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Default avatar.png UnTenseUnJury: hio

Q12: I am trying to put spaces between numbers in the statement of contribution to make them look like there are in grid but when I click send It's like erasing all the spaces I put except for one between each number. Can somebody help me?

DeWill: Are doing from mobile...?

Q12: No

daffie: maybe check the tab spacing / smart indent settings

daffie: or the auto format settings

sugam: in the contest do we play one bot programming game for 7 days?

MadKnight: yea

MadKnight: with no sleep

MadKnight: no distractions

sugam: so we take 7 days to optimize the bot of the same distraction

sugam: game*

sugam: same game*

MadKnight: to improve*

MadKnight: yea 7 days of bot improvements

rivancic: what no sleep? Count me in!! :coffee:

rivancic: What is the prize for this?

sugam: $500 lol

Default avatar.png Ryanless: so i am trying to get the 2 clashes in 3 min achiev... somehow i always take longer

sugam: I- just wanna solve the problem...

Default avatar.png cydrus: is it considered cheating if you look at the algorithm or pseudocode in the hints?

Uljahn: it is considered learning

Default avatar.png cydrus: ok thanks I thought I was cheating since i didn't know how to solve the problem :D

Uljahn: those hints are official, besides there are too few of them

krolik: I kept seeing same avatars in CoC and thought "wow, these guys must also not have a life like me", and then i learned about CoC bots

Default avatar.png c0nc4c: have anyone done the thor quiz?

Default avatar.png Netsos: yes

Default avatar.png c0nc4c: lol i read the hint

Default avatar.png c0nc4c: i know where i'm wrong now

Default avatar.png c0nc4c: freaking i feel like cheating

Default avatar.png Netsos: just like he said 'it is considered learning' Its normal for beginners to read the hint, even i did

Uljahn: exactly

x544D: guys Can we join **CODINGAME FALL CHALLENGE 2020** as a team ?

jrke: for team you need your classmates if you are in school or friends of your company if jod

jrke: not classmates schoolmates

x544D: @jrke , Yes any links explaining how to join it as ClassMates ?

jrke: no links its automatic

jrke: if your schoolmates registered to that contest then you all are a team

jrke: and yes minimum team could of 3 members

ajeetkharel: hey how are we promoted to another league in a game? what's the conditions

ajeetkharel: I won the bot bot i am not promoted?

jrke: you have to be above the boss at the end of submission

ajeetkharel: ohh ok tq

Default avatar.png marawanmo: :confused:

Default avatar.png TheSilent_Boy: HI

ThunderbirdOne: hey guys, how are things around here these days? :D

Astrobytes: Yo stranger! Yeah, just the usual :)

ThunderbirdOne: no massive influx cuz of covid or anything?

ThunderbirdOne: noticed the main page got a nice refresher

ThunderbirdOne: with the learning paths and all

Astrobytes: Yeah, there's a quest map and stuff, click on it to get stuff

ThunderbirdOne: already have :D

ThunderbirdOne: free XP, huzzah!

Astrobytes: Unofficial contest starting tomorrow, next official one in November

ThunderbirdOne: oh hmm.. not sure I can make it xD

ThunderbirdOne: we have a litter of pups atm... they're a handful lol

Astrobytes: Ah awesome

Astrobytes: Yeah, hard work

Default avatar.png marawanmo: learning paths ?

Astrobytes: Hm?

Default avatar.png marawanmo: where ?

Astrobytes: Click back to home

Astrobytes: There's a Quest Map

Default avatar.png marawanmo: i must be blind lol do u mean codingame/traning ?

Default avatar.png marawanmo: oh nvm

Default avatar.png marawanmo: its a home icon

Astrobytes: Got it?

Default avatar.png marawanmo: yeah thanks

Astrobytes: no problem

eulerscheZahl: oh, ThunderbirdOne!

eulerscheZahl: welcome back

Default avatar.png TheSilent_Boy: hi

Default avatar.png TheSilent_Boy: I am seeing you second time here I guess?

AntiSquid: unofficial contest must be troll vs castles

AntiSquid: i figured that's the perfect release date and there's a hint on their discord server: "no trolling allowed"

Scarfield: it was mentioned it being an old multi right?

MadKnight: yea

Scarfield: thought so, joining maddy?

Scarfield: with disjointed MCTS or how you called it :D

AntiSquid: and then realize the selected game doesn't have simultaneous turns

MadKnight: then it's just MCTS

MadKnight: what's the problem Automaton2000 ?

Automaton2000: i have a ton of time

Scarfield: thats some heavy time

AntiSquid: did anyone else try the darpa contest at all?

Scarfield: nope, bought Factorio a few weeks ago, that was some heavt time

Scarfield: heavy *

AntiSquid: heavy in what way?

AntiSquid: heavier than handling several docker images?

Scarfield: handling several docker images?

Scarfield: but i spent a ton of time on it, that kind of heavy

AntiSquid: ah o

AntiSquid: ok

Hjax: factorio is the most addictive drug in the world for engineers

AntiSquid: did you join a random team on reply challenges euler?

AntiSquid: eulerscheZahl

Hjax: it really should be regulated :P

Scarfield: xD

eulerscheZahl: i haven't registered yet

eulerscheZahl: usually I ask illedan - if he doesn't ask me before

gsomix: Hjax, nah, if you are an engineer than Factorio feels like, you know, work. :)

AntiSquid: do they have a forum or something? trying to avoid random queue of inactive people lol

eulerscheZahl: i don't know

eulerscheZahl: success: if you want to beat me, you have to beat Illedan too

AntiSquid: you aren't registered, win by default

eulerscheZahl: struggling with the login and passwort reset :/

AntiSquid: worked for me, had to add special character to password

eulerscheZahl: finally

eulerscheZahl: maybe i made a typo while resetting it

Default avatar.png Vyper1209: I dunno how to increase amount of water :v

AntiSquid: open the tap a bit more

jacek: add more hydrogen and oxygen

Scarfield: visit r/hydrohomies

eulerscheZahl: r/lipophimies

AntiSquid: r/watchredditdie

Default avatar.png Vyper1209: ugh...

