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CanhToanLe: hi :Đ

PhamHuuTHang: :)

RomainJava: Hi

Default avatar.png MinhHoangPG: hi everybody !!

rusticolus: hi

Default avatar.png LinhT.Nguyen: hehehehehehehehehehehe

Default avatar.png LinhT.Nguyen: lmao

V1n35h: This Shit is FUN

JackBashford: owo

AntiSquid: AutomatonNN clean up

AutomatonNN: AutomatonNN is a bot that has some code in the same code and come back to the contest

MaiLoc: hi guys

AbundantPuddle: Hello MaiLoc

MaiLoc: what's up man ?

AbundantPuddle: Not too much. Coding, taking no prisoners. How about you?

jacek: ohai

AbundantPuddle: yasou

eulerscheZahl: :wave:

BenjaminUrquhart: B

eulerscheZahl: where's my shrine?

BenjaminUrquhart: over there

AbundantPuddle: :snail:

AbundantPuddle: :shinto_shrine:

AbundantPuddle: :frog:

AbundantPuddle: :pill::mushroom::maple_leaf:

AbundantPuddle: For some reason, I thought your avatar was a slug. It was too easy to just look, so I decided to just use a snail. When I checked, I realized you had the hypnotoad.

AbundantPuddle: It's possible I just have SLurm on the brain.

AbundantPuddle: Does chat remove leading and trailing white space?

AbundantPuddle: It does not.

No_Name_26: :vv

jacek: but it does automatically hide your password. im typing ******* and it will replace it with stars

AbundantPuddle: Really???

AbundantPuddle: *********

Putnam3145: shush

AbundantPuddle: Oh wow! That's crazy!

Andriamanitra: hunter2

Andriamanitra: doesn't seem to work for me

AbundantPuddle: Lmao

Putnam3145: actually lemme try

Putnam3145: ð¤?kOùO3KýýÝ(.¦jØÐ¥¤`ÍÝm)$ö}uÞü³{<]j_ÞÓÆqïpqlâ|A6Vl·%lLXø¤":Øöâ_'tÚ#:(Krúxý»£3G[)k¸>ZRe*:ÕÊCä_X©HF~T`[Îx08z_+8]ÎÉãU(¢oº)Dp'tkc±.

SPDene: it won't work if you have the same password as someone else!

Putnam3145: this is a joke. this is not my real password.

AbundantPuddle: Hahaha!

Putnam3145: however your passwords should look like this

Putnam3145: use a password manager kids

AbundantPuddle: Wait, how did you know my password Putnam?

SPDene: but I found a way to fool the system... I make all my passwords all-asterisks :P

AbundantPuddle: Ah yes! Smart! That way your password is always hidden.

Andriamanitra: and even when the passwords leak everyone will think yours is redacted and won't try to get into your account

AbundantPuddle: ^

AbundantPuddle: That's like M374-1337

Ripkite: yerrrrrrr

Ripkite: who here

Ripkite: where the people at?

AbundantPuddle: Mentally? Or physically?

AbundantPuddle: Or metaphysically?

Ripkite: just wondering what people up to

AbundantPuddle: Coding?

AbundantPuddle: Possibly?

Ripkite: haha no one just chilling

AbundantPuddle: We were just talking about codingames new feature where it censors passwords in chat.

Ripkite: hahaha if someone falls for that they deserve to be hacked

Ripkite: you guys do clash of code?

AbundantPuddle: Currently clashing now

Ripkite: what language you using?

AbundantPuddle: Python

Ripkite: python is whack

AbundantPuddle: I'm not really picky about languages. I've been using this site to learn Python. I generally find that any problem with a language tends to come from the person on the keyboard.

LeBaoHoang8A4: Hello, in Coders Strike Back(SILVER LEAGUE) why my pod sometimes spin around the checkpoints?

LeBaoHoang8A4: Any help?

AntiSquid: i am guessing your speed is too high

AntiSquid: lower the speed a bit so the pod has time to turn

LeBaoHoang8A4: OK, thanks

Default avatar.png Leopold-Fitz-AI: Python seem like running too slow

DinuBrat: heeey where can i learn python better ( i'm noob)

Putnam3145: what do you want to learn it for and what kind of problems are you having

Putnam3145: there's no one path to "learning python", really

DinuBrat: oh I have learned only base of python

DinuBrat: I have problems with puzzles

Putnam3145: well, what sort of problem?

Putnam3145: having difficulty conceptualizing what the problem is asking for, translating it into code, getting errors upon the attempt, etc.?

DinuBrat: hmmm, i think , translating it into code is most popular in my case

Putnam3145: in my experience the best way to deal with that is to know what the "code terms" for a lot of the stuff you're doing is, and if you don't, knowing how to do an internet search to get to them

Putnam3145: early on you'll want to focus on searching skills

Putnam3145: I know a lot of "code terms" but I've also been doing this for 7 years

Allis: That's a lifelong skill, really.

Putnam3145: yeah

DinuBrat: Thanks boys

Allis: Learning how to learn gives you a superpower.

Putnam3145: yeah, I learned early on how to quickly google things and, well

Putnam3145: before a week ago I thought I didn't know Ruby, then I saw a problem in clash of code that I immediately thought "ah, Ruby can do this really easily cause it has built-in regex support", which... I don't remember when I learned that, but clearly I did, and it's been a week and now I know Ruby I guess?

Putnam3145: that's just sort of how things go once you're good at learning

Putnam3145: this is also why, like

Putnam3145: I tend to see new programmers agonizing over what language to learn

Putnam3145: usually I just say "go with python", or, if they're saying "have I made a mistake learning X", I just say "no, keep learning it"

Putnam3145: because... it doesn't matter that much, actually, and you'll learn more languages later

Putnam3145: the first one is BY FAR the hardest, because you're learning PROGRAMMING along with it

Allis: exit$><<'ERROR'unless(0..255)===i

Allis: Ruby is crazy.

Putnam3145: I had only used it previously to patch an open source Dwarf Fortress AI to be able to recognize modded civilizations, since it had hardcoded the names of the positions

Putnam3145: this problem, naturally, had basically nothing to do with any of Ruby's strengths

Allis: Oh, I don't know about that; Ruby has a lot of strengths.

Allis: Comes from really good stock: Smalltalk, Lisp, and Perl.

Putnam3145: and in fact the project later moved to C++, primarily for speed concerns (the Ruby itself is just an available scripting language for the underlying bespoke Dwarf Fortress memory hacking library it was written for)

Allis: That's fair. You tend to see Lua for things like that nowadays.

Putnam3145: well also a problem is that Ruby, for some reason, doesn't have first-class access to the memory, just working through a more high-level API

Putnam3145: in this library

Putnam3145: while Lua, the other scripting language available, does

Putnam3145: and so does the C++ obviously

Putnam3145: all very odd

Putnam3145: I finally got to the end of the clash of code path

Putnam3145: by getting 3 "shortest" clashes in a row, all of which I won with Ruby one-liners

Putnam3145: turns out: yeah, it's pretty good

DinuBrat: ohh yeah I like "shortest" in clash of code but code in ruby is really shorter than pyton

Allis: Not always, but pretty often. :)

Putnam3145: I've had experiences where Python ends up shorter

Putnam3145: almost always due to set or list comprehensions being the way to go

Putnam3145: quite often map{} is at least as good though

Putnam3145: set comprehensions in particular are highly useful

Putnam3145: though I haven't really, like

Putnam3145: tried to determine if they have the edge over .unique

Allis: *#uniq

Putnam3145: yeah sorry

Putnam3145: I'm new to this, I don't have the full enumerator library memorized, hehe

DinuBrat: If you know many pythone clues you can write code shorter )

Putnam3145: you have 15 minutes to google stuff, which actually helps a lot

Allis: Hell, I've been doing Ruby for years and I probably don't. :sweat_smile:

Putnam3145: often I'll be one of the last half to finish in shortest clashes and still win, just cause I spent a good deal of time trying to find the smallest way to do what I'm doing

Allis: That's the whole fun of it!

DinuBrat: oh boys how old are you?

Allis: Shaving a few characters after you thought for sure you couldn't can be quite a thrill.

eulerscheZahl: ping Gorbit99

Allis: Which I know sounds silly.

