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jacek: good morning

eulerscheZahl: moin

Marchete: moin

DmcPhuc: why people so fucking suck

eulerscheZahl: mind your language

Every-Username-Is-Taken: hey everybody

Every-Username-Is-Taken: Does anyone know where I can find good resources to learn algorithms?


Default avatar.png KiranRandhawa: Morning

Every-Username-Is-Taken: thanks

ash_rick: lauda ki morning hai

Default avatar.png KiranRandhawa: Oh crap I pressed submit!

Default avatar.png KiranRandhawa: shitty balls

Default avatar.png KiranRandhawa: Ah I think I'm still okay

jacek: oO

Default avatar.png LinhT.Nguyen: co ae nao on ko

Default avatar.png TheSilent_Boy:

MSmits: mmh I wonder if I will need to use zobrist now. My endgame solver for D&B is working but it takes 75 seconds to solve 100 endgames. Some really fast, some really slow

Default avatar.png TheSilent_Boy:

Default avatar.png TheSilent_Boy: any one clasher?

MSmits: dont spam C&C invites

MSmits: coc i mean

Default avatar.png TheSilent_Boy: ok

Default avatar.png TheSilent_Boy: I was just inviting

jrke: silent boy #clash click on this

Default avatar.png TheSilent_Boy: not spammoing :)

jrke: whats zobsrist MSmits

MSmits: it's just a way to generate a hash used for transposition tables

MSmits: I am thinking of how to do that for this graph gamestate

MSmits: it will also be the first time I succesfully combine ab with transpositions. I did either of them separately, but not combined. That's a bit complicated

Marchete: what kind of TT?

Marchete: by edges?

MSmits: Yeah I think so

MSmits: I think I might just use the bitboard for it

MSmits: if I have a bitboard-code assigned to each edge, i can remove it when i play the edge

MSmits: should be unique

Marchete: After working with graphs, I maybe revisit some bit based game representation

MSmits: xor that with the score of course

MSmits: what do you mean exactly Marchete

Marchete: using bitboards

MSmits: ahh ok. It works nicely in D&B, but for the endgame solver it was too messy

Marchete: I have mixed feelings about combining score

MSmits: what do you mean combining score?

Marchete: "xor that with the score of course"

MSmits: hmm, i guess i could do unscored states

MSmits: I did that for the wood-2 solver

MSmits: (I solved wood-2)

Marchete: if you can solve any endgame

Marchete: in reality is a difScore

Marchete: it works any direction

MSmits: yeah I guess so

MSmits: but what if you do ab pruning

Default avatar.png TheSilent_Boy: hi

MSmits: wont this cause problems? If you cut off the branch early?

MSmits: you never got the exact score

MSmits: just a lower/upperbound

Marchete: why not MCTS? just curious

MSmits: oh the plan is still to use MCTS, assuming I can get this solver to be fast

MSmits: it's supposed to go at the end of the rollout

Marchete: solver of "non simple" endgames?

MSmits: yeah i got it working

MSmits: but it;s still slow

MSmits: lacks some heuristics and has no TT

MSmits: I discovered some new things too

Marchete: what things

MSmits: I thought it was always better to play 1 and 2 chains first

MSmits: but it's not

MSmits: if you have a 3 split and one of them is a 2 chain

MSmits: you can play it first and have 1 extra 1/2 chain to change control

MSmits: or play a different chain on the split and eliminate the 2 chain entirely

MSmits: meaning the parity of control changed

MSmits: that turns the entire game around

Marchete: I don't know any theorem or corollary about 3 way solvers

Marchete: all are 2 way

MSmits: you mean you dont know any theorem using splits/joins ?

Marchete: I only read about effective length of subchains on a chain with a 3-way box

MSmits: I didn't find any either so that checks out

MSmits: but my bot just tries all combinations on splits currently

MSmits: my solver i mean

MSmits: this is why transpositions should help a lot

MSmits: the order often doesnt matter if you have separate splits doing things

Marchete: and border edges must be treated differently

MSmits: they call them "ground" sometimes in the paper

MSmits: basically dead ends right?

Marchete: like A1B and A1L are equivalent

MSmits: oh you mean before the end game?