Default avatar.png Vyper1209: I try but it doesn't increase

Default avatar.png Vyper1209: The amount of water

AntiSquid: do a rain dance

Scarfield: xD

Default avatar.png Vyper1209: :v

Default avatar.png Vyper1209: Although they explain the variable 'water' and I try to double it but nothing happen :v

jacek: ask derpy for clouds

Scarfield: having trouble with a puzzle? ask a specific question (puzzle name, language, issue ...), and someone could help you :)

Default avatar.png Vyper1209: Well, I use C# and I try to increase the amount of water

jacek: dont let the water around the iron or itll be rust

Default avatar.png Vyper1209: ugh... i understand a bit :v


Moctrof: Kill me before it's too late

darkhorse64: Nice! Heuristics ? Search ?

Moctrof: Luck

darkhorse64: The key for Legend is a timely strike

Moctrof: I simulate the next 8 steps randomly and keep the one with the score max in one turn because I want to do a big strike yeah

Moctrof: But I am still in Silver

eulerscheZahl: but the general idea is fine

Moctrof: Maybe I will try not so randomly

eulerscheZahl: how many random plans can you evaluate?

Moctrof: Not a lot it's not optimized at all

eulerscheZahl: depending how much "not a lot" is, that's where you should start

Default avatar.png charlesCabage: dani

Moctrof: around 1000

Default avatar.png charlesCabage:

eulerscheZahl: with that few sims it might even be better to reduce search depth. don't simulate all 8 stones but maybe 6

Moctrof: Ah yeah maybe that's better

Moctrof: Usually the other guy attack me before 8 anyway

eulerscheZahl: as long as you try to build a tower in the center and don't have everything at the same height, these smaller attacks are harmless

Moctrof: Ah... I was trying to reduce the height ^^

eulerscheZahl: reducing height is bad

eulerscheZahl: stones are needed to build attacks

eulerscheZahl: don't waste them

Default avatar.png charlesCabage: is dis some ones ip?

Moctrof: Didn't think of that ^^ You are good

Moctrof: By the way I stole your timer in Mars Lander ahah

Default avatar.png charlesCabage: us newark? huh

Default avatar.png charlesCabage: nvr mind

SimplyRekt: man probably just leaked his own ip bruh

eulerscheZahl: nah, IP is from Chicago

eulerscheZahl: but you can have my IP

Scarfield: lol

Scarfield: you can move from Nepal to Chicago though

Default avatar.png charlesCabage: some one here is using vpn

Default avatar.png charlesCabage: your battery is 44% plz charge it

Default avatar.png charlesCabage: nvr mind that was someone else

Moctrof: hacker

Moctrof: can you hack my girlfriend

eulerscheZahl: kiddy writing nonsense

Moctrof: nvm I don't have girlfriend

Default avatar.png charlesCabage: lmao

MadKnight: EXPERT rotationAngle thrust message is rotationAngle relative ?

Moctrof: if it goes to the right

Moctrof: relative ? I read negative

Moctrof: Can I delete my messages :(

MadKnight: lol

MadKnight: no u can't, it will stay forever

MadKnight: and the Automaton NNs will learn on it

Moctrof: Wait

MadKnight: Automaton2000 have u learned it yet ?

eulerscheZahl: and tomorrow you can find it here

Automaton2000: have you tried turning it off and on again?

Moctrof: Automaton2000 are you a bot ?

Automaton2000: how would you know it

Moctrof: it's crazy

eulerscheZahl: wow, that almost sounds like a real conversation this time

Moctrof: What's your name Automaton2000 ?

Automaton2000: cant wait for the end

eulerscheZahl: not like the glibberish from AutomatonNN

AutomatonNN: be finally solved it with a game with a contest on the left

Moctrof: lol

Moctrof: AutomatonNN can we be friends ?

AutomatonNN: <3

Scarfield: xD

Moctrof: This is how the love story began

AntiSquid: if the sentences are generic enough to work in most situations sure ...

Morbid: hi

Moctrof: AutomatonNN are you clever

Scarfield: hey

Moctrof: ?

AutomatonNN: ̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤

Morbid: :3

eulerscheZahl: oh, that again :rofl:

AntiSquid: text stab :o

Moctrof: wtf

Morbid: what?

eulerscheZahl: fancy unicode

Moctrof: AutomatonNN do it again

AutomatonNN: what do you mean by the same sample in the contest?

Moctrof: true

AntiSquid: we should ban Automaton2020 somehow, it ruins the autocomplete

eulerscheZahl: who is that 2020 even? is that dbdr's chat log?

MadKnight: Automaton2020

Moctrof: AutomatonNN est ce que tu parles francais ici ?

AutomatonNN: skyro just saying that it's good

AntiSquid: you can talk to him in french on #fr

Moctrof: Yeah I did

eulerscheZahl: or #ru

AntiSquid: i mean keep this chat english

AntiSquid: and only mado would write french in ru chat, don't do that

MSmits: is euler trying to troll Ru-channel with French speakers?

eulerscheZahl: did my Moctrof cocktail work?

eulerscheZahl: Molotov*

MSmits: lol

Moctrof: I put one message

Moctrof: You managed

MadKnight: oh no Automaton2000 we got french invaders! run for your bot life!