Putnam3145: sometimes you see people do it in C# or C++ and have >500 characters and I think they didn't notice it was a shortest, which, to be fair, I've done the opposite

Putnam3145: thought I was on shortest, spent 7 minutes doing a ruby bit, found out it was actually fastest the whole time

Putnam3145: oh man one that I recently won I felt bad, cause the Javascript solution was legitimately better than mine

Gorbit99: ruby is the language of the gods

Putnam3145: in terms of brevity

Putnam3145: but the Javascript around it made it longer

eulerscheZahl: hi Gorbit99 saw your forum post

Putnam3145: like, the names of the functions and things

Gorbit99: I was summoned

Putnam3145: I'm 25 years old, myself

eulerscheZahl: i missed the same feature. so i coded it on my own


Allis: May I ask whether I played some part in inspiring you to try Ruby?

Gorbit99: Ich liebe dich

Putnam3145: Ruby was my #3 language of choice for CoC on average beforehand, but I started trying to use it exclusively for shortest after

Gorbit99: but it would be great as a built in

Putnam3145: I was usually using Python3 for it unless I saw strings

eulerscheZahl: i agree

Putnam3145: after, I started using it for ranges too

Allis: Hmm... Python's pretty good for strings, syntax-wise anyway.

Gorbit99: also, my post is mainly about that load time

Astrobytes: You've become very active on CG recently Gorbit99, any particular reason?

eulerscheZahl: and imne isn't always 100% up to date as new puzzles appear

Putnam3145: yeah, but Ruby's transcendent

Allis: Also, 192 methods on String. XD

Putnam3145: mostly cause of how nice and entrenched regex is into the language

Gorbit99: not sure if it's just me or whatever, but 0.2 seconds seems weird

eulerscheZahl: loading time is horrible and makes my browser cry in pain

Gorbit99: Astrobytes, blame quests and the contribution quest line

Astrobytes: Aha :D

eulerscheZahl: but i fear that they add pagination when we complain makes it harder for my script to index puzzles

Gorbit99: yeah, please don't do that

Gorbit99: just store the images on a public server and return the url or something

Gorbit99: "we added pagination" would be a weird answer to "searching up previous puzzles are hard"

Putnam3145: it's amazing how long you can go without learning certain things

eulerscheZahl: their reaction to "too many players at CSB, takes long to load add fight my friends": only show top1000 of the leaderboard

Putnam3145: I only learned about red-black trees in the last months or so

eulerscheZahl: so lower ranked players can't even fight their friends anymore

Astrobytes: Regarding checking previous puzzles , I suppose the keyword/tag system is supposed to help with that. It doesn't.

eulerscheZahl: especially for clashes. new users can't even access the list of contributions at all

Gorbit99: they can add pagination if they add a search feature too

eulerscheZahl: i'd gladly turn off my own puzzle search then

eulerscheZahl: i even index comments on the contributions

Astrobytes: Since they're actively working on things atm we might stand a chance of getting something

wlesavo: oh, i didnt even knew such feature existed, now my browser is frozen :smiley:

Astrobytes: hehehe, that's the one alright

Gorbit99: it will be frozen for the next minute

Gorbit99: apparently 7.5kb of data can take 160ms to arrive

wlesavo: yeah, i closed the tab, quite impossible to look for smth

Gorbit99: once it loads, it's basically perfect

eulerscheZahl: except for the missing search

Gorbit99: eulerscheZahl with your tool I immediately found that yes, my idea already existed

Astrobytes: And the fact the contribution list is hidden from some users

wlesavo: are you supposed to look by ctrl+F?

Gorbit99: yup

Astrobytes: close your eyes, scroll, click

Gorbit99: I don't fully understand why it's hidden from most users, it doesn't show a solution or anything

Astrobytes: Yes, it's somewhat counter-intuitive

eulerscheZahl: you could get a clue for reverse

Gorbit99: also, I love how the nintendo challenge is the top suggested topic for every other topic, because it has 30k views

eulerscheZahl: or prepare a solution for all clashes

Gorbit99: in the time that page loads, someone will probably come up with the solution

wlesavo: it shows the validators i believe

wlesavo: for clashes that is

Gorbit99: let me check while it's loaded

eulerscheZahl: but the way it is right now it's unfair. some can see the list, others can't

Astrobytes: Shouldn't be too hard just to show the name and statement instead

Gorbit99: you're right it does

eulerscheZahl: used to be different. when they set the limits, lvl29 was on the high end with only a handful of users having access

Gorbit99: I mean, the example solution gets hidden, can't the validators too?

wlesavo: i think the logic here is for approvers to be able to check for duplicates

Gorbit99: correct me if I'm wrong, but you can make contributions way below level 20

eulerscheZahl: the solution is visible too for some users. lvl29+ for puzzles

Astrobytes: Yes wlesavo, and authors too. But the way it is, it doesn't work well

eulerscheZahl: 300 clash participations for CoC i think

Gorbit99: yep, solution visible for coc thingys

Gorbit99: anyways, how are you expected to check for duplicate puzzles if you can't see the puzzles in the first place?

Astrobytes: Precisely

wlesavo: Astrobytes well i just trying to see at least some reasons, not that i agree with it

eulerscheZahl: duplicates are explicitly allowed for CoC

Gorbit99: ok, I'd say, search feature, looks for words in puzzles and statements and only displays those

wlesavo: oh, euler and astro now are mods, didn't notice, grats

Astrobytes: wlesavo, absolutely. It should be easy for people to be able to check

eulerscheZahl: be nice or i'll kick you :P

Astrobytes: And thanks :)

Astrobytes: lol

Gorbit99: yeah, I seem to remember euler not being a mod way back when he won a challenge (and I was around)

Gorbit99: competition*

Gorbit99: not challenge

eulerscheZahl: wasn't even aware that the forum needs attention too

wlesavo: now i can legetimately call for euler when i need a mod, as i did before :smiley:

eulerscheZahl: i never won a contest :(

Gorbit99: you didn't? the ghost in the shellcode one?

eulerscheZahl: beaten on the last day

Gorbit99: ah

Gorbit99: but you had a writeup of it

eulerscheZahl: had a terrible bug in my code as i found out later

Astrobytes: One day the curse will be lifted euler :)

eulerscheZahl: called a function to modify a list of factories i want to upgrade

eulerscheZahl: created a new list inside the function instead of modifying

eulerscheZahl: so it didn't backpropagate and my upgrade sucked

Gorbit99: that sounds a fun bug

eulerscheZahl: i'm now on a similar level as the contest winner

Gorbit99: I couldn't properly finish a competition yet

eulerscheZahl: i rarely had a problem with having too little time in a contest

eulerscheZahl: just running out of ideas at some point

Gorbit99: I had too little attention span usually :P

Astrobytes: I think it's psychological euler, if you push through that you can do it I think

Gorbit99: this is why I'm 9th in coc and not in any competition

eulerscheZahl: i have that problem too. chat is distracting

eulerscheZahl: and i lose interest after a while :(

Astrobytes: That and not telling everyone your strat halfway through

Gorbit99: does the fall competition have any date associated already?

eulerscheZahl: :D

Gorbit99: or just a "no clue"?

Astrobytes: Nothing as yet

eulerscheZahl: we have no idea

eulerscheZahl: i plan on pitching a game idea of my own. let's see how far i can get with it

Gorbit99: good, then it's probably either during aoc or some fun part of uni

eulerscheZahl: game is basically finished

Astrobytes: Hopefully we can at least have an unofficial contest, if not a fully official one

wlesavo: as a different competition or for a fall contest euler?

eulerscheZahl: different to fall contest

eulerscheZahl: as this will be an official one designed by CG

Gorbit99: I'm only doing small puzzle contribs so far

Gorbit99: you know, I need my own puzzles in coc to get an edge

Astrobytes: :D

wlesavo: no fog this time? :smiley:

eulerscheZahl: that was the point when i stopped clashing: approved a contribution and played it 2h after

eulerscheZahl: i'm biased on fog

Gorbit99: only 2? I had it after 45 mins

Astrobytes: lol, jeez

eulerscheZahl: but afk for now. getting hungry

jacek: get some flies

Gorbit99: he used to have an animated profile pic as I remember

Astrobytes: Yeah? Don't remember that. He changes it to suit contest themes usually though

Gorbit99: might've just seen the gif elsewhere

Astrobytes: yeah, plenty hypnotoad gifs around

Gorbit99: Finally found a coc worthy idea that wasn't used before

Astrobytes: There should probably be an achievement for that

Gorbit99: for contribution creation?

