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GhOsT16790: hello

GhOsT16790: i made it

GhOsT16790: havent done this for awhile

Default avatar.png JonathanBaillargeon: could someone help me get started with the game code royale?

Default avatar.png dumb000001: hello everyone

BenjaminUrquhart: l

BenjaminUrquhart: a

BenjaminUrquhart: hello

BenjaminUrquhart: goodbye

Uljahn: k bye, Automaton2000

Automaton2000: i wish there was a way to check for timeouts

chinaredclif: gregory ?

PatrickMcGinnisII: Automaton2000 advice on bender 4?

Automaton2000: you have a better bot

chinaredclif: Xedux ?

Xedux: what ?

Xedux: chinaredclif ?

chinaredclif: can u give ur resolution of the clash code ?

Xedux: ok

chinaredclif: '#' ...

chinaredclif: thx u so much

Xedux: see your private chat

chinaredclif: thx

Default avatar.png Katannee3: hello

Default avatar.png Katannee3: anyone?

jacek: ohai

Default avatar.png Katannee3: konichiwa

jacek: how may we help you, Sir/Madam

jrke: which is current PotW

Default avatar.png Gangplank: hey guys, how to do combos on Pudge?

black_ghost: hello all

Default avatar.png Gangplank: pls give me some help, i literally cant aim with hook

Xedux: SuperMuppet ?

Xedux: can you send the answer ?

Xedux: of recent clash

Xedux: nth sequence ?

AntiSquid: Gangplank are you talking about DotA 2 ?

AntiSquid: or did you mean botters of the galaxy ?

Default avatar.png Gangplank: i mean dota 2

Default avatar.png Katannee3: \\\\\\\

A_Potato: hello

A_Potato: .

A_Potato: .

A_Potato: .

A_Potato: .

A_Potato: hello Steve

A_Potato: it's nice to meet you

A_Potato: oh

A_Potato: lol

A_Potato: .

A_Potato: .

A_Potato: .

Uljahn: pls stop flooding

A_Potato: ok

A_Potato: bye

AntiSquid: Gangplank well this isn't a dota 2 website so most people won't know how to help you. As for the pudge hook, practice. I am sure you realize the top players are practicing almost 24/7 It's a hard game

Default avatar.png LinhT.Nguyen: xD

AntiSquid: what MMR are you at Gangplank ?

MSmits: mmh so yesterday it was clash of clans and now people are talking about dota 2

MSmits: methinks CG is advertising on the wrong platforms

jrke: hey Ms

MSmits: hey jrke

MSmits: working on transposition tables now for my solver

MSmits: when that is done I can start putting it into my real bot

jrke: okay

MSmits: assuming i can get the solve time low enough

MSmits: currently I can do 200 endgames in a few seconds, but a single game can take a full second still

MSmits: TT might take that down below 100 ms, maybe even as low as 10 ms if I am lucky

jrke: yeah some are complicated

MSmits: exactly

MSmits: I also am not sure if all my heuristics are correct and my solver is bugfree. At some point you cant check it by hand anymore

MSmits: sometimes i test a new heuristic and it works in 199 out of 200 games

jacek: so make moves to avoid that 1 game

jrke: yeah it can happen cause in some cases humans are better than bot and if you succeed to fix that then just greed more :)

MSmits: jacek I actually considered that, that might even be viable. But if you know exactly what causes the difference then you can also just improve the heuristic

MSmits: but sometimes the difference can be caused by many different thingst hat are all rare

jrke: my code in arena is taking maximum 17 ms for a turn

jrke: thats only in few turns else its < 8ms

MSmits: hmm yes, but it doesnt search to end of game when you're into the endgame does it?

MSmits: like at ply 55, does it always solve?

jrke: nope

MSmits: ah ok, my idea is that it should always do that. So far I havent succeeded, but i am getting closer

MSmits: TT with graphs is complicated

jrke: my idea is bit different when i play a move in minimax i play that whole chain except last two boxes and then transfer it to next depth

MSmits: yes but sometimes it's better to take all boxes

jrke: with value addition of chain

MSmits: hmm also, when it's a loop it's 4 boxes that you cant take

MSmits: so thats why its sometimes better to just take them all

MSmits: especially when there are many loops

jrke: what does solver will give you move to play or just value?

jrke: or both

MSmits: for now just the value, but when i put it in my bot, i should adapt it to also give me the move that goes with the best value

jrke: ok

MSmits: it's always a messy part of a minimax, it's just the top layer that needs the move

dbdr: MSmits, do you MCTS in Langton?

Marchete: Msmits do you have a good for loop definition for bitmaps?

Marchete: like for uint64_t bitmaps

Marchete: nvm probably you are logged off :D

darkhorse64: ctlz + ^ (1ULL<<bit) ?

Marchete: thx, I'm doing similar

Marchete: but I was looking for a more packed way

darkhorse64: I think MSmits does the same (base on his samples)

darkhorse64: *based*

Marchete: for (int i = bE1.startLoop(); i >=0; i = bE1.Next(i) )


Marchete: I think I'm doing twice the count_zeroes_righy on Next()

Marchete: and I'm not sure about those +1 either

darkhorse64: Looks odd to me. I do this


Marchete: I'm trying to add all logic in the first line, to be similar to a for loop of a vector<int>

Marchete: I'm sure that leaving stuff on the end I'll forget about it

darkhorse64: I am not against abstractions provided they cost nothing

Marchete: I'll take that as a yes

jacek: like fizzbuzzEnterprise abstractions?

