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eulerscheZahl: happy Caturday

jrke: happy Caturday to all codingamers :)

AntiSquid: finished clash path!

eulerscheZahl: #metoo

AntiSquid: just need the contrib challenge done

eulerscheZahl: and that was my last path missing

AntiSquid: either multi or optim

jrke: oh so you were clashing for path

AntiSquid: still deciding on a game

eulerscheZahl: or CoC, also counts

jrke: my one path is left

jrke: weekly puzzle one left

AntiSquid: nah i don't want to be responsible for coc rising in popularity, site has too much coc as it is

eulerscheZahl: 681

jrke: euler how many clash participation do you have?

eulerscheZahl: 114

jrke: just

eulerscheZahl: played long ago when i was new to CG

jrke: mine is 1660 ;)

Xcalibre: oof flex

eulerscheZahl: got bored when i got the first duplicate tasks

jrke: i m also bored fron clashes

jrke: from*

AntiSquid: 543 here, what am i doing with my life? :(

jrke: there is close encounter between euler and royale for first rank

eulerscheZahl: and i got #1 back with these clashes, yeah feels dirty :(

jrke: :smiley:

jrke: but clashes also gives 5000 cps

AntiSquid: wala went hard on the leaderboard and now stopped?

jrke: is there any update for fall challenge?

eulerscheZahl: no

eulerscheZahl: make your own challenge and pitch it to Thibaud

AntiSquid: i am guessing late november if it happens this year otherwise postponed for january / late february, just have a feeling

jrke: can we do it make our own challenge?

eulerscheZahl: yes

eulerscheZahl: make a multiplayer with the SDK

eulerscheZahl: and keep it secret, only show it thibaud

jrke: ok

NivethSaran: is there any way to see a list of puzzles that I've solved?

jrke: but for that i need to learn java

eulerscheZahl: at the bottom NivethSaran

AntiSquid: what happened to the recurz multi?

eulerscheZahl: and JVM language will do jrke

AntiSquid: so jrke are you intending to make a multi?

NivethSaran: thanks

jrke: i wanna make but first i will learn java

AntiSquid: java isn't hard if you know c++, it's just really ugly

eulerscheZahl: and if you know C#, you are even closer to knowing Java

eulerscheZahl: and you could also use Kotlin, Scala, Clojure or Groovy if you want

jrke: yeah currently im working on pac will work on it for max 2 days then i will start java

AntiSquid: jrke here is a quick java tutorial that will help you adapt quicker:

jrke: ah! sounds goods.


eulerscheZahl: don't praise AntiSquid's link before you've seen the content of it :D

AntiSquid: nah, he has a good eye

eulerscheZahl: where is my struct? i think i broke him :(

AntiSquid: burnt out?

jrke: Oh euler you made OOC?

eulerscheZahl: i took over when it was almost done. and Illedan made the majority of what was missing

jrke: hmm

eulerscheZahl: for kutulu i helped more than OOC

jrke: is there any split func in c++?

AntiSquid: my ooc rank didn't change much, guess it was stupid hard afterall

jrke: :smiley:

Xcalibre: jrke for splitting strings i use regex

eulerscheZahl: OOC lasted 4 weeks. so you need a better bot for the same ranking

jrke: ya

jrke: dunno what i joined cg in last week of march and that OOC was going to begin just beagn didn't remember so i just registered in contest and just submitted default code and didn't worked on it cause i didn't get the rules that time and few days ago i revisted OOC and in 7 minutes i made first league and top 100 in wood 1

jrke: you can say this is my improvement

AntiSquid: ya that's good start if you don't stop there, i was about to quit in wood :p

jrke: currently im still in wood 1 cause i didn't worked on it after that ;)

eulerscheZahl: and now you have to write a multiplayer

eulerscheZahl: just use previous contests as orientation for complexity

jrke: ya im thinking

eulerscheZahl: a board game probably won't be accepted

eulerscheZahl: i mean a simple one like othello

jrke: oh

jrke: but before that i have to make lost child ep 2

jrke: puzzle

eulerscheZahl: nah you don't

jrke: no my idea is ready im working on its sol.

eulerscheZahl: and the idea is?

SilverShade: hi

jrke: Cube solving

Default avatar.png spnn: hi

eulerscheZahl: so just a BFS in 3D?

jrke: it will be something like you have been given a solvable condition of cube and you have to output no.of turns required to solve it

jrke: its simple for you guys

eulerscheZahl: but this time it's in a shopping mall. and the mom is called out to pick up her child, while the child is just waiting there

jrke: not for me ;)

jrke: nope not in shopping mall story that im thinking is-

eulerscheZahl: hm, solve a cube? how do you solve it? like a rubiks cube?

jrke: yeah 3*3 rubiks cube

jrke: i kept only 12 moves

eulerscheZahl: non trivial

eulerscheZahl: state count explodes

eulerscheZahl: and i get easily confused with 3D rotations there, not trivial to code

jrke: yeah thats why its solution is taking time

jrke: in real life my record is 53 seconds for solving 3*3 cube.

