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Allis: We hope you enjoy your stay.

jrke: D&B is getting interesting day by day hour by hour and second by second :)

Default avatar.png andrew_pahl: when testing a solution to a puzzle against a test case with a series of inputs, is there a way to see which input specifically triggered a failure?

Default avatar.png andrew_pahl: I'm seeing that my solution returned "false" when it should've returned "true," but it's not clear which input should've returned "true"

jrke: try debug statement

jrke: which lang ?

Default avatar.png andrew_pahl: python

jrke: ok

jrke: so suppose

jrke: a=input()

jrke: ok now you have to see what is input so

jrke: print(a,file=sys.stderr)

jrke: it will print the value of as error stream means it won't affect your normal output

Default avatar.png andrew_pahl: When I do this, it prints all the inputs, not just all the inputs up until the one that failed. For example, I'm failing on a test that should return "true," but my last output is "true"

Default avatar.png andrew_pahl: meaning that one of the middle inputs produced the failure, but I can't tell which it was

jrke: print everything in error stream and make out where the error is

Default avatar.png andrew_pahl: i'll try that, thanks

jrke: no problem :)


Om1234: join pls

Om1234: :pray:

Default avatar.png NoiselessDictator_e4c4: .

Uljahn: just clash with CG bots instead of pasting invites, Automaton2000

Automaton2000: it's a way to know if it's possible to get to top

Putnam3145: hmmmmmmm

Putnam3145: i made my algorithm pick randomly and now it... randomly times out or not

Putnam3145: this suggests there's proper selection criteria

Illedan: jrke -.-

jrke: ??

jrke: what

Illedan: I was enjoying stealing your points :D

jrke: :) i made first today morning currently made one more submission

Illedan: Yeah, the reason for my comment :P

jrke: ;)

AntiSquid: Om1234 no clash invites in World chat. you can go to #clash where other clash enthusiasts spam links

jrke: illedan is your bot minimax?

Illedan: No. 15 IFs

AntiSquid: so random forest

jrke: what is IF?

Illedan: if(a) DoA(); else if(b) DoB();

Illedan: :P

Marchete: what game?

Illedan: Dots and Boxes

jrke: D&B

Marchete: I played that game on school, loong time ago

jrke: i still play that in my school :grin:

Marchete: I think it could be interesting, but I'm not sure how balanced is

Marchete: maybe one side has a big winratwe

Marchete: winrate

Illedan: Yeh

Illedan: P1 wins much more

Marchete: so 2nd with heuristic bot?

Illedan: Yeah

Marchete: :thumbsup:

Illedan: Soon 1st if jrke keeps pushing me up :P

jrke: :(

Marchete: moar submits!

Illedan: Nah

Illedan: Fine now

Illedan: ^^

jrke: congrats illedan

jrke: 1st

Illedan: And I know about 2 bugs :D

Marchete: congrats, you did nothing to deserve 1st :D

Illedan: My 4 hours worth of coding is not nothing :D

Marchete: at least rules seem simple

Marchete: I tried to read yinsh and it was like wth!

Illedan: haha

jrke: wood 1 was easy i made it various bugs

Marchete: I didn't know that D&B had a name

Marchete: what I'm puzzled is how there were some similarities at that time

Marchete: without internet and stuff

Illedan: I don't remember life before internet :thinking:

Illedan: Anyway, I'm off. cya

jrke: B-Bye

Marchete: we have the SRC of D&B

Marchete: to see max sizes and such

Marchete: ?

Marchete: nvm

Counterbalance: yeah though it's always 7x7 in wood1

Marchete: I saw the contribution, it seems 7x7 is the max size

jrke: always 2*2 in wood 2 and always 7*7 in wood 1

Marchete: private static final int BOARDSIZE_LEVEL1 = 2;

   private static final int BOARDSIZE_LEVEL2 = 7;

Marchete: inputs are a bit weird

netwrk: a

Default avatar.png moonlightCoder: Hi

Default avatar.png moonlightCoder: I am a beginner at codingame. Please guide me

jrke: there are modes practice and comepete

Default avatar.png moonlightCoder: how often should I practice here?

jrke: practice have easy,medium,hard,very hard puzzles for practice and learning it won't affect your rank

Default avatar.png moonlightCoder: How do I increase my rank?

