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Insufficient: im sure there are, but it was a nice feeling to be able to do it with DP

Default avatar.png JBM: :)

Stilgart: as far as i can remember, the solution can be though as a special case of DP

Stilgart: but I hardly call it a DP

Stilgart: Insufficient: almost anyt

Default avatar.png JBM: "a" solution

Insufficient: and yeah sorry i forgot there is language barrier between solvers

Stilgart: anything can be done with DP

Stilgart: JBM: the (expected) solution

Insufficient: yeah its more just i want to get better at DP so it was nice to be able to do it right, even if in this instance there were simpler solutions

Default avatar.png JBM: try puzzles with the DP tag then ;)

Insufficient: ooh i see roller coaster has it as a tag, nice thanks

Insufficient: also i take the tags as loose guidelines, sometimes its good to be original and just try stuff you think might work

Default avatar.png JBM: true that

Default avatar.png SandmanSW96: hey,

Default avatar.png SandmanSW96: has anyone in here finished 1D Spreadsheet?

Default avatar.png SandmanSW96: monkey crap nevermind lol

Default avatar.png noahkamara: Does anyone know how I can assign a variable like `a = 2`in the Stub Generator?

Zenoscave: you can't

Avex: lmao

jrke: After quest there are quick arrival of new contributions

jrke: no one in the chat?

Bob: no

Bob: well there's still Automaton2000 at least

Automaton2000: copy and paste it in chat

Bob: right Automaton2000

Automaton2000: well you could be the issue

Bob: aggressive this early in the morning Automaton2000?

Automaton2000: but is it the other way is to do it when i have time

Bob: no more coffee for you

jrke: Where can i find pm for csb

jrke: ?

Bob: here's Magus's

jrke: yeah i read that except magus is there any?

Bob: you can probably have a look at his pm for FB, since the physics are more or less similar and he published the actual game engine and GA engine

Bob: and I guess there must be a thread about if in the forum

jrke: Ah! Thanks./


jrke: you are 328 in csb right

Bob: probably something like that

Bob: but I was in the top tier when they introduced the leagues, I'm not sure my code would make it to legend today

jrke: You are in legend 328 in legend right

Bob: yes

jrke: curently im 119 in legend aiming top 100.

Bob: nice

NIghthawk: :innocent:

Default avatar.png _Feri_: oh hi mark

jrke: why after having 38 upvotes "ATARI GO" is not approved by anyone

Bob: n oidea

Bob: possibly because few people took the time to develop an AI on it to actually test it thoroughly


Default avatar.png hem123: .

AntiSquid: DevilSnare what's that about? @_@

AntiSquid: which puzzle are you doing?

AntiSquid: i didnt test atari go and dont like the rules that much

VYCanisMajoris: this article seems to be bugged


VYCanisMajoris: the end is not displayed

Allis: *Finally* 5th in Clash. I think I can leave now. :sweat_smile:

Allis: Thank you all for being lovely.

Default avatar.png Mani_Code: hi

Jiangxing: ...

Default avatar.png Aditiya12: did you know how to finish Power of Thor?

Zenoscave: VYCanisMajoris I have the same issue

Zenoscave: Can a Classic Puzzle Descript contain links or images or any markdown?

[CG]Thibaud: this is a known bug on the blog unfortunately :(

Zenoscave: Seems to be a js memory issue, no?

J.C: hi

Astrobytes: The blog has been mostly inaccessible for me recently

Default avatar.png JayBeAl: why cant i see my tutorial tree on my home screen?

eulerscheZahl: Zenoscave 01:48PM Can a Classic Puzzle Descript contain links or images or any markdown?


Zenoscave: Hi eulerscheZahl

Zenoscave: thanks

Zenoscave: I figured that out too

Zenoscave: i="print(f'i={chr(34)}'+i+f'{chr(34)};'+i)";print(f'i={chr(34)}'+i+f'{chr(34)};'+i)

Zenoscave: that's a program I just wrote. it's a python quine

Default avatar.png JBM: a classic

Zenoscave: JBM have you seen Mame's uroburo?