jrke: in Code it could be in 53 ms ;)

eulerscheZahl: and then only a few players will try to solve your puzzle

eulerscheZahl: a contest has 2k+ players

eulerscheZahl: and CG sends you a canvas with the contest artwork

jrke: its not contest its just puzzle the lost child ep2

eulerscheZahl: i know

eulerscheZahl: but your java multiplayer game...

eulerscheZahl: i tell you to shift your priorities

jrke: ok

jrke: but how to upload multi on cg

jrke: or refree


eulerscheZahl: create button at the top right

eulerscheZahl: then select multiplayer game

eulerscheZahl: and set the state to private (it's public by default)

AntiSquid: multiplayer game discussion thread for unlocking the path if anyone is interested

jrke: there is an upload option what i have to upload there

AntiSquid: a game zip like the one you get from github when you download other multis for CG

eulerscheZahl: a zip file

jrke: what does that zip file consist of?

eulerscheZahl: you start with this

AntiSquid: which is really convinient since struct done a lot of improvements / additions and you can for example take Yinsh and modify it :p

eulerscheZahl: build and run it offline, it will create a local website

eulerscheZahl: yeah, look at other games for ideas how to code stuff

AntiSquid: specifically look at the viewer features he added

jrke: how to build it?

jrke: i don't know anything

eulerscheZahl: not only struct. there are a lot of other contributions and the official docs:

eulerscheZahl: afk for breakfast

eulerscheZahl: did i kill the chat by leaving?

jacek: happy Caturday

eulerscheZahl: to you as well

jrke: do i need eclipse for that?

jacek: intellij idea is better

**eulerscheZahl uses intelliJ too

eulerscheZahl: but eclipse will work

eulerscheZahl: the intelliJ community edition is free

jrke: im confused what to do ?

eulerscheZahl: do you have an IDE (eclipse or intelliJ) installed?

jrke: its downloading

jrke: which is better

jrke: intellij or eclipse

eulerscheZahl: for my taste: intelliJ

jrke: k

eulerscheZahl: but eclipse is popular for a reason as well

jrke: im installing both then

eulerscheZahl: both will do the job :D

eulerscheZahl: i have both too

eulerscheZahl: and Netbeans

jrke: netbeans is good by big brother learned java when he was in school in netbeans only

eulerscheZahl: and VS Code, MonoDevelop, Geany

eulerscheZahl: i'm and IDE hoarder :o

eulerscheZahl: texmaker

jrke: my net is taking too much time

eulerscheZahl: not downloaded yet?

jrke: nope

jrke: very slow net

eulerscheZahl: you can download the game skeleton or a multiplayer of your choice in the mean tie

eulerscheZahl: time

jrke: game skeleton zip downloaded

eulerscheZahl: then you wait for the IDE

jrke: k

jrke: .kts which lang is this

eulerscheZahl: what did you install? eclipse or intelliJ?

jrke: intellji

jrke: installing

jrke: eclipse downloading

eulerscheZahl: then open intelliJ

eulerscheZahl: file -> new -> project from existing sources

jrke: its installing yet

eulerscheZahl: and select the .pom file from the game skeleton you just downloaded

jrke: looks its installing something else also in intellji

eulerscheZahl: JDK maybe?

jrke: downloading jbr-x86

jacek: or malware O:

jrke: what it means

jacek: jetbrains runtime

jrke: now extracting

eulerscheZahl: "This option should only be used if your are working on 32-bit OS that doesn't allow running 64-bit JDK."


eulerscheZahl: let's just wait and see what happens

jrke: its showing config or installation folder

jrke: when opening

jrke: or don't import settings

AntiSquid: was there a downgrade for webchat on CG? the history of the chat is much smaller than it used to be

AntiSquid: i could leave it open and scroll back like 2 hours or so

jrke: ya now its 1 hour

jrke: what to do now i installed intellji

AntiSquid: lol no, now it looks like there's a max message count

eulerscheZahl: isn't it depending on the amount of mesasges?

eulerscheZahl: i mean always has been

eulerscheZahl: eulerscheZahl 08:59AM then open intelliJ file -> new -> project from existing sources

jrke: when im opening intellji

jrke: its showing me

jrke: its showing config or installation folder

AntiSquid: there are far fewer messages to scroll back to

jrke: or don't import settings

jrke: two options

AntiSquid: might need to get pidgin :/

eulerscheZahl: you can probably just click ok

AntiSquid: didn't like the interface

jrke: opened intellji

jrke: now

eulerscheZahl: eulerscheZahl 09:08AM eulerscheZahl 08:59AM file -> new -> project from existing sources

eulerscheZahl: eulerscheZahl 09:00AM and select the .pom file from the game skeleton you just downloaded

eulerscheZahl: you done?

