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markyy: why is it when I do live stream on twitch playing clash of code, the problems are very hard and has geometry and stuff and when I do not stream they are very easy

eulerscheZahl: Happy Caturday

Zenoscave: happy caturday

eulerscheZahl: I hate this quest that asks you to write a comment on a contribution

Zenoscave: last quest?

eulerscheZahl: 2nd quest on the contribution path actually

Zenoscave: that seems unfortunate

Zenoscave: spam flood

eulerscheZahl: and the result:

eulerscheZahl: i'll see if that contribution bug still exists

Zenoscave: which one?

jrke: euler will you do d&b?

eulerscheZahl: perfect, comments are gone :)

eulerscheZahl: i have no plans jrke

Zenoscave: does it revoke the quests though?

eulerscheZahl: no, just a UI thing

eulerscheZahl: how to delete comments: write a comment in the top level open in a new tab and reply to your own comment

Zenoscave: Still decent QoL improvement ;)

eulerscheZahl: then delete the first comment in the previous tab

eulerscheZahl: so the reply has no child to refer to

eulerscheZahl: nullpointer, doesn't render any comments

eulerscheZahl: you can break any contribution comment section this way :D

jrke: im trying to make trial website with flask,html and css but how can i show that to my friends

eulerscheZahl: upload it somewhere

eulerscheZahl: i use herokuapp, it has free hosting

eulerscheZahl: pythonanywhere is another option

eulerscheZahl: i tried that one first but it limits internet access in the free version

eulerscheZahl: so you can access but not (working with a whitelist)

jrke: does herokuapp have unlimited uploading

eulerscheZahl: you can have up to 5 web projects

jrke: ok

eulerscheZahl: you can upload your website again to update the previous version

jrke: can i update a project various times if i fix any bug?

eulerscheZahl: you can include libraries via pip requirements file

eulerscheZahl: my cg puzzle website is in revision 50 or 60 maybe

eulerscheZahl: that's not an issue at all

jrke: ah! nice

eulerscheZahl: you just have to create a git project (local repo or hosted somewhere, up to you)

eulerscheZahl: then you git push heroku master and the website will update your contribution

eulerscheZahl: btw they have a good documentation. still took me 1 or 2 hours to upload my project there :D

eulerscheZahl: was my first experience with web deployment

jrke: ok

jrke: whats pipeline?

eulerscheZahl: in what context?

jrke: what i have to do in requirments.txt

eulerscheZahl: have you seen my website?

jrke: yes

eulerscheZahl: and the github logo at the top right corner?

jrke: no i didn't see that

jrke: send me your website link


jrke: oh redirect to git repo

jrke: lemme read your requirements.txt

jrke: what should i have to write for flask

jrke: from flask import Flask, render_template,request,redirect,url_for

jrke: my header ^

eulerscheZahl: write: pip freeze > requirements.txt

eulerscheZahl: in your terminal

jrke: done

eulerscheZahl: ezpz

jrke: ezpz?

eulerscheZahl: you are too new on CG to experience most of MadKnight first-hand

eulerscheZahl: easy peasy

Zenoscave: bah so close to legend

eulerscheZahl: did you depromote in UTTT or where are you struggling this time?

Zenoscave: GitC

eulerscheZahl: that's one of the easier legends IMO

Zenoscave: Don't have a table of troops yet. It confused me

Zenoscave: If I could work that out I'd probably be legend.

Zenoscave: I make inaccurate moves sometimes

jrke: deployed the website


Zenoscave: That or if I can more aggressively INC

jrke: but error :(

eulerscheZahl: but the error message tells you what to do next

eulerscheZahl: do you have a Procfile?

jrke: no

eulerscheZahl: that's mandatory

eulerscheZahl: to define the entry point of your application



jrke: my rep^

eulerscheZahl: Add files via upload

that git skills

jrke: yeah i uploaded

jrke: whats the ext oilef procf

jrke: whats the ext of procfile*

eulerscheZahl: no extension

eulerscheZahl: check my repo

eulerscheZahl: and i see that you have everything in a web subfolder. that might cause problems too

eulerscheZahl: at least requirements.txt and Procfile should be in the root

jrke: ok

eulerscheZahl: and you will need a guincorn in your requirements to use it in the procfile

jrke: i made procfile.txt how to remove txt now

jrke: web: gunicorn setup:app --log-file=-

eulerscheZahl: first make it Procfile, not procfile

eulerscheZahl: which operating system?

