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LeBaoHoang8A4: how to move the ribbon in wood2 tron battle? i 'don't understand


jacek: good morning

TheTaskmaster: is it possible to compete with a specific person?

TheTaskmaster: like, a 1v1 battle

Default avatar.png McCheng: Yes. You can start a private clash.

TheTaskmaster: in fantastic bits

TheTaskmaster: how?

Putnam3145: for bot stuff there's just the players at the bottom

Putnam3145: you can delete one and replace with anyone in your bracket

TheTaskmaster: aight thanks

Default avatar.png LinhT.Nguyen: guys what does expected nothing means

Default avatar.png LinhT.Nguyen: even though outputing nothing is not mentioned in description

SPDene: your output was too long: it was expecting ABC and you output ABCD

Default avatar.png LinhT.Nguyen: i see thank you

Default avatar.png TiziToure: hello who can explain me why I don't get my

Default avatar.png TiziToure: 50xp on the battle of clash ?

sayori: ds

sayori: aSD

sayori: X

Default avatar.png TheSilentCommitter_79c9: interesting

Default avatar.png logfk: How to use this website?:thinking:

Q12: How to do nested loop in the Stub generator input?

eulerscheZahl: loop a loop b read x:int

Q12: thanks a lot

Q12: I want to make loopline inside a loop how to do this?

Q12: Never mind I did it :grinning:

Putnam3145: how's score determined in bot stuff

Putnam3145: the leaderboad at wood 1 here is kinda disturbing

eulerscheZahl: Trueskill

Putnam3145: boss is at 19.57, i'm at 17.38, everyone else is at 11.56 or below

Putnam3145: only the top 5 are above 0

eulerscheZahl: you gain score for wins and lose score for losses. but how much depends on your current and opponent score

Putnam3145: oh no

jacek: thats logical isnt it

Putnam3145: only the top 13 of 83 here are failing to timeout

Putnam3145: it's logical but, like, one sec, lemme verify something

Putnam3145: oaky yes, it sure does appear that I can't even get close to the boss's score

Putnam3145: ...despite literally winning every single simulated game

Putnam3145: including against the boss

eulerscheZahl: hard to believe




Putnam3145: i can't even finish a simulation against the #2, it timeouts every time

eulerscheZahl: you lost 1-3 vs the boss

Putnam3145: that's kinda frustrating, since I straight up can't recreate that in IDE

Putnam3145: wait no after 4 (!) wins in a row it managed to generate a losing one

eulerscheZahl: if you are stronger than the boss and just got unlucky, resubmitting may help

Putnam3145: only complaining cause I've tried that 3 times and I get consistently *far* worse results than I might expect lol

Putnam3145: well, tried that and like

Putnam3145: made adjustments, which might actually be a BAD idea

eulerscheZahl: the fact the you are using D makes me curious: how did you find CodinGame?

Putnam3145: previously non-coder friend told me about it

Putnam3145: they had no idea that you could use D on it, but that was the deciding factor for me deciding to actually try it anyway

jacek: D? deciding factor?

Default avatar.png Yimir: Language

jacek: bloody hell

Default avatar.png hem123: is there like a game where you will train on pandas"

Putnam3145: listen

Putnam3145: i'm allowed to use D on personal projects, basic fast scripts I need to whip up and nothing else

Putnam3145: and I find it actually pretty fun

eulerscheZahl: nothing wrong with it. I was just curious because parts of the D community were very active on the forum and "enforced" that D was added to the CG platform

Putnam3145: i can't imagine any other way it'd get here

eulerscheZahl: so I was curious if you found your way from the dlang forum

Putnam3145: it's strange just how quiet they seem to be for being so very loud

Putnam3145: for the most part it's just shouting at each other that someone ought to advertise it

eulerscheZahl: they left almost instantly after CG added D

Putnam3145: i don't particularly know what to call the D attitude

Putnam3145: i think the problem is that D doesn't really have a particular "thing" that its supporters love to pimp as much as e.g. Rust people do

Putnam3145: personally I like the template system, and how much you can do at compile time in general

Putnam3145: more than anything

Putnam3145: Rust allows a lot of that but it's... "verbose" is the wrong word, it's mostly just difficult to read

jacek: is D as performant as C++/Rust?

