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Goulstem: I am from PNW :evergreen_tree:

Goulstem: :smile:

jrke: anybody knows how to setup backend in flask for a webpage made by html?

Chloris: aws lambda

mr.mister: setup flask ans serve html through it

mr.mister: can help

jacek: ohai

Default avatar.png FayyazAslanli: hi everyone

Default avatar.png FayyazAslanli: ich bin nw

Default avatar.png FayyazAslanli: and AI says to write hello

Default avatar.png FayyazAslanli: because of that i write Hi

jacek: Automaton2000 really?

Automaton2000: i have tried the same

jacek: AutomatonNN or AutomatonMLP

AutomatonNN: AutomatonNN what is the most easy puzzle?

jacek: meh, no loop

Driikolu: dites, dans les combats de bots, à quel moment se font les changements de ligue ?

WhiteGlove: English si vu ple

Driikolu: mb

Driikolu: wrong channel

Default avatar.png Lets-Do-This-Code: hi

Morbid: Hiii

Default avatar.png NoiselessDictator_e4c4: Lets-Do-This-Code how are you ranke 2 018 305 when i have done nothing on this acc still being in 200 000th place

Default avatar.png IgnacioGb: Hi people, I am starting with js. I have problems printing my solutions in js once they are stored in a container since they dont presve always the order (let be the case of alphanumeric string data). How shall i proceed to print things in the stored order?

markyy: where do I submit bugs?

jacek: try discord

Default avatar.png BattleComet_7451: im 10 years old

Default avatar.png BattleComet_7451: no joke

Uljahn: im a cat. no joke

jacek: good for you

Default avatar.png BattleComet_7451: idk

Default avatar.png LetchoHUN: Hey

Default avatar.png LetchoHUN: sup guys?

WhiteGlove: any hint on mountain of a mole hill?

SilverShade: :stuck_out_tongue:

Default avatar.png Ma8000: how can i do the check isbm exersice in JS? i need all the digits on their own but bc the input starts with a 0 all my calcualtion are wrong

Default avatar.png sOMEONE: yo

mzztin: hi

Default avatar.png Baxtex: Hi, I'm new here. :) Currently stuck on a fairly simple game but I am not sure what is wrong. The test case changes errors depending on how much I print to the error console?

WhiteGlove: which one is it?

Default avatar.png Baxtex: MIME Type

[CG]Thibaud: maybe you code timeouts if you print too many things in the error

WhiteGlove: language?

WhiteGlove: check that you are using the error output to debug

jrke: yes you will time out if you print many things in error stream

WhiteGlove: I just solved 2 easy puzzles :D

WhiteGlove: but my code is nowhere near what I saw... mf solving in 4 lines or less in Java

WhiteGlove: gotta update my java to Java 9... seen a lot of streams and shit alike

Default avatar.png Baxtex: Yeah this was in C#, needed to print a lot to the console to find my error, But it was confusing because the failing test was indicating that my output was not correct even though the console indicating that execution had continued. Kinda difficult to explain. There was a disrepency between what the test said and what the console showed.

WhiteGlove: I would recommend using an offline IDE imo

WhiteGlove: way better

Default avatar.png Baxtex: Yeah

Default avatar.png Baxtex: But then you are not always sure what the tests are testing

WhiteGlove: agai, check that the "debug text" is in stderr not stdout

WhiteGlove: again*

WhiteGlove: you can make them

Vasyakin: 5051 407

Vasyakin: 0|°5051 ✓36@

WhiteGlove: bruh, wrong chat

Default avatar.png gamerboy10: hi

Default avatar.png MikisSMD: is there any reason why the language assist wont load ?

jacek: C#?

Default avatar.png MikisSMD: yea

jacek: there is some bug. its reported

Default avatar.png MikisSMD: it makes me cringe not being able to see the available methods :D or not double tab to fill in a for loop

jacek: normally i use local IDE and just copy paste code

Default avatar.png JBM: just learn your language

jacek: omelette du fromage?

