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Default avatar.png TrongLeDanh: it's just 2 min

jacek: good morning

RitamChakraborty: is it worth learning deno?

alexandre.lavoie: Do you know node?

Default avatar.png Allison: How do you progress past a certain mission? I seem to be stuck on the "Boost" part of the Coders Strike Back AI thing...

Bob: I think you need to clarify your question

Default avatar.png hem123: what is a more efficient way to do power calculations in python

Default avatar.png hem123: every time with huge powers i get stuck

Default avatar.png hem123: out of time

Uljahn: there could be a more efficient way to solve this without the need of huge powers i guess

Uljahn: also python has memoization tool, see functools.lru_cache

Default avatar.png PikaYuhno: world

LegendNeverDies: why in clash of code showing 20% even if I solved 100%?

Default avatar.png Jeremy1080: There are different tests run to validate to prevent hardcoding

LegendNeverDies: which means?

Default avatar.png Jeremy1080: The tests you see say Input:1 - > Output: 2 arn't actually run, instead it runs similar ones that will pass assuming you implemented the algorithm correctly

Default avatar.png Allison: @Bob I completed the test against the boss, but it won't progress me past the level and on to the next rank. Is there something I'm doing wrong? :(

Astrobytes: Allison - did you submit your code?

Default avatar.png Allison: Yep.

Astrobytes: And did you beat the boss?

Default avatar.png Allison: As far as I know? It said I did when I was testing out the code...

Astrobytes: You need to finish above the boss in the leaderboard before you can be promoted to the next league

Default avatar.png Allison: Oh... hmm...

Default avatar.png Allison: OKi.


Allis: I've only seen it happen once, but it's still messed up. I don't think a bot should crush it like this.

Allis: Do you think it constitutes a bug?

Astrobytes: lol, type faster :P

Astrobytes: Seriously though, nah

Astrobytes: I think it's fairly infrequent so, nothing to worry about

Bob: Also, 10 seconds for a CoC is entirely plausible even for a human

Astrobytes: ^

Astrobytes: Just pretend it wasn't a bot

Bob: some of the shortest ones *can* be typed that fast

Astrobytes: Especially if you're familiar with the problem

Allis: Lame.

Astrobytes: If it was 15 s and a human, you wouldn't mind so much?

Allis: Certainly not.

Allis: Bots pretty much shouldn't win.

Astrobytes: Why not?

Allis: As I understand it, they exist to drum up activity.

Allis: And that seems reasonable, but it should be the extent of it.

Astrobytes: Indeed. It's inevitable that they're gonna win now and then

StepBack13: Bots are literally just "ghosts" of humans who solved the puzzle before. So a human did beat you, just not a human who was playing simultaneously to you haha

Astrobytes: I really wouldn't worry about it

Default avatar.png McCheng: I agree with StopBack13

Allis: Ah, I didn't realize they were ghosts. That's a little more reasonable.

StepBack13: yeah, I didn't either for ages

Allis: If that's the case, why don't they share code?

StepBack13: They do sometimes, I think

Astrobytes: There's an article on the blog about it, but not sure if the blog is working properly atm

StepBack13: I figured that they share if the human shared also

Default avatar.png McCheng: I have never seen bots sharing their codes though...

LeBaoHoang8A4: yeah

StepBack13: ahhh ok, maybe you're right about them not sharing..

Astrobytes: afaik they don't share

StepBack13: Allis, how do you solve puzzles in 15 seconds? The time it takes to swap from Python to Bash and then write bash code, surely must be more than that, haha. You're a bot!

LeBaoHoang8A4: He is expert!

StepBack13: Yeah, he's been beating me often lately, haha. :P

Allis: StepBack13: In this case, it was switching from Ruby to Bash, but either way I knew exactly what I was going to type once the interface loaded. :P

LeBaoHoang8A4: GENIUS!

Allis: Nah, removing non-uppercase characters is trivial as long as you're using the right tool for the job.

Default avatar.png SaurabhNegi123: Can anyone tell the answer for coders strike back 'wood 2 league'

Default avatar.png SaurabhNegi123: Can anyone tell the answer for coders strike back 'wood 2 league'

LeBaoHoang8A4: wood2?

Default avatar.png SaurabhNegi123: level 2

Allis: I will say that the test cases run so much faster for Bash than Ruby. :sweat_smile:

Default avatar.png SaurabhNegi123: i use python 3 and in am a beginner


LeBaoHoang8A4: you can check out the link

Astrobytes: LeBaoHoang8A4: It's generally better to give advice rather than explicit code.

Default avatar.png SaurabhNegi123: hey i need answer in python 3

Astrobytes: Helps with the learning process

LeBaoHoang8A4: OH, sorry!

Astrobytes: No problem

Astrobytes: SaurabhNegi123: Are you proficient in Python?

Default avatar.png SaurabhNegi123: no i am beginner

Astrobytes: OK, codingame kind of assumes you are comfortable with the basics of the language you are using - it's not the best for learning the basics, better for practicing

Astrobytes: I would suggest learning a bit more elsewhere, then coming back when you feel ready

Default avatar.png SaurabhNegi123: i know the basics

LeBaoHoang8A4: you can read the instructions

Astrobytes: Then you should be able to pass Wood 2 Coders Strike Back without issue

Default avatar.png SaurabhNegi123: how do we know the thrust

Astrobytes: Read the statement carefully

LeBaoHoang8A4: in wood2, they ask you to find a thrust base on angle

Default avatar.png SaurabhNegi123: it is 'x y thrust' but what is that

jrke: its output statement

LeBaoHoang8A4: x, y: is coordinate

jrke: target_x,target_y,thrust

LeBaoHoang8A4: thrust is power

Default avatar.png SaurabhNegi123: from where do you all learn coding

LeBaoHoang8A4: i am self learning

Bob: self + computer science school

jrke: How many in legend of csb have neural networking any idea?

Bob: and then self

Astrobytes: Self-taught.

jrke: self

Default avatar.png SaurabhNegi123: me too self

Astrobytes: 4 or 5 I think jrke

Bob: neural net, probably none or extremely few

jrke: just 5?

jrke: means which have big lead in leaderboard

Bob: because you need the material to train your net

Alshock: There definitely are, bc at some point it was 2/2 within the top 4

Astrobytes: top 4 are all NN

Astrobytes: then it's Smitsimax after that

Default avatar.png SaurabhNegi123: any one from india

LeBaoHoang8A4: no, i'm from vietnam

AntiSquid: nobody else from india, you are the first person from india we ever met, welcome to CG, it is a great honor to have the first indian here SaurabhNegi123

LeBaoHoang8A4: really?

Astrobytes: No.

Default avatar.png SaurabhNegi123: there are many indians in CG

AntiSquid: go check #in nobody there, only people pretending to be from india

dbdr: AntiSquid

dbdr: SaurabhNegi123 don't mind him, he's joking

AntiSquid: looks like you lucked into a draw

dbdr: ? I won

AntiSquid: wait, that's weird

dbdr: colors are reversed

AntiSquid: i only have PASS in my bot

AntiSquid: why does it place a stone?