Putnam3145: in practice, absolutely not

Putnam3145: it's a garbage collected language

Putnam3145: if you're extremely careful about it and use LDC then yes you can get really good performance

Putnam3145: if you compile in -betterC mode it's practically guaranteed

Putnam3145: oh, that and its multithreading is rather easy, but it's not significantly easier than, like, C++20

jacek: woo new puzzle of the week

Astrobytes: Nice to see a 'real' D user who isn't just a zealot :)

eulerscheZahl: yes, what a pleasant change

Astrobytes: Hey euler, my random insult throwing friend has returned: (bad language)

eulerscheZahl: what have you done to make him angry?

Astrobytes: Nothing, I don't recall ever speaking or even seeing the dude

eulerscheZahl: :D

Astrobytes: He's Australian, so comes on when I'm offline and seems to have a strong desire to swear at me

Default avatar.png JBM: stupid me, i solved the puzzle of the week last week

SPDene: simple: just unsolove it, then solve it again :P

Default avatar.png JBM: currently looking for the unsolve button brb

SPDene: I think you have to code that yourself :)

Scarfield: ask struct

Scarfield: but is he really cussing at you syteBortsA? maybe he was cheering GO, f yea

Astrobytes: I doubt that dleifracS

Astrobytes: Also, what's an AstroBetys?

Scarfield: xD

Scarfield: "From now on you will refer to me as Betty"


Astrobytes: Yeah I got it :D

Default avatar.png freezy0001: a

Dlx: wtf, who are people who actually sit here and paste code? when everyone uses 10-15 min, and they have a pretty solution in 28 seconds ;p lololololol, what is the point???

Astrobytes: Some people are fast, they might have seen the problem before. Also, you know there are bots in clashes sometimes right?

SPDene: yeah - I've seen some who "type" 30 lines of code within 10 seconds

Dlx: not possible to write so much code in 28 seconds :)

I heard about bots, are they from codingame, or just people made them???

Astrobytes: Official CG bots yeah, so you have 'someone' to compete with when there aren't any human opponents

Astrobytes: It tells you on their profile that they're a bot I believe

Astrobytes: The captchas are there to prevent people writing their own bots but maybe there are some. Also pretty sure some people copy/paste from time to time.

eulerscheZahl: i'm confident I could write a clashing bot. the captchas would just stop be from running it for a while without any input from myself

Astrobytes: Yeah, the captcha system isn't particularly effective in that regard

Astrobytes: Just a pain in the ass for most human players :D

eulerscheZahl: that's one random upvote. how do you even find the contribution now?

Astrobytes: wow :D

SPDene: go to contribute / my contributions? or is that not what you're asking?

eulerscheZahl: rhetorical question

SPDene: what's that?

SPDene: :P

eulerscheZahl: possibility 1: user saved the link long ago, now returned to upvote

Astrobytes: But... why?

Dlx: what is the point of "following" someone in here???

SPDene: oh - you mean how did THEY upvote?

eulerscheZahl: possibility 2 (for lvl29+ users): open puzzle, view contribution

eulerscheZahl: exactly: why? :D

Yasser: congrats first place euler.

eulerscheZahl: thanks. it's a back and forth for months already :D

Yasser: do u work ?

eulerscheZahl: took 2 weeks off :)

eulerscheZahl: but yes: I have a job

Yasser: very Nice.

Yasser: u live in Deutschland?

eulerscheZahl: yes

SPDene: Dlx the only point I've found is that, once you're folllowing someone, you can spam them with invites to CoC (I have no idea why it would let random people do this, and it's really, REALLY annoying!)

Yasser: do u enjoy holidays ? I hope

Astrobytes: Dlx: you can see where they place in multis, puzzles they've solved when you're on the puzzle/multi landing page rather than looking up the leaderboard, invite them to clashes. That's about it for now.

Yasser: nice time to take a break during the pandemic

eulerscheZahl: i just wanted to code on a private project. just felt like it. I can take off without long planning luckily

Astrobytes: SPDene, you know you can disable the notifications now?

Dlx: @spdene maybe if you code in java or a laguage with few clashers, you could want to invite people you are still not friend with :) I do java, and that sucks for small riddles like clash, because there is no reward for well structured code that "speaks" to the reader ;p

SPDene: no I didn't

Astrobytes: Settings->Notifications

eulerscheZahl: go to your profile settings

eulerscheZahl: :/

Yasser: I like the roadmap they added recently

Astrobytes: You can choose to receive invites from people you chose to follow, or not at all

Dlx: is that fall coding competition thing going to be fun?

SPDene: thankyou!!!!! I have several people (i have no idea who they are) who regularly invite me 20+ times per hour

Dlx: Only just started here, so have no idea what it is :)

DomiKo: that will be contest

Astrobytes: SPDene, yes this new-ish feature was a godsend :)

eulerscheZahl: we don't know any details about the fall challenge yet. here's the game from the last contest:

Astrobytes: Dlx: We don't know the contest but contest time is usually pretty fun

Dlx: yeah, it was more general, are those type of contests in here usually fun :)

Dlx: as @Astrobyte said ;p

Astrobytes: Good atmosphere, chat is usually buzzing

DomiKo: yes

eulerscheZahl: imagine it being a multiplayer game. but 2k users playing it at the same time

eulerscheZahl: you go to bed at rank 10 and wake up at 50 the next morning

wlesavo: or you go to sleep and wake up in legend

eulerscheZahl: that's my UTG story

jrke: one approval needed for same game

eulerscheZahl: and the cat writing about a planned change in the puzzle discussion. would be better to put it back to WIP i think

Astrobytes: Agreed

Dlx: the spring challenge, can you just enjoy it now like a regular bot game?

Dlx: or whatever the "ai" games are called

eulerscheZahl: yes. only difference: no prizes to win anymore

Astrobytes: All (most) previous contests end up in multiplayer after

Astrobytes: (or optim or puzzles, depending what they were ofc)

eulerscheZahl: the only one I can think of that didn't: The accountant

eulerscheZahl: not much of a loss I think. was similar to code vs zombies

Astrobytes: Yeah it looked really similar

eulerscheZahl: shooting mechanics were different. ash shoots whenever he can and always kills instantly

eulerscheZahl: at TAC you had to target and the damage changed based on the distance

Astrobytes: Ah I see

Putnam3145: i am getting a timeout really consistently in the submitted matches but never locally. this is terrible

Putnam3145: i'm gonna just start spamming plays until i find it

Putnam3145: orr i can just send game parameters to IDE like a sane person

Astrobytes: Don't forget to switch to manual so the seed is the same

Putnam3145: yeah, totally

Putnam3145: and now I know the exact issue

Putnam3145: well, kinda

Astrobytes: It's a start right? ;)

Putnam3145: i think there's an error it's just not showing me, and i'm definitely not getting an input where there should be

Astrobytes: check against the default code

Putnam3145: wow i said "input" when that's the exact opposite of correct

Putnam3145: one of my outputs isn't going out correctly, in a specific situation

Astrobytes: Ah, lol

Putnam3145: which does help, and I figure it's to do with some of the weirder metaprogramming i'm doing

eulerscheZahl: and flush your error stream

Default avatar.png Adi137: hih

Default avatar.png frontendwizard: typescript is a no go for those clash

Default avatar.png frontendwizard: 😅

jacek: huh

AntiSquid: why is there a home button next to CG logo which already takes you to the home page? @_@

Astrobytes: One of the great mysteries of our time.

jacek: clicking on logo isnt obsvious

Default avatar.png LinhT.Nguyen: hehehehehehe

AntiSquid: Automaton2000 ban

Automaton2000: but it's just my guess

Default avatar.png LinhT.Nguyen: hehehehehehehehh

Default avatar.png AggYzz: imagine using rust for coc

Allis: I do think it'd be cool if there were a "performance" mode for Clash where execution time was the winning metric, but I realize it'd be too subjective.

Uljahn: there is such mode, it's called "multiplayer ai bot programming" :smirk:

Astrobytes: beat me to it

Allis: Aye, fair enough, but that doesn't have the right-now excitement factor attached.

Allis: I'm sure it can still be a high-pressure situation, just not in quite the same way.

Astrobytes: You should try the next contest :)

Allis: I'm terrible at programming. :sweat_smile:

Astrobytes: So? It's fun, you don't need to be a god to enjoy it

Astrobytes: It's a 10 day clash

Astrobytes: Of bots

AntiSquid: but you can make the argument there's no 15 minute time limit on multis

AntiSquid: (i hate clash either way)

Astrobytes: Yeah, that's why clashers clash I guess. Not my thing either.

AntiSquid: was a response regarding the compilation time mode for clash

Astrobytes: ah right


Default avatar.png tmwilliamlin168: :

Default avatar.png AggYzz: yoo

Default avatar.png AggYzz: hello tmw

Default avatar.png AggYzz: wassup

Default avatar.png tmwilliamlin168: hi

DomiKo: using rust for coc?

DomiKo: i use c++ for coc

DomiKo: so?

DomiKo: iam crazy?

Putnam3145: what's coc

jacek: k

DomiKo: Clash Of Code

Putnam3145: oh

Putnam3145: who uses only one language for clash of code

DomiKo: iam not using only one

DomiKo: but most time I use c++

DomiKo: and I mean

DomiKo: language is language

DomiKo: only in shortest

DomiKo: it make difference

Putnam3145: i use D by default but switch to C++ for anything that involves individual character manipulation, python for anything that I think might use list or set comprehensions, Ruby for anything involving string manipulation and often for golf,

Putnam3145: yeah but some things are easier in some langauges

Allis: Nah, the other two are about how quickly you write your program, not how fast it runs, so "scripting" languages are good.

Putnam3145: ruby's string stuff is fantastically quick to write

Putnam3145: same with python's list/set stuff

DomiKo: 10 charactesr more

DomiKo: isn't difference

Putnam3145: what context is this in

Allis: If you think the same program can be written in Ruby and C++ with only a ten character difference, you're not thinking straight. :P

Putnam3145: `void main()` is 11 characters for one

Putnam3145: int main is 10, sorry

DomiKo: i mean

Putnam3145: i'm staring at D code too hard

Putnam3145: and that's 10

Putnam3145: yes

Allis: Empty string is 0...

Putnam3145: but {} is 2, and ; is each one

DomiKo: iam thining about not whole program

DomiKo: when we are talking about shortest

Putnam3145: yeah, but shortest code sure does

DomiKo: then yes

DomiKo: its more than 10

Allis: When speed is crucial, I can't think of any good reason to use any even remotely verbose language.

Allis: Speed in the sense that's relevant to Clash, obviously.

Allis: C++ is a great language, but only in certain contexts.

Putnam3145: though i do have to say

Putnam3145: i don't actually know ruby

Putnam3145: i only know that it has easy regex syntax

Allis: It has easy everything. :P

Putnam3145: mostly for CoC i use D cause it's supreme at quick-and-dirty

Putnam3145: especially since, for some baffling reason, they decide to start you out with `import std`, giving you access to the entire standard library

Allis: That doesn't seem terribly unreasonable.

Putnam3145: it does when there's two toUpper functions which clash

Putnam3145: ...which is why I instantly switch to python or ruby upon seeing strings, mostly

Default avatar.png AggYzz: python with strings is so op

Default avatar.png AggYzz: it has a method for everything

Allis: @DomiKo Sorry; Ruby has that too. :P

Default avatar.png AggYzz: one i used yesterday is str.title()

DomiKo: Allis i cliked testcases

DomiKo: idk why

Allis: Haha! I did too. Bad habit.

Putnam3145: oh and if i want ranges that AREN'T sets or lists D is boss

Putnam3145: C++ is pretty good but the template syntax kinda makes me weep

Allis: How's that? Ruby's ranges are *amazing*: (1..10) === 7 # => true

Allis: @AggYzz Ruby has 192 methods on String out of the box, which is nuts. But Python does win when it comes to really nice slicing.

Allis: str[::-2] is very, very nice.

Default avatar.png Galaxy_001:

Putnam3145: str.retro.stride[2]

Putnam3145: str.retro.stride(2), rather

Allis: Ooh, that is pretty good.

Putnam3145: it gets kinda ridiculous with the chained UFCS at some point though

Allis: Also kinda scary that ranges are mutable, apparently.

Putnam3145: nah, that just gives you a view into the original string, which is actually just an immutable(dchar)

Putnam3145: uh

Putnam3145: immutable(dchar)[], rather

Putnam3145: my brackets, they are not good today

Allis: Hm? I just meant that D's Range has reverse(), which is in-place.

Putnam3145: i've never actually used it

Putnam3145: like, I'm not sure it's even often *usable*? it always seemed like a weird special case to me

Default avatar.png Galaxy_001: Someone downvote my code. Is there something wrong?

Putnam3145: What's the second input?

Default avatar.png Galaxy_001: iqweert 2 3

Putnam3145: It's referred to as "a number" twice, nothing more qualified than that

benschreyer: the validator should not be the same as the test case, it should test the same thing but with different input

Default avatar.png Galaxy_001: ok

Default avatar.png Galaxy_001: thank you both

eulerscheZahl: when was the house next to the CG logo added?

EEEEEEEEEEEEE: In TrollvsCastles, let's say you throw 9 stones. Does the troll go the same distance if you throw 1 stone 9 times? (Assuming the opponent doesn't throw any)


PAINANDSUFFERING: huh my username didn't update

eulerscheZahl: it did: pain and suffering

PAINANDSUFFERING: Not on my screen...

PAINANDSUFFERING: Maybe if i refresh...

eulerscheZahl: ctrl+F5

PAINANDSUFFERING: Nope refreshing didn't do anything




PAINANDSUFFERING: For the codingame sponsored contest, if I "move", by how much does my score increase? 2?

eulerscheZahl: that depends on your movement


PAINANDSUFFERING: I'm assuming that it's different for each testcase?

eulerscheZahl: no, there is a common rule. you just can't say it for a single move without seeing the big picture of it


PAINANDSUFFERING: Do you know if any of the inputs give the points?

PAINANDSUFFERING: That would be very helpful...

eulerscheZahl: not given as input


PAINANDSUFFERING: Hmmm it looks like I can get a score of 16 max on the first testcase...

PAINANDSUFFERING: Just printing A and E...

PAINANDSUFFERING: I get a score of 16 on the first two doing that, but on the rest a score of 2...

Default avatar.png AduVjpDev: hello dudes :>


eulerscheZahl: so it's time to figure out what the other inputs stand for

PAINANDSUFFERING: Nope I gave up already, I'm moving on to crystal rush to figure out why that's wacky


eulerscheZahl: or you play the spring challenge

PAINANDSUFFERING: Spring challenge?

PAINANDSUFFERING: I missed that one

eulerscheZahl: last contest

PAINANDSUFFERING: Yeah I completely skipped it

eulerscheZahl: so you are the reason why it didn't reach the 5k players



eulerscheZahl: about 4950 competed. biggest CG contest ever

Default avatar.png nsasupreme: dont talk to me

PAINANDSUFFERING: So if I had joined the number would have increased by 50...

PAINANDSUFFERING: I'm that popular?


eulerscheZahl: you are not the problem alone, but you are part of it

jacek: its like nonvoters

Default avatar.png xzxy: .

Allis: "The drop doesn't feel responsible for the flood."



PAINANDSUFFERING: See, this is why my username is pain and suffering

jacek: eeyup

Default avatar.png LATER: hi

Default avatar.png LATER: eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Default avatar.png LATER: :rolling_eyes:

Default avatar.png LATER: yay i win

Masterpiece: :nerd:

Insufficient: hey guys, quick question: i know sharing competition bot scripts is frowned upon on githubs, so i dont do that

Insufficient: but is it frowned upon to do githubs of your solutions to puzzles also?

eulerscheZahl: not appreciated but it happens. you can find almost all puzzles solved there

eulerscheZahl: official puzzles: probably all, maybe 1 or 2 missing

Insufficient: i'm guessing kind of like the articles people do on CG i'd have to just explain high level what i did and use pseudocode - would that be ok?

eulerscheZahl: community puzzles: at level 29+ you can see the code of the problem creator

jacek: as long as there is more effort than copy&paste solution, i think its alright

eulerscheZahl: sharing the idea without giving a copy-paste ready solution is perfectly fine

Insufficient: ok cool, thanks! yeah i won't share any code that stays in my private repo

eulerscheZahl: i think there are only very few puzzles where you can't find a solution on github or on CG directly after leveling up: community puzzles with animations

jacek: no solution for space maze? :(

eulerscheZahl: not the only animated community contribution


eulerscheZahl: and for those you don't have to provide a working solution to upload it

Default avatar.png tssw: Allis, share, please?

AbundantPuddle: sosnik, good job, but be careful with your variable names. "sum" is a reserved keyword in Python.

jacek: #define true false // happy debugging, suckers!

AbundantPuddle: This statement is false.


AbundantPuddle: F


AbundantPuddle: R


PAINANDSUFFERING: Well, time to work

AbundantPuddle: Lmao

AntiSquid: AutomatonNN ban the spammers

AutomatonNN: eulerscheZahl is there a way to see the game with the same games as a programmer and the most probab

jacek: where is struct when you need him. i hope he'd make this

sirsatan: @jacek wth ?!

Default avatar.png OfficialVaultTec: .

Default avatar.png OfficialVaultTec: .

Default avatar.png FlashPirate_8aa5: .

Default avatar.png MassiveMaster_1978: .

Default avatar.png RubyRen: I cannot solve it. I'm gonna cry:innocent:

Default avatar.png RubyRen: Could somebody plz stick his/her answer??:dizzy_face:

Allis: Which puzzle?

Default avatar.png RubyRen: Mars Lander - Episode 1

Default avatar.png RubyRen: :worried:

Gorbit99: iirc, that's just about realizing what you *don't* want, and making the ship avoid that at all costs

Gorbit99: it even helps you a bit

Gorbit99: "As such, a thrust power of 4 in an almost vertical position is needed to compensate for the gravity on Mars"

Default avatar.png RubyRen: Thx, finally I solve it!!!!!!! Spent me a night and a day....

Default avatar.png RubyRen: I thought it very difficult like a physical problem, but actually..

Default avatar.png RubyRen: I don't know the value of power can change,ohhh:joy:

Gorbit99: good job

Default avatar.png RubyRen: :smile_cat:

Default avatar.png codingmaster69: wassup

Default avatar.png slowest: hello

Default avatar.png slowest: I'm here from geohot

Default avatar.png slowest: geohot is my god

Default avatar.png slowest: I worship him everyday

Default avatar.png AduVjpDev: ?.?

Default avatar.png slowest: You might not understand