Default avatar.png MikisSMD: JBM fair enough, but then again when would I write C# outside of visual studio

Default avatar.png JBM: never

Default avatar.png JBM: no one should ever write C#

Default avatar.png MikisSMD: :DD

Default avatar.png MikisSMD: should we just copy paste it ?

Default avatar.png JBM: why would you do that to yourself?

Default avatar.png MikisSMD: because I like kitty cats and eternal suffering

Default avatar.png MikisSMD: aren't those the reasons everyone is here ?

Default avatar.png JBM: probably

Marchete: most of my first C# bots in CG were written on either CG IDE or Notepad++

Marchete: also C++ ones

Marchete: won't recommend it :D

WhiteGlove: Looking for criticism on my code for 1D bush fire, mates


eulerscheZahl: hm, this might be related :thinking:

eulerscheZahl: did you solve the bush fire? did you look at published solutions?

WhiteGlove: I didnt solve, so no solutions for me

WhiteGlove: I just feel my code is way to shit

eulerscheZahl: obviously you don't handle an f at the end

eulerscheZahl: and you may get an index out of range at i+j

WhiteGlove: yep, it's eaten :/

WhiteGlove: I do xD

WhiteGlove: that is why I need to improve those "basic" algos

eulerscheZahl: so, first of all i < bushFire.length() - 1

eulerscheZahl: get rid of that -1

eulerscheZahl: for (int j = 0; j < 2; j++){

eulerscheZahl: j < 2 && i+j < bushFire.length()

eulerscheZahl: i think that's it

WhiteGlove: ooooh I forgot I could add some boolean to the for loop

Illedan: Hi euler. What you up to these days?

eulerscheZahl: not much

eulerscheZahl: btw my contest suggestion won't happy any time soon

Illedan: Why?

eulerscheZahl: only after the official one

Illedan: Struct missing? :(

WhiteGlove: vielen Dank mein Freund

eulerscheZahl: CG is busy with the preparation

Illedan: oh

Illedan: did they set date?

eulerscheZahl: i'm acutally done with the game

WhiteGlove: Is there any requirement for uploading a puzzle?

Default avatar.png AggYz: shortest mode is so ass

eulerscheZahl: the month seems fixed

Illedan: Which month?

eulerscheZahl: :zipper_mouth:

eulerscheZahl: not sure what i should say. so i say nothing

Illedan: It's fine

Illedan: I'll ask on discord

eulerscheZahl: WhiteGlove

WhiteGlove: I need to also provide working code, right?

eulerscheZahl: also depends on the type of puzzle. clash of code: dump whatever isn't good enough for the rest

eulerscheZahl: yes, you have to provide your own solution

eulerscheZahl: at least for classic input-output based puzzles

WhiteGlove: Long ago I had an idea wrote down.. today I found the paper

eulerscheZahl: not for SDK puzzles or optims

WhiteGlove: yeah yeah input/output it is

eulerscheZahl: ok, now the november statement is semi-official :)

eulerscheZahl: even mid-november while I only knew november before

Illedan: Helps to ask :D

eulerscheZahl: many asked before and didn't get an answer :D

Illedan: At the right time ;)

Default avatar.png MikisSMD: I thought I could cheese the system (because it said to use the least lines of code) :D so I put all my code in 1 line (I know terrible) but then it counted chars

tutubalin: I got pretty close to dbdr in CGFunge

dbdr: nice, tutubalin

tutubalin: my code looks like Rorschach test in ASCII

dbdr: :D

dbdr: and what do you see?

tutubalin: some animal with long hears

tutubalin: probably donkey

tutubalin: i think that's me. spent so much time and effort and still #1

tutubalin: *#2

dbdr: it's a good result!

dbdr: beaten M*rchete

dbdr: oh, you didn't submit a high score until today

dbdr: how much time tutubalin?

