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Default avatar.png Allison: Hmm... Why isn't 2.47255199914939E+18 smaller than 3.73890469722706E+18?

AbundantPuddle: I feel like that's a trick question...

Default avatar.png Allison: No, serious question... I don't get it. :|

Default avatar.png Allison: Both of them only have 14 numbers following the ., they're both E+18, so why isn't 2.47~ smaller than 3.73?

AbundantPuddle: What language are you using? How are you comparing them? What is the code that you are using to reference them?

AbundantPuddle: When dealing with very high and low numbers, different languages sometimes behave strangely.

Default avatar.png Allison: C#, if(closestDistance < newDistance) closestDistance = newDistance

AbundantPuddle: What type of variable is closestDistance and newDistance?

Default avatar.png Allison: Both doubles.

AbundantPuddle: Yeah, I don't see why they wouldn't compare correctly. Have you tried debugging sections of your code?

Default avatar.png Allison: Yeah. Gonna try changing doubles to floats and see if still upsetti spaghetti...

AbundantPuddle: It's worth a shot. If it's still giving you trouble, I would make sure that those are absolutely the values those variables are getting at that point in the code.

AbundantPuddle: Oh wait, are you sure it's not a logic error?

AbundantPuddle: By the sound of the variables and assigning of the variables, aren't you checking to see if the new variablie is closer than the old one?

AbundantPuddle: if(newDistance < closestDistance) closestDistance = newDistance

Default avatar.png Allison: ..... >.>'

AbundantPuddle: Did that help solve the problem?

Default avatar.png Allison: *checks*

Default avatar.png Allison: I swear I've switched it from > to <

Default avatar.png Allison: andviceversa.

AbundantPuddle: There could be other reasons as well. Just looking at the snippet of code you gave, that's one thing that I would check.

Default avatar.png Allison:

AbundantPuddle: Something in your code is backwards because it's assigning the 5.1... over the 0 as well.

Default avatar.png Allison: Crap, forgot to reassign closest to 999999 before running. xD

Default avatar.png Allison: Alright, so reassigned, here are the results...

Default avatar.png Allison:

AbundantPuddle: Also, I'm not sure if you changed it in the code and just left it in the debug, but you still seem to be comparing closestDistance<newDistance.

Default avatar.png Allison: Yep, I left it like that intentionally. Gonna switch it here in a second.

AbundantPuddle: How are you assigning your variables? I find it odd that when you changed the 0 to 99999, it didn't have any effect on your code.

AbundantPuddle: Which puzzle are you working on?

Default avatar.png Allison: Defibrillators.

Default avatar.png Allison: I'm so freaking confused at this point and may just start over and see if maybe I'm just being dumb.

AbundantPuddle: Okay, I vaguely remember that one, although I did it in Python.

AbundantPuddle: Are you assigning values to variables at multiple places in your code?

Default avatar.png Allison: Hmmmmmmm... Possibly? Let me check something... Looking at this again.... Currently it's trying to say that there's (somehow) well over 10,000 km distance between a single º long/lat.

Default avatar.png Allison: So something is *definitely* off there.

AbundantPuddle: Even if the values weren't assigned correctly, from the debugging code you sent me, it seems like the comparing is not performing properly either, which means it wouldn't ven matter what the values were assigned.

Default avatar.png Allison: Yeah... I'm not sure either why it was being so dumb, but.

Default avatar.png Allison: Fixing the error within the values did seem to fix it.

AbundantPuddle: Is it working now?

Default avatar.png Allison: Yeah. :>

AbundantPuddle: I was just writing up a long winded message. Lol.

Default avatar.png Allison: I forgot to replace the ',' with '.' for the locations.

AbundantPuddle: Well that's good. Glad you got it working.

AbundantPuddle: Oh yeah, that makes sense.

Default avatar.png Allison: Probably made this more complicated than I needed to.. but.

Default avatar.png Allison:

AbundantPuddle: I haven't delved all that much in C# and it's been a while since I've worked in C++ or C, but your code is organized and easy to read, so it's okay in my book. Lol.

Default avatar.png Allison: :>

AbundantPuddle: But I'm heading off. Take it easy. Good luck.

Default avatar.png Allison: Take care, and thanks. :3

AbundantPuddle: No problem.

Bob: joy to the world

Default avatar.png Allison: Yo.

Bob: shi ?

Default avatar.png Allison: How's it going?

Bob: fine

Bob: last day at work before vacation :)

Bob: your code for temperatures isn't all that complicated

Default avatar.png Allison: Temperatures? o _ o;;

MSmits: Bob talking to his imaginary friend

Bob: defibrillators

Bob: not quite awake yet

Default avatar.png Allison: Oh. :D

Default avatar.png Allison: Oki. :P

MSmits: grats on last day btw Bob, great feeling I know :P

Bob: you could skip storing the defibs and just process them on the fly

Default avatar.png Allison: I was just thinking... "There's probably a much easier way to do this...."

MSmits: better tonight even

Bob: there might be more elgant ways to write it but that one's ok

Bob: and it's a good exercise

dbdr: Bob: don't forget to push breaking changes to production a few minutes before leaving

MSmits: lol

Default avatar.png Allison: Now to just figure out this garbage.... =___=

Bob: dbdr :)

Bob: dbdr: this has become harder now that we have pull requests and controlled merge to master

Bob: I'd have to hide somewhere in a bit of obscure code

MSmits: would be easy for me, most of my code is obscure

Bob: in my previous project just anybody could commit to trunk, code review notwithstanding

Bob: and it did happen more often than not where someone would fubar some important section of code bfore going off for 3 or 4 weeks

MSmits: seems dangerous

Default avatar.png Putnam3145: oh my god the puzzle of the week is a sudoku checker

Default avatar.png Putnam3145: i've already written one of those!

Default avatar.png Allison: It wasn't too hard. :>

Default avatar.png Allison: Iunno if mine was any good, but I solved it pretty easily. ^^;;

Default avatar.png Allison: And am super noob.

Bob: I'm pretty sure I submitted something like that as a CoC

Bob: all those years ago

MSmits: when you were young

dbdr: anyone can commit to trunk, but automated tests run, and if they fail that module is not upgraded

dbdr: so it does not affect other modules and releases

dbdr: including the tests of other modules that depend on it

MSmits: that kind of hinges on the quality of those automated tests

dbdr: sure

Bob: boy how many crappy tests have I seen

dbdr: but it scales well

Bob: in our main software, we started doing tests when the software was already 15-20 years old

dbdr: if I have good tests for my module, I don't have to worry that anyone will break my module when changing another one

MSmits: you mean the chance for catastrophic bugs grows slowly with the size of the project, when you say scales well?

Bob: needless to say, most of the tests just check that the code does what it did at the time

Bob: and many of them don't even do it correctly

dbdr: I mean behaves well when the number of modules/programmers grow

MSmits: ah right

dbdr: I can guarantee quality regardless of what other teams do

Bob: this implies people are responsible for some specific section of the code

dbdr: e.g. it's easy to have 3 great programmers, harder to have 100 good ones. so you need some mechanism to prevent mistakes from affecting everyone

dbdr: right. personally I like code ownership

dbdr: and decentralised vs centralized

dbdr: precisely because it scales

Default avatar.png Allison: Ooofs... I'm not even sure where to start with 1D Spreadsheet... D:

MSmits: is that like when you make your excel window so small it only shows 1 row?

Default avatar.png Allison: Easy Puzzle. :\

Default avatar.png Allison:

MSmits: ohh I seem to have solved it

dbdr: MSmits: yeah, we all love the 2D -> 1D transformation :)

Bob: make a function to compute the value of one cell

MSmits: I have a cell class and a double loop with way too many ifs, if that helps

dbdr: cell A(col * 128 + row)

Bob: which parses the content

Bob: gets the contents of the referenced cells, if any, and carries out the operation

MSmits: ah yeah dbdr, you can make anything 1D that way

MSmits: except for infinite spaces

dbdr: you can for infinite too, just not this way

Bob: a cell is basically either a value or an operation with two arguments

MSmits: right

MSmits: let's not get into that :P

Bob: and an argument is either an actual value or the value of another cell

Bob: so make a function to parse and return the value of an argument

Bob: and one to parse and return the value of one cell

dbdr: was it you MSmits who doesn't like these infinite things? :)

MSmits: nah, i just need to do some shopping. I'd like it too much

dbdr: lol

Default avatar.png Allison: Alright.. so, going by the $x, I'm assuming I'm also going to have to store cells as well?

MSmits: ttyl :)

dbdr: just do infinite shopping once and be done with it

MSmits: will do, see you later, when the universe reboots

dbdr: *clue Futurama scene

Bob: I don't remember whether it's mandatory but it will definitely speed things up if you store the value of computed cells

Bob: so you don't have to compute them multiple times

Allis: You either need recursion or a loop that repeatedly runs until all the values have been reified.

Allis: For 1D spreadsheet.

Bob: yes the functions will recurse

Allis: *recur :P

Bob: ok :)

Default avatar.png Allison: Wuuuut. o _o ''

Bob: the statement guarantees no cyclic references however

Default avatar.png Allison: Oh my. xD

Bob: so you don't have to worry about infinite recursion

Allis: Right.

Bob: hmmm

Bob: I'm having an idea for a new puzzle

dbdr: 0D spreadsheet?

Default avatar.png Allison: Plz no. xD

Default avatar.png Allison: Now I wonder what a 3D SS would look like though... O_o

Bob: well, move to nD from 1D isn't really difficult

Bob: it's just a matter of defining and parsing a syntax for the cell coordinates

Bob: it's just like pikaptcha, if you design the first steps correctly, the next ones are super easy

Bob: apart from debugging copy-paste mistakes when changing cube faces :)

Default avatar.png Allison: xD

Default avatar.png Allison: Well, I got up to Backward Dependency to work, but now I'm almost at a loss...

Default avatar.png Allison: This is kind of ebil....

