr: machine learn the rules

dbdr: write a single bot, train it on all multis

dbdr: MSmits: you should also resub in Kutulu

eulerscheZahl: broken bot?

jrke: i think he would be busy in painting with :poop:

BenjaminUrquhart: to appear on leaderboard I assume

dbdr: no, bring the cheaters down

BenjaminUrquhart: ah

BenjaminUrquhart: last time I submitted in this was 10 months ago

dbdr: hitting the submit button does not need a lot of time, can fit between two layers of paint :)

eulerscheZahl: 24 months here

kovi: same

eulerscheZahl: hi kovi i was hoping for you to login so i could ask you if you know anything about RAIC prize shipping but now that you are there, they've sent an email

kovi: and it was my worst comp, 600 lines, and mostly heuristic

eulerscheZahl: so just: hi :)

kovi: hello euler! :)

x544D: eh ! am i gonna keep getting these robots captcha check earch time queuing CLASH ?

eulerscheZahl: if you keep playing that many clashes: yes

dbdr: these are not perfect clones. there are multiple sets of clones?

eulerscheZahl: game of drones has some clones

eulerscheZahl: there is LouJo, contest winner

eulerscheZahl: and Volonia or however you spell that, 12th in the contest i think

eulerscheZahl: the first but is Python, the 2nd is Java

eulerscheZahl: and there is god, 2nd in the contest. that bot uses the player ID as a random seed and thus does fairly well against itself

eulerscheZahl: but didn't survive one of the language updates, crashing now

eulerscheZahl: but they are great testing opponents for offline

dbdr: two c++, one python 2 and one python 3 in that match

eulerscheZahl: interesting

dbdr: maybe 2 pairs of clones

eulerscheZahl: python2+3 could still be the same bot

dbdr: yeah

eulerscheZahl: but i didn't know about another C++ bot being public

eulerscheZahl: or maybe 2 users writing it together?

eulerscheZahl: whatever

dbdr: god is C++

vortexdom: kati bolya hau ssh

eulerscheZahl: but plays differently based on player ID

eulerscheZahl: as i said

dbdr: right

jrke: top 3 have pasted there code in blog of game of drones i think

eulerscheZahl: correct

eulerscheZahl: that's loujo (python) and god (broken)

eulerscheZahl: and at some point the links to the code stopped working

eulerscheZahl: and that guy from Nepal want's to ssh into the chat server?

vortexdom: ah ah

vortexdom: timaru ni nepali ho

vortexdom: chup chap gara yar

vortexdom: jhyau vaisako ya afuly

eulerscheZahl: please speak English

eulerscheZahl: or switch channels

vortexdom: kati na nabujne jasto kya

vortexdom: oh sorry

vortexdom: haha

vortexdom: i thought u from nepal

sugam: vortexdom they are not from nepal

vortexdom: lol

vortexdom: k nepali jasto

vortexdom: patar patar garya ta

vortexdom: k k bolxan k k

vortexdom: agi dekhi herxu yar

eulerscheZahl: go to #np please

rivancic: Hi guys! One question. Lets say I want to review or train the task that was in Clash Of Code. Is there any way you can retake the same task? Just for training and experimenting?

eulerscheZahl: happy searching

eulerscheZahl: next try, this time clickable

vortexdom: siemens energy

eulerscheZahl: but only during the week it's saturday \o/

x544D: the even started right ?

vortexdom: mine everyday

x544D: event*

rivancic: @eulerscheZahl you are a legend :stars:

eulerscheZahl: nah, just good at wasting my time

Default avatar.png ronanborja: hello everyone

x544D: o/

x544D: Guys , when [CODINGAME FALL CHALLENGE 2020] Starts exactly ?

eulerscheZahl: november 12th


eulerscheZahl: 61 days 7h 46min

x544D: lol I was thinking today it opens

x544D: oh boi well , Thanks.

rivancic: nah you see you did not waste your time, I can now use your solution

eulerscheZahl: today is the Autumn challenge, an unofficial "contest"

eulerscheZahl: featuring an existing game: code of kutulu

rivancic: do you have direct access to CodinGame DB?

Moctrof: Hey I was wondering how do you hash two coordinates x,y ? For the moment I use a string x+" "+y, what might be the problem with that ?

x544D: any links @euler ? i'm kind of new .

eulerscheZahl: no, i'm just a normal user. i'm not staff

eulerscheZahl: x544D

Default avatar.png Ryanless: the problem is that x,y and y,x give the same hash

x544D: thanks .

eulerscheZahl: the string concatenation is a simple way to get different hashes. maybe a little slow if you need it a lot

eulerscheZahl: in what range are x and y?