AntiSquid: and how do i lose @_@

dbdr: I wonder who validated this

dbdr: because I placed one

AntiSquid: uhm ok really weird

AntiSquid: tric trac is one of the guys who validate, surprised it's bugged

Alshock: errrrr I don't see anything

dbdr: Statement also has pearls like: "Beside these simple rules there are a view more rules"

AntiSquid: essigautomat field3 - level 36

AntiSquid: essigauto is regular

AntiSquid: hm ... maybe we need a way to invalidate bugged multis like these?

dbdr: better to just fix it

Alshock: @AntiSquid I think you lose because you don't own any zone and you played 1 more stone. Don't ask me why you placed it though

AntiSquid: no Alshock read chat above

Alshock: reading? I can't do that

AntiSquid: colors are reversed, i didn't place any stone, dbdr placed it

Alshock: aw

AntiSquid: yes

Alshock: wait wtf?

AntiSquid: ikr, game is bugged i should have won, glad you agree with me, we need to report this


Alshock: that's not your own colour under your names

AntiSquid: no

Alshock: that says you have captured X of the OPPONENT's colour

AntiSquid: it's bugged

Astrobytes: the colour under your name is to indicate how many of the other colour you've captured

Alshock: my explaination made sense... somewhat

dbdr: yeah, not a bug it's a confusing feature

Astrobytes: If you output your colour you should have the correct one

Astrobytes: I agree, very confusing

AntiSquid: but i lost, so how is it not bugged?

dbdr: I'm black

AntiSquid: ok i stop Automaton2000, you continue

Alshock: Well dbdr played an not you, maybe he now owns the whole game?

Automaton2000: and i couldn't figure out why

dbdr: Alshock thre is no ownership

AntiSquid: dbdr pinged me to show he won with one stone placement

dbdr: this is Atari Go

Alshock: maybe I should stop conjecturing without reading the rules?

dbdr: not Go

Alshock: but that'd be no fun

dbdr: only captures count

AntiSquid: you could try to extrapolate the conjecture Alshock

AntiSquid: improved my bot and now winning vs Astrobytes:

field3: When the league changes, the size of the board changes. My program hits the stars at the beginning, It may not work in Leagues 3 and 4. I can't verify it with the previous size.:disappointed_relieved:

Astrobytes: lol, I only submitted last night to see if it was working

AntiSquid: ^ got outskilled

Alshock: late night submit ruining hours of work on your AI! Sad

AntiSquid: Alshock no, astro has the default code, i just place one stone

Alshock: and dare you pretend posting the default AI can be done with less than 10h of coding?

Allis: Could someone clarify why people have CG alts? What's the "benefit"?

AntiSquid: ask Automaton2000, i am his alt

Automaton2000: does anyone know what's up with the same code

Alshock: Hiding your identity in clash/contests? Playing multis with wood rules? Idk

Alshock: pleasure of unlocking the achievements again?

Alshock: the clicking game might be a good explaination

AntiSquid: well alts are not allowed, best to avoid alts if you can, but they do have a benefit

AntiSquid: you might want to test some code changes, some other codes and see how they work without screwing your ranking

AntiSquid: but do avoid in contest, might get banned for it otherwise :/

AntiSquid: also you can start over on alts, and play the game from wood again to better track your improvements, it's harder to see any differences for small improvements otherwise

AntiSquid: would be nice if CG allowed reseting own rank on main account though and simply not reward the XP again when you promote back up imo

Astrobytes: Or allow alt's conditionally that are associated with your main account

Default avatar.png JayBeAl: If i submitted a code and it is ranking, can i look up that code? Or do i have to save the code manually?

AntiSquid: History / Results button left side

Astrobytes: It'll be in your History/Results

Astrobytes: ahhh

Default avatar.png JayBeAl: thanks a lot!

Thyl: Yo !

Astrobytes: Sushi

MSmits: hey... can you do loops within loops in code of the ringS?

MSmits: I tried it and it just says: Failure: The magic phrase is incomplete.

MSmits: with no other feedback

jacek: huh

MSmits: like a double for loop

MSmits: +>[-[.-]-.+<-]

Default avatar.png JBM: it should be possible

MSmits: whats wrong with the one i just shared

Default avatar.png JBM: nothing obvious

Default avatar.png Allison: Quick way to check would be to use a valid code that you can try, then add a simple for i -> 3 for y -> 3, see if it lets you.

MSmits: thats what i did

MSmits: to be honest, its not the right solution, but its not telling me what it spelled

RoboStac: is that the entire solution you are printing?

MSmits: yes

RoboStac: because it is equivalent to +>

RoboStac: as the loop gets skipped as you are on a blank square

Default avatar.png JBM: magic phrase is your outout, not your code iirc

MSmits: aww damnit

MSmits: thanks Robo

Default avatar.png JBM: your code is likely valid

MSmits: nah its valid

Default avatar.png JBM: it just doesn't print enough

MSmits: just hard to see what it does because well.. brainfk

MSmits: changed it to this: +[>-[.-]-.+<-]


MSmits: works :)

MSmits: well it's 1 iteration for the outer loop ofc

MSmits: i can add more + at the start to print it many times

dbdr: MSmits: isn't it clear what the code code when you step frame by frame?

dbdr: it's like a debugger

dbdr: the code *does

MSmits: yes it does, but when it does completely nothing it's hard to say

MSmits: it tricks you into thinking i am doing something impossible

dbdr: the code pointer should still move

dbdr: even if it prints nothing

MSmits: sure

MSmits: I just didnt notice it was arriving at the [ with a space stone

MSmits: so i figured it maybe could not understand double loops

dbdr: don't underestimate BF ;)

MSmits: i won't :)

dbdr: there is a WIP contribution puzzle about writing an interpreter, btw

MSmits: ohh ok

MSmits: interesting

MSmits: I need my contribution quest

MSmits: have to approve or reject something

jacek: reject it is then

dbdr: The anti-Antisquid powermove

MSmits: yea, go is just like othello. Corners are overpowered

MSmits: dont use the OP corner strategy, it's unfair

dbdr: isn't it the opposite?

MSmits: ow right corner lost

dbdr: anti lost because he plays a hardcoded move

MSmits: I see

jrke: I found BFS working for removal of all suicidal moves in atari

dbdr: which is not valid

MSmits: what is a suicidal move?

jrke: Its in atari go MS

dbdr: Atari is chill, you can get a whole league for yourself :palm_tree:

MSmits: nice

jrke: yeah for few hours from now

jrke: wood 3 one person

jrke: dbdr

dbdr: wood 2 as well

dbdr: wood 1 is crowded with 2 players

jrke: yeah tric trac

MSmits: how do you play this game anyway. Is it possible to do a alpha go zero type thing here? Seems a bit complex for a NN that fits within codesize?

dbdr: 19x19 is big indeed

dbdr: do we have similar board sizes in another game?

MSmits: langtons ant

jrke: i think i can learn minimax from atari

MSmits: langtons ant is even bigger I think

dbdr: and what do people do there?

MSmits: prune

MSmits: a lot

dbdr: was going to say prune for atari too

MSmits: sure

MSmits: but you cant let the NN prune for you i sall

dbdr: but at this point it's an open question

MSmits: you need heuristics

MSmits: not gonna play it any time soon I think

jrke: yeah langton is 35*35 max

dbdr: yeah, don't know if you could use heuristics to reduce the NN size

MSmits: if it was kept to 7x7 max, NN would crush this

dbdr: :D

jrke: suppose if there is only suicidal moves are left in that case what will happen?

MSmits: maybe the NN can be compartimentalized by looking at 4 corners of the map and combined the result somehow

MSmits: 10x10 4 times?

dbdr: true

dbdr: 1 times

dbdr: it's symmetrical

MSmits: yes but i mean when running it

MSmits: you need to run it 4 times

MSmits: to obtain the score for the map

dbdr: right. was speaking of the number of weights

MSmits: right yes, the idea is to reduce that

Allis: Is it know whether anyone has found a way to incorporate GPT-3 into their bots?