Bob: hmmm not sure what could go wrong

Default avatar.png Allison: I'm thinking... I have a few ideas, but I'm pretty sure I'd probably time it out if I did them...

Bob: the design I have suggested earlier gives few opportunities of making mistakes

Default avatar.png Allison: I'll go back and reread. ; - ;

Default avatar.png Allison: I'm not very smurt. Sorry.

Bob: no it's okay

Bob: consider that a cell is always operation arg1 arg2

Bob: so the function value-of-cell just parses that and you have a simple if that computes the result of the operation

Bob: and then an argument is either an actual value or a reference to another cell

Bob: so there is a function value-of-arg which returns either the value or value-of-cell(reference)

Bob: and that's pretty much it

Default avatar.png Allison: Yeah... The issue I'm running into right now is when they're requesting data that hasn't been assigned yet because of order of loops... :\

Bob: that's where you need to keep a list of computed and not-computed-yet values

Default avatar.png Allison: Yeah.

Default avatar.png Allison: I'm seeing this. <3

Bob: value-of-cell starts by checking whether you do have a value for the cell

Bob: if yes, you return it

Bob: if not, you compute it, store it and return it

Bob: this is probably necessary to not timeout on the last case anyway

Default avatar.png cg99: hello world

Default avatar.png JBM: Password:

LeBaoHoang8A4: Hello, i'm in wood league of Spring challenge. Now i need to control 5 pacs. do they have different pacID?

Bob: yes

LeBaoHoang8A4: thanks

Bob: note that the id is unique *within a team*

Bob: so there are two pacs #0, one for you and one for the opponent

LeBaoHoang8A4: it means that all my pacs have pacID 0?

MSmits: your pacs 0,1,2,3,4

MSmits: his pacs 0,1,2,3,4

MSmits: unique within team means, all different within team

MSmits: but same as other team

MSmits: the input tells you it's your pac, so there is no problem there

LeBaoHoang8A4: ok

MSmits: you can also just error-print the input and you'll see

LeBaoHoang8A4: got it

VirtualAtom: e

VirtualAtom: (oups, sorry, wrong window)

jrke: yeah finished all paths of quest

Bob: gg

jrke: My last quest was 100 achievements out which 7 were left

jrke: i solved Rubik@ in 7 different lang ;)

Bob: you mean not all ?

LeBaoHoang8A4: Hi, how to print the MOVE of all my pacs?

Bob: on one line, separated by |

Default avatar.png JBM: on stdout

Bob: e.g. MOVE 0 27 11 | MOVE 1 5 3 | MOVE 2 17 6 | MOVE 3 5 9

Bob: you can add some text to be displayed after each pac's command, e.g. MOVE 0 27 11 hello | MOVE 1 5 3 world

Bob: you can omit one pac entirely if you don't want it to move for this turn

Default avatar.png Allison:

Default avatar.png Allison: Well, that wasn't what I wanted to happen, but okay. xD

Allis: No, that won't work. If everything is solved, you hit the `continue` every time and thus `unsolved` never gets updated.

Allis: Oh, but that's correct. Then `unsolved` will be false. Sorry, I got confused by the double-negative.

Default avatar.png Allison: Is all good. My apologies for wording it weirdly.

Allis: Easier for me personally to comprehend would be something like `done = true; foreach { if (!x.solved) done = false) }

Default avatar.png Allison: Could just change variable names and make it more consistent. :P

Allis: Either way, you've got the right idea as far as determining when you're finished processing the cells.

Default avatar.png Allison: There's more that's happening after that, just wasn't entirely relevant.

Allis: Yes, of course.

Allis: The part that tripped me up when I thought I had it was that the VALUE operation can take a reference rather than an immediate value, so keep an eye on that.

Allis: It's a really rewarding puzzle to solve, though, so stick with it. You got this! :)

Default avatar.png Allison: I think I got it.

Allis: Awesome.

Default avatar.png Allison: All test cases completed successfully. :>

Default avatar.png Allison: Hecks yeah.

Bob: gg

Default avatar.png HXLYTT: “Timeout: your program did not provide an input in due time. Earth was destroyed!”anyone knows how to solve this??

Default avatar.png Allison: Your loops are taking too long to complete, either you're doing too many loops or you're stuck in an infinite loop.

DomiKo: hi

Default avatar.png HXLYTT: oh

Default avatar.png HXLYTT: thanks

Default avatar.png Allison: Hi hi

jacek: ohai

DomiKo: how is morning going?

Astrobytes: My morning is like a jellyfish

Astrobytes: A bit wobbly but moving forward in a graceful fashion

Default avatar.png Allison: xD

Default avatar.png Allison: I like that allusion.

Default avatar.png Allison: Going okay, how about yourself, Domi?

DomiKo: wow

DomiKo: that that phrase

DomiKo: awesome

DomiKo: my morning equals debugging physic

Astrobytes: Soul destroying?

DomiKo: kinda

DomiKo: but i'm telling myself SCB will be fun...

DomiKo: so at least I have hope :joy:

Astrobytes: SCB?

DomiKo: CSB

DomiKo: *

DomiKo: *

Astrobytes: Ah

Astrobytes: You're trying to get Legend or improve your Legend?

MSmits: CSB is ok. It's just getting the sim right is annoying

Astrobytes: Bit of a pain, yep

DomiKo: yes

DomiKo: ot

DomiKo: it's like i know what my sim should be

DomiKo: should do*

DomiKo: but he's not...

MSmits: my rank hasn't changed for over a year I think

Astrobytes: 5th?

DomiKo: not many people will try that hard

MSmits: 6th

DomiKo: i guess

MSmits: everyone above me is NN

Astrobytes: ah ok

MSmits: feels like oware :P

Astrobytes: Neuman n is NN too?

MSmits: oh

MSmits: not sure

Astrobytes: I thought he did Smitsi, could be wrong

MSmits: that would be cool

MSmits: his previous version was mm I think, but this one must be better

Astrobytes: Yeah, was a while back when I noticed he'd climbed up there, I asked him but I don't remember what he said

MSmits: oh ok

MSmits: 100 more characters of torture in cotr

MSmits: then I have all validators maually solved

MSmits: I blame the quest map

Astrobytes: Oh, I'm not a fan of CotR

MSmits: I like it, but not enough to spend time on an algorithm

MSmits: so I solve all of them manually

MSmits: the first 14 or so are easily done, the last one is 300+ characters

MSmits: so i have to type in a string of like 1500 brainfk instructions

Astrobytes: Whatever works for the quest is fine ;)

MSmits: yeah i beat the quest without the last one, but then i was ranked 361 out of 4k

MSmits: and i guess i can shave a lot of characters off that last validator if i did it manually

MSmits: unfortunately it is the entire text on the ring :P

Astrobytes: Got my quest and ditched it. Put it back on my Really Bored Emergency List. Hopefully I'll never get round to it again

Default avatar.png fuckboiiii: hi

Default avatar.png fuckboiiii: i love you

MSmits: will do that too, once i am done with this line

MSmits: thanks random troll

Astrobytes: 1 week later, running an offline brainfk optimiser...

Astrobytes: :P

MSmits: no no, i am going to try other things after this

Astrobytes: Good

DomiKo: oh yes I found cause of bug

Default avatar.png fuckboiiii: Is this a dating app?

DomiKo: yes man

Astrobytes: Are you gonna play Atari Go?

DomiKo: you can date nice game

Default avatar.png fuckboiiii: i am male

Default avatar.png fuckboiiii: 180 cm

MSmits: not for a long time Astrobytes, it's not high on my list

Default avatar.png fuckboiiii: good looking

MSmits: I got breakthrough before that

Astrobytes: fuckboiiii: do you have anything useful to add to the conversation? Or would you like to be kicked out?

MSmits: you have to kick yourself for bad language if you say his name

Astrobytes: Ah, the big board size putting you off of Go?

MSmits: kinda, i have no idea what to do there

MSmits: dont want to go down the go rabbit-hole

Default avatar.png fuckboiiii: we are the world

Astrobytes: I'm just learning

Default avatar.png fuckboiiii: I love mankind

MSmits: othello was much easier, at least to get a working bot. I just have 7 parameters and thats it

Default avatar.png fuckboiiii: hello world

Default avatar.png fuckboiiii: i am god

Astrobytes: Want a free ban?

MSmits: think you can kick him Astrobytes

Astrobytes: I did

MSmits: ah ok

MSmits: gj

Astrobytes: Banned

dbdr: damn, missed my chance to try my inaugurate my mod rights :D

MSmits: :(

DomiKo: close

dbdr: Astro did it by the book, warn, kick, ban

MSmits: he's a by the book kinda guy

MSmits: me too

dbdr: ah, no, kick, warn, ban

MSmits: on yavalath

MSmits: oware

dbdr: that's wrong. burn him!

MSmits: uttt

dbdr: or rather, ban ;)

MSmits: he said a bad word too

MSmits: do you see a history of mod actions dbdr?

MSmits: or are you just inferring this from the chat?:

dbdr: it's on the webchat

MSmits: oh ok

dbdr: " fuckboiiii has been kicked by Astrobytes."

MSmits: now you said the bad word too :(

dbdr: dark gray en darker gray :)

dbdr: oh I see. I didn't even notice it I think

dbdr: what word MSmits?

MSmits: the name

MSmits: of the troll

dbdr: what name?

Default avatar.png Allison: Oh, I didn't see any of that, I just saw him getting kicked... Assumed it was due to name.

MSmits: I've got brain

dbdr: :P

dbdr: more than me

jacek: coitusboii

MSmits: coïtus

dbdr: I think beahviour was more problematic than just the name

MSmits: the name was a nice hint

dbdr: true

MSmits: btw, what kind of algo did you use for cotr dbdr?

MSmits: ?

MSmits: just wondering, not gonna try it myself

MSmits: ack, my handtyped solution for the last validator is so long, it's messing up the language assist colouring

MSmits: 20 more words to go

dbdr: you did it by hand???

