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Andriamanitra: shame?

Andriamanitra: i tried to save a few characters in shortest mode by changing 360/(2*Math::PI) to 57.2958, passed all the visible tests but failed some of the validators ;_;

Andriamanitra: i would've won by like 40 characters even without shortening that bit :disappointed:

Default avatar.png DrMobius: your solution was impressively short tho

Andriamanitra: yeah i was pretty happy with it, too greedy though

eulerscheZahl: you could have done 180/Math::PI at least

Andriamanitra: yeah i had that for a brief moment of sanity

Default avatar.png zheheng: i wish ppl could share their code , when they get 100%.. so others can learn from them

Default avatar.png zheheng:

eulerscheZahl: come on trictrac, do you really want to fight this war? :/

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: ???

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: I see no trictrac


eulerscheZahl: i do

Gorbit99: love how the creator is only 4th

Gorbit99: how hard is samegame to write code for?

eulerscheZahl: not that hard

eulerscheZahl: now i have 2 algos. some are better at one testcase, some at the other

eulerscheZahl: wider beam size did the trick

Andriamanitra: you really think your wide beams are going to save you when i get my algorithm done?

Andriamanitra: i just need to figure out how to generate two random numbers between 0 and 14 and i'll be golden!

eulerscheZahl: i dont know how good you are. but beam search is too obvious for me to be the only one using it

Gorbit99: well, if you explain it, I can tell you how obvious it is

eulerscheZahl: i start with the initial board, generate all possible follow-up boards that i can obtain by removing a group

Gorbit99: so far so good

eulerscheZahl: score those based on current game score + expected score for the remainder

eulerscheZahl: then only take the best X boards of those

eulerscheZahl: and do the expand+score again until the game is over

eulerscheZahl: aka beam search

Andriamanitra: well yea but the odds of finding optimal solution doing that seem pretty miniscule compared to my rng-based artificial intelligence

eulerscheZahl: aCat is doing what you describe. score of 38k i'm at 69k

Gorbit99: ah

Gorbit99: nice

Gorbit99: so basically a 1 step monte carlo?

eulerscheZahl: at least i think that's what he does

Gorbit99: I'll display that follow somewhere on my wall

eulerscheZahl: :D

Andriamanitra: ok you win i cant get my rng to work

Gorbit99: don't worry, right now I'm failing on creating a flood fill

Andriamanitra: your outputs will not be synchronized with the game's turns and unexpected behaviour may occur

eulerscheZahl: i get that too

eulerscheZahl: as i solve the whole thing in turn 1 and ignore the following inputs

Gorbit99: oh, you just run through the entire thing?

eulerscheZahl: when i print the first action, i already know my final score

Gorbit99: I assume there's tons of heuristics in place to not get you timed out

eulerscheZahl: not at all. still early in the game

Gorbit99: you get 20 seconds for the first turn?

eulerscheZahl: and it's an optim game. sooner or later top ranks will solve it offline and hardcode

eulerscheZahl: yes, 20s

Gorbit99: solve it offline and hardcode?

Gorbit99: isn't it sorta randomised?

eulerscheZahl: the testcases are always the same

Gorbit99: ah

Gorbit99: nice

eulerscheZahl: bulls and cows has random tests

Gorbit99: that's a bit lame

Gorbit99: 20 seconds is hilariously a lot

Gorbit99: at that point the main problem is memory

eulerscheZahl: depends on what you are doing

eulerscheZahl: my solution would still get better with more time

Gorbit99: aren't you brute forcing it?

eulerscheZahl: to some degree. i can't do a full search in 20s

Gorbit99: what lang btw?

eulerscheZahl: but you can clearly see that my solver has a mission

eulerscheZahl: C#

Gorbit99: big blobs

Gorbit99: you get 1000 points for clearing the board, so I guess that's the main goal to shoot for

eulerscheZahl: yeah, i don't do that yet. but it's not easy to achieve

eulerscheZahl: i never got far on this one

Andriamanitra: why am i selecting empty tiles though

tutubalin: so my first task as a hacker is to run Adobe Flash on Mac

Andriamanitra: seems like rng-based artificial intelligence should know better

eulerscheZahl: -1 is a huge block with an awesome score

Gorbit99: ^

eulerscheZahl: and you got confused by the input format, rows given in reverse order

Andriamanitra: i see, my algorithm is fine but game is bugged

Gorbit99: ...oh

Gorbit99: why are rows given in reverse order again?

tutubalin: because bottom is always zero

tutubalin: things grow up

Gorbit99: in this case bottom is 14 as I see

eulerscheZahl: depends on your point of view. at least I had a bug reading the lines in the wrong order at first

eulerscheZahl: line 14 is the first input line, line 0 is the last

Andriamanitra: so when i look at the animation what coordinates is top left?

eulerscheZahl: hover over it

Andriamanitra: 0,14 ?

eulerscheZahl: there are tooltips

Andriamanitra: oh that's handy

dbdr: euler, don't you think andria is trolling you?

eulerscheZahl: no

eulerscheZahl: but i'm bad at troll detection

jrke: top left is 0,14 i think

jrke: 0,0 is bottom left

dbdr: the rng ai is suspicious

Gorbit99: now I have mr "just click on the biggest tile please" working

eulerscheZahl: of course he isn't serious with it

eulerscheZahl: but would call it joking, not trolling

Gorbit99: top 10 boys

jrke: currently i m just choosing largetst tile

dbdr: impressive :)

dbdr: I failed at top 10

eulerscheZahl: that's more than dbdr has working

Gorbit99: how the hell do you get 440 points more than me jrke

Gorbit99: I'm also best ruby player and best hungarian

Gorbit99: although the ruby leaderboard is quite uh... barren

jrke: and im only and the best indian player ;)

jrke: in same game

dbdr: i'm best dbdr

Gorbit99: but if we do the same thing, then how do you get more points?

Gorbit99: just blind luck in order?

jrke: with some random choosing also gorbit if tile no. are equal

jrke: whats your algo

Gorbit99: chooses tile closest to top left

jrke: my algo is bad just pathfinder

Gorbit99: first horizontally, then vertically

Andriamanitra: i just passed all the tests so here we go right to the top, probably

Gorbit99: let me reverse my y a bit

Gorbit99: sorry jrke, new 9th in town

Gorbit99: totally planned

Gorbit99: not just dumb luck

jrke: np i just worked on it for 15 mins will have to work on it

jrke: of just 18 points difference

Andriamanitra: now i just need to keep submitting until the rng trains itself

jrke: whats the best for horizontal lines i.e. first test case

Andriamanitra: probably trying to connect all the greens together

Andriamanitra: since the scoring is (n-2)^2 it will be dominated by the biggest region you can create

jrke: euler you didn't did search race?

eulerscheZahl: no jrke didn't feel like it

jrke: Response time for first turn ≤ 20s what?

jrke: 20 seconds

Gorbit99: 20 second, yep

Gorbit99: after that you get 50 ms a turn

Gorbit99: a bit lopsided

Andriamanitra: who woulda thunk relying on rng would make debugging painful

Andriamanitra: i can't reproduce bugs :grinning:

dbdr: use a seed

Andriamanitra: that's wicked smart

aCat: Andriamanitra general strategy for SameGame is to avoid merging the color with the largest number of tiles unless it is necessarly to do so

aCat: as far as thic cat is aware ^^'

aCat: *this

aCat: bleh, gotta go swim ;-)

dbdr: poor cat

Andriamanitra: i guess i'll keep trying different random seeds until i either reproduce the bug with the test cases or luck my way through the validators

Andriamanitra: my score is wicked high but i keep failing like one validator

eulerscheZahl: always the same validator Andriamanitra?