Default avatar.png JBM: probably

Default avatar.png JBM: i've read a lot of quines, quine generators and friends

Default avatar.png JBM: wrote my fair share too

Astrobytes: I just posted that last night for someone, incidentally


Default avatar.png JBM: yes i know that one

Default avatar.png JBM: from the link only

Zenoscave: It's my favorite

Zenoscave: It really is a worthwhile favorite

Scarfield: why, does it have any use? other than being an interesting idea

Default avatar.png JBM: it's got some unexpected applications to infosec

Zenoscave: It possibly could be used in obfuscating code

Zenoscave: Ah JBM beat me to it

Zenoscave: _.rb is cool too

Default avatar.png JBM: if you squint properly, kernighan's trusting code trojan is a quine

Zenoscave: I'm not familiar with that one by name

Scarfield: cool, well i guess everything has a use, its just a matter of figuring out where

Zenoscave: Galois would agree

Zenoscave: but be pissed to agree

Default avatar.png JBM: was ken thompson

Default avatar.png JBM: my bad

Default avatar.png JBM:

Zenoscave: is that the original unix compiler compiler backdoor?

Default avatar.png JBM: it's the paper about it

Zenoscave: I never knew there was a paper

Zenoscave: TIL

Zenoscave: I changed the digital output for Plouffe Pi, and made in ready for approval btw

Default avatar.png JBM: oh good to know

Default avatar.png JBM: i hope it can wait for me to solve it before it goes

Zenoscave: I think the difficulty should be hard, even with the wiki link. You gotta know some intrinsics in your language to get floating point modular arithmetic

Zenoscave: I checked a few different normal suspects for solvability

Default avatar.png JBM: can you make the formula narrower?

Zenoscave: I wrote it and my first 3 attempted solutions were awful

Zenoscave: Yeah will do.

Default avatar.png JBM: mmm not too easily :/

Zenoscave: I removed what spaceI could without sacrificing readability

Zenoscave: is that better?

Default avatar.png JBM: i don't see a change :(

Default avatar.png JBM: must be some cache thing

Default avatar.png JBM: if it's narrower, it's probably better

Zenoscave: It doesn't overflow, and I put a text link in the description to the original wiki page

Zenoscave: should be enough

Default avatar.png AmarjitSingh: Allis please leave

Default avatar.png AmarjitSingh: get out

Default avatar.png ad99526: Allis teach us python tricks

baniksaurabh: Hello World

Zenoscave: AmarjitSingh ad99526 this is the general chat. not just your clash , FYI :)

Default avatar.png AmarjitSingh: ohhh

AntiSquid: ya, don't wash your dirty laundry in public space

Default avatar.png JBM: we don't want no stinking python trix

Default avatar.png Schwase: yo i just did the european rugby cup challenge and man that was satisfying to solve that one

Zenoscave: Nice Schwase

[CG]Thibaud: it's Bob 's puzzle isn't it

Zenoscave: TataMas_o

[CG]Thibaud: I'm confusing with another one my bad

SPDene: JBM you can "golf" that by removing the two "not"s: "we don't want no stinking python trix" -> "we do want stinking python trix" :)

Zenoscave: SPDene I like your golfing ways


Default avatar.png JBM: Zenoscave: not sure why you mention FP modular arithmetic--i thought the whole point of the spigot was to do it all in ints

Zenoscave: JBM maybe that's a different aproach. Perhaps a better one ;)

Zenoscave: 16^(n-k)mod(8*k-1) but you need remainder

Default avatar.png JBM: but n-k>=0

Zenoscave: rounding on the remaining places is needed

Zenoscave: eulerscheZahl I love that show

eulerscheZahl: it has way too few episodes

Zenoscave: sadly

Zenoscave: JBM n-k is not always > 0. Right?

Default avatar.png JBM: (almost?) all your pairs have a bigger validator than test

Zenoscave: Should I switch some?

Default avatar.png JBM: or all ;)

Default avatar.png JBM: else you risk the usual "my code passes test but not validate whine whine whine"

DomiKo: ehhh 2 days for mars lander

DomiKo: time for 200 chars

eulerscheZahl: you'll have to do move golfing after that to complete the track

DomiKo: move golfing?

Astrobytes: Think he meant "more" ;)

DomiKo: ohhh

jacek: mode?

DomiKo: i hope i can do it

DomiKo: then i guess i will go back to MarLander Optimalization

Astrobytes: I spent a lot of time golfing on Sunday. Until my head was hurting.

dbdr: DomiKo: move golfing = save your fuel in optim mode, I think :)

eulerscheZahl: *more

eulerscheZahl: i was golfing today as well

eulerscheZahl: down from 650kB to 350kB approximately

dbdr: a 100K character golf submission would be a nice troll :D

Allis: I was thinking how great it would be if CG supported the Whitespace language and accidentally only counted printing characters for golf. XD

jrke: Anybody finished all paths yet?

eulerscheZahl: yes

eulerscheZahl: but unlike you I only gained 1 level in that process

jrke: You gained 1 cause your level is high i gained 4 level and last quest is remaining

jrke: i.e. last 600xp

dbdr: Allis: CG used to ignore whitespace

dbdr: people found ways to abuse that

dbdr: was before my time, but saw it mentioned in the forum somewhere

jrke: is there any pm for csb except magus one?

