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Default avatar.png MohamedZakaria: Hello

Default avatar.png MohamedZakaria: :eyes:

Gorbit99: HEY

Gorbit99: oops

Gorbit99: caps

Gorbit99: hey

eulerscheZahl: moin

Default avatar.png MohamedZakaria: Guten morgen

Allis: Bon voyage.

imgrbs: :joy:

athensclub: do you know josho?

athensclub: josho boiling

SuthiwatPraesi: Im blind

Default avatar.png shinobi123: does anyone here code with python

Gorbit99: if it's a question, it's usually better to ask it, instead of asking if you can ask it in the first place

eulerscheZahl: i ignore this kind of question as i'm worried about the follow-up question that i feel obligated to answer

AntiSquid: sinobi123 yes me and Automaton2000

Automaton2000: no i just corrected myself

AntiSquid: python was a mistake shinbi123

AntiSquid: shinobi123

Default avatar.png MohamedZakaria: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Gorbit99: eulerscheZahl what could the follow up be that's so horrifying?

jacek: ohai

FinnWerner: whats up

FinnWerner: girls

eulerscheZahl: a question that needs a lot of text to answer or one that is plain boring

eulerscheZahl: i don't want to explain how the chuck norris puzzle works for the 10th time

Allis: What is a chucknorris?

Gorbit99: from experience, most questions like that can be answered in a few, usually language inspecific words

Gorbit99: a unit of absolute measurement


Gorbit99: I need to get into golfing that

AntiSquid: Allis this one was better imo

AntiSquid: ah nvm it's the other way around

SydM107: Hello everyone

Gorbit99: Hey there

SydM107: I'm trying to figure out how to use a genetic algorithm for Code vs Zombies but I'm having trouble seeing how it could apply

SydM107: there are so many factors and I can't see how to produce offspring

Marchete: random angle + random dist?

SydM107: hmm

SydM107: but the number of moves would differ depending on all sorts of factors

SPDene: genetic? or generic?

Gorbit99: genetic probably

SydM107: genetic

Gorbit99: he's looking to outsource the work

SydM107: haha no,

SPDene: that makes me think "if both daddy zombie and mummy zombie have blue eyes, baby zom,bie has blue eyes", sorry

SydM107: I'm more of an ACO guy, I've never used genetic algorithms before

Uljahn: SydM107: if you're ok with python i'd recommend this playground

SydM107: thanks

SydM107: yeah python is fine

Default avatar.png MarianCejka: hi

Maxlaxs: Hey

Default avatar.png Memo12334: anyone online?

AlexisMolestos: me

Default avatar.png Memo12334: I get 75% on lumen and it's hard to find out why

AlexisMolestos: I gonna try lumen now

Default avatar.png Memo12334: allright, like it passs all test cases but after there are more tests 2 of em fails there

Default avatar.png xlr4829: why why DZ

Default avatar.png Savorous_Sean: hi

jacek: ohai

Default avatar.png Memo12334: AlexisMolestos how its goink

AlexisMolestos: it's not that easy :nerd:

Default avatar.png Memo12334: xD

Default avatar.png Memo12334: I can give tip if u want

AlexisMolestos: yes please

Default avatar.png Memo12334: uhm u have to save the position the C's. And find distance between the X. I assume u converted the X and C to numbers tho

jacek: hm?

Default avatar.png Memo12334: check Euclidean distance

Default avatar.png Memo12334: jacek

Default avatar.png Memo12334: somehow my code only gets 75% for lumen :S

Aldavon: yoyoy navid

Aldavon: you outchea

Aldavon: i mean nav

Aldavon: sorry for the name drop

AlexisMolestos: @Memo12334 thanks almost solved

Default avatar.png Memo12334: np

Default avatar.png Memo12334: if u get 100 tell me

AlexisMolestos: 75 :joy:

Default avatar.png Memo12334: lmao

Default avatar.png Memo12334: gg

AlexisMolestos: I think it's something with round

Default avatar.png Memo12334: yes

Default avatar.png Memo12334: there is also something called chebyshev distance

eulerscheZahl: so you pass all visible testcases at lumen but fail on submit?

Default avatar.png Memo12334: yes

AlexisMolestos: I read in forum many people have this problem

eulerscheZahl: would you mind sharing the code? i'd like to have a look at it and maybe add an extra testcase

Default avatar.png Memo12334: sure

Default avatar.png Memo12334: here or?