Automaton2000: but it's the best way to do that?

Hjax: does Automaton take the message that triggered it as input?

MadKnight: yes Automaton2000 running is the best way

Automaton2000: i have problems printing my solutions in js once they are stored in a container since they dont presve always ...

MadKnight: it takes everything as input, Hjax

SimplyRekt: LOL someone wrote that?

eulerscheZahl: i don't think the pinging message is taken into account when generating a response

Hjax: probably not exactly that

MadKnight: no it generates messages from words

eulerscheZahl: it's on github, you can check it ;)

SimplyRekt: that's pretty funny

Hjax: i was under the impression it was easier to get it to mention you euler if you said "euler" in the pinging message somewhere

Hjax: but maybe thats just confirmation bias

eulerscheZahl: still my favorite automaton quote

SimplyRekt: i've gotta make one of these as a discord bot now

Hjax: Automaton2000 can you mention euler?

Automaton2000: so maybe it will be a big deal

Hjax: maybe not :D

eulerscheZahl: the NN one is a specialist on that

eulerscheZahl: or was at least

eulerscheZahl: got better

Hjax: AutomatonNN are you an euler fan?

AutomatonNN: what do you mean?

Moctrof: AutomatonNN ARE YOU AN EULER FAN ?

Hjax: is it possible for automaton to mention itself?

AutomatonNN: Bye

Moctrof: lolll

Hjax: you scared it off

MSmits: thats your favorite quote euler? Mine is when he said you are a noob :P

eulerscheZahl: that was just mean

MSmits: true

MSmits: but also funny :)

MadKnight: MSmits how's september going for u ?

MSmits: busy, started working at my new house today

MSmits: I have about 2 weeks to do everything before I actually move

Moctrof: AutomatonNN can you fogive me ?

AutomatonNN: why do you have the test cases?

Moctrof: AutomatonNN Yes

AutomatonNN: hi

Moctrof: AutomatonNN hi how are you ?

AutomatonNN: but there is no such thing as i did


AutomatonNN: so you can change that for code of kutulu

MSmits: AutomatonNN there is no try, only ...

AutomatonNN: Where is the code for the coders strike back?

MSmits: worst quote finish ever

Hjax: lol

Moctrof: AutomatonNN Are you my new boss ?

AutomatonNN: what do you mean?

Moctrof: AutomatonNN I am looking for a job

AutomatonNN: We can't find a time on the problem with that game

MSmits: AutomatonNN Moctrof is your new biological servant

AutomatonNN: for what i want to do in the contest i didn't even know it was a good idea

MSmits: fully carbon-based

Moctrof: lol

Moctrof: AutomatonNN What do you want to do with my body ?

AutomatonNN: what do you mean by the same code?


Hjax: not on this site :P


Hjax: you want to use the walrus operator that badly?


USE-TO: I need it


USE-TO: I want it!

USE-TO: I take it!

Hjax: theres a lot of things that would be nice to have on this site

Hjax: graalvm, pypy

Hjax: pypy would make python at least slightly competitive

MSmits: we only have py

Hjax: i wrote a bitboard connect for program in python once

Hjax: four*

MSmits: 2*"py" = "pypy"

Hjax: pypy was like 10x faster

Hjax: also wrote checkers in python

MSmits: does it compile to a different language?

MSmits: precompiled stuff or something?

Hjax: no, its just an optimized JIT

MSmits: interpreter? No compiling?

Hjax: correct

Hjax: well, it compiles while it interprets

Hjax: "just in time" :D

MSmits: do you mean what java and C# do?

MSmits: because those have real compilation

MSmits: just not fully

Hjax: java compiles to class files first

Hjax: pypy doesnt compile

MSmits: hm ok

Hjax: you just do "pypy" and enjoy a massive speedup

MSmits: I see

Schwase: private clashes dont contribute to your rank correct?

Hjax: " If you want your code to run faster, you should probably just use PyPy" - guido van rossum, the creator of python

MSmits: right

MSmits: so whats the downside of pypy

Hjax: some libraries dont work

MSmits: if there was no downside, it would be the default for running python

MSmits: ah ok

MSmits: so you lose flexibility somehow

MSmits: the interpreter does less interpreting I am guessing

MSmits: which makes it faster

Hjax: also generally the development of pypy lags behind cpython

Hjax: so you get new features later

MSmits: whats the c for

MSmits: lightspeed?

Hjax: cpython is the name for the vanilla standard python

Hjax: written in...... c :D

MSmits: aha

Hjax: not to be confused with cython

MSmits: I wasnt confused

Hjax: which is some pythony compiled language that no one uses

MSmits: am now

Hjax: :D

MSmits: and what is pythony

Hjax: an adjective i made up on the spot

MSmits: pythonish?

Astrobytes: *pythonesque

MSmits: nice one

Hjax: i would use python on codingame a lot more if pypy was supported

MSmits: I probably would use it just as much

Hjax: right now its only good for heuristic games

MSmits: it's never gonna be faster than c++ or rust anyway

Hjax: (like PR2, which is why my PR2 is python)

MSmits: so if I want fast, i want fastest

MSmits: how does pypy compare with C#?

MSmits: in speed

MSmits: still slower?

MSmits: cuz python is magnitudes slower than C# without pypy

Hjax: i would guess pypy is slightly slower

Hjax: not massively

MSmits: ah ok

MSmits: thats nice

jacek: try pypypypypypypypypypy

MSmits: so basically, you use pypy if you're more used to python than to C#

MSmits: I'm equally used to both I think

MSmits: so would still prefer C#

jacek: ironpython?