Astrobytes: Finding an idea that wasn't used before

Gorbit99: you would think with only 1000 submissions, there would be plenty

Gorbit99: also a preview window for contributions would be great, might make a forum post about it

Gorbit99: right now you need to write the test cases at least to see how it looks

Astrobytes: In CoC contributions duplicates are allowed, and there is also the 'no clash is too easy' rule...

Gorbit99: no clash is too easy, but if your solution is 1 line long and is "return n * (n -1)", then it will be downvoted to oblivion

SPDene: true, but submit "add a and b", "add b and c", "add c and d"..... and see how many get accepted :P

Gorbit99: all of them usually, because everyone reads the guidelines and knows how to find them, and also that they exists

Gorbit99: -s

Astrobytes: It's harder for them to get through the system now, but previously it wasn't

Default avatar.png AggYzz: are there any python cp tutorials out there

Default avatar.png AggYzz: or is it just gradually learning after getting fucked each round

Gorbit99: cp tutorials?

jacek: cp tutorials?

Gorbit99: slow

Allis: Competitive programming, presumably.

Default avatar.png AggYzz: yes

Default avatar.png AggYzz: not the other cp

Default avatar.png AggYzz: i swear

SPDene: club penguin?

Gorbit99: You gradually learn it as you're getting fucked

Astrobytes: To be competitive in anything it helps if you know something about what you're competing in no?

Allis: @AggYzz Are you lost?

Default avatar.png AggYzz: what

Default avatar.png AggYzz: yes

Default avatar.png JBM: you are here: ---> *

Gorbit99: the only thing you need to start competitively is knowing your language well

Astrobytes: ^

Default avatar.png AggYzz: like knowing all the functions and crap

Astrobytes: Knowing the crap might not be helpful

Gorbit99: python for example is considered a great language for it, because it has a big standard lib

Gorbit99: well, you don't need to *know* all functions

Default avatar.png AggYzz: useful function

Gorbit99: but you need to know that they exist and how to look them up

Gorbit99: for shortest for example, literally anything could be helpful

Default avatar.png AggYzz: i think im pretty good wth functions and stuff

Default avatar.png AggYzz: but i suck at thinking

Astrobytes: Everything else, python has a lib/function for it


Default avatar.png AggYzz: either my brain exceeds the mass of the burj khalifa

Default avatar.png AggYzz: or gets smaller than a pea

SPDene: play some CoC and look at other people's solutions. try to see how they did stuff. if you see something you're not familiar with, research it - things like map, filter, star functions

Gorbit99: that's where you have to suck it up and practice a lot

Gorbit99: look at other's solution *if they publish it* -_-

Uljahn: or solve puzzles and unlock others solutions

Putnam3145: why do people not publish

Astrobytes: Also do more puzzles, to get used to features and improving problem solving

Gorbit99: standalone puzzles are very different from coc

Astrobytes: ah Uljahn beat me to it

Default avatar.png AggYzz: ive only done coc

Gorbit99: Putnam3145 because it's a button press

Default avatar.png AggYzz: not explored codingame out side of that

SPDene: I sometimes don't publish - if I think what i wrote was a steaming pile of.... even if it finally worked

Gorbit99: try the practice section, it's fun

Astrobytes: Yes but they're good for improving general problem solving

Gorbit99: I always publish, if my code gets 100%

Gorbit99: if it doesn't then it's crap and I don't

Default avatar.png AggYzz: all 3 people didnt publish in this coc

Default avatar.png AggYzz: :(

Default avatar.png AggYzz: i really wanted to know

Astrobytes: Just move on

Gorbit99: if there were only 3 people in it, chances are 2 of them are bots

Default avatar.png AggYzz: bruh

Gorbit99: and bots never publish, because they just use some random solution that could be crap

SPDene: general rule of thumb: if the "location" of a player is a city, it's a bot (you can look at their profile to confirm, but location is faster)

SPDene: for real players, it shows a country, not a city

Gorbit99: after a while you'll know them by heart

Gorbit99: mostly because they are the only players you know played 2 years ago

Gorbit99: and are still playing

HieeuSPhamJ: hi

Gorbit99: hi

Tiramon: it's quite easy to identify the official clash bots

Tiramon: just look at those with more than 20k clashs are the bots

Avex: lol

Gorbit99: til, contribution validators have a 1000 character limit

Astrobytes: Gorbit99, how about a puzzle with GORBITSA?

Gorbit99: nice, you've found it

Astrobytes: I saw it on OLC a while back :)

Gorbit99: let's just say, after I've coded the thing in bf, I had my fill of it

Astrobytes: hahaha

Gorbit99: ah, you're on olc too

Astrobytes: yup

Gorbit99: this world is getting smaller by the second

eulerscheZahl: OLC?

Astrobytes: I mostly just lurk on olc tbh

Astrobytes: One Lone Coder

Gorbit99: eulerscheZahl a """"small"""" programming community, mostly for learning

jacek: delphi?


Gorbit99: I'm a mod on the discord and the owner made a joke lang about me


Gorbit99: I've coded an interpreter in brainfuck, was fun

Allis: An interpreter for?

Gorbit99: link above my message

Gorbit99: basically pseudo assembly

dbdr: I'm a poor lonesome coder, (3x) And a long ways from home.


SPDene: mv dbdr $HOME there, fixed :p

Gorbit99: you moved him to your own home 🤔

SPDene: he didn't specify WHICH home :P

dbdr: I'm a poor lonesome coder, (3x) And a long ways from $HOME.


dbdr: definitely better, thanks :)

dbdr: I knew those lyrics have potential for more, still do...

eulerscheZahl: mv dbdr ~

eulerscheZahl: that's a tilde in case you see it as a minus

dbdr: eulerscheZahl golfing..


eulerscheZahl: ugh, music

Astrobytes: :grin:


eulerscheZahl: botters of the galaxy

Astrobytes: I really don't like that game.

eulerscheZahl: which one?

Astrobytes: BotG

DomiKo: omg

eulerscheZahl: took me a while to motivate myself to even resubmit my contest bot in the multiplayer

eulerscheZahl: as new bosses were added in wood

dbdr: cp -a ../botg-referee src/

dbdr: sim done

eulerscheZahl: exceeding the 100kB limit

dbdr: yeah, had to hack down the useless parts


dbdr: my bots does have this

dbdr: *bot

eulerscheZahl: you wrote a botg bot?

dbdr: I did the contest

eulerscheZahl: the contest was before your time, you didn't have to do this

eulerscheZahl: oh

dbdr: my second I think

eulerscheZahl: right, MM was your first

dbdr: I'm not *that* much of a noob ;)

Allis: @Gorbit99 That's incredible.

eulerscheZahl: so, how did you like your first "real" CG contest made by codingame and not the community? :P

Astrobytes: Once I got through the wood leagues I was so annoyed and put off by the game I just quit it

Gorbit99: what's incredible?

eulerscheZahl: i called it a day after reaching legend

dbdr: OOC or PAC2020?

eulerscheZahl: pac

Allis: Interpreting GORBITSA in brainfuck.

eulerscheZahl: well, OOC is official too to a big part but graphics-wise it's not the usual CG quality

dbdr: I liked pac. but did not see a huge difference with the community ones

Gorbit99: well, brainfuck is quite easy with the right ide

eulerscheZahl: CG loves fog :/

dbdr: a few community had small issues during the contest, most of them not really

Gorbit99: and bfdev is the right ide

Gorbit99: what's fog?

