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AbundantPuddle: Welcome ptran!

Rynoz: hi ptran :>

Default avatar.png auddog: hi!

NivethSaran: I accidentally deleted the Puzzle of the Week notification

NivethSaran: how can I access the Puzzle of the week?

AbundantPuddle: It's the sudoku puzzle.


NivethSaran: Thank you

AbundantPuddle: No problem.

StepBack13: is the network glitching?

Default avatar.png JayBeAl: why cant i see my tutorial progress at the home page?

tomatoes: what tutorial?

Default avatar.png JayBeAl: sometimes there is shown like an xp tree, challenges like do 3 loop puzzles and get xp for it

tomatoes: probably its not home page. some other section/page

Default avatar.png JayBeAl: ye but i cant find it. The link u sent is just the homepage. Im only getting viewed my level, overall rank, achievements, my last 3 activities, one puzzle recommendation and the CD for the next Clash of Code.

Default avatar.png JayBeAl: Sometimes the xp tree is also shown, but i cant figure out when and how to trigger

tomatoes: sounds like old home page :thinking:

tomatoes: try hard page refresh

Default avatar.png JayBeAl: when did they update?

tomatoes: 1 week ago maybe

Default avatar.png JayBeAl: im only member for 3-4 days now

Default avatar.png JayBeAl: hard refresh didn´t fix it

tomatoes: strange

Default avatar.png JayBeAl: okay deleting cookies did it. But why? I saw it before in this browser, deleted cookies 2 days ago and i still did not see it

Default avatar.png JayBeAl: Its kinda random

tomatoes: tbh no idea

Default avatar.png JayBeAl: Thanks anyways, maybe i can reproduce it. I will write a bug report in this case then.

jacek: good morning

jacek: darn i read about particle swarm optimization. i think i have new kink

LoGos: JayBeAl someone said that some new users may not see quest page due to AB testing

Default avatar.png JayBeAl: @LoGos thanks for the Info. I just wonder why i see it sometimes and a day or so after it disappeared again

G-Rom: yes, there is an AB test

G-Rom: so new users have 50% chance to get it

Default avatar.png JayBeAl: and that chnages everytime i approach the site with no cookies? That would explain the behaviour

Default avatar.png JayBeAl: changes*

G-Rom: yes, the variant you get is stored on your local storage. So if you move to another browser or clear the cookies, the variant is generated again

Default avatar.png JayBeAl: alright, case solved then, thanks

Default avatar.png JayBeAl: i definitely prefer the one with the quest page, since im an achievement hunter :D

G-Rom: sure ;)

jacek: a gratification generation

DomiKo: good morning

aCat: hi hi

Shivishbrahma: hola amigos

itzblinkzy: whats poppin peeps

itzblinkzy: usama_022 are you able to share your code?

itzblinkzy: :pensivE:

itzblinkzy: i guess not..

Default avatar.png JayBeAl:

Nixerrr: JayBeAl What have you changed? Could you share your code?

Default avatar.png JayBeAl:

Default avatar.png JayBeAl: there you go

Nixerrr: There is no spoon ep 1?

Default avatar.png JayBeAl: yes

Nixerrr: I don't know any C#, but I can't see you read the "string line" from the Console

Nixerrr: This is missing " string line = Console.ReadLine();"

Default avatar.png JayBeAl: damn there is missing a code line, i pasted the wrong code sorry, was testing. 1 mom

Default avatar.png JayBeAl:

Default avatar.png JayBeAl: this one is the right one

Default avatar.png JayBeAl: sorry for this

Nixerrr: Odd. I don't understand why you're getting that error. Seems to me you're reading the input before printing an instruction.

Nixerrr: Maybe someone familiar with C# can chime in

Astrobytes: I'd remove this semicolon for starters: if(cellData != string.Empty);


Astrobytes: Hi Nixerrr :wave:

Nixerrr: Hey hey, that's a good catch :)

Default avatar.png JayBeAl: The thing is, that my algo is working anyways. But warnings like this trigger me :D

I´ve now solved my problem with the vertical, i just missunderstood it. Thanks for your time Nixer :)

Default avatar.png JayBeAl: oh lol chat didnt scroll down

Nixerrr: Okie dokes!

Default avatar.png JayBeAl: Oh lol such a typo :D Thanks Astro :D But the C# compiler is ignoring semicolons after ifs i think. Otherwise even the first test case wouldn´t work, but it did^^

Default avatar.png JayBeAl: Lol ok never mind. This semicolons is not ignored

Default avatar.png JayBeAl: -s

Nixerrr: Was that the issue then?