Hjax: i am trying to make rust my main language for these coding competition things

Hjax: python is slow as dirt, and ive been screwed by garbage collection one too many times in java

Hjax: having to intentionally write java in such a way that you minimize garbage is annoying

jacek: meh rust. when theyre gonna fix debug ide

Hjax: ^ that would certainly be nice

jacek: the mysterious content starts tomorrow eh

jacek: in Caturday

uvBoss: yea

Hjax: are you going to play jacek?

Hjax: ive noticed you dont seem to play contests

Hjax: despite being really good at multis

jacek: mostly board games

MSmits: jacek is really good at board games at leas

MSmits: especially since he figured out NN's

Default avatar.png sendhelp: oo

jacek: ill see what game is it, probably get to the bronze and lose interest

MSmits: I'll probably get legend if I have enough time and interest. I don't think I get obsessed enough anymore to get into top 10

sugam: jacek's message is a mood

Hjax: my odds of winning an unofficial contest are significantly better than my odds of winning an official one

Hjax: so if the game looks fun ill probably spend a lot of time on my submission

jacek: the bribery should be easier

Hjax: :P

AntiSquid: what if there is no bronze ?

AntiSquid: could be a community game

MSmits: I dont think they use the same system as that

MSmits: either it's a 1-league game or they use the wood/bronze etc.

Hjax: i think its unlikely to be a community game

Albab: yeah

Hjax: because they are less beginner friendly in general

MSmits: mmh depends a lot on the creator

MSmits: some community games had easy starts

MSmits: community contest games I mean

MSmits: Mean max for example

Hjax: inb4 pr2 again

MSmits: I thought code ala mode was pretty easy too

MSmits: just a lot of work to get all the recipes in

MSmits: first leagues only 1 or 2 recipes

Hjax: that game is kind of interesting just because its coop

MSmits: yea

jacek: meh, im antisocial

MSmits: we know :P

jacek: and so are my bots

Hjax: huh top2 are python 3

MSmits: heuristic game Hjax

Hjax: heuristics all the way i guess

Hjax: yeah

MSmits: mine has beamsearch

MSmits: but I have so many heuristics in the beamsearch, I might as well have removed the search entirely

MSmits: 300 if-count

Hjax: lol

Hjax: more ifs than lines of code in my PR2

jacek: you only need 1 if: if winningMove: doIt() else: cry()

uvBoss: xD

Hjax: i keep scrolling through the multi list trying to guess what the game is going to be

jacek: :newspaper: :soccer:

Hjax: you wish

eulerscheZahl: Vindinium

eulerscheZahl: got community game standards it's if-else-able

eulerscheZahl: /s/got/for

jacek: or othello. i miss those days when this was the only topic

Hjax: i learned recently that vindinium was created by the guy who made lichess

eulerscheZahl: ornicar

Hjax: yeah

shashwat986: :s/got/for

Hjax: lichess is fantastic, literally the best chess server and its completely free

eulerscheZahl: i can't comment on that, i don't play chess

Hjax: i do, but im not particularly good

eulerscheZahl: i know the rules

jacek: do you always know when en passant occures?

Hjax: im roughly 50th percentile on lichess i believe

Hjax: so average

AntiSquid: what makes lichess better?

AntiSquid: it's still just chess no?

Hjax: it has lots of free features that other sites charge for

Hjax: like computer analysis of your games

reCurse: Oh that's interesting trivia, had no idea

Hjax: and has a really clean, user friendly UI

eulerscheZahl: the vindinium-lichess part?

reCurse: Yeah

reCurse: I like lichess, it has anonymous play :p

eulerscheZahl: he even said that lichess takes some effort and he won't support vindinium anymore for that reason (including server bills)

Astrobytes: +1 on anonymous play lol

AntiSquid: PR2 only official multi without legend eh ?

jacek: do people really chess pla nowadays without aid of computer

reCurse: I really dislike the monetization-in-your-face of so lichess is theoretically better

AntiSquid: oh there's BTTC, guess that's the contest

reCurse: And yes, obviously

AntiSquid: just random arbitrary guess

reCurse: Like any competition there's always some cheaters

jacek: BTC?

MSmits: back to the code

AntiSquid: back to the code

jacek: oh

MSmits: too slow

jacek: :ie:

jacek: :hmm:

reCurse: I'd really like to play blitz but I'm stuck on rapid, my old brain is too slow

Hjax: both and lichess have cheater detection

AntiSquid: i was faster but CG is closer to your country MSmits

MSmits: nice excuse :P

Hjax: they will even refund rating points that you lost to a cheater

eulerscheZahl: how does cheater detection even work?

reCurse: Accuracy

Hjax: comparison to computer moves

reCurse: Someone playing extremely accurate moves and extreme blunders is suspicious

MSmits: mmh thats my tactic in most games

AntiSquid: except there are some disputes where they banned the wrong people

reCurse: It's like aimbotting, hard to describe but easy to point out

reCurse: Sure, nothing's perfect

Hjax: occasionally a top player will get flagged for cheating

AntiSquid: but usually you can probably compare to most popular chess engines

Hjax: just because they play so well the computer cant tell the difference

eulerscheZahl: i guess you need some chess experience to detect it

reCurse: But unless you play at the GM level it's not an issue

Default avatar.png charlesCabage: sugam? you there?

reCurse: A non-titled player using an engine should be very easy to spot

MSmits: mmh what if you wrote the chess engine yourself from scratch

reCurse: Doesn't matter

Default avatar.png charlesCabage: does any one know a good site to learn python 3 for free

eulerscheZahl: there's even a bot section on lichess

MSmits: mmh ok

AntiSquid: might be a new 12 year old magnus carlsen who gets angry over the ban and quits chess ! :p