Marchete: they shouldn't make a different gamestate

Marchete: yes

Marchete: for TT and stuff

MSmits: mmh not sure if thats worth bothering with in a live bot. I would fix that in a meta mcts though

MSmits: you can also do symmetry and such

MSmits: usually very expensive

Marchete: I don't think naive symmetry work here

MSmits: why not?

Marchete: I think graph symmetry (or equivalence) is better

MSmits: true, but that's really really complicated

MSmits: isn't it?

Marchete: yes

Marchete: but an example is what I said

MSmits: I am doing something like that in the end game solver already

MSmits: but mostly from the bitboard

MSmits: i count chains

MSmits: and loops

MSmits: simple isolated ones i mean

MSmits: the order they are played are mostly fixed

Marchete: I'm still testing board representations

MSmits: never play a larger chain before a smaller one and never play a larger loop either

Marchete: I haven't find a one comfortable and fast enough

MSmits: never play a chain of size >= 4 before any loop

MSmits: those things make your solver a lot faster

MSmits: but this only works on simple objects, not on splits

MSmits: so i treat them separately

MSmits: they are not even part of the graph

MSmits: so far the hardest thing was the merging of edges for joins that go below 3 edges (they disappear)

MSmits: so I have a system of edges and joins that deactivate and reactivate as the graph is played

MSmits: as you said, it's not that easy in C++

MSmits: got stuck for many hrs until i figured out that the reconnection of joins needs to be in reverse order, last first

MSmits: for the undo i mean

Marchete: I won't undo

Marchete: too hard

MSmits: hmm because it's mcts?

Marchete: I just go forward, copying all

MSmits: you just reset?

Marchete: yes

MSmits: for minimax you kinda have to

MSmits: can't copy the entire graph every time, or at least, that seems painful

Marchete: it depends if copying the object is faster than undoing it

MSmits: yeah I am not sure actually

MSmits: the object is actually not that big

Marchete: maybe storing each GameState on the MCTS node?

MSmits: I already did that for wood-2

MSmits: it's just two uint64_t for bitboards

Marchete: that could save some CPU time

Marchete: well

MSmits: but that's for mcts

Marchete: my idea of GameState is not that simple

Marchete: so it will be big

MSmits: i know, mine isn't either, for the end game solver

MSmits: it's really two separate searches

Marchete: I need a clear description of what endgame solver is for you

MSmits: ok, so, you play the game until only loony moves are left (every move gives away boxes)

Marchete: I refer endgame as a heuristic solvable game (with degrees <=2)

MSmits: at that point it's an endgame for me

MSmits: usually around ply 55

MSmits: halfway

MSmits: cant be further in than ply 61 or so i think

MSmits: depend son how many border edges were played

MSmits: around 0,3% of those are heuristically solvable

Marchete: so you plan to change to graph mode there, no?

MSmits: the rest needs minimax

MSmits: yes

MSmits: i convert at this point

Marchete: ah, I start with 1 massive chain that can be splitted on each move

Marchete: so the GameState is big

MSmits: by chain you mean a graph with each node 4 connected except borders and corners?

Marchete: chain == floodfill from a box

MSmits: ahh for me a chain is a string of boxes with 2 connections each

Marchete: I need another new chain if I have boxes not in that floodfill

Marchete: well, not a chain tbt

MSmits: right

MSmits: I do this floodfill thing to identify all the simple objects and generate the graph

Marchete: a structure that can be defined as chain later

Marchete: my chain will keep track of boxes by its degrees

MSmits: it sure sounds interesting. Basically, you start from the beginning of the game and I start from the end

Marchete: degrees == edge count

Marchete: yes

Marchete: for me a chain is a loop is minDegree == maxDegree == 2 and not grounded

Marchete: if*

Marchete: for example

MSmits: to find an isolated loop I do

MSmits: uint64_t twoBoxes = ~fullBoxes & ~emptyBoxes & ~xorBoxes & FULL_BOARD;

MSmits: to get all boxes with 2 connections

MSmits: then i check if that covers my simple object and it doesnt have other types of boxes

MSmits: if it doesn't, it's a loop

Marchete: I imagine that's better :D

MSmits: well it depends on how often you do it of course

MSmits: if yours is incremental, it might be better

Marchete: at each turn basically

MSmits: hard to say

MSmits: in my case I have to do the entire process every time i hit an endgame

MSmits: and with multiple rollouts that is a lot

Marchete: I do everytime I create a new chain (I think :) )

MSmits: i guess the solver is the main bottleneck in my case

MSmits: some endgames still take multiple seconds

Marchete: but how it works?