MSmits: maybe if you explain what it is :)

dbdr: in the last few hours? ;)

dbdr: well, I guess people could have worked on the contrib

dbdr: isn't GPT focused on natural language?

Default avatar.png JBM: it is

dbdr: 1. "code" your bot in english

dbdr: 2. Use GPT3 to convert to source code

dbdr: 3. profit?

Allis: It's been shown to be surprisingly effective in certain scenarios.

Allis: That overall approach to getting it to produce relevant output, I mean.

MSmits: So I just write down that I want to have the squary things with my opponents pebbles inside them and it knows what to do?

Bob: "code as you speak" is, just like the end of Apple, something I've seen prophecized for about as long as I've been coding

MSmits: python does that a bit doesn't it?

MSmits: apples have no end btw, they are round

Bob: python does it about as much as perl does it

Bob: python just has the pro of being actually readable :)

Allis: Its rudimentary ability to generate programs isn't what makes it a paradigm shifter, of course.

dbdr: I think it can only learn to generate code it has millions of example for

dbdr: e.g. very low value code

Bob: "prove Fermat's conjecture"

Bob: :popcorn:

YurkovAS: Which multy is best for beam-search? Except hypersonic.

dbdr: which you could do more simply with the right library than in english

MSmits: print("Fermat's conjectuire = true")

MSmits: without the typo :P

Bob: print("lmgtfy fermat theorem proof")

dbdr: yeah, autocorrect can be done

Bob: if it's really smart, that's what it will do

dbdr: most of the time

RoboStac: YurkovAS - code royale or spring challenge (pacman) were good for beam searches

YurkovAS: RoboStac thanks

Default avatar.png ninja252esko: bruh ur joking right

Default avatar.png ninja252esko: {server} Ninja252esko takes the lead

LeBaoHoang8A4: Hello, i'm at Bronze league in Coders strike back. And i'm struggling with circular force-field. How to set up it to win the boss?

Default avatar.png ninja252esko: huh?

LeBaoHoang8A4: any help?

Default avatar.png ninja252esko: sure how xan i?

Default avatar.png ninja252esko: can*

LeBaoHoang8A4: I'm struggling with circular force-field

Default avatar.png ninja252esko: oh

Default avatar.png ninja252esko: ok

LeBaoHoang8A4: in coders strike back bronze

LeBaoHoang8A4: how to set up it?

Default avatar.png ninja252esko: so what u have to do to beat it is u have to press alt+f4

dbdr: Astrobytes, promoting?

Default avatar.png ninja252esko: what?

Default avatar.png ninja252esko: ohhh

Default avatar.png ninja252esko: ok

Astrobytes: yeah dbdr

dbdr: gz :)

Default avatar.png ninja252esko: LOL

Astrobytes: thx :)

dbdr: come visit me

Default avatar.png ninja252esko: XD

Default avatar.png ninja252esko: me?

Astrobytes: ninja252esko: not particularly helpful advice

LeBaoHoang8A4: circular force-field, how to set up it?

dbdr: weather is perfect on wood 3 :palm_tree:

Default avatar.png JBM: with a magnet

Astrobytes: LeBaoHoang8A4: how do you mean? You just output SHIELD instead of thrust or BOOST

LeBaoHoang8A4: They said you bot need circular force-field

dbdr: already above me at 6% :D

Default avatar.png ninja252esko: same brother!!

Astrobytes: yeah, losing 100% against that boss though

Default avatar.png ninja252esko: b vy4 42 uj

LeBaoHoang8A4: any help?

Default avatar.png ninja252esko: thats me trying to typ fast

Default avatar.png ninja252esko: lol

dbdr: oh, i'm committing suicide

LeBaoHoang8A4: what are you saying?

Astrobytes: LeBaoHoang8A4: don't worry about the force field, it's for when you are implementing a simulation

Astrobytes: no wait, my bad. It's just giving you the radius

LeBaoHoang8A4: what do you mean by SHIELD?

Astrobytes: "The pods have a circular force-field around their center, with a radius of 400 units, which activates in case of collisions with other pods."

LeBaoHoang8A4: yep, there it is

Astrobytes: That's just a description. It means your pods have a radius of 400 units

Astrobytes: Don't worry about SHIELD, my fault, that comes in later leagues

LeBaoHoang8A4: pod has a radius of 400 units?

Astrobytes: yeah

LeBaoHoang8A4: i can not set up, i have no idea

Astrobytes: What do you mean by set up?

LeBaoHoang8A4: like to make you r pod has a radius of 400 units

el19oc: it's already set up for you

Astrobytes: ^

DomiKo: Guys have anybody some info about Puzzle Search Race?

el19oc: 400 units is just the collision hitbox

DomiKo: some people like 10 days ago sad that there are problems with 50ms

Astrobytes: if you have a pod object you can give it a radius member variable if you want

LeBaoHoang8A4: so it will work?

Astrobytes: It's so you can calculate if your pod is hitting another pod or the checkpoint

LeBaoHoang8A4: NO idea, HAHA

Astrobytes: yeah, check the forum thread DomiKo, think Illedan said there is

LeBaoHoang8A4: ok, let me try

dbdr: Astrobytes, your turn ;)

Astrobytes: lol dbdr

Astrobytes: punishment incoming

dbdr: :popcorn:

dbdr: hit me hard

Astrobytes: not yet! More of a delayed incoming :P

DomiKo: Astrobytes i dont see his answer

DomiKo: that's why I ask

Astrobytes: ah damn, I forgot he answered jrke in the chat. He confirmed it

DomiKo: ohhh

DomiKo: so sad

Astrobytes: it's a CG thing I believe

dbdr: lol, in the IDE I see Rank 1 3

dbdr: 1/3

dbdr: boss count on the right but not on the left

LeBaoHoang8A4: do we need to print circular force-field?

dbdr: is my guess

Astrobytes: yeah I saw that

dbdr: actually it's new the boss does not have a rank

Astrobytes: No LeBaoHoang8A4

Astrobytes: Yup. Is that only in this multi? I haven't noticed before

dbdr: I think it's just new

dbdr: fresh bugs, delicious

King784: Is there a way to check previous clash of code scores?

LeBaoHoang8A4: So how my pod push anothers?

Astrobytes: It will bump into it

LeBaoHoang8A4: Thanks

Astrobytes: Just make sure you aim for it

Astrobytes: ah damn your Rust dbdr, I was wondering why I was winning all the time in the IDE and hadn't changed a line of code lol

dbdr: do I timeout?

Astrobytes: Nope

dbdr: I don't do any deep search

dbdr: you were winning before I changed my code I think


dbdr: nothing to do with rust, does it?

Astrobytes: Ah my bad

dbdr: OK, you won that one

Astrobytes: Wrong window (two IDEs open for whatever reason)

dbdr: it could be the new

dbdr: I can still suicide

dbdr: like you ;)

Astrobytes: Sometimes it's forced

dbdr: you can pass

Astrobytes: darn it, so you can :D

LeBaoHoang8A4: how to access to circular force-field? i tried

Astrobytes: You can't access it LeBaoHoang8A4, just pretend it isn't there. It's part of your pod.

LeBaoHoang8A4: we just declare a variable to hole its value?