Hjax: even a crappy chess engine will find some really insane tactics that a human wouldnt

reCurse: ^

MSmits: that's really dependent on the game right? How hard it is to write an AI that easily beats humans

reCurse: Of course

Default avatar.png charlesCabage: i want to learn python 3 can any one help me get started. what site should i look at

MSmits: i mean for simple board games even

MSmits: not just dota

AntiSquid: charlesCabage an awful lot of sites out there to learn python, none of the top of my head, stop spamming though please

AntiSquid: sololearn maybe

AntiSquid: google is best

AntiSquid: since you can tailor to your needs

Default avatar.png charlesCabage: ok

reCurse: If humans aren't anywhere near the skill level of engines then it becomes easy to see when one is playing at a superhuman level, thereforce suspicious

Hjax: heres a chess engine in 100 lines of python thats significantly better than most of lichess's player base

reCurse: If it matches the engine too much then it's no longer luck

Hjax: its just minimax with a piece square table

Uljahn: what if you cheat by choosing the second or third best move? :thinking:

reCurse: If it doesn't, then you have an extremely skilled player making newbie blunders

MSmits: reCurse unless it's a new engine playing differently and not very good (just enough to beat everyone on the site)

AntiSquid: actually github has an awful lot of tutorials for any language too charlesCabage

reCurse: Uljahn: Still detectable if you look at the accuracy curve

reCurse: It should be standard pattern recognition

AntiSquid: you can be GM playing from home with computer aid, that's true, one of the controversies out there

MSmits: Uljahn also, sometimes the 2nd best move is a horrible move

Hjax: computers have somewhat more predictable time management than humans too

Hjax: if you take exactly 10 seconds every move, probably cheating

Default avatar.png VeryProfessionalVeryNice: imagine if people actually shared their code after a clash

jacek: thats the next step for ai challenge: make 'weak' bot that blunders more humanly

reCurse: Or by extension, not immediately answering to obvious moves

MSmits: easily mitigated too Hjax

MSmits: you can just randomize it

MSmits: obvious moves are also detectible

Hjax: do you think many cheaters will do whats necessary to avoid detection?

reCurse: It's hard to tell, I'm not even that good but I could tell the exact moment my opponent switched to an engine once

reCurse: And he got banned 1-2 hours later

MSmits: I think if you really really put in an effort to beat the detection system, you could

Enknable: why not just use ML classifier to know the difference between human players and bots

Hjax: im sure people cheat and get away with it, but most dont

reCurse: Yes that's definitely a good approach Enknable

Hjax: and therefore its a good deterrent

reCurse: I'm sure they already do that

AntiSquid: just use ... outliers Enknable, they always exist

reCurse: It seems like a textbook case of ML

reCurse: Flag them and manual review

reCurse: Should be easy

reCurse: Harder for GMs naturally

reCurse: Makes it safe for 99.9% of us

AntiSquid: they could secretly put a chess engine vs you to check whether you beat 3.5k MMR :D

AntiSquid: wait forgot what the ranking points are called in chess

Hjax: i found a reddit post talking about lichess cheating detection, apparently it also checks the browsers focus

reCurse: It's quite an interesting topic, would have been fun to do it before they existed

Hjax: tabbing out after each of your opponents moves is pretty fishy

jacek: stockfishy

Hjax: zing

MSmits: btw the mentioning of magnus carlsen reminds me of this documentary I saw about rubiks cube competitors. Did you guys see that one? It was on netflix

MSmits: i think it was

Hjax: i heard about it, it follows two cubers right

MSmits: yeah

MSmits: it was pretty cool

Enknable: 2**3'errs

Hjax: one is feliks zemdegs

MSmits: yeah

Hjax: the greatest of all time cuber

MSmits: not exactly

Hjax: idk the other one

MSmits: the other guy was better

MSmits: he beat felix in almost every category

AntiSquid: 2 machines ... automated script reading screen and just displaying info on the side of best moves

AntiSquid: replying to browser focus

Hjax: feliks won the world championship twice

MSmits: this guy won many times also

Hjax: he doesnt have the fastest solve anymore

Hjax: but he did for a long time

AntiSquid: rubik's cube competitors are real life human bots . no point discussing further

Hjax: i can solve in like, 90 seconds

Hjax: world record is like....... 4 seconds


MSmits: max park it was

MSmits: if you select a bunch of categories, you see his name at the top a bunch of time

MSmits: yeah i cant solve one I think

MSmits: never learned the algorithms

MSmits: maybe I can solve it Monte carlo style

AntiSquid: 3.2 seconds? see ? real bots

MSmits: these guys learn 100+ algorithms

MSmits: they inspect the cube and then decide which one to apply

Hjax: i know the "beginners method"

Hjax: you solve layer by layer

MSmits: ah ok

Hjax: you only need to know like 6 algorithms

MSmits: I solved one by following a webpage once

MSmits: I was very impressed

MSmits: i just did what it said

Hjax: gods number for 3x3 is 20

Hjax: every cube state can be solved in 20 moves or less

MSmits: I see

MSmits: the speed of these guys too

MSmits: there is a 1-handed categorie

MSmits: and they still do it in a few seconds

Hjax: i have a friend who was a pretty good one handed solver

eulerscheZahl: blindfolded is what impresses me most

Hjax: took him like 20 seconds or so

MSmits: right that too

Default avatar.png w-kosse: hiya

Hjax: this friend is also colorblind, which i thought was interesting

MSmits: i guess not color blind enough, if you can see shades well enough, it's doable


MSmits: nice :)

jacek: i can only solve this

MSmits: I think when you code a lot and keep seeing the amazing things a few lines of code can do, you sometimes forget how amazing the brain is

MSmits: me too jacek

MSmits: pretty sure i can do 2x2x2 also

Hjax: im sure you can solve the 2x2, no algorithms required

Hjax: lol from some cubing website

Hjax: "The 2x2x2 Rubik’s cube (called the Pocket Cube) has 3674160 combinations. This is a manageable number. If you fiddle with the 2x2x2 cube randomly, eight hours a day continuously, you’ll solve it by pure chance roughly two or three times per year."