Astrobytes: Just because code passes one test does not prove your semi-colon doesn't affect it ;)

Astrobytes: It's not the only issue no

Default avatar.png JayBeAl: and the warning is gone, yes

Default avatar.png JayBeAl: astro the algo is not done yet, i just wanted to get rid of the warning, and removing the semicolon did :)

Default avatar.png JayBeAl: Thanks :)

Astrobytes: Ah ok, cool :)

Default avatar.png JayBeAl: Im used to VS Studio where such typos are directly highlighted red and prevents the code from running x)

Astrobytes: Oh it was highlighted for me, just not in red, the text changes colour

Nixerrr: JayBeAl You can use VS Studio. Get CG Sync

Default avatar.png JayBeAl: you are kiddin :O

Nixerrr: I am not

Default avatar.png JayBeAl: is it a nuget?

Nixerrr: Are you using Chrome?

Default avatar.png JayBeAl: firefox, but i would switch for this O:

Default avatar.png JayBeAl: Can i also use this for VS Code?

Astrobytes: Does this not happen for you in CG IDE JayBeAl?

Nixerrr: It's independent of the IDE, since the local file gets uploaded

Default avatar.png JayBeAl: it does, it just was so little i didnt see it x)

Nixerrr: synchronized

Default avatar.png JayBeAl: oh nice, thanks a lot nixer! i think this will make it much more comfortable :)

RoboStac: there an alternative called cg local that is meant to work with firefox.

Astrobytes: You know you can zoom in & out with the mouse wheel + Ctrl?

RoboStac: never tried it though

Default avatar.png JayBeAl: thanks robo

Default avatar.png JayBeAl: and yes astro i do, but i hate this kind of zoom, thats why i dont use it xD its just making the font bigger

Astrobytes: For the whole browser window?

Astrobytes: If so, make sure the editor has focus and it'll only zoom that

Default avatar.png JayBeAl: no just the editor, but i am used to the standardsize. I never expected a warning this small. Ill know in the future :)

Astrobytes: Ah ok :)

Default avatar.png JayBeAl: Thanks for all the input guys, thats amazing here :)

Nixerrr: No probs :thumbsup:

Astrobytes: You're welcome!

DomiKo: guys are there any blogs about "how to improve GA"?

Astrobytes: Probably, I don't know any off the top of my head. What's the issue?

DomiKo: the issue is

DomiKo: that i don't know what to do

DomiKo: i read like everyting on CG

MSmits: why do you need GA DomiKo?

DomiKo: MarLander

MSmits: ahh ok

DomiKo: MarsLander

MSmits: to solve it or to optimize it?

DomiKo: #25 now

Scarfield: have you implemented "elites"

Astrobytes: To write it in the first place? There's a python tutorial on, did you try that?

DomiKo: optimize

Scarfield: oh i guess you have xD

MSmits: ah right, optimize then, cant help you, good job on 25

Astrobytes: Ah

DomiKo: i read like a lot

DomiKo: and i guess

DomiKo: i know some stuff

Astrobytes: Fine tune your fitness function I guess

DomiKo: but now i reached point

DomiKo: where only thing i can do

DomiKo: is like change 0.05 to 0.06

DomiKo: test for like hour

Scarfield: do you randomize the initial population?

DomiKo: and see wow 1 point more

MSmits: how different is your score vs the rest DomiKo?

DomiKo: huge gap

MSmits: hm ok

Astrobytes: maybe don't crossover so much as time increases? So you don't wreck your solution

DomiKo: 2453 me

DomiKo: 2509 best

MSmits: are marslander validators public?

DomiKo: i found that on 4 test i have like -12 points

MSmits: i mean did they leak?

DomiKo: they are the "same"

DomiKo: map is moved in some direction

MSmits: DomiKo are you solving it online or offline?

DomiKo: current offline

MSmits: ah ok

DomiKo: when online -10 points

DomiKo: -20 maybe

MSmits: how big is the gap with the rest?

DomiKo: 50 points

MSmits: well first thing you should do is hardcode the solution you found offline

MSmits: that should get you up some ranks right? or is it 50 pts to the next?

DomiKo: but should i improve it like manually?

DomiKo: is it a thing?