MSmits: well

Marchete: it's not like applying theorems?

MSmits: for simple objects I have some heuristics

MSmits: so for isolated chains, smallest first

MSmits: thats a theorem

MSmits: for isolated loops, smallest first

MSmits: loops before all chains except shorter than 4

MSmits: for complicated objects I just play the edges in any order, as part of the negamax

MSmits: so my choices are:

MSmits: play shortest loop

MSmits: play shortest chain

MSmits: play any complex edge

MSmits: I could add some more I think, did not yet include every theorem

MSmits: but I have to make sure the simple object rules still work in a non-simple endgame

MSmits: for some rules that is obviously true

MSmits: but others.. not so sure

MSmits: for example, you can be 100% sure it's never a good idea to play a longer chain if a shorter one is available, not even if there's tons of other complex stuff around

MSmits: it's just never a good idea

MSmits: same for loops

Marchete: why play shortest loop before a complex one?

Marchete: complex I imagine 3-way ones

MSmits: no

MSmits: thats not what i said

MSmits: a shorter loop for a longer loop, both isolated

MSmits: the complex edges can be played any time, in any order, before any simple ones, or after any simple ones

Marchete: my idea of MCTS was to try to reduce any game to a 2-degree endgame, and get a difScore from there

Marchete: so except "free" moves that I can autoplay

Marchete: that was my future idea

MSmits: my problem with that approach though, is that the 2 degree endgame might happen at ply 100

Marchete: free moves as 2 boxes like: O-O

Marchete: you kno0w

MSmits: yeah

MSmits: always play those

MSmits: or your opponent will

MSmits: costing him nothing

Marchete: in fact I plan to just play it automatically, and add the score

MSmits: yeah, for my wood-2 solver, every turn was actually a whole turn, not a move

Marchete: reduces the deep

Marchete: depth

MSmits: it does

MSmits: did you hear how my wood-2 solver failed to get into wood-2 even when it played perfectly?

Marchete: I find that game more interesting than other board games

MSmits: into wood-1 i mean

Marchete: It's hard to have any opening book

MSmits: i do too, so far

MSmits: hmm, depends on the others

Marchete: and it's more about board representation

Marchete: and what it means

Marchete: not isolated edges

MSmits: if the other players play deterministically, opening books will always work

Marchete: any simple minimax AI using edges won't do sh*t

MSmits: true


MSmits: you can see the variation in end game solve time

Marchete: nega value = 4 time = 47717230 microseconds


jacek: drum&bass eh?

MSmits: Marchete yeah, many joins and edges in the endgame

MSmits: transpositions hopefully fixes that

MSmits: jacek yes :)

jrke: 7994787 microseconds

jrke: thats huge

jacek: thats only 2.53344924 × 10-7 years

MSmits: it is, but maybe it could be the squareroot of that or something

MSmits: with improvements

Thiesjoo: MSmits, what bot do you have online now?

MSmits: hi Thiesjoo, a random bot with some heuristics for capturing boxes

MSmits: it plays poorly in the endgame

jrke: what will be future bot ?

MSmits: just grabs whatever box it can

Thiesjoo: Ah okay, that's why i'm beating it

MSmits: yes :)

Thiesjoo: :)

MSmits: grats by the way, well done

Thiesjoo: Thanks!

Marchete: my bot is a boost for yours, 100% winrate, 100% of the time

MSmits: I showed the game to Thiesjoo in class and 2 days later he has a bot in wood 1

MSmits: Marchete nice :)

DomiKo: that's cool

jacek: hes your student? and hes above you?

jrke: domiko you have some timeouts i think

MSmits: yes jacek :P

Thiesjoo: Yup

inoryy: wow

jrke: who is your student ms?

