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Default avatar.png rahulsain3000: ok so i shouldnt back out and solve those easy puzzles first

jacek: good morning

eulerscheZahl: hi

jacek: AutomatonNN do your job

AutomatonNN: how do you know that the boss will be a wood league the match?

Default avatar.png PhantomPencilCase_2d77: hello

Default avatar.png coll_ect: 1

Default avatar.png O-pera: Do I have to check messages not separate in ?

Default avatar.png O-pera: or merge it

Default avatar.png O-pera: or *separate it

AntiSquid: happy caturday

AntiSquid: AutomatonNN

AutomatonNN: if it solved your code

mark7: hello

aCat: What is the CoC quest after 'reach top 1000'?

jacek: win 3 games in a row

aCat: hmm, hope I did this in teh past ;-)

aCat: Dzięki ;-)

eulerscheZahl: sounds like aCat and me were blocked at the same step when the quest map appeared

aCat: :D

eulerscheZahl: i even had 3 languages before

aCat: I've been also heavily blocked by MarsLander - which I plan to start from years

eulerscheZahl: that was no problem for me. but don't panic with 200 chars

aCat: I didn't - probably only Lua and Python, I had to do some stuff in c#

aCat: this one I didn't even reveal

jacek: whats after solve puzzle of the week?

eulerscheZahl: for me probably C#, Python and Ruby, i don't remember

aCat: haha no idea jacek :D

eulerscheZahl: 30 achievements

eulerscheZahl: 2 hard

eulerscheZahl: lvl20

aCat: lol, easy

eulerscheZahl: 2 very hard

eulerscheZahl: 100 achievements

jacek: so just wait a week for more sane puzzle of the week

dbdr: the current one is interesting

eulerscheZahl: agreed

MSmits: is it still the wifi one?

MSmits: when are they updated?

DomiKo: i guess still the wifi one

Default avatar.png hydraaaaa: how do i find out what language these guys are gonna add next?

darkhorse64: don't panic in 200 chars for code golf ? Much too long for a one liner

Washier: i suck at code gold

Washier: *golf

Washier: much rather obsess about some 2 player board game (hint-hint)

darkhorse64: My recipe for golfing: solve the puzzle, look for published solutions, google "golf tips for target language", do a pass every couple of months. Solving in different languages helps too

Washier: sounds like a good recipe. if dipped my toes into ruby like that, and enjoyed it.

Washier: but obsesses with the 2 player board games for now, and some while. wish we had more players though(must be patient i guess)

Washier: *obsessed

Insufficient: Any of you guys ever got this? : 'Oups An error occurred (#407): "You reached the limit of plays for a period of time.".'

mark7: B o o E

  |            |
  A   C        D

mark7: how is minimum communication distance is 1.00 here?

mark7: and what is is to connect A-C?

jacek: Insufficient youre clash addict

DomiKo: mark7 use satellite transmitters in C and D

Insufficient: no i get it when playing testcases in puzzles and things sometimes - i dont really play clash of code

mark7: DomiKo what is communication distance?

mark7: how is distance between B-E 1.00?

mark7: maybe i didnt understood the question properly

DomiKo: only calculate that between direct links

DomiKo: so only BA AC CD DE

darkhorse64: 83 for don't panic/ruby

darkhorse64: it makes real golfers laughing

Washier: Console.WriteLine...and i've lost already

mark7: okay satellite has distance 0, all other are already one unit apart

mark7: Washier coc provides template though

mark7: DomiKo thanks

DomiKo: mark7 no problem

DomiKo: code golf quests are after mars lander?

MSmits: who needs advice on puzzle of the week?

eulerscheZahl: Automaton does

MSmits: AutomatonNN do you need advice on puzzle of the week?

AutomatonNN: ̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤

eulerscheZahl: hahaha

MSmits: uh oh

MSmits: so it's finally doing what you want instead of stalking you eulerscheZahl ?

eulerscheZahl: but atm i don't care about it. where is my struct?

darkhorse64: MSmits perverting innocent chat bots

MSmits: hey it's not me, it's Euler

MSmits: i don't influence it at all

eulerscheZahl: i even filed a PR while doing what's struct's part of our game

MSmits: what game?

eulerscheZahl: secret game

MSmits: oh that one

Washier: if its 2 player perfect info board game i promise i will obsess about it

MSmits: same

MSmits: maybe it's chess

Washier: ooh

eulerscheZahl: it's not!

Washier: phew!

eulerscheZahl: enough said

MSmits: would you tell us if it was?

eulerscheZahl: if you volunteer to test the game and not tell anyone, i might show it to you

Washier: he would i guess. chess is a touchy thing around here imho

darkhorse64: illedan has an empty github repo about chess

MSmits: mmh

eulerscheZahl: that's him at its finest :D

MSmits: is it complicated to create a sim for this game?

eulerscheZahl: i won't comment on this

MSmits: if not, i'll test it

Washier: fishing

darkhorse64: Are there collisions ?

eulerscheZahl: :mouth_zipper:

jacek: is there fog of war?