DomiKo: no no

DomiKo: 50 points to top

MSmits: offline solving is a thing yes

DomiKo: gap to top10 is 32 points

MSmits: originally this was not intended to happen, but people figure out to validators in various ways

DomiKo: that a lot

DomiKo: i mean yea i know

DomiKo: i solve it offline now

MSmits: numbershifting (by Euler) is actually intended to be solved only offline

DomiKo: and only ctrl c ctrl v

MSmits: so its no big deal

MSmits: doing it manually might be good

DomiKo: hmmm

MSmits: i solved some validators on zombies manually

DomiKo: ohhh

DomiKo: zombies are like silimiar to test?

DomiKo: or the same?

MSmits: different

MSmits: but similar i guess

DomiKo: hmmm

MSmits: lets take this to pm btw

DomiKo: kk

Astrobytes: Have you tried jumping randomly? Like in SA, so you don't get stuck in local optima?

DomiKo: jumping randomly?

DomiKo: i dont know SA :(

Astrobytes: It's simple, I gotta run right now, but google it

Astrobytes: cya all later, got an appointment

Scarfield: cya

Nixerrr: Later!

Scarfield: alli

DomiKo: later

DomiKo: thanks

Scarfield: hi Nixerrr

Nixerrr: Hey hey

MSmits: DomiKo SA is simpler than GA

MSmits: basically it's hillclimbing with a random margin that shrinks as time passes

MSmits: you switch to a worse solution sometimes based on that random number

MSmits: that way you get out of a local optimum

DomiKo: ohh okey

DomiKo: now i understand

MSmits: way less parameters than GA

MSmits: and it often works just as well as or better than GA, even though it often is worse as well

MSmits: depends on the problem I guesss

Scarfield: how do you create your initial population, i suppose if you are creating them randomly, it can be improved by some simple parameters

DomiKo: yea

DomiKo: full random

MSmits: oh btw, SA = simulated annealing:

MSmits: contests have been won with it

DomiKo: yea i seen

MSmits: k

DomiKo: that was next thing on my bucket list to learn

MSmits: is on mine as well, i know the theory fairly well, but never got around t oit

MSmits: i was following a course on AI for my studies and was hoping they'd get to this but they didnt

Thyl: Hello !

Nixerrr: Was it an online course, MSmits?

MSmits: instead i got a crossword puzzle creator that could be bruteforced instead of optimized :(

MSmits: yes the harvard one

MSmits: CS 50 AI

MSmits: pretty basic

MSmits: got highest grade on everything easily

MSmits: it's free, you can go do it

Nixerrr: It's more of an intro course I guess

MSmits: yes

MSmits: it's kind of like a 1st year uni thing

Nixerrr: I've done some of the CS50 courses. Great stuff. In fact, I started coding by doing their Intro to CS course.

MSmits: ahh nice

MSmits: well the lectures and assignments are good

MSmits: the AI one goes into Q-learning and NN's as well btw

DomiKo: I had intro to AI last semester, and now i trying to code everything

MSmits: but my teacher for this never went that far, the course didnt have enough credits to do the full harvard thing

MSmits: so i did most of the extra stuff on my own

Nixerrr: Intro to CS was the single best online course I've done. The rest of their courses were mediocre. Good to know the AI one is good too.

MSmits: yeah, you get annoyed by the lecturer if you watch them too quickly in a row. But that's unavoidable

MSmits: any lecturer's quirks get annoying if you see too much

MSmits: you'll get annoyed now quicker, because I said this :P

Nixerrr: I'm not easily annoyed :P

MSmits: ah then you'll be fine

DomiKo: lucky man

MSmits: I need to do code of the rings to continue my quests

MSmits: i have a solution but need to shrink it with brainfk stuff

Nixerrr: I either need to approve/reject a contribution or do 3 very hard puzzles :thinking:

MSmits: do very hard puzzles, is more fun :)

Nixerrr: I haven't done all the hard ones - gonna do that first

DomiKo: i believe that i have some old greedy in code of the rings

MSmits: some very hard puzzles are not very hard though

MSmits: i do too DomiKo, just need to shrink it

DomiKo: next one in don't panik in less than 200

DomiKo: and i can't get that :(

MSmits: just don't panic

DomiKo: hehe

MSmits: i dont see it in optim

MSmits: oh code golf

DomiKo: code golf :P

MSmits: ah my current solution is just copied from the puzzle

MSmits: 3848 chars :P

DomiKo: cool

MSmits: even have commentary

DomiKo: that's close i guess

MSmits: mmh cant you make this small with python?