jrke: microsoft

jrke: windows 7

eulerscheZahl: oh dear

eulerscheZahl: in the terminal i should be something like move procfile.txt Procfile

eulerscheZahl: windows has a weird default to hide file extensions. not sure if you kept that. if not, just rename the file in the explorer

eulerscheZahl: at this point MK would suggest a teamviewer session :D

Zenoscave: Oh I miss those days

eulerscheZahl: "how's your bot?" "which one" "don't know"

Zenoscave: good times

eulerscheZahl: KiwiBleu even created an alt to keep MK busy explaining CSB

Zenoscave: I remember that

Zenoscave: Or am I thinking of Struct

jrke: move procfile.txt Procfile worked

eulerscheZahl: where is my struct? :(

Zenoscave: no idea

eulerscheZahl: i broke him with the JS part :sob:

jrke: MK said struct remains online on discord

eulerscheZahl: i see him as offline

jrke: same error after procfile also

eulerscheZahl: i told you a few more things to do

eulerscheZahl: i'm tempted to just make a PR to your repo at this point

Zenoscave: give a coder a PR...

Zenoscave: give a man a fish..

eulerscheZahl: with a git commit -am "fix it"

jrke: PR?

eulerscheZahl: pull request

jrke: no shortforms to me

jrke: ;)

eulerscheZahl: give me a second

jrke: today i made my first git hub repo :stuck_out_tongue:

eulerscheZahl: god dammit

eulerscheZahl: now you made 3 commits after i changed your repo contests


eulerscheZahl: and you even deleted relevant files

jrke: im putting those files to rrot

jrke: oot*

jrke: root*

eulerscheZahl: i made a PR, you could just accept that and move files instead of delete + create somewhere else

eulerscheZahl: and learn git ;)

jrke: hmmm....


eulerscheZahl: there should be a merge button

jrke: yes

jrke: should i click it?

eulerscheZahl: only if you trust me

eulerscheZahl: or review the changes first

jrke: yeah trust you more than me in case of coding

jrke: merged


eulerscheZahl: now this might already do the trick. if not, you should have a closer look at the Procfile i think

eulerscheZahl: or check the logs as suggested by the error message

jrke: yeah

jrke: worked

eulerscheZahl: \o/

jrke: where is my background


eulerscheZahl: GET 404 (NOT FOUND)

jacek: happy Caturday

eulerscheZahl: you too

jrke: will see it after breakfast

eulerscheZahl: it's about 11:30 am where you live, isn't it?

jrke: yeah it was 11:30

jrke: my time table messed up

jrke: actually not mine

jrke: whole family

Default avatar.png RobertSaunders: anybody here working on target firing?

Default avatar.png RobertSaunders: im stuck on the swarm in the ide

Default avatar.png RobertSaunders: i pass the rest of them

Default avatar.png RobertSaunders: the only thing i think may improve it in terms of success would be to recalculate the turns to kill after each shot is fired but that would greatly hurt the complexity of the solution

jrke: euler fixed background

Xedux: earhbrsgfnmsfxgsnfhymhfbx bgrsnfnsf fgntn xfbf

Marchete: moin

eulerscheZahl: great jrke. what was the problem with the background?

eulerscheZahl: moin markot

eulerscheZahl: Marchete

eulerscheZahl: stupid tab completion

jrke: the pic was named "bg.jpg" instead of "Bg.jpg"

eulerscheZahl: :D

eulerscheZahl: works fine on windows

eulerscheZahl: but i'm pretty sure heroku uses Linux

jrke: case sensetive

jrke: yeah i think so cause in my laptop it was working in bg.jpg also

Default avatar.png TheSilent_Boy: hi

Default avatar.png TheSilent_Boy: anyone for python here

jacek: ohai

Marchete: now the webchat opens a new tab with a number, and it just says "Loading..."

jacek: it happened for me the other day

Marchete: :eyes:

Marchete: eulerscheZahl I'm using C# for testing DotsAndBox

Marchete: and it seems the .Net core brings new things

Marchete: System.Numerics.BitOperations.PopCount

Marchete: for example

Marchete: any other goodies useful for CG multis?

