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Allis: Might be useful:

Putnam3145: well, the principle is, surely

Andriamanitra: whoever made the security check system for clashes must not be the sharpest tool in the shed

Andriamanitra: oh you completed a captcha 3 minutes ago? better make sure you haven't turned into a robot!

Andriamanitra: i've solved 3 captchas in the last 10 minutes it feels like i'm being used

jacek: thats part of the challenge: make captcha solving bot

Default avatar.png zile151: i never had to pass a security check until today tho

eulerscheZahl: captchas start appearing when you play too many clashes in a row

Andriamanitra: i have no clue what the logic is, some days i don't get any security checks and some days i get captcha EVERY. SINGLE. CLASH.

eulerscheZahl: there used to be some users who cheated at CoC by using bots. that's why

Allis: There's probably some sort of reset that doesn't align with your time zone.

Allis: I understand why the captcha exists, but it could definitely be less heavy-handed.

Allis: eulerscheZahl, have you considered moving away from Heroku for your thing?

Allis: The dyno spindown is brutal.

eulerscheZahl: but it's free :P

eulerscheZahl: i don't even mind paying a few euros. it's more the process of buying a server. usually needs paypal or a credit card

jrke: is flask free?

Andriamanitra: can anyone explain wtf is going on with last two test cases of clash "Message packet"?

eulerscheZahl: yes jrke

jrke: thanks

eulerscheZahl: Andriamanitra quoting Boulet here: "Please avoid any utf8 char here. Not all languages can deal with them."

eulerscheZahl: i guess that's your issue

Andriamanitra: the problem statement explicitly said it's ASCII characters

eulerscheZahl: I would edit the last testcase+validator to avoid UTF8 but i don't have the permission :D

eulerscheZahl: i used to have. then moderation rules for clashes changed and i haven't participated 300 times yet

Allis: Andriamanitra, for what it's worth, Ruby makes that super-easy to handle.

Allis: `""<<codepoint` instead of `codepoint.chr`.

Andriamanitra: good to know

Allis: It implicitly uses the encoding of the empty string, which'll be UTF-8 on any modern Ruby.

eulerscheZahl: still a poor clash design IMO

Andriamanitra: yeah i might've even figured out what the problem is if it didn't say output should be ascii representation of the message

Allis: I find the "players loose" more objectionable than the ¾, but it's clearly a little unfair.

eulerscheZahl: i didn't even read that

jrke: is there any tool to play several matches without submitting

Putnam3145: matches of what?

Andriamanitra: btw eulerscheZahl your site tries to load css over http and browsers like to block mixed content

Andriamanitra: i only just found out what the site is supposed to look like, there was even a link to codingame that's not visible when the css doesn't load :grinning:

eulerscheZahl: huh? load for me

eulerscheZahl: <link rel="stylesheet" href="">

this line?

Andriamanitra: yup

jrke: can i not create code golf

Allis: Are you asking whether you can make your Clash contribution eligible for shortest mode?

jrke: nope code golf

Allis: ...

jrke: like temperatures

Allis: You're not communicating very clearly. :/

jrke: code golf game

jrke: not shortest mode clash

Allis: Same thing.

jrke: no

Allis: Oh, right. I see how you mean.

jrke: clash is other thing


jrke: like this is code golf

Default avatar.png AnonymousM: hi

Allis: It does seem that that's not an option, which is a little strange.

Allis: Maybe any "in/out" puzzle can moonlight as a golf challenge?



Allis: Clashing with Haksell puts my heart rate in the triple digits. :sweat_smile:

KF_Kenny: Haskell is a great language

KF_Kenny: but not for shortest unfortunately lol

Andriamanitra: i really like the features haskell has but i hate the way you have to write it

Andriamanitra: the syntax is extremely counter-intuitive for me

Allis: Andriamanitra, ever seen this madness?

KF_Kenny: I think haskell syntax is quite close to math once you get used to things like currying and using spaces for functional application. And then there is also all those weird looking operators like $, <*>

KF_Kenny: I still like it more than python

KF_Kenny: unfortunately I can't win any shortest contests with haskell so python will have to do

Default avatar.png iamart: where can I find shortest contensts?

AntiSquid: TeccTanClaw see channel #clash , it's dedicated to clash invites

Andriamanitra: i'd be lying if i said i understand what's going on there Allis

Allis: It's an attempt to bring Haskell's list comprehension syntax to Ruby.

Allis: But it relies on all sorts of hackiness that makes it unusable in production, plus Ruby's Enumerable is already really nice anyway.

Andriamanitra: ah, that is indeed madness :smile:

_-: @Allis Clashing with Haksell puts my heart rate in the triple digits. :sweat_smile: Same as we playing you

Allis: Now I know how it feels. He is so freaking good.

Allis: Just absolutely demolishes me most of the time.

JakeCubes: I am just trying to do CoC in Java for the first time after doing a Codecademy course having always done CoC in Python

JakeCubes: It is ... very difficult

Allis: A fellow cuber?

_-: One time I saw you defeating him easily lol May be that feeling might be mutual

Allis: I manage to get a win off him every now and then, but it's always nerve-wracking. But I think that's when it's most fun. :)

Default avatar.png minhduc71ct: are you coder

Default avatar.png MustangEco: hello, i'm in wood1 spring challenge. There are alot of pacs so how to calculate all shortest routs of all pacs?

jrke: By any pathfinder you can find shortest path

jrke: as well as distance

Default avatar.png MustangEco: how to store all of it

jacek: good afternoon

eulerscheZahl: happy Caturday

MSmits: hi

MSmits: it's friday

eulerscheZahl: wait, what? :scream:

MSmits: go to work, fast!

eulerscheZahl: just kidding, took off 2 weeks

MSmits: already lost track of time huh

MSmits: little over a week till school starts

MSmits: really wondering what it'll be like

eulerscheZahl: and for how long

MSmits: corona surging a bit because of stupid people

eulerscheZahl: this will keep going for a long time

MSmits: also newest research shows the kids I am teaching spread the virus just as easily as adult

MSmits: so maybe it'll be half filled classes or something like that

eulerscheZahl: they just got a harder lockdown (closed schools) affecting the stats

MSmits: with partial online

eulerscheZahl: that sounds weird to teach for you

MSmits: what do you mean

MSmits: it's weird yes, i did it for 2 weeks

eulerscheZahl: at some point i heard about the theory of kids being less likely to spread the disease

eulerscheZahl: but statistical bias, they just had less social contacts

MSmits: yeah makes sense

MSmits: also because they show so little symptoms, there is not much data

MSmits: there wasnt much testing capacity, they would only test people going to the hospital

MSmits: basically, if school happens as normal, the teachers are the people who are screwed

MSmits: and every grandpa of those students

MSmits: and grandma

Astrobytes: Locking down parts of Scotland because of a***holes going on pub crawls etc, after being at restaurants etc

MSmits: I had one colleague that sent out an e-mail to suggest placing those see through screens in front of our desks

MSmits: i think that's pointless

MSmits: Astrobytes same everywhere

MSmits: young people and dumb people, or both

Astrobytes: Daft isn't it

eulerscheZahl: always a few people ruining it for everyone

MSmits: not so few though

eulerscheZahl: not only corona. you can even see that on CG: captchas for clashers

Astrobytes: They're prioritising getting the kids back to school now over restaurants etc. I can't see it going well, for all the reasons you point out

MSmits: if it was a few, there would be no problem by definition

MSmits: well it's a good priority

MSmits: kids > restaurants

MSmits: but classes of 30 is not gonna go well

Astrobytes: Yeah, just that the teachers are gonna be in the s**t up to their necks

MSmits: some of us are old too

MSmits: I have many colleagues over 60

Astrobytes: Yeah. We've got teachers who a technically still "shielding" (staying at home) being forced to go back to the classroom, without PPE etc. Totally irresponsible

Astrobytes: (at risk teachers that is, underlying health issues, age etc)

MSmits: masks would help, but it seems impossible to me to get all those kids wearing them

MSmits: and if just the teacher is wearing them it's only marginally helpful

Astrobytes: yep

MSmits: also he/she's the one that's talking and will be hard to understand

Astrobytes: Maybe distance/electronic learning should be the way forward. Minimal classroom/lecture time

MSmits: I think so yes

MSmits: if you can perfect it, you can do with 1 hr a week contact time

Astrobytes: But governments need to recognise this and modernise appropriately

MSmits: problem is that most teachers are not very good at it yet

MSmits: also it works poorly for young students

MSmits: and their parents need to go to work

Astrobytes: Yep. On both counts

Astrobytes: I think we've reached a point where education needs to change as well as the workplace, working hours, flexibility etc

MSmits: yes

MSmits: btw, I've always struggled with deciding to stay home or not when I've caught a cold. Some people will not accept this when you do

MSmits: I guess that's over now...

MSmits: teaching with a cold is particularly nasty

jacek: yay for covid for changing perspective of remote working/teaching

Astrobytes: For sure. I went to my cheffing jobs regardless, no choice. You need a death certificate to get out of that

MSmits: jacek agreed

Astrobytes: Got sent home with swine flu once, that was it

Astrobytes: Yes jacek

MSmits: so you're making food while carrying disease... awesome

MSmits: that's why we all go to restaurants, to pick up viruses...

