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eulerscheZahl: i do Zenoscave

Zenoscave: Is there a link?


eulerscheZahl: chat you are laggy

Zenoscave: Thanks!

Default avatar.png Hosderm: do any guys have nice git resources

jacek: happy Caturday

Zenoscave: Meow

jrke: oh i forgot its caturday :)

eulerscheZahl: happy Caturday

Pythorn_god: va`o

markyy: why does chats from previous clash of codes stay

Allis: Hard to tell whether it's a bug or feature.

jrke: its like a channel which is different for each clash so you have to delete manually

Allis: I think the hard part is that some would want it to auto-close once they're done with the clash and others would want it to stay so they could converse with the people still clashing.

Allis: Easy enough to make that configurable, though.

uvBoss: @eulerscheZahl u on?I had a question on the A* 11- puzzle


uvBoss: or anyone else who think they can help ?

uvBoss: no one?

eulerscheZahl: i'm back, just ask your question

uvBoss: what heuristics did u use for this puzzle?

eulerscheZahl: so, my heuristic for the 11-puzzle: try to put the right-most column in place first

uvBoss: im using basic manhattan distance

eulerscheZahl: i run a BFS, not even A*

uvBoss: oh oke

eulerscheZahl: when i find a way to get the right column in place, i'll "freeze" it and only touch the missing region after

uvBoss: thats it?

uvBoss: why is that good??

eulerscheZahl: it's not good. just sufficient to solve the problem

eulerscheZahl: i don't even pass all visible testcases. but all validators :D

uvBoss: okay

uvBoss: oh damn

jrke: thats weird euler :thinking:

uvBoss: xD how do u come up with these solutions tho?

eulerscheZahl: just realized that a full search was taking too long. so i added this to make it faster. now that one testcase gets solved but takes more than 50 moves

eulerscheZahl: the "free" tile is at the top right, so the left part isn't affected by it

eulerscheZahl: let's solve this first and have the same problem again at a smaller scale

uvBoss: so u are trying to get less than 50 moves solution instead of the optimal one?

uvBoss: alright thanks man

eulerscheZahl: yes. whatever meets both move count and SPU time constraints

eulerscheZahl: CPU*

eulerscheZahl: and the failing testcase:

eulerscheZahl: just 1 move short :D

uvBoss: u are solving from the right to left

uvBoss: what testcase is that?

eulerscheZahl: 7th

uvBoss: i fail 7 and 8 too

eulerscheZahl: on submit there are only 6 testcases

eulerscheZahl: submit and see if you get lucky

uvBoss: i fail the 5th and 6th

eulerscheZahl: oh

uvBoss: in validators

uvBoss: plain timeout

eulerscheZahl: i see

uvBoss: coz i dont move until i solve the puzzle

uvBoss: or to put it in another way until i readch the solution

eulerscheZahl: same: i find a complete solution before printing a single action

uvBoss: maybe i should not always go for the optimal solution then

uvBoss: ok thanks man let me see

uvBoss: did u use c++ ?

eulerscheZahl: C#

eulerscheZahl: maxime (who uploaded the game) has an A* solution in python

eulerscheZahl: he mentioned that it takes about 200ms worst case

uvBoss: oh damn

Marchete: happy caturday

SpotlessCoder: Hi I'm streaming clash of code on twitch @ - Please visit my channel! :) - Best of luck!

Default avatar.png BlackWraith: Is there a way to view completed puzzles by language? I want to revisit puzzles multiple times for c#, c++, etc.

eulerscheZahl: there is no way

eulerscheZahl: not even a spoon

Default avatar.png JBM: there used to

Default avatar.png JBM: Orabig's toolpage

Default avatar.png JBM: where did that go

Default avatar.png JBM: that would be it:

Default avatar.png JBM: but it doesn't appear to be online anymore

WhiteGlove: Can anyone review my piece of code for the Bulk Email Generator?

Default avatar.png JBM: isn't that what the tests are for?