Default avatar.png JBM: as they should

Default avatar.png JBM: ignoring ws is very naive

Default avatar.png JBM: the forum's full of them jrke

eulerscheZahl: did you open the overview page of CSB @jrke?

jrke: Overview page?



jrke: thanks

eulerscheZahl: and external resources

dbdr: there's still a need to write the converter in non-whitespace

eulerscheZahl: the link collection even got an update to account for later improvements

dbdr: was that really profitable?

Default avatar.png JBM: write a "golf me in ws" puzzle and find out

dbdr: not sure I get it. the question is the size of the "ws interpreter"

Default avatar.png JBM: that's judgeable

Default avatar.png JBM: adding to the list of stuff i'll do later

dbdr: "later" :)

Default avatar.png JBM: you know the one

dbdr: yeah :)

Default avatar.png JBM: how's yours :p

Allis: @dbdr Why's "ws interpreter" in quotes there?

Allis: I guess probably you meant that you wouldn't necessarily have to interpret Whitespace; you could translate it to something else.

DomiKo: wow

Allis: Anyway, best esolang, bar none. :sweat_smile:

DomiKo: i can even read data

DomiKo: in golf :(

Allis: Hm?

DomiKo: and anothing else...

dbdr: yes, does not have to be ws

dbdr: wslang :D

Default avatar.png JBM: are optim puzzle replays publicable? (as in, can they be set to be public through game configuration?)

eulerscheZahl: you can share a replay using the 3 dots below the viewer. by default they are private


aCat: New optim game from me ;-)

aCat: NRPA variants should be the best, but we will see ^^

jacek: is this nested monte carlo thing?

jacek: Oups An error occurred (#510): "An error has occurred during compilation/execution.".

Scarfield: ^ happens 50%ish for me 2 with default code in c++ as well

aCat: hmm

aCat: it worked before making public

aCat: gimme a sec

Astrobytes: Hey this is a conspiracy, you got Radek to approve it already! :P

Scarfield: i want to be paid as well!

aCat: he was not paid ;p

Astrobytes: :smirk_cat:

aCat: OK, works for me now

aCat: please check

DomiKo: for me it work

aCat: nice, thanks ;-)

Scarfield: seems good, no errors for 12 tests

Astrobytes: yep, seems OK so far

DomiKo: 20 tests OK

aCat: strange thing, i reupload the same build

Default avatar.png JBM: eulerscheZahl: ok thx

Astrobytes: Just a CG thing I guess. The code moves in mysterious ways ;)

aCat: jacek its similar to nested monte carlo, but best approaches learn move policy along the way

Astrobytes: Have you got a paper on that? Never heard of it

aCat: tristan cazenave got quite a few publications with this game as a testbed

aCat: me - not


DomiKo: i guess

aCat: this is upload for lecture exercise

aCat: yeah, this one and a few more

aCat: ;-)

Astrobytes: cool, thanks DomiKo

aCat: At least I'm not spoiling you officially :D

Astrobytes: lol

Astrobytes: Good work btw aCat

aCat: I'm just starting

aCat: got list of >30 puzzles/optims in mind

Astrobytes: Oh great to hear!

aCat: probably <10 for this lecture I'm preparing

aCat: took quite a while to remember myself how to work with CG SDK

aCat: no it should be faster

aCat: (I hope)

eulerscheZahl: the fun begins if you want to do something in JS directly rather than using the SDK

eulerscheZahl: or combine these two

aCat: I probably don't want to touch JS, I have no idea how it works ;]

Default avatar.png JBM: do something in JS and conspire to elude the SDK

eulerscheZahl: took me 2 days to figure it out

eulerscheZahl: still not working with groups

eulerscheZahl: aCat the rules say The score of an action removing a region of size n is (n-2)2.

eulerscheZahl: but the website gives n points

eulerscheZahl: wait, i'm stupid

eulerscheZahl: the block with size 4 gives the same score with both metrics, ignore me

eulerscheZahl: hm, i got a negative score of -283 :/

Scarfield: on the website, or in the CG puzzle? :p

dbdr: sum of squares equal to -283?


