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Default avatar.png NguyenManhCuong: yo

Default avatar.png slowest: yo

jrke: What to do in X egg problem hard puzzle


eulerscheZahl: you drop eggs

**eulerscheZahl approved this puzzle

eulerscheZahl: in the initial suggestion you always had 3 eggs

Gorbit99: there's a great video about this on youtube bt

Gorbit99: w

JackBashford: codingame while English class very p0g

Putnam3145: why is it that i'm not very good at shortest clashes, anyway

Putnam3145: apparently i've only won two of them

Putnam3145: hmm

Putnam3145: ...and then win another one right as i complain

Putnam3145: the correct lesson to be learned is never complain

jacek: or always complain

jacek: to get the results

Putnam3145: oh, man, the next challenge is reach top 1000?

Putnam3145: oh, i'm already 1,146th

Gorbit99: shortest is one of those things you get better at over time

Gorbit99: it also depends a lot on your preferred language

Allis: Ruby is practically cheating when it comes to golf. :innocent:

Putnam3145: agreed

Gorbit99: "cheating"

Putnam3145: optimal, yes

eulerscheZahl: everyone has the possibility to use ruby, so it's not cheating

Gorbit99: takes a freaking ton of time to learn all the tricks

eulerscheZahl: and 15min are enough to google a thing or two

jrke: i agree euler its not cheating its also a skill

Putnam3145: yeah, the time limit is nice

Gorbit99: so has great "code golf tips for <language X>" threads

jrke: yeah sometimeom googls i learn new things fre while clashing

Gorbit99: you can usually run through them in a matter of 2 minutes if you need

Gorbit99: the best thing I learned here sofar was `dd` in ruby

eulerscheZahl: what does that do?

Gorbit99: it reads all of stdin

Allis: Like `cat` would do, but one character fewer.

Allis: The `dd` trick is nice, but $<.map{...} comes in handy more often.

Gorbit99: it doesn't split, for that $>.to_a or $>.map is better, but it can be put right next to a puts

jrke: oh euler you have solved X egg problem i many langs

Gorbit99: it's useful when you have a situation like puts gets...

Gorbit99: you can usually just do puts`dd`

jrke: for shorter mode use p for print int

jrke: like a=1

jrke: p a

jrke: it will print 1

Allis: Booleans as well.

jrke: yeah

Allis: And sometimes the output is like Array#inspect; that's always nice.

Gorbit99: it's always that

Gorbit99: p is by definition puts x.inspect

Allis: What I meant is that sometimes the output contains the square brackets.

Gorbit99: yeah, but that's usually more of a problem when golfing, besides of course debugging

Allis: We were talking about golfing...

Gorbit99: I know, that's what I'm saying

Gorbit99: it's rare that having [] there is good

Allis: Not for Ruby, of course.

jrke: python is good for fast as well as easy as well as short

Allis: No, it's not. :P

Gorbit99: if you can do one liners, it is great

Gorbit99: but the secret to fastest is knowing what your language can offer in terms of stdlib

Gorbit99: that's why C sucks for it

jrke: one liner is easily possible ruby and python

Allis: Much easier in one than the other, I think.

jrke: C++ you can do one liner but a long line

Gorbit99: I'd say it depends on the problem

Allis: It's crazy that Python core has map() but not reduce().


Putnam3145: AGH

Putnam3145: always pay attention to the timer kids

Putnam3145: i had a 75% working one with a strange bug, then I tried fixing it

Putnam3145: big mistake

eulerscheZahl: python has indentation for blocks while most languages have { } that makes python a terrible language for 1-liners

Gorbit99: Allis, you mean like ruby inject?

Allis: Well, most people spell it "reduce", but yeah, same thing.

jrke: my shortest main func in c++ for bot programming

jrke: int main(){while(1){cout<<drive_minimax(input())<<endl;}}

Allis: Python's lambdas are also limited to having only a single expression as the body.

Allis: And no ternary operator.

Gorbit99: codesignal has the code golf type, where they don't count whitespace

Allis: I've only ever seen Python win golf when its string slicing syntax gets to shine.