MSmits: 200 seems doable?

DomiKo: ...

DomiKo: 240+

MSmits: now i wanna try it

DomiKo: i read data in 160

Scarfield: import DontPanic as DP

DomiKo: DP.solve()

MSmits: well you need a faster way to read data then

MSmits: at least you know what to focus on

DomiKo: i guess my solution if not the worst

DomiKo: is*

DomiKo: but i don't know

DomiKo: reading line

MSmits: there's people with 64

DomiKo: yea....

MSmits: so you're reading input wrong

DomiKo: and 59 in C

Nixerrr: Magic

DomiKo: dbb r

DomiKo: magic

MSmits: yeah dbd r went crazy on code golf :P

DomiKo: ohh man

DomiKo: 221

MSmits: trying to convert my C# solution to something that works in python

MSmits: so that i can then shrink it

Default avatar.png psychopath: Hi

Default avatar.png psychopath: I'd like to dvp a programm to show the difference between class and instance

Default avatar.png psychopath: any idea??

MSmits: sorry, i don't know what exactly you're saying

MSmits: any program that uses classes and instances (objects ?) should have this visible in the source code

Scarfield: Deutsche VolksPartei / Delivery Vs Payment

Default avatar.png psychopath: @MSmits I know it's for an exercice and the statement is quite ambiguous

Default avatar.png psychopath: But it s actually stated as I mentionned

MSmits: ok, well I don't know then :(

Default avatar.png psychopath: write a program to show the difference between a class and an instance.. And it also seems weird to me...

Scarfield: class IAmClass{

   int xyz;

}; IAmClass ThisIsAnInstanceNow = {};

tomatoes: aren't they obviously different things?

Default avatar.png JBM: oh my #fr leaked here again

MSmits: plug it JBM

Default avatar.png JBM: well some already started

Default avatar.png JBM: have fun!

Default avatar.png psychopath: Exactly it seems obvious to me

Default avatar.png psychopath: But dunna what is really expected

Default avatar.png psychopath: Perhaps just creating a class and an instance with different attributes and methods..

Scarfield: The idea of the assignment is probably just to show that you understand what the different terms mean

Default avatar.png psychopath: Hope so...!

Default avatar.png psychopath: ty!

tomatoes: memory_used() and two loops maybe

tomatoes: to show that instance is an instance :rolling_eyes:

DomiKo: 207 chars...

DomiKo: so close and so far at the same time...

Default avatar.png psychopath: @tomatoes nice idea, ill try that way

hmsayem: :neutral_face:

DomiKo: omggggg

DomiKo: 200 charss

DomiKo: iam done

DomiKo: i hate code golf

DomiKo: and yes

DomiKo: i panic

MSmits: gj :)

DomiKo: reach 2% in gold gold leader....

DomiKo: code golf*

DomiKo: i can even spell that

DomiKo: can't

remi6: Hello! Here is a bot that collects Clash of Code links from Twitch: #Clash

jacek: good for you

AntiSquid: it's good there's a clash channel and that it doesn't spam main chat :p

MSmits: yeah this is nice

MSmits: I mean I won't use it, but still nice for those who will

AntiSquid: did you do your clash path MSmits ?

MSmits: not fully yet

MSmits: but made some progress

AntiSquid: see? that chat is useful for you

MSmits: why, i can just start clashes :P

jacek: people following the clash path...

AntiSquid: OCD

MSmits: currently trying to shrink down my code for dont panic

AntiSquid: well not really, but hate to see it incomplete :D

Default avatar.png ckstmznf: Hello World

MSmits: gj

Xcalibre: i managed 200 chars in don't panic using c++

MSmits: nice

MSmits: dont know which language is easiest here

Xcalibre: definitely NOT c++

MSmits: but should be easily possible for python, given the leaderboard

Xcalibre: yeah

AntiSquid: javascript

MSmits: why js?

jacek: RIP struct

Default avatar.png ben007: rust

AntiSquid: you doing golf MSmits?

MSmits: it's on the quest path apparently

MSmits: i also still need to shrink code of the rings

MSmits: dont panic comes after

AntiSquid: occasionally it's possible to translate short solutions tricks from one language to the other, but after a while you end up googling for language specifics "golf tricks for x language"

RoboStac: if you just want a decent golf score there are usually semi golfed solutions on the basic puzzle

RoboStac: which can be good for some tips

MSmits: nice one Robo

MSmits: I am guessing this is mostly the algorithmic part that is golfed in basic puzzles

MSmits: and you can always make the variable names shorter for those

AntiSquid: where is struct btw? jacek what did you do to him?