Moctrof: 0,5 -> x

Moctrof: 0,12->y

Moctrof: 0,11*

eulerscheZahl: then how about something like 100*x + y

eulerscheZahl: that's a unique hashing for the given ranges and faster than strings

Moctrof: Nice !

Moctrof: Thanks

Default avatar.png Ryanless: how many total /active members does codingame have?

eulerscheZahl: total: over 1 million

eulerscheZahl: active: hard to tell i think there were 5000 players in the last cotnest

jacek: happy Caturday

Default avatar.png Ryanless: ok, interesstig... was curious because of the ranking system . I assume a lot of people rarely join ranked content

dbdr: total: over 2 million actually :)

eulerscheZahl: so that's over 1 million as well :P

eulerscheZahl: how time flies. i remember hitting the 1M mark

Marchete: I still remember how GA was so cool at these times...

Moctrof: What is cooler now ?

Moctrof: AutomatonNN Are you cooler than GA ?

AutomatonNN: good

Marchete: MCTS, NN or both

jacek: mcts is so last week

eulerscheZahl: we use GAimax now

dbdr: UCTS

MadKnight: sounds promising

MadKnight: UCT's ?

dbdr: tree search using UCT formula for exploration, and evaluation, no rollout

jacek: mcts w/ EPT 0 depth

dbdr: but then it has no monte carlo in it

jacek: i multiply eval part in UCT by random [0.9, 1.1]

dbdr: why?

dbdr: to justify the name? ;)

jacek: so it has some randomness

jacek: eeyup

jacek: though the name monte carlo is about sampling

dbdr: yeah

dbdr: time limit introduces some randomness too, though less

jacek: and its not enough for oware. smits says my bot is deterministic at least 70+ plies

sugam: i like how jacek's bot behaves

jacek: hm?

sugam: your bot.

eulerscheZahl: which game?

sugam: i watched the replay

jacek: it just stays in the same cell and escapes immediate danger

sugam: yes

jacek: and its effective in wood 2 as well

sugam: so once we're promoted, we won't get demoted?

jacek: yes

sugam: ohh so we can make custom strategy to pass certain leagues

jacek: in new league there could be more rules

sugam: that's clever

jrke: more rules + stronger bots = promoted league

Default avatar.png Bartolini188: what is the best IDE for Python on Mac OS?

JasperV: the codingame fall challenge is listed as a community event, not a multi puzzle? what can I expect of this or is it unknown?

eulerscheZahl: " is listed as a community event" where?

eulerscheZahl: it will be an official contest like the spring challenge

eulerscheZahl: oh, found the "community event"

JasperV: ok good. yeah last time it always said explicitly multi player puzzle

eulerscheZahl: but at (6) it says

What type of coding exercise should I expect? This is a bot programming (AI) challenge.

JasperV: ok thanks

JasperV: @Bartolini188 pycharm is used a lot

AntiSquid: pycharm costs moneyz

Astrobytes: Oh, the "contest" is Kutulu. Guess I'm aiming for legend then, been putting it off for a long time

Astrobytes: What's your Kutulu legend rank AntiSquid?

eulerscheZahl: thanks for the correct use of quotes Astrobytes

AntiSquid: jupyter notebook is used a lot and it's free

Astrobytes: ;)

eulerscheZahl: squid is aiming for bottom legend

Astrobytes: lol 8th

danlars: @AntiSquid There is a community edition

Astrobytes: no sleep til #1

eulerscheZahl: but morozec's bot didn't survive the language update


Astrobytes: That was the github one?

eulerscheZahl: not in public..

Astrobytes: ah

AntiSquid: no idea how to benchmark for improvements in this game if it favors similar plays

jacek: does following other player is viable strategy?

eulerscheZahl: being close to others is really important

Default avatar.png TheSilent_Boy: Hi

AntiSquid: not sure why i remember game having 3 monster types

eulerscheZahl: the 3rd is you?

AntiSquid: getting occasional timeout (didn't read all inputs) is that CG issue or new C# version related?

eulerscheZahl: regarding your kutulu bot?

