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TheDayIsMyEnemy: Mad

TheDayIsMyEnemy: where is everyone:X

TheDayIsMyEnemy: eulerscheZahl hi

Gorbit99: probably asleep

TheDayIsMyEnemy: I remember before there were so many people

Gorbit99: most people here it seems are european

TheDayIsMyEnemy: not really .. at least before :D

eulerscheZahl: so, where have you been?

eulerscheZahl: maybe the others are there right now

TheDayIsMyEnemy: here it is.. the champion

TheDayIsMyEnemy: eulerscheZahl when #1 lul

TheDayIsMyEnemy: nice :D

TheDayIsMyEnemy: I missed so many things

eulerscheZahl: a few months ago when CG changed the ranking formula

eulerscheZahl: and i got a ban hammer

eulerscheZahl: meanwhile it seems we lost MadKnight

TheDayIsMyEnemy: I got almost 2 levels from the quest map :D

Gorbit99: oh, I remember madknight

Gorbit99: he was the one who totally didn't show me the secret csb formula

TheDayIsMyEnemy: he was always here before

TheDayIsMyEnemy: spamming :D

eulerscheZahl: he did NOT?

Gorbit99: never, why would he even do such a thing

eulerscheZahl: one day I changed my nickname as AutomatonNN kept pinging me

AutomatonNN: what is the most problem with the same code?

eulerscheZahl: MK thought I was new and sent me a private message to tell me about CSB

Gorbit99: 😂

TheDayIsMyEnemy: Hahaha

Gorbit99: you ain't escaping

eulerscheZahl: kept him busy for 20min then I got bored and told him that I just promoted to legend

Gorbit99: is there a way to just test a contribution in the ide with the testcases I create, or should I just use rextester for that?

Gorbit99: I worded that wrong

Gorbit99: a contribution I'm creating

Gorbit99: that's an important part

eulerscheZahl: simple one or interactive?

Gorbit99: interactive

Gorbit99: probably

Gorbit99: basically just having the same thing as a normal puzzle would be alright

eulerscheZahl: then you run it offline. not sure is cg shows validators now

Gorbit99: does

Gorbit99: it shows them until the contrib is accepted

eulerscheZahl: then upload as private and mess around

eulerscheZahl: or is there a misunderstanding between us?

Allis: Are you worried that your tests are dependent upon how CG actually feeds input to the program or something?

Gorbit99: basically I want a simple way to develop the solution

eulerscheZahl: unrelated: beside test.html there is stub.html and statement.html there existence is poorly documented so i'm telling you here

Gorbit99: that's about it

eulerscheZahl: there are test files like test1.json, test2.json right?

eulerscheZahl: you can set them in the test/Main.class for offline play

eulerscheZahl: or you upload the contribution and play on CG directly

Gorbit99: it's just a simple in/out puzzle

eulerscheZahl: you just said it's interactive

Gorbit99: I didn't know what you meant

eulerscheZahl: :D

Gorbit99: what would interest me, is what are the differences between the individual contrib types?

eulerscheZahl: then I think you save the contribution and just execute it. I've never done this myself

Gorbit99: I get coc, multiplayer and optimization

eulerscheZahl: and 3 others?

Gorbit99: but what's the difference between solo game and in/out?

Gorbit99: blog article I also get

eulerscheZahl: in/out is the one you are doing. similar to clash of code

eulerscheZahl: for the solo puzzle you upload a zip file with the game

eulerscheZahl: that's an animated one

eulerscheZahl: multiplayer and optim are zip files too

Gorbit99: a

Gorbit99: h

eulerscheZahl: you could open a game on github (most contributions have a link to the repo), just download it as a zip and upload it on CG.

eulerscheZahl: for the classic in/out puzzle I think you have to enter everything manually

Gorbit99: does solo puzzle also have to be a strict "test case input -> output", or can you write validator code for that?

eulerscheZahl: strict text comparison

Gorbit99: alright

eulerscheZahl: very limited

Gorbit99: yeah, that's my issue

eulerscheZahl: you could just make it an interactive one and kill the viewer if you don't need it :D

eulerscheZahl: or you find a nice graphical representation, i don't know the problem you are designing

Gorbit99: it would have a nice graphical representation

Gorbit99: I assume there's a blog post about interactive puzzles, or some wiki link

eulerscheZahl: great, then make it interactive :)

eulerscheZahl: the basics

Gorbit99: thanks

Gorbit99: time to brush off my java

eulerscheZahl: and just open some games that you like and that have animations. to see how it's done there