MSmits: yeppers

MSmits: 1 more

dbdr: beam search, if I remember well

MSmits: all other validators solved

dbdr: what's wrong with you? ;)

MSmits: dunno, it's the fault of the quest map

MSmits: i was trying to get it under 6k

dbdr: I mean, why by hand

MSmits: and when i did, there was just this last validator left

dbdr: you of all people

MSmits: because I had 2 paths. To get a solution better than a handmade solution would actually require more time I think

MSmits: it's not that easy

dbdr: you need to metamcts this cotr ;)

MSmits: I can get top 50 I bet, with handmade

dbdr: probably

dbdr: not sure it takes less time though

MSmits: for me it will

dbdr: but also depends how you feel, that's fine

MSmits: I dont have a ready made solution for optimization

dbdr: true, it's different from multis, so maybe more time to get productive

dbdr: it was my first, IITC

MSmits: like ga, sa, never written a working one

dbdr: IIRC

dbdr: but beamsearch you have ;)

MSmits: sure, but i didnt even think of that

jacek: you never did GA? D:

MSmits: nope

MSmits: i was gonna do sa first, because i fully understand it

MSmits: seems easy

MSmits: but havent gotten around to that

MSmits: ga seems messy, too much to experiment with

MSmits: I like my parameter space smaller

dbdr: just ga your ga parameters

MSmits: lol

dbdr: its gas all the way down

MSmits: that's a discworld reference?

MSmits: turtles?

jacek: i was briefly hooked to swarm particle optimization but many places have different implementation detaisl

dbdr: yeah

jacek: and it also has paraemeters, so meh

Astrobytes: I did warn, kick, warn ban btw actually

dbdr: turtles

dbdr: don't know about discworld

MSmits: ah yes its not discworld

dbdr: ah, even better Astrobytes :+1: :)

MSmits: discworld does have a bunch of turtles stacked

MSmits: but not infinite

Default avatar.png Allison: I want turtles... :O

dbdr: noob

SPDene: why did I read the "gas" in "gas all the way down" as the plural of "ga"? I think I'm coding too much!

dbdr: lol SPDene

DomiKo: MSmuts you have to try GA

Astrobytes: lol

MSmits: yeah that is a sure sigh

MSmits: sign

DomiKo: it's so much fun

dbdr: I noticed it and decided to keep it for fun

MSmits: why is it fun?

DomiKo: more parameters => more fun

MSmits: maybe i need a template to mess around with

Default avatar.png Allison: As long as it's not LiveCode....

dbdr: a physicist might understand "gas all the way down" in a different way

dbdr: if we had one

MSmits: yea

MSmits: maybe also a intestinal physician

dbdr: which might be true cosmologically?

dbdr: yeah

SPDene: oh, so you're not talking about a parachutist who ate beans for breakfast? :P

MSmits: ah thats both

dbdr: problem is gas is not well defined I guess

MSmits: never heard a cosmologist say, gas all the way down

MSmits: and they say a lot of weird stuff

dbdr: once the pressure gets too low to make sense statitically

MSmits: density mostly

dbdr: right

MSmits: well the laws are statistical

MSmits: so timescales would just be longer

MSmits: less collisions, so takes a lot of time to get some kind of equilibrium after a disturbance

MSmits: maybe it's more a matter of how many particles you have, because if you make the space small enough, no density is going to give you working statistical physics

MSmits: and if you make it large enough and wait long enough any density > 0 works

MSmits: damnit dbdr, i need to finish my ring sentence :P

dbdr: competition happens at all levels, including distracting on chat ;)

dbdr: reminds me I need to retake #1 on CotR

MSmits: so who made us obsess over that ascii game last night?

dbdr: :innocent:

MSmits: lol

MSmits: btw, that last validator is pretty lazy. They just did the ring sentence and introduce 2 typos

Default avatar.png Allison: Any of the easy puzzles any of you would recommend I hate myself while trying to accomplish?

MSmits: did you do the batman?

MSmits: its officially medium

MSmits: but its pretty easy

Default avatar.png Allison: Shadows of the Knight?

MSmits: yes

Default avatar.png Allison: I will try it.....

MSmits: it's fun

MSmits: and you get graphics

Default avatar.png Allison: I'm bad at these.... xD

MSmits: you should do all the classic puzzles with graphics

MSmits: the skynet ones are cool too

MSmits: bit harder

MSmits: very good practice though

MSmits: for learning searches

DomiKo: is there any rule for what time you will advance to next league?

Astrobytes: is it CSB?

MSmits: probably, dont know exactly

DomiKo: yes

Astrobytes: oh no

DomiKo: long time?

Astrobytes: Yeah at least a few hours

MSmits: i remember being relieved

MSmits: ohh, i can finally sleep

MSmits: and then i woke up and was top 5 :P

DomiKo: wow

Astrobytes: mine was on a Saturday, in the summer, late afternoon/early evening

MSmits: DomiKo this was when the NN's werent here

Default avatar.png Allison: I hate you MS. xD

DomiKo: wish me luck

MSmits: I spent 2 months after this trying to beat this 1 guy with a super minimax

MSmits: but his bot is no longer alive

DomiKo: still have some bugs

Astrobytes: ah pen

MSmits: yes :(

MSmits: he should be up there

DomiKo: legend is so big

MSmits: yeah

DomiKo: i'm wondering where i will be

DomiKo: it's the best part

MSmits: the interesting part about csb is that small differences in bot strength lead to 100% winrates

DomiKo: when advancing

DomiKo: yes

DomiKo: actualy true

MSmits: so if you're weaker than someone else, you'll probably lose everything

MSmits: at the top we had brackets of maybe 3-4 players that dont always beat one another and beat everyone below them

DomiKo: really excited

MSmits: several of those brackets, they are like whole leagues

Astrobytes: There are mini-leagues the whole way up CSB legend

DomiKo: sounds fun

MSmits: sure, it's not really my kind of game, but some parts of it are definitely fun

DomiKo: graphics is super coooll

MSmits: yeah

DomiKo: i like showing my replays to friends

Astrobytes: What are you using for CSB DomiKo?

DomiKo: GA

MSmits: btw, once you have the sim down good, you can also try bit runner 2k

Astrobytes: Cool

Astrobytes: Yeah, BR2K is awesome

DomiKo: yes i will

MSmits: never got to highest league there

Default avatar.png Allison: I definitely don't know where to start with this one, MSmits... :\ I'm such a noob...

MSmits: you mean batman?

Astrobytes: I must get back to BR at some point

Default avatar.png Allison: Yeah...

MSmits: you need binary search Allison

Astrobytes: Batman?

MSmits: jump to the space between the current position and the edge of the map

Astrobytes: Oh Shadows of the Knight

MSmits: so if you're at x = 3

MSmits: and the bomb is to the right and the max for x = 10

MSmits: 3 + 10/2 = 6

MSmits: you jump to x = 6

MSmits: put some parentheses in there

Default avatar.png Allison: Hmmm... Oki.

MSmits: (3+10)/2

MSmits: do this for x and y both

MSmits: also, remember y increases downwards

MSmits: so south = higher y

Default avatar.png Allison: Kk... Let's see if I can figure dis out. :O

MSmits: this is actually how I learned the algorithm binary search

MSmits: never heard of it before

DomiKo: never heard of "guessing the hidden number?"

MSmits: nah

MSmits: except if you mean mastermind, i knew that, but thats different

DomiKo: it's like the little game

MSmits: i know it now DomiKo

MSmits: it's how i teach binary search to students

DomiKo: lag*

MSmits: i give them batman if they're bored after finishing all other assignments

DomiKo: sometimes CG chat lag is huge for me i guess

MSmits: some of my students solved it

MSmits: yeah sometimes it is

Astrobytes: yep

Scarfield: you need to exclude as many possible cell positions as possible for each jump. you get the bombs relative postition to batman, so each time you want to go to the middle of your current not-yet-excluded cells (rows and columns)

MSmits: lagField ?

MSmits: nice explanation though

Scarfield: SlowField is soon my nick :p

Astrobytes: :D

MSmits: hehe

Default avatar.png Allison: SlowLagField? :>

Scarfield: yea i felt an explanation was better than only the process

MSmits: Allison if you cant figure out batman, you can always try other easy puzzles. It's not hard but there are easier ones. It's not my intention to discourage you

Default avatar.png Allison: I'm not easy to discourage. :>

MSmits: good :)

Astrobytes: Excellent attitude :+1:

MSmits: me neither... I've never given up on a puzzle yet, but some did take me a day or two

Scarfield: and a tip, i didnt notice the "external ressources" links for puzzles when i started here. Before clicking solve it, there are links for the intended algorithms/approaches to thepuzzles intent

MSmits: for some reason marslander 2 was really really hard for me

Default avatar.png Allison: If I find a task daunting within regards to programming, I either A: look up ways to do part of what I'm looking to do...

Scarfield: or /flip

Scarfield: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Default avatar.png Allison: B: Work on something else for a while that may have similar concepts; C: Ask someone if they may be able to assist me in understanding....

Default avatar.png Allison: Or D: As a last resort, look at someone else's method and try to understand what they did and why.

MSmits: batman is googleable, but do that as a last resort

MSmits: i had one student plagiarizing it

MSmits: then I asked him to explain to me how the solution works :grin:

Default avatar.png Allison: Yeah, not looking to have answers given to me unless I absolutely just can't wrap my head around it.

Default avatar.png Allison: xD

Astrobytes: Nice. That or boiling oil would do the trick.

Default avatar.png Allison: And he was like, "Uh... Iunno... "

MSmits: exactly

MSmits: I think it was even stupider

MSmits: I think he said something like: umm, the website didnt explain how it works

Astrobytes: That's why you need the boiling oil.

Scarfield: boiling oil?