Westicles: huh. is gone, euler must have scared them off

eulerscheZahl: oh :(

eulerscheZahl: that was totally not my intention, i just told them to fix it

Marchete: The requested URL was not found on this server.

eulerscheZahl: now that it's down I can tell it in public: that site was vulnerable to SQL injection

eulerscheZahl: i put myself on #1 and probably would have been able to get some user data as well

Marchete: oh euly tables

eulerscheZahl: i know the xkcd you are referring to :D

Marchete: :D

eulerscheZahl: so, i informed admins about it and gave some more funny ideas

eulerscheZahl: like: set the username on the first board to

Marchete: great, now they'll sue you for trying to help

eulerscheZahl: that should create a huge comment

Marchete: evil

Westicles: Maybe they are just upgrading, or died in a fire or something

Marchete: seriously is that bad?

eulerscheZahl: not funny than bad

eulerscheZahl: btw i broke comments on my teapot contribution

Marchete: I mean the coding and basic protection

eulerscheZahl: the jsgames site was 20 years old. and it aged poorly

eulerscheZahl: the issues were there all the time, just less people with skills to abuse it

eulerscheZahl: i totally didn't want them to take it offline. just sanatize their inputs

Marchete: I'll pick bad scalable achievements for 200$, tom:

eulerscheZahl: the "write a comment" is what annoyed me

eulerscheZahl: got lots of "nice", "well done", "great"

Marchete: I mean, if 100k users wanted to pass that, we will have 100k forced contributions

eulerscheZahl: now the comments are hidden :imp:

Westicles: I rejected some poor guys contribution and didn't even get the achievement

Marchete: I approved them

eulerscheZahl: did it get rejected in the end or still pending?

Marchete: because f*ck that achievement

Marchete: I mean upvote

Marchete: not approved

Westicles: It had two rejections and now seems to be gone

CyberLemonade: ok so what's the deal with the teapot contrib?

CyberLemonade: for upvotes?

eulerscheZahl: hm, i'm collecting puzzle stats for my herokuapp so i could generate some stats about when they were created, possible clustering after the quest map

eulerscheZahl: the teapot is to demonstrate the possibility to have 3D on CG obviously

eulerscheZahl: did you run the code?

eulerscheZahl: someone just commented my teapot. but not showing :D

CyberLemonade: what's herokuapp?

CyberLemonade: yeah I run the code, it was cool


CyberLemonade: wow

CyberLemonade: is it more than just CG?

eulerscheZahl: has a usersearch for google codejam

eulerscheZahl: but the puzzles is CG only. including clashes

Marchete: seriously, you scare me

eulerscheZahl: why?

eulerscheZahl: creative commons license :)

Marchete: ah, you just hacked me

eulerscheZahl: ???

Marchete: you hack everything, that poor js-games, codingame....

eulerscheZahl: yeah, i'm sorry about js-games :(

eulerscheZahl: and i broke struct :(

eulerscheZahl: made him deal with javascript for a CG contribution and he just disappeared

CyberLemonade: ooof

eulerscheZahl: have i told you how i extracted email addresses of 2 dozen users on riddles?

dbdr: is extracting public information from CG hacking? :D

eulerscheZahl: nope

eulerscheZahl: but i broke the comment functionality here :P

dbdr: ah, nice :)

CyberLemonade: how :joy:

eulerscheZahl: write a comment open in a new tab and reply to yourself delete the initial comment in the first tab

dbdr: if CG had a bug bounty program, we could become professionals :)

eulerscheZahl: now we have a comment with a null-pointer parent

CyberLemonade: yeah I see it's broken, but how?

eulerscheZahl: known issue already, was posted on discord before

Marchete: or why?

CyberLemonade: Marchete yeah

eulerscheZahl: why: the quest map

eulerscheZahl: getting comments like "nice", "great" all the time

Marchete: nice


eulerscheZahl: my list on nonsense was even longer than this

dbdr: you broke it on purpose because of that?

eulerscheZahl: maybe :angel:


Westicles: shouldn't I get an achievement for that?