Default avatar.png Memo12334: I will dm u

eulerscheZahl: yes, paste it here

Default avatar.png Memo12334:

eulerscheZahl: find_distance should do this:

eulerscheZahl: return max(xd,yd);

Default avatar.png Memo12334: lol

Default avatar.png Memo12334: ok lemme see why it works now ;p

SPDene: @eulerscheZahl if it helps, I had the same problem when I tried to use sum-of-squares to measure distance. it will pass all visible test cases then fail when submitted

eulerscheZahl: yes, I just realized that too. I'll just swap a testcase and validator I guess. Or create a new (simple) testcase to make it clear

SPDene: yeah - a visible test case which fails using ^^ that code would be good

SydM107: Why do you calculate the absolute value in find_distance? it's completely unnecessary


eulerscheZahl: expected: 9 your code gets 10

Default avatar.png Memo12334: mine?

Default avatar.png Memo12334: I got 100/100

eulerscheZahl: the 75% code I mean

Default avatar.png Memo12334: oh

eulerscheZahl: so that will be the new testcase

Default avatar.png Memo12334: ye the max worked, I see why now

eulerscheZahl: easy enough to go through by hand

Default avatar.png Memo12334: SydM107 look again, it is necessary

SydM107: how so? if xd is negative xd*xd is positive, same goes for yd

eulerscheZahl: updated. I took the opportunity to clean up the default code as well (reading each cell, not the whole line)

eulerscheZahl: the pythagorean distance defines a circle @SydM107 the solution expects a square around the lights

Default avatar.png Memo12334: oh sydm u meant that way , ye not needed indeed

SydM107: that's a euclidean distance

Default avatar.png Memo12334: btw chebyshev is what is the best for this

eulerscheZahl: right, Euclidean. by bad

eulerscheZahl: my*

AlexisMolestos: so you solved?

eulerscheZahl: Yes. On Feb 23rd 2019

AlexisMolestos: I googled for solution... Will I get banned?

MSmits: no

SPDene: if you're in a "fixing puzzles" mood, eulerscheZahl : in I believe the example given in the Goal (not the "Example" after the constraints) has no valid solution


SPDene: yes that one

Default avatar.png JBM: dwarfie is active enough, you can tell him about it

SPDene: ok

eulerscheZahl: agreed, drawfie's job my program finds no solution assuming I correctly converted the input


eulerscheZahl: whoops, I even approved it


eulerscheZahl: that 2 should be a 3

SPDene: yep - it has to be symmetrical about a \ line

dwarfie: yes euler , you approved it :D


eulerscheZahl: so, will you edit it? :D

dwarfie: of course ... i trust you when you tell that it should be 2 and not 3 ;)

eulerscheZahl: I can't be help accountable for what I approved 2 years ago

SPDene: ty

SPDene: it delayed me a bit when solving it - i couldn't manually work out the answer!

eulerscheZahl: thanks for reporting

dwarfie: but ... if it is 2 , horizontally , it can be 2 and 2 ...?

dwarfie: nor 3 vertically ...

dwarfie: ok ... i found the real problem .... (just read all the discussion :D)

eulerscheZahl: the real problem? Lumen having insufficient testcases?

dwarfie: do old that it did not have difficulty set ... :D

dwarfie: so old ...

dwarfie: no euler ... i was talking about mine ...

SPDene: I didn't see a discussion link on that one - do you need to be a certain level to see it for v hard difficulty?

Illedan: Discussion link? You talk about the forum link?

SPDene: nope, once you've solved the, some puzzles have details/solutions/discussion tabs; others don't have the discussion

SPDene: unless that's a link to forum post (if it exists)?

eulerscheZahl: the discussion is an embedded forum

eulerscheZahl: these thread get created automatically on approval. but for a while the forum bot creating those was inactive

eulerscheZahl: or didn't exist for older contributions

SPDene: ahh

Default avatar.png Memo12334: embedded systems?

eulerscheZahl: forum embedded as an iframe

Default avatar.png MunyoudoumPav: why is mu clash of code score reduced

Default avatar.png MunyoudoumPav: i got all test cases correct

eulerscheZahl: the replay viewer has an iframe too for sandboxing purposes I think

SPDene: MunyoudoumPav was it fastest or shortest?

Default avatar.png MunyoudoumPav: fastest

SPDene: and you finished first?