jrke: just a moment it hanged

jrke: my lap is working like a crap

tomatoes: just opening folder should be fine

eulerscheZahl: the Bender optim is working like a crab. it's featuring Zoidberg

eulerscheZahl: i like bad jokes

AntiSquid: jrke : My mom bought me this new laptop and it gets really hot when the chat is being spamed. Now my leg is starting to hurt because it is getting so hot. Please, if you don't want me to get burned, then dont spam the chat.

eulerscheZahl: i don't consider him spamming

AntiSquid: what

AntiSquid: that's a copy pasta meme

eulerscheZahl: never seen that

AntiSquid: was a reference to his laptop being slow

eulerscheZahl: google tells it's a thing

AntiSquid: ah it's a twitch thing, really old too, people were pasting that to promote spam

eulerscheZahl: still lagging jrke?

jrke: yes

dbdr: which browser are you using AntiSquid?

dbdr: chat should not take much CPU

eulerscheZahl: the Microsoft Internet Exploded

eulerscheZahl: with the Adobe Crash Player plugin

dbdr: euler in interesting form this morning :D

eulerscheZahl: it's Caturday

dbdr: it's deluge day here

eulerscheZahl: as a metaphor or for real?

dbdr: depends how literally you take it ;)

dbdr: it's been raining since yesterday evening. but no drowning yet

eulerscheZahl: so no need to worry about you

dbdr: check back in 40 days

jrke: im reinstalling intellji now

jrke: should i check add launchers to dir

eulerscheZahl: too long ago, i don't remember if there were any specific steps needed

eulerscheZahl: what was your problem with the previous installation?

jrke: :thinking: don't know

eulerscheZahl: was there anything not working?

jrke: after that it was not opening so i unistalled it now reinstalling it

dbdr: seems some people have a huge database of coc code ready for copy-paste :D

dbdr: are you making a contribution jrke?

jrke: trying to make :smiley: but not now

jrke: euler which type of project i have to choose

jrke: maven,java ,java fx or any other

dbdr: CG SDK uses maven

jrke: oh

jrke: its showing me no SDK on top left

eulerscheZahl: can you elaborate on this a little more?

eulerscheZahl: the codingame SDK? or something else missing?

eulerscheZahl: did you import the maven project already?

jrke: no when im clicking on new i choosed maven in that only on top left its showing me no SDK in intellji

eulerscheZahl: screenshot?

jrke: just a min

ItsAFeature: Is it normal that I can delete someone else's comments on contributions?

eulerscheZahl: yes, as soon as you reach lvl29


eulerscheZahl: but don't abuse it ItsAFeature

eulerscheZahl: i told you to create a project from existing sources

ItsAFeature: I won't, I was just wondering.

eulerscheZahl: eulerscheZahl 09:09AM eulerscheZahl 09:08AM eulerscheZahl 08:59AM file -> new -> project from existing sources

jrke: there is no option project from exsiting source

eulerscheZahl: at the top menu?


jrke: yeah

jrke: so i have to open pom

eulerscheZahl: yes

eulerscheZahl: as i wrote twice before

eulerscheZahl: let me connect via teamviewer

eulerscheZahl: too bad astro isn't here to laugh about it :(

jrke: its showing error

jrke: Tried to use preview panel provider (JavaFX WebView), but it is unavailable. Reverting to default.

eulerscheZahl: so, does any project open?

jrke: nope error

eulerscheZahl: get your eclipse

tomatoes: :grin:

Xcalibre: is intellij necessary if i have vs code with the java extension pack?

eulerscheZahl: you can build the whole thing from terminal if you want to

eulerscheZahl: nothing is really necessary and can be replaced

dbdr: no IDE is necessary, you can code with notepad and the JDK

eulerscheZahl: notepad? take nano :D

dbdr: or a magnetized needle, if you have a spinning disk

eulerscheZahl: butterflies

Xcalibre: look forward to trying it sometimes

Xcalibre: how do i follow dbdr's method with an ssd?

eulerscheZahl: hex editor

tomatoes: sell and buy hdd

eulerscheZahl: microwave it

dbdr: I watched an interview of Brian Kernighan recently, and he mentioned the early editors

dbdr: what's interesting is that in the early days you didn't have a screen, just a keyboard and a printer :)

eulerscheZahl: wow

dbdr: so the editor had to be powerful to make up for that

dbdr: e.g. move to the Nth word of the line, which most modern editors don't allow you to do easily

eulerscheZahl: on the other hand: who needs that feature nowadays?

eulerscheZahl: ctrl + arrowkey for fast moving is enough for me

eulerscheZahl: and start/end of line

dbdr: there is so much more

dbdr: basically you have a scripting language designed to edit text in a very compact way

dbdr: and composable

dbdr: once you get the basics, there is no turning back

eulerscheZahl: i guess a bit like i3wm. was tough at first but now i miss it everytime i have to use another system

dbdr: yeah

eulerscheZahl: or vim which i never learned :(

dbdr: or terminal vs guis

dbdr: I started vim 1 year ago

dbdr: it's not too late and it's worth it, at least for me

eulerscheZahl: i failed at simple exercises like copy text to or from vim

eulerscheZahl: was frustrated and gave up

dbdr: it's hard at first for sure, and you need a good config

dbdr: like I have it configed to use the system clipboard

dbdr: which makes what you say easy

Default avatar.png hphadi: :poop:hi

eulerscheZahl: did we lose jrke?