Default avatar.png moonlightCoder: or rating

jrke: compete - there are clashes,bot programming,code golf-make your shortest code and last optimisation - complete tasks in less time

jrke: compete section gives you rank

Default avatar.png moonlightCoder: Okay

Default avatar.png moonlightCoder: Thanx

Default avatar.png Mokafela: hi guys im new is it a global chat for all levels or just this ?

Counterbalance: Welcome! This is the global chat.

Default avatar.png Mokafela: yeah thanks

Default avatar.png Mokafela: is there any way to skip this tutorials?

SPDene: just do them - shouldn't take more than a minute or so

Counterbalance: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Counterbalance: gcc bugs :(

dbdr: Counterbalance: what's the bug?

Counterbalance: i have a loop that produces weird results with -O2 or -Ofast

dbdr: are you sure it's not undefined behaviour?

Counterbalance: it's a 7x7 loop which executes exactly 49 times, each time incrementing 1 of 5 variables, yet, the sum of those variables gets bigger and bigger

Default avatar.png JBM: show us

dbdr: :popcorn:

Counterbalance: I'll make a reproducible example

dbdr: this guys reports

Counterbalance: I checked the gcc open bug list - it's huge..

Default avatar.png JBM: with all those people finding bugs and no one fixing them

Counterbalance: ok when I make a minimal example it works fine.... it's in a recursive function with depth 2 so maybe something goes wrong there

Counterbalance: It's really straightforward code


Counterbalance: ^ code, v stderr:


Default avatar.png JBM: works here

jrke: my resubmit made me second else i was first thi morning in D&B dbdr wait i will get my stats back

jrke: ;)

Counterbalance: hmmm i think i may have found the problem using valgrind

darkhorse64: instead of your ternary, why don't you perform a popcount ?

Counterbalance: thought about that, but it's only 2 bits

darkhorse64: it's only one op

Counterbalance: true, i'll add it later ;)

Counterbalance: Ok, the cause was indeed undefined behaviour; apparently, if you wrap the call to that countNums in an if (array_of_size_n[n]) all hell breaks loose..

darkhorse64: Yeah, when your code goes wild, overflow is most often than not the cause

darkhorse64: *more*

Counterbalance: I'll definitely remember that. :)

Tobes2: '-'

Tobes2: '-'

Tobes2: ah

Tobes2: internet working perfectly as usual

Counterbalance: mmmm...

DaNinja: lol

jacek: ready for production

Default avatar.png ottohero: perfect strategy

dbdr: Counterbalance: interesting take you use more time when the board is more full

Counterbalance: yeah, i sim depth 2 when me or the opponent can take a square

Counterbalance: or do you mean when there are more occupied squares? it should only be slower if there are many squares with 3 sides..

jacek: woo new puzzle of the week

jacek: i hoped for tvc

dbdr: puzzle of the week: this contrib not (yet?) approved :D

jrke: not approved but accepted ;)

Schwase: morning

jacek: wood

Default avatar.png Ash_code: Hi

Default avatar.png NoiselessDictator_e4c4: hey lol

Default avatar.png dark_3nergy: lol hey

Default avatar.png NoiselessDictator_e4c4: sup

Default avatar.png NoiselessDictator_e4c4: :monkey:

AntoCrasher: hi

Zuabros: hi

abt8601: hi

Zuabros: puzzle of the week is easy

Zuabros: take your chance

Bashar: where is it


BenjaminUrquhart: yes

Default avatar.png JBM: abt8601: where did you get the generic link from?