Washier: hehe

MSmits: :zipper_mouth:

darkhorse64: and rps ?

eulerscheZahl: thanks

Washier: its not the contest is it. noob doesnt know

jacek: does this game make people go crazy?

Washier: already has

eulerscheZahl: it might become a contest. thibaud didn't exclude the possibility

darkhorse64: does this game make MSmits crazy ?

eulerscheZahl: which is why i won't share anything here

Washier: already is

Washier: :)

MSmits: I'm working on othello, oware and yavalath currently. Don't need another game I think

eulerscheZahl: no UTTT?

MSmits: nah not for now, maybe in the future

Washier: beat you today in othello. fluke, might want to check if bug? my bot cowers

eulerscheZahl: yinsh didn't get any popular, did it?

MSmits: hmm nah, my leaderboard version is outdated

MSmits: got a far better one in the works

MSmits: wins 100% vs renard and averages 30-40% against rest

MSmits: top 4 i mean

eulerscheZahl: with an opening book or with real gameplay?

MSmits: real gameplay

MSmits: it will still end 5th i think, but it will pull down dbd r hard while getting there, maybe i'll get 4th because of the rating bonuses from doing that

dbdr: with a real AI?

MSmits: he'll still be 1

MSmits: yes dbd r just with my 8 params fitted

MSmits: that's all i did

dbdr: you're avoiding pinging me while replying to me? :D

MSmits: yeah i just realized that

MSmits: habit

**dbdr needs to check the logs now, if it's a habbit

dbdr: I was refering to the "real AIs don't use search" forum post

MSmits: just search for dbd r

MSmits: ohh

dbdr: exactly

MSmits: that one

MSmits: ridiculous post

dbdr: find all the secret things you said about me

MSmits: yeah I am curious myself, i dont remember half of what i said

dbdr: 14 days with hits

MSmits: nice

MSmits: so i talked about you for 14 days?

mark7: link to chess coding contest?

MSmits: there isn't one I think ?

caubeloatchoat24: hey! i want to switch from win to ubuntu, but i still dont find any particularly about. Can anyone tell me. Plzzz

MSmits: you're looking for ubuntu?


dbdr: not just you MSmits

MSmits: ahh yes other people talk about you too

MSmits: filter those out, seems far less interesting

dbdr: surely :)

eulerscheZahl: but we don't avoid the ping while dbdr being here

MSmits: makes sense

dbdr: struc t did too actually, as I just saw

MSmits: now i wanna know what my submit does. gonna submit my current version. Just once, so it won't hurt dbdr too much

dbdr: :grin:

Washier: oof

MSmits: then you can also correct your bot, if it is some apparent weakness

Washier: here we go.

dbdr: othello grew slowly

dbdr: 54 players

jacek: yinsh grows slowlier

MSmits: othello wouldnt be attractive to any but board game enthousiasts i think

MSmits: yinish has much branching doesnt it?

jacek: and more complicated rules

MSmits: it's harder to write a search for games like that

MSmits: like the tulips game

dbdr: MSmits's version optimized to push jacek and trictac delivers so far :)

MSmits: yeah

MSmits: first draw vs you dbdr

MSmits: some versions have 50% vs jacek or tric trac

MSmits: not sure what this one has

Washier: <spectating, motuh open>

MSmits: nother draw :P

Astrobytes: how does it fare against robo?

MSmits: probabyl crappily

MSmits: most did

dbdr: looks like draws count

MSmits: though once or twice hit 45% or so

Washier: being whipped by oyu right now

dbdr: i'm going down

Washier: whipped

Astrobytes: nice improvement btw Washier

Washier: soldily

MSmits: yeah they count a little bit, not sure how much

Washier: ty

Washier: and again

MSmits: btw i didnt fit it to beat you dbdr

Washier: they all matter to me MSmits. gg

Astrobytes: I didn't do any othello past couple days, got sucked into doing optims and golf for the quest map

MSmits: i fit it to maximize the score of the top 5 opponents on the board

dbdr: that's fair

MSmits: obviously some version that beats you 30% is gonna be better than one that does 0%

Washier: cool

Washier: how tho? must work on my simming then.

Astrobytes: nice submit so far MSmits

MSmits: yeah it peforms the way cg bench told me

MSmits: i was assuming that if the cg bench says 100% vs renard, it will beat anyone below that

Washier: cg bench. ok i'll shut up and rtfm

Astrobytes: Assumption works

MSmits: yep

DomiKo: lul

DomiKo: i still cant find time for othello :(

Astrobytes: yeah just saw that

Astrobytes: that hurt

dbdr: oh, many people promoted

dbdr: 18 now

MSmits: lost most games vs dbdr in this submit

MSmits: did really well vs 6th and downward though

Washier: edge of seat

MSmits: yay win vs dbdr :P

MSmits: 1

dbdr: :)

Washier: gg

MSmits: so it's possible at least

MSmits: currently trying to see if disk-count is good to have in eval. I didn't have it yet

MSmits: mostly because i only read bad thigns about it

dbdr: might be good with a negative sign

Washier: same here for what its worth. very small part of my eval

dbdr: early on

Washier: ty

MSmits: yeah, or positive, it really depends on how the rest of your eval works

dbdr: true

MSmits: i am already giving bonuses to all edges and corners

Washier: true.

dbdr: or imaginary

MSmits: top 4 really is far far ahead of the rest

MSmits: my bot has a hard time winning any

MSmits: hmm well my previous submit had a 2 rating lead over 6th, now its 5.5 so I am happy

dbdr: it's top 5 now ;)

MSmits: was already

jacek: submit more, push me up, push push!