Default avatar.png MunyoudoumPav: yes

Default avatar.png JBM: validation cases too different from test cases?

SPDene: maybe because you were against really low-score opponents? idk how the scoring works

Default avatar.png MunyoudoumPav: happened to me a few times already

Default avatar.png MunyoudoumPav: that's annoying



SPDene: ty

Thyl: Hello !

Illedan: hi

Thyl: hi!

Thyl: Illedan you are on a special mail ?

Illedan: ?

Thyl: In the French canal I see you in the participant list

Illedan: The moderator list?

Thyl: No the participant list

Thyl: You see ?

Illedan: Nope

Thyl: Oh

Thyl: sorry

Thyl: moderators are probably automatically included

Thyl: :)

Thyl: sincerally sorry

Thyl: and the same for my english :)

Illedan: Np, stuck on a bug anyway atm

AntiSquid: hi - sorry for my bad english

AntiSquid: reference:

eulerscheZahl: I hate that sentence, seen way too often

Default avatar.png lionrocker221: hi

Default avatar.png lionrocker221: i new to python

Default avatar.png lionrocker221: i like python

Default avatar.png lionrocker221: it good

Default avatar.png lionrocker221: do you like python

jacek: is python rubic

Default avatar.png lionrocker221: what that mean

jacek: is ruby pythonic

Default avatar.png lionrocker221: i dont know

Default avatar.png Jaar: wut

Default avatar.png LIONSxLEADER: Thoughts On ANEO?

Default avatar.png LIONSxLEADER: Seems pointless to apply from USA and their reviews are terrible.

Hjax: most people who apologize for their english have such flawless english i wouldn't have known otherwise

eulerscheZahl: I'm writing a referee Sorry in advance for my poor Java

jacek: its like people who have clean room say 'sorry for the mess'

tutubalin: sorry for my pure Java

eulerscheZahl: not so pure, I mixed it with some JS

Default avatar.png lionrocker221: sorry for my profound mistakes within the english i am speaking

eulerscheZahl: you are a native speaker, that doesn't count

Default avatar.png lionrocker221: lmfap

vfpx07: shortest mode kinda sucks

Default avatar.png lionrocker221: yes

Default avatar.png lionrocker221: it does

Gorbit99: shortest mode is the best

Gorbit99: no arguments

Default avatar.png lionrocker221: reverse mode is the best

Default avatar.png lionrocker221: no arguments

Astrobytes: Not clashing is the best. Let the arguments commence.

Illedan: :P

Illedan: :hammer:

Astrobytes: :grin:

inoryy: idling in chat is the best

Hjax: ^

Hjax: sometimes i think it would be better if there was a separate chat for clashers

Hjax: because normally they show up in World and get shoo'd away by the chorus of "boooooo clash"

Astrobytes: #clash

Astrobytes: (it's real)

Laminator: bicklil how did you solve that reverse?

Astrobytes: Just not enough peeps know about it

Laminator: actually, does anyone know how to solve the reverse, it had A beef = 64

Laminator: bad face = 85

Astrobytes: Also I'm going easy on the clashers in general atm cause the clash-specific chats aren't working

Default avatar.png bicklil: i just thinking of hexa value

Astrobytes: *world not general

Default avatar.png bicklil: and I try to sum up the value in hexa and it was ok

eulerscheZahl: I miss #general :(

Default avatar.png Memo12334: same

jacek: #colonel

eulerscheZahl: on a coder's website we spell it #kernel

Default avatar.png Memo12334: there is really easy challenge and I can't even solve it :S

Astrobytes: hahahaha

Default avatar.png Memo12334: coded it tho lmao

Astrobytes: kernel, awesome

Default avatar.png Memo12334: detective pikaptcha ep1

AntiSquid: don't remember exact details, but you need to look at what the test cases expect, partially ignore statement Memo12334

Default avatar.png Memo12334: I can't see that

Default avatar.png Memo12334: it's hidden

Default avatar.png Memo12334:

Default avatar.png Memo12334: ok sorry , I was printing the wrong thing

Default avatar.png Memo12334: any mod online?