jrke: gotta go will work on it later

Default avatar.png CoderAyoub: Morning all

jacek: dbdr "I started vim 1 year ago" because you dont know how to exit vim

dbdr: lol

eulerscheZahl: :q! that's all i remember



Marchete: vim, the worst UI ever

eulerscheZahl: and Marchete saw the bender drafts

Marchete: I mean, if people can't even close the program, I don't know how to do it worse

Marchete: well, and tower defense too :D

dbdr: Marchete: it's not for everyone ;)

Marchete: "it's not for everyone" excuses for a bad UI

dbdr: it's like saying terminal is worse than GUI because it's harder for your grandma

dbdr: it's not better or worse, it's for a different audience

Marchete: there are plenty of terminal programs with a good UI

eulerscheZahl: gvim

dbdr: you're missing the point of the analogy

Marchete: there is no analogy that users with MSDOS and linux console have problems with vim (like me)

Marchete: anyways it was just a comment

dbdr: GUI -> Terminal (e.g. shell, nano, etc) -> vim

dbdr: it's one step further

Marchete: GUI->shell->nano->hell->vim

dbdr: that's pretty accurate actually :D

eulerscheZahl: where is ed in that list?

dbdr: I would not call it hell, but obviously it takes time to learn

dbdr: ed is for when you don't have a screen :)

eulerscheZahl: i was always wondering what it's good for


MSmits: finally won my 1st clash :)

MSmits: little mathy one with concentrations

dbdr: gg MSmits :)

MSmits: thanks

Marchete: here :medal:

dbdr: we should have a clash with only gurus allowed

eulerscheZahl: the greatest WYGIWYG editor :D

dbdr: such a strange sight on CG

tomatoes: Newsgroups: alt.religion.emacs

MSmits: i dont want to be slaughtered dbdr :P

MSmits: let me just fight the noobs and win sometimes :)

dbdr: tomatoes: that's a real one actually

dbdr: I don't think most gurus are very good at clash

MSmits: better than me I think

dbdr: while there are lvl 10 people who have done thousands of them

MSmits: you, robo and euler would beat me fast

MSmits: sometimes I cant even solve them in 15 mins, happened once or twice

MSmits: especially with reverse mode. I like it, but sometimes you just get on a wrong track

dbdr: tomatoes:

MSmits: btw, i did fight a lot of those lvl 10 ones and it's why i am usually 2nd or 3rd. But it's less of a problem to lose to people you dont know :)

dbdr: I see you're careful with your ego :D

dbdr: did not expect that

MSmits: yeah!

tomatoes: i use vim, but only small configs tweaks

eulerscheZahl: don't make yourself worse than you are MSmits

eulerscheZahl: at pikaptcha i barely ranked higher than you

MSmits: mmh in this case i'm not. It's just a matter of who you compare yourself with,

MSmits: true, but thats not typical, you're usually twice as fast or around that

MSmits: I'm ok at thinking of solutions fast. But it can be frustratingly slow in getting the code typed out. I guess thats why clash might be good fo rme

eulerscheZahl: so up next: smits gets into clashing and learns to code under pressure

MSmits: right :P

eulerscheZahl: also have a look into codeforces if you start to like it

dbdr: tomatoes: any benefit in that case compared to nano? I think the benefits start to come when you use it often enough to learn things you can't do in other editors

eulerscheZahl: that's 2.5h clashes with harder and original problems

MSmits: nah, i dont think i will ever start to like it more than botting, but I like the fact that it makes me better and i learn some new tricks about python

dbdr: yeah, python is a sweet spot, useful in clash AND for real, small tasks

MSmits: also, what an easy cp rank boost :P

blasterpoard: I gave up... just did my first clash as well

dbdr: lol

MSmits: what happened blasterpoard?

blasterpoard: won reverse in 2 minutes

MSmits: ah ok, that seems more in the realm of expectation :P

MSmits: you giving up not so much

code_maniac: Ahh finally some guru showing interest in COC 🙈😜

MSmits: it's the quest path

code_maniac: guru's 😁

MSmits: clicky xp things, can't resist

blasterpoard: the hardest part was remembering sep="" in pyhton print

dbdr: the challenge is to finish the path with exactly 50 clashes

MSmits: not gonna happen in my case

MSmits: but I'll get there

MSmits: how many do you need to win to finish path?

dbdr: 50

MSmits: play 50 or win 50?

dbdr: ah sorry, play 50

MSmits: i was thinking, jeez that robo

dbdr: and other requirements, like win 3 reverses

MSmits: lol

eulerscheZahl: and 3 wins in a row

MSmits: ah ok

MSmits: thats gonna be a hard one

dbdr: do 100% under 3 minutes twice

dbdr: stuff like that

dbdr: I don't know all of them

MSmits: i got that one

eulerscheZahl: i agree that playing 50 times is the hardest of those requirements

eulerscheZahl: if you know some coding

MSmits: haha not for me

eulerscheZahl: for you too

code_maniac: Solve COC in 3 different languages

MSmits: i won my first after 14 clashes

MSmits: 3 in a row...

