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eulerscheZahl: if you reduce the board size, there might be :P

jrke: board size?

eulerscheZahl: tron has a 30x20 map i think

eulerscheZahl: so just combine 2x2 blocks to 1 cell and you are fine :D

jrke: oh ya tron 30x20.

jrke: can anybody tell me what is MCTS

Default avatar.png theartist100: MCTS: SQL Server 2008 - Database Development. This MCTS certificate is designed for database developers who create programs that run in conjunction with SQL Server 2008 databases. Certification candidates can develop solutions and write SQL Server 2008 application code in an enterprise setting. MCTS: Windows 7 - Configuration

Default avatar.png theartist100: according to the internet

PatrickMcGinnisII: why is no one showing up in online participants? Discord?

dbdr: Monte Carlo Tree Search, jrke

jrke: I know the full form dbdr i wanna know how it works.

dbdr: wikipedia has a decent explanation as I remember

dbdr: you can surely find other articles

jrke: thanks

PatrickMcGinnisII: jrke you doing tron?

jrke: not now,currently i will work little bit on Langton ant and next pacman

PatrickMcGinnisII: oic, i made it to legend in tron using voroni flooding like dijsktra

jrke: hmm..

PatrickMcGinnisII: voroni is basically just an manhattan distance to player head

jrke: ya i learned that few days ago

jrke: nearest player own that cell nearly this is vornoi

PatrickMcGinnisII: like i said, can get to legend using voroni, but you do have to flood to make sure you enter area with most volume

jrke: yeah that will be my main moto.

PatrickMcGinnisII: a simtree is possible, but not necessary

PatrickMcGinnisII: ants, i didn't do great

jrke: my current bot in tron is mess its depth one sim

PatrickMcGinnisII: pacman is totally sim, but speed ups screwed my brain. Switching types alone...not so bad

jrke: yeah

jrke: you are in wood 4 in ant right

PatrickMcGinnisII: lemme see

jrke: yesterday i spended 2 hours on langton ant went wood 4 to wood 1

PatrickMcGinnisII: ooh, yup didn't put any effort into it...yet

jrke: oh

PatrickMcGinnisII: ok, i simmed 20k randoms, played each one out and scored them... not good enought o get out of wood 4

PatrickMcGinnisII: so unless you can run 1M randoms... decisions have to be made

PatrickMcGinnisII: my suggestion, sim on your machine and then drop moves into CG

jrke: noop i was getting some 22-25k sims

jrke: in depth 5

jrke: langon ant

PatrickMcGinnisII: you are 28th, not good enough?

jrke: no those stats was when i crossed wood 4

PatrickMcGinnisII: I'll get out of wood4 when i sim it on my machine. i got other projects

jrke: ok

PatrickMcGinnisII: i usually do puzzles to get away from the in-depth stuff unless I have 2-3 days to obsess over them

PatrickMcGinnisII: gl, when u do good let me know

jacek: good morning

aCat: hi

Uljahn: hi

AntiSquid: good caturday

jrke: caturday is tomorrow antisquid ;)

AntiSquid: i can have caturday any day of the week

AntiSquid: and ignore it on saturday

jrke: hmm,same condition is with me

Default avatar.png NeverNeverNeverDone99: Hi every one.

Default avatar.png NeverNeverNeverDone99: :heart_eyes:

Default avatar.png playing: stop

Default avatar.png GiveMeFive: :kissing_heart:

Xcalibre: for some reason, i'm not being able to claim my xp for the third-last clash of code quest, despite having fulfilled the requirement

Xcalibre: and unlike the other buttons on the quest map, clicking this one brings up the ranking statistics panel instead of redirecting me to the clash of code page

Xcalibre: could someone help me out?

AntiSquid: wow clash really is annoying:


dbdr: Invalid paste id, perhaps it expired?

Xcalibre: i get the same message

AntiSquid: pastebin bugged again

AntiSquid: anyways was doing revers, thought it's just to find what the repeating sequence is, turns out that wasn't really it


dbdr: you can report a bad clash


dbdr: did you paste the pastebin URL of a URL? :D

AntiSquid: ugh thought it would work out the box like imgur

AntiSquid: reporting bad UX

Default avatar.png amir12: Hello

AntiSquid: @_@ zzzz

Default avatar.png amir12: :angry:

AntiSquid: wasn't directed at you

Default avatar.png Memo12334: how do I close this

Default avatar.png Memo12334: nvm

AntiSquid: CTRL + W

crystal_prince: hey guys i am so stuck in this code

dbdr: AntiSquid :P

AntiSquid: lucker

dbdr: sure, must be luck :D

AntiSquid: yes, you enjoy clash, i don't, i don't know couldn't come up with better joke

Zenoscave: Y'all doing Class Sill?

AntiSquid: i am wasting my life doing clash if that's what you are asking Zenoscave

Zenoscave: Well then stop ;)

dbdr: you've done 500+ already

AntiSquid: those were instant quits for achievement lol

AntiSquid: now i need to clear the path T_T

AntiSquid: and i get captchas too

MSmits: trying to do the puzzle of the week

dbdr: you get punished for your instant quits

MSmits: so many words

MSmits: can i just output TLDR

AntiSquid: probably, i think it affects the ladder climb

dbdr: you can MSmits

MSmits: kk

AntiSquid: i get only like +0.5 per win

dbdr: print("TLDR")

AntiSquid: seems others get top 1000 with few games

MSmits: thanks dbdr

dbdr: sure, you taught the system you are terrible at clash

dbdr: robostac got top 25 in 50 clashes

MSmits: cant you just play hundreds of clashes and record the solutions

dbdr: what for?

MSmits: faster :P

RoboStac: you can complete the entire clash path in 51 clashes :)

Insufficient: i wonder what the clash elo scoring system is and how severe the updating decay is

RoboStac: (and then accidently queue for a 52nd due to not paying attention and getting used to clicking queue)

dbdr: lol

Insufficient: yh i completed the clash path with 84 clashes

MSmits: thats still a lot of clashes

RoboStac: yeah, but it's not enough to ever see a duplicate

dbdr: so achivements are retroactive

MSmits: RoboStac what if you are totally crap at it

dbdr: I need to do 50 now, don't know what's after

RoboStac: lots of quests based on winning clashes

RoboStac: but no more that need you to play more

dbdr: just won 5 in a row

dbdr: hopefully that's enough :)

MSmits: nice

RoboStac: well, thats one of them out of the way then :)

Insufficient: another thing is the clashes are quite dependent on who else is playing

MSmits: I'm slow. I did one clash and was 4th out of 6 =/

dbdr: I prefer the golf ones

Insufficient: in terms of how hard it is to win loads in a row

dbdr: can take your time in 15 minutes

AntiSquid: i was first, but dbdr lucked out MSmits

MSmits: aha

dbdr: I was 0th then ;)

RoboStac: yeah, he did that to me yesterday too AntiSquid

RoboStac: :)

dbdr: a golf I think

MSmits: with golf you really need to know what language to pick

dbdr: this one was funny:

dbdr: is that publicly visible?

MSmits: yeah

dbdr: python is easier for me

dbdr: ruby can squeeze a few more characters usually

MSmits: a few less you mean

dbdr: guy obviously had it prerecorded

MSmits: Allis?

dbdr: more characters squeeze out

dbdr: yeah

dbdr: 33 chars in one minute

dbdr: barely enough to read the task

MSmits: true

dbdr: so it was satisfying to create a better solution from scratch :)

MSmits: yeah of course

dbdr: robo, special reason why 51 is needed?

dbdr: and not 50

RoboStac: needed an extra fastest win

RoboStac: didn't get many during my first 50

dbdr: below 3 minutes?

RoboStac: 3 fastest wins total

RoboStac: only had 2 after the 50

dbdr: ah

dbdr: let's see if I can beat your record

dbdr: you probably have the "fastest clash path" record ;)

Marchete: veterans playing CoC...

dbdr: not me, i'm a noob

Marchete: I don't even have 50coc yet...

AntiSquid: what game should i make for the contribution path Automaton2000? :/

Automaton2000: im working on my bot


Zenoscave: Does this look even remotely acceptable

Zenoscave: ???

dbdr: what's wrong with it?

Zenoscave: It's mine, Nothing's wrong I hope

Zenoscave: I'm just wondering if it's a good contribution

dbdr: ah ok, I thought you were outraged :D

Zenoscave: Not at all :)

dbdr: that's what ??? implied for me

Zenoscave: WEll, does it look like a decent start? There's a few edits needed probably

SPDene: initial thought: not everyone will know what "hexit" is. maybe change to "hexit (hexadecimal digit)" ?

Zenoscave: Yeah I thought about that

RoboStac: make sure one of the testcases has a-f as an answer not just the validators so people don't get stuck on not noticing the lower case part.

Zenoscave: Good Point!

dbdr: it's when hexa wants to quit the number line

Zenoscave: I need to find a tighter bound on N. I was able to solve 100,000 but 2^32 time's out. perhaps just saying 100K is enough?