Marchete: I said that forecfully doing contribution stuff just polutes the whole idea

Marchete: it's simply not viable to make everyone contribute with a new puzzle

eulerscheZahl: i'm not sure how often that updates Westicles, maybe once a day only

Marchete: and then they need 5 upvotes

dbdr: I think this had nothing to do with A/B testing

eulerscheZahl: i've seen some complains about the approval achievement already

eulerscheZahl: just wait a bit

Westicles: Oh, I see. It only happens when everyone agrees, not when you act

dbdr: eulerscheZahl: to be fair, your contribution was a good place for nonsense comments ;)

Westicles: I had a nice puzzle started on my deleted account, should have saved it

dbdr: si it's not like you need feedback to decide on publication

dbdr: *so

eulerscheZahl: and i totally agree with Marchete and raised that concern too: quality of contributions over quantity. the quest map rewards creating nonsense

eulerscheZahl: true dbdr, maybe i should just take it down. you guys got the idea

dbdr: I don't mind it

eulerscheZahl: 3 days left, then it will be gone anyways

dbdr: maybe keep it but hidden, so we can still share the link?

eulerscheZahl: that will happen after these 3 days

dbdr: ok

Marchete: that too

Marchete: quality when you are forced to do something vs willing to do it for nothing in return

dbdr: probably the effect was amplified because everyone started to do the quest map at the same time

eulerscheZahl: we had some of those users on the chat before the quests. "i want to create a contribution but i don't know what"

dbdr: in the long term the effect will be much lower

eulerscheZahl: maybe JB M went a little over the top

dbdr: so unlike him ;)

eulerscheZahl: making a screenshot of the comments. and saving it as a jpg, seriously? :D

dbdr: better than a docx ;)

eulerscheZahl: you won this round

dbdr: \o/ :D

dbdr: but "and at the end, the germans win" ;)

Default avatar.png Ashen_024: dbdr what's that badge beside your name, (new here)

dbdr: moderator

eulerscheZahl: chat moderator, can kick and ban you

Default avatar.png Ashen_024: Alright

dbdr: and welcome :)

Marchete: DotNet has BitArray, so I don't need to recode C++ bitset, yay! \o/

eulerscheZahl: BitArray is slow

eulerscheZahl: at least used to be when i tested it with Mono

eulerscheZahl: maybe the .net one is more optimized

Marchete: really?

Marchete: f*ck

eulerscheZahl: give it a try

Marchete: but they have BitOperations

eulerscheZahl: i wasn't impressed back then

Marchete: and they said it's like popcount

eulerscheZahl: maybe it's better now

dbdr: use the source, Luke


dbdr: code looks weird without syntax highlighting :)

Marchete: 32bits :S


Marchete: that seems better

Marchete: if (Avx2.IsSupported)

Marchete: I like that

Marchete: but seems too big

Marchete: 1000+ lines

eulerscheZahl: i rarely read library code, i'm surprised by the amount of magic constants they are using

dbdr: yeah, TIL .NET has explicit SIMD

eulerscheZahl: like Environment.GetResourceString("ArgumentOutOfRange_Index")

Default avatar.png Ashen_024: is there a way to compare a character with "\" in c++, because usually its used for codes like \0, \n, etc and i think it can't be used normally to be printed as is

Marchete: System.Runtime.Intrinsics has a lot of stuff

Marchete: AVX, BMI, etc etc

eulerscheZahl: write "\\" to get a single \ Ashen_024

Default avatar.png Ashen_024: oww, thanks eulerscheZahl

Marchete: _pdep_u64 and stuff, it's just inside a namespace and not as intrinsic, noice

dbdr: Boss 3 in Langton timesout :D

eulerscheZahl: noob

dbdr: systematically, apparently

eulerscheZahl: wait.. don't touch that game, i have a decent ranking there :(


eulerscheZahl: i even survived the smits

dbdr: decent + 1 is still decent, no?

eulerscheZahl: hm, the game wasn't always the way it is now (with 2 matches in 1 game)

Default avatar.png TheSilent_Boy:

dbdr: eulerscheZahl = #7 MSmits = #2

eulerscheZahl: maybe the boss didn't get an update

eulerscheZahl: nvm, seems i got pushed down after smits

eulerscheZahl: or smits returned, dunno

eulerscheZahl: no TheSilent_Boy

dbdr: apparently ValGrowth pushed you down

jrke: which game you are talking about dbdr?

