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Default avatar.png KrishnaRajabhoj: :grinning:

Jaek: how do i get CodinPoints in code golf ?

markyy: Tychkorg could you please share your code?

Chloris: tychkorg is a bot

Allis: There are eleven bots, all public knowledge.

Allis: Oh, sorry; I missed that you were responding to someone.

Jaek: Allis do you know something about code golf ?

Allis: The idea of writing code using as few characters as possible? Sure. But not much about CodinGame's golfing area.

Allis: It would be odd if you don't receive points for completing the golf challenges, but I don't know the particulars.

Jaek: Ill just keep shrinking my code and see :p

Allis: Sounds like a plan! :)

Uljahn: here in codegolf you can make more than one solution with different languages, and your top 5 submissions will be taken into account in CodingPoints calculation

jacek: ohai

Default avatar.png Solacefire: Is it the same with clash of code for ranking?

Default avatar.png IsThisWhereMyNameGoes: Bro no

Default avatar.png marawanmo: e?

fschuetz04: If it's public knowledge, is there a list of bots?

Default avatar.png MitsukiVuejs: yow

Default avatar.png marawanmo: hi

Uljahn: fschuetz04: i guess you can detect bots by the number of clashes played, there is a sorting option in the CoC leaderboard

jacek: stockfish12 is released

jacek: the charts are noice

Default avatar.png MitsukiVuejs: i hope people share there code so i can view whats wrong

Default avatar.png MitsukiVuejs: and how to solve it

tutubalin: fschuetz04 look at this link

tutubalin: whoever has more that 48k clashes while still being lvl7 is a bot

Uljahn: those 7lvl with 48k+ clashes are def bots

anantaCodes: How do I report plagiarism?

fschuetz04: @Uljahn @tutubalin Thanks

anantaCodes: I just found out users cheating

anantaCodes: By posting SO answers and submitting within secods.

Default avatar.png marawanmo: :nerd:

Allis: @anantaCodes There are Clash solutions on SO?

tutubalin: i think create question on SO -> wait for answer -> post in CoC takes more than 15 minutes

anantaCodes: Yes I found out a problem which was too generic and within secods answere were posted. I saw one of the shared code and My fears were proven right

anantaCodes: The guy literally lifted the accepted answer code from SO and pasted t

Uljahn: im not aware of such a rule that forbids to use internet search in general or SO in clashes

anantaCodes: @uljahn So you encourage Copy Paste code so that rakings improve?

Allis: It is almost never the case that you can straight-up copy-and-paste from somewhere on the internet to solve the problem.

anantaCodes: It is in this case

anantaCodes: The problem was to covert integer to roman number notation

Allis: Yeah, that's unfortunate.

PkZ: Does anyone know if multiple threads can take the same element from an array in Go?

Allis: Out of the box, Go collections are not thread-safe.

Uljahn: anantaCodes: you can rate the clash low, make a comment about easily searchable solution and hope they delete that clash

anantaCodes: Ok, sure ! Thanks for clarifying that ! @Uljahn

Marchete: NNUE jump is huge

tutubalin: PkZ there are thread-safe counterpart for Go maps. not sure about other collections

Default avatar.png java.lang.InvalidStateException: hello there

Default avatar.png marawanmo: h

Default avatar.png marawanmo: i

Default avatar.png BigBadWrestlerOfDoom_9bb3: hi

Default avatar.png XXIT: general kenobi

Meis: hi

Default avatar.png Aurixmas: haraso

Meis: :grin:

Default avatar.png MitsukiVuejs: guys share your code dont just keep te

Default avatar.png MitsukiVuejs: it*

Default avatar.png MitsukiVuejs: so others may laern

Default avatar.png MitsukiVuejs: sad community

Uljahn: Automaton2000: share your code

Automaton2000: are u gonna do it

anantaCodes: They need to make this sharing thing more visible. I always orget because of the placement of the button below. Put that button same row

anantaCodes: And also change the color to something catchy and add a small animation so that it catches the user's eyes

[CG]Thibaud: good point

Default avatar.png Solacefire: I think about 25%-50% of Python 3 users are just copy-pasting their answers from github accounts

Default avatar.png JBM: too many similar answers?