Gorbit99: thanks a lot

eulerscheZahl: and ask here or on discord when you are stuck. some players have messed with the SDK already

Gorbit99: eg you

eulerscheZahl: yes :P

eulerscheZahl: from my experience making/finding appealing graphics is the hardest part

Gorbit99: gf is an artist, hopefully, if all goes well, I can just ask her nicely enough

eulerscheZahl: :D

aCat: morning all

aCat: I updated samegame

aCat: and just noticed that before update

aCat: it warked as A*craft regarding puzzlespamming

aCat: hx for the hint euler

eulerscheZahl: oh :(

aCat: yeah

eulerscheZahl: it worked \o/

aCat: omg

aCat: you can do such cool things inside cg


aCat: my ideas + your fixes, my engine + your visualization

eulerscheZahl: sure :)

aCat: :heart_eyes_cat:

Gorbit99: now I want to know what else there is to see

eulerscheZahl: but first: breakfast

aCat: ok, have a nice time euler

nfgCodex: i don't understand this bot battle game thing... is it really playing against other people? is it just made up gamification that i'm literally waiting for no reason? I'm just trying to make sense of what is actually happening here

Gorbit99: if it's in compete, you're playing against people

Gorbit99: when you submit that is

Andy_F: there are also some bots in clash of code but they mirror actual player submissions

Gorbit99: I assume if it's a bot battle game, it's a multiplayer game

jrke: yeah bot programming is multiplayer game

jacek: oh? i always thought it was just chaning strategy everytime

eulerscheZahl: CG doesn't hold a bunch of people captive in their basement to play against you?

Gorbit99: what's a normal turntime for solo games?

Default avatar.png theBatman: Are there bots in Clash of code?

Gorbit99: yeah

Gorbit99: like 7 of them? maybe 6

Allis: There are eleven: AlkhilJohn, BSoD, BitWolf, JayEm94, KaneyklovAleck, LannertvSeveir, MathieuGanesan, Natchhood, NoopatJntsu, SuperMuppet, Tychkorg

jrke: yeah allis you are right

zask_warrior: hello

jacek: good morning

jrke: where is struct gone?

jacek: he became class

jrke: :smiley:

jrke: next time he will be header file

eulerscheZahl: i miss the struct :(

jacek: with every bullet so far

jrke: currently he didn't changed his name

eulerscheZahl: ghosting on discord too

Default avatar.png Robertt_The_Bad_Coder: Bruh

Default avatar.png Robertt_The_Bad_Coder: Help me

Allis: With?

Default avatar.png Robertt_The_Bad_Coder: When i enter Coders strike Back, i dont understand the second step

jacek: what does it say

Default avatar.png Robertt_The_Bad_Coder: To play, you'll have to write your own program... but we've entered some code for you to begin with. Let's see what it's doing!

Default avatar.png Robertt_The_Bad_Coder: And i waited

Default avatar.png Robertt_The_Bad_Coder: Nothing happened

jacek: you clicked play my code?

Default avatar.png Robertt_The_Bad_Coder: wdym?

Default avatar.png Robertt_The_Bad_Coder: i didnt see any button


Default avatar.png Robertt_The_Bad_Coder: No

Default avatar.png Robertt_The_Bad_Coder:

Default avatar.png Robertt_The_Bad_Coder: It shows this

Gorbit99: seems like your resolution is small

Default avatar.png Robertt_The_Bad_Coder: I see

jacek: you have to scroll down the middle part

jacek: 1920x1080 small? :o

jacek: or scroll right :?

eulerscheZahl: i think there should be some kind of "ok got it" there

eulerscheZahl: try clicking that area

Default avatar.png Robertt_The_Bad_Coder: Ok

Default avatar.png Robertt_The_Bad_Coder: Thats okay bro

Default avatar.png Robertt_The_Bad_Coder: ill do this myself

jacek: oO

Default avatar.png Robertt_The_Bad_Coder: Sorry for wasting your time

eulerscheZahl: ah, you should hit the play button

Gorbit99: pic you've posted is not even close to 1920x1080

eulerscheZahl: collapse the chat first

Gorbit99: check your monitor resolution settings, it might be borked

Default avatar.png Robertt_The_Bad_Coder: Ok bro

Default avatar.png Robertt_The_Bad_Coder: Thanks for the info

eulerscheZahl: the chat is just hiding the button you are supposed to click

Allis: Do bots have a TrueSkill score?

Default avatar.png JBM: which bots?