WhiteGlove: yeah, but only I pass 2 of them

WhiteGlove: and i believe that I'm on the right track to solve it

Default avatar.png JBM: remember the input isn't especially line-oriented

Default avatar.png JBM: read all of it; process all of it

WhiteGlove: hold up

WhiteGlove: you are the author xD

Default avatar.png JBM: yup

WhiteGlove: my respects, brother

Default avatar.png JBM: lol

Default avatar.png JBM: you'll have plenty of time to respect me *if* you solve it :p

WhiteGlove: I'm digging into the javadocs for more info ona method

WhiteGlove: but so far it does what I expected, not the solution


Marchete: for anyone interested

Marchete: I think it gives a lot of info about Dot and Boxes in a clear way, not just pure formulas

AntiSquid: link in its forum thread ? this kind of stuff always gets lost

jrke: yeah,Marchete it will be good if you post it in forum of D&B.

Default avatar.png Morthyr: i

Default avatar.png AmoSimo: hey is there any way to reset my CSB progress ?

Default avatar.png AmoSimo: i didn't play in like 2 years and my python script has been reset for some reason ?

eulerscheZahl: there's a history on the left in case you submitted the code and didn't only play in the IDE

eulerscheZahl: left: results then there's a history section

Default avatar.png AmoSimo: oh yeah found it thanks you !

Default avatar.png AmoSimo: oh wait ur the frog guy ! glad you're still playing ^^

eulerscheZahl: wow, you remember me :)

Mirak42: Anyone has the c# code assist working?

eulerscheZahl: yes. in my offline IDE

Mirak42: ok, i think the online one is dead.

TomaszK: yes, I just had the same issue

WhiteGlove: Does anyone know about some website where you compare RegEx?

WhiteGlove: this one doesn't count ->

eulerscheZahl: "compare"?

WhiteGlove: I just used the Chrome console for that

eulerscheZahl: i usually use but i don't know what you mean by "compare"

WhiteGlove: It's that I do not know why mine fails, when on said website works :(

WhiteGlove: by compare I meant something as this:

WhiteGlove: Open the chrome console and type String(regex1)==String(regex2)

WhiteGlove: mine says false so... it is wrong

eulerscheZahl: that's too vague for me, i'm out

WhiteGlove: anyways... I solved the puzzle with a bit of help with regex

testb-35: hi

Default avatar.png jomacosta: hello

Default avatar.png DmcPhuc: share code di tieuholy

Default avatar.png DauY: English please @DmcPhuc :v

Default avatar.png Tieuholy: 100% i will share

Default avatar.png DauY: Oh

Default avatar.png LinhT.Nguyen: chao ae

Default avatar.png LinhT.Nguyen: sup

AntiSquid: how's vietnam doing atm ?

Default avatar.png JohnPotter895: Hello

Default avatar.png JohnPotter895: HI there

Default avatar.png JohnPotter895: Im noob

Default avatar.png JohnPotter895: Very noob

Default avatar.png NEO369: whats goin on

Default avatar.png NEO369: yoo

Default avatar.png JohnPotter895: My technical like shit

Default avatar.png JohnPotter895: I alway lose

Default avatar.png NEO369: nebie myself trynaeach myself how to code

jacek: hmm

Default avatar.png danehill: how do i get rid of discord side panel

jacek: there is triangle in the bottom

Default avatar.png danehill: jacke, thanks so much!

Default avatar.png danehill: oops, I meant jacek. sorry.

Default avatar.png xzxy: how do i make this site as dark smh

Default avatar.png xzxy: my extension doesnt work

professional_dumbass: is it dark reader?

JJJJJJtendingtoinfinite: same lol

PotatoCoder: how many captchas i have solve so that im not a robot?

letsgooooo: text

letsgooooo: test

BenjaminUrquhart: test failed successfully

R3Ked: clash of code is hard

Default avatar.png JBM: MadKnight!