Astrobytes: Yep :)

MSmits: if i know the chef has a cold, i will stay at home

MSmits: their screwing over their customers

MSmits: they're

jacek: the problem with remote teaching would be youngest students, teachers not knowing how to use stuff, and students who cant afford extra computer/tablet if used by other family member

MSmits: that's true JakeCubes

MSmits: huh

Astrobytes: Yeah we were just talking about that jacek. And yep, governments need to be ready to support families and teachers alike

MSmits: who the hell is JakeCubes

Astrobytes: donno but you pinged him

MSmits: it appears so

jacek: im antisocial anyway, so except for wearing mask, nothing changed for me :v

MSmits: same

MSmits: except for work that is

Astrobytes: Yep

eulerscheZahl: that's why we spend our time here on CG

eulerscheZahl: being antisocial

MSmits: yea

MSmits: yay for antisocial

jacek: well i was forced to remote work for 3 months, and it will be probably back for the fall

Astrobytes: Sociably antisocial

jacek: well, not 'forced' per se

eulerscheZahl: i'm remote-working for almost 4 months now. not sure when i will return

dbdr: the real antisocal people don't even chat on CG

MSmits: good point

Astrobytes: I'm remote working for this job anyway, regardless of Covid. Not sure what's gonna happen with the conservation centre, we rely a lot on group visits, tours, activities etc

eulerscheZahl: others dragged me into the chat, they pinged me first

jacek: Automaton2000 or AutomatonNN?

Automaton2000: he does not like it

AutomatonNN: ideal didn't find it

dbdr: you must have chatted before you got pinged

eulerscheZahl: i think it was during GitC that I got active on the chat

MSmits: at least Automaton2000 knows you dont like it eulerscheZahl

Automaton2000: but i would still be the same for the opponent

dbdr: really?

eulerscheZahl: was doing quite well, that gives you attention

dbdr: they pinged you because of your results?

eulerscheZahl: i was first for a long time

eulerscheZahl: afk lunchtime

MSmits: I started chatting here I think because I was always asking for help

Astrobytes: You started chatting during Code Royale, same as me

MSmits: Robo inoryy and euler mostly helping me out

MSmits: and I think marchete

dbdr: they regret it now ;)

Astrobytes: hehehe

MSmits: :grin:

dbdr: I remember reading about engines and sims during meanmax contest

dbdr: that was all new to me in this context

dbdr: *in the chat

Astrobytes: Yeah, I didn't have the foggiest idea what was going on during CR. Sim this, search that.

MSmits: yeah me neither, well, i figured it out during the contest

MSmits: got a halfway decent flight sim for the queen

Astrobytes: Yup. Then after the contest I went full-on research mode

MSmits: dbdr what about engines btw?

MSmits: i dont hear that word much

Astrobytes: the game engine

MSmits: like the referee?

dbdr: yeah, similar to sim really

Astrobytes: Yep.

MSmits: oh ok

MSmits: i guess the jargon changed

Astrobytes: engine being the game mechanics really

MSmits: I see

dbdr: I remember reading M*gus article about csb and finding it strange he was basically reimplementing the referee

dbdr: from the software engineering point of view, seems like duplication of effort

MSmits: ah yes

MSmits: to me that was completely natural, I was always reverse engineering game mechanics for minmaxing, even before I could code

MSmits: i would make excel tools and such

dbdr: minmaxing without coding? :thinking:

MSmits: minmaxing has a different meaning in gaming

dbdr: oh

Astrobytes: maximising skills/traits etc

MSmits: it's basically knowing the game formulas so you can optimize gameplay

MSmits: yeah

MSmits: I would make attack calculators for browser games and such

Astrobytes: As an ex Diablo player, I get that

dbdr: yeah, did some of that too :)

MSmits: ah yeah diablo is a good example

MSmits: i didnt do it for that one, but mostly for online strategy games

jacek: nerds

MSmits: :nerd:

dbdr: :nerd:

Astrobytes: :nerd:

jacek: and i see ive been outclasses in othello :F

MSmits: I just changed 1 line of code jacek, to be honest

jacek: no ntuples yet? :scream:

MSmits: nope

dbdr: wow, gg!

MSmits: I don't like to be sneaky though

MSmits: so I'll just tell you right here I counterbooked all of you

jacek: manually?

MSmits: book war part I

dbdr: 4 games out of 5 I looked were 33/31

MSmits: yes

MSmits: manually

jacek: meh

dbdr: suspicious :)

MSmits: my bot still does 50/50/40/10% winrate vs robo/tri trac/dbdr/jacek

MSmits: without book

MSmits: jacek is particularly painful to counterbook btw

jacek: i would rather learn how to automatically generate book than hardcoding ones for opponents

MSmits: i am also automatically generating it

dbdr: ask MSmits ;)

MSmits: it's just too slow

MSmits: I am impatient

dbdr: I just implemented basic minimax in Go

MSmits: cool

MSmits: that seems very hard

MSmits: well not the minimax

MSmits: but any sensible heuristics

dbdr: it's not hard to do ;)

dbdr: just hard to make good

MSmits: right

MSmits: well for me it's breakthrough first

dbdr: there is no really strong bot yet I think

Andriamanitra: in ruby there's a golf-y way to map keys from array into corresponding values in a hash right? i can't remember the syntax and google is not helping me

dbdr: must be google conspiring to promote go ;)

MSmits: I see, wonder what'll happen on go. Is it easy to steal google a bot and adapt to CG?

dbdr: (sorry, I don't know much ruby)

MSmits: same Andriamanitra

dbdr: it's not the same game. atari go

MSmits: oh

MSmits: whats different

Andriamanitra: ah, hash.values_at(arr)

dbdr: atari only counts captures

dbdr: go is about territory

MSmits: oh I see

MSmits: so empties dont count

dbdr: more or less

dbdr: I'm no expert at go

MSmits: never played it

jacek: how fast is 19x19 sim?

jacek: do you bitboard it

MSmits: crappy numbers for bitboard

dbdr: I do bitboard

jacek: and well, im gonna be prepared in breakthrough

MSmits: prepared for what jacek?

jacek: for you

MSmits: you mean in case I do a book?:

MSmits: not sure it's viable to do a book there

MSmits: early branching is enormous

jacek: in case you make bot

jacek: i made some improvements lately

MSmits: oh did you do a NN?

dbdr: go is even worse for book, I think

MSmits: yeah

MSmits: useless on go

jacek: yes

MSmits: thats cool jacek

dbdr: there's actually a variant of go on a torus

MSmits: you're getting good at this

dbdr: which is clever

dbdr: no special case for borders

jacek: i wish there were separate accessible leagues for go different sizes

dbdr: so there is only one first move :)

MSmits: cool

MSmits: like othello

dbdr: tere is othello on a torus?

dbdr: *there

MSmits: no but there is only 1 move, as you know :P

dbdr: should we release Go 9x9 as a separate game?

dbdr: ah yes

dbdr: might make sense, esp on CG with the short response time

dbdr: is that what you meant jacek?

jacek: yes

MSmits: that's what I thought when i saw the contribution tests

MSmits: ohh go 9x9, perfect for CG

dbdr: I was thinking of atari go 9x9

MSmits: yeah

dbdr: which would be a trivial job :)

dbdr: and I need a contibution ;)

MSmits: should probably ask the creator

Astrobytes: ^

dbdr: yeah

Astrobytes: I think he'll be fine with it

dbdr: I also wonder if there is a problem of having too many games

Astrobytes: Nope.

MSmits: I do too :P

Default avatar.png MoharSUr: HELLO

jacek: lets ask struct

Astrobytes: The more the merrier imo

MSmits: they need to make categories though

Astrobytes: Yes.

Default avatar.png MoharSUr: WAT IS LINKED LIST ????

dbdr: right, categories is a good idea

jacek: i think there are too many board games anyway

dbdr: also, making sure of good quality

MSmits: it's a string in all caps MoharSUr

Astrobytes: I think there should be a board games category, some people can't get enough board games

MSmits: yes, should be separate

Astrobytes: It's a niche

MSmits: it's a really different experience

dbdr: yeah, maybe less fun for beginners

Astrobytes: It would be interesting to see some other new games, but it seems the only people making any are into board games

dbdr: harder to do heuristics, and less "exotic"

MSmits: I think so, you really need a search algortihm

MSmits: Astrobytes other games generally require more art

MSmits: = more work

MSmits: animations and such

dbdr: art can be found online

Astrobytes: JBM can take care of that, or euler :)

MSmits: still though, compare referee sizes

dbdr: lol

MSmits: PCR = 2k, average board game a few 100 lines at most

MSmits: and PCR is a simple game

dbdr: isn't PCR the one with two engines, only one of them being used?

MSmits: I guess the physics makes it big

dbdr: two different collision methods

MSmits: yeah, but the unused code is not that big

MSmits: it's mostly that phyiscs requires a lot of vector stuff

MSmits: many many methods

dbdr: right, but that's not super hard and you can reuse that

MSmits: true, but I think it scares people

jacek: physics is scary

MSmits: for some

dbdr: well, if you do heuristics it matters less

dbdr: physics teachers are scary ;)

MSmits: i mean as a creator

dbdr: ah

MSmits: :grin:

eulerscheZahl: jacek 12:42PM lets ask struct

i wish we could :(

MSmits: do you think maybe he changed identity again?.

Astrobytes: Yeah, maybe he's been clashing 24/7 under a new ID

eulerscheZahl: he might got run over by a bus without us knowing i have no idea

MSmits: let's hope not =/

Astrobytes: Yeah, I do hope he's OK. He does disappear though.

eulerscheZahl: let's wait until someone suggests to use the intel debugger for C++

Astrobytes: :D

eulerscheZahl: then odds are high that we found him again

MSmits: lol

MSmits: or even if not, someone close enough

mikitosina1: Ребят, всем привет! Стало интересно, а есть вообще в ascii баква "хуй"? Прошу прощения за мат.

eulerscheZahl: go to #ru

eulerscheZahl: i fear i scared him off with the JS part of my game

MSmits: is that the secret game?

eulerscheZahl: yes

MSmits: ok

eulerscheZahl: i'll wait till thibaud is back from holidays and start harassing him :)

Astrobytes: Hopefully that goes well! I miss a summer contest


dbdr: I asked the question about 9x9 atari

field3: Atari Go is for Go beginners and is often called "ponnuki igo" in Japanese. Wikipedia introduces the technique of Go in "List of Go terms".:relaxed:

dbdr: feel free to up/downvote and discuss

dbdr: does ponnuki mean capture?

jrke: there is a puzzle also a game of go on cg

eulerscheZahl: we know

dbdr: field3: nice python bot in go

dbdr: defending the japanese colors :)

Astrobytes: "A Ponnuki is worth 30 points"

Astrobytes: - Go proverb

dbdr: My little Ponnuki

field3: Is it the meaning of taking lightly in Japanese?