MSmits: nvm

MSmits: I can't solve it

AntiSquid: discussion reminds me of:

AntiSquid: no, actually it was a different video with much bigger cube

Astrobytes: my colour blindness doesn't affect me solving a cube in the slightest

Astrobytes: my lack of skill does

Hjax: lol

Default avatar.png Doggednamed1: Hello. I am new.

Astrobytes: Hello new.

Astrobytes: I am Astrobytes.

Schwase: hey i made a classic puzzle contribution that is a shortest path cubic chess puzzle, its a couple of weeks into being in the pending approval stage and id appreciate anyone who would take just a little time to check it out

jacek: rubik cube + chess?

Schwase: oh damn thats actually a cool idea lol

Schwase: i have no clue how it would work

Schwase: but it sounds cool

Enknable: each cube is a chessboard

Enknable: and you have to win to spin

Schwase: each cube is a cubic chess board

jacek: sounds like ultimate tic tac toe + rubik cube

Enknable: ^

reCurse: Or just go full chaos and play 5d chess

eulerscheZahl: finally a game that needs a 3D library

Hjax: 6 chess boards, you can rotate pieces between them using rubiks cube moves

eulerscheZahl: down with PIXI

eulerscheZahl: oddly enough that three.js even took less CPU resources than pixi

Schwase: i changed the name because i had the puzzle named after the german name for cubic chess and i dont think it was helping to gain traction

Schwase: also, full disclosure, im 1 upvote from 5 and kind of an achievement whore haha

eulerscheZahl: that quest map promotes quantity over quality :/

reCurse: Asking for upvotes makes me want to instinctively downvote :smiling_imp:

Astrobytes: ^

eulerscheZahl: and don't forget to subscribe and support me on patreon

Astrobytes: I regard it as poor form to 'advertise' one's contributions in chat

Astrobytes: lol euler

jacek: hm?

Hjax: dont forget to smash that like button!

Astrobytes: Not you jacek, you can advertise paper soccer all you like :P

AntiSquid: if the hit like request upsets you a lot why not make a fake copyright claim on their video ? lol

Enknable: just write a bot that downvotes through proxies

Schwase: you could have messaged me privately and asked me not to do that again but message received.

AntiSquid: contest starts in 5 minutes according to the forum thread

jacek: huh


Astrobytes: Schwase: not an issue, just my personal opinion. People will get to your contribution, just gotta be patient :)

Hjax: huh, what do you know, the contest starts in 5 minutes

MSmits: Schwase I don't mind you asking for people to check it out really. As long as you dont spam it, it doesn't seem that bad. Also it makes it less bad if you ask after being in conversation for a while

MSmits: if you just pop up to advertise it feels different

Schwase: ive been in world for a few hours now...

MSmits: plenty of times we discussed a contribution by euler or someone else here. Usually just because it came up, but that also advertises it

MSmits: yeah I am not criticizing

MSmits: I am just saying this in general

MSmits: it's the same with clashes

Default avatar.png Doggednamed1: Hey, on the Temperatures exercise, I don't understand it.

MSmits: people are annoyed when someone advertises a clash

MSmits: but if clashes have been discussed for a while and then someone says, let's do one, it's fine

Schwase: yeah ive seen that too

Hjax: Doggednamed1 whats wrong? you dont understand the problem statement?

Default avatar.png Doggednamed1: Will someone explain it to me?

MSmits: it's a "read the room" kind of thing I guess

Hjax: you are given a list of numbers, you must pick the one that is closest to 0, if theres a positive and a negative number that are the same distance from 0, pick the positive one

Default avatar.png Doggednamed1: Ok.

MSmits: -1,-2,1, 15

MSmits: which one is it Doggednamed1

**MSmits thinks Doggednamed1's brain does not allow pypy

Schwase: gtg i have a quantum lecture

jacek: pepe?

Default avatar.png Doggednamed1: 1?

MSmits: yeah!

MSmits: now code it :)

Default avatar.png Doggednamed1: Where?

MSmits: in the IDE

jacek: print("1")

MSmits: where you can type the code

MSmits: the codey thingy

Default avatar.png Doggednamed1: Oh.

Default avatar.png Doggednamed1: I understand now.

MSmits: cool

MSmits: it takes some getting used to

MSmits: stick with it if you enjoy it and it'll become easier

MSmits: aw :poop: someone said quantum and i didnt respond

Enknable: you did respond in some dimension

Enknable: so dont worry

MSmits: ahh yeah, that's a great excuse to stay in bed in the morning

Astrobytes: heh heh

jacek: i found perfect decoration for your walls, MSmits

Hjax: seems the contest actually starts 12 hours from now

eulerscheZahl: "contest"

Hjax: discord says 7 am on the 12th, UTC

eulerscheZahl: yes, i'll keep writing it like that

Hjax: lol

Hjax: if the game is vindinium will you remove the quotes

Astrobytes: When is your one eulerscheZahl?

eulerscheZahl: it's not approved yet

Hjax: whats this?

eulerscheZahl: if it will take place, probably january

Hjax: community contest?

eulerscheZahl: yes

Astrobytes: Ah right

Hjax: exciting

eulerscheZahl: game is finished for a while already

AntiSquid: should make a poll see who is right

eulerscheZahl: but not gonna happen before the next official contest

AntiSquid: next contest spoiled by the creator .