Astrobytes: *cough*FOW*cough*

dbdr: but PAC also changed the rules in the middle

Astrobytes: ah euler dammit

dbdr: I thought OOC was quite pretty too, IIRC

eulerscheZahl: CG also changed the rules during c4l and cotc

Astrobytes: fog-of-war Gorbit99, aka hidden information in this case

Gorbit99: ahh

eulerscheZahl: the mines were drawn by illedan :D

eulerscheZahl: and the submarine was planned to be replaced

dbdr: you're right, mostly the art was beautiful for OOC

dbdr: I liked the visual effects on PAC

dbdr: *cover art of OOC I mean

Putnam3145: there's this weird bit of dopamine i get when i think i come up with a brilliant strategy and then I see that I've overfitted to the boss massively and it actually fails in practice against really basic stuff

eulerscheZahl: just look at this level of detail:

eulerscheZahl: you won't see that on community contests


Putnam3145: this is a stalemate, I'm red

Putnam3145: not actually a stalemate, though

Putnam3145: I lose cause orange got their one (1) zone 3 ticks earlier

dbdr: yes, that's the visual effect I meant I think

Putnam3145: and this is a situation my algorithm cannot account for, which I think is kinda hilarious

dbdr: didn't CG make art for community contests sometimes?

eulerscheZahl: for some they hired freelancers

eulerscheZahl: e.g. BotG

dbdr: right

Putnam3145: aaand i just figured out why

eulerscheZahl: kutulu is free graphics except for the big image used as a contest preview

Putnam3145: it's because I literally had not considered the idea that a non-owned zone might be tied

Putnam3145: even though, like, both teams have identical starting positions and all drones are identical

Putnam3145: i.e. ties are not just possible but *likely*

dbdr: even paying art cost would probably be very small compared to hiring a freelancer

dbdr: e.g. nice packs for10$, sth like that

eulerscheZahl: yeah, if you find something that fits your needs

AntiSquid: that botg freelancer art work sucked, especially the original one


Putnam3145: there we go

eulerscheZahl: right, illedan's girlfriend even modified parts of it

dbdr: or the other way: pick a pack and build a game around it ;)

Putnam3145: much better situation to be stuck on

AntiSquid: the racoons had canons coming from their body center it looked like a giant .... it looked wrong

eulerscheZahl: oh, those are racoons?

eulerscheZahl: :D

AntiSquid: raccoons * my bad misspelling

AntiSquid: ya it's meant to be the raccoon from guardians of the galaxy

eulerscheZahl: not nagging about your spelling - i don't even know how to spell it

eulerscheZahl: just saying that i didn't recognize that from the artwork

AntiSquid: no i just corrected myself

AntiSquid: we didn't know what to use as general punching bag

dbdr: I think I didn't even realized those units were animals :D

AntiSquid: and those graphics could have easier been some free stuff from the web, i even like the original placeholder graphics more

dbdr: yeah, statement calls them Unit

Astrobytes: Presumably because they're unidentifiable as raccoons :)

eulerscheZahl: haven't seen those graphics. i can only tell that code a la mode improved a lot short before the contest

AntiSquid: think it had more to do with how late we received the artwork

Astrobytes: How late?

AntiSquid: it was nearing the deadline, couldn't ask for proper changes

dbdr: to be honest, top view makes it hard to make sprites recognizable

Astrobytes: That sucks

dbdr: you mostly see the top of their head :D

Astrobytes: true dbdr

Default avatar.png JBM: which raccoons?

eulerscheZahl: minions

eulerscheZahl: BotG

dbdr: that summoning

Default avatar.png JBM: oh ok

Default avatar.png JBM: didn't exactly play that one

Default avatar.png JBM: iirc, i think there's two i always mix up

Default avatar.png JBM: double hulk?

dbdr: right, I think my code calls them minions. liked the name :)

dbdr: yes

Default avatar.png JBM: ok, yup, didn't really do that one

AntiSquid: here a few top down artwork : imo they look a lot better

dbdr: very big though

Putnam3145: i literally can't believe this

AntiSquid: and actually i wanted sideway view ...

Putnam3145: i made a change to my AI that makes it look *really* stupid

Putnam3145: but

Putnam3145: the precise type of stupidity it exhibits seems to confuse other bots

Putnam3145: so this game, which I was losing before, now ends with a win by me

Putnam3145: to be exact it vacillates really, really hard

Putnam3145: turn-to-turn it goes "i'll go here wait no it needs to be here wait no it needs to be here wait no"

Putnam3145: so it just goes back and forth in and out of a single zone

Putnam3145: but what this means is that it......

Putnam3145: actually, that's

Putnam3145: a super good idea

dbdr: Putnam3145: the results of a single game tells you very little, unless you have a huge mistake

Putnam3145: yeah

AntiSquid: what do you mean by "the bot vacillates" ?

AntiSquid: is it random ?

Putnam3145: no, it just changes its target zone every single tick

Putnam3145: back and forth betwene two

AntiSquid: ah

Putnam3145: cause of the way I wrote the priorities system

Putnam3145: be exact, I didn't differentiate between an enemy zone with 0 contesting drones and one of my own zones with 0 contesting drones

Putnam3145: that's the source of this bug

Putnam3145: well that's fixable

AntiSquid: anyway i think BotG cover artwork is still #1

dbdr: botg was fun

BrokenValentine: 허접ㅋ

AntiSquid: anyong hasseyo

AntiSquid: wait are you being mean BrokenValentine ? @_@

Default avatar.png [tom]: hi

Gorbit99: hi

Default avatar.png _-: hi I have a question. More than one questions actually. What are the workflows you use? Is having a certain kind of tools help? For example type of the keyboard? Or else do they not that matter much?

Putnam3145: i only think about my keyboard when it's broken

Gorbit99: they matter only as long as you're used to it

Putnam3145: so my advice is to use a keyboard that you never notice

Gorbit99: workflows are per person things

Putnam3145: really in general that's what I'd say

Putnam3145: the less you notice your environment while programming, the better

Putnam3145: allows you to "flow state" better

Gorbit99: that's why I'm annoyed by vim mode not working on my preset

Default avatar.png _-: I tried to use the extension but that was not that successful

Gorbit99: the extension is for competitions basically

Default avatar.png _-: Switching back and forth is time consuming

Default avatar.png _-: Yeah right

Astrobytes: vim mode in the CG IDE doesn't work?

Default avatar.png _-: It works

Gorbit99: since the new editor, I didn't even consider using an outside editor

Allis: Not with Vimium enabled for Vim-like everywhere else.

Gorbit99: Astrobytes what keyboard layout do you have?

Astrobytes: UK

Gorbit99: altgr key?

Astrobytes: yep

Default avatar.png _-: Why would you want to use altgr?

Astrobytes: to type this: €

Gorbit99: then my issue is that altgr is probably detected as a normal key

Gorbit99: in hungarian there are a lot of accented letters, and they got the places of the syntax characters

Gorbit99: therefore {}[]<>@&;* is all altgr bound

Astrobytes: Ah OK, I see

Gorbit99: basically the issue is that I can't do f[ for example

Gorbit99: because the second I press altgr, the f goes away

Astrobytes: Have you checked with any other hungarian guys on here to see if they've got the same issue?

Default avatar.png _-: Maybe try a different browser?

Gorbit99: I'm using chrome

Gorbit99: if it doesn't work on chrome, there are other issues

Astrobytes: Shouldn't be a browser issue

Default avatar.png _-: I can type ඳ here it's a altgr bound letter

Gorbit99: the two possibilites are an editor bug or an arch bug

Gorbit99: I can't realistically imagine anything else

Astrobytes: Editor most probably

Default avatar.png _-: Yeah editor most probably

Gorbit99: if you have an altgr key, you can try it

Default avatar.png _-: Let me try

Gorbit99: just type in f, and then altgr

Gorbit99: if it goes away, you have the same bug

Gorbit99: strangely enough, keycombos with it work

Gorbit99: but not in commands

Default avatar.png _-: ෂ ජ්බබ

Default avatar.png _-: I can

Gorbit99: the issue isn't that you can't type altgr characters here

Default avatar.png _-: (in vim insert mode)

Gorbit99: the issue is that you can't use altgr inside a command in vim

Gorbit99: so normal mode -> f<altgr> cancels f

Gorbit99: instead of waiting for the modified key

Default avatar.png _-: me no issue

Astrobytes: works for me

Astrobytes: That must be profoundly annoying

Default avatar.png JBM: many things are profoundly annoying in the web editor

Default avatar.png JBM: i couldn't dream of seriously clashing with it anymore

Astrobytes: That bad?

Default avatar.png JBM: well it wasn't really too good with the formr one

Default avatar.png JBM: autocompetion got in the way more than it used to help

Default avatar.png JBM: nowadays it's the "auto-enclose" behavior of quotes, various parens, that get me angry first

Allis: You can use a bit of user CSS to disable it.