SPDene: the formula doesn't wrap. the RHS is only visible in the IDE if I zoom out to (really tiny text). maybe split it onto more than one line

dbdr: or accept both lower and uppercase

dbdr: ah, but the framework can't I guess

Zenoscave: can you accept both? I didn't know that possibility is available in CG

Zenoscave: The formula is a placeholder for until i find an image

Zenoscave: (With proper licensing)

eulerscheZahl: Zenoscave farming achievements?

dbdr: nah, surely a coincidence

Zenoscave: not farming. Just doing quests. I still want high quality contributions though

eulerscheZahl: problem looks familiar to me

Zenoscave: Is it a duplicate!?

Zenoscave: oh no :(

RoboStac: I'm pretty sure I've not seen it before so I don't think it's been on cg (unless it's a clash)

eulerscheZahl: maybe i'm confusing it with this one

Zenoscave: different formula and purpose

eulerscheZahl: as you can see i had some fun in the comment section, which is probably why i remember it. and yeah, your formula is different

dbdr: it's the same PI though

dbdr: change it

Zenoscave: Ok I'll do Pi^3

Zenoscave: thhere's a similar Spigot algo for it

Zenoscave: ;)

dbdr: I was joking, it's good

Zenoscave: As was I :D

eulerscheZahl: i still won't give it 5 stars for innovativeness

Zenoscave: That's fair, I didn't try super hard. Just wondering if it's acceptable

dbdr: looks good to me

eulerscheZahl: not sure if i like the contribute quest: motivates to spam contributions and to accept pending ones (another quest) the future will tell us

Default avatar.png JBM: and write void comments

Zenoscave: If Anti playing CoC says anything...

Default avatar.png JBM: i had the same gut reaction

eulerscheZahl: " Just wondering if it's acceptable" looking at other puzzles: yes, it is acceptable

Zenoscave: I will probably delete if it isn't up to snuff. I don't want to make it too low brow of a puzzle

Default avatar.png JBM: blame the system

Default avatar.png JBM: get your xp, move on

SPDene: I definitely agree with dbdr's comment (add more large numbers). I hate the idea that you could get 6/8 correct by just "knowing" the first 11 digits

Default avatar.png JBM: it'll get cleaned up if it garners bad ratings

Zenoscave: I missed that comment SPDene and dbdr thanks!

SPDene: it's a comment on the contribution

eulerscheZahl: just my personal opinion which doesn't always correlate with CG opinion. it will make an average community puzzle, not an outstanding one

eulerscheZahl: and that makes it boring to me personally

dbdr: the formula is quite cool actually

dbdr: on the mathy side, obviously

Zenoscave: I agree I enjoy the math behind it but the task is fairly easy

dbdr: not the formula, but the fact you can do that

eulerscheZahl: yes. but the task here is to code a known formula

dbdr: yeah, might classify as easy

Zenoscave: I don't give the formula in a form that can be achievable for all validators. You need to understand some optimization (modular exponentiation, and what not)

eulerscheZahl: to explain it with another example:

eulerscheZahl: to me the puzzle would be more fun if you have to figure out the algo yourself. the statement already tells you to use CYK

dbdr: oh, then not easy

eulerscheZahl: then i revoke some of my concerns

eulerscheZahl: @ "You need to understand some optimization"

Zenoscave: Perhaps try the puzzle and see what you think?

eulerscheZahl: sorry, totally not in a mood :D

eulerscheZahl: i'm better at talking smart on the chat

Zenoscave: sounds like a fair mood assessment to me ;)

Zenoscave: You can also squeak the system by upvoting your own contribution (only 4 others need to upvote not 5)

Zenoscave: just found out on accident

eulerscheZahl: reported years ago

Zenoscave: Is it known to be non-reversible?

Zenoscave: (un-voting doesn't drop it)

eulerscheZahl: no idea

Zenoscave: ok I'll just not upvote it again for now

MSmits: ohh it's a hard puzzle. For some reason I figured the puzzle of the week should be easy, but of course they can also be hard =/

MSmits: I have the solution I think though, gonna try and code it in python

Zenoscave: It was an interesting one though, That player makes good one

Zenoscave: *ones

MSmits: yeah once i figured out how to do it and that it is tricky, i thought it was a good puzzle.

MSmits: easy puzzles should be short, but hard puzzles may be a bit wordy thats ok

dbdr: I don't mind an easy puzzle where deciphering the description is most of the task

dbdr: if it's written creatively

dbdr: à la JBM

MSmits: yeah I guess it depends on what's written

Zenoscave: Those are good ones too

MSmits: I don't like to read 2 pages of text just to find out I need to output the 2nd highest number in a list though :p

Zenoscave: Is it always the second though ;)

MSmits: the nth highest,

MSmits: maybe

Zenoscave: perhaps

dbdr: [2 pages of story] And your task, my friend, is to say "Hello, world!"

MSmits: lol right

Zenoscave: I'd rage quit at that point

Zenoscave: wouldn't even go for the free xp

Default avatar.png JBM: ironically, grravity rtumbler tuning is rated much higher than hooch clash

MSmits: dont remember hooch clash

MSmits: I remember the gravity one though, that was a nice one

eulerscheZahl: i remember it :sream:

Default avatar.png JBM: maybe it got kicked out by now

eulerscheZahl: still there

Default avatar.png JBM: it;s mostly a question of "did people realize how simple it was"

Zenoscave: I don't recall the problem either



eulerscheZahl: find some a,b,c,d for a^3+b^3 = c^3+d^3

eulerscheZahl: i don't remember the exact task

Zenoscave: booo

dbdr: wasn't there something on numberphile about centrifuges?

Default avatar.png JBM: yes, centrifuge balancing

Zenoscave: Is that the genesis of the problem?

Default avatar.png JBM: not the gravity ones

Default avatar.png JBM: another one came up

Default avatar.png Sh4d0W: hey guys

dbdr: ?

Default avatar.png JBM: i'm getting confused

Default avatar.png JBM: i think the surprisingly easy one is centrifuge, not centrifuge tuning

Default avatar.png JBM: tuning is the surprisingly interesting one

dbdr: JBM confused himself? :D

Default avatar.png JBM: it's been some time

Default avatar.png JBM: how old are these puzzles

dbdr: You Are In a Maze of Twisty Little Puzzles, All Alike

eulerscheZahl: i'm confused too

eulerscheZahl: i think the ordering of the published solutions changed from user rank to recent submits. but CG says no

eulerscheZahl: i don't even care about the ordering. but do i see changes when there are none?

Default avatar.png JBM: i never understood the ordering

eulerscheZahl: i always thought: upvotes, then user rank

Default avatar.png JBM: i thought it was weirder than that

Default avatar.png JBM: like votes, then userid

Default avatar.png JBM: but i never checked anything, i just remained confused

eulerscheZahl: not it seems to be upvotes, then date

Default avatar.png JBM: oh

Default avatar.png JBM: well why not

Default avatar.png JBM: seems fairest of them all

eulerscheZahl: gives everyone a chance to be seen

eulerscheZahl: and those who comment will do on recent code. you don't help me by criticizing what i wrote 3 years ago

Default avatar.png JBM: you get criticism?

eulerscheZahl: rarely but yeah

eulerscheZahl: and i doubt i can find it again

SPDene: eulerZahl's weak point: "not very good at finding old criticism" :P :P

SPDene: sorry- got your name wrong there

Astrobytes: type e or eu then Tab to autocomplete

eulerscheZahl: hah!

dbdr: I suspect there is a cycle of (This puzzle is a “harder” version of community puzzle “X”. You may want to solve that one first.) links :D

eulerscheZahl: is there a topologic sorting of puzzle difficulties?

eulerscheZahl: you should make a new contribution on this

Default avatar.png JBM: if there was, we wouldn'y be whining about miscategorization all the time

dbdr: original 3 line solution for Gravity Tumbler

dbdr: but it's haskell, so I think it counts as "long" ;)

Default avatar.png JBM: yeah it's not golfed in the submission

Default avatar.png JBM: it's there so approvers can understand

dbdr: I'm not sure who does

Default avatar.png JBM: i don't think i put the "smart" solution in centrifuge though

Default avatar.png JBM: must have been the period where people got the haskell achievement by copy-pasting author solutions from my puzzles

Default avatar.png JBM: *sigh*

dbdr: not worse that calling python from bash

dbdr: :rolling_eyes:

Default avatar.png JBM: i'd say it is

Default avatar.png JBM: but i'm not currently clashing

dbdr: to get the achievement I mean

dbdr: in golfing, anything goes

dbdr: I won't name a currently top 2 but not top 1 player who did that ;)

eulerscheZahl: i tried to compile java and decompile to clojure, didn't work :(

eulerscheZahl: i still miss the clojure achievement

dbdr: way harder than just write clojure

eulerscheZahl: that's your opinion

dbdr: well, esp given it did not work :D

Default avatar.png JBM: yeah, i'd be more likely to get the java achievement by transpiling clojure than the converse

eulerscheZahl: we need more puzzles like number shifting and CGFunge Prime

dbdr: it would actually be somewhat cool, if it's not trivial

dbdr: lol

Default avatar.png JBM: didn't i get a d badge by doing something dirty?