eulerscheZahl: i guess -1000 for not clearing the board

eulerscheZahl: while CG gives +1000 for doing so

dbdr: positive thinking "+1"

dbdr: :+1:

dbdr: -271 with random clicking

DomiKo: -1425 hmmm

dbdr: you win

DomiKo: :smiley:

Scarfield: this will end up like with people trying to get the lowest possible score on 2048

aCat: yes the score for the endgame on the site is different

eulerscheZahl: -49 now...

eulerscheZahl: not sure what that means

aCat: but I keep it constistent with the papers

dbdr: what's your thoughts on offline solving?

aCat: probably its a penalty for the tiles that are left

eulerscheZahl: did you also try some algos from papers?

aCat: in general to learn for this game - or you want to just hardcode strategies for these testcases :>/

eulerscheZahl: and of course offline solving will be a thing if players try hard

aCat: sorry not yet - I just got the Flat monte carlo

aCat: I will do this

aCat: but it's not as a priority

aCat: first other games / prepare slides ;p

eulerscheZahl: i'll wait till tomorrow evening: topcoder marathon and then decided what to play

aCat: wanna spoliers on what will be ext :>?

eulerscheZahl: ~ ls /ext ls: cannot access '/ext': No such file or directory

aCat: *next

aCat: :*

eulerscheZahl: yeah, tell us or ask CG for an optim contest

aCat: next puzzle ;-)

aCat: JPS-related

eulerscheZahl: depending on how original / how much literature

aCat: these are not contributions for a real contests


aCat: I will definitely try some day

eulerscheZahl: hmm...

dbdr: jps - Java Virtual Machine Process Status Tool :)

aCat: :D:D:D

aCat: pathfinding ;p

eulerscheZahl: Jump point search?

Astrobytes: jump point search

Astrobytes: damn you toad

dbdr: but my best was on Jyväskylän Seudun Palloseura

aCat: aaaad - eouler got a kiss

aCat: *euler

aCat: maybe he will finally be a princess ;]

Astrobytes: hahaha

eulerscheZahl: and your students get grades on it or at least bonus points?

Scarfield: lol

aCat: no this was extremally stupid approach to labs

aCat: i plan to change it dyrastically

aCat: implement some of the proposed methods, do some parameter testing, show some plots what works best

eulerscheZahl: beat dbdr

aCat: some bonus for good results yes - but not the entire task based on that

aCat: I was stupid beck in the days

aCat: *back

aCat: (I still am but at least slightly less I hope)

dbdr: damn, then I can't pass aCat's test

aCat: ok

aCat: especially for you dbdr

aCat: greater equal dbdr score

aCat: :D

dbdr: easy :D

aCat: ^^'

eulerscheZahl: Astrobytes still looking for stupid chats?

Astrobytes: hahaha

DomiKo: haha

Astrobytes: random

dbdr: why is there a loop aCat?

Astrobytes: I've still got my c*** screenshot

Scarfield: dont tease people who type-stutters, thats just mean

aCat: you mean not just read the line?

dbdr: # game loop while True:

dbdr: but only one iteration is needed, no?


aCat: oh damn

aCat: stupid cat :D

aCat: thanks fopr pointing that out

Astrobytes: bahaha quality content from Automaton there

dbdr: not a big deal but confusing

dbdr: actually, would it make sense to allow printing the actiona 1 by 1?

Astrobytes: aCat has a thing about semicolon-separated commands :P

dbdr: but the timeout would be different...

dbdr: would be more beginner friendly I think

Scarfield: ^

dbdr: for a greedy algo for instance

Scarfield: yea no need for game mechanics, just find current largest area

eulerscheZahl: only downside: how to handle the timelimit with multiple turns?

aCat: yep - that's the case

aCat: timelimits will be awful then

dbdr: who care,s, do the search offline ;)

aCat: In every case not what I intended

dbdr: is there any way to cleanly avoid it?

eulerscheZahl: you can't upload an optim game and expect everyone to solve it online :(

eulerscheZahl: the bulls and cows has random validators. but i wouldn't call that "clean"

dbdr: randomized validators are more problematic

Scarfield: for someone who wants to search, the mechanics will have to be implemented anyway. So maybe a 1st turn time limit of 20s, for the remaining turns 20s/150

dbdr: yeah

eulerscheZahl: the total time is 30s max

eulerscheZahl: 20s + 50ms * 200 frames

dbdr: there was one idea: make it a multi

dbdr: with randomized testcases

eulerscheZahl: it just feels miscategorized then

aCat: dbdr i fixed the gameloop

eulerscheZahl: it's you vs the puzzle, no bot interaction

dbdr: :+1:

dbdr: no interaction, but competition

eulerscheZahl: i got the point

eulerscheZahl: i just don't want to see an optim puzzle in the multiplayer section

Allis: I just blind-submitted. Felt so good.