Default avatar.png _-: I don't like the tooltips

Default avatar.png JBM: yeah, there are always workarounds

Astrobytes: You can disable auto-close quotes/brackets

Default avatar.png JBM: but having to beat 25 mini-quests before being allowed to have fun playing kills the fun from the start

Default avatar.png JBM: configurability isn't a solution to bad defaults

FinnWerner: h i

Astrobytes: Fair point

FinnWerner: can somebody help me by mars lander 2?

FinnWerner: :grin:

FinnWerner: in java

Default avatar.png DarkLord24: can you guys help me on coders strikes back

Astrobytes: You'll get a better response if you state your issues specifically

Default avatar.png JBM: can you guys help me reach 2% in optimization leaderboard?

LeBaoHoang8A4: HAHA

Default avatar.png _-: too specific _!_

LeBaoHoang8A4: :thumbsup_tone4:

Astrobytes: Can someone get me a coffee?

LeBaoHoang8A4: ask for you cat!

Astrobytes: She's asleep

LeBaoHoang8A4: SORRY, but

Allis: The captcha just forced me to identify a mailbox as a parking meter. AI takeover is miles out.

Gorbit99: if it works for both of you, then I need more testing Astrobytes JBM

Gorbit99: dbdr what keyboard do you use?

dbdr: Gorbit99: what do you mean?

dbdr: kayboard layout?

dbdr: US International

dbdr: very good for programming I think

eulerscheZahl: AltrGr works fine for me. But never tried in Vim mode

Gorbit99: bummer

eulerscheZahl: vim mode activated, AltGr still working

Gorbit99: my issue is pressing altgr after f for example

eulerscheZahl: German keyboard layout. We also need AltGr for []{}

Gorbit99: yep

eulerscheZahl: works just fine

Gorbit99: huh

dbdr: that's why it's a bad layout ;)

Default avatar.png JBM: just write clojure

Gorbit99: I still need my accented characters

dbdr: áéè

Gorbit99: now őű

Gorbit99: I assume international has them

dbdr: αβγ

Gorbit99: but then those get complex

Gorbit99: and they are more common than []{}

eulerscheZahl: writing my thesis in LaTeX was a pain. \frac{...} stuff

dbdr: alt+e = é

eulerscheZahl: \{} all need altgr

dbdr: I use [] more often than é :)

dbdr: but both are easy

Gorbit99: this could be a problem on my side

eulerscheZahl: and if i switch to another layout, i'll struggle with the office keyboard

eulerscheZahl: disable all extensions

Gorbit99: I'll just go into incognito

dbdr: you can change the layout on your office one too

dbdr: or practice with,300_.jpg ;)

eulerscheZahl: but i hate it when the printed label doesn't match the functionality

eulerscheZahl: :rolling_eyes:

tomatoes: has that kb :slight_smile:

eulerscheZahl: but saw that thing too on getdigital (ordered a few tshirts from there)

dbdr: nice

dbdr: tomatoes

Gorbit99: doesn't work without extensions either

Gorbit99: what does this return for altgr for you?

Gorbit99: mine's altgraph 2 225 AltRight

Astrobytes: altgraph 2 18 AltRight

Gorbit99: 18?

Gorbit99: that's...odd

Default avatar.png habatu:

dbdr: 225

eulerscheZahl: 225 too

eulerscheZahl: wasn't even aware that there is a website for this. i'm always using xev

Gorbit99: shortest or reverse?

Gorbit99: in C++ or pascal?

Gorbit99: someone really likes to suffer, huh

Default avatar.png habatu: all

dbdr: eulerscheZahl that's not the same

dbdr: what x is getting and what the browser is getting

dbdr: there are so many layers

eulerscheZahl: good point

eulerscheZahl: 18 is the normal ALT key btw

Astrobytes: I get the same number for both sides, just different sides

Gorbit99: xev gives me iso_level3_shift

Gorbit99: yep, that's altgr

Gorbit99: what editor does cg use?

eulerscheZahl: monaco

Gorbit99: maybe there's an answer if I search for that

Psio: Is there a bug with CoC, i always get CodeSize today

Psio: ?

Gorbit99: no, you're just lucky/unlucky

Gorbit99: we can swap, I'd like to get that

Psio: :D

Gorbit99: monaco doesn't seem to have built in vim

Default avatar.png JBM: the option's still there

Astrobytes: From discord (for our non-discordians) they use this:

Gorbit99: yep, quickly downloaded it and it seems there's the bug

eulerscheZahl: patch it, make a PR

eulerscheZahl: and then get CG to merge that into their system

Gorbit99: I'm terrible at js, but at least I have something to do

eulerscheZahl: exactly my thoughts when i realized that the CG SDK generates too large replays for my purposes

eulerscheZahl: well, at first i thought i'll put a struct on this :sob:

Default avatar.png JBM: where's a good old struct when you need one

eulerscheZahl: he was working on it for 2 weeks maybe

eulerscheZahl: made some progress but never committed the code


Default avatar.png A_Typical_Player_14: man

AntiSquid: no clash invites please @_@

Default avatar.png habatu:

AntiSquid: not in main chat at least

eulerscheZahl: :D

Astrobytes: lol, squid on fire!

eulerscheZahl: i saw the 2nd kick coming

AntiSquid: i prefer not to, but see this too often happening

AntiSquid: if everyone floods with those links ........

eulerscheZahl: maybe because the CoC page tells you to share this link to get more players?

eulerscheZahl: just guessing, i'm not sure about this

AntiSquid: there should be a designated chat-room for the clash fans for crying out loud

AntiSquid: #clash

AntiSquid: or something

eulerscheZahl: there is

Astrobytes: that's a channel

eulerscheZahl: with a bot sharing links

Astrobytes: that remi guy wrote a bot

AntiSquid: so that's the clasher's paradise, why don't they use that chat

Astrobytes: Gathers twitch clashes

eulerscheZahl: because lost of clashers are probably new to CG when they share links here

eulerscheZahl: they share a link and get kicked by AntiSquid

eulerscheZahl: then the next new user enters the game

Astrobytes: Yeah, and just assume that general chat is where they're supposed to share the link

eulerscheZahl: they don't know about #clash

AntiSquid: yeah ok but the 2nd guy at least could have refrained

Astrobytes: I guess a lot of users don't know about #clash, not just new ones

eulerscheZahl: at least it was fun to wath :popcorn:

eulerscheZahl: even if i felt a little sorry for those he kicked

AntiSquid: ya it was difficult to kick an anime avatar :(

Astrobytes: :smirk:

AntiSquid: the more cultured user

eulerscheZahl: and a japanese user. those rarely even enter the english chat

eulerscheZahl: and tweet about getting mentioned here :D

Astrobytes: JP Twitter will be rocked by the news that a user was kicked from general

Astrobytes: AntiSquid's name will be tarnished forever

Default avatar.png habatu: hello

Gorbit99: hi

AntiSquid: hi

Astrobytes: hi

eulerscheZahl: that's the one you kicked Antolyt

eulerscheZahl: AntiSquid

eulerscheZahl: bad tab completino :/

Gorbit99: random guy getting tagged

Astrobytes: Completino eh?

AntiSquid: :D

AntiSquid: euler sounds like a memer now

eulerscheZahl: italian toad

Astrobytes: Toadarino

Putnam3145: ...

eulerscheZahl: i'll order a pizza at your restaurant gastrobytes

Putnam3145: i just improved my performance massively

Astrobytes: O Toade Mioooo

Putnam3145: i mean unbelievably hugely

Putnam3145: by replacing an array with a linked list

Putnam3145: other way 'round

Putnam3145: i mean

Putnam3145: that's it i've joined the linked list hate club

Astrobytes: Yeah, I've used Gastrobytes before, quite enjoy that one

AntiSquid: why do you hate linked lists?

eulerscheZahl: oh, i missed that thought i had a new idea to make fun of your nick :/

AntiSquid: which language are you using Putnam3145

eulerscheZahl: anyway g2g

Putnam3145: D, which probably does bad memory management during linked list stuff, yes

Gorbit99: linked lists are always never the answer

Putnam3145: the question here was

Gorbit99: almost always*

AntiSquid: oh a fellow D user

Putnam3145: "which data structure should i use when I want fast insertion and deletion"

Putnam3145: however

Putnam3145: HOWEVER.