Gorbit99: there python is quite good

Allis: Does codesignal support the Whitespace programming language?

Gorbit99: not yet I don't think

Gorbit99: btw, I learned ruby entirely on here, code golf and all

Gorbit99: it's possible

Allis: I'm always on the hunt for an opportunity to use Whitespace in anger. :sweat_smile:

Putnam3145: i literally only barely know to begin wtih this reverse and someone has it done in the first second using ruby

Putnam3145: hmmmmmm

Putnam3145: that's not a ruby problem that's, uh

Putnam3145: just sus

Allis: Nah, #each_slice definitely played a role here.

Allis: Apologies for any spoilers there.

Putnam3145: i mean there's kinda the feeling that this is a seen-before thing

Gorbit99: each_slice is the function I always forget

Gorbit99: allis has played like 2.5k clashes

Gorbit99: if you have issues with him probably knowing most of them, contribute

Putnam3145: no yeah that's fair

Putnam3145: it's only an issue so far as it's an inherent problem with the system, unless there's such a quantity that nobody can

Putnam3145: anyway figured it out so that's nice

Allis: @Putnam3145 If it's any consolation, I generally do quite well on ones I haven't seen before, but your misgivings are sound.

Allis: I'll stop once I get first, I promise. :P

Allis: Only joking; I suspect I probably won't actually get there. Every win is worth .01 now, it seems.

Putnam3145: oh yeah and in case you want to know what D's range stuff isl ike

Putnam3145: my solution there uses it pretty hard

Gorbit99: @Allis even with 8 people?

Putnam3145: really I practically only use D anymore when I see range stuff, cause it's got a lot of reaaal nice range stuff

Gorbit99: my scenario right now is 0.04 per win, -0.5 per 2nd

Allis: @Gorbit99 Indeed, but I think it might be that the "Trueskill" value of clashes right now isn't especially high.

Allis: Winning against stronger opponents is worth more, if I understand correctly.

Gorbit99: yep

Gorbit99: and winning against more also

FinnWerner: hello from germany

Gorbit99: hallo

jacek: :scream:

Gorbit99: in coc, basically the pain starts at 15th to 10th place

Allis: That sounds about right. I've got a handful of 8/8s from occasions when I forgot I was waiting for a clash to start that're probably biting me pretty hard now.

Gorbit99: for me it's those god awful clashes, that shouldn't even be clashes, where the bot just wins by default

Allis: Hate those with a passion.

Gorbit99: at least they are not perfect

Allis: The one with the 10-character Bash solution can't be beaten, I think.


Gorbit99: god damnit

Gorbit99: ah, right, that one

Allis: Hm? What's unwinnable about that one?

Gorbit99: I remember when around a year or 2 ago I was in a clash with valnykol with that and he was complaining about it

Gorbit99: well, had no damn clue what it's about

Gorbit99: the bots both did 0%

Allis: It can certainly help to have internalized the A..Z->1..26 mapping.

Allis: I compulsively add up the letters of words even AFK, and that comes in handy here. :P

Gorbit99: but 123 doesn't fit into that

Allis: Well, no, but it just skips the middleman.

Gorbit99: and the 104 testcase also had numbers mixed in

Allis: It's the "value" of characters multiplied by some coefficient based on what type of character it is.

Gorbit99: ...

Allis: Where for numbers it's just identity and letters it's based on alphabetical position.

Gorbit99: imo that's just stupid

Allis: I agree that the creator of the puzzle probably shouldn't have made it eligible for reverse mode.

Gorbit99: let's be real, it's probably one of those cheeky reverse only ones

Gorbit99: reverse is by far my least liked type

Allis: Yeah, it's not great.

Allis: Wouldn't be sad to see it replaced by performance.

Gorbit99: or just thrown right out the window

Gorbit99: other issue with it, is that for normal users, it's hard, but once you solve it once...

Allis: There are glaring flaws in the system, but they're only really exploitable by addicts. The fix would be to ban addiction, but that's a big ask.

Allis: Or have ten thousand distinct puzzles, I guess, but that's an even taller order.