Astrobytes: :smirk:

dbdr: ah, ponnuki is called oeil in french (eye)

Astrobytes: "The word ponnuki (ポン抜き) breaks up into pon and nuki, in which pon is supposedly the imaginary sound of a stone being captured, while nuki means "taking out" (noun)."

dbdr: nukes also do that :/

Astrobytes: Yeah dbdr, it's referring to the diamond shaped formations you get

dbdr: is eye used in english for go?

eulerscheZahl: Onomatopoeia, nice

Astrobytes: yep

dbdr: that article does not mention it

Astrobytes: you have an eye in the four stone capture, and you aim to get 2 eyes in other formations

field3: I'm coding a bit of "Tesuji". There are various ways to put stones together.

dbdr: field3: so you recognize patterns? no search?

Astrobytes: Yes, I watched some of your games and saw you are using some techniques


Astrobytes: There are many different strategies and tactics one can use

eulerscheZahl: meanwhile the next board game is pending already: dots and boxes

Astrobytes: Just looking at that now

eulerscheZahl: i've seen it before. in the real world

SPDene: I log on and find my language is set to scala. "what the heck did I do last night??" :P

eulerscheZahl: you were golfing power of thor

SPDene: probably that too

Astrobytes: There cannot be any other explanation

eulerscheZahl: or someone stole your login whatever is more likely

SPDene: nah - I was getting achievments

field3: Python doesn't work for read ahead. Counting open locations is equivalent to read ahead.

Astrobytes: Interesting

eulerscheZahl: CG sponsored, A*Craft, CGFunge, Number shifting, rubiks cube, 1 puzzle in golf+normal mode

that's the golden language achievement

Astrobytes: Speaking of golf, I managed to claw my way up to 34th somehow

eulerscheZahl: 60th at least

eulerscheZahl: and for one puzzle there is a published solution shorter than my own best in python would feel shabby to submit it :(

Astrobytes: I'll do more on Sunday, Sunday is golf day for me these days

eulerscheZahl: but for chuck norris i took inspiration at least

Astrobytes: I like golfing languages I have no idea about. It's awful yet strangely fun.

jrke: i can't golf my ruby more in temperature :(

MSmits: I spent some time googling golf tips and found a lot of weird languages where you can code programs with 5 characters

eulerscheZahl: like golfscript2?

Astrobytes: Yeah, golfing langs are very strange

MSmits: not sure what they're called euler

MSmits: it just looked weird

eulerscheZahl: that one gave me a hard time

field3: I did about 20 pattern recognitions, including some that didn't seem to be useful.:slight_smile:

eulerscheZahl: run this on the link above:

eulerscheZahl: 034963426892676453476615237263318354341178634762617347634762633523761961835434117866969261734766144412676261761354133263365261734762737342735411786310p01v1^>0^<8?1+254*-g0^1-0^0^1+8?<p254*-gdd1-0^<9*1^1-<5*+1+P1-0^6?065*-g!

dbdr: yay, #1 in D&B :D

MSmits: whats that?

MSmits: Death and Beyond?

jrke: D&B?

MSmits: Dishes and Bathwater?

Astrobytes: Drum & Bass

dbdr: oh, we need Dots and Boxes: Death and Reincarnation

jrke: oh new bot programming WIP

Astrobytes: D B D R lol

MSmits: hehe

jrke: :smiley:

jrke: DB&DR 1ST IN D&B :)

dbdr: not a single defeat

MSmits: i havent even played Eric's last game yet !

Astrobytes: twixt?

MSmits: was on my list for a while

MSmits: I like it. Notoriously hard to write a bot for

eulerscheZahl: "was"? it disappeared from your list?

dbdr: which one, twixt?

MSmits: yeah

MSmits: well, too much else to do

dbdr: why is it hard?

eulerscheZahl: you don't like crossing lines?

MSmits: because a human can see easily what to play, most of the time, but it's hard to formulate rules to capture that

MSmits: right euler :)

MSmits: it's a bit like go i think, twixt

MSmits: many options, but not many that make sense

dbdr: D&B looks very similar visually

MSmits: yeah

MSmits: oh that game

dbdr: damn, looks like ppl have real bots in league 2

MSmits: mmh this one is in danger of being solvable maybe

MSmits: not sure

MSmits: depends on how big the field is

dbdr: 7x7

MSmits: not that big

MSmits: well it's probably weakly solvable at most

MSmits: It's probably possible to mathematically prove many moves are bad and prune them, but that doesn't mean the opponent can't still play them

MSmits: I'm gonna be interested in this game


MSmits: 7*8 + 7*8 = 112 moves

MSmits: nah, it's fine

dbdr: probably like othello, fewer andn fewer legal moves as game progresses

jrke: but if opponent plays pruned moves then it will be bad choice by opponent

jacek: 7x7? w00t

jacek: i think something like 3x4 or maybe 4x5 was solved

field3: 7x7x4

jacek: x 4?

field3: UDLR 4

jacek: and the game board makes that black dots illussion

eulerscheZahl: 8*8*4 isn't it?

eulerscheZahl: as all borders can be marked

MSmits: hmm no

MSmits: you got 8 * 7 verticals

eulerscheZahl: right

MSmits: 8*7 horizontals

MSmits: 112

MSmits: 8*8*4 double counts some

eulerscheZahl: left side of one cell is the same as right side of the neighbor

MSmits: yeah

MSmits: also dbdr it's different from Othello as Othello diverges, then converges again

MSmits: it's more like yavalath, starts with the maximum amount of moves, then converges

dbdr: right

Astrobytes: lol, just realised it's my birthday

MSmits: congrats :)

Astrobytes: Only realised when my sister called me

MSmits: I always forget also until someone tells me

Astrobytes: easily done!

eulerscheZahl: madknight always told us when it was his birthday

eulerscheZahl: his is in January

Astrobytes: So he wouldn't forget?

eulerscheZahl: just waiting for congratulations

Astrobytes: lol

eulerscheZahl: i'm also more on the forgetting the own birthday side

Astrobytes: I fail to see the point of celebrating

Astrobytes: I stopped celebrating at 30

eulerscheZahl: well done you managed to survive another year without dying

Astrobytes: Only just

field3: I had a feeling that the A7-R and the B7-L were different, but it is a mistake.:wink:

Astrobytes: I prefer to think of it as "one year closer to death"

eulerscheZahl: one more year of physical decay

Astrobytes: :D

Default avatar.png JBM: on more year of XP

Astrobytes: Far too optimistic viewpoint for me :P

dbdr: how's your XP/age ratio evolving over time?

field3: happy Birthday. This is the song I was listening to while I was making the go program while frustrated.

MSmits: why are people posting opening books in the comments?

dbdr: when in doubt, ask eulerscheZahl :D

MSmits: lol

Astrobytes: lol, quite well I guess dbdr!

Astrobytes: Thank you field3 :)

Astrobytes: MSmits, hahaha well played

MSmits: nice song though

Astrobytes: Definitely your kind of song

MSmits: yeah

dbdr: MSmits: it's steganography

MSmits: now you're just making up words

dbdr: like when spies were communicating by publishing code words in minor newspaper articles

Astrobytes: Steganography is real

MSmits: ahhh I see

Astrobytes: Nowadays it's still hiding data in other data, images, sound files, documents, executables

MSmits: I'll watch my othello games to see if any swastikas appear

MSmits: thanks for warning

dbdr: you can hide data in moves of your cg bot

dbdr: those are in Tower Dereference

MSmits: ohh

dbdr: eulerscheZahl had to add filtering to remove them from random maps

MSmits: you're serious?

dbdr: yep

MSmits: that's so funn

MSmits: y

Astrobytes: The maps are swastika shaped?

dbdr: maps are symmetrical

Astrobytes: *were

dbdr: yes

Astrobytes: lol

MSmits: I can imagine him going over all the possible swastika shaped maps to filter them

MSmits: ohhh no not another one

dbdr: not sure how he does it, need to check the referee

MSmits: wait... does the referee now have hardcoded swastikas?

Astrobytes: if (swastika) continue;

Astrobytes: The code is shaped like that MSmits

MSmits: it would be even funnier if, in an effort to fix his game, he ended up with a referee with a whole list of filtered swastikas :P

Astrobytes: lol

dbdr: :D

Uljahn: make a white list of approved maps and sample from it

Astrobytes: "white list" :smirk:

Uljahn: jeez

Astrobytes: Very appropriate in this context :D

Uljahn: ye, my bad. how do you call it in politically correct way?

Astrobytes: No idea

dbdr: there were suggestions like passlist, acceptlist

dbdr: vs blocklist

SPDene: blocked list / allowed list ?

Astrobytes: works for me

Uljahn: thx

Astrobytes: bad list/good list

dbdr: naughty list

Astrobytes: :D

dbdr: that's a good point for the change, it's more fun :D

Astrobytes: definitely

MSmits: all these board games with black vs white are a minefield of possible racism

dbdr: they don't have a notion of good/bad, do they?

MSmits: no i mean

dbdr: apart from who starts

MSmits: it's easy to say the wrong thing

dbdr: but it's not always good to stat

dbdr: ah yes :)

MSmits: when talking about it

dbdr: capture the whites

Kacper_D: "all these board games with black vs white are a minefield of possible racism" - funniest thing I've heard today

MSmits: as you see here... white is superior, ehh has a superior position to black here...

Uljahn: not in go

MSmits: how so

dbdr: on a specific board I think

Uljahn: in go black is to move first and white has komi

MSmits: komi?

dbdr: commie?

MSmits: lol...