Astrobytes: Sure

LeBaoHoang8A4: *hold

LeBaoHoang8A4: like int v = 400:

LeBaoHoang8A4: ;

Astrobytes: yeah

LeBaoHoang8A4: ok, i'm ready to submit. Thank for helping me!

Astrobytes: You're welcome

LeBaoHoang8A4: why i can not level up?

Astrobytes: You have to be better than the boss when your submit finishes.

LeBaoHoang8A4: i need to wait for my submission?

Bob: yes

Bob: when you submit your bot plays a series of games against other bots in the arena

Bob: that determines your bot's score

Bob: and ranking

LeBaoHoang8A4: how many score i can pass?

Bob: if after that you rank above the boss, then you move up

LeBaoHoang8A4: ok

Bob: otherwise you have to improve your code and submit again

LeBaoHoang8A4: ok, thanks

Bob: note that your score and ranking can still change once your submit is finished, as more games will be played against your bot by other players' submissions

LeBaoHoang8A4: got it

Bob: in some rare cases this can help you get over the boss

LeBaoHoang8A4: it means i need to win all the players, right?

Bob: not necessarily

Bob: you just need to win a significant majority of your plays

Bob: it's based on an ELO-like ranking system

Bob: the first dozen matches let the system assign you a starting score

Bob: after that, your score receives a bonus or malus, depending on the result of each match and the difference of scores between you and your opponent

LeBaoHoang8A4: starting score?

Bob: open up the leaderboard panel from the left-side menu

LeBaoHoang8A4: ok

Bob: you will see a Score column

Astrobytes: Yes, so that the rest of your matches will be played against opponents of a similar level (in theory)

Bob: it represents the "strength" of your AI

LeBaoHoang8A4: ok, because i'm ranked 7

LeBaoHoang8A4: but can not levelup

Bob: when you push (submit) a new version of your AI in the arena, the system plays a few games to determine an initial score

LeBaoHoang8A4: :cry:

Bob: after that it uses that score to match you against players of similar strength (I think it's +-20 ranks around you)

LeBaoHoang8A4: yeah

Bob: and your score is adjusted according to the matches's results

Bob: you also have a Last Battles panel, where you can see and replay the matches used for your scoring

LeBaoHoang8A4: yeah, i'm watching it

Bob: this way you can see which matches you lose and try to understand what you can do to improve

LeBaoHoang8A4: ok

Bob: there is a Send to IDE option to replay that particular configuration in the IDE in case you want to debug a particular situation

benschreyer: where do i find documentation for mean max commands?

Bob: in the statement I suppose ?

benschreyer: the goal just says gather more water than your enemies

Bob: if you're on the game page, click JOIN

Bob: and you'll have the full rules

Astrobytes: And scroll down, past the goal

Bob: ^

dbdr: v

Bob: well, do read the whole rules :)

Astrobytes: Are you getting wins against the boss now dbdr?

dbdr: nope :D

dbdr: I just randomized my first turn

Astrobytes: I had a few but not enough

dbdr: because I think you were winning the two matches we were playing constantly

Astrobytes: yes I was

dbdr: damn, no cgstats :D

dbdr: Magus?

Magus: ?

dbdr: there is a new game, Atari

Astrobytes: It's there

dbdr: you need to add it manually to cgstats?

Default avatar.png JBM: automate all the things

Magus: cgstats update the game list every 24h

Magus: so you'll have to wait for tomorrow :d

Astrobytes: It's right there, above Othello

dbdr: it just appeared

Magus: but i see a Atari Go game

Default avatar.png JBM: it's magic

dbdr: cool that it's automated


dbdr: taking inspiration from CG engineering ;)

Magus: Neumann coded this feature

Magus: it's not mine :D

dbdr: :+1:

Default avatar.png JBM: opensource ftw

eulerscheZahl: and he screwed up the sorting while adding the bosses

Default avatar.png JBM: fix it XD

eulerscheZahl: scrambles the order at same score

eulerscheZahl: at least I have a github account :P

Default avatar.png JBM: oh i have several

Default avatar.png JBM: juste none associated to cg

Default avatar.png Maizey-Jan: i'm new here!

Default avatar.png JBM: great!

Bob: hi new here

AntiSquid: good for you

Default avatar.png JBM: enjoy it while it lasts

AntiSquid: like a freshly backed potato

Default avatar.png Maizey-Jan: I literally don't know a single language, is this a good place to start?

Default avatar.png JBM: not reallt

Default avatar.png JBM: *ly

AntiSquid: what do you want to do

Default avatar.png Maizey-Jan: python

Default avatar.png JBM: ugh

AntiSquid: what do you want to do with python ! @_@

AntiSquid: you could learn python on this site imo , but eh

Default avatar.png Maizey-Jan: learn how to code with python. nothing super. I don't really what is the end goal with it. I just want an easy programming language in my protifolio


AntiSquid: could do that i guess

AntiSquid: or any python tutorial out there, tons of then

AntiSquid: them

Default avatar.png Maizey-Jan: so only veterans play here?

Bob: not necessarily veterans

Bob: but you do need some basic understanding of at least one language

AntiSquid: you can learn python here, but start with the link i gave you or something equally basic?

Default avatar.png Maizey-Jan: I just started learning python, no end goal, just something to put in my engineering protifolio

Default avatar.png Maizey-Jan: ok ! thank you AntiSquid

Bob: the platform is oriented towards practing existing skills

Astrobytes: It's more of a place to build on and practice existing skills

Bob: not really towards learning languages per se

AntiSquid: you can go to easy puzzle section of this site if you are ok with occasionally bashing your head to the desk

AntiSquid: (as complete beginner)

Default avatar.png Maizey-Jan: so codecombat is for basic or beginners?

AntiSquid: how did you get level 3 though?

kayou: #fajjet you almost failed to lose ...

AntiSquid: that still requires SOME knowledge

Bob: here you need at least to understand how your language of choice executes a program

Bob: variables, strings, arrays/lists, loops, conditionals

Default avatar.png Maizey-Jan: I tried to do an easy puzzle took me 3 hours, in the end I had to look at the results , so I cheated. now I feel bad XD

Default avatar.png Maizey-Jan: now i'm level 3

AntiSquid: no it's ok

AntiSquid: it helped you access chat

Bob: and basics of reading from the input/writing to the output

AntiSquid: now do codecombat

AntiSquid: or something equally simple

Default avatar.png Maizey-Jan: so after i'm done from code combat I can come play here?

Bob: as soon as you feel comfortable enough with the language

AntiSquid: you can play here now too ...