Gorbit99: well, it's his rng

jrke: so someone can do hardcoring

jrke: but lot of time is needed for that

Andriamanitra: nope it varies, always one of the standard testset though

Andriamanitra: just managed to reproduce it for the first time

eulerscheZahl: hardcoding is easy jrke

Putnam3145: hardcoding is tedious as hell

Putnam3145: who has the PATIENCE for that

eulerscheZahl: how is that tedious? get the validators (accessible), run your code on each of them and store that solution in your code

eulerscheZahl: i can do that in 15-20min

jacek: and automate your hardcoding

Andriamanitra: ok i have absolutely no clue what's going on with my code, it's outputting values that are nowhere to be found

jacek: ahh the programming

Andriamanitra: oh right, there was another return statement, now we're cooking with gas

eulerscheZahl: just don't let it explode

Gorbit99: how do you get the validators tho?

Allis: Alternatively, compel it to explode.

Gorbit99: are they still available in the contrib section?

eulerscheZahl: yes

jrke: yup

Gorbit99: nice

jrke: in accepted

eulerscheZahl: zip download and playable in the IDE

Andriamanitra: BOOYAAH straight into the 30k+ range

eulerscheZahl: well done

Gorbit99: welp, gonna last for a bit

Gorbit99: after that it will be max score for everyone

eulerscheZahl: not max but less fun IMO


eulerscheZahl: top4, maybe more, are hardcoded

Illedan: You hardcoded?

eulerscheZahl: yes. to show neumann how easy it is

Illedan: :D

eulerscheZahl: he spent 2 or 3 days getting the validators and told it's an achievement

Illedan: Wasn't it 1 week? :P

eulerscheZahl: at least a while and a lot of submits

jrke: oh then if testcases change like in power of thor then?

eulerscheZahl: while I got all 30 of them in 10min maybe

Illedan: haha

eulerscheZahl: now that API has better protection

jrke: a hardcoded mod ;)

Illedan: protection or randomness?

eulerscheZahl: private replays

Illedan: ah

eulerscheZahl: still the same validators though


eulerscheZahl: that link didn't work well

Illedan: xD

Illedan: CG failed to parse?

jrke: so you are simulating with high time in local ide and storing result

jrke: euler isn't it?

Gorbit99: well, that makes optimization less fun

eulerscheZahl: tourist might still have the best A*Craft bot if we would limit everyone to 1s and prevent hardcoding

dbdr: more fun than random validators

eulerscheZahl: yes jrke. at least for A*Craft

Illedan: Will result in a spam fest dbdr

eulerscheZahl: for code of the ring i did some by hand even

dbdr: spam?

Illedan: Spam to have a lucky random

eulerscheZahl: for the rest I play fair

Gorbit99: hmm, there needs to be a way to make it consitent, but not hardcoded

dbdr: random validators, yes. I don't think it's a good solution

Illedan: Do you include loops in your Code of the ring search euler?

eulerscheZahl: i create some loops, yes

eulerscheZahl: but afterwards in post-processing

Illedan: alright

eulerscheZahl: why do you care about CotC all of the sudden?

eulerscheZahl: is it part of the quest map?

Illedan: Yeah

Illedan: Below 6.5 k :P

dbdr: Gorbit99, samegame is NP complete. it's not possible to get "max score" even with days/years of CPU

eulerscheZahl: sounds way easier than 200 for don't panic

Illedan: But I managed it yesterday with moving around instead of +-

Illedan: Yeah

Illedan: 200 is a pain

Illedan: I have to learn some other language now

eulerscheZahl: python or ruby

dbdr: or learn to golf ;)

Illedan: pfff

Illedan: Solve the normal puzzle in python, ruby and JS and hope someone pushed a short version :D

eulerscheZahl: the remaining 2 quests: top2% for optim and golf leaderboard

dbdr: btw you don't need to learn a language to golf in it

Gorbit99: oh, it is?

Gorbit99: then it's kinda nice

dbdr: I get better scores in languages I don't know

eulerscheZahl: because they are obscure and others don't know them either

dbdr: yes, an optim really has to be NP complete to be interesting

dbdr: not only

Gorbit99: I barely speak ruby, but I get good scores

dbdr: all languages have been tried hard by some people

dbdr: it's also that it's harder to even think of really hacky ways to use a language you use for normal coding

Illedan: True

dbdr: your brain shuts the idea down before it's even conscious

JellyCreeper6: lmao

eulerscheZahl: and then there are so many dirty things you can do about the validators

eulerscheZahl: thor goes north now. but you don't have to update the y coordinate

jrke: there are 50 test cases including validators right?

dbdr: the dirty tricks is what makes golfing fun

eulerscheZahl: for Same Game? 10 tests, 40 validators

eulerscheZahl: that is 20 validators, each of them existing twice

Illedan: Anyway, of to work. ttyl

dbdr: have fun :)

eulerscheZahl: my holiday will end soon :(

Illedan: :(

jrke: can you tell me where is timeout manager is there in same game in refree

Illedan: I still got 5 more weeks of holiday to enjoy during the rest of the year :tada:

Gorbit99: I don't understand certain code golfs

Gorbit99: like thor is currently at 45 chars

Gorbit99: I take up 2/3s that with input

eulerscheZahl: i got a parsing error on your question jrke

dbdr: Illedan how many weeks of holiday a year?

Illedan: Just 5, but got to bring 2 from last year

jrke: np i found what i was looking for

dbdr: ah, nic

dbdr: e

Illedan: Will do 1 week on the contest I think

dbdr: inb4 Illedan #1 in contest

Illedan: ;)

eulerscheZahl: inb4 contest delayed till 2021

dbdr: TIL there will be a 2021


jrke: inb contest?

AntiSquid: inb4 = in before

AntiSquid: with all the protests out there i am surprised the number of cases didn't skyrocket


eulerscheZahl: sounds more reasonable than setting the 0 of our calendar to a birthday of someone 2000 years ago

dbdr: did you miss the part where it's the 7th of the 5th March?

AntiSquid: you want multiple official calendars? that's how you get them euler

dbdr: we already have multiple calendars

AntiSquid: i know, but not every country needs to acknowledge their existence

eulerscheZahl: yes I did miss that

dbdr: yes, there is a dominant one. would be pretty costly to change, for no clear benefit

AntiSquid: you just need few "my equalitah" protesters and soon you will have to mention date for 5 different calendars to "not discriminate"

dbdr: there is the CE/BCE, which is smart

dbdr: not changing the dates

dbdr: "common era"

Andriamanitra: i should've stopped trying as soon as i got my stupid rng algorithm working

Andriamanitra: anything i do just makes it worse

Default avatar.png xlr4829: good morning guys

dbdr: now do the opposite of what you do

eulerscheZahl: ah, I only knew the German abbreviation for it n.u.Z = nach unserer Zeitrechnung

eulerscheZahl: vs v for "vor"

dbdr: "after our era"?