Default avatar.png Kaffi_PL: Hi All

eulerscheZahl: JBM i came across your blog post about optims in regards to the quest map. does this help?

Default avatar.png JBM: nope :)

Default avatar.png JBM: already discussed it with maintainer

eulerscheZahl: ok :D

Default avatar.png JBM: iirc it doesn't go far enough

Default avatar.png JBM: which is why i ended up coding mine

Default avatar.png FunkySausageVonKirschenwald_afc6: hi

eulerscheZahl: the graph on your profile page has the CP for each single day i think

eulerscheZahl: so take top X and visit their profiles. or maybe that's what you did

eulerscheZahl: anyway, getting ready for sports. see you

Default avatar.png JBM: that's a bit better but theoretically nt enough

Default avatar.png JBM: but I might end up doing it anyway, to complete the data

Mr.Fishman: is this chat separate from the discord?

Uljahn: yes, this chat is xmpp-based

Default avatar.png Zwiebelsirup: help

Default avatar.png Zwiebelsirup: please

Default avatar.png Zwiebelsirup: someone wants to buy my kidney? I need a better CPU than i3 2100 :(

Skwerl23: They sell laptops 10x better for 300 bucks ?

Default avatar.png TheMysteriousGhosts_4095: Hello

Default avatar.png moymoy: Hi

Default avatar.png TheMysteriousGhosts_4095: How are you?

Default avatar.png moymoy: Eating icecream

Default avatar.png TheMysteriousGhosts_4095: ooh great

Default avatar.png moymoy: & u?

Default avatar.png TheMysteriousGhosts_4095: just chilling

Default avatar.png Sidh07: hey Moymoy

Default avatar.png Asta971: You guys have any advice to go faster

Allis: Go faster?

Default avatar.png Asta971: When programming

Default avatar.png Asta971: I did some codingames for job interviews, and I always end up short on time

Default avatar.png nihilistRegem: Why is there no intelliSense?

Default avatar.png bearrar: hi

Default avatar.png Val25: Hi

Default avatar.png L_Dawgy_Dawg: Hi, is there an etiquette re. when/whether to launch a CoC before time?

MSmits: L_Dawgy_Dawg don't think so

MSmits: If you launch it too soon, you'll simply have less opponents

MSmits: but they will too, so it's fair

MSmits: I think the only real effect it has is that the game will affect the leaderboard less

MSmits: and with less opponents you are more likely to get some quests done (win x in a row)

jacek: premature coc starting?

L_Dawgy_Dawg: Clash of Code! :grimacing:

Default avatar.png LoukasPap: hey

Enknable: Is there any docs on "Unlocked Certifications"

NoisyBoy: does the C# language assist crash for anyone else

NoisyBoy: it's been broken for 2-3 days now

AbundantPuddle: I don't typically code in C#, but I can check it out. How does it crash?

NoisyBoy: just says "Activating C# Language Assist"

NoisyBoy: but it never does

NoisyBoy: i am coding without intellisense

AbundantPuddle: Are you using a custom IDE or the one in the browser?

NoisyBoy: in the browser

NoisyBoy: firefox

PatrickMcGinnisII: my lang. crashes assist and restarts paused all the time

PatrickMcGinnisII: I wanna turn it off completely, the stupid popup boxes interfere when I'm cutting and pasting

NoisyBoy: it is helpful. but crashes too frequently

AbundantPuddle: Yeah, it looks like the C# Language Assist is having some trouble right now.

NoisyBoy: :(

AbundantPuddle: I believe it is most likely server side and there's not much we can do besides report it.

AbundantPuddle: It seems Rust was experiencing the same issue. A report was made a few days ago.