Gorbit99: I have 743 clashes behind me, you have 2253

Gorbit99: we both are addicts

Allis: For sure.

jrke: what would i call it if i just use maximiser in minimax?

Gorbit99: gotta love how I don't need to search for it, because it's one screen

Gorbit99: depth first search

Gorbit99: or breadth first

Gorbit99: depends

Putnam3145: i had perfectly working code in python, switched to D cause I thought I could improve the character count (required whitespace is sometimes worse than being able to one-line with a bunch of {} and ;) and

Putnam3145: not in time

jrke: BFS is another thing

Putnam3145: ... what do you mean ;

Putnam3145: oh

Putnam3145: ;)

Putnam3145: ; )

Putnam3145: wowee

Gorbit99: that's why you save your code before you start doing other things with it in shortest

Gorbit99: I usually keep the original line and write below it to see if my idea is shorter (if it works)

Gorbit99: @jrke might be just greedy algo, if you only evaluate one step

jrke: not one step few steps but all for me not for opp

Tiramon: wow was the 'don't send me validate/refuse notifications' option broken?

Tiramon: or i activated them accidently ...

eulerscheZahl: works like a charm

Putnam3145: ruby really is

Putnam3145: really, really good for code golf

Allis: Objectively the best, I think.

cjzw: guys check out my contribution and comment please.

Allis: All the Perl craziness when you need it combined with a plethora of useful utility methods.

eulerscheZahl: seems that all you have to do is split at the @ and write it in 2 lines. I miss the challenge here

Default avatar.png **slowest go

Default avatar.png **slowest go

Default avatar.png **slowest eat

Putnam3145: yeah i

Putnam3145: continue--UH OH

Putnam3145: didn't pass test cases lol

Putnam3145: 52 characters but only 25% score

Putnam3145: ouch

Putnam3145: oh DANG

Putnam3145: i'm ranked exactly 1000

Allis: I'm ranked exactly 1. ^_^

Allis: I think I'm done.

Allis: Well, I better not speak too soon. I'm actually worried someone's gonna out-golf me on my one pending clash, so my stomach is in knots. :sweat_smile:

Allis: Congrats on breaking top 1000! Don't forget to claim your XP.

Allis: Do you have a long-term ranking goal, or are you just kinda seeing how far you can take it?

Allis: I saw your D range code by the way; very slick.

Putnam3145: i don't really have a ranking goal, no

Putnam3145: ugh

Putnam3145: remind me never to use -- again

Allis: Mutable state is the root of all confusion.

Gorbit99: ruby is the best golfing language... on this site

Gorbit99: that's because it handles strings and bignums effortlessly

Gorbit99: real golflangs are really really weird

JackBashford: yes

JackBashford: we need assembly

JackBashford: on this site

JackBashford: x86 or arm idx

JackBashford: idc

eulerscheZahl: you can embed asm in C/C++

Tiramon: hm cg missed that i solved mars lander optimization with 100%

Default avatar.png Galaxy_001: Give me your opinions.

eulerscheZahl: at some point they recomputed optim puzzles scores

eulerscheZahl: do you still have 100%?

Default avatar.png Galaxy_001: yes

Tiramon: ah best is 100% but current is only 61%

Tiramon: and the 100% are outdated

Default avatar.png Galaxy_001: All test cases are correct with my solution.

Default avatar.png Galaxy_001: Not 100% ??

Tiramon: oh my last 100% solution was a not GA solution and after that it seams that i experimented with a GA one without submiting

Default avatar.png Galaxy_001: hmmm.