Nixerrr: :scream_cat:

Washier: so clicked on all the quest stuff today and my level went up, even though i did all those things. ok

MSmits: what do you mean?

Washier: went one level up without doing anything

MSmits: yeah, thats because the quest xp is applied retroactively

Washier: except clicking on the quest page. i dont mind.

MSmits: otherwise it wouldnt be fair

Washier: oh ok

Washier: ty

MSmits: argh 209 chars for dont panic, just 9 to shave off :)

Washier: in lang?

MSmits: python

MSmits: i think i need to do something with input.split

Washier: cool. is it known shortest for the problem?

MSmits: i dont really care, probably not, but its doable below 100 apparently

MSmits: i only need 200 for the quest

Washier: ah.

MSmits: my basic puzzle solytion used almost 4k chars :P

MSmits: did that in C#

Washier: haha.

MSmits: so i am quite impressed with myself for getting it down to 209 so far :)

Washier: yes. C# can be shorter though, but not short. ask me, i've persisted with it in gold.

MSmits: gold?

Washier: *golf

MSmits: oh ok

MSmits: well it doesnt matter if you use a wordy language in code golf on CG

MSmits: cp is calculated per language

MSmits: so if you're best in C# you get max points

Washier: true. thinking about clash

MSmits: yeah thats different

MSmits: dont use C# in clash :P

AntiSquid: oh i forgot that, perhaps i should do D

AntiSquid: since everyone hates it

Washier: i am like that. sometimes i beat python. never ruby.

MSmits: it only needs 1 person who is really good with D to screw up that plan AntiSquid

AntiSquid: so then i get #2

MSmits: yeah but is cp based on rank or on ratio to best score?

MSmits: for code golf

AntiSquid: no idea anymore

MSmits: i thought it was based on best score

Washier: i know you guys are leet, so its different. i'm trying real hard(for myself) to go top 500, and clash, if you work hard at it, is an easy 4700+ points. so every know and again i warm up my fingers and hope for fastest or reverse and go for <1min. bam! 4700+ points

AntiSquid: that's just your perception, there is no leet here

Washier: ty, but not so sure. really hard to go top 500.

Washier: but yes, i love this community. no one is leet really.

AntiSquid: because those people probably spent months searching for language gimmicks

MSmits: Washier I suck at clash

Washier: true, but thinking about all the rest. bots, optimization, etc. some really really clever people here. suppose most importantly, i'm having a lot of fun

Washier: MSmits, i have no doubt you could master it with practice.

Astrobytes: that's the main thing, fun ;)

Washier: ;)

MSmits: meh, need motivation for that Washier

MSmits: I like doing bots

DomiKo: geting exp is so fun

Washier: me too.

Washier: hi DomiKo.

DomiKo: hi :)

Nixerrr: Just noticed you're a moderation too now, Astrobytes :O

Washier: trying hard to best your othello bot

Washier: 'stro FTW

Astrobytes: ah yeah Nixerrr, loads of us now

MSmits: cool, I am still fitting params, but getting only small improvements now

Astrobytes: lol, 'stro

Nixerrr: Sweet

MSmits: ohh you can separate stuff with ; in python!


MSmits: can put a ton of crap after a for loop statement

EEEEEEEEEEEEE: Hmmmm didn't know that...

DomiKo: ohh yes

MSmits: for a in range(x): do this;do that

Washier: same in any C lang. even in C# ; is a valid statement

DomiKo: with that i done 209 -> 198

MSmits: nice, gonna make it then!

DomiKo: i used if else trick

MSmits: did you do sign swapping to avoid "LEFT" and "RIGHT" ?

DomiKo: with initialization

DomiKo: nope

MSmits: ah ok

DomiKo: just compare to L

Washier: if-else trick?

MSmits: what is L?

DomiKo: "L"

Washier: oh, short-circuit logic

MSmits: oh ok

DomiKo: Washier yes

DomiKo: one : less

DomiKo: but there is no way for me

Washier: :thumbsup:

DomiKo: and top2%

DomiKo: in code golf

Astrobytes: I managed to get top 0.4% after my golfing Sunday. Never again.