dbdr: langton-s-ant

jrke: oh

jrke: just MC made wood 1

dbdr: ignoring the opponent?

jrke: yes

jrke: oh you are in wood 3 submission going on

jrke: i think wood 3 is just for fixing timeouts as boss is also timing out as far i remember

Marchete: intellisense suggested me V[^1] instead of V[V.Count-1] for the last item of a List

Marchete: what's that ^1?

eulerscheZahl: end of list

eulerscheZahl: new c# standard

eulerscheZahl: like the -1 you know from python indexing

Marchete: oh, so a new meaning for the XOR...

Marchete: I love reusing symbols

jrke: thanks euler for seting up my website :)


eulerscheZahl: you're welcome jrke wasn't much left to do if you know which files to touch

Marchete: and slices too

eulerscheZahl: while i like the -1 from python more, I see that it's not an option for C#

eulerscheZahl: should be IndexOutOfRange, would break existing code

Marchete: yes

jrke: -1 is used for last item in list in python

dbdr: it's also dangerous to have a negative index by mistake

dbdr: better to crash than to get an invalid behaviour

eulerscheZahl: true. the ^ makes your intent more clear

dbdr: not convinced it's worth the complication though

eulerscheZahl: so you aren't sure if it needs ranges and indexing from the end at all?

Default avatar.png TheSilent_Boy: Hi everyone!

Default avatar.png TheSilent_Boy: Where are you people from?

dbdr: indexing from the end

eulerscheZahl: on the one hand it's faster to write the downside is that it raises the bar for new programmers when more and more syntactic sugar gets thrown in

dbdr: exactly, it's a tradeoff

eulerscheZahl: very non-intuitive as Marchete just pointed out by asking the question

dbdr: could even be a typo :D

dbdr: though I guess that could be true of other syntax

eulerscheZahl: type ^ nothing appears on the screen

eulerscheZahl: type the 1 => ¹

eulerscheZahl: i mean ^1

eulerscheZahl: my keyboard layout is different :D

dbdr: I get that with Alt-^

dbdr: nice, I didn't know, thanks!

dbdr: ⁹

eulerscheZahl: i type ^^ to get a single ^ and whenever i have to use a windows, i screw it up

dbdr: ^ => ^ RightAlt-^ 9 => ⁹

eulerscheZahl: RightAlt?

eulerscheZahl: you mean AltGr?

dbdr: right Alt on the right on space

eulerscheZahl: AltGr+^ = ′

dbdr: it's written Alt on my kbd, but yes, that one

dbdr: I also set up AltGr g a => α

dbdr: works for all greek letters

eulerscheZahl: ¹²³¼½¬{[]}\ł€¶ŧ←↓→øþæſðđŋħł«¢„“”µ·…–

eulerscheZahl: that's why I get with AltGr

dbdr: α² - β³ = γ⁻¹

dbdr: AltGr ^ - => ⁻ also works

dbdr: superscript -

eulerscheZahl: ²·⁷¹⁸²⁸¹⁸²⁸⁴⁵⁹⁰

jacek: �

dbdr: sadly there is no superscript . and ,

dbdr: in unicode

eulerscheZahl: there is a point on half height

dbdr: yeah, middle dot

dbdr: it's not semantically the same, but visually it kinda works


dbdr: nice hardcoded pattern by blue

eulerscheZahl: should be great for lower leagues where you have your own board

jrke: yeah hardcoded pattern works but in solo board

dbdr: yes, and I don't yet score colors differently, so I see no reason to disrupt it :D

dbdr: I play a coop game now :D

jrke: oh thats the problem

Marchete: eulerscheZahl, there is a new way to do a Deep copy in Dotnet?

eulerscheZahl: huh?

eulerscheZahl: is that a question?

eulerscheZahl: wait, i think i vaguely remember

dbdr: use Deep Learning Marchete ;)

jrke: when i started in wood 5 from that stage i made code which will make me easier to update two color games in upper league

eulerscheZahl: there was something about copying objects and changing 1 or 2 attributes on the way

jrke: and i made wood 2 in 2.5 hours and wood 1 next day

eulerscheZahl: var otherPerson = person with { LastName = "Hanselman" };