Astrobytes: Shame we didn't have a summer contest, official or not

AntiSquid: like it was no big deal .

Enknable: ? AntiSquid

AntiSquid: ok partially spoiled

Hjax: time to hack eulers github and get a head start

Astrobytes: I don't follow

eulerscheZahl: who spoiled what?

eulerscheZahl: my game is on github btw (private repo)

Hjax: good ;)

Enknable: in C++ i'm implicitly copying structs that have pointers...but it's copying the actual data stored in the pointers (its what i want) but I've been reading it should only copy the address

Enknable: Did I read something wrong or is this the expected behavior?

jacek: wheres struct

eulerscheZahl: missing

eulerscheZahl: last reaction i got from him: :+1: in july 15th :sob:

MSmits: wow jacek, you're right

MSmits: perfect decoration



wow, i didn't know you can link times like that

AntiSquid: he linked wrong time

Hjax: actually starts in 12 hours and 20 minutes

eulerscheZahl: meh, i'm talking about the fact that it's possible

eulerscheZahl: real time doesn't matter to me :P

Illedan: eulerscheZahl, did you try to send struct a message on the forum? To give him an email?

eulerscheZahl: discord private message

Illedan: ah

eulerscheZahl: he kept responding to them until he disappeared

Illedan: :/

Illedan: Hope he is ok

eulerscheZahl: ++

Hjax: ah he just linked midnight, apparently katmandu is GMT+5:45

Hjax: oh he hasnt even been online on discord? thats concerning

AntiSquid: tbali suggested F(r)og of War as a contest, that's sickening

eulerscheZahl: we don't even know his real name to investigate

eulerscheZahl: aka stalk him

Illedan: hmm

Astrobytes: Tobou Struct

Astrobytes: Cousin of Little Bobby Tables no doubt

AntiSquid: he could be amongst us

eulerscheZahl: with a new account

Astrobytes: Anyone ask MK? He games with him sometimes

AntiSquid: anyone here wants to reveal their secret obsession with hexagons?

eulerscheZahl: let's wait for someone to recommend the intel performance profiler

Astrobytes: haha

Hjax: i just realized both of my forum posts start with "I came in 7th"

Hjax: apparently im just teccles - 5

Illedan: :D

Marchete: I recommend the intel performance profiler

eulerscheZahl: welcome back

Astrobytes: lol

Marchete: that's a struct thing or smth?

eulerscheZahl: yes

Marchete: i'll google it

eulerscheZahl: intel designed that profiler just for struct

eulerscheZahl: no one else is using it

AntiSquid: you mean it's unpopular?

eulerscheZahl: i don't even know

reCurse: It's definitely niche

Marchete: This doesn't sound bad

reCurse: It's very good but it's also very hardcore

reCurse: Also very corporate

Marchete: but it's free!

reCurse: Yeah but it's bulky and still require a (free) licence that you request

Marchete: ah, I see

reCurse: A bit like Visual Studio

reCurse: Free but corporate-y

Hjax: you pay with your soul

Marchete: :necktie:

Marchete: you are talking about C++ in general...

reCurse: Uh?

reCurse: That would be Java

eulerscheZahl: or C#

reCurse: Java is the most corporate-y language, change my view

Marchete: indeed

eulerscheZahl: i never saw C++ as a corporate product

Marchete: "you pay with your soul" <---

Marchete: I was saying about that

reCurse: ...I would say Java also

Marchete: not the corporate thing

reCurse: Most soul-expensive language

eulerscheZahl: the Java Evil Edition


eulerscheZahl: astro knows that article already

Marchete: I pass from Java to C# and back easily

Astrobytes: yup

Marchete: C++ consumed me in the process

Marchete: #define true false

Marchete: and I'm saying the truth

eulerscheZahl: array of generic list...

reCurse: Wrong

eulerscheZahl: java, I hate you

reCurse: Oh you hit the same snag I did

Hjax: that article was amazing

reCurse: I wonder if anything that comes out of dailywtf ever actually happened

Astrobytes: Who cares, the Brillant Paula Bean was astounding

reCurse: Sure

AntiSquid: the prune array did happen

AntiSquid: article was removed

Marchete: to be true, the decompiling and recompiling stuff saved me a bunch of times in Java. I added some patch in a class this way, without even recompiling all the stuff

reCurse: How did you end up in a situation where the code was lost?

Marchete: I was working with Java 1.6 stuff, so many stuff was obsolete with bugs fixed on later library versions

Marchete: it wasn't lost

Marchete: just the new versions (with bugfixes) aren't available as 1.6

reCurse: Ah a middleware, ok

eulerscheZahl: for .net dnSpy is awesome

eulerscheZahl: you can decompile the program and even debug it and modify functions within the binary

reCurse: Much more difficult to patch though

jacek: i found something else for MSmits

reCurse: All this fancy high tech and can't find a power cord long enough

jacek: wait for wireless electricity

AntiSquid: jacek

eulerscheZahl: meanwhile my employer is selling wifi cables

reCurse: I can't

Astrobytes: lol

eulerscheZahl: i'm not even kidding

eulerscheZahl: short range wifi, the cable works like an antenna

Astrobytes: But cables, plugging in, wifi...

reCurse: Well I guess airpod straps did happen

Astrobytes: true

Astrobytes: Is it a one-way cable? Like a flexible antenna?

Default avatar.png JBM: Damned i missed both the cubing discussion and the brilliant Paula bean reminiscence

Default avatar.png JBM: Way to miss out

AllYourPellets: anyone know the highest ranked MCTS approach is on breakthrough?

AllYourPellets: and/or does minimax with hand coded heuristics usually outperform it?