Default avatar.png bruddah: how can i see my friend's puzzle solution?

Default avatar.png bruddah: i can't click any of them

Uljahn: you have to solve the puzzle first in the same language

Default avatar.png bruddah: i tried to solve but didn't pass all tests and submitted it. do i have to pass all of them?

Default avatar.png bruddah: i gave up x'D

Uljahn: you have to get 100% score on submit to see other's solutions

Default avatar.png bruddah: thank you

Default avatar.png JohnPotter895: anybody here ?

Default avatar.png JohnPotter895: hey

Uljahn: Automaton2000 is always here

Automaton2000: that's how i got into bronze

BenjaminUrquhart: yes


Default avatar.png [tom]: hi

Default avatar.png [tom]:

Default avatar.png [tom]:

Default avatar.png [tom]:

jacek: hello

AntiSquid: dont @_@

jacek: Automaton2000 what was the character flooding?

Automaton2000: i like how you can do it if i can improve

Default avatar.png alexobrien20: is there any way to see the question you've just finished clashing on?

SPDene: @alexobrien20 if you remember the title, try searching for it on

Default avatar.png JBM: or just some relevant contents

The_Auditor: this site is evel

The_Auditor: spent all free time on the weekend here

jacek: only weekend?

The_Auditor: i joined on Friday . . .

C0d1ng_Anub: Hi everyone, can someone tell me a free course good for placement preparation?

Default avatar.png Crimson_PT: Hello

C0d1ng_Anub: hi


InfidelArt: Oh longer messages create pastebin links lol

AntiSquid: one weekend is nothing The_Auditor

jacek: phew

The_Auditor: given that I just joined, the prospects are ... alarming

AntiSquid: noice

AntiSquid: would be more alarming to spend a weekend trying to fix some git-repo

dyc3: has anybody attempted the puzzle of the week? I'm stuck

Zm4j: i'm doing it atm

The_Auditor: you don't need backtracking for the puzzle of the week

dyc3: I'm stuck specifically on the case `{{}[{[]}]{}}`, I'm outputting true and it's expecting false

The_Auditor: the verification conditions are ... simpler then the normal brakets puzzle

dyc3: Am I missing something? This case has matching brackets so it should be expecting true, right?

The_Auditor: something else is wrong. the sequence you pasted is correct on it's own

Zm4j: ye that is true

Zm4j: are you looking at right example?

The_Auditor: there are multiple cases in on one run, could it bethat it's complaining about another case ?

dyc3: no, test case 3 "Unextreme at little cost" expects all false, and this is the only one returning true for me

Zm4j: {([]){}())

Zm4j: this is 1st case in 3. test

The_Auditor: there is a > in the middle

dyc3: OH i typoed

dyc3: I wasn't including the <> brackets

The_Auditor: there is a missing } at the end

The_Auditor: yes, < > matter in this puzzle

dyc3: yeah whoops

dyc3: thanks fellas

Default avatar.png Chris01: anyone know Java?

The_Auditor: yep

The_Auditor: but google know better . . .

Tee-Resa: sure, wheres the problem?

Default avatar.png Chris01: im on the Mars Lander - Episode 1

Default avatar.png Chris01: i made a if {} but i dont know how to combine it with the System.out.println("0 3") ;

Default avatar.png Chris01: error messege says: Expected two integers but found '0' and 'i'

Default avatar.png Chris01: cause im trying to implement the if {} into the soulution

Yasser: if (your condition) { System.out.println("0 3") ; }

The_Auditor: println("" + x + " " y);

The_Auditor: println("" + x + " " + y);

Default avatar.png Chris01: but if it wants "integers", why do you use the "" symbols?

Default avatar.png Chris01: arent those for Strings?

Tee-Resa: to make the int to a string

Tee-Resa: else you would add the two numbers

The_Auditor: the output is always converted to strings in these puzzles

Tee-Resa: println(a + b); is one number

Default avatar.png Chris01: holy shit, the code Yasser cam with worked

Default avatar.png Chris01: im stupid, when i see the code like it is now idk how i didnt see it before

Default avatar.png Chris01: thanks

TheScore: someone who solved Chuck Norris in C#???