Default avatar.png JBM: come to think of it, i think the answer is yes whichever

Gorbit99: coc bots?

Allis: That's how I meant, yeah.

Default avatar.png JBM: i think coc bots are full-fledged accounts

Allis: I'm wondering if it would explain how I'm pretty sure I recently lost points on a win.

Gorbit99: well, they are just standard users

Gorbit99: just driven by a program

Default avatar.png JBM: that you can click on, check out the profile and search in the rankings list

Neon_Tuts: Hello :wave:

Maxlaxs: Hey

Default avatar.png Mochimooochi: hello

Default avatar.png BlackAuntie_6a87: hey

_-: Regexp question on koan:

_-: My answer: Never because it at least matches to an empty string

Default avatar.png Memo12334: the graffiti on the fence challenge , how easy is it

Default avatar.png kheedanonymous: hi

AntiSquid: Memo12334 easy

Default avatar.png Memo12334: AY

dbdr: eulerscheZahl: wow

eulerscheZahl: thanks :)

dbdr: I see a new era for viewers arriving :)

eulerscheZahl: did you notice that I killed the timeline? :D

dbdr: ?

eulerscheZahl: the scroller at the bottom

dbdr: just noticed zoom works too

eulerscheZahl: to select the replay frame

dbdr: ah yes

dbdr: why?

eulerscheZahl: i just deleted all childs

eulerscheZahl: to kill pixi

eulerscheZahl: maybe 1 too much :D

eulerscheZahl: the zooming and such is really all from three.js

eulerscheZahl: the only thing i did is to include it in the replay

dbdr: visual bug, maybe the model is imperfect?


eulerscheZahl: i saw that too

dbdr: this pot cannot hold tea I think :D

eulerscheZahl: shows the same as on the website where i took it from

dbdr: right, so it's just the model


dbdr: openGL is nice, but can you boot linux now? ;)

eulerscheZahl: ?


eulerscheZahl: we have that on

eulerscheZahl: player_one did it

eulerscheZahl: some file system tutorial i think

dbdr: this is the linux kernel running inside the browser in JS

dbdr: of course there's also

eulerscheZahl: oh, not a remote machine? :o

dbdr: nope

eulerscheZahl: wow

dbdr: JS/Linux :)

Astrobytes: impressive!

dbdr: imagine an optim or multi using that :)

Astrobytes: gj on getting the teapot working euler :)

eulerscheZahl: :)

dbdr: 3d graphics faster than 2d pixi :D

eulerscheZahl: i know :D

eulerscheZahl: and doesn't make my computer cry

dbdr: now we can make botg viewer in 3d

dbdr: and move the camera :)

Astrobytes: Bugs out a bit. First time the controls were visible, second time they were minimised as normal, third and fourth times no teapot or controls

eulerscheZahl: just buy a new computer

eulerscheZahl: every time you plan to load a game

Astrobytes: (that's when I press play multiple times btw)

eulerscheZahl: read the description. does it tell you to play again?

eulerscheZahl: I had to delete the demo replay. somehow the pot was visible for a split second and then disappeared

Astrobytes: lol

eulerscheZahl: it's definitely not perfect the way it is now. Just wanted to upload a 3D object for the lols

dbdr: teapots vs kettles multi upcoming?

Astrobytes: It's great. Wonder what else you can do

eulerscheZahl: tea vs coffee

eulerscheZahl: i think you can do pretty much anything that JS can do

eulerscheZahl: but the code is sandboxed

eulerscheZahl: so i can't access the user profile

Astrobytes: ah ok

eulerscheZahl: or send web requests

eulerscheZahl: which is a good thing

Astrobytes: yeah indeed

Default avatar.png ShabbirYamani: can I bound a country location - by using Lat/Long as top,right, bottom,left

AntiSquid: ^ not sure what you want, but i guess you can check out d3 if you want to use JS

AntiSquid: python makes life easier though

AntiSquid: maybe you were referring to choropleth maps ?

Default avatar.png ShabbirYamani: I want to identify visitors - geo location and do {... things}

Default avatar.png ShabbirYamani: the lat/long is fine - however, it pinpoints to 1 POINT

Default avatar.png Arthur35: man... anybody can help me why input() is not working in python 3.6

Default avatar.png Arthur35: and please suggest me an alternative

Default avatar.png rak1507: wdym by not working

Zenoscave: nice title for the teapot eulerscheZahl

Zenoscave: I love HTCPCP

Default avatar.png Memo12334: any mod online?