Default avatar.png Memo12334: I had a question

Default avatar.png Memo12334: I get no exp anymore after solvign easy problems?

eulerscheZahl: you should get XP

eulerscheZahl: i'll solve an easy one to see what happens

eulerscheZahl: boring sudoku validator, i choose you

Default avatar.png Memo12334: ok maybe it was rlly low and I didn't realize

Default avatar.png Memo12334: oh sryI did get

Default avatar.png Memo12334: there is a tab where I can see em all

Default avatar.png Memo12334: sry sry

eulerscheZahl: now i've already coded the input parsing :/

Default avatar.png Memo12334: sudoku validator is rlly hard challenge , quit now or spend a lot of hours

Default avatar.png Memo12334: its all about dem loops

eulerscheZahl: solved it

Default avatar.png Memo12334: BRUH

Default avatar.png Memo12334: how many loops u used

eulerscheZahl: and there's the XP


Default avatar.png Memo12334: ah C# , the most popular language in the world

Astrobytes: Gotta see sharp to C#

Hjax: easy puzzles only take a couple minutes if you know what you are doing and are comfortable with the language youre writing

Hjax: thats why they are called easy puzzles :P

Default avatar.png Memo12334: 2 easy puzzles per 10 hour for me

Hjax: youll get better as you get more practice

Hjax: euler is the #1 ranked person on this site

Default avatar.png Memo12334: I want to write bots like u guys and participate in AI darpa challenges

Default avatar.png Memo12334: when I grow up

Hjax: then go find a multi that looks fun and get cracking

Hjax: no need to do puzzles first

Default avatar.png Memo12334: gotta first do some medium and hards

eulerscheZahl: you are free to have a look at the games now. whatever motivates you

Default avatar.png Memo12334: one should be able to do some hard and medium challenges first

Gorbit99: i haven't done hards before competitons

Gorbit99: most people don't find the puzzles fun

Default avatar.png Memo12334: wait

Default avatar.png Memo12334: are they rlly different??

Default avatar.png Memo12334: I mean I thought it would be similiar stuff lol

Gorbit99: nah, hard puzzles are harder than first few leagues in multis

Gorbit99: they are very different

Hjax: imo contests are by far the most fun

Default avatar.png Memo12334: contests is vs another people right?

Default avatar.png Memo12334: solving as fast as possible

eulerscheZahl: there is no real "solution"

Hjax: not solving as fast as possible

Hjax: you write a program that plays a game against other peoples programs

Astrobytes: that would be clashes

Hjax: if you win, you gain points

Gorbit99: fast as possible is coc usually

Hjax: whoever writes the best program at the game wins the contest

Gorbit99: in competitions it's basically like a tourney

Default avatar.png Memo12334: of contest is for proficient people I assume

Gorbit99: no

Hjax: contests are for everyone!

Astrobytes: For everyone, it's all about the fun

Default avatar.png Memo12334: writing a program that plays a game?

eulerscheZahl: there were almost 5k participants in the last contest

Default avatar.png Memo12334: seems advanced ;p

Gorbit99: contests are the easiest thing to start on this site basically

Hjax: you can usually write a simple program that plays the game

eulerscheZahl: only about 100 reached the highest league. didn't stop the others from trying

Hjax: it doesnt have to be anything complex

Gorbit99: it can start with two if statements

Default avatar.png Memo12334: how can I train for that

Gorbit99: practice

Hjax: multis are old contests that anyone can play

Astrobytes: Get stuck in tbh

Default avatar.png Memo12334: ok I will do the bots thing after I am done with my current easy puzzle

Hjax: i want another unofficial contest, the last one was fun

eulerscheZahl: i want a real contest

Hjax: that too

Hjax: i just hope the next contest is less annoying than pacman

Hjax: i really did not like pacman

eulerscheZahl: what was your problem with it? fog of war? rock paper scissors?

Hjax: the way corners were blind

Hjax: you could get unlucky and just lose

Default avatar.png Memo12334: hjax u write sc bots?

Hjax: i do!

Default avatar.png Memo12334: cool

Hjax: last contest my rank varied wildly even with the same submit, because of how heavy the luck factor was

Hjax: was pretty discouraging

eulerscheZahl: i've seen randomness in other contests before

eulerscheZahl: at the top it's usually quite consistent. but below there's a lot of variance

Hjax: randomness is fine if one bad random outcome doesnt mean instantly losing the game

eulerscheZahl: good point. there's no comeback in pacman

Hjax: like the randomness with ore deposits in UTG was fine

Hjax: could you get really unlucky and lose? sure, but it didnt happen very often

Hjax: the better bot almost always won

Default avatar.png JBM: didn't the bots start in the same position in utg?

eulerscheZahl: yes

Default avatar.png JBM: yeah, so no unlucky draw there

Hjax: and the only other random thing was digging up your opponents mines, because you couldnt see them

Hjax: but that was more risk taking than losing to randomness

eulerscheZahl: the starting position wasn't that relevant anyways. 5 robots and 6 possible lines to start at

Gorbit99: MadKnight dropped into my dms with "hey, do you need help with multis"

AlexisMolestos: May I know if I need to lear vuejs framework what would you recommend?