Washier: must say, ties in with what MSmits says, eval is quite important for Othello. might be wrong

dbdr: I mean, as a pack

MSmits: oh right

MSmits: it's in the ballpark

inoryy: which multi are you discussing

MSmits: Othello

MSmits: Washier yes it is super important

Washier: come play Inoryy

MSmits: more important than what search type you're using

Washier: ty MSmits

inoryy: I don't have enough time to contirbute anymore unfortunately :( I just lurk here every now and then

Washier: my broken experiments say the same.

MSmits: we're happy to see you lurk

MSmits: or not, because you're lurking

Washier: absolutely.

Default avatar.png JBM: "we're happy to see you, for lurk or other at your convenience"

Astrobytes: "I teach computers to play games"=>"I lurk in chatrooms" :P

jacek: but othello is so NN friendly

inoryy: haha I still do the first part, just not on CG :)

Astrobytes: True

dbdr: there are games outside of CG? :O

dbdr: coding games?

dbdr: how can that be? that's in the name

Washier: haha

Default avatar.png JBM: still puzzled at that cg-for-work concept

dbdr: (credits to A. Asimov)

Washier: my fav writer

Washier: *author

dbdr: he has this story where people forgot how to do manual calculations, they just reproduce the blueprints for calculators and trust them

MSmits: isn't that foundation?

Washier: yes, with the abacus.

dbdr: no, it's a short story

MSmits: oh ok

Washier: space calculations. took months.

dbdr: and someone rediscovers the principle of calculations, and others don't believe him

dbdr: "calculation is by definition what is done on a calculator, how could you do it by hand?"

Washier: Asimov's short stories are his best works imho

eulerscheZahl: help! is this a troll or a clueless coder?

Astrobytes: Saw that, clueless I think

eulerscheZahl: and i'm clueless how to respond

jacek: it means number shifting is not clear enough

Default avatar.png JBM: just troll him

Default avatar.png JBM: wasn't it obvious?

Astrobytes: Maybe he needs to be teamviewered

Default avatar.png JBM: what's that teamview meme?

Astrobytes: MK

Default avatar.png JBM: too many occurences here to be a coincidence by now

Astrobytes: He used to try to get people to let him teamview him, and succeeded a few times iirc

eulerscheZahl: that teamviewer got so popular that one user asked me to connect to his PC and help him (i guess after MK treated him)

Astrobytes: *let him teamview them

Default avatar.png JBM: i think my dad wants me to install it so i can debug his linux remotely

Default avatar.png JBM: no wai

Washier: haha

dbdr: Standard Error Stream:

MSmits: MK was weird about teamviewe

dbdr: he's right, it does not work

MSmits: he would just ask me to teamviewer for no reason

Astrobytes: Never asked me, I feel cheated.

Default avatar.png JBM: yeah same

Default avatar.png JBM: missing out on the best cg had to offer

eulerscheZahl: i tried that before i wrote the reply on the forum. now i'm confused it dbdr wants to troll me too

Default avatar.png JBM: you're our prime target

Washier: you guys realise this chat is like a complicated soap opera?

Washier: good thing.

eulerscheZahl: you definitely missed some drama Washier

Default avatar.png JBM: such is life

dbdr: oh, I'm moderator on the forum

Washier: double haha

eulerscheZahl: since Friday

Astrobytes: Yeah, happened on FRiday dbdr

Astrobytes: grrr

eulerscheZahl: click the link in the private message. that admin interface has more semi-useful data than i expected

Astrobytes: Yeah, it was much more feature-rich than I expected

dbdr: "A critical update is available. Please upgrade!"

Default avatar.png JBM: ok now we're curious

dbdr: hm, shouldn't have revealed that

dbdr: If I had mod rights on the chat I would ban myself now

eulerscheZahl: that's the first thing i saw too. and was about to share my thoughts in a PRIVATE message

Astrobytes: :grin:

dbdr: yeah, I'm dumb

Washier: drama

Washier: sure yo're not

Astrobytes: Oh, euler/dbdr, try to access the FAQ from the hamburger menu and let me know if anything odd happens

Astrobytes: In the forum I mean

dbdr: yeah

Washier: hamburger menu? pam pam paaa

dbdr: CG in CG

Astrobytes: Yeah, CG inception thingy

eulerscheZahl: double status bar

Default avatar.png JBM: yeah noticed that the other day

Default avatar.png JBM: i almost reported it

eulerscheZahl: someone reported that recently on discord. but without the step needed to get there

Default avatar.png JBM: then i thought better

Astrobytes: haha


Astrobytes: I was literally a second away from doing that

Astrobytes: Well, you beat me so you can report it.