AntiSquid: after our calculations

dbdr: does it start when humanity wipes itself

dbdr: ?

dbdr: it's 2020 after our calculations. sounds like you expect some calculation error :D

AntiSquid: here the meaning is more like "based on" rather than "after an event occured"

dbdr: looks like the translation of Zeitrechnung is just Calendar

dbdr: rechnung is invoice :D

dbdr: time is money

AntiSquid: oh calculation is Berechnung ... i am getting rusty

dbdr: the topic of our chat today is "German by dummies"

AntiSquid: all the million sufixes and prefixes ....

dbdr: AntiSquid: rusty is good ;)

dbdr: (I included myself in the dummies, just to be clear)

eulerscheZahl: nach can also mean "according", not only "after"

Gorbit99: oh god no, german

jacek: :scream:

dbdr: in french "of after" means according :D

dbdr: but what is it that it is that this?

eulerscheZahl: in German the "After" is a part of your body that i'll not further specify

eulerscheZahl: there are jokes about a no-longer-planet going in that direction

dbdr: that one is not a no-longer-planet either?

dbdr: that's behind my knowledge

AntiSquid: Jupiter no longer a plant, promoted to mini brown dwarf

AntiSquid: /Automaton2000

Automaton2000: see you in the leaderboard

dbdr: dwarfie promoted to legend

eulerscheZahl: cleared \o/

dbdr: gz

eulerscheZahl: sadly this was done offline

eulerscheZahl: 54,13s user 1,19s system 109% cpu 50,558 total

Westicles: Samegame again, ugh

dbdr: again?

Westicles: There was a contest a few years ago... looks like I am down to 4th on the JS-Games site

dbdr: what's your name there?

Westicles: sampson

eulerscheZahl: you are about 650 point above me on the testcase I just shared

eulerscheZahl: time to take a screenshot before you ruin it :rofl:

Westicles: Are the validators different than the standard test cases?

eulerscheZahl: no

eulerscheZahl: there are the 20 ones you know

eulerscheZahl: then the same 20 again with colors shuffled

Westicles: So you can do them offline and hardcode?

eulerscheZahl: yes :(

eulerscheZahl: my current score is without hardcoding. but because of double validators it's about 37k

eulerscheZahl: which is really low looking at the jsgames scores

eulerscheZahl: Westicles how did you submit your scores on the jsgames website? clicking by hand or anything smarter?

eulerscheZahl: oh, they have sokoban too. I made a solver for that game a while ago. let it run for an afternoon, still rank 85 on

Westicles: Yeah, it was by hand. But that was back in 2012, maybe it has some kind of submission option now

Default avatar.png Angecide: hi where can i read about how much time there is between each turns in bot programming? I think the time is different between first and second rounds and so on, but I am not entirely sure how much

AntiSquid: bottom of the statement Angecide

Default avatar.png Angecide: oh snap, you are right haha

Illedan: Oh, new Optim :o

eulerscheZahl: not for you

Illedan: :(

Illedan: Not fun?

eulerscheZahl: you are dangerous for my ranking

Illedan: You already have a long headstart

Illedan: But I have the night off. :smiling_imp:

dbdr: eulerscheZahl: did you get your screenshot?

eulerscheZahl: i'm just floating around

eulerscheZahl: no, didn't take one

Illedan: dbdr beat him already? :P

eulerscheZahl: are you about to beat me now?

dbdr: hurry up ;)

Illedan: Offline search?

dbdr: of course

eulerscheZahl: :/

Illedan: Such cheat, much ok

dbdr: embrace it

Illedan: Validators in the repo I guess?

dbdr: i guess it's easier not to do it to have an excuse not to win ;)

eulerscheZahl: and visible in the contribution itself

dbdr: in the contrib

eulerscheZahl: for download in the zip. i don't think there is a repo for it

dbdr: I did not find any repo

Illedan: Found it

Illedan: Let the games begin

Illedan: nanana

eulerscheZahl: batman

Illedan: should get back to work though

dbdr: for eulerscheZahl

eulerscheZahl: so you are about to submit

Illedan: xD

Illedan: :fire:

eulerscheZahl: what score can you achieve online?

dbdr: 20

dbdr: in bash

eulerscheZahl: i could easily increase my score too when running offline. just seems boring and not who the game is meant to me played

dbdr: who decides how it's meant to be played?

Illedan: :D

Illedan: :god:

eulerscheZahl: acat who doubled the validators :D

dbdr: i'm sure you could increase it

dbdr: there is a :god: icon? :D

dbdr: ah no

eulerscheZahl: you shall not make a picture of god

dbdr: :)

jrke: dbdr is your bot in same game hardcoded?

dbdr: offline search

eulerscheZahl: even for the 61k?

dbdr: well, that was one run at 20s, with no tuning

eulerscheZahl: ah, your submit just updated

Illedan: :rocket:

eulerscheZahl: so far the score isn't any shocking

dbdr: nope

dbdr: I'm sure we'll see 100K before too long

jrke: suppose you stored solution but how you check which is for current test case

dbdr: match statement

jrke: ok

Illedan: I like this puzzle, will give it a serious try after work :)

Illedan: Offline ofc

dbdr: game is on :)

Illedan: You bet

jrke: is this not cheating ?

dbdr: not if everyone can do it easily

Illedan: Wanna bet about it dbdr?

eulerscheZahl: everyone can do it. still feels lame to me

jrke: ok

dbdr: bet what?

eulerscheZahl: so i'll join the offline club soon

eulerscheZahl: 100k score bot

eulerscheZahl: bet

Illedan: On who is first on SameGame by the end of Sunday

MSmits: I'm coding too, but it's gonna take a while

dbdr: :D

Illedan: Loser has to add a bio for a week of the winner

MSmits: jacek said meta mcts so...

dbdr: well, we can make a minicontest

jrke: yeah

MSmits: don't really need a timelimit tbh

Illedan: I love timelimits

Illedan: :P

jrke: lest make mini constest 5 days from now same game ;)

dbdr: deadline makes it more intense

MSmits: sure

jrke: yeah

Illedan: And I can timebox it

Illedan: :D

MSmits: time box?

dbdr: like a lunchbox, but for time

Illedan: lol

MSmits: o that explains everything

dbdr: yw

jrke: i will start it from tommorow

MSmits: why put it off, do it now jrke

MSmits: go go

dbdr: start yesterday

jrke: busy in school hw :(

dbdr: gotta sort out your priorities

MSmits: my school starts next week so I am ok

jrke: but from tomorrow i will have 4 days will work on it

dbdr: so sunday 8 pm end of contest?

dbdr: when is euler's bedtime?

eulerscheZahl: 8pm is fine

Illedan: 8 pm GMT+0

eulerscheZahl: i'll be around for the end

Illedan: It's on

jrke: i have doubt in input of same game

jrke: 8pm time for which country?

Illedan: GMT+0

dbdr: UTC

jrke: Ok

dbdr: GMT is dead

Illedan: lol

eulerscheZahl: GMT? greenwich mean time?

