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Default avatar.png Mangal: good morning

jrke: atleast now im not last in wood 1 :) in dots and boxes

nikoskous: console.log("Hello!")

Vin_Wang_: :grin:

Tiramon: oh you improved your bot jrke?

Tiramon: yes you did ;)

Tiramon: nice

jrke: yeah tiramon ;)

Default avatar.png JeanEricEspiegle: hi

Default avatar.png xlr4829: in js with regex : what mean multiline

DomiKo: Hiii

Default avatar.png facat: 5

Default avatar.png c0nc4c: it's harrdddd

tutubalin: does anybody knows what is Bonus Validator 2 in CGFunge?

tutubalin: 100 tests passed and only this one fails.

tutubalin: ok, i found

Default avatar.png Baconwilliam: yolo

JJJJJJtendingtoinfinite: neymar

jacek: :football:

jacek: :soccer:

jacek: :unamused:

eulerscheZahl: :paper: :soccer:

eulerscheZahl: :sheet:

eulerscheZahl: :/

dbdr: :notepad_spiral: :soccer:

dbdr: :postbox:

tutubalin: 📱🤡👽

Default avatar.png xrt477: newbie says "HI"

tutubalin: hello

tutubalin: welcome to CG

Default avatar.png xrt477: :relaxed:

Bashar: math.pow isnt giving correct answer

tutubalin: Bashar can you give an example?

Bashar: at a problem pow(2,7) was giving me 25

Bashar: anyways i reported that

darkhorse64: The problem is in your code not on the math lib

tutubalin: +1

tutubalin: something wrong with your code, don't blame library that was used by millions people before you

jrke: which lang bashar ?

jrke: math.pow i think python or java

jacek: pow(2,7) = 25 in 22-based

jacek: everyting's alright

Default avatar.png Potuitu: hello :clown:

Default avatar.png xrt477: hi

Default avatar.png Potuitu: :grinning:

Default avatar.png Potuitu: :grining:

Default avatar.png Potuitu: :grinning:

Default avatar.png Potuitu: :rage:

Default avatar.png Potuitu: :no_mouth:

Default avatar.png Ak47aman: hii i am from india

Default avatar.png Potuitu: :no_mouth:

Default avatar.png Potuitu: hi

Default avatar.png Ak47aman: how are you all

Default avatar.png xrt477: hello to India

Default avatar.png Ak47aman: thanks where are you from

Default avatar.png Potuitu: :clown: i am doing good

Default avatar.png xrt477: Germany

Default avatar.png Potuitu: :clwon

Default avatar.png Ak47aman: so , Hello to every one in Germany :innocent:

Default avatar.png Potuitu: :clown:

Default avatar.png Potuitu: hi

Default avatar.png Ak47aman: hii Potuitu

Default avatar.png Potuitu: :happy_face:

Default avatar.png Ak47aman: :raised_hand:

Default avatar.png Potuitu: :grinning:

Default avatar.png Ak47aman: :slight_smile:

Default avatar.png Potuitu: :no_mouth:

Default avatar.png Potuitu: :dog:

Earthborne: Anyone who's done the puzzle of the week? The brainfuck interpreter

Default avatar.png Potuitu: :no_mouth:

Earthborne: Nooo.. Made a change to fix one hidden validator, made another validator fail

Default avatar.png Ak47aman: Is there any one who is free

Default avatar.png Ak47aman: any one

Default avatar.png Baconwilliam: noo but im cheap

Earthborne: hehe

Earthborne: What's your problem Ak47aman ?

Default avatar.png Ak47aman: :no_mouth:

Default avatar.png Ak47aman: noting

Default avatar.png Ak47aman: nothing*

jacek: neat

dbdr: based on the URL: chess just got weakly solved? ;)

jacek: they try to create weakest player

dbdr: isn't that antichess?

jacek: no. just weakest player for normal chess

jacek: worse than random


Default avatar.png dumb000001: can someone explain my dp, I'm struggling with it

Default avatar.png JBM: !ban

Default avatar.png dumb000001: me*

dbdr: worse than random is better at antichess

jacek: antichess has mandatory captures

dbdr: there is a video about a guy writing silly chess AI

dbdr: I wonder if it's the same guy

wjan: I have a question to the "What the Brainfuck !" Puzzle. for the test "Noisy code" The given input is: ". Print the '!' character (33)". since there are none of the allowed instructions present ("<"," >"," +"," -"," ["," ]"," ."," ,") I output Nothing, however, the Expected result is "Hello World!". is this a misstake?