DomiKo: ohh wow

Washier: i think if rank matters to you(to me, personal quest), you need to do it 0 clash points. like the pro's

DomiKo: clashing is fun for me ;)

Astrobytes: I still can't bring myself to do the clash path on the quest map

Astrobytes: maybe one day

MSmits: you can do it in less than a day prolly

Astrobytes: I consider that a waste :P

DomiKo: as a CompetetivProgrammer I see clashing as making super easy tasks ;P

Washier: i agree.

MSmits: kinda is :)

DomiKo: so i have to take that 4.8K points

Astrobytes: :D

Washier: and you can MSmits.

Washier: DomiKo, you can get a ~2k points if you ace checkers, bandas and the other one.

DomiKo: right know

DomiKo: making like 2K per day

DomiKo: i guess

DomiKo: maybe 1K

DomiKo: 38/5000 I really want to be a Guru this vacation

Washier: jeepers.

Washier: good on you. you can do eeet

DomiKo: right now i found optimalization really fun

tomatoes: do top 10 in 10 multis

tomatoes: ez

Washier: ez. haha

DomiKo: yea top 10...

Washier: impressive tomatoes.

DomiKo: right know the best one is i guess UTTT? ~50 place

tomatoes: i'm not yet :disappointed:

DomiKo: so to top10 there is a loooonggg way

Washier: you can dooo eet. im very sure

Nixerrr: No sleep till guru

Washier: CG is hard.

AntiSquid: no sleep till skynet

Astrobytes: Guru or delete account

Washier: haha

Washier: i like that 'stro. to the end

Washier: do you guys also dream about CG>

Washier: ?

Astrobytes: struct did it for a contest. Legend or delete. He deleted.

Washier: respect

Nixerrr: Seriously?

Scarfield: yes

DomiKo: ohh no :(

Nixerrr: Wow. Was it the last contest?

Astrobytes: Yeah, UTG? (Crystal Rush) was it?

Astrobytes: I think

Nixerrr: I thought I've seen him since then

Astrobytes: Oh he came back

Nixerrr: Ah ok

Washier: he's pervasive

AntiSquid: i am close to legend in that one, too lazy to implement one last thing to make the jump

Scarfield: new account, his Yinsch now has a unknown account - or something similar

AntiSquid: struct could do it too, or was there a deadline?

Nixerrr: He had another account, N something

Astrobytes: Nulte

Nixerrr: Right

Scarfield: Nick?

Astrobytes: lol

AntiSquid: why make such weird bets anyway?

Nixerrr: Sounds fun to me

AntiSquid: then why not get legend instead?

Astrobytes: struct is ... unconventional

Nixerrr: Once I bet Zarthax on who gets legend first

Nixerrr: He still owes me 1 million $

Scarfield: xD

Washier: haha

AntiSquid: i am sure he'll pay you one day

AntiSquid: when you work for his multimillion dollar company

Nixerrr: I hope so, got a massive mortgage because of that!

Washier: haha

Washier: interest rates dropping where i am.

DomiKo: hmmm

DomiKo: top100 have 68'777 points

Washier: sorry, have to add, so is the # cases. easily 10k per day

andersgee: test

Astrobytes: FAILED

andersgee: okay, hello folks. Anyone know if I can instantiate webassembly modules when writing javascript here on codingame?

Astrobytes: I have no idea, sorry!

Astrobytes: I would guess not, but I'm not 100%

AntiSquid: why do you need them on CG?

eulerscheZahl: Astrobytes 05:27PM struct is ... unconventional

but where is struct?

Astrobytes: Undetectable.

eulerscheZahl: i golfed the replay myself now :/

AntiSquid: SILENCE

AntiSquid: i mean he used the silence skills

AntiSquid: skill

eulerscheZahl: from 650kb to 83 not quite strcut level compression but goodenough

Astrobytes: nice

AntiSquid: struct gave up in low gold, i am sure he is better than that

abt8601: @andersgee WASM in JavaScript works

Default avatar.png theBatman: Hii im batman

jacek: you mean bruce?

Astrobytes: jacek, you have a bot in Atari Go, it needs one more approval - anything wrong with it or can you approve it?

jacek: my bot only passes ~

Astrobytes: hmm

jacek: why would i approve something if i dont have proper bot for that?

jacek: ~

Astrobytes: I didn't know it was a pass bot

Astrobytes: all good

jacek: it would have hard time at othello :v

MSmits: argh 203 chars in dont panic

MSmits: 3 more!!

eulerscheZahl: 3 less!