Astrobytes: That is awesome.

Default avatar.png JBM: ah, that famous discord sign-in page

eulerscheZahl: i was faster dbdr :D

dbdr: stealing my original work ;)

Washier: pam pam paaa

eulerscheZahl: it's obvious by your avatar being shown everwhere so i don't feel like quoting

dbdr: yeah :)

dbdr: now I can choose one of 3 chatboxes to write into

eulerscheZahl: when you ping yourself, you don't see it in the same tab

eulerscheZahl: try the self-ping now

dbdr: dbdr

dbdr: no

eulerscheZahl: nowhere red?

dbdr: no

dbdr: but it does not ping with pidgin either, so no big surprise

dbdr: was worth a try though

dbdr: hm, I could you could use alts in the inner frames :D

eulerscheZahl: :D

eulerscheZahl: i deleted them :(

dbdr: to follow the rules?

eulerscheZahl: and because i didn't need them anymore

eulerscheZahl: now i understand why OOC was lagging with really long text messages

dbdr: :scream:

dbdr: those poor CPU cycles on our machines :(

dbdr: PR incoming eulerscheZahl?

dbdr: we should make a clash out of it

Fxguy1: Ok, new here. Storing the FactoryID with the highest troops, but cant figure out why that ID isnt changing once conditions change?

eulerscheZahl: meh but binary search would be smarter here

Fxguy1: It changes with adding a new factory, but once the old factory surpasses the new in troops, it wont change back

eulerscheZahl: i like your clash idea :D

dbdr: Am I missing something, or shouldn't it be O(1)?

dbdr: or are you joking?

eulerscheZahl: it renders the text over and over again in pixi to know the width in pixels

dbdr: ah, it's in pixels

dbdr: right

dbdr: that's what I was missing

eulerscheZahl: so either binary search or go the opposite direction (start with empty string) i would say

dbdr: yeah, starting from empty is easy and technically O(1) :)

eulerscheZahl: trying to draw anything without the entity module, not that easy :(

eulerscheZahl: struct got it working. never committed and is ghosting us now

dbdr: how is this related?

eulerscheZahl: was curious what that utils file contains

dbdr: the if is useless, btw

dbdr: though that's a smaller problem

eulerscheZahl: yeah, part of the while

dbdr: font: { size: state.fontSize || 1

dbdr: must be useful to have font size 1 :D

dbdr: if that's in pt

dbdr: maybe not


dbdr: seems like the default would be better than 1

Default avatar.png JBM: if useless? only in absence of... wait for it... SIDE EFFECTS

Default avatar.png JBM: screw bypassing the entity module, I want to get rid of pixi altogether

eulerscheZahl: it's possible. but i want to finish my game one day

Default avatar.png JBM: priorities and compromise

eulerscheZahl: and when using the SDK, i'm close to 1MB after 100 frames already

eulerscheZahl: so i might exceed it in certain worst-case games

eulerscheZahl: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Default avatar.png JBM: 1MB sounds like nothing

eulerscheZahl: 1MB is the limit for a single replay

eulerscheZahl: CG doesn't allow more

Default avatar.png JBM: oh 1MB of game replay data?

eulerscheZahl: which is why i already filed a PR for the toggle module this morning

Default avatar.png JBM: silly me, i thought "tab RAM use"

eulerscheZahl: yes, 1MB json file

eulerscheZahl: :D

jacek: did atari go fix it?

Default avatar.png JBM: using a more compact format seems like the easiest of what's possible with theirr module system

eulerscheZahl: but forces me to create my own sprites i think

Default avatar.png JBM: well, or link back to the js side of GEM

eulerscheZahl: that's what i'm trying

Default avatar.png JBM: good luck!

Default avatar.png JBM: i know i certainly considered all i could to bypass that mess for tvc

Default avatar.png JBM: and threw the towel, too much for me for a first game

eulerscheZahl: TVC doesn't really need to bypass it

eulerscheZahl: much less going on in that replay

Default avatar.png JBM: i merely wishes very dearly to

eulerscheZahl: yay, my first inserted image \o/

Default avatar.png JBM: on bypass?

eulerscheZahl: on calling the EntityModule in JS

Default avatar.png JBM: yay gg

eulerscheZahl: so it has an ID and all the benefits from the EntityModule

eulerscheZahl: handles viewer resize and everything

Default avatar.png JBM: and fwd/bck in the replay

eulerscheZahl: it's a static thing, background-like

eulerscheZahl: that will be the next step

Default avatar.png JBM: please blog :p

eulerscheZahl: and i want to reference to it in the toggle module

Default avatar.png JBM: so to react on the "tvc doesn't need it", i'm just so uncomfortable with my CPU pegging to 100% when tvc is open, even if the viewer is perfectly idle

Default avatar.png JBM: browser-based animation doesn't need to be that sloppy

eulerscheZahl: then you definitely have to replace pixi entirely

Default avatar.png JBM: i know :(

Default avatar.png JBM: and the sdk is definitely not going to help me on that path

eulerscheZahl: there isn't much going on, yet enough to make my laptop's fans turn on

eulerscheZahl: and i don't think that i coded it badly

Default avatar.png JBM: i know the feeling

eulerscheZahl: oh, I always thought setScale() would be a "cheap" command in the SDK it translates into 2 commands for x and y scale :o

Default avatar.png JBM: does that make it expensive?