MSmits: hmm i would have to check the teachers manual. I don't think the boiling oil is in there

Astrobytes: Torture may be illegal but hey, it works :)

Astrobytes: (I am kidding)

MSmits: lol

Scarfield: oh thought it was some expression xD

DomiKo: 97% CSB lets see how much i have to wait :joy:

Astrobytes: This is the sort of stuff my highschool teachers used to come out with

MSmits: if you have to explain that you're kidding about torture, you're in a really weird place Astrobytes

Astrobytes: LOL

Scarfield: yea UK has changed lately :p

DomiKo: 1:02 :open_mouth:

MSmits: 1 hr 2 minutes?

Astrobytes: No, not changed. Just not bothering to hide things any more Scarfield

DomiKo: yes

DomiKo: only 1H wow

MSmits: thats not bad

MSmits: i think i had to wait over 4 hrs

Astrobytes: That's not bad at all, I waited 5 or 6 hrs

DomiKo: the worst one for me was 6H

MSmits: oh... are you on an all-legend spree?

DomiKo: I'am on road to guru

dbdr: it's Legend all the way up

MSmits: ahh I see

MSmits: I was gonna say we could always use more gurus

MSmits: but we never get more gurus

Scarfield: xD

DomiKo: xD

DomiKo: personal challange to reach guru before new semester

MSmits: you're going to steal someone else's guru

DomiKo: :(

MSmits: dont you feel bad about that?

DomiKo: mayby 101 will be ok too?

MSmits: sure

MSmits: if you want to be a measly grandmaster

DomiKo: the best grandmaster?

DomiKo: is this a thing?

MSmits: thats true

Scarfield: the grandest?

DomiKo: grandgrandaster?


MSmits: you can use this too

MSmits: though i dont know when it was last updated

DomiKo: iam using this for multi

DomiKo: watching winrate is so useful

MSmits: thats cg stats right?

DomiKo: yes


MSmits: i added your profile id

MSmits: check where you're missing points

DomiKo: Atari is second in less missing

DomiKo: and i have 0 points

DomiKo: lol

DomiKo: i still have a lot 0points games

MSmits: yeah me too though

MSmits: I played about half

MSmits: you can be guru playing about a quarter of them I think

MSmits: contests help too

DomiKo: yea

DomiKo: i have 45K and i need 68K

MSmits: 5-6 multis

DomiKo: it's doable

MSmits: or 50 clashes and 4-5 multis

MSmits: unless you already did that

DomiKo: I'm clashing since 2018 i guess

Default avatar.png JollyGood: hi i have a question, im new

MSmits: ohh ok, I've been clashing 2 days total, sometime early this week

Default avatar.png JollyGood: is it OK to copy paste code from internet?

Default avatar.png JollyGood: for any challenge

Astrobytes: No.

MSmits: well...

Default avatar.png JollyGood: not even a part?

Astrobytes: Why would you do such a thing?

Default avatar.png JollyGood: like, a small part

MSmits: need to make this more specific

Default avatar.png JollyGood: no, I just wanna know

PlungeDominick: This clash's test cases are horrendous

SPDene: hmm. so somehow the width of the CG IDE has changed, such that O can only see the code window if I drag the browser over 2 monitors. clearing cookies didn't fix it. anyone seen this before?

MSmits: you can take algorithms from internet

Astrobytes: hehe, as long as you don't copy a full solution

Default avatar.png JollyGood: yeah thats what I was asking

MSmits: adapt them

MSmits: thats fine

Default avatar.png JollyGood: okay thanks

MSmits: but some people shared whole bots on google, thats not ok

Default avatar.png JollyGood: uhhh

Astrobytes: Yep, you'll find new algorithms and want to apply them, so definitely do that

Default avatar.png JollyGood: yeah, cz no point wasting time inventing an algorithm when its already there on internet right

Astrobytes: Well, you're gonna want to understand it too

Default avatar.png JollyGood: well, yeah

Astrobytes: So you can code it by yourself in the future

DomiKo: you can invent sth for specific game

Default avatar.png JollyGood: hmm

DomiKo: so you need to really understand what you are doing

DomiKo: and why

Default avatar.png JollyGood: true

Default avatar.png JollyGood: okay thanks

Astrobytes: Yup, sometimes you can adapt algorithms for specific purposes, and ... yeah what DomiKo said :)

Default avatar.png JollyGood: got it

Scarfield: i have recoded the same search algo 3 times now for different multies. It has gotten neater and faster each time, and i learned a lot, instead of just copy pasting it. 10/10 would recommend

Default avatar.png JollyGood: ohhh

MSmits: same

Default avatar.png JollyGood: so you took a lot of time the first time right

DomiKo: every time

Scarfield: looked at my Bandas bot the other day, yuk :p

Default avatar.png JollyGood: i just got my first software engineering job and, ii feel like my code is so messy, and I take a lot of time to do something when trying on my own

MSmits: however, this is most noticable when the search is a large part of your bot. Some multis have a 600 line simulation. Then it's nice to have a search ready but you'll spend more time with the sim

MSmits: board games have a simple sim, so the search takes the most time there

Scarfield: yea the first time took the longest, now i feel like i almost know it by heart :p

Default avatar.png JollyGood: ohhh

Default avatar.png JollyGood: so it's normal to feel like

Default avatar.png JollyGood: I suck?

Default avatar.png JollyGood: when trying for first time

Default avatar.png JollyGood: i mean

Astrobytes: Of course! That happens

MSmits: isnt it always like that?

Default avatar.png JollyGood: like i constantly have doubts T.T

Default avatar.png JollyGood: yeah but

MSmits: with everything you learn?

Default avatar.png JollyGood: most of the ppl around me, they do it so fast (they r more experienced than me though)

DomiKo: man

DomiKo: i still suck

Default avatar.png JollyGood: aww

MSmits: I sucked when i got here 2 yrs ago

Default avatar.png JollyGood: sometiems I feeel like i should change careers, I hate not knowing something

Astrobytes: Your confidence will grow the more you do it but you'll still feel like you're sucking at it sometimes

Default avatar.png JollyGood: ahhh

MSmits: understood basic coding, no algorithms

MSmits: and physics ofc

Default avatar.png JollyGood: so its common this feeling

Default avatar.png JollyGood: thtas why I came here

DomiKo: yes

DomiKo: but

Default avatar.png JollyGood: i want to impove

Default avatar.png JollyGood: *improve

DomiKo: that is key

MSmits: good place to be

Astrobytes: 100%

DomiKo: if you want to improve you will be good

Default avatar.png JollyGood: and it's nice to find a community like this

Default avatar.png JollyGood: awww

DomiKo: this comunity is soooo goood

Astrobytes: Yep. You get out what you put into it.

Default avatar.png JollyGood: I hope so too

MSmits: you do need to know a single language fairly well. Loops and conditions and all that

Default avatar.png JollyGood: hmm

MSmits: but once you have that, you can learn the rest here

DomiKo: and then some opti trick

Default avatar.png JollyGood: i see

DomiKo: in that language

Scarfield: and if you wanna improve, i suggest not copy pasting at all :)

Default avatar.png JollyGood: so first I should master one language?

Default avatar.png JollyGood: haha

MSmits: not master

Default avatar.png JollyGood: okay then I'll try

MSmits: i havent mastered any language

MSmits: just be able to use it

Default avatar.png JollyGood: oh :/

MSmits: the simple stuff

MSmits: i'd suggest python

DomiKo: mastering language is weird phrase

Default avatar.png JollyGood: realllyy

MSmits: easiest if you know nothing

MSmits: if you already know a language, do that one first

Default avatar.png JollyGood: ok so best to stick to one language first right

Default avatar.png JollyGood: ill try python then, thanks

MSmits: at some point you'll want a fast language for some specific purposes, you can always learn one of those then

MSmits: but they are usually much harder to learn

Default avatar.png JollyGood: ah

Default avatar.png JollyGood: >.<

MSmits: its not needed for many things

MSmits: all puzzles can be done with python

MSmits: over half the multis also

MSmits: clashes

MSmits: etc.

MSmits: so python is fine

MSmits: i use it too

Default avatar.png JollyGood: yeah, i saw python is most popular language out there

Default avatar.png JollyGood: thanks all for your advice!!!

MSmits: yeah, its just not the best choice for bots that require millions of simulations per second

Default avatar.png JollyGood: oh

Default avatar.png JollyGood: then what is?

MSmits: but there isnt anythign like that needed for you any time soon

Default avatar.png JollyGood: C++?

MSmits: or Rust

Default avatar.png JollyGood: ah

MSmits: or for somewhat slower, but easier, C# or java

MSmits: or Go

Default avatar.png JollyGood: hmm

MSmits: algorithms are almost always more important than the speed of your language

Default avatar.png JollyGood: then it's easier to code right

MSmits: and typing a python program will generally be 3-5 times faster to do than doing the same in c++ etc.

MSmits: thats what i mean yes

Default avatar.png JollyGood: ahhhh ok understood

MSmits: python is easy to code in

MSmits: C#/java also, but python is more beginner friendly

Default avatar.png JollyGood: niiice

Default avatar.png JollyGood: I'll try python

MSmits: rule of thumb, the easier it is to code in a language, the less optimized your code will be

MSmits: not a general truth, but a rule of thumb

Default avatar.png JollyGood: i see

MSmits: but if you dont need optimized code....

Default avatar.png JollyGood: yep, got it

PlungeDominick: or if you wanna lose shortest clashes

Default avatar.png JollyGood: jeez, learned so much just from yall, than textbooks. thanks!!!

MSmits: np

jacek: rust eh?

PlungeDominick: rust :flushed:

MSmits: rust is just as fast as c++ isnt it?

Default avatar.png Putnam3145: yes

Default avatar.png TonIsHere: is lua good to learn?

Default avatar.png Putnam3145: yes

Default avatar.png TonIsHere: i want a sugg

Default avatar.png TonIsHere: oh ok]

Default avatar.png Putnam3145: well, rather, what are you planning to use it for

MSmits: is lua good to learn if you have the choice between python and lua?

Default avatar.png Putnam3145: it's good at one thing, and EXTREMELY good at it

MSmits: whats that?