Astrobytes: like a handicap awarded for certain positions that black takes

Uljahn: ye

Astrobytes: to balance the advantage

MSmits: why not just use pie rule?

dbdr: isn't it to compensate for starting advatage?

Uljahn: dbdr yes

Astrobytes: yes

dbdr: not sure any position is negative

MSmits: oh there is no balanced position?

MSmits: to start?

MSmits: it's perfect for yavalath, seems quite a few balanced positions

Uljahn: they said most balanced position for the first move is between 3-3 and 2-3 :smiley:

dbdr: the pie rule: I pick a position, and if you're not happy you can smash a pie in my face as compensation

Astrobytes: :grin:

MSmits: Uljahn 3-3 in go?

MSmits: dbdr exactly, works well

Uljahn: ye

MSmits: ah ok, cuz 2-3 in yavalath is balanced, but 3-3 is solved

Uljahn: 3-3 is considerd more agressive and 2-3 less

MSmits: is this balanced including komi ?

MSmits: or balanced without the komi

Uljahn: with komi ofc

MSmits: what i meant is, are there any balanced moves without komi

MSmits: or are all starts advantageous

MSmits: meaning you always need compensation

Uljahn: there is an explicit handicap for balancing levels of players - additional stones

Uljahn: on board


dbdr: found a map:

Astrobytes: lol


MSmits: pie rule in go

Astrobytes: Rarely used though

MSmits: yea apparently

dbdr: > "One player chooses komi, the other one chooses sides." (Fair Komi <>) guarantees jigo for perfect play.

dbdr: I don't think that's true

dbdr: if jigo means draw

MSmits: pie rule doesnt guarantee a draw no

MSmits: it only garantees a draw if at least one starting move is solved as a draw

dbdr: yes

MSmits: for games that are nowhere near solvable and that you can't detect any imbalance in the most balanced starting moves, it doesn't matter though

dbdr: right

dbdr: > A possible alternative is that if both agree on the same value then nigiri can be done.

FLQ4: how can i convert from binary to decimal in python

MSmits: pie rule would be great for uttt

dbdr: isn't nigiri food?

FLQ4: like a string of binary to number

MSmits: so they dont get dinner if they dont agree?

dbdr: looks like the first step to learn Go is to learn Japanese :D

Andriamanitra: int("101010",2)

FLQ4: thanks

dbdr: nigiri pie

MSmits: I bet many serious go players do learn japanese

dbdr: might be a lot of litterature too

dbdr: though I think it's also super popular in Korea and China

dbdr: so better learn all 3 languages

dbdr: and Go in your next life

Astrobytes: :D

MSmits: One player chooses komi, the other one chooses sides,.... this does guarantee a solved draw though if both players do this perfectly

MSmits: because without komi, when both players play perfectly, there is a net score

MSmits: say +2

MSmits: then the perfect komi would be 2

MSmits: and since you can choose sides, it would be a draw

dbdr: even without choosing sides

dbdr: if both play perfectly

dbdr: it does not matter which side you play ;)

MSmits: if the komi is set correctly

dbdr: yes

dbdr: so you're and they were right, thanks!

MSmits: np :)

dbdr: there is a scene in Futurerama: Bender and Fry sit down to play chess. Bender announces mat in 73 moves

MSmits: funny

MSmits: and they immediately stop I guess?

Astrobytes: hehehe

dbdr: sure


dbdr: that's why they have to compliexify the rules

MSmits: hehe yeah i just found that looking for that scene

MSmits: it's not the one you mentioned though... still funny


MSmits: ah yeah

dbdr: seems I misremembered the players

Default avatar.png JBM: and the move count

CHARLITOTI: Hello world !

Default avatar.png JBM: did you remember anything at all?

dbdr: yeah

Default avatar.png JBM: "black/white"

dbdr: i have a shorter mate up my sleeve ;)

dbdr: chess

dbdr: mate

dbdr: solved

Default avatar.png JBM: white wins again

Default avatar.png JBM: coincidence?

dbdr: "no poo" ?

eulerscheZahl: was afk for a bit, i guess i'm late now: i don't filter any maps for tower dereference

dbdr: right, could not find the commit

dbdr: I just suggested it

dbdr: but you increased branching

dbdr: probably solved it


dbdr: lol, first comment iin the chess mate video: Alpha Zero v.s Stockfish.

dbdr: story behind it?

field3: video of Go. Display in English with subtitles.

dbdr: 9x9

dbdr: I like hearing japanese

jacek: anime subs > dub?

Astrobytes: me too dbdr, very pleasing on the ears

Astrobytes: The subtitles are magnificent :D understandable but hilarious at times

field3: You can display various languages with subtitles.:relieved:

Astrobytes: "When doctors are connected, it's like that image of being in love and creating a position" :)

dbdr: Hinto means Hint :)

Astrobytes: Quite a good video actually, easy enough to follow along

dbdr: yeah

dbdr: makes me thinkg 9x9 is too easy :D

field3: This is also likely to be helpful.

dbdr: why doesn't back respond with 7,2?

dbdr: ah I see

dbdr: though maybe still better than what he does

dbdr: "it's a big incident" :D

Default avatar.png LinhT.Nguyen: heheheheheheheheheheh

field3: Isn't 9x9 the most played game on the net? I also only do 9x9. 19x19 hasn't been in a long time.:slight_smile:

dbdr: no idea, but it gets harder. only the beginning seemed very simple, also because so many moves were symmetrical

dbdr: this is a beginner video, right?

field3: I checked it, but it is for beginners.

field3: This is more likely to be useful for Atari Go. Yukari Umezawa is a famous professional player in Japan.

Astrobytes: thank you for the videos field3

field3: I'm glad I could introduce this. Go and Shogi are recommended games for those who enjoy Codin Game.:slight_smile:

Astrobytes: Yes, I agree :)

Washier: Only now see MSmits took #1 in Othello. wow. wd

MSmits: until jace k or dbd r resubmits a slightly differently trained bot and I need to redo my book :P

MSmits: well expand, not redo

wlesavo: rebook my do

MSmits: your do?

wlesavo: yours, i have no do in othello :smiley:

Default avatar.png anwer: hi

MSmits: what's a do?

wlesavo: nwm, it was just a silly pun

MSmits: ahh went woosh, sorry

Astrobytes: redo my book -> rebook my do

MSmits: ahhhhh

Default avatar.png ThaddeusQ3: that's actually called a 'spoonerism'

Default avatar.png ThaddeusQ3: :)

Washier: professor was miles away

MSmits: yeah

Astrobytes: Correct ThaddeusQ3

MSmits: wlesavo spooned me

Astrobytes: :o

MSmits: wait, that didn';t come out right

Astrobytes: that's going in my profile some day

Washier: haha

MSmits: :P

Hjax: wow grats smits

MSmits: thanks, did not change much about my bot though, I just put in book moves

MSmits: it's still quite beatable

MSmits: I did the same in yavalath, but that bot is much harder to beat

AntiSquid: what game?

MSmits: Othello

dbdr: MSmits ad wlesavo, get a room ;)

dbdr: *and

MSmits: lol

wlesavo: MSmits would you prefer to be a big spoon or a little one? :slight_smile:

eulerscheZahl: for perfect spooning both need the same size

dbdr: not according to the expression

Astrobytes: listen to eulerscheLöffel

Washier: hehehehe

Washier: i find that if the spoonee is smaller than the spooner, its more intimate

MSmits: :spoon:

SPDene: if spooner is involved, would it be "or mintimate" :P

eulerscheZahl: that's not a knife MSmits, that's a spoon

Astrobytes: lol SPDene

SPDene: don't be such a messer eulerscheZahl :)


Washier: aah Dundee

dbdr: big spoon covers little spoon, little spoon digs into mashed potatoes, mashed potatoes drown big spoon I feel there is a multi potential

dbdr: but needs refinement

dbdr: ah, fog is missing!

Astrobytes: Game of Spoons

dbdr: great title!

Washier: make it happen

Astrobytes: Orrrrr... Löffelspiel!

Washier: that word has such a nice sound to it

dbdr: we can reuse the art of Code à la Mode for background

Astrobytes: Only if you shout it Washier

eulerscheZahl: don't you get between me and Thibaud before i had a chance to pitch my idea :rage:

Astrobytes: You already made Löffelspiel?

dbdr: we guessed it by complete accident?

Washier: like Lindemann

dbdr: improbability drive!

AntiSquid: ok chat is weird, people talking about spooning each other Automaton2000 do something :/

Automaton2000: i did not think of that

Washier: i come here every Friday this time for the chat

Washier: like a very weird soap

Astrobytes: Lindemann as in Till?

Washier: yass

Washier: Löffelspiel

dbdr: AntiSquid: would be quicker to mention when chat is *not* weird

eulerscheZahl: spammers are the "normal" part of this chat

Astrobytes: :D

AntiSquid: idk i am sure there are usually healthy conversations

Astrobytes: We were talking about Go earlier, and field 3 gave us a bunch of videos in Japanese to help us out. That was a healthy convo

Washier: i followed it. yes.

Astrobytes: Especially since we don't see field in world chat much

AntiSquid: who is field

Astrobytes: field 3

AntiSquid: ya, still don't remember that user

AntiSquid: too often away from chat drama i guess

wlesavo: is there any spoon japanese videos?

Astrobytes: AntiSquid

Washier: back to soap

Astrobytes: lol wlesavo

Hjax: ive been trying to learn japanese, its very difficult

dbdr: wlesavo: I'm sure there is...

wlesavo: im too afraid to google it

dbdr: well, the keywords are inoffensive

Astrobytes: here you go (SFW don't worry):

AntiSquid: what about ginosaji ?

Astrobytes: hahaha

AntiSquid: that's sort of a japanese spoon video

Astrobytes: Indeed it is


dbdr: never forget to cook your spoons

Hjax: oh my gosh

Hjax: i totally forgot about that

dbdr: raw spoon is hard to digest

Astrobytes: lol dbdr

Hjax: the horribly slow murderer with the extremely inefficient weapon

Astrobytes: Yep

Astrobytes: 'Jack's happy place'

Astrobytes: My mate made me sit and watch that and all the sequels in one sitting

Hjax: spoon vs spoon!