Astrobytes: MadKnight has returned?!

Gorbit99: only in my dms

Astrobytes: And it was *the* MadKnight and not an impostor right?

Gorbit99: I assume so

Default avatar.png JBM: sounded like him anyway

Gorbit99: this "hey, want some help in multi" is a madknight thing

Astrobytes: That is true.

Gorbit99: his discord is TheVillainAgain

Default avatar.png JBM: which doesn't mean a thing as it's the first thing any impostor would do

Gorbit99: I assume he's madknight

inoryy: that does look like his username

Hjax: maybe hes a ghost

Hjax: ooooh spooky

Hjax: :P

Astrobytes: MadFright

Astrobytes: Donno why he doesn't come back in chat tbh

Gorbit99: I can ask if you want

Astrobytes: Go for it. We saw the chat where he said he quit, but... not like MadKnight to actually quit

Gorbit99: he's talking about some weird russian movei

Hjax: well, he is russian

Astrobytes: The basketball one?

Gorbit99: no, this one is an alien one

Astrobytes: Ah

Hjax: ive been looking into the stockfish nnue stuff, pretty mindblowing

Hjax: +100 elo in like, a week

Astrobytes: It's insanely strong huh

Hjax: seems like it

Hjax: by the time tcec premier league comes around it will be even stronger

Astrobytes: Yup. I see it's available in the STockfish dev builds now


Hjax: the regression graph is something else

Hjax: thats like a year of progress, all at once

Astrobytes: wow, ain't it just!

Hjax: and the idea is still so young, im sure theres a lot of room to improve still

Hjax: make better nets, use it in different ways, etc

jacek: eeyup

Astrobytes: it's a game changer for sure

jacek: surprisingly this is similar to what im doing several past weeks

Hjax: what are you working on?

jacek: using NN for eval, training in supervised/unsupervised mix

Hjax: what game i mean?

Astrobytes: Several ;)

jacek: right now breakthrough

inoryy: nice, jacek

Astrobytes: Been impressive so far, how is Breakthrough coming along?

jacek: im still testing different net archtecture and learning ways

jacek: and i think i found a bug in some of my endings

Hjax: writing my own nns is still quite a bit over my head

Hjax: so many people doing fancy stuff on this site :P

Hjax: ive considered trying to go back to school and getting a masters in machine learning

Astrobytes: Yeah, it's cool to see people pushing the boundaries

Astrobytes: ask inoryy for advice

jacek: i would be bored in machine learning lessons

jacek: too much theory

jacek: i just want to code stuff and see results

jacek: thats why i like machine learning. it works and i dont care why

Hjax: lol

Astrobytes: hehehe

inoryy: reminds me of this

Hjax: i did take linear algebra and an intro to ml class in college

Hjax: so i know the basics

Astrobytes: lol inoryy

jacek: though i liked turing machines

jacek: but then again there were many weird symbols

Astrobytes: I really should refresh my maths a bit, very rusty tbh. All this pharmaceutical stuff doesn't really work the maths muscles

jacek: rusty :F

Astrobytes: lol

Hjax: i tried to figure out how leela works at some point

Hjax: i understand the concept, but the technical details are beyond me

jacek: its always the technical details

Gorbit99: Astrobytes Madknight said he's working on other things

jacek: at first i made xor example in python, then without library, then without numpy, just for loops and multiplication. then i rewritten it to C++

jacek: and it started and I dont see the end of it

Astrobytes: Gorbit99 tell him I said (we all said) hello and come back once in a while if he has time

jacek: mk? that troll?

Gorbit99: already put down the call

Astrobytes: ah

Gorbit99: I basically listened to him trying to explain the entire plot of the movie

Astrobytes: definitely MadKnight

Gorbit99: seems like he's happy to talk to people if you want

Astrobytes: He was never unwelcome

Astrobytes: He just left one day

Uljahn: i guess we (non-natives) have to use every chance to practice english or it becomes rusty in no time

Astrobytes: :)

Astrobytes: Maybe I should start learning Russian

SPDene: Uljahnjust make sure you don't start speaking american instead :P:

Astrobytes: Yeah, that's just weird :P

Hjax: hey!