Tee-Resa: sry, only know the basics of c#

The_Auditor: i only know the dull version - java

TheScore: What language do you know?

jacek: english

The_Auditor: also, i can't c# , because i wear glasses

Tee-Resa: bad jokes incoming

TheScore: :)))

jacek: ur mum

The_Auditor: guys, are you doing assignments from school or something ?

TheScore: no

jacek: its my hobby

Tee-Resa: uni yes

Default avatar.png Chris01: Using this as practice so i can do better on the assignement

Default avatar.png Chris01: started with Java like a week ago tho

Tee-Resa: only hoppy, impresive :D

Tee-Resa: *hobby

The_Auditor: hobby here too . . .

TheScore: where can i get some help ? :((

The_Auditor: professor google, maybe... What's the problem ?

TheScore: Chuck Norris :((

Tee-Resa: is it just understand or code technically

Tee-Resa: google is your best friend

TheScore: my code seems.. correct :))) that's why I don't know that to do now

TheScore: what to do*

Tee-Resa: debug your code, pretty helpful

The_Auditor: add debug print out to verify your assesment that the code is correct

Tee-Resa: same idee XD

The_Auditor: if it does not pass, then it's not correct - need to find in what way it is not correct

The_Auditor: have to do this or a living...

SPDene: @TheScore what's the problem? is every test failing? or just certain ones?

Tee-Resa: copy paste to your local interpreter and use the debug mode

TheScore: The problem is Chuck Norris. I'm doing it in C#

SPDene: describe why it's not working. are test failing? which one?S what errors?

TheScore: Every test is failing for now. I'm aiming to do first 2 tests

TheScore: But

TheScore: Even if my code seems correct to me

TheScore: Failure Found: "0 0 00 000 0 0 " Expected: "0 0 00 0000 0 00"

Tee-Resa: then you know exactly where the error is

SPDene: re-read the description - it explains why "0 0 00 0000 0 00" is the right answer

TheScore: I also know why

TheScore: the code works for the first block of 0

TheScore: it is 0 0

TheScore: but for the others it writes the correct number of 0s - 1 :((

jacek: so add +1 [solved]

Tee-Resa: can only recommend you to run it locally in debug mode to check your variables step by step

TheScore: i can't add +1. It won't work for the first block of 0s anymore :)))

Tee-Resa: use an boolean too check if its the first one or not

TheScore: yeah, maybe i'll try this but I really want to know why my code isn't working

TheScore: Can I show it or something?

Tee-Resa: we will not understand that without working our way into it, it is easier to run it in debug mode, then you can quickly see where you are losing a number

jacek: eeyup

SPDene: are you putting "the number of zeros" in a vraiable? if so, is the value of that correct (print it)?

SPDene: if it's wrong, there's something wrong with the way you count the 0s; if it's right, there's something wrong with the way you output that number of 0s

TheScore: yeah, i'm puting it in a variable

TheScore: @Tee-Resa I ran it in visual studio

TheScore: with breakpoints

Tee-Resa: @TheScore found error then?

Schwase: um

Schwase: is CG bugged?

The_Auditor: @TheScore, when you transform the message CC into binary, you get the same output as the example?

Schwase: anyone missing the "back" button?

TheScore: Yes. In binary I get the correct output

Schwase: im having trouble with "Escaping the cat" contribution

Schwase: Oups An error occurred (#510): "An error has occurred during compilation/execution.".

SPDene: I'm getting the same error @Schwase. it worked when I first saw it several days ago

Default avatar.png JBM: damn that jacek's REALLY good at glorifying eZ

Default avatar.png JBM: 0.23 solid lead on dbdr

dbdr: JBM ?