T1Anias: hey i completed the weekly challenge but didnt get the reward , is it because it had already ended that week?

dbdr: eulerscheZahl, you timeout in Langton

DomiKo: dbdr are you using MCTS?

dbdr: where?

DomiKo: Langton

dbdr: no, depth 2 minimax

eulerscheZahl: i'm not supposed to do that dbdr

eulerscheZahl: only on Bandas

eulerscheZahl: and ocean of code

dbdr: you still are

eulerscheZahl: IDE or arena?


dbdr: arena

dbdr: look at your last battles

eulerscheZahl: that's an early one..

eulerscheZahl: oh, lots of timeouts

eulerscheZahl: that's why val destroyed me

eulerscheZahl: CS1069: The type name 'Bitmap' could not be found in the namespace 'System.Drawing'. This type has been forwarded to assembly 'System.Drawing.Common, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=cc7b13ffcd2ddd51' Consider adding a reference to that assembly.

eulerscheZahl: my debug drawings don't work with .net core :(

eulerscheZahl: fixed. thanks for reporting dbdr

dbdr: :+1:

dbdr: what algo do you use eulerscheZahl?

eulerscheZahl: i think minimax, let me check

eulerscheZahl: minimax with iterative deepening

dbdr: do you ever get deep?

Illedan: Redstrike is using MinMax too

eulerscheZahl: did he say that?

Illedan: Yeah

Illedan: Unless he changed after I talked to him last time

Marchete: with Java?

Marchete: this is madness!!

dbdr: java can be very close to C speed, especially if you don't allocate

Illedan: :O

dbdr: is this any surprise? :D

dbdr: damn, it got harder to beat euler :D

eulerscheZahl: back to #8 where i was before fixing my crashing bot :D

dbdr: nah, you are #7, where you were before I pulled you down

eulerscheZahl: not much difference between crashing and non-crashing bot

eulerscheZahl: was a bit higher before, it's not only you who pulled me down

dbdr: well, you would have drifted to 90 eventually

dbdr: it just took time because of little activity and low variance

eulerscheZahl: down to 8 again :D

dbdr: maybe send back the crashing one? ;)

Illedan: xD

eulerscheZahl: nah, i'll send some food into me first

itzblinkzy: i am #1

itzblinkzy: #6969

itzblinkzy: say hi

dbdr: activity is back on Langton :)

DomiKo: yes yes

dbdr: looks like Illedan broke something

Illedan: shh

Default avatar.png Krakus42: hi

jacek: ohai

Default avatar.png TanishqMehrotra: how're my bitches

dbdr: TanishqMehrotra, no tone like that here

jacek: how're my female dogs?

dbdr: shut up jacek :D

dbdr: Illedan, look at this 1st half :)

eulerscheZahl: collecting blue cells

Illedan: My MinMax is only trying to use the first 9 empty cells in the path of the ant xD

eulerscheZahl: i have some pruning too. i guess we all have

Illedan: I guess my pruning is very bad

Default avatar.png TanishqMehrotra: sorry mate i was just kidding

Default avatar.png Brozgar: Hello fellow coders!

Default avatar.png Brozgar: Is there a setting to set World chat as default?

Default avatar.png Brozgar: It puts me to region based one which I'm not interested in :)

eulerscheZahl: no, there's not :(

Default avatar.png Brozgar: Okay, not a big deal :)

jacek: huh?i have world all the time

eulerscheZahl: always shows the channel your joined last. but you can't leave and rejoin world

Default avatar.png Brozgar: Is it your only chat, Jacek? Perhaps it's because my region is an English speaking one.

Default avatar.png Brozgar: Well, anyway, not a big deal :)

eulerscheZahl: i guess you could change your country in the profile settings :D

Default avatar.png Brozgar: Just checking out the platform. The AI competition looks really cool, but I have 0 knowledge of the languages it supports. Are there competitions (with live results or something) in JS/TS?

Default avatar.png Brozgar: Oh, should do that, thanks! :)

eulerscheZahl: the next contest will take place mid november

jacek: js is supported

eulerscheZahl: most of these are old contests

eulerscheZahl: except for those "by XYZ"

jacek: so is ts

Default avatar.png Brozgar: Awesome!

Default avatar.png Krakus42: hello guys i beat boss 3 but i still can't promote to bronze for some reason does anyone know why?

darkhorse64: You only promote if you are above the boss when all battles have been playe

darkhorse64: *playe*

darkhorse64: d

darkhorse64: See, promoted right after end of submit

darkhorse64: gg

Ifthel: How do I tell CodinGame that I don't want my Java code slathered with the "final" keyword?

Ifthel: Actually, how do I tell CodinGame to stop giving me suggestions altogether?

cheeze2000: :flag_pt:

Laminator: Last time I checked, someone had made a chrome extension where you could inject some javascript or something. It didn't work for me. But if you find, out, please let us all know

Schwase: first contribution officially published as ready

Default avatar.png Gv:

Schwase: @GV doesnt show code :(

TheSpiffiest: What's the puzzle that's almost Coders Strike Back, but simpler?

DaNinja: Search Race

TheSpiffiest: ah that was it Thanks. I got to gold in CSB, but I need to work out some simple stuff to get higher I think