MSmits: Thiesjoo

DomiKo: jrke that could be true

inoryy: so tell us what is MSmits like as a teacher

MSmits: should I go offfline for this :P

Thiesjoo: Maybe :)

DomiKo: :joy:

jrke: :smiley:

Thiesjoo: Jk, he's a good teacher. Good at explaing complex subjects

MSmits: thanks

inoryy: :)

Thiesjoo: Don't have him for a lot of subjects this year :( Kinda miss him

MSmits: I mostly taught Thiesjoo physics though, only just started CS with him

MSmits: he has a different physics teacher this year

inoryy: oh, you teach CS as well now?

MSmits: yeah, last year to, only 4 classes a week though

MSmits: I still teach physics more

MSmits: I am studying for CS teaching degree

inoryy: ah actually I now vaguely remember you telling about that

MSmits: should be done at the end of the schoolyear

inoryy: nice

MSmits: it's fun. Currently I am teaching some of the "softer" CS subjects, that's new for me

MSmits: so far it's all been programming

inoryy: TAing was probably the hardest thing I did in life :D

MSmits: TA?

Thiesjoo: When are we learning x86 assembely? :)

MSmits: lol, that is actually an optional CS domain Thiesjoo, we don't teach that unfortunately

Thiesjoo: :(

inoryy: teaching assistant, like hold seminars and practicals in tandem with prof's lectures

Thiesjoo: Are we going to learn some programming this year?

inoryy: which ended up having to duplicate lectures since half the class skips lectures...

MSmits: Thiesjoo plenty, but not at first

MSmits: we do human computer interaction, app development ( I guess some programming there) then after that it's mostly AI

MSmits: inoryy that is annoying

Thiesjoo: But app development is in app inventor correct?

MSmits: I think so yes:

MSmits: we do that for a few weeks

jrke: my psychic's is also good :)

MSmits: all new for me as well

MSmits: jrke you read minds?

jrke: i read future ;)

MSmits: Thiesjoo have you worked with app inventor?

Thiesjoo: Yup, in 4vwo I used it to make an app for NLT

DomiKo: jrke thanks i had boardSize=2 not 7 in one place

MSmits: what did you think of it?

Thiesjoo: The programming part is just scratch so that was boring

jrke: :)

Thiesjoo: But I think it's good for beginners

MSmits: ah you mean it looks like scratch?

Thiesjoo: Yup

MSmits: there are several graphical languages

MSmits: they all look sort of the same

jrke: 3 ongoing submission in D&B

MSmits: often you can directly code JS or python

MSmits: because the graphical stuff is translated to that

MSmits: perhaps there is a possibility for you to do that

Thiesjoo: We'll see

eulerscheZahl: "there are several graphical languages they all look sort of the same"


MSmits: hi euler :)

eulerscheZahl: hi

Thiesjoo: WOW, that looks cool

MSmits: I was more referring to this:

jrke: bye euler im going :stuck_out_tongue:

Thiesjoo: Oh microbit's. Those were fun

MSmits: Did you do microbit in 2nd/3rd year Thiesjoo?

Thiesjoo: Yes

MSmits: ahh ok

MSmits: a colleague asked me to write a prime number calculator in make code

MSmits: was pretty easy, took me 10 minutes.

jacek: i would only do even prime numbers

MSmits: nice :)

eulerscheZahl: we have a prime puzzle here on CG too (shameless advertising)

jacek: the other half of work should be done by someone else

MSmits: i will remember that one jacek

jacek: :3

MSmits: allright, down to 12,5 seconds from 75 seconds, nice improvement :)

MSmits: I added the simple game solver into my negamax to calculate the rest of the game as soon as all the complex edges are gone

MSmits: only disconnected and reconnected 123 million edges instead of 500 million now :)

MSmits: slowest game still takes 6 seconds though

Default avatar.png TheSilent_Boy: Any one who plays Clash of Clans here?

MSmits: I think maybe google messed up on you

MSmits: we only have clash of code

Default avatar.png TheSilent_Boy: Man!