Default avatar.png JBM: isn't there a setMatrix() they could compress all of those to?

eulerscheZahl: a little more json data

Default avatar.png JBM: oh, right, that's your bottleneck

Default avatar.png vireakpanha: Hi

icecream17: i just noticed the quest map.

jacek: what quest map

icecream17: at the home screen. think its something new

jacek: O:

icecream17: by just clicking ive levelled up twice

icecream17: lol

jacek: nowai

MSmits: mmh i think i found a bug in the c++ language assist

MSmits: If I page my 1 line opening book between two " " it cuts off at the end and it colors the rest of the code as if it is a string

MSmits: even though the bot works fine

MSmits: page = paste

MSmits: doesn't show any errors though

MSmits: just the whole thing is orange after the start of the string

MSmits: dont really care as I am not in the habit of coding with really long lines in the IDE

MSmits: but it's weird

eulerscheZahl: others reported issues with long lines too

eulerscheZahl: up to the website completely freezing

jacek: eeyup

Default avatar.png MoazCodeM4n: yo :sunglasses:

MSmits: mmh maybe thats why it's being cut off now with -...- at the end?

MSmits: they just forgot to add the closing " for the language assist

MSmits: I am guessing they fixed the freezing and added this bug

dbdr: "forgot"

MSmits: yep

dbdr: it's asking much to modify your code but keep it syntactically correct

MSmits: what I mean is, they forgot to make the language assist read the code as if the "; is still in there

RoboStac: it's done that since the new editor msmits

MSmits: oh ok

RoboStac: displays larger lines with ... on the end and breaks formatting

MSmits: yeah

dbdr: 2020 and some editors still don't handle long lines

dbdr: that stuff was solved in the 70s

dbdr: just need to use the right data structures and algorithms

MSmits: my opening book would not fit in 70s RAM though

dbdr: but the algo could still be able to handle it :)

MSmits: true

RoboStac: it probably didn't try to syntax highlight it in the 70's though :)

dbdr: true

MSmits: especially since they only had 1 color...

MSmits: yellow?

dbdr: you can do bold in monochrome :)

MSmits: true

jacek: *impossibru*

jacek: argh

dbdr: early syntax highligting would just show keywords

jacek: **x**

MSmits: your autocorrect on bro-speak again jacek?

dbdr: which you can do in constant time

jacek: tried to bold message

dbdr: *x* ?

dbdr: x

dbdr: works in pidgin :)

MSmits: i dont see bold

dbdr: you would in pidgin

MSmits: i deinstalled pidgin

dbdr: probably webchat does not support it

jacek: deinstalled... who says that

**dbdr has this though

MSmits: only used it once because I needed some secretive hacker chatroom thingy

MSmits: had to decrypt a codeword to get in even

dbdr: real hackers write their own XMPP client ;)

MSmits: true

MSmits: they were amateurs

MSmits: btw disc-count does not look promising as an eval feature in othello

MSmits: tried some values, 0 is still best as a weight

MSmits: maybe i need to start at 0 and give it a weight * (60- empty squares)

MSmits: or make the 60 also a weight

MSmits: well ... a parameter i mean

dbdr: wieght*60 is a constant

MSmits: yeah you can take it out of the parentheses

dbdr: changing 60 would change nothing would it?

MSmits: i am just trying to make it look sensical

MSmits: this is multiplied with the disc-count

MSmits: so it would

dbdr: ah yes, sorry

MSmits: it would be a constant weight + a weight dependent on how deep into the game you are

MSmits: maybe something like (400 - 20 * empty) * weight * disccount

dbdr: make sure you have a discount variable too

MSmits: lol

dbdr: so typos go unnoticed ;)

MSmits: disc-count

dbdr: I know

dbdr: have both

MSmits: really?

MSmits: you do?

dbdr: no, I mean that's super dangerous

MSmits: ahh ok

dbdr: make a typo and it will still compile, just do something stupid

MSmits: or something that puts me at nr 1

MSmits: it happens

dbdr: could very well happen

MSmits: worst thing is when a bug makes your bot better and you want to fix it, but you cant

dbdr: wasn't penicilin discovered by mistake?

MSmits: yes

MSmits: he left a fungus and bacteria on a petri dish

MSmits: as you do

MSmits: I'm sure if i took a microscope into my bathroom I could discover penicilin all over the place

dbdr: there was also a guy who predicted the existence of a planet, a few centuries ago

MSmits: uranus

dbdr: someone looked, and it was exactly there, and people were amazed

MSmits: yes

dbdr: turned out the formula was quite wrong

MSmits: Dutch guy of course

dbdr: it was just a lucky time when it did not matter

dbdr: yes?