Dame_Mas_Onii-chan: hi

Default avatar.png JayBeAl: why cant i see my friends? we are following each other, but they are not listed as friends

Default avatar.png LinhT.Nguyen: ss

Default avatar.png LinhT.Nguyen: s

Default avatar.png LinhT.Nguyen: s

yonder83: the resistance is very weird puzzle

yonder83: in first three test cases you must find longest words which cannot be on top of each other

yonder83: and last test case is completely different, so what is point of this puzzle. I don't understand

yonder83: really strange and ambiguous

[4.0]poorgoomba: congrats allis

[4.0]poorgoomba: king of the ruby :raised_hands_tone3:

Dame_Mas_Onii-chan: japan is the bestttttttttttttttt

Default avatar.png JayBeAl: kimi wa baka

cjzw: guys check out my contribution, comment and vote!!!!!!!

aftokratoras: guys, can I prepare for coding interviews from here,

Putnam3145: it'll probably help

Dame_Mas_Onii-chan: .

aftokratoras: but , I did't encountered any DS ALgo questions yet

aftokratoras: I am currently in level-4

cjzw: guys check out my contribution, comment and vote!!!!!!!

eulerscheZahl: these puzzles don't tell you to solve them in a certain way. You get a problem statement and it's up to you how to tackle it

Putnam3145: a *lot* of these are DS/algo questions

Putnam3145: just presented in a more "practical" way

Default avatar.png Dummy_Thicc: wtf

Default avatar.png Dummy_Thicc: how do i close this tab

SPDene: the chat? right-arrow at the bottom left will hide it

Default avatar.png Dummy_Thicc: thx!!!

Putnam3145: winning 3 clashes of code in a row is

Putnam3145: hard

remi6: Hello! Here is a chat bot that collects Clash of Code invitation links from Twitch channels - #Clash

Laminator: wait til you try 4

Putnam3145: oh hey i'm a "master" now

DomiKo: good job


Masterpiece: Is there anyone who interested to do code forces div 3 contest with me ?

Default avatar.png JBM: with you?

Default avatar.png JBM: isn't that supposed to be solo?

eulerscheZahl: maybe he means "against" at least I hope so

Default avatar.png JBM: when *is* the round anyway

Default avatar.png JBM: haven't cf'd in a long tim

eulerscheZahl: tomorrow around this time of the day

Default avatar.png JBM: mmm

**eulerscheZahl has no time for that

Default avatar.png JBM: *checks schedule*

Default avatar.png JBM: me neither

Default avatar.png JBM: but it beats what i'm doing now

eulerscheZahl: streaming puzzle solving on CG?

Default avatar.png JBM: i parsed that as if cg hosted streams and got very confused

eulerscheZahl: :D

AntiSquid: Automaton2000 i need the daily report, what's going on

Automaton2000: but it is really hard to debug

AntiSquid: Masterpiece sure if you look like your avatar (which i highly doubt)

jacek: AutomatonNN do you use MLP

AutomatonNN: why do you need them to read the puzzle?

jacek: AutomatonNN what about friendship

AutomatonNN: when i have a good idea that you are the only one who talked about the contest and not the replay

jacek: Automaton2000 whats was that frog's name, again?

Automaton2000: this is the only thing that would be cool if you could have won

Default avatar.png AggYzz: You are given a polynomial represented as a list of floats A,B,C,... of length M, where A,B,C... are coefficients used in the following way p(x) = A + BX + CX^2 + DX^3.... You must find the derivative with respect to X.

The derivative D of a polynomial with respect to X is calculated in the following manner (letters represent constants, except for x)

Default avatar.png AggYzz: bruh

Default avatar.png AggYzz: omegabruh

jacek: derivative of polynomials is easy

Zenoscave: I finished the quests!

Kariin: *clapclap*

Scarfield: even the CoC ones :o

jacek: *clop clop*

eulerscheZahl: oh, zeno's puzzle got approved.

jacek: hm/

CanhToanLe: hi guys :DD

Scarfield: hi

DomiKo: hii

jacek: moshi moshi

Default avatar.png xzxy: pepe

eulerscheZahl: are these balloons on your profile pic from ICPC?

Scarfield: DomiKo, curious; Does your GA for Mars Lander figure out the land vertically, or do you enforce it to do so?