tutubalin: it's 2 weeks since my first attempt. by of course i didn't spend all the time on a puzzle:)

dbdr: sure. so you didn't send your intermediate versios?

dbdr: yesterday you still had 54K

tutubalin: 54k is a normal solution with loops

dbdr: right

tutubalin: my new solution is a dirty hardcode, and intermediate solution just wouldn't pass all tests

tutubalin: or...

tutubalin: let's say that's my intermediate solution, and later i will come up with a better one :)

dbdr: :D

AntiSquid: eulerscheZahl your game turned to contest? i remember chat from backwhen you said you are going to pester CG

AntiSquid: was about a week or two ago, someone check records from chat logs, run sentiment analysis and reverse engineer the game

Default avatar.png PayItForward: where do i go to learn the basic for language c

Default avatar.png PayItForward: basics*

WhiteGlove: for C?

Default avatar.png PayItForward: yup


PatrickMcGinnisII: Battle Tower puzzle actually took me awhile, so much trouble for 60 lines of code

WhiteGlove: freecodecamp is good

WhiteGlove: but you could try coursera too

WhiteGlove: imo... frecodecamp is the way to go

Default avatar.png PayItForward: awesome thanks! i cant solve anything lol so going back to the basics

WhiteGlove: the rovers sent to Mars are coded in C

Default avatar.png PayItForward: ill try boths

WhiteGlove: also, check that, maybe your problem is not knowing the language but creating an algorith to solve the problem

WhiteGlove: which is what is happening to me right now xD

Default avatar.png fabulus: would anyone recommend learning C, or is it waste of time

Default avatar.png fabulus: (just for fun, not for a job or something like that)

WhiteGlove: I learnt C at uni

WhiteGlove: then continued with C++

WhiteGlove: C is very efficient since it was design for not so powerful computers back then

Default avatar.png fabulus: but hard to learn if you only coded in c# and python or?

WhiteGlove: there are no classes, but structs

Default avatar.png fabulus: no static vars only pointers, am i right?

WhiteGlove: and some other stuff from more modern languages

WhiteGlove: oh yeah, you will love pointers poiting to pointers pointing to pointers

Default avatar.png fabulus: sounds nice haha

WhiteGlove: then, once you have some C basics... go to C++. It is a QoL from C

Default avatar.png fabulus: Yeah thanks for the advice

WhiteGlove: a friend from uni works at a supercomputer with C++

WhiteGlove: no problem, mate

Default avatar.png fabulus: you mean quanten?

WhiteGlove: not quantum computers

Default avatar.png fabulus: quantum*


Default avatar.png fabulus: Imagine using there python :D

WhiteGlove: C++ is faster

Default avatar.png fabulus: yea it was a joke bcus of that

twitlydoof: C to modern C++ will still be difficult transition btw

WhiteGlove: +1

PatrickMcGinnisII: omg. No reason to learn straight C, when you switch to OOP your brain will explode...I know, I learned C in college in 1988, when I should have been learning Turbo C++... and i already knew ASM, Pascal, & Fortran ... learn c++ or csharp

WhiteGlove: that is why I told him to learn the basics first... which are not a few

Default avatar.png PayItForward: im in cs50 class and they start in C so we can get an understand of what python and SQL does

WhiteGlove: in 2014 you still do C

Default avatar.png fabulus: yeah im into c#

WhiteGlove: I'm the only Java boi here

WhiteGlove: please, don't question my transition ,thanks

Default avatar.png fabulus: may i ask why java? i cant get friends with that language

WhiteGlove: neither I hahaha

Default avatar.png PayItForward: where we transisition to those two programs to make our final project 1 of the following: ios game, andriod, web, or one other aspect which i forgot

PatrickMcGinnisII: Drop drop your beans java boi

WhiteGlove: I dropped from uni due to financial reasons... then took a vocational school where I did java for 2 years straight

Default avatar.png fabulus: but why you dont use c#?