MSmits: I think so

dbdr: I think he was french :D

Astrobytes: Fleming was Scotttish, we're terrible microbiologists

Astrobytes: *Scottish

Astrobytes: (penicillin guy)

MSmits: mmh i am trying to look it up

MSmits: Neptune was predicted before disovery

MSmits: says wiki

MSmits: nah i was wrong, it was Neptune

Astrobytes: Le Verrier

MSmits: French guy and Britisch guy both predicted i

jacek: maybe someone else discovered uranus

Astrobytes: :smirk:

MSmits: but not by math

MSmits: Neptune was the first to be discovered by math

Astrobytes: I hope Uranus is explored one day jacek


Astrobytes: Lecture any good?

Astrobytes: Seems watchable, might save it to watch later

MSmits: seems ok

MSmits: Urbain was a gangster

dbdr: yeah :D

Astrobytes: yeah

Astrobytes: Guy's got good delivery

Scarfield: there is very likely another planet in our system, that still havent been discovered. 1 sec

jacek: urectrum


dbdr: that's the main topic of that video

dbdr: and this guy's research

Scarfield: oh the video you linked, just assumed it was about Neptune/Uranus

Astrobytes: clue's in the title ;)

Scarfield: lol, just joined and wanted to share, didnt read much of chat. but its really cool

Scarfield: 5-J6g.. real give away :p

Scarfield: didnt click the link xD

Astrobytes: The *video* title not the url Impatientfiield

Scarfield: xD

Astrobytes: :grin:

Scarfield: its kind of crazy that there could be another planet so "close" and it hasnt been spotted. but we have pictures of other galaxies "slightly" futher away

dbdr: need to do casear decoding on the URL

dbdr: yes I did too many clashes

eulerscheZahl: 48+2

jacek: i think i saw some lecture how we can see far things but not close ones

jacek: like they discovered recently proxima centauri planet

Scarfield: i guess the star in revolves around, and the angle between them makes it easier

dbdr: isn't it because we see the light of stars?

dbdr: and of their planets passing in front?

dbdr: unlike an outer solar planet

Scarfield: that would make sense, also the star will change its movement based on the planets orbit, so that could be one way of looking for where the planet should be

dbdr: but yeah, it's weird. it feels like you should just be able to look around to see what's there :)

dbdr: space is big and empty

Astrobytes: Well, it's only empty if you're looking for what you can see ;)

Scarfield: "Its called space, because there is a lot of it"

dbdr: it's full of vacuum?

Scarfield: space, its full of space :p

Astrobytes: My God, it's full of... something

Astrobytes: No, I mean like dark matter

Scarfield: like me, ive been told

Astrobytes: lol

RShields: very brave of dyson engineers to go all the way out to space to harness the vacuum for our vacuum cleaners

Astrobytes: Dyson sucks

RShields: what vacuum company doesn't

Astrobytes: Quite

Scarfield: hmm or do they blow :thinking:

RShields: gonna make me a vacuum company that doesn't suck

RShields: it only makes money via stock buybacks

Default avatar.png poopooooo:

RShields: dyson does indeed blow too

RShields: if a fan blows, it necessarily sucks

Zenoscave: As you can see it sucks as it cuts

Astrobytes: lol poopooooo, what a movie

jacek: is it made in java

Default avatar.png JBM: i love indonesia

Default avatar.png pedrosorio: top20 in clash of code, finally!

TLun: congratz

Default avatar.png pedrosorio: :bow:

Default avatar.png FLQ4: how

Default avatar.png FLQ4: i wish i was top 20

Default avatar.png FLQ4: but i am 7000 something

Default avatar.png FLQ4: do you have some tips on how i can get a higher rank

Default avatar.png JBM: play more

Default avatar.png JBM: (experts only) play better

Default avatar.png FLQ4: k

Rachit1510: hii

AntiSquid: add to CV: i am good at coc

Default avatar.png wes337: i am not

Default avatar.png wes337: i feel like an idiot when i play coc

jjhiggz: it pisses me off that python has .capitalize haha

jjhiggz: like I was wondering how I got crushed in JS

Default avatar.png poopooooo: tfw python gang keeps getting crushed by ruby gang ;(

Default avatar.png Feeg4ever: HELLO

Default avatar.png Feeg4ever: yippie, yippie yeah

Default avatar.png Feeg4ever: this is awesome

Default avatar.png Feeg4ever: anybody

Default avatar.png Feeg4ever: i need a gig

Default avatar.png Feeg4ever: somebody?

Default avatar.png Feeg4ever: what is coc?

Default avatar.png Feeg4ever: sound like cock?

Default avatar.png benschreyer: people who use ruby == tryhards

Andriamanitra: people who use ruby enjoy life more because it's the most fun language

Zenoscave: people who evangelize languages are likely to not understand that a language is a tool and often times a tool is meant for a task. There isn't one language that is "best"

Andriamanitra: no one said best, just fun

Zenoscave: I agree with the fact that it is a fun language, I have yet to find one that is most fun, though.