Scarfield: the = to

Zenoscave: Scarfield yes, even the CoC ones

DomiKo: enforce

Default avatar.png EgorCry: Would you recommend any books for get junior knowledge in python? I need progress very soon (((

DomiKo: in my eval if angle != 0 then i say that it isn't safe landing

Scarfield: but you still rely on the "search" to find the angle to be 0 (with the eval) and not overwriting the last genes before impact

DomiKo: yes

DomiKo: hmmm

DomiKo: maybe with that

Scarfield: okay, thought so to, but i think i figured out what my problem is

DomiKo: hmmm

DomiKo: i didn't think of that

Scarfield: xD genetic engineered algo

DomiKo: XD

DomiKo: i guess that could really help

DomiKo: maybe i will get some extra points with this

DomiKo: yap

DomiKo: now i have 338 in 1 test case

Scarfield: nice, wasnt my intention, but happy to help, even without knowing it xD

DomiKo: the best score on forum is 341

DomiKo: so really thanks :D

Scarfield: haha np :D

DomiKo: hmm i have some problem with vertical speed :(

Default avatar.png PhillipMartinez: So I'm new here and have little experience. But I want to better my skills any advice>?

DomiKo: do puzzles

Default avatar.png PhillipMartinez: Dope

DomiKo: a lot of them

Default avatar.png PhillipMartinez: Thanks,

Astrobytes: Assuming you're familiar with the basics of at least one language

Astrobytes: Basics being variables, loops, conditions etc

Default avatar.png PhillipMartinez: Yup. just looking to refine the skills, whatever I run into and don't know is just another thing to learn.

Astrobytes: Great attitude :)

Default avatar.png PhillipMartinez: Always :smile:

Scarfield: AstroBetty

Astrobytes: From now on I will call you Betty

DomiKo: Scarfield without if for angle != 0

DomiKo: i have to corrent path by hand

DomiKo: but result is better

Scarfield: nice :muscle:

DomiKo: error is like 0.1 of vertical speed

DomiKo: so it's really easy to correct


Scarfield: nice, i will probably implement it myself, when i figure out where my current bug is :'(

Astrobytes: I prefer this Scarfield:

Scarfield: not available in my country :(

Astrobytes: Black Betty by Leadbelly

Scarfield: yea can see the title, just not play the video

Scarfield: lol found another video available, interesting version xD

Astrobytes: was late 1930s, rendition of an old work/prison song. Quality stuff.

DomiKo: top20 ;D

Astrobytes: gg DomiKo

Astrobytes: *gj

Scarfield: oh had no idea, just remembered it from Need for Speed Underground 2 soundtrack

Scarfield: sweet, you were 25 before iirc?

Astrobytes: Yeah I remembered that too, just thought I'd give a history lesson

DomiKo: yes

Scarfield: nice

Scarfield: and sure, then i have learned something today :p

Astrobytes: Learnfield

DomiKo: 333 -> 338 360 -> 365 505 - 509

DomiKo: i guess like 6 points

DomiKo: more i can get

DomiKo: so thank you ;)

Scarfield: you welcome, i will ask another question that gives you the remaining points soon :p

Astrobytes: hahaha

DomiKo: i love your question

DomiKo: they are so accurate

eulerscheZahl: need for speed underground 2, loved that game

eulerscheZahl: and Brooke Burke told us to drive carefully in real life

eulerscheZahl: well, i never cared about the styling part of the game. upgraded whatever helped for the game, no matter how it looked like

Scarfield: oh yea, had steering wheel and pedals for it as well :)

eulerscheZahl: keyboard for me

Astrobytes: same

Scarfield: i still remember one drag race, where she said "Don't switch gears first", as if staying in 1st gear the longest would win the race

eulerscheZahl: and i had that epic downhill drift

eulerscheZahl: and finished it by ramming into the wall

Scarfield: xD

Scarfield: loved the mustang, one of the few rear wheel drive cars in the game i think, and drifted like crazy

DomiKo: top 15 coming

DomiKo: ohh man

DomiKo: that tip is so powerful

DomiKo: from 2453 to 2475

jacek: its not othello is it

DomiKo: mars lander ;)

jacek: bot updated. now im ready when m smits will start working on breakthrough


PAINANDSUFFERING: Yes, yes, lots of pain



PAINANDSUFFERING: Anyone here read "We Are Legion" and 'For We Are Many" by Dennis Taylor?

offeck: I didnt, are these books worth a read?