Marchete: is there*, yes it was a question

dbdr: there, blue pattern ;)

dbdr: that game is quite popular, for a contrib

fasil: hy

eulerscheZahl: it's one of the first community contributions

eulerscheZahl: nowadays it's too many to choose from

dbdr: yeah, and also number just grows with time

dbdr: hy fasil

eulerscheZahl: 2nd community multiplayer, just 2 weeks after vindinium even

dbdr: I mean number of players

dbdr: and uTTT was 0th :)

eulerscheZahl: yes. that one has a massive popularity that i still don't understand

eulerscheZahl: even more than some previous contests

dbdr: maybe because TTT is so easy and famous?

eulerscheZahl: maybe

eulerscheZahl: bitrunner is a little over-performing compared to other games with similar age

dbdr: because of WarGames :)

dbdr: BR because of unoff contest maybe

dbdr: or masochism

eulerscheZahl: did they redesign the category tags on the overview page?

dbdr: yes

dbdr: btw uTTT was released the day BotG ended

dbdr: I know I started it because of the end of contest void, maybe others too

eulerscheZahl: yet the number wasn't around 1k instantly

eulerscheZahl: it slowly climbed

dbdr: ok

Marchete: unpopular opinion: uTTT is boring, there are much much better games around

dbdr: uTTT is one of the best showcases for MCTS, no?

dbdr: so it has its place

eulerscheZahl: i'm not into it either. but as long as it has its fan-base it deserves to be here

dbdr: strange, I promoted not that high above the boss, and won 9/10 in wood 1

dbdr: probably the skill curve is rather flat

dbdr: but #2 is way above #3 and #1 way above #1 :D

dbdr: so not true at the top

dbdr: #1 > #2

ZoeLogiiK: O.O

ZoeLogiiK: This is my first time using This website.

eulerscheZahl: welcome to CodinGame

ZoeLogiiK: How much do you guys use this platform?

eulerscheZahl: oh dear, i don't want to talk about my addictions now

dbdr: :D

Marchete: euler use it only once

Marchete: for 4 years straight

eulerscheZahl: luckily i already had my bachelors degree when i found out about CG

Default avatar.png Ashen_024: 4 years? why didn't i hear about this platform earlier man, I'm loving it here

Default avatar.png Ashen_024: I'm already in last year of my bachelors now

eulerscheZahl: for the multiplayer section the website exists for 6 years already

eulerscheZahl: the puzzle section is even older, maybe 8 years

ZoeLogiiK: Yea, I just recieved my bachelors a couple of years ago

ZoeLogiiK: BUt I haven;t really took the Coding route.

ZoeLogiiK: Wondering if this a good platform to acutally get better in Python.

Marchete: no

dbdr: yes, if you aready know the basics, it can be a good plaftorm to practice and have fun at the same time

jacek: we have apparently two opposing views

MSmits: I guess it depends on what skill level you're at

MSmits: at the start it's definitely good practice, but maybe when you get ready for some bigger projects, CG may teach you some bad practices

MSmits: this is true for any language

MSmits: I would horrify professional c++ coders I'm sure

MSmits: hey Marchete, I am trying graphs for D&B

MSmits: for the endgame solver that is

MSmits: it's pretty difficult

jrke: MS any new strategy for D&B

MSmits: are you asking me?

MSmits: currently, I am trying to get a working minimax for non-simple loony endgames. I think I am getting close. It's difficult because I am not used to graph structures

MSmits: and also, because this is a very complicated graph

MSmits: lot's of disconnecting and reconnecting strings between joins and such

MSmits: and some joins connecting to themselves through loops

jacek: graphs eh

MSmits: it makes sense to use them for the endgames for complex structures

MSmits: the most complicated ones have around 12 joins (less than 1 out of a million), but most have less

MSmits: that means that the graph will have at most 12 nodes, but there can be many links between them

Marchete: in fact I'm trying in C#

Marchete: easier for graphs than C++

MSmits: and if you remove 1 link from a 3-join, it's no longer a join and it's joins are merged

MSmits: Marchete thats true.