Illedan: Yeah

jrke: yeah Greenwich meantime

dbdr: you see, eulerscheZahl is too young to even know it

Illedan: hshs

Illedan: haha

jrke: india is GMT+5:30 means i will be sleeping at that time :stuck_out_tongue:

eulerscheZahl: i never know the timezone CG is using to announce a contest

eulerscheZahl: EST or whatever that is

dbdr: sleeping is not recommended during contests

dbdr: isn't CG usually using CET?

eulerscheZahl: no

jrke: suppose i=0 and j=0 in input so it will be top left or bottom left

jrke: in same game

dbdr: check the tooltips

dbdr: or the statement if you are brave ;)

Illedan: 39k on my stupid greedy :)

dbdr: apparently you're working hard :D

Illedan: :angel:

Frosty8529: How do I get CodinPoints?

eulerscheZahl: employee of the month

dbdr: that's how you get codingpoints? :D

dbdr: i've been doing it all wrong

Frosty8529: I'm just a first year in college so I'm not doing any jobs ;-;

Illedan: Just play games and puzzles

Frosty8529: rip codinpoints

Illedan: And the points will come naturally

Frosty8529: oh

Illedan: On CodinGame

Illedan: Multiplayer is the easiest.

Illedan: And most fun

Frosty8529: you mean the compete mode?

Illedan: yeah

Illedan: Why did aCat just double the testcases -.-

Illedan: meh

Frosty8529: I want to get better before entering one

Illedan: Only need to solve half of them

Illedan: You get better by entering one

Frosty8529: oh ok

eulerscheZahl: i was arguing against exactly that decision Illedan, stopped me from approving

eulerscheZahl: his arguements: 40 validators is better than 20 (which is proven wrong with hardcoding in identical ones)

eulerscheZahl: and common testsets are better than new, random ones as we can compare them with literature

AntiSquid: how come trolls vs castles isn't approved?

eulerscheZahl: does it deserve to be approved?

eulerscheZahl: also isn't it still WIP?

AntiSquid: personally i don't like it but considering the other stuff that got approved ...

eulerscheZahl: i don't see the point of the game, feels way too random for me

AntiSquid: 110 score

eulerscheZahl: where? what?

dbdr: eulerscheZahl: it can be studied, it's not random

eulerscheZahl: i know about markov chain and nash equilibrium

dbdr: though I did not follow how it evolved, just speaking about the base concept

Illedan: Westicles hardcoding? 15% and 22k :O


eulerscheZahl: westicles = sampson

dbdr: right, so he has a huge headstart :D

eulerscheZahl: you have to double the scores to get CG scores

eulerscheZahl: as the cat doubled the validators

Illedan: He just copied those maps?

Illedan: -.-

Illedan: but why

jacek: same validators

jacek: as same game

eulerscheZahl: :D

Illedan: ..

eulerscheZahl: he changed the coloring

eulerscheZahl: but still the same, as the same click order gives the same score

dbdr: so 173K incoming?

eulerscheZahl: yes

eulerscheZahl: get rekt

dbdr: :D

Marchete: validators are public and fixed?

dbdr: banned from the contes

dbdr: t

eulerscheZahl: yes and yes

dbdr: yes

Illedan: :(

Default avatar.png croxvore: :grimacing:

Marchete: :unamused:

Westicles: oh, hey good news I don't think I have those old solutions any more

AntiSquid: get an avatar ^

Illedan: Let's try to beat him anyway :eyes:

dbdr: random validators are bad anyways

Illedan: :tada:

Illedan: They could instead just make validators a seed :P

dbdr: unless it's a trick ;)

Illedan: And hide the contri

dbdr: you can always extract them

dbdr: just makes it harder, so potentially less people have them

Illedan: How?

dbdr: => more unfair

dbdr: bit by bit

AntiSquid: he will undergo hypno therapy to remember how he solved it last time

Illedan: yeah, go full Neumann on it :P

dbdr: ping => one more contestant now :)

eulerscheZahl: do you still have the solver code Westicles?

Westicles: yep

Illedan: I'll add a discord channel for the minicontest :D

AntiSquid: what contest?

eulerscheZahl: sounds overkill

Illedan: naah

eulerscheZahl: "contest"

dbdr: why not just flood #world ?

AntiSquid: yes ^

dbdr: forum post might be good though

eulerscheZahl: just don't rearrange the order of channels Illedan

dbdr: y not?

Illedan: haha

Illedan: Wonder who did that

Illedan: dbdr, make the forum post

eulerscheZahl: he confessed already

Illedan: I'll make the Discord stuff

Illedan: Who was it?

eulerscheZahl: the forum post already exists

Illedan: ah

Illedan: haha

dbdr: that's good, I felt lazy

jacek: huh

eulerscheZahl: hah

Illedan: høh

dbdr: i

dbdr: (in french)

Marchete: dbdr what's your approach for SameGame, something like NumberShifting or just MCTS?

dbdr: jacek :unamused:

jacek: he uses jacek for samegame

dbdr: :D

dbdr: JCTS

Marchete: :D

dbdr: JCKS?

Marchete: JACEK, another new acronym I need to learn...

dbdr: Just

dbdr: Another

dbdr: Crazy

Marchete: Elephant

Marchete: Korean

dbdr: ^

eulerscheZahl: got your screenshot dbdr?

dbdr: it's your job

dbdr: respect the new tradition

Marchete: I can't see how MCTS can be good

eulerscheZahl: good thing it's only 1 keystroke away

dbdr: arf, optimized for 100K milesone

dbdr: gz

Marchete: any little change can make huge changes on the outcome

eulerscheZahl: coincidence


eulerscheZahl: for me it's beam search

eulerscheZahl: but still far away from top players on that other website

Marchete: I think i'd go with some SA variant

Marchete: and restart each N secs

Marchete: but I need bacon

Marchete: to cook it while I fry again the CPU with stupid long calculations

jacek: yeah, cancer research and stuff

jacek: right?

Marchete: "stupid long calculations"

Marchete: i.e. numbershifting v2.0

eulerscheZahl: sounds all like number shif...

eulerscheZahl: yes that

Illedan: My new kitchen will have owens powered by CPU usage.. Cheaper this way

darkhorse64: Cooking may be too ambitious. Target central heating

Illedan: In comming news: Global Warming, now powered by SameGame!

eulerscheZahl: the heating also has less peaks

zlatanised: godzilla

jacek: jesuszilla?

dbdr: Al-Massih

Default avatar.png Lusher: hi

Default avatar.png Lusher: Can I ask help ?

jacek: I permit

Default avatar.png Lusher: ho

Default avatar.png Lusher: noice

Default avatar.png Lusher: I resolve a code

Default avatar.png Lusher: all tests are perfects

Default avatar.png Lusher: but I have only 73%, I don't know what did I bad

Default avatar.png Lusher: soeey my english is not perfect :/

jacek: validation tests and test cases are different to avoid hardcoding solution

Default avatar.png Lusher: yes

jacek: maybe your code isnt correct

Default avatar.png Lusher: i think

PurCHES5: Lusher it means there are something wrong in your code but the test cases cannot detect. You may try to check your code again and do more testings