Astrobytes: Ginosaji vs. Ginosaji was the one with the squirrel I think

Astrobytes: Very amusing little films

Default avatar.png Memo12334: yo in the enigma machine puzzle

Default avatar.png Memo12334: what happens if Z and +1 for example. Will it be A or just stop?

Astrobytes: It'll wrap around back to A

Default avatar.png Memo12334: ay

PYHAWK: "".join(map(lambda x: 1-x, Input()) )

Hjax: do you need help with that snippet PYHAWK?

Hjax: try converting your input to a list of integers first, otherwise your lambda will blow up

Hjax: unless Input() already does that and you didnt mean input()

Default avatar.png dep: test

Default avatar.png dep: hi

Default avatar.png dep: hiiii

**MSmits cannot process command "test"

**MSmits cannot process command "hi"

**MSmits cannot process command "hiiiii"

jacek: rm -rf /*

MSmits: welcome dep :P

**Astrobytes deactivates MSmits

Default avatar.png dep: w u t

**MSmits powering down

MSmits: working on my breakthrough sim now. Still thinking about the board representation and move generation

Astrobytes: doesn't seem complex from what I've seen, straightforward bitboards and pawn movegen no?

MSmits: hmm yeah it's not hard to make something that works

MSmits: I'm just fussing over the most efficient way, as always

Astrobytes: Always :)

MSmits: I am doing two uint64_t as everyone else probably does

Astrobytes: Can't knock your methods, seems to work well!

MSmits: yeah usually

MSmits: I am trying to decide between one oriëntation

MSmits: like, p1 is below, p2 is above

Astrobytes: Oh I see

MSmits: or do both players from their own perspectiv

MSmits: like in oware, you are always p1

MSmits: only in this version of breakthrough both players play as if they are p1

MSmits: with the same lookup arrays and such

jacek: this is called 'board inversion'

MSmits: oh right, I should have known that it is a thing

MSmits: do you think this is a good idea for breakthrough?

jacek: smitsiboard

MSmits: you probably invert it for the NN

jacek: dunno, i use standard approach for everything

MSmits: ah I do something different everywhere it seems :(

MSmits: partially caused by the different input structure

MSmits: I tend to build on that

MSmits: like sometimes, your id is always 0, sometimes you dont even get your id (like in oware(

jacek: technically i have double input for the NN, but board inversion might work as well

MSmits: hmm ok

jacek: well i dont care about the referee mechanics

MSmits: well me neither, or at least i shouldnt

Default avatar.png dep: r u guys real lol

jacek: Automaton2000 is

Automaton2000: get out of the bottom of the statement

MSmits: existential questions on a friday night

Astrobytes: No, simply figments of your imagination dep

jacek: derp

Default avatar.png dep: yes

MSmits: derp is an actual language spoken by derps, did you know?

MSmits: they live in the Netherlands

MSmits: not far from here

Default avatar.png dep: :o i didn't know

MSmits: derps translates to "language of the derp" derp = dorp = village

MSmits: village language

MSmits: consider yourself educated

**MSmits powering down again

jacek: derpy hooves lives there?

MSmits: the pony?

Astrobytes: Derpy hooves? wtf

Astrobytes: Oh

Default avatar.png dep: thanks for the knowledge stonks

Astrobytes: More pony refs :/

Astrobytes: I've never been called a stonk before.


MSmits: thats from around there

MSmits: do you recognize it?

MSmits: might be a distant cousin to derpy hooves

MSmits: Astrobytes you still haven't, I have :P

Astrobytes: I thought he was referring to us as stonks.

Default avatar.png dep: i meant by the "stonks" meme though

MSmits: ohh

MSmits: dont know that meme

Default avatar.png dep: can i send the picture here?

Astrobytes: it's something to do with stocks

Astrobytes: iirc

Astrobytes: via imgur or something yes

Default avatar.png dep: other links?

MSmits: just no sexy stuff

MSmits: or scary stuff

Default avatar.png dep:

MSmits: ahh

Astrobytes: yeah that's the one

Default avatar.png dep: hope that doesn't scares u-

MSmits: only mildly

Default avatar.png dep: sorry if it did :sweat_smile:

MSmits: why is there a stock market screen in a fashion store?

Astrobytes: Fashion store?

Astrobytes: Oh. No, that's Meme Man I believe

Default avatar.png Memo12334: somehow my encode function works only from test cases. It doesn't go further for the cases it dosnt work for

Astrobytes: I think that's what it's called

Default avatar.png Memo12334: like it prints the correct thing but it dosnt loop further

Default avatar.png dep: yes it is called the meme man

Default avatar.png Memo12334:

Default avatar.png Memo12334: Standard Output Stream:

MSmits: ah

Astrobytes: You have a bug Memo12334 :)

MSmits: you can just strip the last N

Default avatar.png Memo12334: can I post my code if I may ask

Default avatar.png Memo12334: my function

MSmits: i wont be able to fix it exactly, but if you've almost solved it i can share my code, crappy as it is

Astrobytes: sure, not the whole solution though preferably

Default avatar.png Memo12334: no I don't want to look at crappy code lmao

MSmits: fair

Default avatar.png Memo12334:

MSmits: what was the puzzle name?

MSmits: is that c++?

Default avatar.png Memo12334: Encryption/Decryption of Enigma Machine

Default avatar.png Memo12334: yes it is

MSmits: not the easiest language to do string puzzles with

Default avatar.png Memo12334: lmao

Default avatar.png Memo12334: there are too many string puzzles

MSmits: there are many

MSmits: but also many others

dbdr: C++ is easier than C for strings I think

Default avatar.png Memo12334: yes much easier

Default avatar.png Memo12334: C++ has std and more

MSmits: dont doubt that

MSmits: ewww ugly python code (my solution)

Astrobytes: I did this one in C++, got confused trying to do it in Go lol

Default avatar.png Memo12334: yikes

Default avatar.png Memo12334: lol astrobytes

Default avatar.png dep: i copied the code from the example is it kinda dirty-

Default avatar.png dep: and i failed with it

Default avatar.png dep: lol

Default avatar.png Memo12334: I don't why it dosnt loop further lol

Default avatar.png Memo12334: see

Astrobytes: I used a different method tbh

Default avatar.png Memo12334: uhm astrobytes can I ask something

Astrobytes: Rather than testing explicitly if you went past 'Z', you can do something else

MSmits: you can type ast + tab

Default avatar.png Memo12334: you know it increments everytime by 1 extra. It dosnt need to be resetted am i right if its incrementing by 26 for example

Default avatar.png Memo12334: Astrobytes may I know

Astrobytes: Think about how to get the remainder of a division

Default avatar.png Memo12334: oh remainder stuff, allright will think about it , I am bad in remainder stuff

Astrobytes: %

Default avatar.png Memo12334: yes I know its the modulo operator lol

Default avatar.png Memo12334: ok goot it

Default avatar.png Memo12334: % 26 am I right

Astrobytes: Yep

Default avatar.png Memo12334: aay ty

Astrobytes: Have a play around using that and see what you come up with

Default avatar.png dep: wat are u guys making?

Astrobytes: Noise currently, since my chair has broken

Astrobytes: Memo is working on a puzzle, I'm giving advice, not sure about anyone else

Default avatar.png dep: interesting :thinking:

Default avatar.png Memo12334: hmm it works now

Hjax: im at work and just glancing at chat from time to time

Default avatar.png dep: ooh

Astrobytes: nice Memo12334

Default avatar.png dep: playing coders strike back here

Default avatar.png Memo12334: only one encode test case dosnt work , Encode 42

jacek: and i am tweaking my MLP

Default avatar.png Memo12334: misses 2 loops

dbdr: jacek, your pic looked like a fraw after one move, was that real?

dbdr: I only found this:

Hjax: MLP = my little pony? :P

jacek: dbdr that was meme from r/AnarchyChess

dbdr: my little ponnuki

jacek: carlsen so good he can see draw at move 1

Astrobytes: ah I remember that match

dbdr: :D

Hjax: that match made every fabio fan depressed

Hjax: 12 draws and then crushed in rapid

Hjax: fabiano*

dbdr: r/AnarchyChess what next? r/CapitalismGo ?

Hjax: r/chess doesnt allow meme content

Astrobytes: r/MarxistShogi

Hjax: and thus r/anarchychess was born

dbdr: yeah, there is r/RustJerk :)

dbdr: it's a good thing to split it

Hjax: the rust subreddit is a really nice place

dbdr: yeah

Hjax: lots of productive discussions

dbdr: do you post?

Hjax: no i just lurk

dbdr: yes, and good spirit in general, polite even when disagreeing

Default avatar.png JBM: not enough memes

dbdr: the few people who tried dissing other programming languages get downvoted to death :D

dbdr: hence the jerk

Hjax: from what ive seen everyone who uses rust really likes the language, and from what little rust ive written its easy to see why

Hjax: i plan on doing the fall contest in rust

dbdr: :+1:

Hjax: i just noticed youre a moderator, is that recent?

dbdr: I guess also, if you don't love the spirit of the language, you will quit very early because it's different and you need to learn stuff

Astrobytes: yeah, bunch of use got made mods the other week

dbdr: so yes, those who continue love it :)

Astrobytes: *us

dbdr: selection effect

Default avatar.png dep: i should get a profile picture hmm

Hjax: oooo astro too

Hjax: grats both of you

dbdr: yes, everyone without a profile pic will be banned one week from now

Astrobytes: euler as well

Astrobytes: lol

Hjax: it was a long time coming for euler especially lol

Hjax: hes so active

dbdr: especially if they've been member for long

Default avatar.png JBM: :(

dbdr: will you think of the loophole?