Earthborne: wjan read all the lines as one stream

wjan: ah i see . ty

Earthborne: just ignore any characters that aren't opcodes and you'll be fine :)

dbdr: this one:

tutubalin: Earthborne i solved BF interpreter. it is pretty simple and can be done in multiple ways. one way is to interpret, another way is to generate code and eval it (if your language supports eval)

tutubalin: wjan in BF every character which is not command is considered a comment and should be ignored

tutubalin: dumb000001 i can explain DP. explanation will be much easier if you're using Python

dbdr: jacek: yeah, I think it's the same guy

jacek: hmm

Default avatar.png SuperBee5344: Can someone help me

Default avatar.png SuperBee5344: I'm new

eulerscheZahl: ask a question and find out

Default avatar.png SuperBee5344: OK

Default avatar.png SuperBee5344: How do I turn faster on coders strike back?

eulerscheZahl: your turning speed is limited to 18°

eulerscheZahl: you can't turn faster

Default avatar.png SuperBee5344: Ok

Default avatar.png SuperBee5344: Thanks

Default avatar.png Lafihalas: When it says your pod orientation

Default avatar.png Lafihalas: What exactly does that mean

Default avatar.png SuperBee5344: Idk, I'm new

Default avatar.png SuperBee5344: And I'm struggling

Default avatar.png SuperBee5344: I can't find the code that I am used to

Default avatar.png Lafihalas: i accidentally made something that beaten the boss by half a round on some maps

Default avatar.png Lafihalas: but loses horribly on others

Default avatar.png SuperBee5344: O:

Default avatar.png SuperBee5344:


TheScore: What the validators are?

Scarfield: spamming will not help you SuperBee5344, asking a question might though

Default avatar.png SuperBee5344: Idk, I'm new

Default avatar.png SuperBee5344: My brain hurts...

Default avatar.png Lafihalas: pod orientation is direction of your current velocity right ?

Default avatar.png Lafihalas: in the angle description

Scarfield: no, you can turn with no thrust, and orientation and velocity will differ, your input will change depending on leagues though

Scarfield: oh pod orientation is the angle which you pod is pointing Lafihalas, that is not necesarily the direction of pod vel

Default avatar.png Lafihalas: does it then correspond to the thrust you are currently exerting (assuming you didnt put it to 0) - since you can only eject it directly behind you

Default avatar.png Lafihalas: or is this also wrong

Scarfield: the thrust (or acceleration vector) will be added to the current velocity vector. the acceleration vector will be: [cos(angle) * thrust, sin(angle) * thrust]

Uljahn: the thrust is applied on pod's heading direction after it turns to the target, each turn the angle can be changed by 18 degrees max

Scarfield: i dont remember how the angle is measured in CSB though, but you need to adjust it

Default avatar.png Lafihalas: y i figured out i will need to change it to radians to use sin and cos from math library

Uljahn: ofc

Scarfield: but also the sin/cos functions assumes the angle is measured positive from x-axis ccw

Default avatar.png Lafihalas: y i figured that out too

Default avatar.png Lafihalas: the angle during the turning

Scarfield: nice

Default avatar.png Lafihalas: is the trickyest part

Default avatar.png Lafihalas: to figure out

Default avatar.png Lafihalas: when you make a quick turn

Scarfield: what league are you in?

Default avatar.png Lafihalas: ah im just starting xD

Default avatar.png Lafihalas: wood 2

Default avatar.png Lafihalas: been playing this since last night

Uljahn: do you use debug mode in visualizer?

Default avatar.png Lafihalas: no, how to do that

Default avatar.png Lafihalas: i need that badly xD

Default avatar.png Lafihalas: i have been using the output in the corner

Default avatar.png Lafihalas: to debug

Default avatar.png Lafihalas: and that is pretty limited xD

Default avatar.png Lafihalas: though i somehow managed, but its a bit of a pain

Default avatar.png Lafihalas: damn this chat doesnt support pictures :(

Scarfield: the inputs will change for each league (?) untill bronze, so beware that you will have to change your functions/approach as well. start with something super simple to avoid the pain of chaning your code too much :)

Default avatar.png Lafihalas: so far they only added angle

Default avatar.png Lafihalas: didnt take anything away

Default avatar.png Lafihalas: but from what you said that might happen in wood2/1, i will lose some variables ?