AntiSquid: try sololearn also maybe it helps

AntiSquid: use this as reference guide :

Default avatar.png Maizey-Jan: thank you so much

Bob: the catch is that this site is essentially about problem-solving

Default avatar.png Maizey-Jan: I wanted to learn and use what I learned to not forget, so I came here

Bob: but beginners also need language-learning

Default avatar.png Maizey-Jan: understood

Bob: and when you start it may be difficult to clearly separate issues coming from missing knowledge of the language

AntiSquid: you can still learn as you go while doing puzzles, i don't know what works best for you, that's all

Bob: from issues related to the actual problem at hand

Astrobytes: And take your time, don't rush

Bob: most puzzles can be solved in many ways, depending on how well you master a language

Default avatar.png Maizey-Jan: thanks Bob and Antisquid, I'll work on w3school and codecombat

Scarfield: also Maizey-Jan this channel on youtube is great for learning python

Bob: but if you spend half your time asking yourself "how do I express *this* in python ?" then you need to work first on baisc python practice

AntiSquid: Maizey-Jan don't forget

Default avatar.png Maizey-Jan: thank you so much, I'll start working on it today

AntiSquid: Scarfield first vid on the youtube channel : JS on :P

AntiSquid: oh nvm he uses python in there :o

AntiSquid: python for web! infidel

Default avatar.png Maizey-Jan: Do I need to know more than 1 coding language? I just want to learn 1. but some tell me you need more

Default avatar.png JBM: one at a time is plenty for a start

Astrobytes: Don't worry about that for now, focus on one thing at a time and build on it later

Scarfield: weird anyway, i dont see that video, only python ones, they must be featured according to your history then

eulerscheZahl: what's wrong about python for web development?

eulerscheZahl: django and flask are both popular

Astrobytes: flask is great

Default avatar.png JBM: popularity isn't an argument for righteousness

itzblinkzy: web development = javascript

itzblinkzy: ur weird if u use python for that kind of stuff

Default avatar.png JBM: (or anything)

eulerscheZahl: fair point JBM but i quite like Django

Default avatar.png JBM: you're entitled to

Scarfield: thats is a popular oppinion yes, JBM :p

Bob: whatever does the job the way you want id OK

Bob: is*

Astrobytes: ^

Default avatar.png JBM: as long as you don't pester us about it

Scarfield: "my way is the only way!"

Default avatar.png JBM: it may be

Default avatar.png JBM: for you

Astrobytes: Dictatorfield

Scarfield: xD

Alshock: Hey look, I have another way to prove that your way is the only way possible!

Scarfield: NicknamestroBytes

Default avatar.png JBM: Maestrobytes

Astrobytes: I like that

Default avatar.png JBM: free for use

Default avatar.png NikkoCoder: hoi

Default avatar.png Schwase: astro when did you get mod?

Default avatar.png Schwase: congrats btw

Astrobytes: thanks Schwase, earlier this week. Quite a few of us got mod status on here, the forum and discord

Astrobytes: Was a lot of spam/nonsense recently, so more of us around means less issues

eulerscheZahl: and one of them just disappeared :(

Astrobytes: I've not seen WINWINWIN for a while either

eulerscheZahl: true

Astrobytes: Hope they're both alright tbh

Scarfield: yea :/

Scarfield: but i think WINWINWIN was on recently though

Astrobytes: ah OK, normally I see him around but didn't for a while

AntiSquid: Winwinwin was doing some kaggle (added me there) not sure if he still active


AntiSquid: oh he is active, 2 submissions today

Astrobytes: cool

Default avatar.png Vistaf: defo python with shortest mode

pardouin: cannot agree more :)

jacek: i read atari go has some bugs?

Astrobytes: No

Astrobytes: But it isn't instantly clear which colour you are, which is what led to the suspicion of a bug

eulerscheZahl: hm: yellow/blue vs black/white not optimal

eulerscheZahl: confused me a lot at checkers

eulerscheZahl: especially before avatars were added to the replays

jacek: well and stone below avatar is misleading until you read its about the captured ones

eulerscheZahl: oh, the color below your avatar is *not* your own color?

eulerscheZahl: :D

Astrobytes: yeah

el19oc: what exactly causes the did not read all inputs, code may be out of sync with the game warning?

Default avatar.png JBM: not reading the input

el19oc: interesting

Scarfield: have gone up a league in a multi? then the inputs can change

el19oc: sometimes it just seems to pop up after I change some irrelevant function, even if the function isn't ran.

el19oc: I don't think the inputs changed but I could check, thanks

RoboStac: technically it's if you print more output than expected before they give you input (eg printing two lots of moves for one turns input)

Default avatar.png JBM: hard to distinguish

el19oc: aah can't figure it out, I think you're right that it might be to do with printing too many moves at once

Astrobytes: Are you printing anything to stderr?

el19oc: can't tell how it's happening though, I'll come back to it later

el19oc: yeah a lot

Astrobytes: That's probably it, that happens to me

el19oc: wait really

Astrobytes: Try disabling it and see if it goes away

jacek: no wai

Scarfield: you can timeout from excessive errorprinting, but do you get the "did not read all..." error from that?

Astrobytes: Yeah, sometimes

Scarfield: TIL

Astrobytes: It's a feature I really wish I could turn off

jacek: write better programs then

Scarfield: wouldnt having an error string, adding to that, and only printing the whole thing once help?

Astrobytes: burn jacek! :fire:

el19oc: ohohohoho

Default avatar.png JBM: especially in code golf

el19oc: I think that was actually it

Astrobytes: I reported that printing to stderr triggered it sometimes on the day they introduced it

Scarfield: hmm i feel neinCek should be banned, you have the powers le 'stro

Scarfield: joke btw..

Astrobytes: hahahaha

Astrobytes: took me a second :D

Astrobytes: neinCek was pretty good

Scarfield: ty, thats very humbling :p

Scarfield: if humbling is actually a word

Default avatar.png JBM: you can word a lot of terms in english

Astrobytes: It is. The question is: just how humbling is it?

Scarfield: lol

Scarfield: its incomprehensible

Default avatar.png JBM: but is it comprehensive?

Astrobytes: Comprehensively incomprehensible.

Default avatar.png JBM: yet apprehendable without apprehension

Scarfield: its only apprehendable without apprehension? I smell a paradox

Default avatar.png JBM: not exclusively

Scarfield: phew, was afraid you were about to fry the automatons

Default avatar.png JBM: i wish

Scarfield: xD

Default avatar.png JBM: the NN one is rather useless

jacek: AutomatonNN or Automaton2000 is NN?

Automaton2000: then it would be possible to make the next contest?

Scarfield: they have some rare gems, calling euler a noob for instance

AutomatonNN: was it me a bit more complicated to do in the contest?

Default avatar.png JBM: take a guess

jacek: ahh those are Janus' bots

Default avatar.png JBM: it's neinnus now

Astrobytes: Automat***NN is in fact representatively reprehensible

Scarfield: in danish j as first letter is silent

Default avatar.png JBM: repressively so, dare i add

Scarfield: well not really i relunctantly admit

Default avatar.png JBM: how remissive

Default avatar.png McCheng:

Is it even possible to type so many characters in 20s?

Astrobytes: Of course

Default avatar.png McCheng: That is too insane

jacek: clash addicts

Reaperz: has anyone solved "The Lucky Number" i cant seem to pass test 5 and 6

Reaperz: really dont know how else to optimise my code

69razer69: i will try it

69razer69: so we consider it a lucky only if it contains an 8 or 6 neither the both

Reaperz: yeh

69razer69: you went for a bruth force

Reaperz: yeh i used a forlopp from L to R with an 1 if statement

69razer69: insane amount of numbers 1 -- 10^18

Reaperz: just not sure how else to do it

69razer69: well i was thinking what if incrementing by 2

69razer69: maybe using mod %

Reaperz: how would you use the %

69razer69: so take the L % 10 and find the nearest lucky number

69razer69: L = 53

69razer69: L % 10 = 3 if( L % 3 < 6) : L = L + 6 % 3

Default avatar.png chickenJS:

69razer69: then alternatively increment by 8 and 2

Default avatar.png chickenJS: pls give me a answer

Reaperz: so the first loop will ad 8 then 2nd would add 2 and so on?