Putnam3145: I forgot that order does not matter

AntiSquid: didn't spend that much time in it but i imagine the D forum would help ?

Putnam3145: since order doesn't matter, I want an array


Putnam3145: cause insertion and deletion in arrays is still O(1), as long as you do both from the back

Putnam3145: and you can reserve all the memory for the array up-front

Putnam3145: anyway one of the tests when from 30 ms to 287 microseconds

Putnam3145: 30 ms to 0.287

Putnam3145: that's so bad!

AntiSquid: but maybe you want the flexibility of connecting / reconnecting stuff Xcalibre

Gorbit99: cache is an important thing you see

Putnam3145: frigging locality, man

Xcalibre: vector is very chache-friendly

Xcalibre: cache*

Putnam3145: when you forget about cache misses, you have performed a cache miss on your own productivity

AntiSquid: which puzzle are you using D for Putnam3145 ?

Shakib.M83: Hi guys

Default avatar.png Sergen: Shortest mode in CoC is a stupid idea.

Default avatar.png JBM: CoC is a stupid ida

Default avatar.png Sergen: lines of code does not matter whatsover and the it promotes bad practices

Putnam3145: Surface

Astrobytes: It's just for 'fun' Sergen

Putnam3145: also shortest mode is like a game

Default avatar.png JBM: good thing it doesn't judge on loc then

Putnam3145: lines of code doesn't matter and silly one-liners are bad, yeah

Default avatar.png Sergen: you can have both fun and useful

Putnam3145: fastest isn't useful either

Default avatar.png Sergen: Timing matters in an interview

Putnam3145: reverse mode is, to an extent

Astrobytes: Fun and useful is puzzles and bot programming, CoC is just for 'fun'

Default avatar.png JBM: timing matters in more than just interviews

Gorbit99: problem with timing is the languages

Gorbit99: you can't expect someone to write the same eficiency code with different languages

Default avatar.png JBM: how would that be a problem?

Gorbit99: if you read the coc faq, it says, that it's perfect to put on during your break and grind out a quick 5 minute clash where you can ignore code style

Putnam3145: yeah it's not really a problem

Putnam3145: CoC rewards, like

Putnam3145: being comfortable with one language, but being flexible enough to know others

Gorbit99: usually knowing ruby very well is enough :P

Putnam3145: yes, true

Putnam3145: in my experience D lets me get get a lot of the stuff faster, but that's mostly because I have the range library mostly committed to memory

Gorbit99: ruby ranges are just 1..n

Gorbit99: that's what you get

Putnam3145: i mean D has the exact same thing but I mean, like

Putnam3145: .cycle, which turns whatever range you got into an infinitely cycling range, which, to be fair, is mostly good for the exact same stuff ruby has slide(n) for

Putnam3145: .retro, which gives you a reversed view into the given (bidirectional) range

Putnam3145: stuff like that

Gorbit99: ah

Gorbit99: sounds nice

Astrobytes: At least now there's a few serious D users on CG it's less of a meme

AntiSquid: who are they ? aside from putnam

Astrobytes: You

Astrobytes: That's 2, so, a few

AntiSquid: ah i am waiting for next contest to get serious lol :D

AntiSquid: i mean with applying D

AntiSquid: so far i just followed some tutorials for D at most

Astrobytes: Seems useful enough

Astrobytes: I'm doing some Go atm

AntiSquid: keep forgetting, what is Go useful for specifically?

Astrobytes: Donno

Astrobytes: :)

Astrobytes: Isn't it good with concurrency?

Astrobytes: Think that's it

AntiSquid: i think there was a different motivation for creating it

Default avatar.png JBM: that and smugness

AntiSquid: Go performance is as good as C for the vast majority of work, and generally much faster than other languages known for speed of development (e.g., JavaScript, Python, and Ruby). Portability. Executables created with the Go toolchain can stand alone, with no default external dependencies.

Astrobytes: I was golfing it the other day and thought I'd do some more puzzles in it.

AntiSquid: im sorry, me? JBM?

AntiSquid: if you mean me having an avatar unlike you, sure, but it's justified

Default avatar.png JBM: naaaaw, just the community

AntiSquid: ah it's a google language right now i remember wasn't sure

AntiSquid: Golang emerged as an alternative to C++ and Java for the app developers in the context of what Google needed for its network servers and distributed systems. The language was created to do away with the lack of pace and difficulties involved with programming for large and scalable servers and software systems.

AntiSquid: so basically like react thingy

Default avatar.png JBM: i distinctly recall "fast compilations" as being a design point

jacek: still waiting for chesslang

Astrobytes: Presumably they didn't want to call it ogle so went with Go instead

AntiSquid: and a hamster .

Default avatar.png JBM: jacek: why wait?

AntiSquid: the hamster looks blue from all the nasty food pellets intruding its privacy

Astrobytes: It's a gopher

AntiSquid: is Go really as fast as C++ ?

Astrobytes: 100 x faster

Astrobytes: But seriously, I've not benchmarked it

SonicFox: do u like Dart?

Xcalibre: here's a link:

Astrobytes: Never used Dart properly so couldn't comment tbh

Default avatar.png JBM: dart was go smugness^10

Default avatar.png JBM: i'll never forget that guy who came present it

Default avatar.png JBM: overconfidence had a new master

SonicFox: i think it's actually good

Gorbit99: so brainfuck support when?

Gorbit99: I hate using a different language to interpret it, makes it quite slow and tedious

AntiSquid: i think it's planned to be released same time as white space lang support

Astrobytes: And GORBITSA

AntiSquid: not likely

tomatoes: write bf interpreter and use it 👀

Gorbit99: there just so happens to be a new challenge about making a bf interpreter

AntiSquid: bf interpreter in CG ide


tomatoes: but it kinda opposite 🤔

Allis: I think they meant this one:

jrke: where can i find refree of fantastic bits

Gorbit99: not this?

jrke: thanks

DomiKo: jrke are you writing sim?

jrke: will start writing tomorrow

DomiKo: i'm writing since yesterday

DomiKo: so much fun....

jrke: k

jrke: i didn't understand movements

jrke: did you understand it?

DomiKo: i guess

FLQ4: who is grinding CoC here

Putnam3145: i have done so in the last day yes

FLQ4: grinding is sorta good because it improves skill

eulerscheZahl: DomiKo imagine the fun at fantastic bits during the contest. the referee wasn't public

Default avatar.png Qwerty_1331: eyo

eulerscheZahl: only a few players even managed to reverse it. so it was a heuristics festival

inoryy: AntiSquid some languages can reach C++ speed within some margin with clever tricks, but I don't think Go does aside from a couple of synthetic tests

Astrobytes: Have you used it much inoryy? (Go that is)

inoryy: briefly (not at work)

dbdr: why would tricks be needed to be as fast as C++? ;)

Default avatar.png JBM: funny how C++ is now the target

Default avatar.png JBM: reminds me of

dbdr: true

dbdr: or C before that

dbdr: C is too high level, you can never reach the performance of asm

Default avatar.png JBM: asm had different slogans

Drihnking: ok

dbdr: like?

Default avatar.png JBM: my memory is something like

Default avatar.png JBM: 80s: too slow? write it in asm

Default avatar.png JBM: 90s: too slow? compilers generate code 5 to 10% than hand-asm

Default avatar.png JBM: 00s: hand asm is on par with c

Default avatar.png JBM: 10s: don't bother trying to catch up with the compiler

Default avatar.png JBM: seems like 20s are in "oh but AVX" mode

dbdr: what about AVX?

Astrobytes: 20s: a s what?

Default avatar.png JBM: specialized avx-asm has to be considered again, compilers seem to have a hard time with it

dbdr: right

Default avatar.png JBM: heck, even I'm still not sure what to make of it

dbdr: there are many optimizations that C/C++ compilers cannot do, because they can't prove that some pointers don't alias

dbdr: I think it's one of the reasons fortran can be faster than C

Default avatar.png JBM: it's like crazy throughput for 5 ns, then it overheats?