Uljahn: there could be new inputs which your code couldn't handle right

Scarfield: tbh i cant remember what changed and when, something like you only get next CP, then you get a list of all CPs

Default avatar.png Lafihalas: ah y i am hoping to see that one

Default avatar.png Lafihalas: one code i made

Default avatar.png Lafihalas: was amazing and beating the boss by half a round

Default avatar.png Lafihalas: but only worked for some maps

Default avatar.png Lafihalas: depending on checkpoint winding

Uljahn: btw have you found :gear: icon in visualizer? debug mode should be there

Scarfield: lol nice emote Uljahn :)

Default avatar.png Lafihalas: where to look for it

Default avatar.png Lafihalas: printscreen the image

Default avatar.png Lafihalas: and tell me pixel coordinates

Scarfield: settings gear emote, just left of fullscreen and replay/share

Default avatar.png Lafihalas: nice

Default avatar.png Lafihalas: this will surely help

Uljahn: :thumbsup:

Default avatar.png Lafihalas: btw

Default avatar.png Lafihalas: i will get speed info

Default avatar.png Lafihalas: later on

Default avatar.png Lafihalas: right ?

Default avatar.png Lafihalas: for now i have to estimate it manually from the difference of last 2 frames


Default avatar.png Lafihalas: yep awesome

Scarfield: input for pods later ^ :)

Default avatar.png Lafihalas: just to get out of the wood xD

Default avatar.png Lafihalas: do you get the order checkpoints will go in

Default avatar.png Lafihalas: in advance

Scarfield: yea

Default avatar.png Lafihalas: great

markyy: the duck just reached level 11

markyy: say gratz to the duck

Scarfield: :tada:

Default avatar.png Lafihalas:

Default avatar.png Lafihalas: check this out

Scarfield: :muscle:

Scarfield: looks good :)

Default avatar.png Lafihalas: and the cool part is

Default avatar.png Lafihalas: i barely have an idea

Default avatar.png Lafihalas: on why its working

Scarfield: xD

Default avatar.png Lafihalas:

Default avatar.png Lafihalas: this is pretty much all the logic

Default avatar.png Lafihalas: chx and chy are distances to next checkpoint

Default avatar.png McAndersDK: I want Powershell as the scripting language for the games!! :)

Uljahn: :relaxed:

Gorbit99: McAndersDK there is a forum post where you can vote

Scarfield: just started on Code vs Zombies, and have a bool for zombie class; "alive"... realised this is a bad name for it xD

wlesavo: rename to "walking" :slight_smile:

Scarfield: haha yea, thats better :)

S_viper: hello

AbundantPuddle: Hello S_viper.

Default avatar.png Lafihalas: How does rank work

Default avatar.png Lafihalas: I submit to play vs others to increase ?

Gorbit99: it's based on codinpoints

Gorbit99: go to your profile, click on the question mark over your ranking

Laminator: how on earth did 3 out of 5 of us just place top 3 in fastest within a 5 second window 7 minutes in haha

tutubalin: Laminator easy. like "ok, i need to make sure there are no bugs, code looks nice, import are opti... OMG!!! somebody have alreadyy submitted, submit, submit, submit!"

Default avatar.png Lafihalas: has anyone encountered a bug where if you play multi the visualizer is frozen

Default avatar.png Lafihalas: also the rank is randomly decreasing when i win a game

Laminator: I got 2nd place by a second. It didn't even show that someone had submitted lol does submitting as a reaction ever help with placement? I feel like it's a flawed reaction

Default avatar.png Lafihalas: I was literally rank 3, i won a game, and as a result dropped to rank 663

Default avatar.png Lafihalas: wtf

Hjax: what game is this

jacek: The Game

Hjax: im not very good at that one

Hjax: never won, only lost

Hjax: have any of you ever heard of an old arcade game called ataxx? someone was trying to convince me to write an ai for it yesterday

Hjax: i was thinking it might be a fun game for this site

jacek: kinda othelloish?

Hjax: not exactly, because pieces can jump, a square that has a piece on it wont necessarily always have a piece on it

Hjax: so its not a pure board filling game like othello or go

Hjax: if you move a piece one tile, it creates a new piece, if you move a piece two tiles, it jumps without creating a new piece

Hjax: and captures are all adjacent and diagonal pieces

Hjax: i guess go captures can remove pieces, but pieces cant move from place to place

jacek: eeyup

jacek: sounds good. but there are so many new board games now :c

jacek: and no structs to make new ones

Default avatar.png The-Code-Whisperer: i dont get The Descent

jacek: hm?

AlexisMolestos: May I know your opinion about Docker?

wlesavo: so, today i learned that in c++ ^ != pow, easy +40k in SG

Gorbit99: yeah

Gorbit99: it's xor

Default avatar.png bobthecat: :sob:

Default avatar.png LinhT.Nguyen: xDDD

Default avatar.png LinhT.Nguyen: homosexuals are gay

Mikanom: ^

Default avatar.png dumb000001: ^

Gorbit99: I finally figured out a way to absolutely completely disable all autocorrect for all languages

Gorbit99: or rather autocomplete