PAINANDSUFFERING: Yea, they're really good

Zenoscave: what tip was marslander?

Zenoscave: need to get rid of my old mars lander hardcode soon

DomiKo: DomiKo, curious; Does your GA for Mars Lander figure out the land vertically, or do you enforce it to do so?

Zenoscave: Oh I remember seeing that one

Zenoscave: thx

DomiKo: but you still rely on the "search" to find the angle to be 0 (with the eval) and not overwriting the last genes before impact

DomiKo: yea

DomiKo: i seen this to

DomiKo: but never used it before

Zenoscave: No GA for the optim yet

Astrobytes: Zenoscave, nice puzzle man. Way outside my comfort zone, took me about a day of reading lol

jacek: in other words, 1 star

Astrobytes: *day of researching, not reading the statement

Zenoscave: Glad you liked!

Zenoscave: What lang did you solve in?

GAUSS_: ı am at beginner level in development. And ı wanna learn python. Any Advice?

Zenoscave: do the beginner puzles. ask for help here when stuck on a particular one and never ask for advice until all your own research doesn't work. but always ask for advice right after ;)

R3Ked: why do i have compiler error CS0165

R3Ked: and would it be ok to post my code in chat

GAUSS_: thx to advice. ı will research :)

Zenoscave: It is suggested to only post small portions of code that aren't full solutions. but error messages are always welcome in pastes

R3Ked: well i just started writing my code

R3Ked: so i think it's ok

Zenoscave: But as for puzzles it is different. most people in chat have already solved the puzzles so it is also fine


Zenoscave: Just try not to post full code solutinos for multiplayer or optim games usually

R3Ked: it's error code CS0165

Zenoscave: what does that error mean?

R3Ked: it says that there's an unassigned variable

R3Ked: and it points to the output log

Zenoscave: does it give what line the problem is on?

R3Ked: yes

R3Ked: the line that reads "Console.WriteLine(moveTo);

R3Ked: forgot end quote whoops

Zenoscave: well is moveTo always have a value?

Zenoscave: what happens if Tx <= lightX?

R3Ked: oh that fixed it

R3Ked: i just gave it a null value at the start

Zenoscave: ;)

rangelucas: _Flippy man tell me how you saved those 2 chars haha

rangelucas: pretty please

Default avatar.png woaisthisgit: yeah i really need to know too

Default avatar.png woaisthisgit: i found a way to get 57 but 56? wow

Zenoscave: what lang was the solution in? and what problem?

Default avatar.png woaisthisgit: we all had python

Zenoscave: what was the problem? CoC?

Zenoscave: which one?

Default avatar.png woaisthisgit: yes

Default avatar.png woaisthisgit: err.. i dont know how to find out lol

Zenoscave: just describe it

Dlx: #whenYouRealizeYourClashWas99%LongerThanNeeded;p

Default avatar.png woaisthisgit: if you repeat the list L, find the Pth element. Input: line 1, length of L and P space seperated. Line 2, the elements of list L space seperated.

Default avatar.png woaisthisgit: Test case input:

Zenoscave: how long was the soln? 55?

Default avatar.png woaisthisgit: 56

Default avatar.png woaisthisgit: you have a working 55?

Default avatar.png woaisthisgit: please share :D

Zenoscave: one sec. I'm solving it now

rangelucas: i did 58 as woaisthisgit

Default avatar.png woaisthisgit: thanks :)

Zenoscave: _,P=input().split();print((input()*99).split()[int(P))

Zenoscave: how long is that

Zenoscave: 55

Default avatar.png woaisthisgit: 54 but i think the syntax is a bit messed up

Zenoscave: yeah missing a ]

R3Ked: ok wow

Default avatar.png woaisthisgit: ah it doesnt work tho

R3Ked: i suck at this so much i had to read the pseudo code

Default avatar.png woaisthisgit: when you multiply input theres a space missing

Zenoscave: doesn't work though

Zenoscave: yeah just saw that

Zenoscave: _,P=input().split();print((input().split()*99)[int(P)])