Marchete: you are on fire!

MSmits: no thats the task lol

eulerscheZahl: you create a new clash and instantl start it as soon as the first player joins

MSmits: ahh

Marchete: I have 32/50 coc

DomiKo: so sad, that i can't participate in challenge :(

dbdr: hm, thanks Code_maniac, forgot about that one. got python and ruby for sure. probably need one more

Marchete: and I don't think I'll do more

MSmits: is ruby always shorter than python?

dbdr: yeah, that's cheating. should be win with 8 players

Marchete: perl and ruby usually yes

Marchete: perl is like

dbdr: probably not always

Marchete: <>?!_

code_maniac: Just know JS so need to learn basic syntax of other languages to do that 3 language one

Marchete: and you have doom

Insufficient: my suggestion for 3 diff languages is to wait for a one liner clash which is much more easily translatable into another language

eulerscheZahl: and you don't even have to win that one clash

Insufficient: yeah

dbdr: but often I think. python is just more useful outside of clash, so I'm not motivated to learn much ruby

Marchete: I remember a hacker path on the quest map proposal

Marchete: a pity they didn't added it

eulerscheZahl: they will add more paths

dbdr: it will come

MSmits: yeah I think i did a codeacademy course once, on ruby, just to finish their list of free stuff

eulerscheZahl: we made suggestions with to put on the path the other day

eulerscheZahl: what, not with...

eulerscheZahl: according to inoryy: python > ruby ruby on rails > django

MSmits: dont know what django is

eulerscheZahl: i only know the python side of the equation

eulerscheZahl: django = python web framework

MSmits: ah ok

eulerscheZahl: my heroku app is in django

MSmits: I see

dbdr: ruby on rails > ruby ;)

eulerscheZahl: :D

MSmits: what makes it "on rails " ?

MSmits: are they safety rails?

eulerscheZahl: also for web dev

eulerscheZahl: i've seen a few references to ruby on rails in the django docs

Default avatar.png Nitrogn: hi


jacek: oO

AntiSquid: only 50% NivethSaran

AntiSquid: what are you trying to tell us?

NivethSaran: I am sorry, I shared the link here before the clash started accidentally

Default avatar.png bruddah: hey everyone! i am new here and i have a question. can i see the questions that i solve before (the actaul question)

eulerscheZahl: are you talking about clash of code? no, that's the whole point of it

eulerscheZahl: but some players clash a lot and there's a limited pool of tasks to choose from

Default avatar.png bruddah: thanks. i am having hard time to solve those questions :(. i thought i could solve those later

eulerscheZahl: you can search them here

eulerscheZahl: if you remember 1 or 2 words from the statement

Default avatar.png bruddah: ahhaa found it thank you!

dbdr: nice UI :+1:

eulerscheZahl: another user gave me some stylesheet :D

eulerscheZahl: damn, Thor goes north now

Default avatar.png JBM: the horror

dbdr: is Thor in the quests?

eulerscheZahl: no

DinuBrat: Wow u are 1st)))

dbdr: we are in the alternate reality where gurus clash and euler golfs :D

eulerscheZahl: let's have both at once then :D

eulerscheZahl: private clash, unrated

dbdr: both what?

eulerscheZahl: guru clash + euler clash

eulerscheZahl: start or wait?

dbdr: you're a guru

Default avatar.png JBM: damn i'm not guru anymore

dbdr: but I said golf

eulerscheZahl: you may still join if you want

Default avatar.png JBM: too bad that would have been quite the experience

dbdr: join in JBM

Default avatar.png JBM: errr

dbdr: exguru counts

Default avatar.png JBM: got my hands full right now :(

dbdr: ex #1 at clash

Default avatar.png JBM: ok, would be ready now but i sppose you started already

eulerscheZahl: yes, shortest

eulerscheZahl: not a fun one though


dbdr: working code :)

eulerscheZahl: 53 atm

dbdr: 55

dbdr: 53

blasterpoard: 59 :(

dbdr: there is time

wlesavo: 55, hm

dbdr: 52

eulerscheZahl: you just lost dbdr

dbdr: took a gamble that no one will do 51 :)

dbdr: and lost, maybe, fair enough

RoboStac: here, have a 48

eulerscheZahl: 46

dbdr: ah, ruby

RoboStac: :(

dbdr: of course

eulerscheZahl: yes, ruby

dbdr: I don't think 51 is possible in python, but who knows

dbdr: at least in this format

eulerscheZahl: now i want to see your 52 python

dbdr: shared

Default avatar.png ad99526:

RoboStac: oh wow didn't know about puts doing newlines for ,

eulerscheZahl: ah, i had the same except for the print statement

eulerscheZahl: me neither, enough time to google

dbdr: yeah, pretty simple task, not much to work with

RoboStac: could have done 41 :(

Default avatar.png ad99526: hey whatsup

Default avatar.png AmarjitSingh: heyy

Default avatar.png ad99526: aur lode

Default avatar.png AmarjitSingh: I m from the future

blasterpoard: i keep losing shortest even to random people, because I don't know these languages properly...

dbdr: just read the tips on golfing

dbdr: I don't know the languages either

Default avatar.png AmarjitSingh: Is this the first year of covid

RoboStac: I only know ruby from googling during golf the other day

eulerscheZahl: puts [ do you even need that space?

dbdr: did JBM join after it was started? :D

wlesavo: well ill take my not last with 54 and check the dbdr solution =)

eulerscheZahl: i'm wondering the same :D

dbdr: share yours wlesavo

eulerscheZahl: with python i'm down to 53

wlesavo: damn, f strings xD

dbdr: yeah, I had 53 without f'

blasterpoard: I just learned that they exist

eulerscheZahl: and JBM about to beat all of us with bash

dbdr: or perl

dbdr: oh wait, this wasn't fastest? /s

eulerscheZahl: perl, 46 chars

dbdr: gg euler

Default avatar.png JBM: short on time

Default avatar.png JBM: (I started with ~12' remaining)

eulerscheZahl: my python:

eulerscheZahl: a=input() s='*'*(len(a)+4) print(s+'\n* '+a+' *\n'+s)

Default avatar.png JBM: pretty sure that thing can be optimised more

dbdr: it always can ;)

eulerscheZahl: except if it can't

wlesavo: reversing a string gave me one char

dbdr: it can as long as you don't know it's impossible

Default avatar.png JBM: gimme 2'

eulerscheZahl: i have no idea what this perl does, even knowing the task :D

dbdr: sometimes you just need to modify the language and wait for CG to upgrade

eulerscheZahl: last one for me, mode is random

Default avatar.png JBM: there was no \n in input, right?

eulerscheZahl: don't know

dbdr: why am I doing this, I should do real clashes :D

Default avatar.png JBM: if so i have 42

Default avatar.png JBM: confirmed from the contrib page: there's no \n in input and I have 42 in perl

eulerscheZahl: and that's how we lost JBM on the 2nd clash

Default avatar.png JBM: hey i can't spend all day clashing

Default avatar.png JBM: especially in random mode :p

eulerscheZahl: neither can I. pizza later today :)

Default avatar.png JBM: i had pizza yesterday evening and this noon

Default avatar.png JBM: i don't want to hear about pizza ever again

Default avatar.png JBM: for the next two days

wlesavo: hm, forgot how replace works in python :smiley:

eulerscheZahl: :D

blasterpoard: I didn't understand what did it want from me

dbdr: me neither, too hard for me :D

eulerscheZahl: find the most common word

RoboStac: most common word unless there were multiple with the same frequency

eulerscheZahl: or NOT FOUND if not unique

eulerscheZahl: a little unfair: saw it in pending contributions. so i knew what it was asking for

dbdr: hum, I had that idea but saw exceptions to it

dbdr: probably I saw wrongly

blasterpoard: I was wondering if it wants me to find pronouns or shortest word in some part of the sentence

eulerscheZahl: wasn't 100% sure either anymore. just coded it to see

blasterpoard: "you", "us", "all" was kinda misleading

wlesavo: hm, i thought it was smallest of the repeating words, lol

dbdr: by definition reverse is ambiguous

dbdr: there can be multiple rules that fit the examples

Default avatar.png JBM: damn you C

MSmits: there can be multiple rules, that, when applied also fit the validators

MSmits: in that case there is no problem

wlesavo: also 4 test cases for reverse is kinda low

dbdr: sure, but you don't know the validators

Default avatar.png JBM: my bug from late night personal coding is that i wrote O_WRONLY, O_CREAT instead of O_WRONLY | O_CREAT

dbdr: fix your compiler

Default avatar.png JBM: of course C wouldn't tell my anything about me providing too many arguments to that prototyped function

MSmits: nope, but you dont have to. If all sets of rules that fit the test cases, also fit the validators, you dont need to know which was the intended set

dbdr: but it's never like that

MSmits: probably not

Default avatar.png JBM: should've written it in rust

blasterpoard: are the next "achievements" as time-consuming as play 50*CoC?

dbdr: you can always create rule 1 and rule 2, that both fit the testcases, not only 1 first the validators

RoboStac: blasterpoard - no

dbdr: unless validators == testcases :)