Default avatar.png Lusher: Yeah, I did it but I didn't see my error... I use python tutor too for test my code too

jrke: euler are you targeting 1,000,000 points for same game

PurCHES5: maybe just leave it and later you may find other solutions

PurCHES5: bonne chance

Default avatar.png Lusher: ty

jrke: i found bug in the game

jrke: The game has crashed. Please contact the author and enclose the following error:

eulerscheZahl: i'm pretty sure 1 million is impossible

jrke: if you didn't give spaces between x y co-ordinates

eulerscheZahl: probably even 200k is out of range

eulerscheZahl: tell aCat

jrke: lemme comment in contribution

jrke: sorry gorbit just 5 min gave me 10000+ points ;)

jrke: gorbit99*

jrke: eulerscheZahl watch points rank 19 in same game 92,910 but 55%

Gorbit99: yeah, haven't touched the puzzle since

MSmits: yay 100%

MSmits: I won samegame :P

dbdr: :bow:

kovi: duh, another optim

MSmits: now to do better than random bot :P

BenjaminUrquhart: and it's an optim I'm actually interested in

MSmits: sims like these make my head hurt

dbdr: how it is different from others?

MSmits: i dunno, the shifting of rows and columns, i keep making bugs :P

dbdr: did you optimize it to death? :)

MSmits: maybe it;s worse because of the semi-bitboard I have got going on

MSmits: semi-optimized yes

dbdr: half-death

kovi: well, for the interest is the algo if it is pure sa than not my fav

MSmits: right

MSmits: I'm gonna go with mcts

MSmits: dunno why it would be SA

Default avatar.png Memo12334:

Westicles: What's the longest too fast timeout?

kovi: i read above sa and beam

kovi: dont even know the rules yet

Default avatar.png Memo12334: yall know this pikapcha ep 2 , there should be another way of doing if elses right?

MSmits: they only just started, it's new. People try stuff

dbdr: rules are for the weak

MSmits: beamsearch makes sense

kovi: yeah, i like the norule optim

dbdr: submit your score

MSmits: the timing is weird

MSmits: 20 s first turn, then 1/400 of that in the next turns

MSmits: basically you have to retain your search tree from turn 1 or you lose a lot

DomiKo: the first idea was only 20s

DomiKo: and then 0s

DomiKo: you have to do everything in one turn

MSmits: yeah thats kinda annoying because it requires perfect sim

dbdr: you plan to have bugs? ;)

Illedan: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Illedan: 11898 on offline runner. 10889 and 87 % online -.-

MSmits: nah dbdr I was more talking about beginners. You dont want to force them to have a perfect sim right at the start i think

DomiKo: 50ms is not enough?

MSmits: it's fine, it doesnt matter as long as there's enough time to read input

MSmits: and output something

MSmits: it's just weird compared to the 20s at the start

MSmits: but I get the reasons

philRG: nicola

Illedan: :tada:

MSmits: gj :)

Illedan: 100 % equal offline vs online

Illedan: let the games begin

Illedan: ^^

aCat: MSmits i was forced to add turns ;/

aCat: to make it noob friendly

Illedan: I find it ok :)

MSmits: i know acat, its fine

MSmits: its just weird

aCat: it should be one-turn puzzle

aCat: forgive this cat ^^'

MSmits: cat is forgiven

aCat: :joy_cat:

Illedan: Online IDE doesn't like my 1 long string of hardcoded moves :D

MSmits: it doesnt no

MSmits: ohh you get 0 points for a 2 tile

MSmits: no wonder i would crash, it's not larger than 0

Illedan: xD

Illedan: 50k rollouts in 10 sec :snail: :(

MSmits: ah well

MSmits: let it run for longer

Illedan: Debug mode. Not optimal impl

Illedan: Full MC now

MSmits: i am almost done with full MC

MSmits: I am not saving tree yet though

MSmits: so it's just 50 ms most turns

MSmits: ohhh

MSmits: almost 50k :) :)

MSmits: me happy

MSmits: i should check my rollout count

Illedan: 42k points. Stuff is working. Now optimization and better search

MSmits: 85k full rollouts in 20 seconds

MSmits: so it's slower than yours

MSmits: i guess the testset matters

MSmits: this was on 20

DomiKo: yes it matters

MSmits: gonna try and get a mcts working today

MSmits: will do everything online first

DomiKo: but with full MC i can get 140K in 20s on testcase 20

DomiKo: and my score is lower...

MSmits: hmm ok

MSmits: how do you define a rollout?

DomiKo: whole simulation of one game

MSmits: ah ok same here

MSmits: so that means floodfilling everything?

MSmits: or do you select a random tile/.

MSmits: and then flood fill

MSmits: I floodfill everything, make a list of tiles for each floodfill,, then select one of those randomly

MSmits: if you're just selecting random tiles, it might be a lot faster

DomiKo: i select random legal tile

MSmits: thats why your score is lower

MSmits: and why you are faster

DomiKo: you are right

MSmits: you're faster because you dont need to flood fill everything

MSmits: and your score is lower because you have a larger chance of picking large floods

DomiKo: and that larger chance isn't cool

MSmits: right

DomiKo: i will fix that

MSmits: because you need to collect large floods without picking them

MSmits: I'm hyped for this multi

MSmits: err optim

MSmits: it's fun

MSmits: getting numbershifting vibes

ZistyE: l

eulerscheZahl: so, Westicles finally submitted a 100% solution

eulerscheZahl: looks tough to get there

Illedan: :o

Illedan: Daym

MSmits: 100% as in the board is empty?

eulerscheZahl: 100% correctness

Illedan: He is 1st on the leadboard

Illedan: and 100% testcase solved

eulerscheZahl: but i suppose all boards cleared too

Westicles: heh heh.

MSmits: how do you know it's 100% correctness

Illedan: Is it possible to clear all boards?

MSmits: :confused:

Westicles: Yeah, you can clear them all

aCat: you always have 100% if youre not crashing

aCat: you can clean probably

MSmits: right aCat thats what i was thinking

aCat: but thtat is noe an endgame ;]

aCat: cause it may be even more benficial to not clear it

MSmits: makes sense

aCat: not sure on that but yeah,

Illedan: might be

aCat: score grows fast when you're able to gather same colors


eulerscheZahl: + is cleared, - is not

MSmits: oh, nice

MSmits: i was confused by your math

aCat: This will be probably firs/second task for the course ^^'

MSmits: but then i realized the weird *2 modifier

aCat: now I'm glad you are all having fun

MSmits: sure

aCat: but need to go code other puzzles :D

eulerscheZahl: except for you. will you join?

aCat: nope

MSmits: aww

MSmits: just submit a simple bot

eulerscheZahl: he did

eulerscheZahl: 38k

MSmits: oh ok

aCat: xp/cp wise I should other things

MSmits: who cares about that

aCat: teaching-wise other

Illedan: Only solving 20 euler and finding equal puzzles?

aCat: and work-wise even outside cg

MSmits: oh, you dont want your students to be ahead of you?