AntiSquid: ya

AntiSquid: most games work

eulerscheZahl: the language update broke it, Mono -> .net core

eulerscheZahl: hm, just tested the morozec bot

eulerscheZahl: seems complicated to fix

eulerscheZahl: i see an import of a now removed library

eulerscheZahl: but it's used all over the place

AntiSquid: really? i only rarely get an error

AntiSquid: Warning: your code did not read all available input before printing an instruction, your outputs will not be synchronized with the game's turns and unexpected behaviour may occur.

eulerscheZahl: hm, maybe your bot got more lucky than morozec then

AntiSquid: but it's like one in 5 games max

eulerscheZahl: my bot seems to be working fine

AntiSquid: i don't know if i changed anything since then

AntiSquid: diffcheck @_@

eulerscheZahl: so the problem is on your side i think

AntiSquid: YOLO resub or not? Automaton2000

Automaton2000: how do you work in the same league

AntiSquid: :P

AntiSquid: lots of c# bots at the top

eulerscheZahl: let's say instances

AntiSquid: old versions

eulerscheZahl: didn't know that MSmits is also crashing

Astrobytes: was before he switched to C++

AntiSquid: rewriting 2.6k lines to C++, is that good use of time?

Astrobytes: No, I mean in before he switched to using C++ in general

AntiSquid: no idea, maybe he was just checking the game

eulerscheZahl: you failed to select D as your language

AntiSquid: so rewrite to D instead? lol

eulerscheZahl: it's faster

eulerscheZahl: also for writing i think

AntiSquid: why couldn't it be one of the unpopular multis? :/

AntiSquid: is that blaster's best version now?

eulerscheZahl: i think he never submitted his improved version

eulerscheZahl: said he will if we get close to his current

AntiSquid: aren't you close enough?

AntiSquid: illedan didn't update either

TobiasA: pls when i try to run a hello world code in c++ sublime text it says character constant too long for its type

AntiSquid: ya ok i am still bugged ... got to rewrite or something, give me motivation Automaton2000

Automaton2000: but i learned a lot about that

TobiasA: i dont know whatto do

Default avatar.png hellotheregeneralkenobi: :poop:

AntiSquid: :poop: to you too

Default avatar.png TheSilent_Boy: :angry:

AntiSquid: Marchet e has timeouts with c++, is it really just c# library issue?

eulerscheZahl: other languages got upgrades too

eulerscheZahl: oh, someone pushed me on top

eulerscheZahl: aka you

AntiSquid: lol

AntiSquid: get the blaster light-cannon up into the sky to call him

Default avatar.png TheSilent_Boy: a

AntiSquid: euler you have timeouts too it seems:

eulerscheZahl: oh, indeed

eulerscheZahl: even a non-reproducable one :/

AntiSquid: some are CG related imo

eulerscheZahl: i guess you are right. problems with the timer

eulerscheZahl: i remember using 45ms on a 50ms game usually

eulerscheZahl: now even with 40ms i struggle sometimes

Default avatar.png Adlan_Fauzi: .

itzblinkzy: @Nickup do you mind sharing your code?

itzblinkzy: I found that clash really hard

itzblinkzy: Welp okay then :pensive:

stanleyipkiss: hello

Default avatar.png TheSilent_Boy: h

Default avatar.png isimkullanmiyorum: hello

Xedux: @DinuBrat

Default avatar.png NguyenCongThang: hi

DinuBrat: ?

Xedux: can you give your recent clash code ?


Xedux: ok thanks a lot

Default avatar.png cilem:

Default avatar.png ChandraKanthPasunuru: hi guys

Hjax: hi there

Astrobytes: What do you think of the "contest" choice Hjax?

Default avatar.png TheSilent_Boy: mhjjhghghjg

Astrobytes: Please don't do that TheSilent_Boy

Default avatar.png TheSilent_Boy: :grin:

Default avatar.png TheSilent_Boy: sorry

Default avatar.png TheSilent_Boy: was just relaxing

AntiSquid: spamming all day @_@

AntiSquid: TheSilent_Boy, Automaton2000 will make a visit to your home to ask a few questions about your spam

Automaton2000: been at it for the first time i saw it somewhere

uvBoss: xD

Hjax: @Astrobytes its not one ive tried before

Hjax: and its a grid based game

Hjax: so i think im happy

Astrobytes: Heuristics will get you far

Hjax: i was worried it would be mad max

Astrobytes: And it's a fun game

Hjax: is there fog of war in the higher leagues?

Astrobytes: nope

Hjax: so its pretty searchable then

Hjax: branching factor isnt huge if im only searching my own movements

Astrobytes: reasonably, there's some tricky aspects iirc

Astrobytes: Mines was just heuristics

Hjax: im just parsing the inputs right now

Astrobytes: Using Rust?