Default avatar.png TheSilent_Boy: I'm talking about clash of clans

Default avatar.png TheSilent_Boy: the insane game

MSmits: ahh

MSmits: mostly coders here on chat


Default avatar.png TheSilent_Boy: hi

Illedan: eulerscheZahl, do you have the link to your python post about downloading replays? Don't remember where you put that thing

Default avatar.png RigidStudios: Just made a 59 character time to minute reducer in JS, proud of myself i guess

Default avatar.png TheSilent_Boy: hi

Default avatar.png sHlOk: Hello

eulerscheZahl: illedan go to my profile -> playgrounds


Default avatar.png TheSilent_Boy: heelloo

jacek: ohai

Default avatar.png TheSilent_Boy: kaise ho

Default avatar.png TheSilent_Boy: sab theek?

Default avatar.png TheSilent_Boy: aur kya chal rha hai

eulerscheZahl: speak English or switch chats please

Default avatar.png TheSilent_Boy: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Default avatar.png TheSilent_Boy: I was just joking..

Default avatar.png TheSilent_Boy: By the's Hindi

eulerscheZahl: i know. well, google translate does

Default avatar.png TheSilent_Boy: :joy:

Default avatar.png TheSilent_Boy: sure

Default avatar.png TheSilent_Boy: wanna be friends?

eulerscheZahl: i'll back-follow when you got some great contest results ;)

Thiesjoo: What is a great result?

Default avatar.png TheSilent_Boy: yeah!

eulerscheZahl: beat your CS teacher

Thiesjoo: :(

Default avatar.png TheSilent_Boy: Hmm..

Default avatar.png TheSilent_Boy: I have done so

Thiesjoo: I am currently beating him in dots and boxes :)

Default avatar.png TheSilent_Boy: you won't beleive but it's true

Default avatar.png TheSilent_Boy: I'm in class 10th

Default avatar.png TheSilent_Boy: and my computer techer is better in web development

Default avatar.png TheSilent_Boy: than in

Default avatar.png TheSilent_Boy: programming

Default avatar.png TheSilent_Boy: and that;s why

eulerscheZahl: wasn't referring to your teacher TheSilent_Boy but to smits

Default avatar.png TheSilent_Boy: ?

Thiesjoo: Smits is my cs teacher

Default avatar.png TheSilent_Boy: Ooo

Default avatar.png TheSilent_Boy: :grin:

eulerscheZahl: smits usually needs a week or 2 to get his bot ready

Thiesjoo: Yes he told me

Default avatar.png TheSilent_Boy: :nerd:

eulerscheZahl: but then he beats me hard. at least on board games

Default avatar.png TheSilent_Boy: Sounds amazing

Default avatar.png TheSilent_Boy: :grin:

Default avatar.png TheSilent_Boy: well

eulerscheZahl: in contests me vs him is approx 50-50

Default avatar.png TheSilent_Boy: i'm a passionate of automations

jacek: he says he needs 2 weeks so he can search github for complete solution

Default avatar.png TheSilent_Boy: :grin:

wlesavo: jacek searching in his own private rep? :smiley:

Default avatar.png TheSilent_Boy: achha to hum chalte hai....

Default avatar.png TheSilent_Boy: और भई लोग क्या चल रहा है?

Default avatar.png psychopath: Hi everybody I'm using Windows 10 and python 3.7 and try to install a package called pie-extended with pip install pie-extended, but it fails building wheels for lxml which is a required package for pie-extended (given that lxml 4.5.2 is correctely installed on my computer but pie-extended requires 4.2.1). I should install libxml2 and libxslt but I don't manage to. Any idea?

Default avatar.png psychopath: Bonjour tout le monde. Je suis sous Windows 10 et python 3.7 et j'essaye d'installer le package pie-extended via la commande pip install pie-extended, mais ça ne marche pas au moment de construire les dépendances de lxml, sachant que lxml 4.5.2 est installé correctement sur mon PC mais que pie-extended requiert la version 4.2.1. Je devrais installer libxml2 et libxslt mais je n'y parviens pas sous windows. Une idée?

eulerscheZahl: you could create a virtual env and install it there with the version of libxml that you need

Default avatar.png psychopath: seems great! But idk how to do?

eulerscheZahl: let's try the first suggestion from google ;)


Aravindhsiva: Anyone can join

eulerscheZahl: share this kind of link on #clash

starmaq: I really hate the fact that I'm good with clash of code with a language that I'm not willing to continue my life using

Aravindhsiva: #clash

Aravindhsiva: Anyone Can Join

norbi97: i mean he tried

eulerscheZahl: i see the effort

starmaq: he has the the spirit

MSmits: yay... 200 endgames in less than a second now, but my slowest of those 200 still takes 390 ms... gettin there

Default avatar.png kevin1_1andrew: hi

MSmits: hi

Thiesjoo: And which algorithm are you currently using?