RoboStac: once I'd got 50 I had to play 1 more coc to get all of them

MSmits: i played 2 games vs blasterpoard earlier today

RoboStac: and that was only because I'd not done something in the 50

eulerscheZahl: others are top 1k, win 3 in a row and such

MSmits: first time I felt I was super fast with 2 minutes and he did it in 1 min

MSmits: second time he had an awesome short solution i am stealing

eulerscheZahl: and you have to use 3 different languages *spoiler*

blasterpoard: i dont remember those tbh

MSmits: I do :P

RoboStac: are you planning to play enough clashes that stealing solutions is useful? :o

blasterpoard: but I know I played against you

MSmits: RoboStac not really, but I am recording them anyway

MSmits: you never know :)

RoboStac: though I guess stealing ideas is useful

MSmits: its also useful for code golf

MSmits: just the general tricks

blasterpoard: what was that short solution? I don't think my golfing is awesome

MSmits: lemme check

eulerscheZahl: and then we'll find the task again and golf it better

MSmits: want me to paste it here blasterpoard?

MSmits: it's your code

blasterpoard: either here, or PM

blasterpoard: i dont care

MSmits: ok

eulerscheZahl: here

MSmits: n=100/int(input()) l=input().split() print(sum([int(i) for i in set(l) if int(i)==n*l.count(i)]))

MSmits: counting probabilities

blasterpoard: yes, I remembered

dbdr: not optimal

MSmits: turning it into a set is pretty cool

blasterpoard: it's not ruby

MSmits: dbdr what can be improved?

eulerscheZahl: this one?

MSmits: yeah

dbdr: I didn't say I knew what could be improved ;)

RoboStac: square brackets for list comprehension aren't needed

MSmits: oh ok

MSmits: that's the sort of fancy stuff I see euler do in C# with linq

MSmits: I don't know many of those tricks

MSmits: too bad C# is too wordy for shortest

MSmits: but you can use it on code golf

dbdr: problem with C# is system call is shorter :(

MSmits: what do you mean exactly?

eulerscheZahl: call bash

MSmits: ohh ok

MSmits: you might as well just pick bash then?

eulerscheZahl: my C# are real C# golf solutions. and i perform poorly

dbdr: I did a good one in Thor, d-s-x beat it by 50 chars, probably in 5 minutes

dbdr: no ethics

eulerscheZahl: i blame CG here. if it can be abused, someone will

dbdr: I agree

Default avatar.png JBM: he's ready for facebook then?

dbdr: :D

dbdr: I just saw a vid on choosing an thical OS, on this topic :)

dbdr: *ethical

eulerscheZahl: swagcoloredkitteh can talk about this a lot

MSmits: does it give you a fatal error when you try to download torrents?

eulerscheZahl: how he only installs free software

Default avatar.png JBM: download? torrents are *shared*

MSmits: sure, downloaded and uploaded :P

MSmits: semantics

dbdr: and many torrents are legal

Default avatar.png JBM: spread the love

MSmits: many yes

MSmits: ethics and legality isn't the same thing btw

dbdr: indeed

MSmits: I downloaded a lot of illegal stuff when I was young. Games and such

MSmits: no more though

Default avatar.png JBM: noy you only upload it?

MSmits: you mean give it back? :O

dbdr: yeah, just upload it enough to compensate :)

MSmits: I've always found it funny how they equated it to stealing when it's really not the same thing

dbdr: that's ethical btw


MSmits: i mean, it's only stealing if you could have paid for it. I downloaded a lot more than I could have afforded to buy :P

MSmits: nice video :)

Default avatar.png JBM: i thought it was going to be the "you wouldn't DL a car" one

Default avatar.png JBM: ( )


dbdr: lol

Default avatar.png JBM: did you copy my url?

dbdr: nope, was searching it too

Default avatar.png JBM: searching is stealing

eulerscheZahl: it crowd, i'll happily watch it twice

dbdr: yes, copying all those unique bits

MSmits: nice

Default avatar.png JBM: there's gotta be a best of somewhere

Default avatar.png JBM: like the "don't search for google on google"

eulerscheZahl: this, Jen, is the internet

dbdr: yeah, most of it is good. season 2 is a bit weaker IIRC

Default avatar.png JBM: oh, that one too :)

MSmits: do you break the internet through infinite recursion when you search google on google?

Default avatar.png JBM: the emergency number

dbdr: yes, MSmits. please don't try it

eulerscheZahl: 0118999881999119725 3

MSmits: kk

eulerscheZahl: gtg, see you tomorrow

dbdr: who's singing now?

Default avatar.png JBM: have a nice pizza


Apurba: Is python/ruby the best choice for coc?

Default avatar.png JBM: sometimes

Default avatar.png jiki:

Default avatar.png jiki: work all platfowrms)

AntiSquid: what's that about ?