Default avatar.png Memo12334: nvm

Default avatar.png xlr4829: noob here

cegprakash: i'm sorry but it's been so long I'm returning back to paper soccer why is this move wrong?

cegprakash: last turn

trictrac: hello cegprakash, 7 is enough, 72 is too much, bot is allready in the goal

cegprakash: oh my isBouncing function flaw I think

cegprakash: ty

FLQ4: good luck

FLQ4: is neumann a bot

Neumann: Non.

FLQ4: ok

Neumann: Why ?

jrke: someone saying mod a bot :smiley:

cegprakash: Astrobytes belated wishes

eulerscheZahl: witch hunt failed. whom do we call a bot next?

cegprakash: I gift u a :popcorn:

cegprakash: Player also loses if after his turn the ball cannot be moved.

cegprakash: does this mean I have to let a valid move for opponent after my move?

AlwaysBeDream: i got and inf number in js , but can python handle big num ?

AlwaysBeDream: i see some member already done with the case with python, but i cant see member has done with javascript

cegprakash: javascript don't have bignum as far as I know

cegprakash: python by default is big num

cegprakash: u don't even have to import anything or use a different datatype

cegprakash: I always use python or java when I need bignum

AlwaysBeDream: nope

AlwaysBeDream: ahh , thats why i got inf output

Xcalibre: C# has a BigInteger class too

cegprakash: what gives inf?

AlwaysBeDream: infinity

eulerscheZahl: JavaScript has the double datatype. So whatever causes this to overflow

cegprakash: are u using 1/0 or something?

Gorbit99: ruby is also default bignum

cegprakash: how big are the numbers u are dealing with AlwaysBeDream

Gorbit99: but it switches to it only if you need it

AlwaysBeDream: the case just calculate pow(120 , 324)

cegprakash: jz

AlwaysBeDream: haha

cegprakash: python then

AlwaysBeDream: i am not using python

Gorbit99: don't you need pow(120, 324) % something tho?

AlwaysBeDream: nope

cegprakash: or use the bignum library provided in npm

Gorbit99: really? that's weird

AlwaysBeDream: can i install some lib in this website ?

AlwaysBeDream: XD

Gorbit99: some are already installed, just have to check


AlwaysBeDream: i dont know about that, i new member here

cegprakash: this has pow function

Gorbit99: which puzzle is this btw?

Andriamanitra: 120^324 doesn't sound right for any puzzle

Gorbit99: yeee

AlwaysBeDream: i am join the clash of code

Gorbit99: clash then

Gorbit99: what was the text of the coc?

Gorbit99: or was it just reverse?

AlwaysBeDream: the case is take the result of pow(a , b) then take 3 digits from number

Andriamanitra: yeah you don't need the full number to do that

Gorbit99: OH

Gorbit99: first three digits?

Gorbit99: yeah, know that one

AlwaysBeDream: but i need the result to take the number

AlwaysBeDream: yeah

Andriamanitra: i think i had it too the other day

Gorbit99: you don't need the full number for it

cegprakash: jz..

cegprakash: last 3 digits would have been easier

AlwaysBeDream: emm, that's my bad

cegprakash: who asks first 3 digits :\

Gorbit99: last 3 would be too easy

AlwaysBeDream: i am using substr . i just convert it to string

AlwaysBeDream: XD

jacek: there is math for that

Andriamanitra: you can do the math or you can just take first x numbers and hope it's enough

cegprakash: intention of the puzzle is probably to solve it without using pow function

Andriamanitra: i did the latter

AlwaysBeDream: all of participant just complete 83% of the case

AlwaysBeDream: cuz the 8 case have a big and very big result

cegprakash: just print rand()%1000

cegprakash: if you are lucky it can pass

Gorbit99: yeah, just don't use pow for it

Gorbit99: that's why they are there

AlwaysBeDream: oooh, thank you bruh

Gorbit99: trying to find the puzzle itself


Gorbit99: you were faster

AlwaysBeDream: ah , that's the puzzle

Gorbit99: I approved it

AlwaysBeDream: i see

Gorbit99: it does have a cheap trick to it

cegprakash: is it possible to do something bruteforce like (a^b) MOD (10^p) and try all p where 10^p <= a^b?

cegprakash: or is there a better math

eulerscheZahl: i think logarithms could work, didn't do the math

eulerscheZahl: log(a^b) = b*log(a)

eulerscheZahl: that's a small number. and then do an operation that is equal to /10 as long as the number is too big

Andriamanitra: ruby's pow actually seems to be so nicely optimized that it passes just doing a**b :smile:

Andriamanitra: in python that would time out

eulerscheZahl: that sounds like broken by design

eulerscheZahl: i mean the clash statement

Default avatar.png Memo12334: hey can I ask an expert something

Andriamanitra: expert on what?