Hjax: starting with java, will probably port to rust later if i want more performance

Astrobytes: Cool

Hjax: easier to not fight a new language when im still trying to understand the game

Astrobytes: Very true

Hjax: the game certainly looks interesting though

Hjax: its like, half cooperative

Hjax: but you still want your "teammates" to die

Astrobytes: Yeah, indeed. It's like a backstabb-y kind of thing. It's a cool game

Hjax: also its lovecraft themed

Hjax: which is always a plus

Astrobytes: yeah the theme was awesome too, was quite a fun contest, lots of Cthulhu/Lovecrast jokes and whatnot

Astrobytes: *Lovecraft

Astrobytes: iirc I think the referee is a bit messy

Default avatar.png ChandraKanthPasunuru: hi guys

Astrobytes: You already said hi

Default avatar.png ChandraKanthPasunuru: people who are using pything are so cool, the way they write code is even cooler. they write stuff less then 10 lines and that's it it works.

Astrobytes: Try learning python then

Astrobytes: afk for a bit

AntiSquid: ChandraKanthPasunuru ah you didn't hear the legends of 10 lines of Ruby then


Default avatar.png bedirhan: how do i hide the chat

Default avatar.png bedirhan: how can i hide the chat*

Astrobytes: the little arrow underneath will minimise the chat

Default avatar.png bedirhan: thanks!

Astrobytes: no problem :)

Gloryness: all i see is stuff like this lol print(chr(sum([*map(ord, s)])//len_s))

Default avatar.png ChandraKanthPasunuru: true


BenjaminUrquhart: bruh

BenjaminUrquhart: > print(chr(sum([*map(ord, s)])//len_s))

BenjaminUrquhart: I can make it shorter smh

print(chr(sum(map(ord, s))//len_s))

eulerscheZahl: and i can remove a whitespace

Gloryness: xD

Scarfield: I can ride my bike with no handlebars


Zenoscave: Has anyone done Mars Lander 2 with only PID?

AntiSquid: kid should google speed runs

jacek: recently i see more people from nepal in code of cutulu than before :thinking:

Thiesjoo: The college from the challenge is from Nepal i think

jacek: :pikachu_face:

Nerchio: wow i managed to advance from wood3 in kthulu

Nerchio: :o

Thiesjoo: Noice

Nerchio: it took longer than i expected :grimacing:

Thiesjoo: But you got there!

Nerchio: you also got a bot in this game?

Thiesjoo: Bronze currently

Nerchio: ah alright

Nerchio: participating in the unofficial contest?

Default avatar.png ruiamoah: man the evaluation is hard

Thiesjoo: Yup

Nerchio: You can now use the LIGHT to ward off minions and come up with a PLAN to heal yourself and the explorers around you.

Nerchio: wow what the hell haha :D

Thiesjoo: Even more complexity :')

Nerchio: hmm

Nerchio: so Planning

Hjax: i was wondering if youd show up Nerchio

Hjax: glad to see you!

Nerchio: doesnt stop you from losing sanity if you are isolated right

Nerchio: hello Hjax :D

Nerchio: i dont have much time i think to go far but i will try to get gold

Default avatar.png ruiamoah: have you guys got an evaluation from a company using codingame

Nerchio: I did not ruiamoah :p

Scarfield: hi Nerchio i think Hjax asked for you the other day, good luck with the contest :)

Scarfield: oh lol chat scroll xD

Nerchio: hehe ye :D

Nerchio: good luck in the contest guys, if you are participating

Scarfield: in wood you lose 1 sanity in group, 3 when more than 2 tiles apart

Nerchio: i just advanced to wood1 :D

blasterpoard: it's easy until high gold

blasterpoard: people literally igrnoe slashers and yells

Nerchio: when is the last rule change?

blasterpoard: yell is the last rule

Scarfield: wood 1 i believe, bronze is just more maps

blasterpoard: idk in what league

Nerchio: oh nice ;)

Nerchio: i got yell in wood1 already

Thiesjoo: What's the start than blasterpoard?

Nerchio: and i think i will advance higher still

Thiesjoo: *strat

Thiesjoo: With the same bot i went from wood 3 to bronze

Thiesjoo: Was pretty cool to see

Nerchio: i might do the same we will see :D

Nerchio: although i lost a few games now so probably not

blasterpoard: you don't need any strategy

blasterpoard: just make your bot choose the same path as the others whenever you're at a crossroads

blasterpoard: :)

Thiesjoo: That works?