MSmits: I have to say i am doing it differently from that paper you shared though

Marchete: well, I'm not copying it either

Marchete: I dislike "subchains"

MSmits: what are you doing for chains and loops?

MSmits: is a chain or loop a single object or multiple connected ones?

MSmits: say you have a chain of length 4, is it 4 objects, or 1 object?

Marchete: Gamestate->chains->boxes

Marchete: anything is a chain

MSmits: ahh ok, I don't have the boxes

MSmits: just the chain

MSmits: it has a size

MSmits: the reason is that for the game state i still use the bitboard, I only convert to a graph when the endgame starts

Marchete: for me a chain has N boxes

Marchete: and each box E edges

Marchete: ahh

MSmits: that way the graph is very simple

MSmits: in many cases just 2 nodes with 6 or so strings

Marchete: anyways I'm just testing stuff

Marchete: like just enjoying it

Marchete: reading, coding a bit and that

MSmits: yeah, i am kind of enjoying it, but sometimes it's frustrating

MSmits: you remember dancing links right?

MSmits: I was trying to use that method of disconnecting and reconnecting strings

Marchete: ahh

MSmits: but it doesnt work, because the left of one join doesnt necessarily connect to the right of the other

Marchete: I just do the dirty way, floodfill to detect new chains

MSmits: so you have to track more information

Marchete: not very advanced

MSmits: ah I do the floodfill one time

Marchete: but I think metadata from graphs are important in that game

MSmits: when converting from bitboard to graph

MSmits: yeah i think I may need to do more with graphs, but I want to focus on getting an endgame solver first

MSmits: my next working bot will play random moves until end game starts and then play perfectly

MSmits: I am guessing that will probably be easy top 5

MSmits: will be a while still before I get all the bugs out and make it work in my live bot

dbdr: you have a dead bot? ;)

MSmits: yeah offline

MSmits: it's ded

dbdr: rip

MSmits: just a local program I use to experiment with. It's kind of fun to generate different endgames and try different things to solve them efficiently

LeRenard: publicity : Hello. I updated the Penguins game. It is now possible in league 2 to push another penguin in the sea.

eulerscheZahl: Penguins game? :confused:

eulerscheZahl: tell me more about that

dbdr: it's in contrib

LeRenard: in contribution. Multiplayer in Work in Progress


eulerscheZahl: i totally missed that

eulerscheZahl: found it now

LeRenard: :-(

eulerscheZahl: tux on hex board, nice

eulerscheZahl: "ach ice block contains a quantity of fishes" is there even a plural for fish?

AntiSquid: looks like a CNN problem

AntiSquid: yes euler

eulerscheZahl: indeed

MSmits: watching CNN right now

eulerscheZahl: better than Fox & friends

MSmits: :P

MSmits: yeah

AntiSquid: the exact opposite of neurons MSmits

MSmits: lol

dbdr: but LeRenard is a fox :thinking:

AntiSquid: good game idea though LeRenard

MSmits: it looks cool!

MSmits: that animated gif :)

eulerscheZahl: the wing part is edited

eulerscheZahl: also saw it with putting a foot

MSmits: no doubt, but still cool

eulerscheZahl: can't download sourcecode :(

LeRenard: I clean the code and i will release it

LeRenard: If the game has success. Il propose it and release the code

Default avatar.png Legen:

Default avatar.png Legen: let clash

Default avatar.png Legen: any one


SobhanBera: guys Join fast

eulerscheZahl: go to #clash if you want to share invites

SobhanBera: thanks

SobhanBera: eulerscheZahl

Default avatar.png JBM: hello #world

eulerscheZahl: hi

jacek: the games is hexes, ms' favourite

DmcPhuc: share code yasuovn

DmcPhuc: iq vo cuc the :L

jacek: :?

DmcPhuc: this game so hard

jacek: thats what she said

Default avatar.png LinhT.Nguyen: vo nao ae

Default avatar.png LinhT.Nguyen: chien thoi

2berkir: what kind of question is this

linjoehan: What's a good place to learn java if you can code already, like a crash course or something?


Default avatar.png Asta971: codingame ?