eulerscheZahl: yes Illedan

eulerscheZahl: everything else would be waste of CPU time

Illedan: I should do that too. Halves the runtime

Illedan: :D

aCat: If I have lectures prepared on things I have to do I will do some coding here for sure

MSmits: Illedan, make your own colors

MSmits: first color that appears = 0

MSmits: second = 1

Illedan: Yeah, I know


Illedan: Just had a very naive input reading

eulerscheZahl: that gives the same score for swapped colors

eulerscheZahl: in theory it might consider some boards the same that are not. but not a problem for the given testcases

Illedan: ah

Illedan: sweet

Illedan: ty

MSmits: I'm probably just gonna put some giant strings in there :P

Illedan: I have that now

eulerscheZahl: i have too

eulerscheZahl: and a solver that i outcomment with #id DEBUG

eulerscheZahl: if, not id

eulerscheZahl: otherwise i would easily risk losing the solver. my disk is a mess

MSmits: hmm i dont get it

MSmits: why would you lose it?

eulerscheZahl: i mean it's easier for me to find the code on the CG website than in my local folder structure

Gorbit99: unorganized stuff?

eulerscheZahl: maybe

MSmits: ahh ok

Illedan: I'm currently pushing my SameGame code in my OOC repo :D

eulerscheZahl: that makes absolutely no sense

Gorbit99: on linux I just do sudo find / -name thing

**eulerscheZahl is on linux

Illedan: Where I have my bot code for ooc

Illedan: :P

Illedan: Just the last repo I made for CG

Gorbit99: eulerscheZahl can also use that and save a heck ton of time

Illedan: feels better to put it on GiT

Neumann: Illedan, eulerscheZahl : late reaction, but at least my way of reversing the validators is fun and rewarding

Neumann: You trolls

Illedan: :D

eulerscheZahl: i do pro-level validator reversal

Illedan: I would say your way is more impressive :P

eulerscheZahl: and somehow i'm missing some avatars

eulerscheZahl: like Neumann and smits

Illedan: Anyway, you joining for a small contest on SameGame Neumann?

Neumann: What's that


Neumann: Hum, let me check my empty agenda

Neumann: Maybe

Illedan: Deadline on Sunday 8 PM UTC

Neumann: Where does it say so

Illedan: We set a theoretical deadline :P

Illedan: And I wrote on on General on Discord

Neumann: I'll never have enough CPU-time to win this

Neumann: I need 2 months

Illedan: :D

eulerscheZahl: more precisely: Illedan decided i'm just playing the game for fun

eulerscheZahl: i think i need a different scoring

MSmits: the best score = "more points is better"

MSmits: scoring

eulerscheZahl: thanks, i'll try that

MSmits: it will help, I promise

Lachrymosa: Good Morning

Default avatar.png ZahidHussain: hy

eulerscheZahl: good evening Lachrymosa. you aren't in Germany anmore?

Lachrymosa: No, I've moved back to the US for the foreseeable future

MSmits: is this perfect play?

eulerscheZahl: i just received an email from. who wants to try and spot patterns?


Illedan: Damn, had to resubmit 10 multies -.- First time I checked through all since C# update :P

MSmits: wow

Illedan: 71k :tada:

MSmits: do I need to do this too on some multis? I am guessing it's just C# fancy features

eulerscheZahl: the marchete pragma?

MSmits: oh that weird restart thing"?

Illedan: Yeah

MSmits: dunno if I have it submitted anywhere

MSmits: maybe locam

eulerscheZahl: i had a few bots drawing bitmaps

dbdr: gogogo #4 Illedan ;)

Illedan: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

dbdr: ?

Illedan: 20 min run and I had a bug in my new save method. Making me loose that new score -.-

dbdr: ouch

eulerscheZahl: how high was it?

Illedan: Just 74k :P

dbdr: always test with a short run first

Illedan: But 3rd!

AntiSquid: chat lagging for anyone else?

dbdr: I also print the moves on stdout just in case

kovi: 20min/local? is it so easy to obtain testcases? :(

Illedan: Yeah

Illedan: Ofc

eulerscheZahl: very helpful


Illedan: It's CG, not fort knox

eulerscheZahl: zip download + IDE access

eulerscheZahl: top3 is hardcoded now. i was at 74k within the 20s limit

eulerscheZahl: but improved my solver since

kovi: oh well. thought i will have fun for the weekend after 3 month of no coding

Illedan: I find offline solving fun too

MSmits: why not have fun?

MSmits: same

MSmits: doing it online for now though

eulerscheZahl: i'm with kovi: more fun without the hardcoding

eulerscheZahl: but no way to be competitive if you don't hardcode and others do :(

MSmits: depends on the algorithms too though

eulerscheZahl: would need something absolutely brilliant

MSmits: allright, will submit soon :P

dbdr: inb4 MSmits #2

Illedan: score?

MSmits: no idea Illedan. i am solving online

MSmits: I will know when i submit, it's a mcts

Illedan: k

eulerscheZahl: of course it is

dbdr: that's the fun part: your score is a surprise :D

MSmits: tuning the exploration parameter a bit first, it's a bit weird. Never done a 1p mcts before

MSmits: also i am using highest score as value, might need an average score instead

dbdr: though it's also a nice surprise when you break a record offline

dbdr: it's all fun, happy happy

eulerscheZahl: sounds like dbdr is up to something

dbdr: why cannot you believe I enjoy the game without a hidden reason? ;)

MSmits: hmm i can see another reason to solve offline

eulerscheZahl: emojinalysis

Illedan: CG submit limit?

dbdr: I mean W is high enough and had such a headstart that I don't feel much pressure :)

MSmits: you can pick your best result. If I submit it might have some validators lower than usual and others higher

dbdr: sure

Illedan: True

Illedan: Sooo, I should save scores for each testcase on it's own

dbdr: NEW RECORD: 2085 => 2089 you see, such a nice surprise :D

Illedan: and pick the best

Illedan: :rocket:

MSmits: of course

eulerscheZahl: my total is 126408

eulerscheZahl: not making much progress anymore

eulerscheZahl: won't even submit

MSmits: failed 4 tests and have 49576 points

MSmits: no idea why i fail them

Illedan: #NoSleepBefore2nd

MSmits: 6 tests even

Illedan: Auch

MSmits: mmh maybe i run out of nodepool

Illedan: No replay on optims

dbdr: gz Illedan on #4

dbdr: you can retire now ;)

Illedan: nah

Illedan: I'll grab a shower and get back to my awesome results after this next run. brb

dbdr: need to get that 100K badge?

Illedan: 100k?

dbdr: score

Illedan: ah

Illedan: Ez

Illedan: 101,239 and I'm happy

dbdr: :P

Illedan: ^^

kovi: dbdr already has 103.427

kovi: locally

dbdr: why that number? :D

Illedan: *103.428 then

eulerscheZahl: why is your number odd Illedan?