69razer69: 1st cicle add 8

69razer69: second add 2

69razer69: 56 + 2 = 58 Lucky 58 + 8 = 66 Lucky

Scarfield: that will only find numbers ending with the digit 6 or 8, what about 600

69razer69: and look up for the special cases like (10*6) (100*6) so on

Reaperz: hmm il see if i can do tht thx

EEEEEEEEEEEEE: chickenjs if we just give an answer you won't learn anything

Reaperz: been at this since 4 hrs brain is a bit muddled up xD

Scarfield: Reaperz i havent done this puzzle, but im pretty sure you will need something much much faster.

Reaperz: yeh i think so too ;/

Scarfield: range from 1000 - 2000 1xyz how many digits for x, y and z will be lucky

Scarfield: something like this is what i suppose the puzzle is about

Reaperz: oh i see just clocked thts the number it increases by for every 1k remains the same

Scarfield: that wasnt what i was getting at, but sure - with some exceptions (6k, 8k, 16k, .. , etc)

eulerscheZahl: and range L to R is 1..R - 1..(L-1)

Reaperz: so complicated xD sry seems like i am really slow haha

eulerscheZahl: it's not a trivial problem

eulerscheZahl: do you try to solve it for a job application?

Reaperz: practising for one

eulerscheZahl: at mthree?

Reaperz: yeh i applied it for it yesterday. Still havent heard from it yet but found a few questions some were asked so was practicing them

Default avatar.png JBM: eZ: how did you know?

Default avatar.png JBM: are they already famous for using that question?! o_O

eulerscheZahl: someone struggled with the same problem (lucky numbers) on discord recently

Reaperz: oh damn here i was hoping it wasnt tht popular..


eulerscheZahl: :/

Default avatar.png JBM: oh

Default avatar.png JBM: like they scraped it and use without attribution

eulerscheZahl: they use CG as an official contractor

Default avatar.png JBM: ah, better

eulerscheZahl: i guess they just liked the problem. I didn't really enjoy it

eulerscheZahl: the concept was instantly clear to me. but a few cases to consider

eulerscheZahl: so my solution turned into about 70 lines

eulerscheZahl: looking at other solutions, it's even on the short side

Hankdane: It seems like the kind of problem where if you know the right number theory background, it's easy (or at least doable), otherwise you're screwed.

eulerscheZahl: true. i've seen similar tasks on project euler before

Hankdane: It's pretty clear they are not looking for the brute force method.

Scarfield: just looked at the puzzle, that would be some rather brute, brute force

Scarfield: 1≤L≤R≤10^18

Reaperz: wow 70 lines

Reaperz: least urs worked id assume xD

eulerscheZahl: yes

eulerscheZahl: i remember a problem on project euler where they asked about the last 5 non-zero digits of 10^12! (factorial) I got the idea but failed to implement it

eulerscheZahl: 10^12 takes about 1 day to finish

Scarfield: it is estimated that the there are between 10^78 to 10^82 atoms in the known, observable universe

Scarfield: 10^12! is just ridiculous :O

Reaperz: crazy numbers for both

SPDene: lol. reminds me of some real-life code that had to be run at the end of (every) month. the code wasn't very efficient; we predicted it would take 40 days to run, each month!

Reaperz: wow

Astrobytes: heh heh heh

Scarfield: lol

Default avatar.png chickenJS: too hard

Scarfield: wait.. 10^12! only has one non-zero digit, i feel like somethings missing in that problem :p

Thyl: Good evening !

Reaperz: ngl i feel it has many missing parts but thts cuz i am not as good xD

Reaperz: good evening :)

eulerscheZahl: "wait.. 10^12! only has one non-zero digit," you see me confused

Scarfield: a 1 with 12! zeros has one non-zero digit? now im confused xD

eulerscheZahl: (10^12)!

Scarfield: oooh

Astrobytes: hahaha ffs Slowfield!

Scarfield: xD

eulerscheZahl: now i'm not sure about the operator priority anymore

Scarfield: im not sure how i didnt realise i just read it wrong :D

eulerscheZahl: if I can trust pari/gp, i messed it up and the misunderstanding is totally my fault

eulerscheZahl: ? 2^3! %1 = 64 ? (2^3)! %2 = 40320

Default avatar.png Pjdux: .......


eulerscheZahl: yes, that

Default avatar.png chickenJS: pa

Default avatar.png chickenJS:

eulerscheZahl: you lost against 2 bots

AntiSquid: you lost because you used PHP while having JS in your name, the universe punished you

Astrobytes: chickenPHP...

AntiSquid: this exists

Astrobytes: Chicken pho exists, only one letter away :P

Bob: AntiSquid: virtually anything exists in JS

Bob: JS is practically the rule 34 of languages

AntiSquid: lol

Astrobytes: lol

Bob: and as for the actual rule 34, anything that exists because of it doesn't even have to make sense


AntiSquid: "Rule 34 of programming: If it exists, it's on npm."

Astrobytes: hah

Bob: that's so meta

Bob: and it doesn't make (much) sense

Bob: QED

Astrobytes: gg

eulerscheZahl: but do you know chickentuna?

Astrobytes: the phantom github contributor

eulerscheZahl: i think it's jupoulton but i'm not sure

Astrobytes: I've tried to guess too but not sure

AntiSquid: quite sure it is jup, based on some convo on slack

AntiSquid: or a shared account ??

Astrobytes: that's one of my thoughts on it, usually quite active around competition times so would figure

Astrobytes: Suppose we could just ask

eulerscheZahl: but first they shall accept my PR

eulerscheZahl: oh, mystery solved


eulerscheZahl: list of online friends on discord

Astrobytes: aha

eulerscheZahl: using an alias for CG i guess

Astrobytes: ffs, all I had to do was click on his discord profile, d'oh

eulerscheZahl: like Thibaud = TwoSteps confused me too at first

Astrobytes: yeah

eulerscheZahl: wasn't aware of alias names and thought I messaged the wrong user

Astrobytes: what was your PR? The replay thing?

eulerscheZahl: yes

eulerscheZahl: reduced replay size for the toggle module

eulerscheZahl: then i decided to drop that part and call the module from JS without the SDK :D

eulerscheZahl: so I have my own modules now. the TinyToggleModule and the FooltipModule

Astrobytes: Nice. How's it coming along?

eulerscheZahl: the game is playable I think

Astrobytes: "Fooltip" hahaha

eulerscheZahl: you get nuts when you have to deal with JS for a while

Astrobytes: hehehe, 5 minutes is usually enough

eulerscheZahl: you realize that you are getting crazy when you start laughing about your own puns while coding

**Astrobytes does that most of the time anyway

AntiSquid: good way to keep it fun and not lose interest

Alshock: If I don't laugh at my own puns, who will?

Astrobytes: :+1:

eulerscheZahl: there are a few good ones

eulerscheZahl: Exception up = new Exception("Something is really wrong."); throw up; //ha ha

AntiSquid: that's a really nice rick roll

Astrobytes: My friend rickrolled us at his wedding, halfway through his speech. Complete with soundtrack.

AntiSquid: was everyone wearing a kilt?

Astrobytes: Considering he's Swedish and we were in Sweden, no.

Astrobytes: He's divorced now, but the wedding was great

Default avatar.png JBM: ooooooh a semi-easy PE

Astrobytes: I love that "RichardIsAFuckingIdiot" post on SO

788361: a friend of mine used an entire monologue of a french comedy movie as his graduation speech

Default avatar.png JBM: sounds nice 788361

Astrobytes: hehehe

Bob: I'm not sure any of the teaching staff noticed

Bob: nearly two minutes long

Bob: and word-perfect

Astrobytes: Well played that man

Bob: someone did a video with his speech and the original movie sequence side by side

Bob: even the timing and voicing is near perfect

Bob: pure genius

dbdr: which comedy?

