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markyy: the duckie just realized that's it's rank number two of its country in clash of codes

Default avatar.png msd9126:

Default avatar.png msd9126: FAST JOIN

Default avatar.png DmcPhuc: cặc

jacek: ohai

Default avatar.png DmcPhuc: hello everyonw

jrke: oh dbdr just small difference left...

jrke: hi DmcPhuc

codeing: hi jrke

pbpack: hello

Default avatar.png KJrist: it does not make sense

SonicFox: 666

SonicFox: wa a iu ge

ABM_ABOLFAZL: why I figure the solution in a another way but it doesn't work like the solution given by the community XD

dbdr: jrke: small difference?

dbdr: do you use heuristics only or some search?

jrke: minimax

Default avatar.png DanielSegal: LaidMalik share code please

jrke: whats your depth for minimax dbdr?

dbdr: looks like depth 1 most of the time :D well, branching factor changes a lot over time

jrke: depth 1? then your eval will be too good then me

dbdr: what depth do you have?

dbdr: I will need to check deeper, but not a good time now

jrke: 3

jrke: i have made out some bugs and then i need a optimal eval

codeing: what your favorite ?

jrke: whats the maximum time your bot is using? dbdr

Default avatar.png roshstar1999: can anyone tell me how to get started with contributing in open source

Uljahn: make a account? read some FAQs? :thinking:

Default avatar.png roshstar1999: laready have github account and have uploaded a few self projects

Default avatar.png roshstar1999: but no experience into open source

jacek: fork some project, improve it, pull request :?

The_Auditor: chose a project you are using or you like, it will help with motivation. Read the projects "how to contribute" information before choosing the project.

The_Auditor: some projects have too many hoops to jump through.

The_Auditor: some projects have no contribution process and your pull request will be sitting there for months

Default avatar.png hi

Default avatar.png Tieuholy: Kombanwa minasan

jacek: ohayou

Default avatar.png Tieuholy: onamae wa?

pbpack: oheyo

Default avatar.png Tieuholy: well well well

Default avatar.png Tieuholy: i love everybody :D

Default avatar.png DauY: wtf tieuholy =))

jacek: everypony?

Default avatar.png Tieuholy: ahaha

Default avatar.png Tieuholy: {

Default avatar.png Pablo_: }

Default avatar.png DauY: heloo all

Default avatar.png DauY: hello

Default avatar.png DauY: ok

Default avatar.png Tieuholy: solo ko

Default avatar.png DauY: are you ready

Default avatar.png Pablo_: for what?

Default avatar.png DauY: i from in china

Default avatar.png Tieuholy: I always ready

Default avatar.png DauY: OMG

Default avatar.png Tieuholy: I from Nihon

Default avatar.png Pablo_: nice

Default avatar.png Tieuholy: new Game DauY

Default avatar.png Diablo59: HW

Default avatar.png DauY: do you speak vietnamese? :v

Default avatar.png Tieuholy: i don't know kaka

Default avatar.png DauY: oh shit

Default avatar.png DauY: invite me

Default avatar.png Tieuholy: watashi wa nihongo wo hanashi masu.

eulerscheZahl: please use the chat of the respective country, in this case #vn I think

reCurse: *language

eulerscheZahl: right

Default avatar.png Tieuholy: If i upset you, I'm sorry eulerscheZahl

Default avatar.png DauY: toome

Default avatar.png DauY: me too

Default avatar.png DauY: I'm sorry eulerscheZahl

eulerscheZahl: it's fine. just speak English or switch channels ;)

Default avatar.png Tieuholy: ok bro.

Hjax: two accounts from vietnam speaking to each other in japanese written with the roman alphabet

Hjax: im confused

Default avatar.png Tieuholy: just for jun ok.

Default avatar.png Tieuholy: fun

AntoCrasher: ไม่

AntoCrasher: jk

Default avatar.png JohnPotter895: Im VIet Nam

Default avatar.png JohnPotter895: Hello

dbdr: ah, jrke noticed :D

dbdr: changed anything or trying your luck?

jrke: just opened d&b page and saw the end of your submission

jrke: luck this time

jrke: dbdr did you changed something or went heuristic against me?

dbdr: I realized why I was always seeing depth 1

dbdr: I had limited to depth 1 for debugging and forgotten to remove that :D

jrke: oh

Hjax: classic dbdr, has a code flag to disable losing :P

dbdr: :innocent:

jrke: whats your curr depth

dbdr: depth 3 on second turn

jrke: ?? means

jrke: dbdr depth 3 on 2nd turns means??

dbdr: not sure how else to say it

dbdr: my depth is 3

dbdr: measured on the second turn

Hjax: since you get extra time on turn 1, the depth on that turn is less interesting

dbdr: right. I actually don't use that, but that removes the ambiguity

jrke: so you don't have fixed for same match its roaming right?

dbdr: I have timer to 80ms I think

Hjax: id imagine hes using iterative deepening

dbdr: ^

dbdr: Hjax, weren't you using rust before?

Hjax: for othello yes

Hjax: my D&B bot is about 20 minutes of throwing a heuristic together in python, its nothing serious

dbdr: right :)

reCurse: And next thing you know you're still debugging it at 4am

Hjax: i intend to use rust for the fall contest, whenever that happens

eulerscheZahl: in fall?

Hjax: will it though?

Hjax: i could see it getting pushed back to the winter

eulerscheZahl: who knows

Default avatar.png JBM: who knows

Default avatar.png JBM: hey!

eulerscheZahl: hi Astrobytes

Hjax: ?

eulerscheZahl: as it's usually Astrobytes who writes the same as me, just a second later

darkhorse64: jrke: are you using minimax too ?

Hjax: ah

jrke: yes

Astrobytes: lol

Hjax: i was wondering if youd be summoned Astro

Astrobytes: If it had been this past week, unlikely.