Illedan: can't it be?

eulerscheZahl: makes no sense with duplicated validators

eulerscheZahl: noob

dbdr: it's me + 1

Illedan: haha

Illedan: :D

Illedan: eulerscheZahl

Illedan: stop thinking this much

eulerscheZahl: ok, good night

Illedan: nooo

MSmits: gn euler

dbdr: dream in 5 colors

MSmits: weird, i succeed on all testcases in IDE, but fail on 4 validators

MSmits: I fail on 8. 11 and on 18 I fail on both versions

MSmits: maybe it happens when I empty the board

aCat: hmm

aCat: sensing some empty action maybe?

aCat: no idea, should work the same

MSmits: maybe i print too much error

MSmits: i usually print a line for each possible move

aCat: oO

MSmits: nope didnt help. I also fail on different test cases each time

darkhorse64: 56k with a MonteCarlo

MSmits: got 49 with monte carlo myself, but tried only once

darkhorse64: C++; STC code reuse; not using the 50 ms

MSmits: nice

AntiSquid: why not?

Astrobytes: Presumably because 20s was enough?

darkhorse64: My previous score was using aCat Java bot; C++gives a nice boost. I am not using the 50 ms for now as a first try

darkhorse64: 50ms should not make a big difference

darkhorse64: The boost comes also from a improved BFS and stacking algo

dbdr: what's acat java bot?

darkhorse64: From the contribution

Astrobytes: guessing just from the contrib

dbdr: I though only puzzles needed solutions

Astrobytes: Not a solution, he just means the game code

aCat: it's basic flatmc

darkhorse64: There were several bots included

aCat: unoptimized java

aCat: I advise you to use PlayerError :D

Astrobytes: There were? I downloaded but didn't even look lol

Astrobytes: aCat isn't all java unoptimised? :P

aCat: true that ;]

dbdr: that's cheap ;)

darkhorse64: It's a nice starting point anyway. Before smart algos, you need an engine

aCat: you want a c++ implementation :>?

dbdr: aCat Consulting Group

Astrobytes: Yes. Please include one with all your future contributions :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

darkhorse64: I have one now

MSmits: it sounds great, but I can never read other people's c++

Astrobytes: I'll start properly tomorrow, busy day today, got some time off tomorrow

aCat: BTW you use normal sims?

dbdr: can you read your own C++?

aCat: or with the Tristan's proposed heuristic?

MSmits: I can usually read it :P

aCat: It's not my c++ ;p

darkhorse64: "normal sims" ? Fully random playouts ?

aCat: yep

aCat: ehh

MSmits: what is this heuristic?

darkhorse64: Yes. Tabu is next

aCat: maybe I read a little too much papers on this

aCat: heh ;]

MSmits: and who is Tabu?

aCat: someone make their classes ;]

dbdr: Tabu is taboo

Astrobytes: MSmits do some reading darn it

MSmits: o

aCat: ^^'

MSmits: reading :(

Astrobytes: You like writing, reading is mandatory

MSmits: mmh ok

Astrobytes: Seriously tho, you never came across tabu search so far?

MSmits: nope

darkhorse64: Same for me before the optim appeared

MSmits: ahh finally 100% I think I had a backpropagation bug. Only 52k points though

MSmits: I think i need to use average score

MSmits: and store the best results as opposed to just using the tree result

MSmits: if I get a good random rollout result I should store it

Default avatar.png Memo12334: guys im sorry for disturbing but this ep2 challenge killed me. I tried to do it without hardcoding everything aka doing it with rotations but im lost. May I ask if anyone can take a look at my code and help. I ask with shame

aCat: no shame in programming :D

aCat: it's normal its not working

Default avatar.png Memo12334: idk what im doing anymore

Default avatar.png Memo12334:

Default avatar.png Memo12334: btw

Default avatar.png Memo12334: sry Meneer Smits but I am bad

Astrobytes: You've been promoted to Sir MSmits!

Default avatar.png Memo12334: dat translate

Default avatar.png Memo12334: the M in Smits is for meneer aka sir I assumed

Astrobytes: His initial I do believe ;)

Default avatar.png AlexMercan: why include <iterator>

MSmits: huh

Astrobytes: So you can use iterator

MSmits: my students call me meneer Smits

Default avatar.png Memo12334: bruh AlexMercan

MSmits: wait I forgot, Memo12334 are you one of my students? I just see Netherlands

Default avatar.png AlexMercan: You don't need <iterator> to use iterators tho

darkhorse64: For this puzzle, I used a more complex data structure where each cell store its 4 neighbours (or less to account for borders). This makes moving and pathfinding a lot simpler

Default avatar.png Memo12334: sry I can't dox my self because im failing in pikaptcha ep2

Default avatar.png Memo12334: and then u will talk about how bad I am in the teachersroom (lerarenkamer)

MSmits: nah

Astrobytes: Sounds like one of yours MSmits :P

MSmits: most students I teach arent good enough to even try these puzzles Memo12334

MSmits: pikaptcha 2 is pretty hard for a beginner

Default avatar.png Memo12334: jk , im 21

Default avatar.png Memo12334: yes it is , I asked someone how can I code it without spamming if else and he said rotations

MSmits: Memo12334 it might be worth to take one step back and find a BFS tutorial for beginners.

Astrobytes: (also joking, I knew he was older)

MSmits: did you ever use BFS?

Default avatar.png Memo12334: nope , I Never looked at any algorithms at all tbh

Astrobytes: You're gonna find pathfinding algorithms *really* useful on CG

MSmits: BFS is basically the easiest pathfinding algorithm. Now, you dont really use BFS here, because moves are decided by the wall, but practicing BFS in a maze gets you used to move generation and such

Default avatar.png Memo12334: a guy said there are no tricks involved in pikaptcha ep 2 so I just tried

Default avatar.png Memo12334: I will gather resources on that, good to know

MSmits: basically what I did was give each direction a number 0, 1, 2, 3

MSmits: if the change in direction is right, then I will increment, otherwise i will decrement

MSmits: when it becomes 4, it becomes 0

MSmits: and -1 becomes 3

Default avatar.png Memo12334: u didn't do anything with rotations so?

MSmits: so you hit the wall, increment to right, still a wall? increment again, still a wall? increment again,

Astrobytes: Ah OK, you're C++ skid

Astrobytes: On discord

Default avatar.png Memo12334: gg doxed

Astrobytes: Robo suggested rotating the direction vector

MSmits: Memo12334 well not really, it's just a number that means a direction

MSmits: so 0 could be up, 1 could be right, 2 could be down, 3 could be left

Astrobytes: From discord:

MSmits: so first you check if you can move, if not, do the direction change however many times until you can move

MSmits: then move in that direction

MSmits: and do it again

MSmits: all the way until you hit start tile

Default avatar.png Memo12334: ye I know what rotation is and how to do rotate aka x = -y and y = x but I just iddn't get it. MSmits what if it hits a walll, it goes anywhere?

MSmits: no dont do that

MSmits: dont do the rotation matrix crap

MSmits: who needs that

Astrobytes: Robo

MSmits: just have a single number for a direction

MSmits: and 4 possible directions

MSmits: then some if elses

MSmits: if(direction == 0), y = y - 1

MSmits: else if (direction == 1) x = x+ 1

kovi: oh, illedan...

MSmits: etc

Default avatar.png Memo12334: but thats a lot of if else

MSmits: just 4

Astrobytes: Isn't that what you had already Memo12334?