Bob: incidentally the guy's pretty good at coding too

Scarfield: is he named Richard?

Bob: nope

Bob: he's the main developer of

Bob: dbdr: Mission Cleopatre

Default avatar.png JBM: baer? XD

Astrobytes: They did live action Astérix movies? TIL

dbdr: "Vegan on a Desert Island" :D

Bob: JBM, yes

Default avatar.png JBM: forcementally

Default avatar.png JBM: i should learn that one

Bob: that monologue is actually perfect as a speech for virtually any occasion

Default avatar.png JBM: sounds great, light-spirited, vacuous message

Default avatar.png JBM: no feelings offended

dbdr: there are graduaction speeches in France??

Default avatar.png JBM: i heard some schools started americanizing theirs

Astrobytes: ugh

Default avatar.png JBM: with gowns and square hats and stuff

dbdr: wtf

Astrobytes: They do that in the UK too, always have

Default avatar.png JBM: my feeling too

Bob: some engineering schools have that, yes

Bob: speeches at least

Astrobytes: I'm more concerned about the introduction of US-style "proms" in highschool

AntiSquid: all good they didn't copy the tuition fees and student debt from US did they?

Bob: not yet

AntiSquid: western nations being more civilized

Astrobytes: heh

Bob: :beer: time

Alshock: nothing's farthest west than the US on our worldmap

Alshock: farther?

dbdr: Japan is to the west of the USA ;)

AntiSquid: lies, the world is flat

Alshock: nope, on our european map it's far-east

dbdr: really?

Default avatar.png JBM: you have japan on a european map?

Astrobytes: :grin:

Alshock: because you believe the world actually exists AntiSquid?

Default avatar.png JBM: in gmaps, there are 3 japans if you zoom out far enough

AntiSquid: because we need anime, of course we have japan in europe

Alshock: @JBM european world map

AntiSquid: japan should be invited to join the EU

Astrobytes: So you can have WeeabEUs?!

Bob: if they give us their train system, I'm in favor

Default avatar.png JBM: so we can make the US feel uneasy

Astrobytes: Currently they can do that by themselves

Default avatar.png JBM: they were always at war with eastasia

Bob: JBM <3

Default avatar.png JBM: ok gotta listen to baer again

Alshock: Well australia is part of our song contest. I strongly suspect that some organizer just mistook them for austria at one point and they never acknoledged their mistake

Alshock: +w

Bob: maybe they could tour the sumo bashos in EU too

Astrobytes: Yeah, they've found it a much harder area to destabilise however

Bob: I'd love to see one someday

Bob: other than on youtube, I mean

Astrobytes: Are they still having issues with recruiting sumo students?

Bob: no idea

Bob: they did ?

Bob: there's still a fairly large amount (no pun intended) of candidates in the lower leagues

Astrobytes: Yeah, as well as being considered "old-fashioned" and not relevant the trainees were just not able to take it

Astrobytes: Oh I meant sumo overall

Bob: oh

Bob: I think it's a recurring issue with most traditional disciplines

Astrobytes: Yeah, you can try to modernise to an extent but... sooner or later you lose the essence I suppose

Bob: admittedly sumo in particular is a particularly hash school of life

Default avatar.png JBM: aaaah that was good

Bob: even when they make it to the top

Bob: one of the top division wrestlers was retired from the current tournament by his master because he violated the covid caution directives

Bob: the press has it he's even likely to be actually fired

Astrobytes: Yeah, they're hardcore on the discipline

dbdr: "I am only love"

dbdr: he said that in his speech? :)

Bob: the entire speech

Bob: word for word

Bob: one of the best trolls ever

Bob: japan has a seeminlgy neverending supply of traditional disciplines kept on life support by a handful of devoted people

Bob: swimming in samurai armor is a particularly nice one

Astrobytes: Hah!

Bob: firing 18th ccentury mortars, too

Astrobytes: We're getting back to a Rule 32 situation there Bob

Astrobytes: or *34

AntiSquid: what's the point of graduation speeches in general?


Default avatar.png JBM: what's the point of graduation in general?

Bob: party afterwards ?

Bob: :beer:

AntiSquid: the piece of paper? idk

Default avatar.png JBM: they could mail it

Bob: huh I need to refill the fridge

Bob: some local breweries here made a batch they called "the pangolin's revenge"

Astrobytes: mwahaha

Bob: tastes of caramel and liquorice

dbdr: I'd try that!

Astrobytes: Ever had a German rauchbier?

Bob: doesn't ring a bell

Bob: I suppose I'd remember

Astrobytes: It's like drinking smoked meat, cheese and beer at the same time.

Astrobytes: In a good way

Astrobytes: But I'd challenge you to have more than a smal lglass

Astrobytes: *small

Astrobytes: Smoked barley they use I believe

Astrobytes: (malt barley)

dbdr: in a good way :+1: :D

Bob: dbdr:

Bob: near the bottom

Astrobytes: Wheat beer too, nice strength also :)

Astrobytes: (wrt the Pangolin)

AntiSquid: sometimes i wish i paid attention in French class

Bob: my, whatever for?

AntiSquid: to understand the language lol

Bob: half of it makes no sense

Astrobytes: HAve you tried Le Mulet Bob?

AntiSquid: i can understand the other half i think

Bob: half of the alphabet isn't even pronunced the way you'd expect

Bob: Astrobytes: nope

Default avatar.png JBM: fix ur expactation

AntiSquid: i am aware

AntiSquid: that's why i hated french in school

Astrobytes: It sounds nice, I'm a fan of triples

Bob: Astrobytes: I haven't tried anything from that particuilar brewery

Bob: my pangolin one is made by one of the other 4 who participated

Astrobytes: I see

Bob: AntiSquid: you're welcome to still hate it :p

Bob: my kids marvel at the sheer stupidity of the many inconsistencies they have to learn

Default avatar.png JBM: that'll prepare them for legacy code

Bob: hah

Astrobytes: lol

Bob: definitely

Default avatar.png JBM: "why are we still maintaining react apps"

Bob: the worst thing about "legacy" code is that stuff as little as two months old can qualify as such

Default avatar.png JBM: "what do you mean we still can't vertically center an html element in its container"

Bob: height: 100%

Default avatar.png JBM: "we've had 50 years to phase JS out and it's still there?"

Astrobytes: This is why I never went back to web dev after 2001 and went for biology instead.

Astrobytes: Well, OK, I dabbled. But I didn't inhale.

Bob: a few weeks ago my r&d lead suggested to me to use html tables to make a layout

Default avatar.png JBM: "it still works"

Astrobytes: hah!

Bob: he stopped short of suggesting bits of pictures to put in the corner cells to display rounded corners

SPDene: tell him you decided to use ascii tables instead ヽ(ຈل͜ຈ)ノ︵ ┻━┻

Astrobytes: shims and corner pieces, jeez

Bob: maybe he'll try pushing animated gifs of 3D-rendered logos

Bob: geocities, here we coe

Astrobytes: MIDI files on page load

Bob: come*

Bob: ooooo midi files <3

Default avatar.png JBM: leeched off ftp sites who knows where

Default avatar.png JBM: traded with friends in dark alleys

Bob: gopher ftw

Default avatar.png JBM: i never found midis on gopher

Astrobytes: Only dark alleys

Bob: certainly no friends either

Default avatar.png JBM: hey, they were so illegal

Default avatar.png JBM: the bigcos were certainly already after us


Bob: gosh

Bob: people with so much idle time on their hands

dbdr: try q and e

Bob: mind: blown

Astrobytes: haha nice rotation

dbdr: well, that could be said about any game

Default avatar.png JBM: ok i've got the sword, now where do i go?