Astrobytes: yeah, I recommended euler to Thibaud for that reason Hjax

Default avatar.png JBM: maybe if i read the context

Default avatar.png JBM: oh, got it

Hjax: join the cat army

Default avatar.png dep: oh wow i advanced to another league niceeeee

Default avatar.png dep: brb grabbing profile pic

Default avatar.png JBM: you can use mine

dbdr: ^

Default avatar.png JBM: i don't use it much

Default avatar.png dep: better

Default avatar.png JBM: yeah it's the best one i found

Default avatar.png dep: y my new profile pic is not here

MSmits: reload

Default avatar.png JBM: fix it

MSmits: i hovered over your pic, i see the smiley

dep: done xd

dep: looks good man

MSmits: it's great

MSmits: true art

Astrobytes: dep art

dep: it is hand drawn by me though

Astrobytes: art dep-o

MSmits: that sounds better

MSmits: dep art sounds like you want him gone

dep: how u do red words-

MSmits: by saying your name

MSmits: dep

MSmits: dep dep

Astrobytes: It highlights if your name is mentioned dep

dep: dep

Astrobytes: dep

dep: n o

dep: dep

dep: ???

MSmits: you can't do it to yourself

dep: oh ok

dep: Astrobytes

Astrobytes: dep

MSmits: this is to stop people from talking to themselves

dep: oh it only appears to other ppl?

dep: ohhhhhhh

MSmits: yes

Astrobytes: Yep dep

derjack: w00t

dep: ok bak to working on this fun game hehe

MSmits: oh noes, the pony is back

Astrobytes: MSmits your pony video has awoken jacek's alterego

MSmits: I see it

derjack: eeyup

MSmits: derpjack

derjack: oh i didnt do quest map here

MSmits: more clickfun

Astrobytes: I totally misread that

MSmits: I'm sure the clashers wont mind being wrecked by a pony 50 times

Hjax: i always clash in python, doing another language seems scary

MSmits: Ruby usually wins

Astrobytes: No Rust clashes? :)

MSmits: do ruby

Default avatar.png JBM: clashing in python sounds scary to me

Hjax: god rust clashing? thats terrifying

Astrobytes: :D

Hjax: not as bad as trying to use java in a code golf one though

dep: me who clashes in lua:

Default avatar.png LIONSxLEADER: MSmits you use Swift at all?

Astrobytes: MSwift

MSmits: nope

MSmits: seems oddly specific

MSmits: why me and why swift?

Default avatar.png JBM: isn't it obvious?

MSmits: only to you JBM

Default avatar.png JBM: me and LIONSxLEADER

MSmits: true

Default avatar.png LIONSxLEADER: indeed, clearly because you are active and not that i saw it (got #1 in othello)

MSmits: ah ok

MSmits: well I am fairly competent with C# and python

MSmits: C++ only specifically to this setting

MSmits: nothing else

Default avatar.png LIONSxLEADER: interesting. i just found this site, and you guy caught my attention while workin on the zombie

Default avatar.png LIONSxLEADER: guys*

dbdr: reminds me when pb4 (I think) had great difficulty parsing a contest input in C++

MSmits: ahh ok

Astrobytes: Welcome to CG LIONSxLEADER :)

MSmits: yeah, I had problems with that in ooc

MSmits: parsing the c++ input

MSmits: ye welcome LIONSxLEADER

Washier: w3lcome

dbdr: players who can write a top class bot but struggle with beginner tasks

Default avatar.png LIONSxLEADER: interesting. yeah i wanted to get a nice algorithm going before i submitted.

Astrobytes: Everyone's a beginner in something

dbdr: sure, but it's weird in that order

Hjax: i usually write a python bot first when i start a new contest or multi

Astrobytes: Yeah, it is :)

dep: how that works-

Hjax: because parsing the input is super easy in python

MSmits: that's because doing bots in CG is a very tiny subset of coding

Hjax: so i can make sure i understand the game

Hjax: in the case of pr2, i never stopped using python

dbdr: it's like being about to cook a super complex dish but not to boil an egg :D

MSmits: only thing I find somewhat challenging in python is getting the input into 2D arrays

Default avatar.png Memo12334: execution speed should matter too

Astrobytes: Does sometimes, not always

MSmits: it matters for some things Memo12334

MSmits: especially for simple board games that have great benefit from millions of simulations

Astrobytes: Did you solve Enigma Memo12334?

Default avatar.png JBM: pb4 does avx better than input parsing

Hjax: and then in games like PR2, speed is largely irrelevant

MSmits: me too :P

Default avatar.png Memo12334: I had to take a break, just back now lol. I am first trying to solve the encode but Encode 42 doesn't work. It misses 2 loops

Default avatar.png Memo12334: 2 iterations*

Astrobytes: I'll PM you

MSmits: euler is great at this input thing right?

dbdr: JBM exactly

MSmits: he makes tools to format the json files from replays and such

dbdr: nothing need to be great at input

dbdr: sorry: nobody needs to be great at input parsing

MSmits: well maybe it just doesn't repel him as much as it does me

dbdr: can anyone be great at boiling an egg?

MSmits: you can suck at it though

dbdr: there's a minimum, but not much to improve after that

dbdr: yes

MSmits: the heat does most of the work

Default avatar.png LIONSxLEADER: are there any url or api type json request or other web service challenges?

MSmits: mmh not exactly, but plenty of string manipulation puzzles

dbdr: MSmits. reminds me of the joke: all food ingredient list could be replaced wit simply two: - Hydrogen - Time

MSmits: the heart of CG is mostly in the bot challenges

Astrobytes: and you can view using the CG API and parsing the results as a puzzle too

MSmits: dbdr physics joke, not bad

Default avatar.png Memo12334: Smits are u dutch

Default avatar.png LIONSxLEADER: i always find it interesting that there are no MVVM VIPER or other architechture type challenges

MSmits: yes Memo12334

Default avatar.png Memo12334: ok me too

MSmits: cool

MSmits: we need more Dutch at the top

dbdr: yeah, happy to make jokes about things I only understand superficially :D

Default avatar.png Memo12334: do you work as a dev

Hjax: with enough hydrogen and time you dont even have to prepare the food yourself

MSmits: i don't Memo12334, before I got to CG i was a physics teacher

MSmits: now I also teach Computer science (informatica)

Default avatar.png Memo12334: wow

Hjax: im a software engineer, but im not as cool as smits

MSmits: plenty cool Hjax

MSmits: I never engineered any real software

dbdr: what if the amount of time means you'll be dead before the food is cooked?

dbdr: dead of starvation

MSmits: then you can't eat it

dep: im a beginner at coding

dep: i just got into it last year

MSmits: thats cool

Hjax: ill consider myself cool if i win a contest

derjack: or delete account

Default avatar.png Memo12334: Smits how to git gut in physics

Default avatar.png Memo12334: im goign to study EE in September HBO

dep: i started coding because of roblox ;V

MSmits: Memo12334 do lots of exercises I guess

dbdr: get the git gut book

Astrobytes: Same as most things!

MSmits: don't just read/watch, solve problems

MSmits: like you don't get good at soccer, by watching soccer games

Default avatar.png Memo12334: aay good tip

derjack: and work in vacuum frictionless environment

MSmits: don't be afraid to fail 100 times

MSmits: and have to look up solutions

Default avatar.png LIONSxLEADER: been coding since 2004 graduated with a 3.95 in robotics and still can't find a steady job as a SDE

dep: science and math is good

MSmits: fail, then do the same exercise a week later

Astrobytes: like organic chemistry, most people think it's too difficult because they don't do enough problems

MSmits: you forget the answer, but not the method, hopefully

Hjax: the master has failed more than the beginner has tried

Hjax: or something like that

Default avatar.png Memo12334: gg

MSmits: yeah

Default avatar.png Memo12334: Smits what level u teach

Default avatar.png Memo12334: if not private

MSmits: highest level in high school, 16-18 year olds

MSmits: both for physics and CS

Default avatar.png Memo12334: ah u rlly big brain

MSmits: many here have big brains

MSmits: CG is a brain attractor

Astrobytes: Strange attractor :P

MSmits: they go together

Astrobytes: :D

Default avatar.png LIONSxLEADER: the games are entertaining thusfar, and i like the 15 minute coding challenges i've failed to finish like 5 of

MSmits: oh clashes

Default avatar.png LIONSxLEADER: yet to complete one

MSmits: I did my first clashes last week

Astrobytes: There's something for everyone here, hopefully

MSmits: been here for over 2 years

Default avatar.png Memo12334: are u guys legend

MSmits: never clashed before, but they did the quest map

Hjax: legend in what?

Washier: they are

MSmits: we have legend leagues in bot arena's Memo12334

Default avatar.png Memo12334: rank

Default avatar.png LIONSxLEADER: i think they are the best feature for what i need, the ability to code faster

MSmits: ohh

MSmits: Guru you mean

Default avatar.png LIONSxLEADER: i can make just about anything by now

MSmits: rank 1 to 100 are guru

Hjax: im not a guru, im a grandmaster

Hjax: some day guru

MSmits: just a matter of time

Hjax: matter of motivation to play multis

Default avatar.png Memo12334: nvm I understood something wrong

MSmits: this rank is partially a matter of time invested

Default avatar.png Memo12334: It's only about the neural network challenge or something

MSmits: oh ok

MSmits: whats that? A puzzle?

MSmits: i seem to remember that

Hjax: the individual games have ranks that go up to legend, for instance i am legend in Crystal Rush

Default avatar.png Memo12334: yes about AI , it goes from bronz to silver etc

MSmits: ohh

Default avatar.png LIONSxLEADER: can you submit multiple times?

Default avatar.png Memo12334: dont rlly know tbh , just took a look at

Astrobytes: All the multiplayer bot programming games have leagues like that

MSmits: that was your first contest right Hjax?

Hjax: first one i took seriously

MSmits: was it also your first bot experience here?