Default avatar.png Memo12334: coding

Default avatar.png Memo12334: so I have almost done a challenge and I would like to ask how to do something. graffiti on the fence

Default avatar.png Memo12334: everything works expect idk how I would do it when everything is painted

Default avatar.png Memo12334: aka not everything works

SPDene: read the description again - it says what to print if there are no unpainted bits ("All painted" maybe - i don't remember exactly)

Default avatar.png Memo12334: yes I know..

SPDene: then I'm not sure what you're asking

Default avatar.png Memo12334: how to code it

Andriamanitra: if statement?

Default avatar.png Memo12334: yes if whatr

Andriamanitra: if there are no unpainted sections everything is painted, no?

Default avatar.png Memo12334: yes but how to do that is my question

SPDene: if (number of unpainted sections == 0 ) ...

Andriamanitra: i'm confused by the question tbh :smiley:

Default avatar.png Memo12334: did u guys solve the challenge im taklking bout

SPDene: yes

Andriamanitra: the exact form of the if statement depends on how you have solved it

Default avatar.png Memo12334: yes so if I add an if then the minor test 1 fails lol

SPDene: without knowing what language you're using, and what approach you're using to solve the puzzle, this is a bit like asking "what do I write in my essay?"

Default avatar.png Memo12334: how do u guys solve these challenges so easily

Default avatar.png Memo12334: PhD maths?

SPDene: can't speak for anyone else, but 40 years of coding experience for me :P

Xcalibre: more like elementary math

Default avatar.png Memo12334: wow that's rlly a lot

Default avatar.png Memo12334: SPDenewhat language u use

SPDene: mostly python

Default avatar.png Memo12334: oh nice , not easy language to work with

Maxlaxs: wut

SPDene: it's one of the easiest

Default avatar.png Memo12334: ok then probably for me

Laminator: A month of practice

Andriamanitra: hmm, which language do you think is easier?

Laminator: familiarity is not the same as easy

Default avatar.png Memo12334: ok that's it probably

pardouin: maybe you should practice on fundamentals first

pardouin: cause here the "easy" problems require already a bit of practice

Default avatar.png ChrisBell: Is there a way to continue practicing on a clash of code problem? Ill get into a few of them using bit tricks on paper, but never get to write the C++ for them to test it -.-

Andriamanitra: ChrisBell use this site to find it in the submissions section where you can freely play with it

Default avatar.png DJDoubleSuperstar_da20: hi

Default avatar.png ChrisBell: @Andriamanitra Thank you so much!


pardouin: what clash was that?

Shashank2409: Shortest code

pardouin: I know but which one?

Andriamanitra: find the largest prime i believe

jacek: so hot :fire:

pardouin: yeah ruby is good for that with his prime module

dbdr: heatwave jacek?

Andriamanitra: require'prime' is too many characters for shortest though

jacek: yes. and NN training overheating :c

MSmits: hey... anyone know of a code example for RL used to fit parameters for a boardgame or similar. I don't mean policy, just value function approximation. I find it hard to google examples

MSmits: everything is more complicated than this or entirely theoretical

MSmits: doesn't need to be TD either. MC is fine

MSmits: if I could get something like that working, it would save some CG benchmarking time.

MSmits: I do seem to remember you complaining about it too jacek, that you couldn't find good example code

MSmits: just lots of theory/formulae

Andriamanitra: RL? TD? MC? i don't know what any of those mean :laughing:

MSmits: reinforcement learning, temporal difference learning and RL using monte carlo methods

MSmits: basically, you have a bot, with a bunch of numbers that affect how your bot performs

MSmits: you let it play vs itself to figure out what the best values for those numbers are

MSmits: the way you vary and adjust the numbers is given by the type of learning algortihm

Andriamanitra: ah, machine learning stuff

MSmits: right

MSmits: but you end up with a run of the mill bot the way I intend to do it, not some fancy neural network

MSmits: I just want my parameters to have good values

jacek: yes, math is meh

jacek: texel tuning method and the like is/was used for parameter tuning

MSmits: texel tuning?