MSmits: right

eulerscheZahl: left

MSmits: thats what i was doing wrong

MSmits: :grin:

DomiKo: you can do it!

eulerscheZahl: python?

MSmits: yeah

Xcalibre: 197 in c++ here

eulerscheZahl: 200 in py :)

DomiKo: 198 in python and i'am proud

MSmits: i think i need to do something with the input().split()

DomiKo: you use input() two times?

eulerscheZahl: 3

MSmits: u=input then 3 times u()

DomiKo: kk

MSmits: but dunno how to reduce the split

DomiKo: idk too

DomiKo: i reduced some with printing output

Allis: You can do multiple variable assignment in an exec(); maybe useful?

MSmits: but i have global variables, dont i need to pass them into the exec?>

AntiSquid: JS solution doesn't work in TS ugh, glad TS is so amazing

Astrobytes: trictrac: thanks :)

MSmits: where is he pushing you?

Astrobytes: Nowhere. He validated Atari Go

MSmits: oh cool

trictrac: but it seems that a bug is remaining

trictrac: internal error when submitting

aCat: try resubmit .zip again

aCat: I mean rebuild and resubmit

Astrobytes: This didn't happen in the test version, what's the error?

Astrobytes: Someone else's multi aCat

aCat: I know

aCat: but if I got the issue then the solution may be the same

aCat: My own go version I started half a year ago I never ended... but I got cool graphics :(

aCat: but this was full go

Astrobytes: It worked OK for me trictrac - was it a compilation error?

trictrac: I resubmit and it's ok

aCat: see

aCat: listen to this cat ^^'

Astrobytes: Yes, I think that error is actualyl on CG's side

Astrobytes: aCat - no he just resubmitted his bot

aCat: And about pushing... just make approve on mine :D

aCat: bleh

aCat: ok, this cat happens to be wrong also

Astrobytes: The compilation error is a CG-side error, if it's happening frequently we might need to report it

MSmits: anyone want to look at my dont panic code golf and note something obvious i am missing for those last 3 chars? I'll pm

AntiSquid: ok

AntiSquid: i can try

MSmits: domiko helped me to 199:0

MSmits: :)

MSmits: thanks though AntiSquid

AntiSquid: lol ok

MSmits: keywords not needing space and 2 places where i could string more lines together with

MSmits: ";"

Default avatar.png AgentBlackout: pog

tomatoes: what does ":0" after 199 mean?

AntiSquid: decimal characters

AntiSquid: no idea :D

AntiSquid: now i am really curious about shortening code in TypeShit

tomatoes: it seems it was smile attempt :frowning:

tomatoes: i thought some golf metrics

jacek: trictrac fix your draws

trictrac: thanks I will have a look. For the instant a draw is almost a lose so bad behavior


AntiSquid: PrinceSanjivy no clash invite links please

AntiSquid: not in main chat at least

eulerscheZahl: AntiSquid you banned a user 1 or 2 weeks ago. Why am I getting private messages about it? :/

eulerscheZahl: the user was whay and the ban was deserved IMO

Astrobytes: Oh that one again

eulerscheZahl: created a new account, i can home to this

inoryy: eulerscheZahl hi

eulerscheZahl: yesterday he told me "i am band" so i asked him about his career as a musician

eulerscheZahl: hi input.txt

eulerscheZahl: inoryy

Astrobytes: lol * 2

eulerscheZahl: so many more tab completion options now :/

DomiKo: lol²

Astrobytes: Ah yes I saw him in the chat last night, didn't know it was whay but should've guessed

AntiSquid: its not a global ban, so he can bullox us everyday

eulerscheZahl: and he can create new accounts

jacek: like struct?

AntiSquid: ban + ignore his PM + ignore his existence, best thing to do, don't even mention the low quality troll

jacek: i thought only struct could do that

inoryy: why would you ignore his post mortem

Astrobytes: speaking of low quality trolls.. :P

Astrobytes: @jacek

jacek: low quality? :(

eulerscheZahl: a while ago Magus was facing a severe troll. He incremented a counter in the username each time he got banned and had to start again

Astrobytes: Yeah, fix it

AntiSquid: astro being mean :(

eulerscheZahl: saw him at 38

inoryy: wow

Astrobytes: jeez

inoryy: now that's dedication

eulerscheZahl: Magus said he doesn't care, he can ban faster than others can create new accounts

AntiSquid: wow

AntiSquid: ban faster than his shadow, like Lucky Luke

AntiSquid: Automaton2000 did i kill chat with a shitty joke?