Default avatar.png JBM: that would be me

Default avatar.png JBM: what's the atch

dbdr: what are you talking about?

Default avatar.png JBM: my "all glory to eZ" multi

The_Auditor: @TheScore, what is your Chuck encoding for the ? character (question mark caracter)

dbdr: ah, that eZ

Default avatar.png JBM: you know another one?

dbdr: now we need to figure out who pZ is

dbdr: that one

dbdr: perhapsZenoscave?

darkhorse64: there are 3 pz users. Choose one

dbdr: 3/4, the right one is missing

dbdr: db has 4/4


dbdr: two users with the same username :thinking:

jacek: ztruct?

Default avatar.png JBM: i'd say, far from being the only ones

Default avatar.png JBM: lemme try and come up with a few

eulerscheZahl: where is my struct? :sob:

dbdr: all 1 letter and 1 digit usernames are taken, all 62 of them

dbdr: well, 63

jacek: can emoji be in the username?

eulerscheZahl: only a-zA-z0-9_ i think

dbdr: JBM, I think the system is supposed to prevent using the same username

dbdr: _- both allowed

eulerscheZahl: and someone (cyberpunk?) found a user with a space in the name

Default avatar.png JBM: try BrunoSilva

dbdr: nice

eulerscheZahl: but how?

Default avatar.png JBM: [MAR] Bigtoto for a space

dbdr: maybe created before they prevented it?

Default avatar.png JBM: two acually

eulerscheZahl: incomplete account deletion?

dbdr: username: codingame

dbdr: that can be confusing :D

Default avatar.png JBM: "MesmeriZing Macho Machine"

Default avatar.png JBM: "Copy n Paste"

Default avatar.png JBM: the "space" omnes all have userids <= 999999

Default avatar.png JBM: could be that

dbdr: yeah, easier to enforce on new than to know how to deal with existing violations

dbdr: I had a same problem in a past life

dbdr: *the

Default avatar.png JBM: do tell

Default avatar.png JBM: was similar on SO

dbdr: just that, had a DB of users, realized similar names were a problem

Default avatar.png JBM: nicks used to have a minlength of 1

Default avatar.png JBM: now it's three

dbdr: I even enforced case insensitive unicity, unlike CG

Default avatar.png JBM: but they force-changed people

dbdr: - there are safety regulations on minimum crew size - what's the minimum crew size? - hm, one I guess

Default avatar.png JBM: well a lot of accounts on cg don't have a nickname at all

jacek: i just realized something, took me a while. in d&b you can declare win if you have 25 score :o

Default avatar.png JBM: that last accepted puzzle reads like it was straight out of SPOJ

Default avatar.png JBM: greedy <-> hard o_O

dbdr: jacek: yeah, the game could end at 25

dbdr: but I like to see the end actually

jacek: that would speed up the rollouts

darkhorse64: especially 49-0

whatislostinthemines: d

BenjaminUrquhart: d

AntiSquid: D #1 language

BenjaminUrquhart: yes

AntiSquid: :thumbsup:

Hjax: flavor of the month game is dots and boxes now?

Hjax: i was under the impression the game was solved, is that not true?

Illedan: 5x5 is solved

Hjax: i see

Hjax: are the people below jrke doing a search?

Hjax: because jrke is definitely doing a really straight forward heuristic

Hjax: play the closest square to the top left that doesnt allow your opponent to gain a square

Hjax: am i missing something here?

Illedan: I think some in the top are doing MinMax or MCTS or something

Illedan: I'm just doing heuristics..

Gorbit99: Who would be interested in a cg editor customization script?

Default avatar.png yes_: Are clashes not starting for others as well?

Default avatar.png Hanne030: Yes same problem here

Default avatar.png imogen3232: try refreshing page

Default avatar.png imogen3232: that starts them for me

JonnatanRuiz21: yes ,try refreshing page it worked for me

Default avatar.png Hanne030: Check, it's working again

Default avatar.png Hanne030: Thx

Diordnas: apparently there are only 2 people online

Zuabros: bugged

DR1Rush: why the clash not start

DR1Rush: ?