Astrobytes: :grin:

Default avatar.png JBM: they're everywhere

Hjax: i just assume everyone on this site is from europe at this point

Default avatar.png JBM: generqlise a bit and you'll be fine

Default avatar.png JBM: everyone in america is from europe too :P

Astrobytes: hehehe

Astrobytes: All the europeans on here think there's loads of americans, and the americans are like "where?" :D

Astrobytes: They'll be asking for their own channel next :P

Hjax: #freedom

Astrobytes: We love you all really Hjax

Astrobytes: #freedom is the Scottish channel, awa' wi' ye laddie

Default avatar.png JBM: you're not free 'til you decapitate a few of them

tutubalin: #freedom is too long. let's just shorten it to #fr

Hjax: when i first found the scots wikipedia i thought it was a joke language

Hjax: like how some sites offer a "pirate speak" translation option

Astrobytes: hahahaha


Hjax: its beautiful

Astrobytes: aye a' ken that yin like

SPDene: hjax you should try welsh - our equivalent of DMV website: (scroll down)

Hjax: that looks like its been through a blender

Hjax: "trwyddedau"

SPDene: that's "licenses"

Hjax: i wouldnt have guessed that :D

Hjax: the UK is a fascinating place, i hope to visit some day

Astrobytes: Hehe, Welsh is related with Cornish and Breton languages, shares little with Scots Gaelic. Great that Wales embraces the language more than we do

Astrobytes: We're 'working on it' apparently

Hjax: do brits think that americans have cool accents? or is that a one way affair?

AntiSquid: fascinating in what way?

Hjax: theres a lot of history and different cultures crammed together in a small space

SPDene: you have accents? all americans sound the same. we have a different accent if you go down the road 10 miles :P

Astrobytes: Is it still being pushed SPDene? Learning Welsh that is

Astrobytes: I hope so

SPDene: I'm not welsh :)

Astrobytes: Oh I thought you were given the link

SPDene: I just find it fascinating that all UK government websites are translated into welsh

Hjax: americans have accents, people from the south sound much different from the north

Default avatar.png JBM: weren't they written in welsh, then translated to english?

Astrobytes: Because it's their language

Hjax: new york and boston areas have strongish accents too

Astrobytes: US accents vary wildly

Astrobytes: But I guess they can be subtle at times

SPDene: yeah - I'm oversimplifying... but I could identify maybe 5 US accents... and 200 UK accents

Hjax: i think my accent is mostly what would be considered "general american" which is probably quite boring

Hjax: everyone in the US thinks british accents are cool

Astrobytes: People over here get certain New England accents confused with New York accents for instance

Default avatar.png JBM: wait until they realize most of them are muggles

AntiSquid: even the strong accents? :D

Hjax: people from boston are incapable of pronouncing the letter r

Hjax: pahk the cah

Default avatar.png JBM: that's most of uk too isn't it?

Astrobytes: lol I was gonna say cahpahk

Astrobytes: I have relatives over that way

Hjax: im just far enough from NYC and Boston that i dont have either accent

jacek: why theres r in colonel

SPDene: most of the sowthwest UK use a rhotic R... the rest of the country not so much

Default avatar.png JBM: perfect opposite of the US

AntiSquid: sometimes it's hard to tell whether someone is speaking a different language or is just pronouncing words weirdly:

AntiSquid: (good movie btw)

Hjax: ive known a few people from england who had the most amazing accents

Astrobytes: That's supposed to be 'pikey' Irish

Astrobytes: (travellers)

AntiSquid: giving one example there

SPDene: try (orkney)

AntiSquid: not everyone understands strong scottish accent either btw, i didn't have that much difficulty so far, but there are native brits who have problems understanding

AntiSquid: i understand that SPDene ! :o

Astrobytes: Yeah, if you can understand Irish or Welsh people you can understand Scots islanders (most of the time)

AntiSquid: Hjax i call that posh snob accent (no offense intended though) :p

Astrobytes: Not if they're fu' though

Hjax: it sounds incredible though

Hjax: the people with really smooth accents

Astrobytes: The American 'favourite' English accents usually indicate people who are of the upper class

Astrobytes: i.e. the ruling class

Astrobytes: Many in the UK don't take kindly to those accents

Hjax: interesting

SPDene: Astrobytes you mean people who pronounce house "hice"?