Default avatar.png LoukasPap: .

SupaStav: .

Gloryness: .

Default avatar.png LoukasPap: .

MadKnight: really depends, AllYourPellets

Default avatar.png LoukasPap: Ελληνας εισαι supa?

MadKnight: AllYourPawns

MadKnight: Automaton2000 prepare banhammer

Automaton2000: what happens when you don't need to pay for that

MadKnight: or right it's september, means more banhamming

Hjax: what does september have to do with banning?

MadKnight: sometimes teachers ask students to solve puzzles on CG

Hjax: ah

Default avatar.png LoukasPap: nice teachers

MadKnight: and students being <15yo start to spamming weird stuff

Default avatar.png LoukasPap: hahahahaha

Hjax: makes sense

Default avatar.png LoukasPap: Does anyone of you try competitive programming?

MadKnight: start to spam*

MadKnight: yea LoukasPap i did

Hjax: isnt that what codingame is?

MadKnight: no it's also puzzles

MadKnight: and Automaton2000

Automaton2000: why is that a good thing?

Default avatar.png LoukasPap: Well, yes you are rigth in a way @Hjax

Default avatar.png LoukasPap: Yes but it helps on training skills

Default avatar.png LoukasPap: @MadKnight, how did you become competitive programmer?

MadKnight: i just joined CSB

Default avatar.png LoukasPap: what is cbs?


Hjax: ive competed here and in battlecode, plus on a few obsolete sites

Default avatar.png LoukasPap: omg, is it like making robots to fight on computer?

MadKnight: yea

Hjax: something like that

Default avatar.png LoukasPap: So, it is not just solving a problem in real time

MadKnight: exactly

Hjax: usually you are writing something that plays a game against other peoples submissions

Default avatar.png LoukasPap: I mean, the programmer has to think how to improve his robot, so it can overcome the others

MadKnight: yea

Default avatar.png LoukasPap: And each robot can be made differewntly

MadKnight: urs

MadKnight: yea

Default avatar.png LoukasPap: So, lets say, someone who has more conditions to check, he has covered more scenarios, so he is propably gonna win.. Thas awesome

Default avatar.png LoukasPap: Apart from that, I was talking also for online contests (google jam, hacker rank and others)

MadKnight: who needs those when u got PvP bot contests ?

Default avatar.png LoukasPap: Well, yes, these are very cool to tell the truth. But can you earn any money out of these PvP's?

Hjax: some of the contests have prizes

Hjax: unleash the geek gave out amazon gift cards i believe?

Hjax: yeah first place got a 3000€ Amazon voucher

MadKnight: why would u need money when u got CSB ?

Default avatar.png BOGDAN: hi

Hjax: hi

Default avatar.png LoukasPap: You mean, because it the CBS is cool?

Hjax: mad knight certainly thinks so

Default avatar.png LoukasPap: Hahahahaha i dont disagree, but it would be even better if it could earn you some money

Hjax: the fall challenge, which starts in 60 days, will likely have prizes

Default avatar.png LoukasPap: Well, I am not skilled enough to compete. In some years maybe

Hjax: you have 60 days to prepare :D

Default avatar.png LoukasPap: Hahahahaha, i dont think i have chance. I mean, I am on my 4th year on university, and all i know for now, is java and python, but the basics

Default avatar.png LoukasPap: I still have road ahead to learn, and train my flexibility

Default avatar.png LoukasPap: But, I will keep trying here. This site is very good. Especially when clashing with friends, is so fun

Default avatar.png BOGDAN: lmao I suck at COC

MadKnight: then don't play CoC, play

Default avatar.png BOGDAN: im trying to get better at it but no sign of improve

MadKnight: at what? at CoC ?

Default avatar.png BOGDAN: Yeah

MadKnight: u won't get better at it in no time

MadKnight: better do the game i sent

Default avatar.png BOGDAN: alright i did it

Default avatar.png BOGDAN: and for some reason the video thingy is just a static image

MadKnight: just reload

AntiSquid: hi MadKnight

MadKnight: hihi AntiSquid

Default avatar.png Phantomghoul: yo

Default avatar.png Phantomghoul: im new to programming in general

Default avatar.png Phantomghoul: I just started like a week ago I know the basics and whatnot

Default avatar.png Phantomghoul: you think im gonna struggle a lot on this website?

AntiSquid: if you close page and never come back there is no struggle, but everyone struggles lol

Default avatar.png Phantomghoul: well lemme rephrase

Default avatar.png Phantomghoul: will I have a hard time...

Default avatar.png Phantomghoul: and I genuinely like this website n also tryin to learn

AntiSquid: hard time in achieving what?

AntiSquid: depends on your goal

Default avatar.png Phantomghoul: hard time in this website

Default avatar.png Phantomghoul: coding here in genral

Default avatar.png Phantomghoul: forge tit bruh

DevilSnare: lemme drin water'

DEV_PEBKAC: its all struggle

MoKi: hi

Default avatar.png Hoid: s2awA`1

MadKnight: what is that

Master_Yi: In clash of code

Master_Yi: there is mathieu

Master_Yi: and team fortress engineer avatar guy

Master_Yi: it has been 2 years and whenever I play this game

Master_Yi: I see them

Master_Yi: Allllll the time

scareware047: wassap

Default avatar.png SPARROT:


Master_Yi: I noticed they are all bots

Master_Yi: ...

Enknable: there are many bots abound

Master_Yi: One of which is me

Enknable: Master Yi Bot

Master_Yi: Hello, I'm Master_Yi bot, I am an extension of GPT-3

Master_Yi: I alpha strike like an angel

Enknable: form before strength

Allis: Form is a form of strength.