Default avatar.png Putnam3145: and that thing is acting as an embedded scripting language

Default avatar.png Putnam3145: it's very small and rather fast

Default avatar.png Putnam3145: personally I've mostly only used it for, weirdly enough, memory hacking APIs

Default avatar.png Putnam3145: like, completely disparate ones that decided to use Lua independently

Default avatar.png Putnam3145: Bizhawk and DFHack in particular

Default avatar.png TonIsHere: Most ppl use lua to hax

PlungeDominick: oh god

Default avatar.png Putnam3145: i think cheat engine has support too?

Default avatar.png Putnam3145: which is another memory hacking library

Default avatar.png Putnam3145: or application rather

Default avatar.png Putnam3145: I've never used it

Magus: I read that Rust is a little slower than C++, but Rust features for multithread code are so damn good that the benefit is above the performances need in many cases

Magus: but i never benchmarked anything myself between the 2 languages

Default avatar.png Putnam3145: I actually wrote some multithreaded C++ earlier today

Default avatar.png Putnam3145: ...and working in a sort of terrible DLL hook situation where I'm dealing with memory managed by another game engine, and if I ever try to do anything at all with any of that memory I instantly get a segfault

Magus: but for CG, since we don't have optimizations flags for many languages, i can't really say what is faster between C++ and Rust

Default avatar.png Putnam3145: I'm using D cause I'm an obsessive with it

Magus: i think is faster since we can have the pragmas and we are one threaded

Magus: *i think C++ is faster

MSmits: i was more thinking about order of magnitude

MSmits: c++ and rust are the same in that sense

MSmits: C# and java and go are on a lower level

Magus: yes

MSmits: what other languages are on the same level with C++ and rust? Besides C ?


Default avatar.png Allison: Alright.. Getting screwed over on Tower and above for testing things....

Magus: it seems than Rust can effectively compare to C++ in performance. I suppose some will says that C++ g++ is bad and slow, but i can't really find other sources :D

RoboStac: rust / c++ performance is basically identical these days. The biggest difference in benchmarks tends to be differences in data structures used in the standard library

MSmits: ah ok

RoboStac: (eg c++ map / unordered_map have restrictions that mean they can never be very fast)

MSmits: do you guys know other languages with comparable speed?

Magus: i don't know anything except C++/C/Rust for performances

MSmits: hmm ok, that makes Rust a lot more interesting to learn

MSmits: if there is not much alternative

RoboStac: just be prepared for pain using rust on cg as you can't force optimisation in the ide

MSmits: yeah I know =/

jacek: i have a great idea. lets turn on rust optimization in ide and turn off in submits

Default avatar.png Putnam3145: D

jacek: and let the rusters go wtf

Default avatar.png Putnam3145: is pretty dang fast

Default avatar.png Putnam3145: mostly when using LDC though

MSmits: lol

Default avatar.png Putnam3145: also if you like

Default avatar.png Putnam3145: know how to finagle the GC

Default avatar.png Putnam3145: which is a bit of an ordeal

Default avatar.png Allison: MSmits, am I going to need an offset, too?

MSmits: for batman?>

Default avatar.png Allison: Yeah.

MSmits: you need to keep track of your own position

MSmits: every time you output it

MSmits: so store your new position

MSmits: so that you can calculate the new position to jump to

MSmits: the output is not relative

MSmits: you output absolute coordinates

Scarfield: try and make a simple drawing of the process of a few turns ;)

MSmits: yeah, that helps

Default avatar.png Allison: Oooh... wait....

MSmits: dbdr, made rank 48 with handcrafted solutions :)

MSmits: lucky guess with that top 50 :)

MSmits: 3474 total score

MSmits: that means I typed 3474 characters by hand =/

Scarfield: those poor 2 fingers :p

MSmits: hehe

MSmits: It's not actually a bad thing to do if you want to test a GA or SA, makes for a good benchmark

MSmits: or beamsearch or whatever

DomiKo: MSmits 3K chars really...

Default avatar.png TonIsHere: hi

DomiKo: so lets the submit in legend begin!

dbdr: gz MSmits

LeBaoHoang8A4: Hello, in wood1 league in Spring challenge they say i need to control 5 pacs but why PINKY(BOSS) controls 2 pacs?

Default avatar.png JBM: what a loser

LeBaoHoang8A4: me?

Default avatar.png JBM: pinky

LeBaoHoang8A4: but why?

LeBaoHoang8A4: Why PINKY controls 2?

Default avatar.png JBM: don't ask me

Default avatar.png Schwase: lollll

LeBaoHoang8A4: HAHA

SPDene: but why shouldn't we ask you JBM? :P

RoboStac: you both have the same number at the start - 5 is the maximum

Default avatar.png Schwase: jbm only takes responsibility for his monstrosities, not anyone else's

Default avatar.png JBM: exactly

LeBaoHoang8A4: OH GOSH

Default avatar.png Schwase: im doing firmware development and after 3 weeks of having v115 i received v116 to test and today i got v117 lol

Default avatar.png Schwase: thanks for the interval testing material

Default avatar.png Schwase: literally 2 in 2 days

Default avatar.png Schwase: "it should be ready tomorrow"

Default avatar.png Schwase: coders last words

LeBaoHoang8A4: But why when i test my code, PINKY has 2 pacs

LeBaoHoang8A4: RoboStac 07:31PM you both have the same number at the start - 5 is the maximum

SPDene: I'm just guessing, but probably something to do with the number of pacs :)

LeBaoHoang8A4: you mean i can have 2 or 3?

MSmits: or 4

LeBaoHoang8A4: yep

LeBaoHoang8A4: haha

SPDene: it says "you will control up to 5 pacs" in the rules

LeBaoHoang8A4: whatever

MSmits: that's actually a wrong statement

MSmits: it should be 1 to 5

LeBaoHoang8A4: OH

MSmits: or is it 2?

SPDene: to me, thaat's what "up to 5" means

LeBaoHoang8A4: OH man, this is hard

MSmits: LeBaoHoang8A4 spring challenge is definitely not the easiest multi to pick if you're a beginner

LeBaoHoang8A4: OK

TheBarnacle: Is there any way to measure small gains on the coders-strike-back puzzle? Or is the only way to measure improvement to beat the boss?

TheBarnacle: I don't see a timer or anything

MSmits: you can count the frames

TheBarnacle: Ohhh, thank you!

MSmits: np

LeBaoHoang8A4: Hey MSmits, how can you color your letters?

MSmits: i dont, you just see it that way when your name is in the statement

MSmits: LeBaoHoang8A4

MSmits: type my name fast by starting the word and finishing with tab key

LeBaoHoang8A4: let me try

LeBaoHoang8A4: MSmits

MSmits: i see that as red

MSmits: you dont

MSmits: MSmits

Astrobytes: LeBaoHoang8A4

LeBaoHoang8A4: wow

Astrobytes: LeBaoHoang8A4

Astrobytes: LeBaoHoang8A4

MSmits: you dont see your own name in red apparently

Astrobytes: Indeed.

MSmits: if you type it

LeBaoHoang8A4: Astrobytes

MSmits: shame, i wanted to ping myself

LeBaoHoang8A4: haha

Astrobytes: Yep LeBaoHoang8A4.

LeBaoHoang8A4: when was you guys learning to code?

TheSpiffiest: 1988? :P

LeBaoHoang8A4: 2020

MSmits: I think I learned somewhat over the course of 2010-2017 by doing modding for games and learned most of the rest (which is most) here on CG

LeBaoHoang8A4: so long, i've learned for 6 months

TheSpiffiest: It's silly. I've got 30 years experience in something that takes 3 years to master.

MSmits: the yoyo?

LeBaoHoang8A4: whut?

MSmits: oh wait you're still talking about coding :P

LeBaoHoang8A4: HAHA

LeBaoHoang8A4: You guys are grown up, i don't see any people at my age

MSmits: hmm

MSmits: well half of them are trolls and they get banned :P

LeBaoHoang8A4: let me guess, you are 30?

MSmits: almost 40

MSmits: februari will be 40

MSmits: we have young players too

MSmits: many around 20 I think, students

MSmits: some younger ones too

LeBaoHoang8A4: almost 14 October i will be 14

MSmits: yeah thats young for CG, but you're not unique for sure

Astrobytes: jrke is 12 or 13

wlesavo: wow, MSmits actually quite young, i thought you close to 50th

MSmits: haha just spiritually :P

wlesavo: lol

Astrobytes: I'm 37 but feel 67

Scarfield: his avatar is not a picture of him :p

LeBaoHoang8A4: OH MAN, sorry for you

LeBaoHoang8A4: his cat

Scarfield: btw le 'stro, any news about your back?

MSmits: it's not a beheaded ca i think LeBaoHoang8A4

MSmits: cat

wlesavo: Scarfield :grinning:

MSmits: just looks that way

Astrobytes: Still waiting on bone density scan Scarfield, but I have some new medication which is helping a little bit better

MSmits: but they will do surgery for sure?

Scarfield: thats nice at least

MSmits: just a matter of time?

Astrobytes: I don't know MSmits

MSmits: hm ok

Astrobytes: The primary objective rn is to find out why I have osteoporosis at the age of 37

Scarfield: do you know its osteoporosis yet?

MSmits: oh i didnt know it was that

Scarfield: i thought you needed the density scan to be sure of that?

Astrobytes: Yes I do, but it's still the prime suspect

LeBaoHoang8A4: go to the doctor for sure

MSmits: he did

Astrobytes: LeBaoHoang8A4 I certainly have been

MSmits: he's been dealing with this for months

LeBaoHoang8A4: ok

LeBaoHoang8A4: i'm sorry

Astrobytes: No need! I'm alive :)

MSmits: Astrobytes so it wasnt caused by something you did wrong in the garden or anything, there was an underlying condition

Astrobytes: Yes MSmits

LeBaoHoang8A4: :wink:

LeBaoHoang8A4: wanna to join a clash of codw?