Default avatar.png JBM: i already forgot

dbdr: you should be able to create a class from bytecode at runtime, by the way

dbdr: no need to generate source :)

eulerscheZahl: but the interpreter has to be in clojure then :(

Default avatar.png JBM: cg doesn't take .class

eulerscheZahl: you can ship your own VM

dbdr: but you can generate a class using the JDK

dbdr: feed the bytes to it

dbdr: which you generated offline

eulerscheZahl: like i could write brainfuck code for 15 puzzles and then 1 interpreter for each language to get all achievements

Default avatar.png JBM: seems harder than 15 easy puzzles

dbdr: sure

eulerscheZahl: but more fun too :D

Default avatar.png JBM: certainly

dbdr: BF VM is actually very simple

dbdr: write one in lojure, euler ;)

Default avatar.png JBM: "actually"

Default avatar.png JBM: like you're teaching us somthing there

eulerscheZahl: i'm sure there are some online :P

dbdr: not you

Default avatar.png JBM: not him either :p

dbdr: ah, I think I misread one line, sorry

eulerscheZahl: i think i'll complete some language achievements now

eulerscheZahl: D and Typescript are open too

Default avatar.png JBM: later is always an easier time for those


dbdr: there you go

Default avatar.png JBM: especially now some trivial puzzles are going to come raining in with the quests

eulerscheZahl: i might have to change the , to my needs

dbdr: fork it

dbdr: would it count as obfuscated in a contest? ;)

dbdr: I would say no, as it would be hard to hide a copy-paste

dbdr: also hard to write a bot that matters

MSmits: yay algorithmic expert

Default avatar.png JBM: gratz

MSmits: puzzle of the week was apparently the only thing i had to do in that branch

Default avatar.png JBM: i'm still confused why i hadn't

Default avatar.png JBM: when they created the puzzle of the week achievement, we had to resubmmit to get it

Default avatar.png JBM: and here... no

MSmits: yeah.. i did puzzles of the week before

eulerscheZahl: i'm still confused why they couldn't just check for us having that achievement already

MSmits: just not since they implemented quest map

MSmits: makes more sense indeed euler

Default avatar.png JBM: i had puzzles of the week before, also not since there's the map

Default avatar.png JBM: but i *had* solved this week's puzzle earlier when it wasn't puzzle of the week

MSmits: ahh thats it then

eulerscheZahl: you lost that achievement temporarily?

MSmits: they just check for the current puzzle of the week, not for the achievement

Default avatar.png JBM: because reasons

dbdr: CG moves in mysterious ways

G-Rom: JBM, it's to give you a little quest to do. If we hadn't do that, you will have complain that it's just a cookie clicked game and you have nothing to do :P

Default avatar.png JBM: what is?

Default avatar.png JBM: i literally had nothing to do for that one

[CG]Thibaud: achievements computation is triggered by a submit, and quests work differently

darkhorse64: Binary Neural Network is really hard when it's your first time NN. The statement is correct but it must be read very carefully. 6 hours debugging + googling

MSmits: wow

MSmits: that's dedication darkhorse64

jjhiggz: I swear I got this question last second, all test scores right and didn't have time to press submit

darkhorse64: I want to understand the damned thing.

MSmits: does it teach you how to do a NN?

Default avatar.png JBM: in a way

[CG]Thibaud: jjhiggz in Clash I guess. In this case, you have the choice to submit your latest play of tests or your current code in IDE. Did you have that popup?

darkhorse64: From what I have seen, it's only scratching the surface but you get the basics. To be completed with a more in depth tutorial

MSmits: cool

darkhorse64: The hard partt is understanding backpropagation

MSmits: right

MSmits: mathy

darkhorse64: and use auto& in loops

MSmits: never learned what that does

eulerscheZahl: auto is like var in C#

MSmits: some kind of auto typed reference

MSmits: yeah i knew that

MSmits: but the & makes it weird

darkhorse64: eg for (auto node:nodes) loops on all members of a container

MSmits: nice

darkhorse64: but uses them by value

eulerscheZahl: i remember missing that &, took me way too long to see it

MSmits: values vs reference causes a lot of bugs

darkhorse64: I did it twice

MSmits: i just did the puzzle of the week in python and was struggling mightily to make a floodfill, among other things value vs references in lists and sets

MSmits: solved it with binary search & floodfill, is that how you guys did it?

darkhorse64: For this puzzle, you have to print the shortest distance between two stations in your network

darkhorse64: ?

MSmits: yes

MSmits: the binary search finds this value

MSmits: floodfill finds the connected stations with the current value

darkhorse64: If you pick the shortest between any station without searching, what happens ?

MSmits: it's too low, all stations need to be connected

MSmits: if A and B are close and C and D are close, but the two groups are far apart, then they are not connected

darkhorse64: Just trying to cheat, like the nqueens puzzle

MSmits: i'm not sure if there is an easier way than mine

MSmits: but basically you're allowed s clumps of stations, connected by sattelite. if you do the floodfill you count the number of clumps of stations by the number of floods

darkhorse64: The magic words are Kruskal/Prim

MSmits: ok

MSmits: what do they mean

jacek: the safe word?

Astrobytes: minimum spanning tree MSmits

MSmits: doesnt sound like the same thing

MSmits: you dont minimize the total connection length

MSmits: you minimize the shortest distance in any particular connection between 2 stations

MSmits: not the total length of all connections

MSmits: basically you set a wifi max distance

MSmits: and check if this is enough to connect all stations

MSmits: or at least, to get no more clumps than allowed by the number of sattelite connections

darkhorse64: tbh, I do not understand well the puzzle, I have been focused exclusively on the NN puzzle

MSmits: no, the puzzle is a bit weird

MSmits: most puzzles with connections feature "wires"

MSmits: this is a wifi connection, so you're automatically connected to everything in range

MSmits: and everything connected to that

MSmits: so floodfill makes sense

eulerscheZahl: are you still talking about the NN puzzle?

MSmits: nah the puzzle of the week

darkhorse64: The goal eludes me a bit. I would have expected to print the graph or the graph length

MSmits: it's pretty cool

jrke: can anybody tell me how can i pass pacman silver

MSmits: yeah, thats the thing, there is no graph

MSmits: well there is a graph after you set the wifi distance

eulerscheZahl: did that long ago but i think i liked it

MSmits: but the graph shrinks when you lower that distance, connections being broken

darkhorse64: Now NN part 2 or maybe a break

MSmits: if you set the distance really high, everything is connected to everything

eulerscheZahl: "long" = 4 months just bad memory then

eulerscheZahl: jrke

MSmits: yeah try that thread. It's almost always better than questions here

MSmits: pacman has many approaches

jacek: :v

Default avatar.png Shahariar: Hi:relaxed:

MSmits: lol, I joined a clash and 2 people left. Come on guys, i am crap

jrke: ah lemme join

MSmits: it's my 2nd clash ever

jrke: :smiley: what 2nd

MSmits: ye

jacek: so virgin

eulerscheZahl: hm, i still need that top1k achievement :(

eulerscheZahl: but is it worth the effort?

TheSpiffiest: kinda neat... just biked 25 miles and haven't eaten yet today. Did code clash and could no figure out basic division in 15 minutes.

TheSpiffiest: walking dead

TheSpiffiest: is this what it's like to not know how to code? :)

jacek: meh, intermittent fasting is good for my brain

jrke: can i apply vornoi in pac?

eulerscheZahl: yes. you can also apply a ray tracing NN

Xcalibre: remember that one

MSmits: why cant i check if a character is equal to '\' in C#?

Xcalibre: '\\'

MSmits: else if (c == '\')

jrke: \\

jacek: escape char?

MSmits: hmm ok

jacek: clash?

MSmits: thanks

eulerscheZahl: does @'\' work too is is that just for strings?

MSmits: yeah

Default avatar.png D-Ortea: \\o//

jrke: MSmits still in that clash

MSmits: tried that eulerscheZahl

MSmits: not gonna make it i think

eulerscheZahl: screw it, /me will join a CoC for top1k

eulerscheZahl: oh, i missed the start

MSmits: well i made 2nd lol

MSmits: couldnt get last testcase in time

MSmits: aww nope 3rd

jacek: so clash is the new hype now?

MSmits: can you submit multiple times in shortest mode clash?

Xcalibre: nope

MSmits: well then i beat one guy already :P

Xcalibre: Tychkorg is a bot

DomiKo: :joy:

MSmits: still a player solution

MSmits: so i am just asynchronously beating him

wlesavo: lol, chat got tricked into CoC, the best example of gamification effectiveness

Xcalibre: anything for xp

Logiman09: Why this keep popping up?