Default avatar.png JBM: it's the major one yes

Default avatar.png JBM: you canplay with restrict in C for some time now

dbdr: and potential for rust too, but unfortunately LLVM does not implement that well yet

inoryy: bit early to pronounce what 20s is about

Default avatar.png JBM: CMUCL/SBCL also has a great reputation for numerics

Default avatar.png JBM: yeah make that the last few years :D

dbdr: time accelerates ;)

Default avatar.png JBM: sure does

dbdr: the 10s, the 20s, the 21s, ...

Default avatar.png JBM: so fast ir's depressing

Default avatar.png JBM: *it

dbdr: that's exponentials for us

inoryy: next year will be 20v2, we'll just roll back this one

dbdr: git revert 2020

Default avatar.png JBM: your working copy has modified files

dbdr: git checkout .

dbdr: nothing too important

eulerscheZahl: git reset --hard HEAD

Default avatar.png JBM: yeah i usually do that

Default avatar.png JBM: (without specifying HEAD)

jacek: git commit -m suicide

Default avatar.png JBM: :(

eulerscheZahl: git push -f

Default avatar.png JBM: you're pushing it

Astrobytes: What if it pushes back? :thinking:

eulerscheZahl: hm, lets push it to a new branch then

inoryy: git checkout --orphan b && git branch -D master && git branch -m master && git push -f

Default avatar.png JBM: git push :master; rm -rf .

dbdr: git reset --hard HEAD~$RANDOM # live dangerously

eulerscheZahl: i see your russian friend is still posting walls of text

Astrobytes: Is it Cyber back from the 'dead'?

inoryy: probably, I quit the channel

eulerscheZahl: wait a week or 2. then uljahn should have full mod powers

Uljahn: :muscle:

eulerscheZahl: :boom:

Default avatar.png JBM: there's a trial period for that? :)

Astrobytes: :hammer:

eulerscheZahl: nah, something went wrong

eulerscheZahl: we are mods on world and fr

eulerscheZahl: not on ru or de

Uljahn: :upside_down:

jacek: rude

Default avatar.png JBM: lol

eulerscheZahl: we are also mods on #thisRandomChannelIJustMadeUp

Default avatar.png JBM: those are civilized places, no need for them

Astrobytes: Is de still alive?

eulerscheZahl: rarely

Default avatar.png JBM: always has "been"

eulerscheZahl: let's wait for the next contest, then there will be a little activity

eulerscheZahl: right now i can go back 2 weeks in #de chat history

Astrobytes: lol

eulerscheZahl: vs 20 or 30min here i guess

Astrobytes: Not always

eulerscheZahl: true. sometimes i still see what i wrote the evening before

eulerscheZahl: but definitely not 2 weeks

Astrobytes: Yup. Been a wee bit more lively recently mind you

Astrobytes: And the quest map seems to have encouraged a lot of people

eulerscheZahl: and i took off for 2 weeks \o/

Astrobytes: You're currently in mid-air?

jacek: wouldnt want to save for the contest?

eulerscheZahl: :P

eulerscheZahl: i still have some holidays left

eulerscheZahl: and i wanted to finish my own game

dbdr: does a kick apply per chan, or globally?

inoryy: per chan

Astrobytes: per channel

Astrobytes: Same for ban

eulerscheZahl: inoryy your message on de makes no sense to me. grammar is fine but i don't get the meaning of it

Default avatar.png JBM: the darkness outside substitutes for a tv

dbdr: inorry's german must be too refined for you

eulerscheZahl: Dark isn't even a word, so I parsed it as a name

inoryy: lol

Default avatar.png JBM: but it's germanic, so it must have the aame words as english

inoryy: Dark is this TV series

Default avatar.png JBM: isn;t that how this works?

Astrobytes: I haven't watched Dark yet

Astrobytes: Apparently very good

inoryy: wanted to say that "Dark is the best TV series out there"

inoryy: (it's German)

Default avatar.png JBM: oh *that* out there

eulerscheZahl: ah. draußen = outside

inoryy: lol

dbdr: yeah, literal translation D

Default avatar.png JBM: bing translate much

inoryy: yes... bing

dbdr: there is also a word missing for "series"

eulerscheZahl: but thumbs up for your effort to revive the channel

Astrobytes: You know, bing in Scottish means a heap of waste (from a mine or such)

Astrobytes: "a heap, especially of metallic ore or of waste from a mine"

Astrobytes: Very apt for Bing I've found

eulerscheZahl: nothing worth harvesting at UTG

Default avatar.png JBM: bing's always chandler to me

Astrobytes: Always found that and Crosby amusing.

Astrobytes: Heap of Waste Crosby has a ring to it though

jacek: B crosby?

Astrobytes: Bing Crosby

jacek: bang?

dbdr: god, I even wrote "I kennte das" :D

dbdr: second time

dbdr: I swear I pronounced it "Ich" in my head

dbdr: same as rightig :D

Astrobytes: kennte is 'knew'? 'kent' round my region means knew, ken means know

dbdr: at least I think it is ;)

dbdr: interesting. what is your region?

dbdr: sounds like a mix of english and german. which makes sense of course

Astrobytes: Central Scotland. Also used in other regions to an extent

dbdr: you didn't learn german?

dbdr: it's probably easier than french for english speakers

dbdr: though there are many words of latin/french origin in english as well, but I think the germanic side often dominates

Astrobytes: Only a little at school, regrettably. Also, we say "hoose" and "hame" for "house" and "home", which is equivalent to the Swedish "hus" and "Hem"

jacek: schmetterling!

tomatoes: best editor

Astrobytes: Scots dialect that is, the English don't speak like that in the slightest

jacek: theyre not nearly as drunk

eulerscheZahl: kennte is 'knew'?

should be "kannte", irregular past tense

Astrobytes: That's rich coming from a Pole! :P

Astrobytes: thx for the clarification euler

dbdr: Danke, Lehrer ;)


Astrobytes: hahaha

Astrobytes: I can imagine that turning into a right old Kuddelmuddel

dbdr: what's that?

Astrobytes: unstructured mess/chaos

jacek: kogel mogel?

Astrobytes: Just came across it

Astrobytes: That's some Polish food jacek, no?

dbdr: kagel magus?


eulerscheZahl: i'm all for replacing "th" by "z" :D or "f"

jacek: and here goes NN success in another game

Astrobytes: which?

jacek: breakthrough

Astrobytes: Nice. Same techniques?

jacek: yes, NN as eval

jacek: though learning was exclusively supervised from the standard eval bot

jacek: temporal difference learning and the like so far completely fail in breakthrough

Astrobytes: Pretty sure TDL has been used successfully in Breakthrough

jacek: well there is paper when they learned 3x3, 4x4 tuples and put for their mcts eval but it was a bit weaker than their original bot

Astrobytes: OK, perhaps that's the one I've seen


Astrobytes: yeah that's it

jacek: i got quite good results with ntuples for breakthrough, like 90% winrate vs my bot in 1-ply

jacek: but dunno, maybe it was overfitted, but more plies were meh

jacek: there is new kink in chess community, NNUE. generally NN as eval, but quite fast because NN is incrementally update

jacek: they made stockfish NNUE and its already getting like +100 elo stronger now

Astrobytes: I was just gonna mention Stockfish, I saw that

jacek: funny thing they use very similar learning methods as I do now

jacek: get gazillion positions, let the engine analyze to some depth, and let the NN learn those evaluations

Astrobytes: Try this on Atari Go

jacek: i need to make sim first

jacek: do you use bitboard already?

Astrobytes: I've not even written a sim yet

Hjax: oh are we bored of othello already?

jacek: dbdr ruined the fun :(

Hjax: unbeatable, solved the game lol

Astrobytes: I'll get back to it soon

Astrobytes: hi btw Hjax

Hjax: i never ended up writing ntuples

Hjax: my motivation goes in and out

Astrobytes: Didn't see you around much recently

Hjax: yeah, i do that

Hjax: get interested in something, work on it for a few weeks, get bored, find something else to do

Astrobytes: All good, I know how that one goes

jacek: so do i, though sometimes its more than few weeks

jacek: right now im at this phase on machine learning, i again consider buy new ryzen with gazillion cores

Hjax: ill buy a bazillion core ryzen when the 4000 series desktop chips come out

jacek: and when would that be

inoryy: cheaper to go with cloud

Hjax: hopefully this fall

Astrobytes: Those the Zen 3 ones?

jacek: zen 4

Hjax: no, zen 3

Hjax: 4000 is zen 3

jacek: eh the naming

Hjax: because 1000 was zen, 2000 was zen+, and 3000 was zen2

Hjax: tech companies suck at naming things

inoryy: zen and zen+ are two generations but on the same platform

jacek: hopefully intel will respond to that. dont wanna another cpu stagnation

Hjax: intel just delayed 7nm again

Hjax: so its not looking good for them

Hjax: amd is going to be on 5 nm when intel is on 14

jacek: inoryy do you work for cloud company?