Default avatar.png PayItForward: not part of the class im in

WhiteGlove: there is not much difference between Java and C#, but it important tho

Default avatar.png PayItForward: edx Harvard class its free. just started and i picked there

WhiteGlove: what I hate from Java is the lack of multihinheritance

WhiteGlove: what??

WhiteGlove: free hardvard

PatrickMcGinnisII: java a little more portable

WhiteGlove: +1

PatrickMcGinnisII: java has better pseudo random number generator

WhiteGlove: also most enterprises follow the rule "If it works, don't touch it" so it's all outdated Java

Default avatar.png fabulus: imagine writing: system.out.println to print out data :D

WhiteGlove: tbh, I always said I won't do Java ever... I loved C++... look at me, LOOK AT ME!

WhiteGlove: oh yeah... it's highly verbose sometimes

Default avatar.png fabulus: what are you guys working?

WhiteGlove: I worked as an ETL with SQL and python

PatrickMcGinnisII: youe ide shoudl save you typing

Default avatar.png fabulus: i used eclipse and i got a stroke everytime

WhiteGlove: I know some eclipse hardcore ppl tho

WhiteGlove: I HATE visual studio loading times...

Default avatar.png fabulus: I will never use a free ide again haha

WhiteGlove: it takes bloody ages

WhiteGlove: I would recommend visual studio code, portable and does the job

Default avatar.png fabulus: pycharm is not better

Default avatar.png fabulus: but you dont have nice debug tools am i right?

PatrickMcGinnisII: VS is a pig, eclipse is ok - but your setup needs to be on point

WhiteGlove: I use IntelliJ forJava, i quite like it

WhiteGlove: and PyCharm back at the job

Default avatar.png fabulus: pycharm is really a biest imo

WhiteGlove: never got really into it

WhiteGlove: what I enjoy about Python... is how easy is to read code

WhiteGlove: (when it's well writen tho)

Default avatar.png fabulus: yeah thats what i like at pseudo languages or how they re called

Default avatar.png fabulus: any ide recommendations for C?

WhiteGlove: NetBeans has C extensions

twitlydoof: you guys got a job?

WhiteGlove: but as I said... Visual Studio Code

WhiteGlove: not right now

WhiteGlove: Looking for a java junior or something while finishing uni

Default avatar.png fabulus: thanks mate

Default avatar.png fabulus: unfortunately web developer @twitly

WhiteGlove: I started doing shitty htlm and css

WhiteGlove: then I moved to the data dept. :D

Default avatar.png fabulus: just doing this because there is more demand

WhiteGlove: but the virus said f** you and sent me and some others home

Default avatar.png fabulus: i love corona :(

WhiteGlove: great beer

WhiteGlove: I'm trying to solve the ANEO Sponssore puzzle

Default avatar.png fabulus: where is it?

WhiteGlove: I got some correct doing some weird wizardry

WhiteGlove: Medium puzzlews

Default avatar.png fabulus: is it hard?

WhiteGlove: I've been 30 mins in... I must say I'm tired due to external reasons but I will continue tomorrow xD

PatrickMcGinnisII: i gtg, yall have fun. btw, i do php,html,css,sql and make $. I do java for phone apps. webdev is boring but there is more $ in it for self employment. Pick a graphics interface and the lang. that inteerfaces with it the best. glhf.

WhiteGlove: freelancer?

Default avatar.png fabulus: yea webdev is the cash cow

WhiteGlove: I would love some tips to get started

Default avatar.png fabulus: use bootstrap if you dont use wordpress

Default avatar.png fabulus: i highly recommend that to you

WhiteGlove: I hate wordpress, I tried once and no more

Default avatar.png fabulus: otherwise youre wasting time writing non responsive css

WhiteGlove: even those ads you get on the mail... those are responsive

WhiteGlove: I made those before going to data

Default avatar.png fabulus: i mean if you're writing your own html and css files

Default avatar.png fabulus: without a cms system

WhiteGlove: you may have received some made by me haha

Default avatar.png fabulus: haha

PatrickMcGinnisII: i guess i should have added JS ... learn JSON, bootstrap can help in some situations, but not necessarily easier