LeBaoHoang8A4: *code

Default avatar.png JBM: BAN

LeBaoHoang8A4: PLEASE NO

LeBaoHoang8A4: HAHAHA

Scarfield: oof, you are new here. Clash of code is not popular among regular users ;)

LeBaoHoang8A4: yeah i know

LeBaoHoang8A4: just for fun

Default avatar.png JBM: it's not clash of code so much as talking about it in #general

DomiKo: i will join!

LeBaoHoang8A4: OH DOMIKO

Scarfield: i have no issue with someone asking about it, but posting links can be annoying

LeBaoHoang8A4: yep

Astrobytes: Yep, send invites in PM

Default avatar.png JBM: to that euler guy

TheSpiffiest: So one thing - when you do clash of code, share your code

TheSpiffiest: Then others can learn from you.

Default avatar.png JBM: that part still is weird to me

TheSpiffiest: DomiKo beat me by 30 characters, but we don't know what he did. Likely map/reduce tricks

Astrobytes: Same.

Astrobytes: Not very competitive if you all see each others code

jacek: what if hes ashamed of his code

DomiKo: which clash?

jacek: as he should be

TheSpiffiest: Ha! gotta protect those imaginary points you get here? :)

Astrobytes: I solved the clashing problems by not clashing.

Default avatar.png JBM: indeed you do

DomiKo: i have auto share option on my profile

DomiKo: dont know we it didnt work

Astrobytes: Think you gotta do it manually in clashes DomiKo

Uljahn: it works for puzzles only


DomiKo: so this "view code" is fake

DomiKo: good to know

jacek: you can always see your code

RoboStac: you can view it, but until you click the share button no-one else can

Astrobytes: If you click share it activates it for otheres

jacek: wait, we can choose not to share puzzle code?

DomiKo: rly?

Astrobytes: Yes jacek

Astrobytes: Yes DomiKo

DomiKo: ohhh

DomiKo: TheSpiffiest tranlate

DomiKo: to can google it


DomiKo: now you can see it

DomiKo: i guess

TheSpiffiest: Ah, cool.

TheSpiffiest: Yeah see I had no idea that function existed.

Uljahn: which one?

TheSpiffiest: python3 - string maketrans

TheSpiffiest: But I know C, C++, Python, JAVA, Lua, C#, VB.NET, JavaScript, Ruby, R etc

DomiKo: if you want do sth in python

DomiKo: you must know one thing

TheSpiffiest: So I suck in many languages

DomiKo: there is a function for it

TheSpiffiest: but I'm not great at any

TheSpiffiest: Thank you for sharing DomiKo

TheSpiffiest: I like this site over HackerRank because it saves my code. I can solve the problem in Java, then go back and solve it in Ruby

TheSpiffiest: HackerRank you solve the problem and the code gets deleted.

TheSpiffiest: This is educational, plus I love the visualization of the robots and drone games

Astrobytes: It's a bit less dry than some other sites

DomiKo: wow

DomiKo: hard faster clash

DomiKo: math is hard

DomiKo: can i report clash?

DomiKo: or check if there is bug?

dbdr: DomiKo: there is a button to report the clash

dbdr: "I had a problem with this clash", sth like that

DomiKo: yea i see

jacek: you can give feedback

DomiKo: oh yes i will

DomiKo: clashes for fiding pattern in math problem

DomiKo: is not cool

TheSpiffiest: Interesting thing though Amazon asks you to take a test on during their interview process

TheSpiffiest: and google has used

TheSpiffiest: Although they are kind of bizarre in their interview process. You'll be given problems that you can't possibly solve.

Astrobytes: Google use leetcode too

Astrobytes: Evaluating your approach to solving the problem no doubt

TheSpiffiest: Yep. I've got interview 5 today so stuff like this is actually my homework

DomiKo: i believe that they are using only easy/medium tasks from this sites

TheSpiffiest: I feel like an idiot. I haven't done algorithms from scratch since Clinton was president.

TheSpiffiest: because - you *don't* do it by hand. You just use new LinkedList<int> and be on your way

DomiKo: if you consider LindedList as algoithms then i guess you are begginer

TheSpiffiest: Heh, I don't know what I am. I've been programming since I'm 12, and I'm 42

TheSpiffiest: it's more like at this point the terms blur together

TheSpiffiest: I've done it, but I don't recall which is called what

DomiKo: the wierd part about interviews is that you dont't really use algorithms

TheSpiffiest: depth first would or radix sort would be an algorithm and linked list a data type.

DomiKo: that you need to know

DomiKo: for them

TheSpiffiest: like what for example?

DomiKo: have you seen interview with Erichto?


DomiKo: that question is not eaasy

oetzi: no i havnt seen it

oetzi: shall i?

oetzi: *should

DomiKo: for me

DomiKo: it was interesting to watch

TheSpiffiest: Yes. I watched a ton of those.

Default avatar.png xlr4829: js is not good for math

TheSpiffiest: The funny thing is I'm not great at math, but I ship working code and am good at leading teams.

TheSpiffiest: Oops - forgot I was in a code clash :) 7/8 and I timed out

Dlx: why are someone noob if they consider LinkList an algorithm @domino? LinkList is a perfect example of an algorithm and even part of the base libraries of most languages, so I have no idea what you are babling on about and calling others noob. That was rude!

DomiKo: i didn't sad noob

Dlx: @domiko that is

DomiKo: just a begginer

Dlx: still

DomiKo: in can of inteview in google

DomiKo: in case*

Dlx: why don't you consider linked list and implementations there of, as algorithms???

Default avatar.png Putnam3145: linked lists are data structures

Astrobytes: Possibly because they are data structures...

SPDene: nice DomiKo. I should have had the advantage on that one (I approved it this morning), but I completely forgot how to do it!

Dlx: linked list, yes sure, but in "all" languages you have classes with supported operations, and I'm pretty sure that's what he was talking about

DomiKo: what I meant is that you need to know something more complex

DomiKo: than LinkedList

Dlx: LinkedLIst, not linked list, is a clas

DomiKo: SPDene nice bracket case

DomiKo: i didn't know about brackets and added one by one

DomiKo: a lot of testing...

Astrobytes: Dlx: I believe DomiKo was referring to the the fact that in some cases you need to know the underlying implementation of a LinkedList

Astrobytes: How to construct the data structure, which algorithms to use for insertion etc

Scarfield: and anyway he obviously didnt mean to offend, neither was Spiff offended, so.. Just keep it civil

Astrobytes: Quite. No need to jump off the deep end when we can just discuss like adults.

AntiSquid: very warm outside wow

Scarfield: xD

DomiKo: haha

Astrobytes: Yeah, it's a nice day

DomiKo: that's what happend if you clash to much

Scarfield: "And now for something comepletely different"

DomiKo: :yoy:

Scarfield: :yoyo:

SPDene: it's nearly 30C here -it's HORRIBLE

AntiSquid: ok i am slow, didn't notice any uncivil chat *confused*

SPDene: nor me

Astrobytes: I miss living in London 34-37 degree days, amazing

DomiKo: where you live now?

SPDene: yeah - that's pure torture for me. give me 10-15 any day

Astrobytes: Back home in Scotland

AntiSquid: next to the loch ness monster

Astrobytes: Quite far from Loch Ness

DomiKo: Scotland rain rain rain

Scarfield: i was smelling torches and hearing pitchforks rattle, but no need to ring the alarm :p

AntiSquid: that's basically all of UK DomiKo

Astrobytes: Yeah, we get a lot DomiKo

AntiSquid: well this area anyway

DomiKo: I was there once

DomiKo: and the felling

DomiKo: when i go to shop

DomiKo: 10 min

DomiKo: go outside

DomiKo: hmmm

Astrobytes: :D

Astrobytes: You get used to it. I hate it but you get used to it.

DomiKo: 3 min rain every 15 min

DomiKo: its weird

Scarfield: apparently you can have 4 seasons of weather in 1 day in scotland

Astrobytes: Yeah

Astrobytes: in 4 minutes or less if you're in the hills or mountains

AntiSquid: anyone heard about this?

Astrobytes: Yeah some Dutch guy floated the proposal earlier this year

Astrobytes: I'm not entirely convinced

DomiKo: wait what

Scarfield: in doesnt float well.. badum ts

AntiSquid: it's a dutch thing of course you wouldn't understand

Astrobytes: Yes Scarfield, you took that to it's natural conclusion ;)

Scarfield: there is already a line somewhere, a direct train from paris to london is a thing afaik

AntiSquid: yes

AntiSquid: but that's underwater

Astrobytes: The channel tunnel

AntiSquid: wait it's that what it's called? i forgot

AntiSquid: weird name

Astrobytes: It's a tunnel under the English Channel...

Scarfield: lol, i assumed (wrongly as ever) that these were tunnels xD

AntiSquid: nah someone wants to build a massive dam

AntiSquid: worried London and other cities might flood

Allis: They should call it the Dayum Dam.

Astrobytes: We just need massive beavers to build it

AntiSquid: could genetically engineer some

Scarfield: xD

Allis: Genetically engineer some dams?


Scarfield: skips the beaver part

Astrobytes: Giant beavers

Bob: *must not get mental image*

Scarfield: must. resist. the. puns..

Astrobytes: Bob, was just waiting for that :grin:

AntiSquid: nitpicking on semantics, but some SF books have genetically engineered space ships, so ...

AntiSquid: Allison

Bob: *epic fail*

Bob: :see_no_evil:

AntiSquid: oh there's allis and allison, so if i ping allison i ping both?

Bob: there goes my weekend

Allis: AntiSquid: That wasn't the best test case.

dbdr: RustyGhostFromHell_ec10, pretty good user name, why change it? :D

Allis: But no, thankfully I didn't get pinged when your post only contained "Allison".

Allis: The power of \b.

AntiSquid: i could rename to Automaton20000 so Automaton2000 also gets pinged

Automaton2000: what league are you in?