Hjax: been busy

Hjax: ?

Astrobytes: Yeah, just family/life stuff. Nothing exciting.

Astrobytes: Have I missed anything exciting?

eulerscheZahl: dots and boxes multiplayer

eulerscheZahl: that's it i think

Astrobytes: Ah it's approved now then

eulerscheZahl: yes

wlesavo: hey guys, any tips on cotr search with expert rules? Have nothing on mind except a few heuristic, and i wounder if there is actually a way to do a generic search for some loops

eulerscheZahl: i optimized some testcases by hand :(

wlesavo: well im close to doing the same :slight_smile:

eulerscheZahl: validator = testcase with A=Z,B=Y,C=X,...

eulerscheZahl: except for the last, where just the last letter is missing

wlesavo: going offline i only got like -400 points

wlesavo: yeah, i know euler, thx

eulerscheZahl: i also tried offline with more time, didn't help much

dbdr: shocking!

Default avatar.png Memo12334: in coders strike back, would a bezier curve do with turning

Default avatar.png Memo12334: sry

Hjax: why sorry?

Zone_Infinity: hi

Hjax: hello

Default avatar.png Memo12334: maybe not good question

Default avatar.png DebugMedia: I need help

Default avatar.png DebugMedia: You borrowed N dollars from the bank. The compound interest accrues I % each month. You will pay the interest in M months. Then how many $s you have to pay to the bank after M months? The result will be always an integer.

Default avatar.png DebugMedia: Input : 200 50 2 Output : 450

C0d1ng_Anub: how to make test case visible while contributing a problem?

AntiSquid: test cases are visible but validators aren't

AntiSquid: what are you trying to do C0d1ng_Anub

C0d1ng_Anub: I just contributed a problem (for reverse mode). Consequently, i want my statement to include more than 1 test case. How do i do that?


faceless: wow, i havent been on this site in a minute

Allis: @C0d1ng_Anub I could be mistaken, but I think all the tests are automatically displayed if the contribution shows up during reverse mode.

C0d1ng_Anub: Yes, You are correct and thanks for helping :)

Allis: Sure thing. :)

Default avatar.png Bobbadillio: I just posted in the forums about Rust 1.46, but what does the process for language updates usually look like?

AlexisMolestos: when Fall challenge starts?

Default avatar.png Bobbadillio: I've wanted for AGES to have while loops in Rust const fn and it just hit stable in Rust 1.46! The upshot for my UTTT bot is that I can do stuff like pre-compute solutions to standard tic tac toe at compile time, and then refer to those solutions as constants in my code!

Default avatar.png Bobbadillio: Right now I'm brute-forcing standard tic-tac-toe every game on turn 1 and then using the small-board optimal solution as one heuristic. I'd LOVE to offload that to compile-time!

Default avatar.png Bobbadillio: Right now I'm brute-forcing standard tic-tac-toe every game on turn 1 and then using the small-board optimal solution as one heuristic. I'd LOVE to offload that to compile-time!

ABM_ABOLFAZL: hey I get stuck in even simple challenges what should I do

ABM_ABOLFAZL: im learnin java script and wanted to practice some of the skills here

ABM_ABOLFAZL: but I get stock even in easy puzzles

Default avatar.png Bobbadillio: Have you ever studied algorithms, and implemented what you learned in a language of your choice? You can probably find a good free course on the internet somewhere

Default avatar.png FengchiW: hey whats the print command for debugging?

Default avatar.png Bobbadillio: what language?

Default avatar.png FengchiW: sorry, python

Default avatar.png Bobbadillio: gotcha, I'm actually not sure, although I think there's a way to import sys, and then print to sys.stderr ?

Default avatar.png FengchiW: hmm

Default avatar.png FengchiW: thanks

Default avatar.png Bobbadillio: @FengchiW to be more explicit, import sys print("hello test", file=sys.stderr) works in my interpreter!

Default avatar.png FengchiW: ty <#!

NefariousToby: hi

Default avatar.png davequisha: what

Default avatar.png davequisha: hi

Default avatar.png Gregory000: _now

Default avatar.png BennyWalnuts: i need help damnit

Default avatar.png AngryCarrot: wht do you need help on

Default avatar.png BennyWalnuts: i shouldn't have swore

Default avatar.png AngryCarrot: to late its saved in the database

Default avatar.png BennyWalnuts: :D

Default avatar.png Proudrooster: Which is the most fun path, AI, Algorithms, or Clash of Code?

Allis: Yes.

CyanRook: Allis, can you share your code on that last shortest problem?

Allis: @CyanRook Shared; nothing too fancy.

noisy_datum: does this website have a dark theme option?

Default avatar.png Hiachi: yeah

Default avatar.png Hiachi: Its dark for me rn

noisy_datum: the IDE is indeed dark

noisy_datum: but i was hoping that the other pages would be dark as well

noisy_datum: like your home page

noisy_datum: they airn't

Allis: @noisy_datum Unfortunately, there's no native dark mode and even the Dark Reader browser extension doesn't work with CG's styling.

Allis: Chrome's brute-force Dark Mode hidden flag does work, but it's pretty ugly. If you know some CSS, you should totally consider making a custom userstyle to have good dark mode on CG. :)

Default avatar.png ThankTune: Hello

Simotijox: hi

Default avatar.png DauY: Hello

Default avatar.png DauY: Hello vietnamese

Default avatar.png Tieuholy: Hi

Default avatar.png Tieuholy: Come in @yasuovn

Default avatar.png ThankTune: Loo

Default avatar.png DmcPhuc: fuck me

Default avatar.png DauY: what @DmcPhuc

Default avatar.png DauY: oh =))

Default avatar.png TheFunkyCube_bfc4: i cant do it