Laminator: ruby for shortest

Laminator: for sure. I think python is fine for fastest

jacek: meow

tomatoes: play 50 clashes :cold_sweat:

Gortax: any language with weak types that you're comfortable with is good for fastest imo

code_maniac: JS is fun, python is also pretty good

Laminator: python does not have weak types lol

tomatoes: it has some "tricks"

tomatoes: sum of bool list

Laminator: I'm usually building my list from scratch so I haven't done much with bool lists

tomatoes: just example of implicit conversion

jjhiggz: I love that this encourages you to skip around languages so you start to pick out what you don't like and like about each language

jjhiggz: I learned ruby in bootcamp and was kind of pissed I didn't learn python because thats what all the cool kids know. But now I choose Ruby over python for the short code challenges because I love enumerables

Default avatar.png freshskates: i code in c++, kinda new, is python really that much better?

Default avatar.png delta_computer: python is a scripting language so it will usally be faster to make a working program with it


eulerscheZahl: Invalid paste id, perhaps it expired?

**eulerscheZahl slaps darkhorse64 around a bit with a large fishbot

darkhorse64: No violence please. It's not my fault

eulerscheZahl: sorry, I over-reacted

jjhiggz: They both have a ton of jobs, c++ runs faster on your computer than python.

jjhiggz: So they use if for stuff like game engines

eulerscheZahl: and python is great for hacking a few lines, it comes "with batteries included" (that is libraries)

jjhiggz: ^^^

darkhorse64: I'm trying to solve ML1 in Go but I get assignment used as value error. This is a noob error but I do not understand it. My code: thrust = Max(thrust-1,0) in a if/else

eulerscheZahl: you are overthinking it


eulerscheZahl: fail :D

darkhorse64: Want to taste a fishbot ?

**jacek slaps eulerscheZahl around a bit with a large fishbot

eulerscheZahl: for {

   fmt.Println("0 3\n0 4")


darkhorse64: I know this answer but I want to understand this error

eulerscheZahl: show more code

darkhorse64: Pastebin is broken. I have eaten enough fish

darkhorse64: Usually I find answers with google but here it fails

eulerscheZahl: i'm only good at finding problems, no solutions

AntiSquid: i thought you wrote earlier: "see you tomorrow" ?

RShields: is AutomatonNN still around

AutomatonNN: what is that

Zenoscave: That answers that

RShields: can AutomatonNN answer that

AutomatonNN: everything is a bot

RShields: uh oh

Astrobytes: Stop now. That's perfect right as it is.

Zenoscave: ...

Zenoscave: AutomatonNN is it perfect?

AutomatonNN: go for it

Zenoscave: (I like ruining things)

Astrobytes: It kinda worked

Zenoscave: AutomatonNN, ping eulerscheZahl

AutomatonNN: does anyone know how to get a project in the compete?

inoryy: did someone say NN?

Astrobytes: hahahaha

Zenoscave: just AutomatonNN

AutomatonNN: eulerscheZahl is a good idea

Zenoscave: YES

Astrobytes: Automaton2000, fix AutomatonNN

Automaton2000: does your code look like?

AutomatonNN: ZarthaxX i saw it now

Zenoscave: I'm loving this

Astrobytes: ping central

Astrobytes: AutomatonNN who to ping next?

Zenoscave: AutomatonNN, who else can you ping

AutomatonNN: give me a general problem

AutomatonNN: got a few more things to do with the results of a bot that is always there

Astrobytes: hahaha

Astrobytes: Use Automaton2000 as your bot AutomatonNN

Automaton2000: as much as i could tell

AutomatonNN: what do you mean by the same code ?

Astrobytes: You failed us AutomatonNN

AutomatonNN: what do you mean by the time in the code?

Illedan: AutomatonNN does never fail

AutomatonNN: what are you going to do?

Astrobytes: Disconnect you AutomatonNN

AutomatonNN: first contest is for me

AntiSquid: better talk to jesus:

AntiSquid: the bot

AntiSquid: those bots are more articulate

Default avatar.png alisolanki: how to print the pascals triangle in the shortest way possible

itzblinkzy: language?

itzblinkzy: UnRandom are you able to share your code please?

itzblinkzy: or Yes1

itzblinkzy: I'm trying to learn :pensive:

Laminator: pascals triangle tells you the number of combinations given a list and the size of the group

Laminator: so like row 5 of pascals triangle tells you the number for 5 choose 0, 5 choose 1,..., 5 choose 5.

Laminator: there is a formula to calculation combinations

RShields: looking at the triangle, realize that each number is the sum of the two above it. Write that.

Default avatar.png sx: **2

Default avatar.png pedrosorio: thanks for the invite @andreza.bona

Default avatar.png pedrosorio: @Allis is still fun to do clash of code after more than 1500? Don't you see the same problems often?

Allis: @pedrosorio Certainly not as fun as it was in the beginning, but I still get a kick out of it. You're probably right that I should stop, though. :sweat_smile:

Default avatar.png rahulsain3000: hi i am new to codeingame i have a doubt i just know basics of java so first do i have to learn dsa before starting this site as i dont know any of the algo

abt8601: At your level you can already solve easy puzzles. You can learn DS and algorithms as you move on to medium puzzles.