Scarfield: remember to protect yourself

dbdr: the line is blurry

dbdr: STC is almost an optim, no?

aCat: yah you got STC for this

eulerscheZahl: my bot misses the interaction part mostly. but i think i could gain a few points if i would handle it

eulerscheZahl: at least i build a high tower in the center to make digging easier

dbdr: submit is pretty long

dbdr: even though I do no search

Default avatar.png xlr4829: hello

AntiSquid: duck hunt without the graphics :(

MSmits: isn't just a sad dude shooting at a broken tv?

MSmits: that

hphadi: hi

hphadi: anti squid

hphadi: im why

Scarfield: :exclamation::squid:

hphadi: yStay in my presence

hphadi: pleas

hphadi: He brought me back to the world

Default avatar.png hem123: what is the best way to store incoming data in python. Pandas dataframe?

Scarfield: depends on the data, what puzzle?

Default avatar.png hem123: like for example code royale

Default avatar.png hem123: storing all the side

Scarfield: there are many ways to do it, an array of objects, 2D array for each kind of site and so on, i dont think there is any need to use pandas for it

Zenoscave: Anyone have a goog scanline Floodfill?

FreezeFlare: Nope.

FreezeFlare: Can anybody tell me how to make my own code?

Default avatar.png AlmostM: Do you mean how to run code on your computer instead of on the site?

Default avatar.png AlmostM: If so, check out something like

AntiSquid: better use anaconda / jupyter @_@

AntiSquid: pycharm costs money, it looks nice but ...

DomiKo: pychars isn't free?

DomiKo: pycharm*

Default avatar.png AlmostM: there is a free version

Default avatar.png AlmostM: but any editor would work

Zenoscave: AntiSquid Hi

Zenoscave: DomiKo it is free to users with a edu email

Zenoscave: At least the full version is

DomiKo: kk

aCat: DomiKo i'm pretty sure our uwr mail sgould give you free pycharm

Zenoscave: Hi aCat long time

Zenoscave: I saw something about IEEE 2020 competetion

aCat: hi Zeno - seen my optim puzzle?

Zenoscave: when did it start?

Zenoscave: I have not

DomiKo: yes. that's why I thought it's free


Zenoscave: Looking now

aCat: CEC already ended Coac won again but some progress had been made

Zenoscave: I like it!

aCat: for COG deadline in a few days if you want to send something :-)

Zenoscave: COG?

aCat: I like that you like it

aCat: Conference on Games

aCat: former conference on coimputational intelligence and games

Zenoscave: Will do! Might try and do some convex pareto optim

aCat: :curious_cat:

aCat: for SameGame what publication-wise works best are some nested variants of MC, rollout policy adaptations etc

Zenoscave: no for COG

aCat: I know you answered for cog

aCat: I really like to hearthat

Astrobytes: CEC was LoCaM again aCat? Did Coac try something different?

aCat: just upgrades his weights or something

Astrobytes: An eval tweak! Meh, hardly groundbreaking :D

Zenoscave: When is deadline? Aug 1st?

AntiSquid: hi Zenoscave

AntiSquid: 2020 has been so weird

AntiSquid: how are the conferences held aCat ? do you go in person to CEC / COG ?

AntiSquid: i saw some contests that normally rewarded travel grants now struggling to find ideas for other prizes :D

AntiSquid: (aicrowd contests)

AntiSquid: aCat ? Automaton2000 ping aCat

Automaton2000: you put a space in the end

Zenoscave: does coac play on CG as well?

Astrobytes: Yeah, think he was top 20 or something in LoCaM

AntiSquid: thought game of go was a multi, ugh nvm then :(

Astrobytes: No, Atari Go was the only Go multi so far

AntiSquid: we have that on CG? didn't see it

Zenoscave: not approved yet I believe

Astrobytes: Didn't get approved in time


Astrobytes: jacek has a bot, not sure why he didn't approve or reject, trictrac too

aCat: AntiSquid no its damn online

aCat: waste conferences

aCat: for me its pointless, I benefit from them only by talking to people and listening talks

AntiSquid: i joined some meetups online, but honestly it's not the same as meeting people in person

Astrobytes: Yeah, can imagine. Might as well be a podcast.