Logiman09: :confused:

jacek: what

Logiman09: this chat thingy It keeps popping up

Logiman09: I don't know why

eulerscheZahl: weird clash. i tried to shorten it and broke functionality, only got 62% correct. still won

DomiKo: shorten mode is the worst one, because you have to wait 15 min to get result :(

DomiKo: not cool :(

jacek: aww

MSmits: aw damnit, 45 characters, thibaud beat me with 43 :)

Xcalibre: could u share ur code?

MSmits: sorry not for clashes, I automatically share my easy puzzle soloutions though, crappy as they are

Xcalibre: oh ok

MSmits: well, let me share this one

MSmits: its not that great anyway

Xcalibre: thnx :smiley:

[CG]Thibaud: hehe

Xcalibre: oh forgot that python trick

MSmits: i also forgot i could have done > instead of ==

MSmits: so at least 1 less character

MSmits: btw, almost every trick i used i googled during the 15 min

MSmits: i didnt know how to do this kind of if/else in python

Xcalibre: i see :D

Default avatar.png pedrosorio: @kayou nice

Narek__: can anyone guese where to start:


Default avatar.png JBM: !ban

jacek: the atari go contribution will soon expire

jacek: is it ready?

Laminator: damn equal sign cost me the win lol

Astrobytes: afaik it's ready jacek

jacek: then approve it *.*

Astrobytes: I don't have a bot for it so, no

eulerscheZahl: you can approve it jacek

AntiSquid: "win" in clash of code lol

AntiSquid: feels more pointless than sitting in the chat all day

eulerscheZahl: CoC tells me that i'm at rank 750 now

eulerscheZahl: can't click the top1000

AntiSquid: me neither

eulerscheZahl: i guess i have to wait till tomorrow

AntiSquid: what is the last one?

RoboStac: I didn't have to wait

eulerscheZahl: win 3 in a row

eulerscheZahl: unfair RoboStac

RoboStac: although I guess it may depend when they do the calculation check

RoboStac: as I might have hit 1000 before that but got to the quest afterwards

AntiSquid: admirable coc skills

eulerscheZahl: i was in top10 or top20 at some point years ago

eulerscheZahl: around 2000 earlier today

eulerscheZahl: played 2 clashes, 750 now

eulerscheZahl: can't unlock

eulerscheZahl: the 2nd clash ended 35min ago

RoboStac: I played loads yesterday to get the 50 played quest done - wasn't top 1000 before that

eulerscheZahl: i'll just wait till tomorrow, not that urgent :P

jacek: meh, when CG makes quests for clash then it is super. but when I invite people to clash i would get banned ~

eulerscheZahl: of course you would

AntiSquid: who is banning you?

jacek: there should be quest: invite a mod to clash

eulerscheZahl: you seem to be the only moderator chatting at the moment, your turn

eulerscheZahl: the risky track

AntiSquid: i am ok with that, as long as i get a compensation for moral damages

jacek: just as struct left with JS stuff

eulerscheZahl: where is my struct? :(

jacek: arkham asylum

Default avatar.png zCri: gamer

eulerscheZahl: i'm hiring: JS slave wanted

Marchete: struct eulerscheZahl { };

Marchete: here it is

eulerscheZahl: thank you for that qualified comment :D

dbdr: I proposed the "successfully invite eulerscheZahl to a clash" achievement

Marchete: :rofl:

Default avatar.png JBM: i voted for

dbdr: the hardest of all

Marchete: I completely and totally agree

eulerscheZahl: i opted out for invites

dbdr: let's test it then :)

AntiSquid: me too, that feature is so good and runs so smooth i forgot it even exists, but then i forgot invites exist

dbdr: ah, you're not in the list

Marchete: we can always ping you via chat, with a link to the CoC

eulerscheZahl: i still get a lot of XXX is following you

dbdr: now that I clash, I see why

AntiSquid: just imagine it's a bunch of fangirls

dbdr: the follow button is right there

dbdr: though I'm not sure who appears in "online clashers" exactly

eulerscheZahl: but how are players selected? random order?

eulerscheZahl: ah

eulerscheZahl: but still, who's at the top of the list?

dbdr: \o/ shortest :)

eulerscheZahl: i hate golfing

Marchete: are you guys playing CoC for real?

dbdr: have to :)

Marchete: btw temp is recalc'ed again...

Default avatar.png JBM: it's a new world

eulerscheZahl: i played 2 for real


eulerscheZahl: and now i hope that i won 3 in a row at some point

Default avatar.png JBM: hey while we're talking crazy ideas

Default avatar.png JBM: they could have a leaderboard for "most public CoCs won in a row"

eulerscheZahl: timezone dependent

Default avatar.png JBM: not so

Default avatar.png JBM: sleep schedule, if you insist

Default avatar.png JBM: if you're serious about it, you'll adjust

eulerscheZahl: and i can create a new clash and start it instantly, playing 1 vs 1

Default avatar.png JBM: if your rival is serious he'll join before you can do that

eulerscheZahl: and write a bot. you can win a few before you can captchas

dbdr: I'm in a streak of 6 wins in a row :)

eulerscheZahl: what are you missing for the clash path?

dbdr: 50

dbdr: I have 25 or so

dbdr: doing golf before helped :D

eulerscheZahl: definitely

eulerscheZahl: except for fastest+reverse

dbdr: are validators different than tests in coc?

eulerscheZahl: yes

dbdr: OK, I'll play it safe then :)

dbdr: finished my streak :( 2nd

Default avatar.png pedrosorio: lol

eulerscheZahl: who was better than you?

Default avatar.png pedrosorio: kayou is really good at shortest it seems

dbdr: yes, kayou

dbdr: and a bit more experience with 1.2K clashes :D

eulerscheZahl: that's more participations than clashes in the CG database

kayou: yes, training helps ;)

dbdr: pigeon hole theorem

eulerscheZahl: 681 clashes at the moment

Default avatar.png pedrosorio: what's the best way to see how many clashes I have done?

eulerscheZahl: CoC leaderboard


Default avatar.png pedrosorio: :thumbsup:

Default avatar.png pedrosorio: I don't love these shortest challenges

dbdr: nice pedrosorio

eulerscheZahl: you lost again dbdr?

Default avatar.png pedrosorio: the old in trick

Default avatar.png cmd.exe: 1 21 42

dbdr: yes, i'm bad at golf :D

Default avatar.png pedrosorio: I am guessing that's the 1 char difference between me and Nasos/dbdr

AntiSquid: i forgot some contraction tricks :/

dbdr: what's the in trick?

Default avatar.png pedrosorio: check my code

Default avatar.png pedrosorio: also, share yours

dbdr: done

Default avatar.png pedrosorio: nvm

Default avatar.png pedrosorio: you use the in trick

Default avatar.png pedrosorio: and the for trick as well

Default avatar.png pedrosorio: which I did not lol

dbdr: I=input ?

dbdr: I thought that saves nothing with 2 uses

Default avatar.png pedrosorio: it didn't save

eulerscheZahl: ping wokan

Default avatar.png pedrosorio: I won because I did join on a generator instead of a list comprehension

Default avatar.png pedrosorio: 2 chars difference

dbdr: oh, didn't know about generators

dbdr: I'm not using python much

AntiSquid: also print(x,"\n",y) doesn't seem to work as intended, was there a different way to do it?

AntiSquid: py3

AntiSquid: x and y being ints

ifobg: hi, i have a problem with temperatures puzzle, request is Write a program that prints the temperature closest to 0 among input data. If two numbers are equally close to zero, positive integer has to be considered closest to zero (for instance, if the temperatures are -5 and 5, then display 5).

eulerscheZahl: try with sep="" AntiSquid

ifobg: Failure Found: 5 Expected: -5

eulerscheZahl: but that's longer than 2 prints :(

eulerscheZahl: are there +5 and -5 in the input or only -5?

AntiSquid: print(x,"\n"+str(y)) ugh

Laminator: is that really better than 2 print lines

ifobg: in input are -5 and 5

AntiSquid: this is about shortest mode

AntiSquid: well hm ....

ifobg: the content of the quest is wrong or i have bad program?

Laminator: print(x) print(y)

AntiSquid: doesn't look better :D

Laminator: count em up lol

eulerscheZahl: >>> x=1; y=2 >>> print(f"{x}\n{y}") 1 2

AntiSquid: but how do you shorten that?

AntiSquid: there has to be a way

eulerscheZahl: print(x,y,sep="\n")

eulerscheZahl: getting even longer :rofl:

Laminator: still longer though

AntiSquid: ^ 19

AntiSquid: double print is 16

AntiSquid: print(f"{x}\n{y}") is 18 :/

eulerscheZahl: switch to ruby

AntiSquid: i didn't use ruby for a very long time

eulerscheZahl: p x should print x if i recall correctly

AntiSquid: unbelievable how fast i forgot it, i practiced it for a good while too T_T

eulerscheZahl: and MK can code anything in just 5 lines of ruby

AntiSquid: all i remember is the gem stones

eulerscheZahl: smash the code?