Zenoscave: elixir is a blast

Zenoscave: think erlang + ruby

Zenoscave: I misread sorry

Default avatar.png fccloud: it does not matter what language you use. a language is a tool and you use whatever tool you're most comfortable with and does the job the best

Default avatar.png Feeg4ever: hello, fellas

Default avatar.png Feeg4ever: trying to solve a problem this late

Default avatar.png Feeg4ever: with right tools of course!!

Default avatar.png Feeg4ever: and that is python!!!!!!

Default avatar.png fccloud: sure

Default avatar.png Feeg4ever: right?guys==

Default avatar.png Feeg4ever: what is your favorite "tool"?or "toys".. ehm ehm

Allis: Regarding languages:

Andriamanitra: you can't really say the language does not matter, although there are often many perfectly reasonable choices it's obvious that some are better than others

Default avatar.png fccloud: yes, of course. each tool has its specialty

Default avatar.png Feeg4ever: yes, right, that is PYTHON

Default avatar.png Feeg4ever: ehm...

Default avatar.png Feeg4ever: just accept the truth

Default avatar.png Feeg4ever: embrace the truth..

Default avatar.png fccloud: i'd say python's okay for short scripts but as it gets longer the performance drawback is too bad

Kariin: lmao

Default avatar.png Feeg4ever: ok, {that hurts}

Default avatar.png Feeg4ever: you are right. {that is bullshit!!}

Default avatar.png fccloud: with zero optimization i was able to update a 10k by 10k array with random values 120 times faster in java than i was able to do in python

Default avatar.png fccloud: with threading the difference grew to 150

Andriamanitra: in my experience it's very rare that the speed of a language is a bottleneck in the real world

Default avatar.png Feeg4ever: what about coding in binary?

Default avatar.png Feeg4ever: is that better=

Default avatar.png fccloud: that's assembly/machine code

Default avatar.png fccloud: basically the most performance you can get

Default avatar.png Feeg4ever: no not assebly, step the level.

Default avatar.png Feeg4ever: just binary

Default avatar.png Feeg4ever: like 0 and 1

Default avatar.png fccloud: machine language then

Default avatar.png fccloud: but python is such a high level language (it's easy to write) that you cannot get performance out of it

Default avatar.png Feeg4ever: anyone good at it?

Default avatar.png fccloud: i have run into performance issues with python. i recommend you try other languages after you get one down

Default avatar.png Feeg4ever: like which language?

Default avatar.png Feeg4ever: c?

Default avatar.png Feeg4ever: c++?

Default avatar.png Feeg4ever: or c#?

Default avatar.png fccloud: in terms of level, c#/java or maybe js is a step down from python

Default avatar.png fccloud: you can work your way down from there

Default avatar.png fccloud: c++ probably after that

Default avatar.png fccloud: c++ can do everything c can

Default avatar.png fccloud: and you can go wherever you feel honestly

Default avatar.png Feeg4ever: what about C#?

Default avatar.png Feeg4ever: tell me about it.

Default avatar.png Feeg4ever: im interested in C#

Default avatar.png fccloud: c# is really nice for interfacing with the OS

Default avatar.png Feeg4ever: thats my boy!!!!!!!!

Default avatar.png fccloud: it is strict typing and strict oop tho

Default avatar.png fccloud: that's probably the biggest change from py

Default avatar.png Feeg4ever: still my boy!!!!!!!

Default avatar.png Feeg4ever: thank you man

Default avatar.png Feeg4ever: from the creator of C#

Default avatar.png fccloud: although c# is a tiny bit slower than java it's still tens-hundreds times faster than java

Andriamanitra: if you're trying to get a benchmark score down in a coding game then sure go learn c or c++ but if you want to actually get stuff done then python is a fine choice

Default avatar.png Feeg4ever: alright.

Default avatar.png Feeg4ever: any other showmen?

Default avatar.png Feeg4ever: guys , three languages that is a must

Default avatar.png Feeg4ever: GO!

Default avatar.png Feeg4ever: THREE LANGUAGE THAT IS A MUST TO HAVE..

Default avatar.png Feeg4ever: GO!!!!!!!!

Allis: That really is like asking which three screwdrivers are the best.

Allis: You need to fix your thinking.

Default avatar.png Feeg4ever: HAHA

Default avatar.png Feeg4ever: OH men

Default avatar.png Feeg4ever: i mean ... what if the world is about to end.

Default avatar.png Feeg4ever: and you have to save ti

Default avatar.png Feeg4ever: it

Allis: Then you probably wanna learn Forth so you can hack on CollapseOS.

Default avatar.png Feeg4ever: whooo

Default avatar.png Feeg4ever: i would call my grandpa

Default avatar.png Feeg4ever: what is CollapseOS?

Default avatar.png Feeg4ever: short explaination pls

Andriamanitra: my list would be javascript for web, python for scripting and getting shit done quickly, and julia for fun and maths

Default avatar.png Feeg4ever: that is what im talking about.

Default avatar.png Feeg4ever: that is nice list tho

Default avatar.png Feeg4ever: you are prepared.

Default avatar.png Feeg4ever: anyone else?

