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mr.mister: which browser do you prefer? Chrome or Firefox?

mr.mister: Don't care about others, tbh

mr.mister: Specially not about Safari :P

stanleyipkiss: chrome i always try to switch to firefox but i cant commit

stanleyipkiss: damn memory hog, sometimes netflixs only works on firefox

Default avatar.png wdd3975: NN[]

Default avatar.png Supernooby: ELLO WORLD

Default avatar.png Ashen_024: chrome eats up the ram like some cookie in chocolate syrup so Firefox would be the choice, but i think chrome is faster too so it depends on your choice

Default avatar.png Supernooby: WOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOOOOO

Default avatar.png Supernooby: ITS 3 AM

Default avatar.png Supernooby: :joy:

Default avatar.png Ashen_024: NICE :joy:

Default avatar.png westmelon: :joy_cat:

anantaCodes: Once a clash is over, is there any specific reason why the problem statement atleast is not shown? Would be good because I want to attempt to the unsolved problems

Uljahn: how do you attempt to the specific problem if clashes are random?

anantaCodes: I want to re attempt a clash problem on my own in my local machine

anantaCodes: How do I get the problem statement eg. for a clash from 2 days back which I wasn't able to solve

Uljahn: you can try to find the statement here

Uljahn: there is no straightforward way to access a clash from the past

Q12: Can I read a char type in the Stub generator input? Like this: read Character:char

SPDene: character isn't a type in the stub language - see just read a string of length 1

Q12: OK, thanks.

Q12: Can you add this feature? I think this will be better than writing: read Character:string(1)

Q12: read Character:char this will be more specific

Uljahn: will it be better for all the languages? :thinking:

Q12: I don't know but I understand what you're saying, I think it worth checking:slight_smile:

SPDene: many languages don't have a "character" type, so it's going to get converted to a string anyway. Suggest it on the forum if you feel strongly about it

Default avatar.png arthurguedes: gogogo come on

Q12: ?

SaadAmrani: !

Default avatar.png JaMal: hhh

anantaCodes: Is Rank 7 with 20% accuracy and Rank 7 with 100% accuracy considered same for overall personal points?

SaadAmrani: !!!

Default avatar.png JaMal: jkjd

Tiramon: anantaCodes accuracy in what?

anantaCodes: @Tiramon All test cases pass - 100% vs some test cases pass

Tiramon: so you are propably talking about clash of code rank does not matter anywhere and in coc best results for the testcases is most important ... for more details depending on kind of clash time/size is also important

Tiramon: at least as you are talking about the level in CG

Tiramon: for the calculation of the codin points you get for a clash the TrueSkill algo is used so it only matters what rank he has in the highscore and if you beat him or not (better coverage and faster/shorter)

Default avatar.png LoukasPap: anyone that can give me a hint, for network cabling challenger?

Default avatar.png LoukasPap: challenge*

Uljahn: LoukasPap:

Default avatar.png LoukasPap: thank you :slight_smile:

AliLozzi: Hello! Anyone knows of a good DFS practice challenge?


Default avatar.png goire: In Mars Lander - Episode 2 What is the best way to look at the surface information to get the flat ground?

Uljahn: store coordinates and check if y_previous == y_current

Default avatar.png goire: thank you

Default avatar.png SamanthaKellen: hi :grimacing:

Default avatar.png GetenetMesele: Hello there

Default avatar.png JBM: heya

Zenoscave: 4th in gold! 2 Points below boss. GitC Legend incomming with a few improvements

eulerscheZahl: RAIC organizers asked me for my shipping address, just 9 months after the contest :o

eulerscheZahl: the website to order your prizes seems to be Django, got an error message when I wanted to switch from Russian to English

jacek: just tell them to rush B

Default avatar.png DarkDev: who knows C#

jacek: creators of C#

itzblinkzy: my mom does

Default avatar.png JBM: let's ask her

wlesavo: lol eulerscheZahl, if you need help we here :slight_smile: but i actually screwed up with my own t-shirt for ooc, and it went back to USA, thx to tibo they will send me another one :slight_smile:

Default avatar.png JBM: oh reminds me i should get to work on that tvc contest

AntiSquid: @eulerscheZahl that's still a few months faster than ieee probably :p

Default avatar.png TheBouncyMysteryOfDoom_dea: I'm doing Target Firing in java and I created a class for alien but forgot the class has to be in another file. Can I create another file here or do I have to come up with a different solution?

jacek: you need to have all the classes in one file here

jacek: copy the class, drop the public class there

jacek: the public*

Default avatar.png TheBouncyMysteryOfDoom_dea: ah I c ty

Default avatar.png BiroBiroMan: joãozinho manda o nick

wlesavo: 9 month is actually quity symbolic :grinning:

starmaq: I need to get comfortable with other languages

AndrewJ: hi starmaq

AndrewJ: it is me, AndrewJ.

AndrewJ: I know you from SCF

Default avatar.png RobertSaunders: i am using python on the target firing but i am stuck on the swarm test. i pass all other tests in the ide

Default avatar.png RobertSaunders: i am using the metric of damage divided by the turns to kill and the best i can get is 158 instead of 212

Default avatar.png RobertSaunders: any tips or any other metrics i may want to try to sort the target priority

markyy: does clash of code try to pick a problem that all the contestants didn't solve before?

markyy: or is it random

stanleyipkiss: anyone playing botw

Default avatar.png DmcPhuc: e ling