MSmits: oh ok

Hjax: i had messed around with PR and LC&M

Hjax: but only for a few hours each

MSmits: Locam is cool

Astrobytes: Ah Pull Request, some game that was :P

Hjax: and then i skipped OOC and gave up on pacman halfway through

Hjax: hoping the next contest will be better

MSmits: contests are hit and miss mostly. With multi's you know what you're getting into

Astrobytes: Yeah, can't please all the people all of the time

MSmits: Boardgames ruined me a bit. It's everything I like about contest games without the unnecessary bits

MSmits: pun unintended :P

Astrobytes: lol

Default avatar.png Memo12334: oh now I know why it didnt' work, ty Astrobytes

Astrobytes: np Memo12334

Default avatar.png Memo12334: also what's that thing next to ur name, does it mean ur a mod

MSmits: yeah

Astrobytes: Yeah

dep: wow im rank 2 in wood 1 league

MSmits: rank 2 below boss you mean?

dep: yeah

MSmits: cool

MSmits: is there much rating difference?

dep: but im having problems with boosting

dep: idk

MSmits: why a problem?

dep: my problem is idk how to find my own orientation

MSmits: oh

MSmits: CSB is a bit weird with the input changing each league

MSmits: dont remember what you get

dep: i wanna do boosts when im doing long straights

MSmits: makes sense

MSmits: generally I just boost at start

MSmits: it's almost always best

dep: hmmm

dep: i wanna make it smarter u know

MSmits: sometimes you overshoot the first turn

dep: ikr

MSmits: I know

MSmits: but you're in wood1, it's not the most important thing

MSmits: try avoiding overshooting checkpoints in general

MSmits: reduce your speed at the right time and such

dep: hmmmmmm ok

MSmits: maybe turn off power if you are not facing in the direction you want to accelerate

MSmits: some angle margin or something

Washier: i also always boost at the start. and try to aim taking your velocity in account

dep: i try boosting at start

Default avatar.png LIONSxLEADER: Hey MSmits How hard am i going to have to try to beat your zombie score

Hjax: my csb is like, the bare minimum to get the rating points lol

MSmits: if you get around rank 300 or so, you have beaten me LIONSxLEADER

Default avatar.png LIONSxLEADER: ur #14

MSmits: yeah but the validators are publicly available

MSmits: so i calculated offline

MSmits: it's only like this for a few puzzles btw,

Default avatar.png LIONSxLEADER: interesting

MSmits: if i turn off my hardcoded solutions i am rank 200-300 or so, not sure

MSmits: been a while

MSmits: I'm not really into optimization arenas

MSmits: usually do botting

Hjax: yeah multis are more fun

Default avatar.png LIONSxLEADER: interesting

Washier: i got 700th with some pretty simple c# heuristics.

MSmits: mine is simple too

Default avatar.png LIONSxLEADER: i can submit more than once then nice

MSmits: I think it's just MC

MSmits: yeah, you could get lucky :)

MSmits: getting 100% is not always easy

MSmits: i had some fails

dep: oh yeah why dont i ignore my orientations and just boost when the distance is kinda far

dep: instead of boosting at the start

Washier: concentrate on your cornering first

dep: is my cornering bad?

dep: i win most battles though

dep: hmmm

dep: idk about my cornering

Hjax: nothing seems to be loading but the chat

dep: ok got better than the boss lol

dep: just pure luck gg

Default avatar.png oneCOOKIE: Standard Error Stream: error: class entity is public, should be declared in a file named

public class entity

Default avatar.png oneCOOKIE: I am getting this eroor

Default avatar.png oneCOOKIE: Any idea how to fix this one?

dep: no idea on js , sorry

Default avatar.png oneCOOKIE: Oh okay, thanks anyway

Hjax: dont use a public class?

Astrobytes: drop the public

Hjax: just class entity

Astrobytes: Or put it inside your Player class

derjack: drop the bass

Astrobytes: DJ derjack in da house

Astrobytes: pony riddims

derjack: i lik playing pony music to pony haters. especially when they say its good

Astrobytes: Derjack ft. MC TS

Hjax: lol MC TS

Hjax: took me a second

Astrobytes: ;)

derjack: hm?

Washier: please link pony music

derjack: i.e. orchestral

derjack: or more pony-related

Washier: powerful

Washier: second one nice n uplifting

derjack: now find pony haters and link those

dep: how u find ur own position and orientation in CSB?

dep: ok time to get some sleep anyways bai

Hjax: cya

Drihnking: :grinning:

GHV: :grinning:

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: dep it tells you...

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: In gold league it gives you absolute angle

Astrobytes: he's asleep MCU

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: :0

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: my blocker needs to be smarter

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: How to make it smarter tho? :thinking:

Astrobytes: give it a brain

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: Good idea...

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: *Inserts brain*

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: Wow, it's looking smarter already

Astrobytes: I'm only half joking, write a sim & search for it

SPDene: * is worried who MaliciouslyCrypticUsername got that brain from *

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: I got that brain from myself, don't worry

Astrobytes: SPDene you can do /me

**MaliciouslyCrypticUsername exists

Astrobytes: like that

**Hjax exists occasionally

**SPDene might not want to do you :P

**Astrobytes accepts that fact

**MaliciouslyCrypticUsername wonders if she can talk to automaton2000 like this

Automaton2000: still not sure how i will do it, but i think i just need to do

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: :0

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: i had an idea to move the point where the runner turns slightly toward the next checkpoint, but it doesn't seem to be working

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: Hmmm it's working now...

Hjax: your blocker blocked your other pod

Hjax: a tragedy

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: Ouch

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: Idk how to change that though

Kacper_D: I get bad_alloc thrown when running test online, but when I run same code locally everything's ok. Anyone had similar problems? Because I'm kinda lost now

eulerscheZahl: using C++?

Kacper_D: yup

eulerscheZahl: try using the same environment as CodinGame

eulerscheZahl: that is Linux and g++

eulerscheZahl: then you should see the same error i suppose

Kacper_D: Sounds like good idea

Default avatar.png xlr4829: js go go go go

AntiSquid: js or go ? make up your mind

jacek: chess!

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: okay?

jacek: :cheese:

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: :cheese:

Astrobytes: :wine_glass:

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: :rice_cracker:

MSmits: anyone know the builtin function to reverse the bits in a uint64_t, if it exists?

eulerscheZahl: :noodles:

MSmits: reverse the order i mean

MSmits: 1st becomes 64th

eulerscheZahl: i had a full lecture about bit rotation

eulerscheZahl: most efficient ways for different lengths using bitmasks

eulerscheZahl: you won't be able to do this in a single operation I think

MSmits: that's ok, i just want the fastest way

eulerscheZahl: somewhere here

eulerscheZahl: bitrotate.h i guess

MSmits: thanks

MSmits: mmh rotating words is different

AntiSquid: how do you find sites with those kind of names?

AntiSquid: lol

eulerscheZahl: just checked, rotate isn't it


Astrobytes: revbin?

tomatoes: that bit twiding page also mention some reversing

eulerscheZahl: you missed a j

tomatoes: from uttt forum topic

eulerscheZahl: and that prof was the 2nd corrector of my bachelor thesis

Default avatar.png JBM: mmm i may start streaming

AntiSquid: stream title "getting new avatar"


Default avatar.png JBM: what's wrong with the old one?

Default avatar.png JBM:

eulerscheZahl: use your troll drawing as avatar

eulerscheZahl: like zerplin used his zoidberg


MSmits: can remove the #if stuff but this should be it

MSmits: still a little surprised there isn't a builtin for it

Astrobytes: told you it was revbin

Astrobytes: And yeah

MSmits: ah yeah you said

MSmits: mmh this one is table based

MSmits: is that better?

eulerscheZahl: there was a version without table

MSmits: yeah probably

Astrobytes: in the same file

MSmits: I see it, I wonder what will be better

Astrobytes: Only one thing for it... FIGHT!

Astrobytes: I mean, BENCHMARK!

Allis: On your bench, get mark. Go!


eulerscheZahl: you are linking weird stuff

Astrobytes: English TV :shrug:

Astrobytes: (it was the origin of my '... FIGHT!' reference)

Hjax: fun fact, rust has a reverse bits operation on its primitives

Hjax: not sure what machine code it emits

eulerscheZahl: easy to find out

Hjax: wow that site is pretty cool

Hjax: core::num::<impl u64>::reverse_bits:

Hjax: a bunch of magic numbers

Hjax: much shorter than i expecte

Hjax: expected*

Default avatar.png AggYzz: what is the codingame discord

Astrobytes: A Discord server for codingame

Default avatar.png AggYzz: what is the link idot

Astrobytes: Excuse me?

Default avatar.png AggYzz: please may I have the link to the discord server, good sir

Astrobytes: Look up top

Default avatar.png AggYzz: i am a blind man

Astrobytes: A blind man couldn't miss that "JOIN US ON DISCORD" button

eulerscheZahl: CG isn't always screenreader friendly i suppose


Astrobytes: He's not blind

Default avatar.png AggYzz: are you questioning my disabilities

Astrobytes: Please

Default avatar.png AggYzz: what

Hjax: i feel like antagonizing a mod isnt in your best interest

Hjax: but hey, you do you

Astrobytes: Just go join a clash and carry on AggYzz

jacek: :no_mouth:

eulerscheZahl: and i'm not sure if i shall believe the story of being blind or not

Default avatar.png kiana_j: hi guys!:)

eulerscheZahl: i've seen another user compaining about the IDE on the forum, struggling with the screenreader

eulerscheZahl: and some games are a pain for colorblind people of course. red and orange are way too similar even for me (I can see colors)

Default avatar.png AggYzz: this game is unfair for blidnd people

Default avatar.png AggYzz: they cant see the code

Astrobytes: He's not blind, he's regular. Clashes a lot, swears a lot

Default avatar.png AggYzz: whos not blind

Astrobytes: Annoying but not terrible.