Zenoscave: That should work

Default avatar.png woaisthisgit: it almost works but

Default avatar.png woaisthisgit: you need the nth element

Default avatar.png woaisthisgit: so its one off

Zenoscave: Oh and it's off by one becase the index of the first is 0

Default avatar.png woaisthisgit: working 57 if you subtract 1

Default avatar.png woaisthisgit: hmmm

Zenoscave: _,P=input().split();print((input().split()*9)[int(P)-1])

Zenoscave: I bet the test cases aren't enough that 9 was too small or repeats

Default avatar.png woaisthisgit: guess it must be; i honestly cant think of anything else

Default avatar.png woaisthisgit: thanks for your help :)

Zenoscave: np

Zenoscave: also wanna see a shorter awful one

Default avatar.png woaisthisgit: yeah sur

Default avatar.png woaisthisgit: sure

rangelucas: nice one

rangelucas: you cant guarantee what the test cases will be if you havent played it before, right?

rangelucas: I mean, there are more test cases than the ones you usually get to use

rangelucas: right?

Default avatar.png woaisthisgit: yeah

Default avatar.png woaisthisgit: but usually they're very similar

rangelucas: I see

Zenoscave: f,s=$<.map &:split;$><<s[(f[1].to_i%f[0].to_i)-1]

Zenoscave: ruby 49 chars

Zenoscave: works for any input, no tricks

rangelucas: ruby so much better for code golf

Default avatar.png woaisthisgit: ^

rangelucas: will I invest my time on learning it, tho? not sure haha

Default avatar.png ZloyLosyash: hey guys, what does it means

Default avatar.png ZloyLosyash: Failure Found: Nothing Expected: Nothing

Dlx: no idea

Dlx: sounds like a bug

Zenoscave: You have a newline when you shouldn't or vice versa

Dlx: or are you creating your own challenge?

Zenoscave: also I have a 41 char solution in C to that CoC ;) won't give it out though

Default avatar.png ZloyLosyash: nope, i'm solving puzzle. I've passed all tests and can't pass this one

R3Ked: yippee, more compiler errors!


Default avatar.png ZloyLosyash: ok, endl did the trick. thanks

Zenoscave: np

Zenoscave: yw

R3Ked: it says this:

R3Ked: CS1525: Invalid expression term '}'

Zenoscave: youre missing a semicolon or some other character before the '}'

R3Ked: i have my semicolons all lined up

R3Ked: i don't see what i'm missing

Zenoscave: then a paren?

Zenoscave: not sure without seeing the line and surrounding parts


Zenoscave: line after else has } not {

Zenoscave: mistyped

R3Ked: bruh

Zenoscave: lol

R3Ked: think i just saw it as curly brackets not opening and closing curly brackets

Zenoscave: been there

R3Ked: i'm checking out the bot programming

R3Ked: and people just keep crashing their pods

R3Ked: why

R3Ked: i'm going up against a bunch of syntax errors

tomatoes: but they re indestructible 🤨

tomatoes: pods

R3Ked: i'm going up against people who have freed their code of semicolons

R3Ked: "semicolon more like semiNOlon"

R3Ked: oh there's someone who doesn't syntax error

R3Ked: i clicked view full leaderboard, how do i go back to the previous view?

R3Ked: oh nvm

Default avatar.png LinhT.Nguyen: có ai chơi 7h sáng ko =)))))))))))

Putnam3145: i am so close

Putnam3145: i can feel it

Putnam3145: 3 clashes in a row

Putnam3145: i've done it!!

Putnam3145: due to a lucky series of shortest code, which, it turns out, ruby is, in fact, "overpowered" in

Putnam3145: orrr no i didn't

Putnam3145: darn

Esquivelh: xD

Putnam3145: okay, NOW i have done it

Default avatar.png LinhT.Nguyen: damn xD

TheBlueness: i am retarded

Default avatar.png and38: yoooo

TheBlueness: please call child protective services

TheBlueness: my parents failed me in my educaiton