Bob: there's reflection in the water, nice

Bob: try and find ganondorf

Bob: then kill him

Default avatar.png JBM: seems too dangerous out there

Default avatar.png JBM: which one are you?

Bob: the other one

dbdr: I'm jumping

Default avatar.png JBM: so am i

Default avatar.png JBM: didn't make me find tou

Default avatar.png JBM: *u

Astrobytes: and me

dbdr: where do I get a sword?

Default avatar.png JBM: in the dark alley :p

Default avatar.png JBM: ok i'm on the small island

dbdr: seems there's a limit how far you can swimm

Default avatar.png JBM: at the end of the road

Default avatar.png JBM: umping every now and then

MSmits: errr what is the point

Bob: there is a variant which appears to feature sword and shields

Bob: I can't figure out how to pick them up though


dbdr: reached the end of the world, big cliff

dbdr: the world is flat1

Default avatar.png JBM: don't jump

dbdr: can't I think

Astrobytes: yeah can't go past some boundary

Default avatar.png JBM: got a green potion

dbdr: got a hammer

Bob: does it say "drink me" on the label?

Default avatar.png JBM: and a battle-axe ^^

MSmits: well i must say this is more fun than typing in a solution for the last validator of cotr

dbdr: Giant's Hammer

Bob: Your blessed +5 Mjollnir hits the master lich!

Astrobytes: well, anyway, I'm out, gn/bn all

Bob: same here

MSmits: gn Astrobytes

dbdr: oh there's a keyboard

MSmits: and Bob

Default avatar.png JBM: got armor of some sort

Default avatar.png JBM: oh, i brings up inventory

Default avatar.png JBM: "Giant's Axe", actually

Default avatar.png JBM: the nethack keybindings don't appear to wokr here

AntiSquid: wtf is ?

AntiSquid: got any links to ascii VR games too?

Default avatar.png JBM: how do i wear my armor

dbdr: found wine :D

Default avatar.png JBM: you can kind of lie down with "End"

Default avatar.png JBM: (get up with Home)

Default avatar.png JBM: got bread and cheese

Default avatar.png JBM: carrot and beet

dbdr: oh, tab to write

Default avatar.png JBM: and cucumber

Default avatar.png JBM: cherry and plum

dbdr: Plus Sword

MSmits: i tried to kill you dbdr

MSmits: didnt work

dbdr: :D

dbdr: not sure what the percentages are

dbdr: how do you use a weapon?

Default avatar.png JBM: now what

dbdr: I have several in inventory

dbdr: bow, sword, ...

Default avatar.png JBM: it froze

MSmits: rightclick

MSmits: dbdr

MSmits: and use with enter

MSmits: I am using some mad fighting skills on you, but maybe this is not a pvp server

dbdr: hm, I can use the sword but not the bow or the mace

dbdr: would be nice to get in the boat

MSmits: same

MSmits: cant get in the boat either

Default avatar.png JBM: by jumping from rock to rock?

Insufficient: that feels really intuitive to be able to move by dragging with the mouse cursor

Insufficient: most games you have to use mouse for something else so its not as easy an option for default controls

MSmits: well I was on the boat

MSmits: then fell off the other side cuz i jumped too fast

dbdr: :D

Insufficient: and its super cool how when you walk up cliffs its fine but when you move back down the cliff it makes you jump, like its almost 1 way gravity

MSmits: I;m on it!

MSmits: dont think it works

dbdr: let's go!

Default avatar.png JBM: there's a success pic of it on the subreddit

MSmits: of being on the boat?

MSmits: or of it moving?

Default avatar.png JBM: being on it

MSmits: who;s with me on the boat

dbdr: I am

MSmits: so someone was proud enough getting on it, that they posted a pic

Default avatar.png JBM: something like that

MSmits: it;s just a couple rocks :P

dbdr: was hard for me :D

dbdr: trying to give you some wine

dbdr: I can drag items, says drop, but then it does not

MSmits: hmm ok

dbdr: drowing :D

MSmits: this where 20 years of gaming experience really pays off

MSmits: I'm out, gonna watch some netflix, you may have the boat mow

MSmits: now

Default avatar.png Pjdux: The program: A ticket has a 6 digit number that goes from 000000 to 999999. It is a lucky ticket if the sum of the first three digits is equal to the sum of the last three digits.

You are given N ticket numbers. For each of them your program must output true if a given ticket number is lucky or false if not.

Default avatar.png Pjdux: but then 111222 is true?? im so frustrated

MSmits: that's a clash

Default avatar.png Pjdux: yes lol I'm new here

MSmits: that's false

MSmits: 1+1+1 != 2+2+2

MSmits: I actually did that clash before

Default avatar.png Pjdux: on the example outputs thats what i see

MSmits: if it is 123204 it is lucky

Default avatar.png Pjdux: unless thats also a test lol

Default avatar.png Pjdux: a is also true

Default avatar.png Pjdux: 4 sorry

MSmits: whats the exact input of the example?

Default avatar.png Pjdux: a single int

Default avatar.png Pjdux: INPUT:

MSmits: first is lucky

Default avatar.png Pjdux: sorry i tried pasting the info

MSmits: true false, true

MSmits: false

MSmits: yeah its correct

dbdr: hm, naked man

Default avatar.png Pjdux: oh so the 4 is just how many arrays i have to deal with ?

MSmits: yes

MSmits: you loop over this

MSmits: it's the loop-max for input

Default avatar.png Pjdux: i have an idea on how to solve it

Default avatar.png Pjdux: its just that threw me off

MSmits: for your language, just index the input string, convert to int and add them up for 1,2,3 and for 4,5,6

MSmits: they're all length 6

MSmits: i mean for 0,1,2 and 3,4,5 obviously

Default avatar.png Pjdux: if half1.reduce((x,i) => x + i) === half2..reduce((x,i) => x + i) return true

Default avatar.png Pjdux: lol something within those

MSmits: no idea what that is

MSmits: but it looks like javascript

MSmits: because of the ===

MSmits: way too many =

Default avatar.png Pjdux: it is lol

MSmits: ok I'm out for real now, gn :)

AntiSquid: you put 2 dots after half2


dbdr: nice collection

AntiSquid: story behind the game is quite interesting

Default avatar.png Pjdux: hey guys is there anyway that i can sort of filter the easy games

Default avatar.png Pjdux: NVM lol

DomiKo: you can't say that game X is easier than game Y

DomiKo: that's your preference

DomiKo: yours*

Andriamanitra: at least for clashes there is difficulty rating in the "how was this clash?" after each round, it should be trivial to filter them by average difficulty rating

itzblinkzy: :D

itzblinkzy: Thanks for sharing your code Unicorn I understood where I went wrong.

Default avatar.png Allison: That moment when you're super excited about figuring something out, then are afraid to look at what other people did so that you don't have to feel dumb... xD

Default avatar.png GiulioFischietti: i started playing this game thinking it was wasy... it was not.

Default avatar.png GiulioFischietti: xD