MSmits: sounds good, googled it


MSmits: at least it's confined to the domain in which i want to apply it

jacek: though its similar to what im doing, playing gazillion games and fit parameters to them

MSmits: if i look up RL stuff, it's all trying to give me a full overview which i dont need

MSmits: yeah

MSmits: thanks, this should help me a bit

jacek: NN stuff is diffrent doman. though you can treat your eval as single-layer neuron

MSmits: yeah i know

MSmits: for NN there are tons of free tools

MSmits: because it's popular

jacek: hmm there is something on reinforcement learning on chess wiki

MSmits: full alpha zero implementations where you just switch out the game rules for something else

jacek: yeah but that requires resources which i dont have

Default avatar.png Memo12334: what do u guys do if ur stuck

MSmits: true

MSmits: I ask jacek

MSmits: gotta go for a bit, wife wants to go for a walk, ttyl

MSmits: thanks again jacek

Default avatar.png Memo12334: good weather now ;p

jacek: MSmits you might find it interesting

Default avatar.png JojoZ.: do you like potatoes ?

jacek: tomatoes?

Default avatar.png Meowsuke: pomato?

Laminator: I once went to cracker barrel and order mashed potatoes, fries, and a baked potato as my 3 sides

Laminator: It was so good

Default avatar.png LIONSxLEADER: you didn't get the cheezy hashbrowns ... missed out

FLQ4: i am on the coc grind

FLQ4: does anyone have some tips

Default avatar.png LIONSxLEADER: you passing them?

Astrobytes: tips? Play multis or do puzzles, not coc :P

Astrobytes: Otherwise, git gud and grind

Default avatar.png LIONSxLEADER: i have 3 timed monitored coding test interviews over the next week.

Astrobytes: On CG or elsewhere LIONSxLEADER?

eulerscheZahl: 3 for different jobs or for the same?

Default avatar.png LIONSxLEADER: hte COC definately has helped me with my relative speed, without focusing too much on more difficult problems

Default avatar.png LIONSxLEADER: yeah

Default avatar.png LIONSxLEADER: apple is tommorow

Default avatar.png LIONSxLEADER: not on CG

Astrobytes: Which platform are they using out of interest?

Default avatar.png LIONSxLEADER: apple?

Default avatar.png LIONSxLEADER: codility i belive

Default avatar.png LIONSxLEADER: wait

Default avatar.png LIONSxLEADER: not

Default avatar.png LIONSxLEADER: thats another job

Default avatar.png LIONSxLEADER: they just have a notepad action i belive

eulerscheZahl: codility lists a lot of popular companies like microsoft, amazon, paypal, ... but no apple as far as i can tell

eulerscheZahl: ah

Default avatar.png LIONSxLEADER: whiteboardesk

Default avatar.png Memo12334: so codingame helps with getting a job later when git gut

Astrobytes: ah alright

Astrobytes: Memo12334, CG's main focus is:

Default avatar.png LIONSxLEADER: all i know is i never have to code fast, but in the timed tests, you have to

Default avatar.png LIONSxLEADER: so if you dont know the common solutions for easy stuff, you wont finish harder stuff in time

Astrobytes: Or since I'm a noob

Default avatar.png Memo12334: ooh, ye I do it for fun and to get good in programming. To be a better problem solver

Default avatar.png LIONSxLEADER: you use that to get interviews?

Astrobytes: No, CG provide interview screening tests like the ones you're going for

eulerscheZahl: competitor to codility

Default avatar.png LIONSxLEADER: i see

Default avatar.png Memo12334: It takes approximately 10 hours for one easy challenge for me

Default avatar.png LIONSxLEADER: why dont you guys have scored for bigO?

Astrobytes: You'll get faster Memo12334

Default avatar.png LIONSxLEADER: scores*

Default avatar.png Memo12334: feels bad ;p

Astrobytes: It's kinda puzzle dependent LIONSxLEADER, some are dependent on efficiency, some aren't (puzzle-wise)

eulerscheZahl: it is bad but totally normal when you are new to the field

Default avatar.png Memo12334: how do I become like u guys or are u guys born with the skills

Default avatar.png Memo12334: like genetics

Default avatar.png LIONSxLEADER: do it for a decade or 2, you get better

Default avatar.png Memo12334: lmao

Default avatar.png LIONSxLEADER: good memory helps

Default avatar.png Memo12334: decade = 10 years

eulerscheZahl: hard training maybe a mix of training and talent

Astrobytes: I'm not even a dev by trade, just practice and use that amazing thing attached to your spinal cord ;)

eulerscheZahl: and the practicing doesn't feel like it as long as you enjoy it

Astrobytes: ^

Default avatar.png LIONSxLEADER: i just hate how the challenges go nowhere

Default avatar.png LIONSxLEADER: you build on your own knowledge

Astrobytes: If you don't enjoy it then you either are interested and lack training/practice, or just aren't really interested

Default avatar.png LIONSxLEADER: but if you dont use it you forget it

Astrobytes: For the puzzles?