Default avatar.png ffio1: Yeah seems like it's bugged. I need to keep refreshing to do some things, like to join the game, to have the IDE allow suggestions, and to share my code.

Schwase: question

Schwase: how do you add indentation in the puzzle statement?

Schwase: nvm got it

Zuabros: hofw is clash of code score / ranking calculated?

Putnam3145: TrueSkill, i'd assume

Zuabros: is it about winning, just like a FIDE rating, or doing lots of clashes will increase your rating?

Putnam3145: with decay over time, yes


Schwase: im working on an i/o puzzle

Schwase: private right now but i think im almost ready to go to WIP

Schwase: just need to code my solution

Zenoscave: Are the tests/validators all meant to be P A1a => A1a?

Schwase: im working on them now

Zenoscave: Ok

Zenoscave: I like the idea. I'll code a solution once the rules are finalized.

Schwase: cool

Schwase: any thoughts on how to do the queen?

Zenoscave: I would approach as an extension of the neighborhood.

Schwase: ...?

Schwase: what

Zenoscave: Urm. trying to math it one sec.

Schwase: no not code

Zenoscave: I know.

Schwase: i mean how to design the queen's movements

Zenoscave: I am trying to describe it but having a hard time with the description ;)

Schwase: ok no worrie

Schwase: s

Schwase: did you see the comment about the queen?

Zenoscave: yes

Zenoscave: I don't understand what #1 entails

Schwase: can move in x, xy, xyz etc

Zenoscave: is A1a => B2c viable

Schwase: definitely not

Schwase: do you mean A1a to B2b?

Zenoscave: It isn't quite obvious to people who are not familiar with 3d Chess.

Schwase: its not real 3d chess actually

Zenoscave: My point still stands

Schwase: fair

Schwase: its 3 space

Schwase: a queen must move the same number of spaces in all directions she travels

Zenoscave: That's what I was trying to figure out how to say.

Zenoscave: bingo.

Zenoscave: That is the right approach I think

Schwase: so no, A1a => B2c is not viable, because her delta(x,y,z) = (1,1,2) but it can only be (d,d,d)

Zenoscave: so a vector <2, 2, 0> is fine but not <2, 3 ,0>

Schwase: yes

Zenoscave: I agree totally but I just wanted to show it isn't clear by description

Schwase: its ok

Schwase: im a physics major so i sometimes talk in gibberish haha

Schwase: so my question would be is <2,2,0> ok and is <2,2,2> ok. Should only one be ok and which one

Schwase: also <2,0,0> is ok

Schwase: basically:

Schwase: <2,0,0> is going to be OK

Schwase: <2,2,0> may or may not be OK

Schwase: <2,2,2> may or may not be OK

Schwase: and im not sure how to decide

Schwase: i kind of feel like making the queen either a rook or a bishop and disallowing <2,2,0>

Schwase: ok, ive just changed the puzzle to WIP

Schwase: i needed to add filler just to convert it

Zenoscave: Id say 1 would make the problem easier to describe but I agree with 2 asa theoretical purity porition

Schwase: awesome. im sticking with 2

Schwase: appreciate the feedback

EveryOS: Clash of Code was making me reload when it showed a new screen Trying on a different browser

EquinoxWhale: Same here @EveryOS

Monsieur_Pook: Is it just me or the 'play my code' doesn't work after a while?

Monsieur_Pook: Have to refresh the page to get it to work

Bbaaii: do the servers require a reload everytime you want anything to happen for anyone else\/

Monsieur_Pook: Ah I guess it's on their end then

Bbaaii: yep

Bbaaii: i was hosting a private gamewith my class

Bbaaii: and we all had issues

Monsieur_Pook: It was working fine yesterday

Monsieur_Pook: hope they fix it soon