Default avatar.png Memo12334: yes ;p but after the first if I coded I thought I had to code too much if and else it would be a bad solution

MSmits: its less than 5 min of coding for a puzzle you've been stuck on for days

Default avatar.png Memo12334: *cries*

MSmits: first make it work

MSmits: then make it pretty

Astrobytes: ^

Astrobytes: This 100%

MSmits: or never make it pretty, who cares :P

Illedan: Pretty?

MSmits: Memo12334 I've done a bot contest where I had over 300 times the word "if" in my bot

Illedan: Rookies numbers

Default avatar.png Memo12334: wth

Astrobytes: Like the Enigma puzzle, just get it working and work on different methods later

Default avatar.png Memo12334: is that how old skool AI is done

darkhorse64: You should really study BFS algo and companion data structures, they are ubiquitous at CG.

Illedan: Ah, kovi joined too :D

Illedan: Offline?

kovi: never

MSmits: Memo12334 nope, it just depends on the arena.


MSmits: this one i had 300 ifs in

MSmits: 3k lines of code :P

dbdr: what about NS kovi?

kovi: i knew that is coming

dbdr: never say never ;)

Default avatar.png Memo12334: that's pretty bruh

Illedan: NS is designed to be offline tj

Illedan: though

MSmits: well it took 10 days of heavy coding, so it's not like i did that in an afternoon

Illedan: Wow, I'm wood2 on calm :D

Astrobytes: Wood 2? How did that happen?

MSmits: start cookin'

Illedan: I was a tester and got sick of the game :P

Astrobytes: Ah OK. Too much food.

MSmits: he just makes a crappy blueberry pie

Astrobytes: Eugh. Still have nightmares about that game lol

MSmits: I had fun except when people didn't take my plate :rage:

LEO_000_001: which game?

Illedan: Code a la mode

LEO_000_001: hahaha a French name

Astrobytes: Hopefully csj learned his lesson after BitRunner and will make a more search-friendly game next time :P

Illedan: :D

Illedan: :pray:

darkhorse64: csj = Code Royale, no ?

Astrobytes: Aye, and Code a la Mode

MSmits: didnt those games get made by teams of 3 players?

Astrobytes: Yeah but they were csj's games

MSmits: ah ok

Astrobytes: Where is he anyway, didn't see him around for ages. Think the last time was when he streamed some CoC or something ages ago

Default avatar.png JBM: even he fell to coc

Astrobytes: The harder they come, the harder they fall

Default avatar.png Memo12334: MSmits what about the R and L u get from string side? which wall to follow

darkhorse64: Code a La Mode was a good game by itself and also because it is quite different from other multis (coop, no search)

Default avatar.png JBM: there's always search if you really want to find it

MSmits: Memo12334, you have to define directions 0,1,2,3

MSmits: R could be increasing the number

MSmits: L could be decreasing

Astrobytes: Yeah definitely was darkhorse64, hard to enforce the cooperation part though so it kinda got lost


MSmits: damnit

MSmits: i did the numbers wrong lol


Default avatar.png Memo12334: An additional character indicates which wall Pikaptcha must follow:

   R for the wall on his right
   L for the wall on his left 

darkhorse64: I mean, sim is not needed for Legend. Yes, coop was difficult to implement

MSmits: yes Memo12334, if at the start you get "R", then you always increase the number when you hit the wall

darkhorse64: You had to make your code quite resilient to bad manners

MSmits: if at the start you get L, then you always decrease the number

MSmits: of course making sure that when you go over 3 it becomes 0 and such

Default avatar.png Memo12334: hmm ok ty

MSmits: np good luck

MSmits: use a lot of error messages to get feedback about what your algo is doing

AntiSquid: fell to coc? what?

AntiSquid: oh chat scroll

Default avatar.png JBM: :p

MSmits: yay finally 100% again. I had a really rare bug in my sim

MSmits: it would sometimes skip a hole in the bottom when moving tiles left

MSmits: it would pass 37 validators and then fail on 3

MSmits: but every time different validators

kovi: close to 70k now, nice msmits

MSmits: yeah, all online still

BenFreanklin: cool

MSmits: gonna try some submits with different exploration params

MSmits: yep 2.0 gave me 72k :)

MSmits: i need a little more to beat trictrac :)

MSmits: oops, now I'm a robot

DomiKo: 71K with only MC :)

MSmits: did you do the tabu thing DomiKo?

DomiKo: tabu thing?

MSmits: it's a heuristic to avoid one color in the random rollout

MSmits: to get more large groups

DomiKo: then yes :grimacing:

MSmits: ahh that explains that then

MSmits: it's a strong heuristic

MSmits: will try it soon

DomiKo: i changed one parametr

DomiKo: and boom

DomiKo: +20K

MSmits: nice

DomiKo: yea 93K

MSmits: wait, why do you have a parameter if it is plain MC

DomiKo: parametr for heuristic

MSmits: ahh

DomiKo: i have to say that opti will be so awesome

MSmits: it is

DomiKo: so unlucky that small Contest is to Sunday

DomiKo: and I won't have time to make something better :(

MSmits: ahh its not a real contest and you can be doing it for years if you want :)

DomiKo: I will be doing it more next semester :joy:

MSmits: aww damnit!\

MSmits: 110690

MSmits: and 97%

DomiKo: so close

DomiKo: 97% is one fail?

MSmits: yeah

MSmits: not sure why

MSmits: i thought i fixed it

DomiKo: one is weird

MSmits: might be random server lag or something

MSmits: i had 3-4 before

MSmits: but my sim was bugged

MSmits: still 97% again

MSmits: 111026

DomiKo: you will fix it soon

MSmits: at least my bot is better :P

DomiKo: ;P

DomiKo: 96K now

DomiKo: my goal is just 100K

DomiKo: and I can go sleep

MSmits: i keep losing on different testsets also

MSmits: increasing my time buffer didn't help either

MSmits: this is crazy, i tried submit 5 times and it fails on a different test each time, each time only 1

DomiKo: lol

MSmits: yay 100% finally

DomiKo: found bug?

DomiKo: or just lucky submit

MSmits: no, got lucky :P

DomiKo: still 100% is 100%

DomiKo: good job

MSmits: yeah. and still online!

DomiKo: nice

DomiKo: i need 3.3K points

MSmits: do 5k, beat dbdr

DomiKo: and I will be proud of my online MC

MSmits: oh i think he had more offline already nvm

MSmits: yeah thats great DomiKo

MSmits: I am actually doing mcts

MSmits: so not comparable

DomiKo: yea

DomiKo: heurstic is so strong

DomiKo: so i guess that super nice for begginers

MSmits: i went from 72k to 112k with it

MSmits: all i did was 100% rollout picking other colors than the most common one

MSmits: if they are available that is

MSmits: I think you're not supposed to do it 100% though

MSmits: allright, more tomorrow, gn!

DomiKo: gnl

DomiKo: gn

CyanRook: allis, can you share your code when you finish?

Default avatar.png cheveuxdelin: hello

Default avatar.png cheveuxdelin: boys

jrke: hey

Default avatar.png cheveuxdelin: whats a good website like this for programming?

Default avatar.png cheveuxdelin: h


Andriamanitra: who says you need ruby or bash for code golf, just won a shortest code round using C :grinning:

Allis: That is highly unusual.