Default avatar.png LIONSxLEADER: so all the time spent gets semi lost vs working on a project

Default avatar.png LIONSxLEADER: just talking about how practicing increasingly difficult puzzles, can start to have diminishing return value vs working on projects of your own or others

Default avatar.png LIONSxLEADER: in terms of what you have to show for the time spent

Default avatar.png Memo12334: rlly? I would think it rlly levels one problem solving ability

Astrobytes: Well, it's about fun, practice and/or learning/improving skills. Personal projects may take priority, that's OK!

Default avatar.png LIONSxLEADER: agreed

Default avatar.png LIONSxLEADER: but in terms of getting a job you need a portfolio and the ability to code these kinds of tests to pass thier automated filters

Default avatar.png Memo12334: but lions

Astrobytes: You need problem solving skills mostly

Default avatar.png Memo12334: don't these puzzles level one proble msolvin ability. isnt programming about problem solving anyway

Astrobytes: Most jobs in any STEM field require problem solving

Default avatar.png LIONSxLEADER: oh i wasnt discounting it

Astrobytes: #1 priority

Default avatar.png LIONSxLEADER: i was just talking about diminishing returns

Default avatar.png LIONSxLEADER: does codinggame do any crownsourced projects?

Default avatar.png LIONSxLEADER: crowd

Astrobytes: Sure, I mean don't focus on CG if it's taking you away from more productive projects

Astrobytes: No to your crowdsourced project question

Default avatar.png LIONSxLEADER: so breaking up a project into small parts and having everyone work on them duolingo style

Default avatar.png LIONSxLEADER: that sounds like a fun coding project

Default avatar.png Memo12334: bruh

Astrobytes: Feel free to team up with some people and make a multiplayer game using the CG SDK then ;)

eulerscheZahl: yay to more multiplayer games

Astrobytes: But it'll all be Java in the end

Astrobytes: Is yours ready to pitch now euler? As in finished and ready to sell to Thibaud?

Default avatar.png LIONSxLEADER: do you know about duolingo?

eulerscheZahl: just waiting for thibaud to be back

eulerscheZahl: step 1: get thibaud on my side step 2: find testers step 3: possible changes step 4: contest

eulerscheZahl: step 0: you are here

Astrobytes: :)

Default avatar.png LIONSxLEADER: how the people learning the language by solving tests are actively translating untranslated texts

Default avatar.png Memo12334: eulerschezahl

eulerscheZahl: Memo12334

Default avatar.png Memo12334: did u do personal projects too or only codingame if I may ask

jacek: personal projects eh

eulerscheZahl: CG is my center of activity. but i've been active elsewhere too

Astrobytes: LIONSxLEADER spell this out in a CG-related context for me if you will please (I'm familiar with duolingo yes)

eulerscheZahl: also: CG projects doesn't limit to solving puzzles or playing multiplayer games. e.g. you can build a website to add a feature your are missing, build your own games (in a team with other users, ...)

Default avatar.png LIONSxLEADER: i am imagining this large process that starts with the description of a program

Default avatar.png LIONSxLEADER: then goes to TDD stage where you task people to write the tests for the description

eulerscheZahl: and then we build the functionality first, write tests and commit+push in reverse order :P

Default avatar.png LIONSxLEADER: you take the "best" Tests and offer them as the next problems

Astrobytes: Isn't this just the Contribution system gone wild? :)

Default avatar.png LIONSxLEADER: everyone solves the problems. viola. working progam :)

Default avatar.png LIONSxLEADER: indeed

Default avatar.png LIONSxLEADER: but just like everything

Default avatar.png LIONSxLEADER: how its offered means everything

Default avatar.png LIONSxLEADER: i know so easy right ;).

Astrobytes: I mean, contributions are based on this kind of idea in terms of review etc. People come up with additional testcases/validators etc. I see what you mean with trying to formalise that but it would be quite a shift for the platform no?