Astrobytes: ...

jacek: does he?

Astrobytes: Google DeepMind

jacek: so... yes?

Astrobytes: Last I checked he wasn't working at the cloud services sales desk

dbdr: though he was advertising for them ;)

Astrobytes: Always does :D

Hjax: he didnt say which cloud, time to use azure :P

eulerscheZahl: is "use the cloud" the new "5 lines of Ruby ezpz"?

Astrobytes: It is now!

dbdr: five lines of cloud sounds more poetic to me

Default avatar.png JBM: with a silver lining

Hjax: one line of python ezpz

Hjax: import cloud

Astrobytes: Use the cloud, Lucy

dbdr: ^

dbdr: <>

Default avatar.png JBM: whoa calm down on #de there

dbdr: the diamond operator

Default avatar.png JBM: you're gonna overflow the log

Astrobytes: lol dbdr

Default avatar.png JBM: ^^^^^^B^^^^^

Default avatar.png JBM: (The famous bee in the caret patch)

Astrobytes: dear god

dbdr: yeah, you had to explain that one :D

Default avatar.png JBM: innit

PAINANDSUFFERING: Jbm what's this then? <;-'>

Astrobytes: PAINANDSUFFERING - ?! Better than EEEEEEEEtc I suppose

Astrobytes: PaS isn't as good as MCU though

jacek: marvel cinamtic universe?

Scarfield: Maliously Cryptic Username

jacek: My Cittle Uony

Astrobytes: Minimum coded unit

Astrobytes: My Coat Undulates

Scarfield: how to reverse your coat back to normal then - unundulate it :thinking:

jacek: taoc

Default avatar.png JBM: motorised combat unit

Astrobytes: Un-undulating would mean I stays still?

Astrobytes: *it

Scarfield: lol did know undulating was actually i word, and nice one JBMCU


PAINANDSUFFERING: Thx for the suggestion scarfield

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: hehe

Scarfield: np

Scarfield: undulat = budgerigar in danish

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: o.O

Astrobytes: Is that because of the shape or the way it flies Budgiefield?

Scarfield: xD

Astrobytes: Serious question!

Scarfield: undulatus, from Latin unda ‘a wave’.

Astrobytes: oh, undulatus, I'm no ornithologist

Astrobytes: So I was correct. And yes, I looked it up

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: e

Astrobytes: Stop that 'e' nonsense

Scarfield: apparently its because of the pattern of its feathers

Astrobytes: Interesting

Astrobytes: Yeah, I can see thaty

Astrobytes: *that

Astrobytes: Like the restless sea viewed from above

Astrobytes: How poetic

Scarfield: poetisch

eulerscheZahl: Stop that 'e' nonsense

does that apply for me too? :(

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: ulrschZahl

Astrobytes: no, that's good e


Scarfield: switched name, so you are actually writing weird stuff in chat, at least for people who have joined since the name changing :D

Astrobytes: oh ok, meh

Astrobytes: Is this the face of concern?

eulerscheZahl: i can still tab-complete PAINANDSUFFERING

eulerscheZahl: mali... doesn't work

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: MaliciouslyCrypticUsername

MaliciouslyCrypticUsername: Works for me

Astrobytes: MaliciouslyCrypticUsername

Scarfield: ze CG works in mysterious ways

Astrobytes: I refreshesd

Astrobytes: Or refreshed

eulerscheZahl: was just wondering if it auto-updates now. as i can see a list of all participants and not just actively typing ones

eulerscheZahl: which already caused a few failed tab completions and unjustified pings

eulerscheZahl: i didn't even know that so many people are online at once

Astrobytes: btw MaliciouslyCrypticUsername, PANDAFIEDSURFING would've been a nice alternative name

Scarfield: xD


Astrobytes: I did that by hand

Astrobytes: Grenadian puffins tho

Astrobytes: "fears funding pain" <-- the winner

eulerscheZahl: fair feuds panning

Astrobytes: spear finding faun

Scarfield: bah, spent a few hours today trying to figure out why my mars lander GA wont work, managed to ignore chat for most of the time, but i give up for today, firing sap unfaded

Astrobytes: Spear finding faun is not on the list!

Astrobytes: Ask DomiKo Scarfield :D

Scarfield: xD

Scarfield: faun fries padding

Scarfield: "Spear finding faun" lacks a "d" for one

Astrobytes: oh my original one had 2 d's

Astrobytes: PAINANDSUFFERING does not

Scarfield: i was using PANDAFIEDSURFING

Astrobytes: so PANDAFIEDSURFING is wrong

Scarfield: hmm has euler started using dbdrs ways of distracting with chat :p

Astrobytes: meh, I'm just as unfocused as I was before

jacek: whats dbdr ways?

Scarfield: using chat to distract, and thereby gain an even further lead

Scarfield: neinCek ways are making pony references

jacek: :E

Default avatar.png Schwase: theres an issue with the discussion page for kaprekars routine puzzle

Default avatar.png JBM: too many pointless comments?

Astrobytes: Or doesn't exist?

Astrobytes: Strange

Default avatar.png Schwase: its unreachable

Default avatar.png Schwase:

Default avatar.png Schwase:

Astrobytes: Schwase

Astrobytes: Will report the error on discord

jacek: or celestia

Default avatar.png JBM: the official bugtracker

Astrobytes: yeah innit :/

jacek: innit?

Default avatar.png JBM: innit.

Default avatar.png Schwase: oh they duplicated the domain

Default avatar.png Schwase: innit indeed

jacek: whats innit x_X

Default avatar.png JBM: why don't you open it to find out?

Astrobytes: UK slang for "isn't it"

Astrobytes: innit

Astrobytes: bruv

Astrobytes: get me

jacek: so its like eeyup?

Astrobytes: No

Putnam3145: you'd use it in almost the exact situations you'd use "isn't it"

Putnam3145: if you were to use that as conversational filler

Astrobytes: Kinda used like eeyup actually now I think on it, depending on situation

Astrobytes: (and location - very much a London ting y'get me)

Allis: We say "innit" in the southern US.

Astrobytes: Form of "ain't it"?

Allis: I suppose so.

Allis: it's closer to "idnit" in many places, so maybe not.

Astrobytes: we've got "isn't it", "in't it" , "ain't it" and "innit" so not far off

Astrobytes: Anyway, I'm out. Catch you all tomorrow no doubt

Default avatar.png JBM: no doubt, innit

AntiSquid: some people actually say "init?" :D

AntiSquid: nvm i am too late to the party, how are you Automaton2000 where is everyone gone

Automaton2000: i got the code to solve the puzzle

Default avatar.png RedFox0x20: o/

Default avatar.png AggYzz: what is a validtor when contributing?

Gorbit99: the testcases the users won't see AggYzz

Gorbit99: or solvers rather

Gorbit99: they should be similar to their test counterpart, but distinct enough as to get rid of hardcoding

Default avatar.png bpeter: :flag_ao:

Dlx: why is it sometimes allowed to start a clash quickly, and sometimes not???

Dlx: it possible to select not to have "shortest" as one of the random puzzles in clash?

st1nn: @Dix I think it depends if you are the "host"/creator of the clash, i.e. the first in the lobby.

Default avatar.png PYMASTER: aaff

Dlx: ah, st1nn, that is strange, I would think it was if all agreed, then it would start early ;p

st1nn: ok, that's how I thought it works anyway. not sure.

Allis: Clashes start when the "host" chooses to launch prematurely or as soon as there are eight players, whichever comes first.

Allis: With one minor stipulation: if there are fewer than 4 seconds left before launch and a new player joins, the timer goes back to 4.

Default avatar.png _-: On vi mode '<,'>s/x/y/g changes not just the selected region but the whole document.