Astrobytes: Oh if they could have some kind of return to feudalism here they'd go for it.

Astrobytes: Depending how you say that SPDene it could also be a Norn Irn accent :P

SPDene: true - but i mean the homecounties ones

Default avatar.png BASWESD: Im looking for a frontend job in Ca bay area

AntiSquid: they seem very common in ox, even among the "normal" people though so don't see the problem

AntiSquid: i am more worried about chavs and the "got a li' may' ? "

Astrobytes: You're spoiled in that Oxon you are

AntiSquid: (translation: got a light mate)

Astrobytes: No shit. Try living in Peckham

AntiSquid: well when i first heard that kind pronunciation i just stared and the guy said it exactly the same just louder getting angry, i was like "wtf?", walked away

SPDene: your "li' may'" reminded me of Limmy - I imagine is accent's quite hard for some people to understand

SPDene: his*

Hjax: the brits have taken over the chat

SPDene: haha

Astrobytes: Stay in Oxfordshire AntiSquid. Don't leave under any circumstances

AntiSquid: lol why

Astrobytes: Because of what you said. You'll be on the first train back within minutes :P

Astrobytes: Well, you can try a few of the other Counties but don't venture into the city centre :P

Hjax: i dont think theres any part of the US where i would have issues understanding their accent

SPDene: yeah - oxford's not my idea of "full of chavs" compared to other places

Astrobytes: Quite

AntiSquid: hah, doubt it met people from other cities too and bringing things like these up with others doesn't seem to bother most

AntiSquid: even the people from the capital of joy riding can have a normal conversation some times

SPDene: for anyone who doesn't understand "chav".. think "ned"... but that won't help you either :) :)

AntiSquid: suburbian culture

Hjax: when i hear chav i think of eggsy from kingsman

Hjax: is that good enough

Astrobytes: I went to Witney once, when I visited the Wychwood brewery. The pub was interesting

Astrobytes: lol, ned

AntiSquid: witney seems very quite

AntiSquid: quiet

Astrobytes: It is

AntiSquid: relaxed town

Astrobytes: a bit... too quiet

Astrobytes: lol, was just typical small-place vibes. Was alright

AntiSquid: Hjax imagine skinny dehydrated extremely casually clothed individual telling you how cool it is to get high and inviting you to a joint with them


Astrobytes: "Interpreting for the neds"

Natorade: how do I output an error message in c++?

Astrobytes: cerr << message << endl;

Hjax: you could have been describing me until the last bit

AntiSquid: cerr << msg << endl;///

AntiSquid: ok ...

Natorade: ty <3

Astrobytes: yw

AntiSquid: Astrobytes is that a ned translator or what

Astrobytes: Compilation of the "Interpreting for the neds" segments of Chewin' The Fat, a Scottish comedy from a while ago

Astrobytes: neds = non-educated delinquents = chavs

AntiSquid: sorry for offtopic, but new video !! always fun channel

Astrobytes: Don't worry, think my neds vid killed chat anyway lol. Yeah good channel

Astrobytes: And once again does not disappoint

Astrobytes: Very impressive

Astrobytes: Anyway, I'm out, gn

Illedan: gn

AntiSquid: gn

AntiSquid: aha chat lurker

Illedan: ^^

Illedan: was looking at the meat video you posted

Illedan: funny stuff

Illedan: Love the bones not being included

Illedan: xD

AntiSquid: just wait 2 papers down the line

benschreyer: Károly Zsolnai-Fehér:sunglasses:

Uljahn: amazing how they got 45 degrees angle for strain breaking which is pretty accurate from strength of materials theory

Uljahn: are they using FEM as the grid method?

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: Why are there so many mods suddenly???

Uljahn: most active and trusted users were given mod rights

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: Is there a need for more mods?

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: This chat doesn't seem that active...

Uljahn: we should be ready for the upcoming contest though

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: When did you join cg? I joined around csb

Uljahn: 1 year before csb

Uljahn: but wasn't very active

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: O

RJMontalvo: *sips his tea*

Zenoscave: MaliciouslyCrypticUsername you've been here since 2013?

Zenoscave: CSB*

Zenoscave: no idea where that came from 2013...

WINWINWIN: No details on Fall challenge out yet?

greybtw: Hello.