Default avatar.png LIONSxLEADER: oh i dunno, an extra category or two for parts of programs you need but dont have

Astrobytes: Hard thing to gamify imo

Default avatar.png LIONSxLEADER: or likely dont

Default avatar.png LIONSxLEADER: like the webservices of api requests

Default avatar.png LIONSxLEADER: or*

Default avatar.png LIONSxLEADER: or writing test cases

Default avatar.png LIONSxLEADER: stuff you need to do for any job

Default avatar.png LIONSxLEADER: i agree

Default avatar.png pcc_gaming: hello

Default avatar.png LIONSxLEADER: hard to gamify

tutubalin: dear moderator. we've got a problem in #ru chanel. who has enough right to kick/back flooders?

Astrobytes: Most people come here for a break from work LIONSxLEADER

Default avatar.png JBM: don't you have uljahn there

Astrobytes: jiki again tutubalin?

tutubalin: yes, but his rights have not been approved yet

Astrobytes: I can't kick him

Astrobytes: or ban

tutubalin: Astrobytes yes. now he's not just flooding, but also offence people

Astrobytes: ffs

Default avatar.png LIONSxLEADER: really? id imagine it was the opposite

Default avatar.png LIONSxLEADER: people trying to find work

Default avatar.png jiki: ban Ulian tutubalin

Uljahn: i can kick him here but not in #ru

Default avatar.png jiki: insults mans

Default avatar.png LIONSxLEADER: do the demographics say that?

Default avatar.png JBM: weird system

Astrobytes: well, I banned him here

Astrobytes: LIONSxLEADER remember the 2 sides to CG, there's the recruitment side (so you get people practicing for job related stuff) then you have the more informal competitive programming side

Default avatar.png LIONSxLEADER: interesting

Astrobytes: JBM, they messed up the mod rights a bit

Default avatar.png JBM: yeah, i can tell

Astrobytes: :grin:

Default avatar.png JBM: no mods on #ru

jacek: :scream:

Default avatar.png JBM: or #de, but then again that's not exactly a pressing issue

Astrobytes: hehe true

Default avatar.png JBM: rumors of #de being idle are greatly exagerated

Default avatar.png JBM: i for one only have one week of history there

Default avatar.png JBM: far cry from the two weeks i've seen advertised

Astrobytes: Well, some of us took a little holiday to #de for a short while recently :P

Default avatar.png JBM: how long is it goingto take them to recover that precious idle time

Zenoscave: a week about

Zenoscave: just guessing

Astrobytes: :)

Astrobytes: tutubalin should be OK for a while now at least

tutubalin: thank you!

tutubalin: or whoever did it

Astrobytes: Magus has #ru mod rights, thibaud will fix it so we all have mod rights in #ru when he returns from holiday

tutubalin: we really tolerated him for a long time and tried to convince him to behave appropriately

Astrobytes: (Magus did it)

Astrobytes: Yeah I know, I'm aware of his behaviour

Zenoscave: Astro did you solve BBP Pi yet?

Astrobytes: Yes! Or I wouldn't have approved it

Zenoscave: What lang?

Astrobytes: I did it in Go because I'm a masochist

Zenoscave: I'm interested in learning other approaches

Astrobytes: Well, I was practicing

Zenoscave: cool!

Astrobytes: Pretty much just did the Bailey way

Astrobytes: I'm interested enough to try other approaches, I wasn't aware of this at all before your puzzle

Zenoscave: Spigots can be really usefull for some mathematical approximations?

Zenoscave: *!

Astrobytes: definitely yes

Astrobytes: Your python solution was very clean btw.

Zenoscave: thank you!

Zenoscave: I optimized to remove floating point arithmetic

Zenoscave: so it's a little clunky now but blinding fast

Astrobytes: Yeah I noticed. Very well done!

Zenoscave: thanks :)

Astrobytes: Anyway, I gotta shoot, gn dude and gn all

Default avatar.png JBM: gn A

Default avatar.png mohsinalipro: hello from Pakistan!

AntiSquid: hi

Gorbit99: I have most of my solo games systems working

Default avatar.png JBM: yay

Gorbit99: just need a bot for it

inoryy: what's the website that hosts CG chat logs?

Default avatar.png JBM: iirc

Default avatar.png JBM: want to catch up on all the jiki you missed?

inoryy: that's the one, thanks!

Default avatar.png kiikii: Anyone have any tips for references of coding interview type problems for f#?

Gorbit99: my personal coding interview practice place is codesignal

Default avatar.png kiikii: thanks ill check it out

Default avatar.png FionaZe: how can I debug on the platform?

jrke: can every lang hold 65 bit int ?

nfgCodex: do you h av eto wait for all players to finish the Clash of Code to get credit or something?