WhiteGlove: noted

PatrickMcGinnisII: wordpress is webdev for dummies

WhiteGlove: well I'm gonna go rest now

Default avatar.png fabulus: goodbye mate

PatrickMcGinnisII: i gtg. latrerz

WhiteGlove: The girl I'm into used wordpress and told me she knows how to do websites better than me

WhiteGlove: but story for another day, brothers

Default avatar.png fabulus: you have to bear with that to get the xx xD

mr.mister: What's wrong with someone doing websites in WP?

mr.mister: I myself started with PHP, then moved to Python, then C#, then went back to Python, and am now doing WP for living. Also, getting payed much more than back in the day when I did Django Python.

Jaek: There is nothing wrong with WP.. but you better create your plugins xd

Jaek: or read and understand the plugins you add which is sometimes impossible

DomiKo: ohhh yes

DomiKo: finally

DomiKo: top 100 <3

Jaek: Congrats :D

DomiKo: thx

Jaek: i spent a lot of time playing clash of codes to realize that it has it own leaderboard :(

ElJafar: Jaek

ElJafar: can you share your code

ElJafar: we r trying to learn

Jaek: lmao im trying to climb the leaderboard but okey ill share

Jaek: but you have to do the same

ElJafar: ofc

ElJafar: Allis how did you solve last question man

Allis: @ElJafar Sorry, which one was it?

Allis: Ah, the animal race. It's about ratios.

ElJafar: yes we thought it was m+n

Allis: It's a little more complicated than that.

Jaek: i didn't solve that

Allis: If one animal is running 90% as fast as the other, and then the other is running 80% as fast, it will cover 90% * 80% of the track in the same time period. That would be 72% in this case, and you just subtract that from the length of the track to know how much it would lose by.

ElJafar: Thank you, nice to learn

m0rsmordre: Allis <3

Default avatar.png RustProfi: nice

Jaek: i've lost the private chat xd

markyy: I find the previous problem offensive to my kind

Jaek: XDDD

Default avatar.png Ashen_024: ohw dammm i just noticed the picture markyy LMAO

markyy: Allis could you please share code

markyy: how do we mention people

Jaek: not sure xd

Jaek: @markyy

Jaek: not like that xd

markyy: @Jark

markyy: @Jaek

markyy: yea

Default avatar.png Ashen_024: hit them a personal message. possible?

markyy: but I notice that when someone types my nickname here the message becomes red and I get a notification sound

markyy: Jaek is this message red to you?

Jaek: yeah markyy

markyy: that's it then


markyy: that's racist

markyy: xD

markyy: jk

Jaek: ffs

Jaek: i don't have a qwerty keyboard

Jaek: and the clash is about qwerty keyboards

Default avatar.png Ashen_024: LMAO

Jaek: @markyy wth ?

Jaek: i don't get it xd

Jaek: i would get it if it was about simps

Default avatar.png Ashen_024: and that was a long ass copy paste on my end because apparently i dont know how to compare it with a whole range in one statement

markyy: it was the input and output of a reverse mode problem

Jaek: im too dumb to get it

Jaek: :'(

Jaek: do you spend time on the puzzles ?

markyy: Jaek like the output is different just because it's a male name instead of a female, it's okay hehe

Default avatar.png Ashen_024: "Given a list of N words" there's a list now?

Default avatar.png Ashen_024: xdd


Default avatar.png GAL1LE0: mornig

Jaek: its 3am here

Jaek: anyways, good morning

Default avatar.png Ashen_024: 7:40am here.. Good morning to ya'll too

Jaek: this problem is a pain in the ass

Default avatar.png Ashen_024: i'm too sleepy at this point for this problem.. gonna hit the bed now

Default avatar.png Ashen_024: later ya'll

Jaek: its easy but too lazy to think about it

Jaek: good night