Thiesjoo: Minimax?

jacek: *yawn*

MSmits: Thiesjoo yeah

MSmits: well negamax, but thats the same

Thiesjoo: Cool, still need to work on my minimax implementation

Thiesjoo: It is very, very, very slow

jacek: no wonder, its javascript :v

MSmits: If you really want to get into D&B you need to read some scientific papers

Thiesjoo: Already found a few to read

Thiesjoo: Very interesting!

MSmits: oh right, js is definitely not optimal

Thiesjoo: That's also true

MSmits: if you don't know c++ at all, you might consider learning Rust

MSmits: same speed but more coder-friendly

MSmits: as i understand

Thiesjoo: Seems cool

Thiesjoo: Will look into it

jacek: you recommend rust!? i thought you were my brother

Thiesjoo: :joy:

MSmits: well c++ is horrible, I only use it cuz I know C# and the syntax was similar... and of course it is fast


Aravindhsiva: anyone

jacek: so clashy

starmaq: I was interested in both C++ and C because they're really interesting languages

starmaq: especially the notion of pointers

starmaq: and I guess C++ is just a "more features" version of C

starmaq: with slight changes in previous features

starmaq: lots of big softwares (might even say almost all of the ones I know) use C++, not sure why that choice

jacek: i onlu use c++ for performance, in here. havent use C/C++ in work ever

starmaq: yeh I guess they're the fastest languages

Default avatar.png fabulus: whitelegend?

jacek: :question:

Default avatar.png Elysweyr: check out my contribution, pls :)

Default avatar.png Whitelegend: yes ?

S_viper: hi'

Default avatar.png Azenthin: wow cool website

jacek: which website

DomiKo: I guess this one

Default avatar.png Azenthin: codingame?

Default avatar.png Azenthin: xD

DomiKo: yea it's really cool

Default avatar.png Azenthin: ohyeah forgot where programmers, i could be talking about anything at this point LOL

Default avatar.png Azenthin: yall think its good for biginners?

Default avatar.png Azenthin: oof english

jacek: eeyup

starmaq: I wish it was more lively

Default avatar.png Azenthin: do you know how long its been up?

Default avatar.png Azenthin: ugh doing a easy test, and i dont understand anything

jacek: few years at least

Uljahn: 6+ years

jacek: well theres gonna be contest in mid november

jacek: so its gonna be more lively

jacek: but this is just chat. more stuff happening on discord

Default avatar.png Azenthin: i mean, its clear to me that they dont invest that much in there social media

Default avatar.png Azenthin: wouldnt say its a small community but i think it could be very populare is what im trying to say :P

Zenoscave: Nearly top 50 in GitC! Turns out my bombing dists were off by one...

Morbid: :grimacing:

EldonMcGuinness: Wow, forgot all about this site, fun times and man am I rusty

Default avatar.png Azenthin: so you guys are on discord?

jacek: not all

Default avatar.png Azenthin: ah ok

jacek: rusty? then youre gonna like it here :v

Default avatar.png Azenthin: well im not rusty, you need to have been good in the first place to be rusty xD

Default avatar.png Azenthin: any one know what this is while True:

   for i in range(8):

Default avatar.png Azenthin: nvm found the hint menue lul

jacek: its a loop :o

Default avatar.png Azenthin: yeah xD

Default avatar.png Azenthin: O.O i think i understand xD

jacek: :tada:

Default avatar.png maxmanusv1: yo

Default avatar.png PrivateBrocolli_1e72: hi everyone

Default avatar.png Avizka: Hi everyone:grin:

77Dev: hi

Default avatar.png kxnn: is it normal to struggle

stanleyipkiss: hell yea

Ashen_024: how to approve someone's contribution?

Ashen_024: or is that a mod only thing?

jrke: no

jrke: you can approve a clash if you have played 50l+ clashes and for puzzle you need level 20+

Default avatar.png Furze687: hello everyone