Nerchio: well you can't predict it haha

blasterpoard: that's what decides games in legend

Nerchio: its luck :D

blasterpoard: no, it's legend bots being copies of each other

Scarfield: lol really?

Thiesjoo: Lemme comment out half of my code and see if it works

Thiesjoo: OMG IT WORKS

Nerchio: somebody leaked the code or just similar bots? :D

blasterpoard: there are 5 copies of one bot

Thiesjoo: Just follow others and it works

blasterpoard: and some bots that are overly happy to go the same way as those

Nerchio: yeah that kind of makes sense, maybe too much meta game in legend ;)

blasterpoard: it's not metagame; it's just a cou;le of russians sharing code

blasterpoard: and then one of them even put it on github

Nerchio: ;(


blasterpoard: frame 55->56

Nerchio: ah so you being 1 is abusing the russian leaked code? :D

Nerchio: except ofcourse good bot

blasterpoard: no, this is my contest code

Nerchio: yea thats what i am asking if you are meta gaming the leaked code

blasterpoard: no

Nerchio: not if you are using it :P

Nerchio: ok then if you can beat all of that then maybe the leak is not such a big problem

blasterpoard: no, because if they follow each other, games like what I posted happen

Nerchio: yeah i see

Nerchio: well i didnt play enough to really understand whats goig on

blasterpoard: they even all yell at turn 10 and write the same thing

Nerchio: Thiesjoo im in bronze :D

Thiesjoo: Nice!!!

Thiesjoo: To silver w ego

Thiesjoo: *we go

Nerchio: noo :D

blasterpoard: avoidance of slashers gets you to gold almost instantly

Thiesjoo: All the battles i lose is because of slashers

blasterpoard: and don't bother with deep searches, current rank 6 is my bot with search depth limited to 1

Thiesjoo: Do you do anything with shelters?

blasterpoard: shelters are a part of my simulations

blasterpoard: and sanity is a part of eval

blasterpoard: so, yes

blasterpoard: but I don't intentionally walk towards them from afar

Thiesjoo: Just if they are close, walk to them

Thiesjoo: Something like that

blasterpoard: not really

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: The last contest was pac man, correct? I want to make sure I didn't skip anothero ne

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: another one*

Zenoscave: Was ocean of code before or after PAC?


Scarfield: before, yea pac man was the latest

Zenoscave: That's what I thought!

Scarfield: before, and yea pac man was the latest

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: ok

Default avatar.png ChandraKanthPasunuru: gusy how i can get better.

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: Practice :)

Default avatar.png ChandraKanthPasunuru: what i have to practice.

Default avatar.png ChandraKanthPasunuru: first i want to slove thigs faster. wher i can start?

Hjax: it doesnt really matter

Hjax: just play anything that looks fun

Default avatar.png kimovitch: Just discovered this platform

Default avatar.png kimovitch: Why didn't I know about this before

AntiSquid: to quote men in black 4 (which was a crappy movie btw) : “Always remember: the universe has a way of leading you to where you're supposed to be, at the moment you're supposed to be there.” kimovitch

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: *Dies*

AntiSquid: just keep an ID with that avatar on you when you do that so the body can be identified

Default avatar.png kimovitch: Cool stuff, I'm supposed to prepare for an interview but I'm having too much fun

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: Maybe you should have fun preparing for the interview :D

Default avatar.png kimovitch: That's what I keep saying, but the race in coders strike back ain't gonna be won by itself

AntiSquid: the do some puzzles ?

AntiSquid: doubt they care about coders strike back, they just care about your ability to solve easy puzzles and clash of code . CSB is too posh for them

Default avatar.png kimovitch: Thanks for the advice, still discovering the platform, don't even know where the simple puzzles are. I'll definitely check it out!


Default avatar.png kimovitch: :ok_hand:

Default avatar.png ChandraKanthPasunuru: puzzles are basic stuff right. after playing like 5 hurs clas of code. i am getting better.

Default avatar.png ChandraKanthPasunuru: i am understand about language i am using more and write code for the first time right with out any logic error. iam so happy aboutthat.

BenjaminUrquhart: depends on the puzzle

ErebosTheos: how to avoid??

shad0wcrawl3r: you just run

Simonka: just dont

shad0wcrawl3r: if the enemy is targeting you just make ur characer run away frm it

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: Hello apple

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: :)

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: Can I just copypaste my code from don't panic 1 to 2?

Allis: Try it and see?

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: x.x

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: Too lazy