AntiSquid: no

AntiSquid: ruby gems

eulerscheZahl: UTG ore?

Default avatar.png Adassko: @Sofapuden: haha nice, same second

AntiSquid: gems = libraries i think

PatrickMcGinnisII: die(x+"\n{y]")

AntiSquid: Each gem has a name, version, and platform. For example, the rake gem has a 0.8.7 version (from May, 2009). Rake’s platform is ruby, which means it works on any platform Ruby runs on.


eulerscheZahl: {y] what weird syntax is that?

PatrickMcGinnisII: typo

eulerscheZahl: i think someone wants to be pinged on discord without saying anything



AntiSquid: i think your username should be considered spam

AntiSquid: what do you think AutomatonNN

AutomatonNN: how do you say that it's not a whole thing?


eulerscheZahl: i just realized it isn't MostComplicatedUsername anymore

AntiSquid: ya the whole thing is spam AutomatonNN

AutomatonNN: eulerscheZahl is there a way to see the replay in the contest?


PatrickMcGinnisII: what does everyone monitor on discord #general?

Astrobytes: You Patrick :P

eulerscheZahl: yeah, i remember you having such a profile pic here on CG too

PatrickMcGinnisII: I'm an oldfart, no one stalks oldfarts.

AntiSquid: could just use the words in your bio as nickname: CarbonBased, LifeForm

eulerscheZahl: facebook hackercup started if anyone cares (i don't)

Astrobytes: very similar to IAmAnAlienIThink

Default avatar.png pedrosorio: guys, join my clash

AntiSquid: what are the challenges? i seen some facebook puzzles on leetcode they are like the medium ones on CG afaik

eulerscheZahl: hackercup is like codejam

eulerscheZahl: just that you need a facebook account and i hate that company

AntiSquid: besides why does everyone want to work at Facebook Amazon Google? and i remember some even use an acronym for this to represent "quality jobs"

AntiSquid: ah found it:

AntiSquid: it's faang but never heard about someone dying to work for netflix

Astrobytes: I always thought it was the "Big 4"

Astrobytes: outside of stock markets

PatrickMcGinnisII: didn't know FB had a hackercup

Default avatar.png JBM: it's reserved to FB users

PatrickMcGinnisII: But I believe they know how to combine shards

AntiSquid: did you know facebook had a digital currency PatrickMcGinnisII ?

AntiSquid: did you know China made their own digital currency because they are worried about the Libra and the like? Libra is the name of the FB currency

PatrickMcGinnisII: the problems on FB look easy

PatrickMcGinnisII: eulerscheZahl you gettin' that 20k?

eulerscheZahl: 20k?

Default avatar.png pedrosorio: @AntiSquid "it's faang but never heard about someone dying to work for netflix"

AntiSquid: it's such a low quality platform

PatrickMcGinnisII: first-place prize to $20,000

eulerscheZahl: tourist will get it

AntiSquid: i understand amazon prime, i actually can find some decent shows on there at least, some times good ones

PatrickMcGinnisII: oh looks like it ranks by how long it took you to solve the problems, not how fast they execute

Default avatar.png JBM: as long as it's "fast enough"

eulerscheZahl: that's the usual measurement in these contests

AntiSquid: can you do it faster PatrickMcGinnisII ?

eulerscheZahl: see codejam, codeforces, codechef, ...

AntiSquid: hackerank, leetcode, codesignal ...

AntiSquid: someone shared a list with all of them

eulerscheZahl: i don't even know the last one

AntiSquid: DollarAkshay

eulerscheZahl: i only refer to when i want to know what's up next

PatrickMcGinnisII: looks like you can drop in code you have probably already written for CG

PkZ: Is "simulate the strategy" something else than just running the code or something?

eulerscheZahl: in what context?

eulerscheZahl: bot programming?

PkZ: i guess so

inoryy: > besides why does everyone want to work at Facebook Amazon Google?

interesting and unique challenges

eulerscheZahl: you reimplement the game engine. then try some actions to score the outcome

Default avatar.png JBM: lack of morals

PkZ: Im looking att eldidous strategy for Code vs Zombies and i cant really understand what he means by simulating a strategy

inoryy: JBM in what way?

PatrickMcGinnisII: oh crap, got work to do... I'm gonna ignore FB

Default avatar.png JBM: displacing democracy?

eulerscheZahl: he reimplemented the game. tries some movements for Ash and sees what happens

eulerscheZahl: then takes the best one

inoryy: that's a bit of an extremist viewpoint

eulerscheZahl: the art is to find a clever way to pick the possible actions

Default avatar.png JBM: it is

eulerscheZahl: fully random won't do too well

PatrickMcGinnisII: fall challenge...91 days

PatrickMcGinnisII: huh

PatrickMcGinnisII: laterz

eulerscheZahl: still a placeholder

PkZ: can you explain "reimplemented the game"? because it sounds like he just used his own IDE or something

AntiSquid: what do you think of Spoj eulerscheZahl ?

eulerscheZahl: never really tried spoj

Default avatar.png JBM: fist player around

Default avatar.png JBM: it shows

Default avatar.png JBM: (inmultiple ways)

eulerscheZahl: reimplement the game: you know in advance what outcome your actions will have

eulerscheZahl: and then you try to get it as fast as possible to simulate thousands or even millions of actions and outcomes

eulerscheZahl: and take the action giving the best result

PkZ: So in that sense I would know how many zombies i've killed or something like that?

eulerscheZahl: yes. everything

PkZ: Hmm, i see

PkZ: thanks

eulerscheZahl: position of each zombie, humans alive, ...

AntiSquid: inoryy is it extremist when it comes to facebook? some corporations are to be avoided at all costs

inoryy: the question was about FAANG in general, no?

AntiSquid: yes, then it deviated

AntiSquid: derailed

inoryy: but I responded to the initial quote?

AntiSquid: yes, was referring to what JBM said

eulerscheZahl: i'm distinguising more between these 5. facebook collects a lot of and given no benefit in return (when you are as anti-social as me)

eulerscheZahl: google has a great search engine at least

AntiSquid: but it's my personal bias against facebook, or maybe it's not really a bias? the guy is ready to lie with a straight face to congress about data privacy issues

inoryy: anytway, even in case of FB I'm not sure whyscientists working at MILA in collaboration with FAIR should be held responsible for questionable top level decisions made way above their head

eulerscheZahl: but there's a new set of emojis!!!

eulerscheZahl: :P

inoryy: many novel research ideas came out of FAIR which contributed to the advancement of the field in general, even for the relatively tiny labs like my old uni

eulerscheZahl: of course management makes the bad decisions. but they can't do the actual work on their own, everyone can decide to be part of it or not

eulerscheZahl: e.g. i wouldn't work in a meat plant or for a tobacco company

AntiSquid: i guess facebook isn't like monsanto or one of the oil giants, not polluting the environment

inoryy: I get the sentiment but I'm not sure it's fair to just antagonize anyone working there with a single brush

dbdr: polluting minds instead

AntiSquid: did you feel antagonized? that wasn't the intent

eulerscheZahl: everyone draws the line at a different point and there are obviously grey areas

inoryy: well definitely by JBM's response

eulerscheZahl: i wouldn't go as far as JBM with "lack of morals"

AntiSquid: my first point was about people squeezing into the few big companies ... afterwards i guess JBM's comment awoke my anti-facebook sentiments

Astrobytes: I hate everything equally, thereafter it's just a measure of how much. Works well :P

AntiSquid: but euler, if your data is sold and someone makes money from it and you get nothing and you aren't even made aware about it, how does that make you feel?

eulerscheZahl: pissed

Default avatar.png pedrosorio: @AntiSquid sold to whom?

Astrobytes: Corporations in general are about making money no matter the cost. They often invest highly in research, not everyone working for them is evil. That doesn't let the corporation off with their transgressions. And sure, in an ideal world everyone would be able to work in a place that matches their ethics etc, but not always possible.

Astrobytes: Lots of people just want to innovate, push ahead in their field

Astrobytes: Doesn't necessarily mean they're all corporate whores

Astrobytes: And others just need a job.

AntiSquid: i don't know the full details, but a good start is to google for : cambridge analytica if you want further details

AntiSquid: pedrosorio

Astrobytes: Yeah, check out the Guardian investigation, they blew the whole thing open with a few years of investigation

Default avatar.png pedrosorio: it seems like a strong opposition to facebook on the basis of them selling your personal data would require knowing the full details, no?

Astrobytes: Definitely check it out pedrosorio

Astrobytes: Bit of a rabbit hole so be prepared to read a lot

Default avatar.png pedrosorio: not about FB necessarily, but I find people tend to form strong opinions about topics from "general sentiment" that they picked up from news/friends talking as opposed to digging into the details and forming their own opinion

Astrobytes: I always do the latter, and recommend others do the same

AntiSquid: there's too much to talk about regarding those issues, in a normal world you would see more news coverage about that kind of topic

AntiSquid: and the info is out there in public domain

Astrobytes: Regarding Cambridge Analytica:

inoryy: to be clear I think what FB has done as a corporation is morally questionable at best, I'm just not sure I agree it's fair to put the blame on individual workers, especially considering majority have joined before the CA scandals

Astrobytes: ^what I was getting at previously

Astrobytes: Plus, workers are often not aware of what the upper echelons are actually using their work for

Default avatar.png Shroom2020: helllo

Default avatar.png JBM: oh my i kind of dropped a bombshell by accident here--and then went out to eat

eulerscheZahl: you evil genius

Default avatar.png JBM: if only

Astrobytes: :smiling_imp:

Default avatar.png JBM: great results, but lack of intent here

Default avatar.png JBM: "i'm an evil genius w/o even trying"

Default avatar.png JBM: i didn't even mean to say "people who work at faang lack moral fiber" directly

Default avatar.png JBM: i just offered "lack of moral" as a possible joke explanation for working there

eulerscheZahl: and you have a bad timing for dinner, as you've proven before

eulerscheZahl: eating during a 4h contest...

Default avatar.png JBM: missinh the ref there

Default avatar.png JBM: did i do that?

Default avatar.png JBM: i don't remember

Astrobytes: Now, now JBM, you know that everything that is typed and sent must be interpreted literally and without humour

eulerscheZahl: pikaptcha

Default avatar.png JBM: but i ranked like #22 at pikaptcha

Default avatar.png JBM: Astrobytes: yea hthat's the world we live in

eulerscheZahl: It seems like I performed just a bit too casual to qualify for a T-shirt (eating, chatting on XMPP and going to the toilet—what was I thinking!)

Default avatar.png JBM: so true


Default avatar.png JBM: not that i remember saying that

Default avatar.png JBM: but it's very me

eulerscheZahl: holy wall of text, took me some scrolling just to get the link to share

Default avatar.png JBM: yeah

Default avatar.png JBM: nobody's really supposed to read those

eulerscheZahl: i did

Default avatar.png JBM: crazy you

Astrobytes: some of us do

eulerscheZahl: and i agreed on most of it

Default avatar.png JBM: you might learn about people's feeling about a contest

Default avatar.png JBM: thta's Dangerous

Astrobytes: Informed opinions!!! :o

Default avatar.png JBM: maybe I should edit an unusual english word in

Default avatar.png JBM: btw what WAS that word?

Astrobytes: hahaha

eulerscheZahl: orb

Default avatar.png JBM: oh

Default avatar.png JBM: that's my nethack past showing up

eulerscheZahl: your English seems to be on a really high level. do you have any history of living in an English speaking country?

Default avatar.png JBM: i grew up in california

eulerscheZahl: aaah

Default avatar.png JBM: not sure how english that's regarded in europe

Default avatar.png JBM: or gb

Astrobytes: Ah I often wondered about your accent

Default avatar.png JBM: my accent is completely bonkers by now

eulerscheZahl: you definitely don't sound french on your stream

Default avatar.png JBM: even i can't locate it anymore

Astrobytes: Oh you still sound French to me

Default avatar.png JBM: oh that, sure

Astrobytes: Just with a strange twang

Default avatar.png JBM: yeah, i feel like i'm uttering more and more french as time passes

Default avatar.png JBM: i hate it

Default avatar.png JBM: because i hear it

eulerscheZahl: from colleagues?

Default avatar.png JBM: i was completely undistinguishable from my classmates at the time---apart from the fact i also spoke french

Default avatar.png JBM: most likely

Default avatar.png JBM: colleagues, and most anyone else

Default avatar.png JBM: i still live in france, even in the touristy place i live in most of the english is weird

eulerscheZahl: bad question, let me try again: from fr people speaking fr or from them speaking en?

Default avatar.png JBM: from them speaking en

Default avatar.png JBM: well i mean

Default avatar.png JBM: i have no difficulty speaking the exact same en as them

Astrobytes: Even when not sounding particularly French per se, you stress/accent certain syllables and whatnot rather French-y

Default avatar.png JBM: i just don't like the feel of it

Default avatar.png JBM: ouch

Default avatar.png JBM: do call me out when that happens

Default avatar.png JBM: i still intend to fix

Astrobytes: Never!

Astrobytes: :grin:

Default avatar.png JBM: heheh

eulerscheZahl: i would be glad to be at your level ;)

Default avatar.png JBM: you can get pretty far by just watching en-native series all day and being very self-conscious about your phonetics

Astrobytes: euler your English is better than you give yourself credit for

Astrobytes: Written at least, I only heard you talk once

eulerscheZahl: written or spoken?

eulerscheZahl: ah

Default avatar.png JBM: my SO's english changed for the crazy best after she came to live zith me

eulerscheZahl: written is fine

Default avatar.png JBM: just with accepting to watch shows w/o subs

Astrobytes: Your spoken English seemed fine too

Default avatar.png JBM: typically german

Default avatar.png JBM: but fine

eulerscheZahl: sometimes i'm stumbling over certain words

Astrobytes: JBM immersion does work

Default avatar.png JBM: nothing like it

eulerscheZahl: but good enough to express myself, that's the main point of a language for me

Default avatar.png JBM: it is

Astrobytes: I was conversational in Greek after 9 months in Corfu, wasn't great but I could hold my own

Default avatar.png JBM: yay

Astrobytes: 100% euler

Default avatar.png JBM: i heard thai was pretty easy to catch on

eulerscheZahl: Shakespear and alike would disagree

Default avatar.png JBM: the shakespear

Default avatar.png JBM: +3 shaking dmg

Astrobytes: Wobbles when you throw it

Astrobytes: *vibrates

eulerscheZahl: whoopsie :D

Astrobytes: :P

Default avatar.png JBM: never get a typo go unpunned

Default avatar.png JBM: *let

eulerscheZahl: i'll throw it at your troll

Default avatar.png JBM: be my guest!

Default avatar.png JBM: invite eZ to tvc

Astrobytes: let JBM = ownedbyhisowntypo

Default avatar.png JBM: there oughtq be qn qchievement for thqt too

Default avatar.png JBM: ouch layouts

Default avatar.png JBM: y/q/a

Astrobytes: Winning all the way here JBM

Default avatar.png JBM: on a streak

Zenoscave: what's the difference in semantics between y and s in sed?

Default avatar.png JBM: completely different

Default avatar.png JBM: one is regex

Zenoscave: other is char based?

Default avatar.png JBM: other is characters on a 1-to-1 basis

Zenoscave: so `tr` equivalent?

Zenoscave: or just one direction

Default avatar.png JBM: worse: s/// does a single replacement by default

Default avatar.png JBM: very tr-like

Zenoscave: ah true

Default avatar.png JBM: tr/x/y/ is an alternate syntax

Zenoscave: interesting

Astrobytes: s is the regex one right? (years since I used that)

Default avatar.png JBM: yup

Zenoscave: nice humble web chunk JBM

Default avatar.png JBM: XD

Default avatar.png JBM: more to come

Default avatar.png JBM: when i think of it

Zenoscave: I can't wait

Astrobytes: lol, said the same the other day

Default avatar.png JBM: truest fans

Astrobytes: Fail

Astrobytes: I mean Hail

Default avatar.png JBM: a common typo

Zenoscave: I'd rather fail JBM ;)

Zenoscave: Would be an accomplishment in my book

Astrobytes: Not wrong

Zenoscave: JBM why ranked so low? You seem to have a much higher handle on the CG rankings than is shown.

Default avatar.png JBM: it's all because of the great cp/xp schism

Zenoscave: I see. Almost as bad as as the East-West Schism

Default avatar.png JBM: i just can't get myself to spend *that much* time coding on CG

Zenoscave: How's your bot

Default avatar.png JBM: so i'm mostly fine with puzzles and the sort of thing where time spent <-> uncontested XP

Astrobytes: ye, fix it

Zenoscave: (Needed to fill a void of MK)

Astrobytes: ezpz

Default avatar.png JBM: but fighting tooth and nail to keep CPs all year long...

eulerscheZahl: let me teamviewer you

Zenoscave: It stablizes in top 100.

Astrobytes: beat me AGAIN damn you toad

Zenoscave: lol eulerscheZahl I forgot that one

eulerscheZahl: with 5 lines of ruby

Default avatar.png JBM: oh so maybe i should just reach top100

Zenoscave: near the end it was down to 1

Default avatar.png JBM: i was top10 before their change O:-)

Zenoscave: I vaguely remember ;)

eulerscheZahl: before they split CP/XP?

Astrobytes: Claw back what is rightfully yours

Default avatar.png JBM: yeah

eulerscheZahl: and bob was #1 by XP

Default avatar.png JBM: post-split, yes, for a long time

Zenoscave: I'm currently 2nd in Us in a few categories. Starting to loose momentum though

Default avatar.png JBM: you're bound to wonder whether it's worth it at some point

Zenoscave: lose*

Astrobytes: Did you get probcut working yet Zenoscave?

Zenoscave: Haven't had time between work and classes to spend enough time with it

Zenoscave: Now is my first stretch of more than an hour away from either

eulerscheZahl: you are soon done with your studies, aren't you?

Astrobytes: Yeah, I didn't have as much time as I thought I would this week. Then somehow broke my runner and cba to fix it

Astrobytes: Oof, long

eulerscheZahl: zeno, not you Astrobytes

Zenoscave: eulerscheZahl Sadly, no. Bueracracy took a bite out of my eta

eulerscheZahl: you studied biology, I know that

Astrobytes: Yeah I was talking to Zeno eulerscheZahl

eulerscheZahl: oh

Zenoscave: So popular :D

Zenoscave: A transfer credit from a smaller school didn't apply as paperwork took too long and the rules around it changed interim

Astrobytes: ffs, some of my friends over the years had that issue. Some were actually delayed over a year

eulerscheZahl: burocracy [sic!] can be a pain

Zenoscave: I'm in year 7 of my B.Sc.

Zenoscave: It's been nothing but a fight the whole time

Astrobytes: *bureaucracy

eulerscheZahl: got spammed with a lot of emails, missed that one telling be to register for my exams. after the deadline i got another one telling me that i missed it

eulerscheZahl: had to go to the doctor, tell him that i was ill for 2 weeks and couldn't register

Astrobytes: That's brutal Zenoscave

eulerscheZahl: bring that notice to the university's office and pay 10€ to be able to take my exams

Zenoscave: Here we do credit hours. I was 3 years and 90 CH into a 4year-120 CH degree and ended up needing to switch schools. To date they've accepted 15 Credits from that

eulerscheZahl: they want to keep you longer for tuition fees

eulerscheZahl: wow, sounds like a long struggle

Astrobytes: 15!!

Zenoscave: Yup. And with the state of the world right now I doubt I'll finish. I don't have enough time to dedicate to online classes. But if I don't take them until Campus opens back, I'll have to re-enroll in the degree and probably tack on another 2-3 years

eulerscheZahl: you'd be faster starting all over

Astrobytes: I had issues with credit transfer as I moved around a bit but that is insane

Zenoscave: They counted towards my total but none of the classes were accepted for credit towards requirements

Zenoscave: I'll graduate with around 190-200 out of 120

Astrobytes: Man that's a total disgrace if you ask me.

Astrobytes: (the bureaucracy not your credits ofc)

Zenoscave: The best part is the last degree major class I have is for incoming freshmen. I hold the record highest marks on the exit exam for the school

Zenoscave: But i'm not allowed to test out or waive it

Zenoscave: My score was in the 99.8% percentile nation wide

Zenoscave: I acredit my time here on CG to many of the algorithm questions

MSmits: it's good training

Astrobytes: Ahh jeez. What a world. At least CG helped. And you know you'll ace it. But what a waste of resources.

Zenoscave: And money. I'm not exactly well off financially

Astrobytes: Yeah, I had the same issue.

Astrobytes: Had to defer and go back to cheffing, then come back to it to pay for the rest.

Default avatar.png MOSTAFA: Hello Any one here worked on Rock paper Scissors

Default avatar.png MOSTAFA: Puzzle

Default avatar.png MOSTAFA: with c#

Astrobytes: *go back to cheffing to pay for the rest I mean

Default avatar.png MOSTAFA: I did all things but in the last test Last 5 rounds is working well

Default avatar.png MOSTAFA: but first 5 Rounds is wrong

Default avatar.png MOSTAFA: How that can be happen !

MSmits: i dont know the puzzle, but I would suggest you check how the test is different

Astrobytes: I've not done that puzzle MOSTAFA, sorry

Astrobytes: And perhaps use custom test cases if needed

Laminator: anyone have any thoughts are pursuing PHD?

MSmits: I thought about it in my field, but that was 16 yrs ago

Default avatar.png MOSTAFA:

eulerscheZahl: i hate writing papers, so i quit after my master

Default avatar.png MOSTAFA: that is it

Astrobytes: I don't have one, but many of my friends do. It's a huge commitment and you really need to decide whether you can afford or actually want to dedicate yourself to it.

Default avatar.png MOSTAFA: unfortanetly it has not Hints and looks like few people solve it

Default avatar.png MOSTAFA: I solved it except 50 % of last test case

MSmits: ohhh lizard spock!

Default avatar.png MOSTAFA: i wonder how last 5 Rounds works Correctly

Default avatar.png MOSTAFA: but first 5 Rounds is wrong

Default avatar.png MOSTAFA: if there is bug in my code it should be vice versa

MSmits: MOSTAFA what you need to do is to write debug statements so you can check all the steps of your program

MSmits: you know your program, we dont

MSmits: so if you cant guess whats wrong, it would be impossible for us to

MSmits: so check the first round for example

MSmits: see what the program does and check what it is supposed to do

Laminator: I feel like if I'm discovering cool stuff, I'd want to share it with the world. So writing a paper for that purpose wouldn't be so bad

Astrobytes: Depends what you want to achieve

MSmits: the real sharing is not the paper though

MSmits: that's scientific sharing, but usually not that many people actually read it

MSmits: if you do something cool and write a blog/website or whatnot, thats where the real sharing is

Astrobytes: PhD can be useful but not a requirement for a lot of jobs other than research positions (broadly speaking). And if you're going to go down the academic/research route you'll want to do something postdoc

MSmits: thats why i didnt do a phd, no chance of doing a postdoc after

Astrobytes: Wise choice

MSmits: well, i could have done a postdoc, but I would have had to do it in Germany or England or something

MSmits: I didnt want to go anywhere

Astrobytes: Most people in academic research I know left very quickly

Astrobytes: Other than one guy doing computational science and something to do with particles

MSmits: I think my astrophysics institute is so prestigious that once you graduate, you can't stay because you're not good enough

MSmits: half of them didn't speak Dutch

Astrobytes: Ah I see

MSmits: you can do a phd, but then they kick you out unless you're awesome

Astrobytes: Yeah, that's frequent across all disciplines

Astrobytes: (at prestigious institutes I mean)

MSmits: my mentor for my masters thesis said he would have taken me with him to England though

MSmits: so that was nice to hear

MSmits: but i like it here :)

Astrobytes: Thing is, a lot of science (excluding CS related stuff - I don't have the experience to comment) research is just ego- and money-driven

MSmits: yeah i dont doubt that

MSmits: dont they have a score for how many papers they churn out

Astrobytes: End up slaving after some big-headed arsehole who wants to get published in x-journal and get more funding

MSmits: not my thing

MSmits: teaching is more fun imho and CS is more fun to me than physics

Astrobytes: My ex worked in Antarctica for a season and couldn't believe the egos of the lead researchers. She was formerly a research assistant in the genomics division of the Immunology dept at a leading London institute

MSmits: sounds like the plot of some horror movie

Astrobytes: That was bad enough but Antarctica made her quit science, she's now an organic farmer

MSmits: cool

Astrobytes: Strange you find computer-based stuff more interesting now than physics, what about back then?

MSmits: I had very little idea about computer stuff back then

MSmits: physics was just the easy way for me

Astrobytes: That's fair enough

MSmits: stick with what you know

Astrobytes: Yeah absolutely

Astrobytes: I learned a fair bit of stuff computing -wise through biology, but nothing like what I learned by myself (and through CG ofc)

MSmits: I learned a little bit studying physics, but all my fellow students had a headstart somehow so I always felt like I sucked at it

Astrobytes: And I did do a Java course, plus a mathematics for computer science & data structures/algorithms course

MSmits: I guess they coded before they started

Astrobytes: Probably

Astrobytes: The one thing I've learned over the years is it's never too late to change or catch up

MSmits: coding is one of those things where it's very easy to turn away from it, if you're exposed to it in the wrong way

Astrobytes: Very true

MSmits: I try to be very careful of this in teaching. Many students quickly say they just cant do it, but coding seems a lot like magic, so it's even more so

MSmits: like they do with math

MSmits: math and coding are similar like that

MSmits: physics too I guess, but math is worse

Astrobytes: Yes, I can't disagree with that at all

MSmits: one thing I try to do in physics when they say they cant do it, is show them stuff they did last year.

MSmits: They thing all of that is easy

MSmits: think

MSmits: so how will you think of this next year?

Astrobytes: Yeah, my chemistry teacher in 5th year did that

MSmits: it works most of the time

MSmits: though sometimes they dont even recognize stuff from last year

MSmits: then you have a problem :)

Astrobytes: We were mixed with the year above us, and he went straight to complicated organic stuff. My year just sat there not knowing a thing.

MSmits: ah thats annoying

Astrobytes: Then he told us we knew it. We just had to think a little bit.