Default avatar.png JBM: good to see you again!

MadKnight: yea

MadKnight: i came up with my own sMadmiMax

Default avatar.png JBM: tell us all about it

MadKnight: it's got 2 major improvements over smitsi

MadKnight: for simul games

Zenoscave: Hey MK how's your bot

MadKnight: very nice

Zenoscave: what are the improvements?

Default avatar.png DavidMcCabe: LMAO

Zenoscave: what has you laughing DavidMcCabe?

Default avatar.png DavidMcCabe: My bad fella, thought you were calling someone in the chat a bot and I thought that was a funny way of doing it

Zenoscave: lol, It's a common phrase in CG

Zenoscave: how's your bot DavidMcCabe

Default avatar.png DavidMcCabe: Gotcha, might be able to tell I'm a noob... lol

Zenoscave: The rank/lvl says that for sure ;) but no worries. we all were a noob at one point

Default avatar.png DavidMcCabe: Started an hour ago, already blasted by the third problem

Default avatar.png DavidMcCabe: game*

Zenoscave: Practice problem or Multi?

Default avatar.png DavidMcCabe: practice: bank robbers

Zenoscave: Try CSB


Default avatar.png DavidMcCabe: Thanks!

Default avatar.png 2berkir: Gosh.. I hate that it kicks me out of clash when time is up. Just let me finish my work, can't even copy because of that thing.

Default avatar.png 2berkir: I don't want any points, you can have them all. Just let me..

BenjaminUrquhart: share your solution after it ends and copy from there

BenjaminUrquhart: better than nothing

Default avatar.png DavidMcCabe: I would love to see someone's code who knew what they are doing

Default avatar.png DavidMcCabe: in CSB

Zenoscave: people tend not to share code for multiplayers but any advice or tips you can imagine can be found on the forum

reCurse: At your league this should do: target = nextCP - 3 * velocity

Zenoscave: ^ this is true

Legoracer: why not share in mp?

Legoracer: sounds like missed flex

Zenoscave: They are still actively competitive in upper leagues

Zenoscave: but yeah some people like to share strats

MadKnight: hey guys

MadKnight: i forgot - why did u need score normalization in smitsimax ?

MadKnight: reCurse Zenoscave u guys know it ?

Zenoscave: nope

Default avatar.png LinhT.Nguyen: alo ae

Default avatar.png DmcPhuc: 2

Default avatar.png LinhT.Nguyen: ae nghi ra j ko

Default avatar.png LinhT.Nguyen: kho vl

Default avatar.png DmcPhuc: tui k bt lun :L

Default avatar.png DmcPhuc: pending qua bài khác

Default avatar.png LinhT.Nguyen: chuyen qua string r them so 0 a

Default avatar.png DmcPhuc: mấy ông bro quá

Default avatar.png LinhT.Nguyen: moi lai di

Default avatar.png LinhT.Nguyen: ko = yasuovn dc haha

MadKnight: anyone here, Automaton2020 ?

Default avatar.png LinhT.Nguyen: why madknight?

MadKnight: are u new here ?

Default avatar.png LinhT.Nguyen: yes i am new only level 7

MadKnight: what are u playing ?

MadKnight: puzzles ?

Default avatar.png LinhT.Nguyen: nah just clashes

Default avatar.png LinhT.Nguyen: puzzles are hard

Default avatar.png LinhT.Nguyen: i only do them so often

MadKnight: but the clashes are like mini-puzzles

MadKnight: also haven't u tried PvP bot programming ?

Default avatar.png LinhT.Nguyen: not yet what is it

Default avatar.png LinhT.Nguyen: u got the link or something

Default avatar.png LinhT.Nguyen: clashes are much easier than medium puzzles imo

Default avatar.png LinhT.Nguyen: so it keeps my dopamine receptors satisfied

Default avatar.png LinhT.Nguyen: hahaha


MadKnight: this one is also easy

MadKnight: it even got a tutorial for newbies