Default avatar.png KiranRandhawa: I feel like the question isn't very clear

Default avatar.png KiranRandhawa: ah wait there's more if you read on

Default avatar.png KiranRandhawa: ah I get it

stabgan: yo my nig

Cybgy: What's the schedule for "Fall Challenge 2020"?

eulerscheZahl: mid november

Cybgy: Thanks

eulerscheZahl: well done reCurse was staring at the chat for a few seconds to understand what happened, completely missed that line at first


Zenoscave: eulerscheZahl I think my path dists are wrong. I never use the middle (0) factory

eulerscheZahl: looks fine to me

eulerscheZahl: that's mine:

Zenoscave: must be some other bug then.


Zenoscave: Minimizing hops is good?

Zenoscave: I thought you'd want to maximize

eulerscheZahl: i do maximize

eulerscheZahl: wait...

Zenoscave: I read the wrng sign . nevermind

Zenoscave: You definitely maximize

jacek: best tactic ever

eulerscheZahl: booooring

jacek: i found your alt

Zenoscave: lol not quite

eulerscheZahl: saw this user too

eulerscheZahl: some other guy even proudly shared a replay of beating me

eulerscheZahl: wasn't me as i pointed out :D

dbdr: frecurse

dbdr: :D

Default avatar.png cyberfrend: I have to count the circles in a number and the last test case was 5648 1124 8956 5487 5624 45556 564561 215487 and the expected output was 15. How is that 15?

jacek: what other number did you expect

Default avatar.png cyberfrend: ah they don't count the 4 as a circles nevermind

eulerscheZahl: i guess it's

Default avatar.png cyberfrend: Also it seems like clash of code uses amount of characters as a criterium. What's the rational behind that? Why not performance?

Enknable: that's only in code golf

Default avatar.png cyberfrend: What? So how do they decide who wins Clash of Code?

Enknable: code golf is # of characters, everthing else is who submits first

Enknable: given that you get 100% on the test cases

Default avatar.png cyberfrend: @Enknable okay thanks for the clarification

jacek: there are 3 modes chosen at random for clash. fastest, reverse and codegold

darkhorse64: jacek does not like my oneliner Top Bronze HS bot.

darkhorse64: Don't understand why

Default avatar.png Bobbadillio: lol, can you get top bronze just by playing the most expensive card you have in hand, and maybe attacking?

Denshire: so I just started the Spring Challenge 2020 and I can't see any width-height constraints. Are there any?

Default avatar.png arthurguedes: start it :)

Default avatar.png arthurguedes: pls

Default avatar.png arthurguedes: pls

Default avatar.png arthurguedes: i dont want to wait 1:06 minutes

SPDene: wrong chat arthurguedes ?

Denshire: Hey, friend, I think you're looking for the clash chat.

Default avatar.png arthurguedes: ohh, im sorry, yeah haha

Denshire: no prob :)

AntiSquid: you should be

AntiSquid: how's life everyone?

DomiKo: really slow right now

AntiSquid: true

DomiKo: can't wait for october

AntiSquid: or maybe they are fast in the background?

AntiSquid: things are fast *

DomiKo: that could be it

AntiSquid: must run a system debloater

DomiKo: ohh yes

DomiKo: everybody need that I guess

MandresyAndri: hello

Zenoscave: If you submit after a promotion does it reset the promotion?

ProjectAlchemist: ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

ProjectAlchemist: hello

DomiKo: Zenoscave no

Enknable: Warning: your code did not read all available input before printing an instruction, your outputs will not be synchronized with the game's turns and unexpected behaviour may occur.

Enknable: Anyone...?

Enknable: Only happen periodically..and I'm reading all the input..

Default avatar.png MidSizeTexan: Yes, I get that all the time. :)

Default avatar.png MidSizeTexan: Happens when you take too long before writing to output.

Default avatar.png MidSizeTexan: Or when you write to output before all the input is read

Enknable: hmm..I'm using high:res clock to break out of my loops and setting them 30ms before the time limit

Enknable: If I have member functions in a struct, and I implicitly copy that struct, will it only copy the struct member variables or make copies of the member functions as well?

DaNinja: just the variables

Enknable: I kinda thought so. I was hoping I could redefine the functions outside the structs and shave off a huge chunk of time but..

Enknable: :weary: