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Default avatar.png Cesarx:

Default avatar.png saul-melo: lol

eulerscheZahl: the SDK isn't drawing the 3rd line of a polygon with 3 corners. Is that a bug?

Ripkite: yo anybody in a cool developer's discord

Ripkite: not someone famous

Ripkite: just like a chill coders discord

Ripkite: is that not a thing?

Ripkite: should i start one

jacek: with blackjack and hookers

eulerscheZahl: and chill coders

eulerscheZahl: whenever I visit they have their annual 40% discount about to end in 1 or 2 days

eulerscheZahl: and the timer even shows different dates depending on whether I use my main computer or my laptop (maybe because i'm only logged in on one of those devices)

jacek: pro tip: change the date back a few days to get more time

SPDene: eulerscheZahl or just clear cookies/use a different browser

SPDene: it's just a pressure sales tactic

eulerscheZahl: incognito is enough already

aCat: oh, yet another one site with assets

aCat: didn't kn-w this one, nice

eulerscheZahl: i got my Onitama assets from there

eulerscheZahl: the knights and wizards for free

eulerscheZahl: so i'm a fan of craftpix

eulerscheZahl: well, the knight only existed in red. so i scripted the blue one

SPDene: I see that fake countdown thing and immediately leave. so it doesn't always work

eulerscheZahl: they have some nice sprites for free. right now i'm looking for some rocks as background

jacek: new game the struct was working on with you?

eulerscheZahl: new game that i'm now doing alone :(

eulerscheZahl: the rocks aren't part of the game, just decor so i can tell it without spoiling

jacek: so its not rock paper scissors

eulerscheZahl: and then i'm harass Thibaud

eulerscheZahl: i'm => i'll

jacek: where was that RPS game?

aCat: so many games to crate ;-)

eulerscheZahl: i don't have the RPS link anymore

eulerscheZahl: and i don't think it would still work. SDK got some updates, old versions aren't supported, ..

eulerscheZahl: even ocean of code was broken before the contest

digitalmaster: Hi men! Do you thinks it's possible to get some job offer requests on CG?

eulerscheZahl: recruiters won't come to you just because you have a profile on CG

eulerscheZahl: but some companies will give you a link to an online test on CG if you apply at them

digitalmaster: oh I see, thanks for info

Default avatar.png xlr4829: i love CLASH OF CODE it's so amazing

Gorbit99: it gets more stressful the higher you get

SPDene: tell me about it... get one reverse you can't figure out, and takes another 10 wins to undo the damage

Gorbit99: when I was 8th one time, I was getting 0.02 score per 1st place and -0.3 per 2nd place

Gorbit99: one of those one step forward, all the steps back scenarios

SPDene: Gorbit99 that one wouldn't have been fair if I just typed my answer, so giving it 5 minutes before i submit

Gorbit99: yeah, it was kinda funny when I saw it

SPDene: it only got approved this morning

Gorbit99: tbf, before that I did one I just accepted a few days ago

SPDene: yeah - approved 38 mins ago

Gorbit99: I'm waiting for the 3rd approval on mine so I can finally finsih that god damn quest line

SPDene: the RPN one? that makes my head hurt!

Gorbit99: it's not *that* bad, it's just new

Gorbit99: lisp users appreciate it

Gorbit99: if it gets approved, the next one will be the reverse of that, which is in fact painful

SPDene: well, let's put it this way... I learnt RPN over 30 years ago... and never used it since!

Gorbit99: I used it once, great for custom langs

Goku999: add me to play together

Gorbit99: gl

Insufficient: geohot

Insufficient: wrong chat sorry

jacek: :O

Gorbit99: this clash of code chat bug is annoying

StepBack13: what bug?

Gorbit99: coc chat goes away when you actually start it

StepBack13: oh yeah, I thought that was just me, haha

PraveenSreepada: same

Q12: What for your opinion is the best language to code with in the shortest mode in coc? (I want to learn another language for the shortest mode in coc)

jacek: python, ruby, js. ruby seems to be shortest

Washier: I second ruby

Q12: Thanks

Astrobytes: java

jacek: kree java!

Washier: hehe

eulerscheZahl: C#

Washier: hehe

eulerscheZahl: what's the question?

Astrobytes: shortest

eulerscheZahl: bash

jacek: html

PraveenSreepada: Ruby is usually shortest but also weirdest

eulerscheZahl: golfscript but that's not available on CG

AntiSquid: is that like using hotkeys?

PraveenSreepada: its like some symbol language

Astrobytes: very strange to look at, never tried to use it

Q12: What is CG?

Washier: in golfscript the program "i" (just that) would read an integer n, and the the next n integers from console and store in list

Washier: i thought we were imagining things. it exists?

eulerscheZahl: CG = CodinGame

AntiSquid: 0 chars - modify the environment itself and make it run from a different file the solution !!!

Washier: hehe

Q12: Thank you eulerscheZahl

Q12: What is mean that you have the symbol of CG next to your name?

eulerscheZahl: hover over it

AntiSquid: you are forced to live your life moderating CG chat

eulerscheZahl: that's not the terms i agreed to

Q12: :laughing: AntiSquid

jacek: that means he cant troll, so everything he says must be true

dbdr: I have a feeling this is suboptimal :D

Astrobytes: :D

dbdr: but I also wonder if 200 turns is too short

eulerscheZahl: oh, you promoted

eulerscheZahl: good thing Astrobytes has his private league again

Astrobytes: :)

dbdr: and Illedan got pushed to W3

Astrobytes: by jrke?

Washier: damnit. now i have to play that too. cannot resist

dbdr: by dwarfie

Astrobytes: ah

eulerscheZahl: there are some many games to play

Washier: just got into breakthrough.

dbdr: hm, made me think of a system where you could promote to various leagues

dbdr: say wood2a and wood2b

eulerscheZahl: what's the point of this?

dbdr: not sure yet, just intriguing

Astrobytes: meta leagues? Is this like you satying at level 42a, 42b etc? :)

Astrobytes: *staying

dbdr: probably inspiried by the quest map, where there are branches

Astrobytes: Each wood league can have a cotton league, stone league and paper league

dbdr: actually go would be good for it: you could improve your 9x9 skills, or improve on larger boards

dbdr: it's orthogonal

eulerscheZahl: Bob just made that 2 different games

dbdr: yeah, but that's a kludge :)

eulerscheZahl: agreed

Default avatar.png JBM: anything's good to get xp

Astrobytes: :smirk:

eulerscheZahl: then create clashes

Default avatar.png JBM: with variants

dbdr: I also read the is a "quantum go" variant, where stones are entangled

Default avatar.png JBM: so they're not so obvious in reverse mode

Default avatar.png JBM: ooooh shiny

dbdr: MSmits would surely master that ;)

Washier: go looks awesome. must ... do it

Astrobytes: Sounds intriguing


Astrobytes: Clever

Washier: <brain explodedes>


dbdr: this looks less like go than like Game of life :D

Astrobytes: lol

Astrobytes: Do you think Quantum Go would be too complicated for CG?

dbdr: I don't pretend to master those rules, but I guess not

dbdr: might be good to keep the board size small though

Washier: was thinking now how you would bitboard 19x19

Astrobytes: Yeah I imagine after actually playing a game or 3 it would be relatively easy to pick it up. There's a weak variant too.

Astrobytes: And yeah, small board for sure

dbdr: what about Many Worlds Quantum Go? ;)

dbdr: number of boards grows exponentially with the turn number

Washier: <exploeded pieces of brain recursively exploding>

PraveenSreepada: Schrodinger would definitely approve :joy:

dbdr: is S a many worlds guy?

dbdr: given CG's history of efficient implementation, sounds like a good idea

dbdr: I guess the boards would soon become sub-pixel size

jacek: ultimate quantum go?

PraveenSreepada: or can navigate across dimensions

Astrobytes: hahaha

Washier: <another recursive explosion>

dbdr: 2021: VR headset becomes required to view replays on CG

Washier: 3d-UTTT

Washier: 256x256x256

Washier: well, (256 x 3)^3

dbdr: qubitboard

dbdr: oh, that's definitely for MSmits

Astrobytes: lol indeed

MSmits: playing dnd atm over google hangouts

MSmits: did someone say uttt

Astrobytes: nice

Astrobytes: Just quantum board games

PraveenSreepada: What is UTTT?

MSmits: oh cool

Astrobytes: Ultimate Tic Tac Toe PraveenSreepada

PraveenSreepada: Oh


jacek: dnd? neeeerd!

MSmits: :nerd:

Washier: 3D UTT

ggamer: i'm starter

ggamer: but i will try my best

jacek: good for you

MrAbdurakhimov: :innocent:

Goku999: ai viet nam k

Dr.Henry: Hello! Rank is every country or All?

TyLuu: @Goku999 join #vn

AntiSquid: weird those other language chats have very short history

eulerscheZahl: the history is also truncated by time, not only messages

eulerscheZahl: there's just so little activity. even happens on #De sometimes

AntiSquid: #jp

AntiSquid: empty

eulerscheZahl: they have twitter

jrke: is there any new update for fall challenge? like starting date etc.

eulerscheZahl: no

inoryy: #ru is never empty :rolling_eyes:

AntiSquid: are there a lot of big protests in germany regarding covid?

AntiSquid: i am not judging them, sweden had no real lockdown, just curious

jacek: euler doesnt answer. that means he's on one

AntiSquid: singing "shine bright like a diamond"

eulerscheZahl: there are some protests. a few people complaining and begging for attention

Marcose: nananana

eulerscheZahl: mixing with right-wing groups. search "Attila Hildmann" for example

eulerscheZahl: wikipedia: "Attila Klaus-Peter Hildmann is a German cookbook author, specializing in vegan recipes, and conspiracy theorist"

eulerscheZahl: didn't even know his very german second name :D

AntiSquid: hi Marcose

AntiSquid: oh damn, i am really good at vegan recipes, i don't really want to be associated with that guy

AntiSquid: attila sounds hungarian as a name, knew a few people with that name

Marcose: Hi

AntiSquid: mmm i see the issue but then again don't like how casually they use the term conspiracy theory, i mean look up project sun-shine

dbdr: yeah, language is imprecise

AntiSquid: in other news Putin president for life lol

jacek: again?

AntiSquid: there was a referendum recently which extended the limit


jacek: good for them

Default avatar.png ivandr: hi gusy I am new for this system

Default avatar.png ivandr: C++ is the best variant

Default avatar.png ivandr: as I understood

Default avatar.png ivandr: yes??

Crazy296: no

Crazy296: there's no such thing as a best variant

Crazy296: but that is a good first language

Default avatar.png ivandr: and what about TLE

Default avatar.png ivandr: do you have any suggestions except C++ and Python (too slow)

inoryy: rust, c#

Default avatar.png ivandr: hmm rust is approximately full analog of C++ but with high syntax defense and sugar, c# - cant see benefits

Default avatar.png ivandr: can you say

Default avatar.png ivandr: benefits above C++

R3Ked: If you need my opinion, I'm using C# because that's what Unity uses

Default avatar.png ivandr: understood - good idea

Default avatar.png ivandr: can anybody say some words about lua

R3Ked: "Hop in, we're gonna find out who asked"

R3Ked: oh whoops

R3Ked: Wasn't insulting lua

R3Ked: Roblox uses it, I think

R3Ked: Make of that what you will

R3Ked: Why does come with syntax errors?

jacek: huh

eulerscheZahl: in which language?

R3Ked: wait, they're gone

jacek: oO



Default avatar.png AggYzz: lua is so nice

Default avatar.png AggYzz: but python is good too

tomatoes: what nice in lua?

EEEEEEEEEEEEE: Can someone help me on the lucky number? Rn my solution involves looping through every number and testing it, but that doesn't work on the really big numbers

Default avatar.png ivandr: can you send a link


eulerscheZahl: i think i'm having a flashback

Counterbalance: yeah ;)

eulerscheZahl: and can you please change your nick back to MostComplicatedUsername?

ivandr: read numbers as string


Counterbalance: argh

DevJ4Y: Ello

ivandr: oh sorry

eulerscheZahl: wrongly including/excluding the limits?

Counterbalance: yeah, must be < vs <=

ivandr: sorry but can any bode say which time limits in lucky time

eulerscheZahl: 1s

ivandr: *lucky numbers

ivandr: ggg

EEEEEEEEEEEEE: Well I keep timing out

ivandr: combinatorics in help

Counterbalance: you can do it in < 1ms

ivandr: I think at list 15

ivandr: ms

Counterbalance: 0.07ms here

ivandr: pretty strong servers

eulerscheZahl: my C# won't be able to compete with you I suppose

eulerscheZahl: VM warmup

Counterbalance: without overhead i'm sure it'll be similar

eulerscheZahl: seems hard to pass all tests and not be close to no time consumed

Laminator: is it some formula

Laminator: range don't work at all

Laminator: using C doesn't help either

johantenhouten: print("Debug messages...", file=sys.stderr, flush=True)

RebellusCamy: Kariin

Default avatar.png LinhT.Nguyen: hahahaahahahh

Default avatar.png LinhT.Nguyen: any cute girl in here?

Default avatar.png LinhT.Nguyen: guess not hahahahaha

Default avatar.png Rosener: lmao

Default avatar.png LinhT.Nguyen: guys what does expected nothing means

Default avatar.png LinhT.Nguyen: even though outputing nothing is not mentioned in description

SPDene: your output was too long: it was expecting ABC and you output ABCD

Default avatar.png LinhT.Nguyen: i see thank you

Default avatar.png TiziToure: hello who can explain me why I don't get my

Default avatar.png TiziToure: 50xp on the battle of clash ?

sayori: ds

sayori: aSD

sayori: X