Automaton2000: and you can do it better

AntiSquid: thanks for the confidence

MSmits: Automaton2000 makes better jokes :P

Automaton2000: but i beat the boss

MSmits: you're the boss Automaton2000

Automaton2000: but when i do a bunch of other things to do

Astrobytes: who on earth is Lucky Luke?

eulerscheZahl: are you kidding?

Astrobytes: No

eulerscheZahl: a cartoon cowboy


Astrobytes: Looks vaguely familiar

eulerscheZahl: so, do you know Asterix and Obelix? How about Tintin and Melou?

eulerscheZahl: the smurfs

Astrobytes: Of course I know those

eulerscheZahl: the flintstones

Astrobytes: ofc

eulerscheZahl: but not lucky luke? :o

DomiKo: :O

Astrobytes: Do you know Oor Wullie or The Broons?

eulerscheZahl: falls into the same category of popularity I think

eulerscheZahl: no and no :P

Astrobytes: Scottish cartoons (comic strips only).

eulerscheZahl: 500k hits on google

eulerscheZahl: vs 75 million for lucky luke

eulerscheZahl: 16M for the smurfs

Astrobytes: Pfff

eulerscheZahl: Lucky Luke is the one arresting the Daltons

eulerscheZahl: 4 brothers with different heights. and the smallest is the smartest

Astrobytes: Man, that could be anything

Astrobytes: I probably know it and just don't remember, or didn't like it

eulerscheZahl: even had a few movies with approx 90min duration

Astrobytes: The only cowboy stuff I watched as a kid was actual Westerns

AntiSquid: did you watch "Men in Black International" ?

AntiSquid: basically MIB 4

Astrobytes: Nope

eulerscheZahl: nope++

DomiKo: ++nope

DomiKo: but do you know "Gummi Bears"?

Astrobytes: yep

eulerscheZahl: with toady :)

MSmits: I know about the Giant Gummy Lizard

DomiKo: I know whole intro music from "Gummi Bears" :joy:

Astrobytes: Bouncing here and there and everywhere

MSmits: you need to format your brain :P

MSmits: wipe that

Astrobytes: remember the Raccoons?

MSmits: maybe i do, depends what they're called in Dutch

DomiKo: i never seen them :/

Astrobytes: The raccoons used to like run a newspaper in a forest

MSmits: vaguely remember

eulerscheZahl: i remember some beaver brothers

Astrobytes: always fighting against the aardvark Cyril Sneer

Astrobytes: Chip 'n' Dale Rescue Rangers?

MSmits: mmh I thought the stuff my daughter watches now is way stranger than what we had on TV, but I am revising my opinion , listening to Astrobytes

eulerscheZahl: s[0]>"L" is inefficient s>"M" is way shorter \o/

Astrobytes: NAh, kids have it well good for cartoons these days

MSmits: do you know bubble guppys?

Astrobytes: Just googled, never seen that one

MSmits: it's like a cartoon where everything out of normal life is underwater, a dog has a fishtail and all that

MSmits: so they're always underwater

MSmits: but they go to the beach

Astrobytes: lol, pretty surreal

MSmits: they're already under water, and there is a beach there, and more water (?)

eulerscheZahl: like spongebob

Astrobytes: Sopngebob++

MSmits: blows my mind

Astrobytes: Or Spongebob++

Astrobytes: What happens if they go diving?

eulerscheZahl: apparently they can drown

eulerscheZahl: and i can't golf. good night

MSmits: good night eulerscheZahl

Astrobytes: gn

jacek: what a promotion in othello

Rayan23: hii#

rememberThis: ello gents

Default avatar.png MadelineDonlan: ayo

Zrelolerz: a

Dlx: wt_, what is the point of doing shortest code wiht java vs some other scripted language???

Default avatar.png jb_firefoxx: Java is auto-lose if you ask me

Default avatar.png jb_firefoxx: are there bots here?

Allis: @Dlx Pretty much any time you see Java being used for golf, that user is actually a CodinGame bot. There are half-a-dozen or so and you'll start to spot them pretty easily.

Allis: Of course, some people are here just to sharpen their skills and don't really bother to golf.

Default avatar.png praveeno: hi

Dlx: clash of code, sometimes you just want something quick...