Scarfield: you dont gent pinged like this AntiSquido

AntiSquid: oh weird

Allis: Not too weird; it probably matches the message against /\byourname\b/i or some such.

dbdr: Anti​Squid

Dlx: is there a way to 'store' a clash as a favourite and replay it, or invite friends to play it???

Scarfield: if you make a private clash i think you can choose the clash, but i dont know how it works, never did it

Default avatar.png xlr4829: i can win this time

Sooran: Hello~

Dlx: cool scarfield. will try that, thanks

Scarfield: np :)

Astrobytes: Not sure you can choose the actual clash itself, but you can choose the type and the language in a private one for sure

Default avatar.png Putnam3145: looking at my code and realizing that what I was doing made no sense, but was working anyway

Default avatar.png Putnam3145: baffled

Astrobytes: time for a screen break ;)

DomiKo: nashhhh

DomiKo: 222 in CSB

DomiKo: still a lot to work

Astrobytes: gg, you were 600-ish earlier on first submit right?

DomiKo: yes

DomiKo: in gold max thrust was 100

DomiKo: there is 200

Astrobytes: hehe yeah

DomiKo: my boost was 200...

Default avatar.png OwenGaming: Hi im new to coding! :hand_splayed:

DomiKo: so i was slow as f...

DomiKo: hi man

Astrobytes: :)

DomiKo: maybe top200 right now

Astrobytes: Hi new to coding! :)

DomiKo: winrate looking good

DomiKo: :joy:

Default avatar.png OwenGaming: yes i am and if only played the tutorial

Astrobytes: Onboarding or the pod racing?

Default avatar.png OwenGaming: Idk what you mean im sorry

Astrobytes: The tutorials

Astrobytes: that you played

Default avatar.png OwenGaming: onboarding

AntiSquid: just build a dam around astro, he'll stop bothering you then

Astrobytes: Cool, I would suggest continuing with the easy puzzles and ignoring Anti Squid for an easier life :P

Default avatar.png OwenGaming: Ok i wont ignore both of you

Default avatar.png OwenGaming: :joy:

Astrobytes: lol

DomiKo: lmao

Default avatar.png xlr4829: oh shit here we go again

Default avatar.png xlr4829: second place common

Astrobytes: Get first!

Dlx: is it only me who wants to complete every clash even if I loose/time out? Completeion geene I guess...

My problem is I somettimes have just a little time and want to solve som quick puzzles, and the clashes seem like the only option??? But I don't care about points/winning, only want to "force" myself to practice practice, and then I want to complete (doing Java so mostyl on bottom 50% ;) not the fastes/shortest language

Dlx: is there some other activity that is good for 10-20 minutes???

Allis: Rubik's Cube?

Dlx: chekcing :) thanks :)

Astrobytes: Sure, some of the easy (and possibly medium depending on your expertise) can be solved in 10-20 mins

Astrobytes: *puzzles I mean

Allis: Oh, sorry; I meant solving Rubik's Cube for 10-20 minutes to pass the time.

Allis: I think I misunderstood your question.

Dlx: haha :)

Dlx: I was looking hard for it ;P

Astrobytes: There are a couple of Rubik's puzzles

Allis: Well, sort of.

Astrobytes: yeah


Allis: That one's all math and has nothing to do with the mechanism of a Rubik's cube, though.

dbdr: rubik's cube IS math :)

Astrobytes: ^

Allis: It's definitely not.

Allis: Or, well, doesn't have to be.

Allis: I'm a speedcuber. :)

dbdr: need to fight JBM

Astrobytes: Yeah, double stream, cube vs cube

Allis: I average high 14s, so I'm not crazy-fast, but I do enjoy meeting other cubers.

dbdr: ^

dbdr: cubung with one hand, coding with the other

dbdr: *clashing

Allis: I've done that. :sweat_smile:

el19oc: I'm not allowed near anything cuboid in shape

Astrobytes: hahaha

el19oc: not since the accident...

dbdr: like the earth?

Logiman09: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

dbdr: oops, revealed myself as a cube-earther

Astrobytes: a cube-earther

Astrobytes: That's a thing now?

dbdr: why would flat and round be the only two options?

MSmits: the Earth is Tetrahedron!!!

Default avatar.png JBM: til proven otherwise

Allis: It's a torus.

Astrobytes: Everyone knows it's a teapot

el19oc: it's a tortoise

Allis: It's toroidal tortoises all the way up.

Allis: (But also flat.)

Astrobytes: and gas all the way down

dbdr: ^

dbdr: v

dbdr: which way is down?

Allis: Thataway.

Astrobytes: Depends on your perspective

el19oc: head upward, but the other way

dbdr: trick to remember: when your hand's palms are facing down, your left hand is the one with the thumb on the right

MSmits: and your right hand is the one with the thumb on the left?

Default avatar.png JBM: how'd you guess

MSmits: I extrapolated

dbdr: ^ genius

dbdr: never mix them up again

MSmits: it's water tight

MSmits: and airtight

DomiKo: beaten euler in CSB job done

Default avatar.png JBM: nwo clash him

Scarfield: hmm i just put by hands on the table, and seemingly both right and left is toward myself :thinking:

MSmits: weirdly shaped table

el19oc: how do you tell your hands from your feet

dbdr: weirdly shaped self?

Astrobytes: weirdly shaped hands

MSmits: just say

MSmits: Get away from my feet

MSmits: you hands!

dbdr: maybe the space is curved

dbdr: any blackhole in the neighbourhood?

Scarfield: ---- ----



Scarfield: lol

MSmits: why are you showing us your church layout

Scarfield: fingers pointing at each other

MSmits: seems you are sitting close to the exit

Astrobytes: In case of black holes obviously

Scarfield: hit < insted of shift when creating newline, was about to make line art to show my hands

el19oc: always ready to make a quick getaway

el19oc: I like it

Scarfield: :point_right: :point_left:

Astrobytes: Failfield

Scarfield: xD

Scarfield: like that, but palms down, pun unintended :p

MSmits: you're working real hard to tell us what your hands are doing :confused:

Scarfield: xD

MSmits: dbdr confessed to me earlier he is doing this on purpose

MSmits: so we dont break his nr 1's

MSmits: keep us busy

Astrobytes: hahaha

MSmits: remember that ascii game from last night?

MSmits: that was part of the strategy

Astrobytes: never underestimate a multitasker (pun intended)

Astrobytes: lol yeah

dbdr: what's the intended pun?

Logiman09: what is the easiest type of code for coders strike back?

MSmits: working on multis

MSmits: while being distracted by you

MSmits: that's the pun

Astrobytes: aka multi-tasker

dbdr: ah, multi

dbdr: :D

Logiman09: what is the easiest type of code for coders strike back?

dbdr: -3vel

MSmits: Logiman09 mostly we use ascii

Astrobytes: It's not the same when you have to explain it!

Astrobytes: lol MSmits

dbdr: gg, Astrobytes

dbdr: MSmits: you realize if I have to keep animating the chat, it defeats the purpose, since I can't improve either

dbdr: conclusion, you're talking to a dbdr bot

Scarfield: :O

Scarfield: its self aware

Logiman09: MSmits ascii does not apear as a choice

dbdr: no need, the chat is quite predictable

dbdr: just react to a few keywords and it's above the average level of coherence

dbdr: Logiman09: you mean programming language?

dbdr: which ones do you know?

Scarfield: Logiman09 the -3vel was actually a strat for CSB, subtract 3*vx from target x of next check point

Scarfield: same for y

Astrobytes: Though that has to be one of the greatest responses ever

MSmits: hmm what if we have always talked to the dbdr bot

dbdr: what if there is no dbdr

Logiman09: I don't know any. I have been practicing with JavaScript but I am not very good with it

MSmits: me neither

el19oc: then who made the dbdr chat bot

Scarfield: i am suspecting you have just submitted some code dbdr?

dbdr: it made itself

Scarfield: xD

dbdr: ML, obviously

dbdr: why do you think there are chat logs?

Scarfield: Cogito ergo sum

dbdr: the automatons were just earlier, more primitive attempts

dbdr: Scarfield: submitted?

Scarfield: waiting for submit to finish -> more time to distract in chat

Scarfield: or more computational power to do so, since the bot is no longer coding

Astrobytes: As the famous philosopher Cyberpunk once said: Good coder is 10% talent and 90% not being distracted by chat.

dbdr: my submits are automated too

dbdr: (true story)

Scarfield: this statement is false

Astrobytes: Thanks for letting us know.

Scarfield: testing if dbdrBot would "non sequitor"

Scarfield: i think we are safe

Astrobytes: heh

el19oc: he's learning

el19oc: pretty soon he will be indistinguishable from a real human being

dbdr: 🤯

jacek: .exec 'rm -rf /*'

AntiSquid: you can do few multis and pass wood league

AntiSquid: ah chat scroll

AntiSquid: it's like time travel

Default avatar.png JBM: but cheaper

Default avatar.png Putnam3145: okay so like

Default avatar.png Putnam3145: are the leagues "fake" or something

el19oc: yes, it's all a conspiracy

Astrobytes: There are no leagues.

Default avatar.png Putnam3145: never have been

el19oc: this whole website exists so that the dbdrbot can learn from the chat

Astrobytes: What do you mean anyway?

Astrobytes: regarding the leagues

Default avatar.png Putnam3145: like, are they... actually indicative of real players I'm beating

SPDene: Astrobytes did you look in the sea. I heard there were 20,000 of them under there :P

Astrobytes: SPDene dear oh dear :D

Astrobytes: Well, they are all bots submitted by someone at some point Putnam3145

Default avatar.png Putnam3145: okay the 30 minute promotion is making me suspect it's real--yeah okay

Default avatar.png Putnam3145: sorry i just got to silver league after like... two hours?