RShields: Use the right language for the job

RShields: And that means, know what's different between different langs

RShields: I would not try to write webcode in Haskell and I would not try to write an OS in Python

Default avatar.png Feeg4ever: right, i dont know alot about other programming languages and what they suitable for.

Default avatar.png Feeg4ever: im a noob alright { confession }

Default avatar.png Feeg4ever: im not what you think i am alright. { another confession }

Default avatar.png Feeg4ever: please say something. { i wanna leave }

RShields: As far as if you're picking languages to learn, you need to learn either C or C++ at some point, just because they have raw memory management, pointers, that stuff

RShields: JS is basically required for web dev, so that's on the list

Andriamanitra: i disagree with that, although c is such a simple language you can probably learn the basics in an hour

Default avatar.png Feeg4ever: memories are my friends. good for game hacking.

Andriamanitra: raw memory management is not something your average programmer needs to know in 2020

RShields: you may not need to use it, but you should know how

Default avatar.png Feeg4ever: i agree with you.

RShields: C++ is also still a very used language, and if you go into C++ dev, you need to know how pointers work to know how shared pointers work, etc.

Default avatar.png Feeg4ever: do you think that in future, somebody with a new programming lanugage? a really good one, suitable for everything?

RShields: No

Andriamanitra: quite the opposite, people keep coming up with domain-specific languages for *very* specific tasks

Default avatar.png Feeg4ever: then i will not plan it.

RShields: Well, it's a trick question because in a literal sense, C++ is already that language

RShields: The thing is, yeah, people write languages that are specifically suited to each task, so as a master-of-none language, C++ isn't the best for any task

Andriamanitra: i think c++ is a terribly designed language from a syntax perspective to be quite honest

RShields: It's definitely dated

Default avatar.png Feeg4ever: what bad about C#?

Default avatar.png Feeg4ever: bad OOP?

RShields: C# is a good language which nobody uses

Default avatar.png Feeg4ever: oh men, im gonna be alone

RShields: And as it develops, it's becoming a frankenlang

Default avatar.png Feeg4ever: frankenlang?

Default avatar.png Feeg4ever: what it is means?

RShields: it's got ideas from all over the place

RShields: bit of this, bit of that

Default avatar.png Feeg4ever: that is right.

Default avatar.png Feeg4ever: i kind see that

Default avatar.png Feeg4ever: it is becoming frankenlang

RShields: C# will probably always target Windows a little better than Linux or Mac

Andriamanitra: i've never seen the appeal of c#, just seems like a slightly less terrible and less portable version of java

Andriamanitra: i guess people love their visual studio

RShields: the syntax has a bunch of incremental improvements over Java

Default avatar.png Feeg4ever: i realize that visual studio does alot in background.

Default avatar.png Feeg4ever: is that good? i dont like it

Default avatar.png Feeg4ever: i feel dump

Default avatar.png Feeg4ever: it makes me feel dumb

Default avatar.png Feeg4ever: what you think?

RShields: and portability difference is like, anything you can't target with C# you should be writing C for anyway

RShields: :3

RShields: "doing a lot in the background" isn't good or bad per se

RShields: it's about *what* you're doing

Andriamanitra: mobile? in c?

RShields: you can target mobile with C#

Default avatar.png Feeg4ever: yeah

Default avatar.png Feeg4ever: i wanna be a hacker. im gonna be arreseted.

Default avatar.png Feeg4ever: arrested.

Default avatar.png Feeg4ever: have you hacked into anything?

Default avatar.png Feeg4ever: in your life?


Default avatar.png Feeg4ever: dont klick it

Default avatar.png Feeg4ever: virus!!!!!!!

Default avatar.png Feeg4ever: just kidding

Default avatar.png Feeg4ever: good hacker

Default avatar.png Feeg4ever: white hacker

Default avatar.png Feeg4ever: black hacker

Default avatar.png Feeg4ever: and grey hacker

Default avatar.png Feeg4ever: and also red hacker

Default avatar.png Feeg4ever: you guys are getting sleepy.

RShields: hacking is almost always, make a phone call to someone stupid, say you're IT, and ask for their username and password

Default avatar.png Feeg4ever: Haha

Default avatar.png Feeg4ever: hacking the satellite. start the laser beam... then booom

Andriamanitra: very true, humans are almost always the weakest link in any security system

Default avatar.png Feeg4ever: what an AI will code for us?

Default avatar.png Feeg4ever: make it secure.

Default avatar.png Feeg4ever: is that possible?

RShields: who will write the ai

Default avatar.png Feeg4ever: the humans!

Default avatar.png Feeg4ever: oh i get it

Default avatar.png Feeg4ever: okey...

Default avatar.png Feeg4ever: neverming

Default avatar.png Feeg4ever: nevermind

Default avatar.png Oregane: maybe they'll do something like caml, get a bunch of mathematicians to check the thing is secure and when you add anything, make it auto check itself

Default avatar.png rajington: js is all about the ecosystem and not a standard library, should at least have access to lodash/underscore

Default avatar.png rajington: for the length ones, use `var` or `let` instead of `const`, much shorter

Default avatar.png rajington: and drop unnecessary spaces

Default avatar.png rajington: or variable allocation