AntiSquid: the upside is that i can join meetups everywhere in the world now because people host online :D

aCat: more hours in front of the screen yeah that is what i love

aCat: yeah, but CEC was a mess for me - I din't attend anything and if I wanted it wasnt working

aCat: cause they didnt give you all vides to watch but pretend this is a conference for real and made proper timeslots etc

aCat: my (and radek's) opinin - awful

Astrobytes: Seems a bit silly

AntiSquid: tryharding

AntiSquid: "if we imagine hard enough it will be a real conference"

Astrobytes: Cancellation and just sharing info would have been easier and more cost-effective for all I would imagine

inoryy: aCat have you "participated" in ICLR, ICML, etc?

inoryy: seemed fine

aCat: nope

aCat: last weeks: watching AI and Games channel, making this damn CG puzzle, making lecture plan

aCat: and pretending to write publication on a strict deadline:P

inoryy: oh, love that channel!

aCat: not watching any true conferences :/

inoryy: what about EEML? it was "virtually" in poland :)

Astrobytes: AI and Games, the Scottish guy?

aCat: yep

aCat: I'm not much in true machine learning inoryy

Astrobytes: Yeah I like that channel, being a fellow Scot and all that :P

aCat: rather search and stuff

Astrobytes: Anyway, catch you guys later, take care and gn

aCat: ok folks need to go to sleep finally

aCat: yep, you too

DomiKo: gn

AntiSquid: i thought cats are nocturnal

TheSpiffiest: So I'm going to create a contribution... can you guys suggest what kind of challenge it should be? Puzzle vs Code Clash?

TheSpiffiest: I think it's simple, but then I know how it works.

SPDene: how long will it take to solve?

TheSpiffiest: Given a random number generator that makes a number between 0 and 1, calculate pi

TheSpiffiest: Took me about 10 minutes, but I don't know if that's because I like math or not

TheSpiffiest: I'm thinking code clash

AntiSquid: make an asteroid shooter multi

AntiSquid: and you get item drops from the rocks that give you upgrades

TheSpiffiest: The concept is simple - you generate a crap ton of random numbers, then figure out if the distance is less than 1, then compare the numbers inside vs outside

TheSpiffiest: lol

TheSpiffiest: I think Optimal Tower Defense I would be more fun

TheSpiffiest: I want to start with something simple. Does that seem like a 15 minute problem ?

SPDene: if a clash takes more than 5 minutes for someone familiar with the topic, that would suggest puzzle to me... but counting the ratio of <= 1 | > 1 results doesn't sounds like it would take more than 5 mins to code IMO

TheSpiffiest: the hardest part was figuring out I had to do the whole + and - not just 0 to 1, but -1,-1 to 1,1

TheSpiffiest: after that yeah, it just typing it on

TheSpiffiest: *in

TheSpiffiest: I'll try code clash and see what happens

TheSpiffiest: but how would you know it worked and they didn't just return "math.pi"

SPDene: yeah - that's a problem

TheSpiffiest: it's an interesting challenge, but the coding isn't the challenge I guess... it's thinking of the solution.

SPDene: I was about to ask: what are you expecting to use to generate random numbers? do all languages have a random function, or is it going to be impossible for people coding in (say) Bash ?

TheSpiffiest: ah, interesting. Bash has $RANDOM or /dev/random

TheSpiffiest: but the later would require file input

TheSpiffiest: and that's 0 to 32767, not 0 to 1 so you would have to code a function to adjust it, or offset your unit circle

TheSpiffiest: I assume languages have random, but don't know

SPDene: yeah, I think you need to provide a list of random numbers, then (using those) calculate an inexact value of pi... so the "right" answer (using those randoms) is 3.14158, not 3.14159

TheSpiffiest: Ah, that could work... then the input values really didn't matter. The more numbers you get the more detail you could calculate.

TheSpiffiest: Even bash could do it

TheSpiffiest: It would be nightmare in reverse mode

TheSpiffiest: :)

SPDene: and that could be a nice demo of how many points you need to get 3 places of precision / 4 places / 5 places ...

TheSpiffiest: Neato... I could do the same for Newtons Method

TheSpiffiest: force people to learn math

TheSpiffiest: Coolness. Thank you. Doing all these coding interviews and my head is full of algorithms and stuff.

Default avatar.png Toyle: hi

Default avatar.png fccloud: hi

Avex: easy

0sssama: ez pz

Default avatar.png ptran0089: hello guys im 30 years old learning to code!

Default avatar.png sonnguyen1129: hi