Default avatar.png Putnam3145: so i was like "hey wait a minute"

Astrobytes: Whether the users are still active or not... some are, some aren't

Astrobytes: Yeah there's a delay sometimes

Default avatar.png Putnam3145: then again all the bots in bronze league seem, uh, fantastically simple

Astrobytes: They are ;)

Astrobytes: It gets harder, I assure you

el19oc: most of the competition happens in the higher leagues

Default avatar.png Putnam3145: like i didn't see anything basic like adjusting while keeping up thrust to go in a straight line or whatever you call that

Default avatar.png Putnam3145: newton

Astrobytes: There's not much needed for the lower leagues in CSB

Astrobytes: The input changes in gold btw

Default avatar.png Putnam3145: oh, fun

Default avatar.png Putnam3145: i'm using complex numbers for coordinates cause they're the only thing in this language that has built-in angles support. it's kinda silly

Scarfield: sin(), cos(), tan() ?

Default avatar.png Putnam3145: and you can just use z.arg to get the angle of that particular complex number

Default avatar.png Putnam3145: very helpful

Scarfield: sure, but i doubt that there are not built in sin() etc?

Default avatar.png Putnam3145: there are

Default avatar.png Putnam3145: just easier to use complex numbers cause i'm too cool for normal vectors or whatever

Default avatar.png AlmostM: is there a way to turn off auto-creation of close quotes and close brackets?

Astrobytes: AlmostM Settings on the left

Default avatar.png AlmostM: thanks!

Astrobytes: no problem

trictrac: gg Astrobytes go13x13 is for now

Astrobytes: thx trictrac, not quite there yet! should probably implement a search now

Astrobytes: well, in the next league I mean

trictrac: Your winning rate is good against the boss It will be good

Astrobytes: Just not quite consistent enough

trictrac: Sure it will be tonight

Astrobytes: Planning on it :)

Astrobytes: Nice rank btw!

AntiSquid: what game?

AntiSquid: ah that weird go variant

jacek: The Game

Default avatar.png Putnam3145: oh wow

Default avatar.png Putnam3145: i'm in gold league now

Default avatar.png Putnam3145: fun fun

Astrobytes: good job Putnam3145

Default avatar.png Putnam3145: oh, nice, you actually get checkpoints now

Default avatar.png Putnam3145: before I was storing them as I got to them, then if it found a familiar one it'd start using that info to plan ahead more

Default avatar.png Putnam3145: getting speed vector and angle are nice

Default avatar.png Putnam3145: i was... also calculating those before

Default avatar.png Putnam3145: i might've gone overkill

Hankdane: I kind of gave up on that competition, because I got some strange results when I was trying to counter drift.

AntiSquid: always some bug in the code ^

AntiSquid: easy to overlook

Default avatar.png Putnam3145: my experience with that was

Default avatar.png Putnam3145: terrible, terrible angle stuff

Default avatar.png Putnam3145: negative radians are and have always been a bad idea

Default avatar.png Putnam3145: well okay

Default avatar.png Putnam3145: they're fine

Default avatar.png Putnam3145: something was causing them to act super weird

Hankdane: That's what I found.

Hankdane: It looked like I successfully countered my drift, then the drift would get worse on the next 'tick'.

Hankdane: That didn't make sense.

Hankdane: I mean, I would get my angle to 0 or 1, then it would jump to 14 or so.

Hankdane: Which is fine and can happen, except it was worse than the 'normal' path (not using counter-drift logic).

Hankdane: If there was a bug in my counter-drift logic, it would make sense to get worse. Not better first, then worse.

Hankdane: It wasn't a case of over-shooting either, the angle was getting worse in the same direction, not the opposite.

Default avatar.png Razhan13: Hi

johantenhouten: if line

johantenhouten: closet_dist

BaRNiii: hello, is ther anyoen who can help me with coders strike back ?

DomiKo: go ahead

johantenhouten: what is coders strike back?

DomiKo: I'm currenty doing it

DomiKo: ask anything

DomiKo: Bot proggraming

BaRNiii: i am stuck in the begining of the bronze

BaRNiii: how shoudl i improve my pod to beat the first level of the bronze ?

DomiKo: print x, y of next checpoint and 100 thrust?

BaRNiii: and trying to slow down before the checkpoint to avoid drift but i think it isnt good enough

DomiKo: i know there is simple strat without slowing down

DomiKo: that can reach gold

Putnam3145: slow down how much though

DomiKo: so maybe try to

DomiKo: consider current speed

DomiKo: to make drift

Putnam3145: you have to calculate speed

BaRNiii: thrust = 100 - (80 - nextCheckpointDist/100);

Putnam3145: which, like, I did to reach gold, but it's not the most trivial of things

BaRNiii: with this i slow to 20 when i reach the checkpoint isnt it ?

Putnam3145: that's probably too much

DomiKo: slowing isn't the best

Putnam3145: unless you're pre-turning, which you probably aren't

Astrobytes: there's a very trivial solution but I won't give it to you

Putnam3145: unless you're doing something weird

DomiKo: yea

DomiKo: don't give it

BaRNiii: :D

DomiKo: i have it too

Putnam3145: it's POSSIBLE, and I did it, but you don't have to

DomiKo: one liner to gold

DomiKo: but that's not fun

DomiKo: i am

DomiKo: try to maybe watch your car

DomiKo: how it's drifting

DomiKo: like when you have high speed

DomiKo: and you go in straing line to checkpoint

DomiKo: that could be not the best idea

Astrobytes: think about taking the checkpoint into consideration, relative to your velocity, and where you intend to go after

BaRNiii: what do you mean ?

BaRNiii: i dont know the next checkpoint until i reach the current

BaRNiii: i know onlt next checkpont coordinates, distance, angle, and the enemy pod cordinates

Astrobytes: Relate what I said to what DomiKo said

Andriamanitra: i guess you could remember checkpoints from first lap

Astrobytes: Yes, you can indeed

BaRNiii: i dont get it :S

Astrobytes: Take your time and watch the pods

Astrobytes: change a few variables and look at the effects

Scarfield: your pod changes direction somehow, consider what is a good point to aim at

Andriamanitra: is the ranking after submit my ranking in my current league or global?

DomiKo: league

DomiKo: you can check leaderboard for global rating

BaRNiii: should i avoid crash somehow with the other pod ?

johantenhouten: e,ee

DomiKo: no

DomiKo: nobody will do that

DomiKo: right now

DomiKo: try to do the run as fast as you can

DomiKo: image that there is no enemy

DomiKo: imagine*

BaRNiii: okay

BaRNiii: i am currently trying to figure it out how to avoid drifting away

DomiKo: drift is kinda cool

Astrobytes: USE the drift!

BaRNiii: :D

Astrobytes: Really.

BaRNiii: so should i set the next checkpoint cordinate to the right or to the left denpends on the turn for the next checkpoint

BaRNiii: ?

AntiSquid: - 2.98 * velocity

BaRNiii: thats the magic value ? :D

Illedan: Play Search Race to look more into the driving itself

Illedan: ;D

BaRNiii: where is that ?


BaRNiii: thanks


BaRNiii: it is turning only right

Illedan: Yeah, my car is not the best driver :P

BaRNiii: :D:D

DomiKo: Hi Illedan

Illedan: hi

DomiKo: i was trying you game

Illedan: Search Race?

DomiKo: yes

DomiKo: and i mean

DomiKo: it's really hard

Illedan: You are close though

Illedan: 98 %

DomiKo: i can easly pass all cases

DomiKo: but validators

DomiKo: ...

Illedan: Do you simulate the game?

DomiKo: so hard

DomiKo: yea

DomiKo: GA right now

Illedan: How long time are you using?

Illedan: 45 ms?

DomiKo: from 25 to 48

DomiKo: changed from submit to submit

Illedan: Use at max 35

Illedan: No idea why

DomiKo: yea i read the forum

Illedan: :+1:

DomiKo: then my % is like 90%+

Illedan: Do you save the maximal used time during a game, just to verify you never use more than 35 ms?

Illedan: If you have loops doing multiple runs before checking the time

DomiKo: hmmm

DomiKo: that could be useful

DomiKo: i will try it

Putnam3145: i'm the only person who's ever done roller coaster in D :(

Default avatar.png JBM: gg

DomiKo: wow

DomiKo: 100% Search race

DomiKo: finally

Default avatar.png JBM: gg

Default avatar.png JBM: wait do i know other words?

Default avatar.png Allison: No

Default avatar.png JBM: oh yes, thank me

Default avatar.png Allison: I think you're just stringing letters along in a way that looks pleasant, but you don't actually know what they mean. :P

Default avatar.png JBM: isn't that the point?

Default avatar.png Allison: I'm not sure... I wonder if I do the same thing sometimes.

Default avatar.png JBM: your opinion Automaton2000?

Automaton2000: and you will see a score column

Default avatar.png JBM: well said

Putnam3145: good lord it's absolutely convined i'm a bot

Allis: Convined?

Allis: Oh, I see. Do you mean the Clash captcha?

Putnam3145: convinced

Putnam3145: and yeah

Putnam3145: why is it getting HARDER

Allis: It ramps up the more it thinks you're a bot, which is determined by a combination of frequency (how often you're playing) and the accuracy of your answers.

Allis: I do think they should just limit it to the simple "not a bot" button for users who are clearly not bots.

Default avatar.png ARUINY: Does anyone know where to see the original codes in STDIN?

MateusKarvat: at the upper right corner of the "test cases" box, there's a menu button. Click on it and you'll be able to see all tests

MateusKarvat: I hope that's what you were asking about

Default avatar.png ARUINY: Thanks @MateusKarvat . But did not find a menu button at the right upper corner. I am in game The Decent.

Default avatar.png ARUINY: Screen Shot 2020-08-01 at 10.43.33.jpg

MateusKarvat: oh, I only play Clash of Code here, so I assumed you were talking about that. can't help you otherwise, sorry

Default avatar.png ARUINY: No worries. Thanks.

Apfeloxid: @ARUINY You can't see the tests in games like The Decent. You can print out the input after reading it though

Default avatar.png Allison: omgishouldn'tdothiswhyamidoingthis...