Default avatar.png AggYzz: me

eulerscheZahl: the nick looked familiar, wasn't sure

eulerscheZahl: but even regular users can be blind

Default avatar.png AggYzz: my great grandpa reads the text

Astrobytes: And yeah, there's been one or two blind users made posts re. that in the forum I believe

tomatoes: ocean of code colors was a bit hard 👀

Astrobytes: AggYzz, seriously, go back to clashing

Default avatar.png AggYzz: but i am bad at clashing

Default avatar.png AggYzz: so I rather chat here

eulerscheZahl: you win, then i'll go

eulerscheZahl: good night

Astrobytes: lol, night eulerscheZahl

Default avatar.png AggYzz: bye bye

Astrobytes: tomatoes, you colourblind?

Default avatar.png AggYzz: yyayayya i won

tomatoes: nope

Astrobytes: But you found OOC colours hard?

Default avatar.png AggYzz: like beans more than tomatoes

Astrobytes: AggYzz please do something a little more productive with your time, it will benefit us all

tomatoes: sometimes. red + orange + mixed + 2 small mines

Astrobytes: Interesting, I don't get any issue with that and I *am* colourblind :D

tomatoes: rarely, but got some "wtf?? ah, thats opponent mine"

tomatoes: even they're in the different corners

Astrobytes: Actually, now I come to think about it yes, it was a little tricky sometimes

Default avatar.png Memo12334: Astrobytes

Default avatar.png Memo12334: u there

Astrobytes: Partially yes, what's up?

Default avatar.png Memo12334: procastinated a lot so don't mock me for still not solving it but I need a deceasar function too right?

Default avatar.png Memo12334: for decoding

Default avatar.png Memo12334: should have dmed

Astrobytes: Not in the habit of mocking unless justified. Yes you do

AntiSquid: you talk as if you invented procrastination Memo12334, why do you think we are in chat?

jacek: Caturday soon

Uljahn: almost there

AntiSquid: celebrating caturdays eve?

Astrobytes: miaowwwwlmost there

Uljahn: synchronous celebration for different time zones is hard

MSmits: it is a conundrum

**Astrobytes puts on Mad Knight hat: we can celebrate my birthday instead

MSmits: Uljahm can't join then :(

MSmits: Uljahn that is

Astrobytes: why?

MSmits: cuz it's not your birthday for him

Astrobytes: Donno his location, it's 2357 some places in RU

jacek: different calendar, like octover revolution in september

jacek: or november*

MSmits: ohh i forgot that we're basically on Poland time

Astrobytes: (2357 as in clock time not year btw)

MSmits: timezones are really werd for my country

MSmits: weird

Astrobytes: ah timezones in general

MSmits: yeah

Astrobytes: It's always 1700 somewhere

MSmits: how is that?

MSmits: isn't 1/60th of the time 1700 somewhere?

Astrobytes: 'IT's Five O' Clock Somewhere' - it's a song

Astrobytes: and a saying

MSmits: o

Astrobytes: Why bars have happy hour starting at 5pm usually too

MSmits: ahh ok

MSmits: I never really went to bars

MSmits: yay my sim works

Astrobytes: I've frequented a few pubs in my time, mostly for the food and after drinks

MSmits: 23 moves for 1st turn on breakthrough, seems right

Astrobytes: Breakthrough right?

jacek: 23?

MSmits: 22

MSmits: sry, i counted the root node

Astrobytes: More like it

MSmits: I went with the reversed boardstate

MSmits: so i reverse the opponent board when generating moves

MSmits: otherwise both players start with their 20 lowest bits set

jacek: not16?

MSmits: 16 again

MSmits: i think i need to sleep

MSmits: 10x10 breakthrough is a thing though :P

MSmits: it's nice to do the board this way in case i need to do lookups with pdep and such

MSmits: pext actually

MSmits: it's only one reverse per move generation, so it's probably negligible

MSmits: time to try and get a random move bot going

MSmits: when i got that, I'll sleep

jacek: can people live thay long without sleep?

MSmits: hopefully

jacek: why pext/pdep for breakthrough o.O

Astrobytes: his board works in mysterious ways

MSmits: racing lookups

MSmits: you can check if a move sends you to a racing condition when it enters the opponent side

MSmits: meaning you solved the game 6 plies sooner

MSmits: or 7

MSmits: not usre

MSmits: sure

jacek: hmm

MSmits: you lookup a triangular field of opponent pawns to see if you can race through them

MSmits: without being stopped

FLQ4: waot

FLQ4: wait

FLQ4: astrobytes pfp is a cat

FLQ4: i thought it was an alien

Astrobytes: I thought you meant a different sort of race condition MSmits lol

Astrobytes: Well it acts like one sometimes FLQ4

MSmits: nah thats how it's called in literature i think

MSmits: because your pawn is unstoppable, you know you win in 3 plays

jacek: multithreading literature?

MSmits: lemme find something

jacek: you mean the job schedule solving thing?

Astrobytes: I meant race condition in the traditional sense, not in the Breakthrough sense


MSmits: it's in the title

Astrobytes: MSmits: It's five o'clock somewhere

jacek: race patterns

Astrobytes: wtf

MSmits: yeah


MSmits: allright race patterns

MSmits: but it;s still a condition

MSmits: in which you can race

MSmits: so :P

jacek: racecar reversed is racecar

MSmits: and what if you reverse it again?

Astrobytes: thank you for your palindromic interlude jacek

Astrobytes: or even interjection

Astrobytes: meh, beer taking effect

MSmits: beer

MSmits: :bear:

MSmits: in Dutch

Astrobytes: Fine, "bier"

Astrobytes: :P

MSmits: :beer:

MSmits: this coordinate system is annoying

MSmits: I need to do string stuff to tell the game where to move :rage:

Astrobytes: Oh come on it's trivial to convert

jacek: itsnt the same with othello?

MSmits: oh, good point

MSmits: no wait

MSmits: its not

MSmits: othello has no from -> to

Astrobytes: Still trivial though

MSmits: lazy

Astrobytes: :grin:

MSmits: it's actually quite a few steps

MSmits: i don't store the moves

MSmits: so i need to figure out the difference between the child node and the root node to know what the move was

MSmits: then reverse it if it is the 2nd player

MSmits: do a builtin_ctzl to get the index

MSmits: and then the string stuff

MSmits: all of this for both from and to coord

Astrobytes: Maybe just store the move

Astrobytes: Not exactly big

MSmits: why store it on so many nodes when you only need it at the top

MSmits: it's an extra instruction or two times 100k+

Astrobytes: Stop moaning and do it then :P

MSmits: i am just lazy, i always do it this way, but I want to still complain :P

Default avatar.png JBM: yay, beer

Astrobytes: hell yes, it's the least I deserve

Default avatar.png JBM: me too

Default avatar.png JBM: i needed that

Default avatar.png JBM: ok, back to stream

MSmits: it works!!!!

MSmits: random moves ofc

Astrobytes: oh you're streaming JBM, totally forgot :/

Default avatar.png JBM: still up for a little time

Default avatar.png JBM: but the puzzle's solved now, it's just cleanup and improve time

Astrobytes: going off soon but I'll pop in

Astrobytes: gg MSmits

Astrobytes: *gj

MSmits: yeah... happy... I know it'll crash and burn when I switch players probably :P

MSmits: it never works for p2 the first time it works for p1

DomiKo: gj MSmits :wink:

MSmits: thanks DomiKo

MSmits: yep bugged as p2 :P

jacek: enough to release at friday night

MSmits: I'll fix it :)


MSmits: humiliating :P

MSmits: but it works at least

MSmits: submitted, see if i get crashes

MSmits: nope, it's working. Beating some bots with random moves lol

MSmits: I think this is the first time I made a bot for a boardgame with no draws

MSmits: that's different

MSmits: 125/163, so that's 38 players equal or worse than random

Astrobytes: It works. Now sleep :P

MSmits: yea yeah

MSmits: going.. Gn all!

Astrobytes: :grin:

Astrobytes: gn MSmits

Astrobytes: I'm out too, gn all

coderinblack: clash of code anyone?

andreza.bona: oui

coderinblack: alright

coderinblack: im going to start then

Laminator: did you not test your code lol

andreza.bona: who?

Laminator: coderinblack had something closee to working. but submited with like 6 minutes left to go for 0%

RJMontalvo: I'll admit, these puzzles make me feel dumb half the time.

Gorbit99: but then you can feel so much better when you do them finally

RJMontalvo: it doesn't make sense until it does.

Gorbit99: which puzzle?

RJMontalvo: hehehe one of the "easy" ones. I'm only a week into lessons in c#

RJMontalvo: I'll get it eventually :)

Default avatar.png itay121: how do I get off the auto correct in clash of code?

Denshire: I think it might be in the settings in the editor

Gorbit99: best you can do is turn off "accept suggestions on Enter key" afaik

Denshire: Yeah, that's what I was talking about

Denshire: I don't think there's a way to make it go away completely

Gorbit99: also, there's a sort of CSS trick I heard

Denshire: I'm honestly not that experienced so I wouldn't know that much

Gorbit99: it's annoying as hell in CoC

Denshire: yeah especially in fastest

Putnam3145: what... suggestions are there

Putnam3145: i haven't noticed any?

Denshire: the box that pops up that gives you options on how to finish a word

Gorbit99: well, intellisense basically

Denshire: yeah

Putnam3145: oh

Gorbit99: if you spend enough time to get language support activated that is

Putnam3145: somehow i completely tuned that out

Gorbit99: it's hard to tune it out, when it takes control of your arrow keys 😂

Denshire: me trying to go to the next line for hours before realizing i've just been scrolling through the suggestions: "oh"

Gorbit99: that's why vim would be a great thing to have, but doesn't work for me

Denshire: it would be more comfortable for those who know vim, for sure

Denshire: as someone who doesn't, i don't think i would care

Gorbit99: well, I know vim, I'm just facing bugs with it