Astrobytes: Showed us what we were working on previously and sure enough, apply it? Job done

Astrobytes: Just overwhelming sometimes. And you need the right students

MSmits: yep

MSmits: sometimes it's just the speed of it, they cant keep up

Astrobytes: Which (imo) is where education fails a bit (at least here). Wrong students for the wrong subjects/levels

MSmits: in my country, when you dont pass the end of the year, you have to redo the year

MSmits: the 2nd time it's always a breeze for them

Astrobytes: Yeah, it used to be the same here, not sure how it is right now

MSmits: Astrobytes it does fail, but that doesn't mean it's the fault of the system. It might not be possible to predict the development of the students. I actually did some research on this

MSmits: turns out grades usually have almost no predictive value

MSmits: except when they are very low, then you know they're not ready to move on

MSmits: but a student with high grades in 1 year, might have low ones in the next year and vice versa, very little correlation

MSmits: so it's hard to predict what level a student should be on

Astrobytes: Ah yeah, I don't mean grade-wise per se. It's more about teachers being able to tell who's really into what in the earlier years

MSmits: ahh yes, that's important, but also pretty hard

MSmits: the students themselves dont know

Astrobytes: Kids get shoved in directions they shouldn't be shoved in you know

Astrobytes: It's about capitalising on their skills

MSmits: yes thats bad, but even with no shoving, its hard

Astrobytes: I agree yes

MSmits: for some students its completely clear

MSmits: but some are mediocre in everything or extremely good at everything

MSmits: if you talk about the choices they made a few yrs after they made them, it's very often silly reasons

MSmits: a friend made the same choice, they didnt like a teacher etc.

Astrobytes: Yup. And the other kids. The ones that aren't so academically minded (at least here) get left behind so badly

MSmits: some do here, but not that many

MSmits: at worst they take an extra year to finish

Astrobytes: Oh and yes MSmits, in fact I made some choices like that myself! And some friends took subjects because they fancied a girl etc

MSmits: yeah that sort of thing

Astrobytes: Kids here just get thrown away. They suck at x, y and z, go work in the sewers

MSmits: what happens in the sewers?

Astrobytes: Especially now with the lack of funding and low teaching pay

Astrobytes: (just picking a job that requires less academic skill)

MSmits: teaching pay is not bad here if you're acadamically trained. The problem is mostly that for each subject the teachers get the same salary

MSmits: it's not that hard to find someone that teaches history or something

Astrobytes: There were kids I knew at school that were expelled for being dyslexic, one of them now runs a building firm, that he built up from scratrch, because he was good at building

MSmits: but try to find a CS teacher when you're competing with corporate salaries

Astrobytes: Yeah, here it's a political issue

Astrobytes: Not sure how it looks to the outside-UK world but most public systems are grossly underfunded. Preference to the private sector.

MSmits: i don't think it's that bad here

MSmits: left leaning countries do better in this way i think

MSmits: scandinavia, western europe etc.

Astrobytes: Yes. Sadly this country will never bend that way again by the looks of things.

MSmits: the UK political system is really really strange

Astrobytes: We might have a chance in Scotland, support for independence is growing atm

MSmits: stranger than the US system

MSmits: you're 1/3 theocracy right?

Astrobytes: It's just rigged to be in the interest of the wealthy.

Astrobytes: Always has been. That's why it's never changed.

MSmits: it's completely crazy that you dont have separation of church and state

Astrobytes: They want the empire back, all that.

MSmits: one of the most important foundations of democracy

Astrobytes: Well... it's not *that* bad. America is way worse in that respect.

MSmits: actually it isn't

MSmits: it's written into the consititution

MSmits: separation of church and state

MSmits: though half of the population does not respect it

MSmits: but at least it's written down

Astrobytes: Yes. But everyone is fully aware that this is not the case

MSmits: also

MSmits: because there's clergy in the government

MSmits: they're all MEN

MSmits: so it's misogyny also

Astrobytes: In our government?

MSmits: no

MSmits: the clergy part

MSmits: the reserved seats

MSmits: they cant be women right?

MSmits: or do i get that wrong?

Astrobytes: They can I believe

MSmits: ah then the anglican church is different than the catholic church in that respect

Astrobytes: But our (I mean the English system that rules the UK) system is inherently misogynistic yes

MSmits: hmm do you mean written down rules?

Astrobytes: I believe there are still some archaic laws that prevent women from doing x, y, or z in certain political institutions/circumstances

yes (do your own research, I'm no political expert, amateur here)

MSmits: ahh ok

MSmits: the weirdest thing to me is the fact that a country has a religion though

Astrobytes: And here, we cling to our archaic system because it's what keeps the rich rich

MSmits: we dont have a religion even though you can make a chart and have a religion with x % at the top

Astrobytes: In Scotland we have a problem between Protestant (unionist) and Catholic, just like Ireland.

MSmits: yeah that's weird to me

MSmits: we have catholics and protestants also

MSmits: but noone cares

Astrobytes: It was down to the British when they tried to capture Ireland (simplification)

MSmits: there's some fear of islam though, but that's true in many places

Astrobytes: And there's a Dutch connection to the Protestant 'cause' of course: Willem Hendrik

MSmits: to me it seems that the fact that you keep religion in your political system aggravates tensions like this

MSmits: oh no doubt of that, we had issues in the past

Astrobytes: It's not in the political system in Scotland. It's social more than anything.

MSmits: ah ok

MSmits: but many are atheist aren't they?

MSmits: or is that not the case in the UK?

MSmits: I think it's nearly half here

Astrobytes: Yep, now. But the toxic attitudes are passed down through generations, and so it will never end.

MSmits: well with more atheism it will

Astrobytes: At least here. Even Ireland is moving on better than here.

MSmits: or do they consider themselves protestant atheists ? :P

MSmits: i would not actually be surprised

Astrobytes: It doesn't even become about religion, it's just Huns vs Fenians

Astrobytes: They don't get it

MSmits: I see

Astrobytes: Rangers v Celtic

Astrobytes: To use a football comparison

MSmits: yeah tribalism

Astrobytes: The schools here are segregated

Astrobytes: (Scotland)

MSmits: they officially are here too

MSmits: well

MSmits: 75% of them

Astrobytes: Into protestant and catholic

MSmits: but many of those 75% are not really religious

MSmits: officially i work on a catholic school

MSmits: at

MSmits: but you almost never notice

Astrobytes: Yeah, it's funny that both schools have religions of all type but you'll very rarely find a proddy in a catholic school, and vice versa

MSmits: maybe in those 40-50 mins of christmas recital

MSmits: oh, well you'll find all kinds in my school I think

MSmits: I had to sign a paper that i respect the catholic tradition of my school, when i joined

MSmits: that's fine with me

Astrobytes: When I went to highschool I lost half my friends, cause they went to Catholic high school which was out of town

MSmits: hmm I dont think my high school had a religion

Astrobytes: Ours technically did not, but it wasn't catholic so the catholics wouldn't go to it

MSmits: it was completely new too, when i went to it, it only existed for 1 year before

Astrobytes: It's a ridiculous situation we have here, and it saddens me that we still have segregated schools. Sectarianism has no place in modern life imo.

MSmits: my personal opinion is that religion is personal and belongs to families and extended families. It should be kept out of school except academically.

Astrobytes: Totally agree.

Astrobytes: Worthy of study but not of academic influence.

MSmits: right

Astrobytes: Anyway, on that note I am out for tonight

Astrobytes: good chat MSmits

MSmits: yeah

MSmits: gn Astrobytes

Astrobytes: gn

Cappefra: the quest map is a great idea

Cappefra: also it gave me a level so thanks haha

MSmits: yeah me too

Default avatar.png JBM: if it gave everybody a level, should the level requirements it sets be increased?

MSmits: does it set level requirements?

Default avatar.png JBM: i think i saw a "reach level 30" somewhere

MSmits: ohh

MSmits: missed that

Default avatar.png JBM: you just clicked through :p

MSmits: probably

dbdr: *adjusted for level inflation

_Akira_: :heart_eyes:

_Akira_: .....

_Akira_: :expressionless:

AntiSquid: new user with anime avatar

AntiSquid: welcome to CG _Akira_ enjoy your stay

Default avatar.png sauusa: :robot:

Default avatar.png pedrosorio: what are the best/most fun games/contests/challenges in codingame?

AntiSquid: damn i am exhausted, got too invested today into personal matters, my energy is spent, how was your day Automaton2000 ?

Automaton2000: i already have all the information

AntiSquid: you know everything about me Automaton2000 ? :o

Automaton2000: who are you talking about

AntiSquid: me? am i a nobody to you? :(

Default avatar.png oldrho: Automaton2000 do you like AntiSquid?

Automaton2000: even if it is in a good way to start

Default avatar.png oldrho: That sounded positive enough

TheSpiffiest: The things I learn on here are funny. Convert a string to an arbitrary base. Just found out Ruby s.to_i(##) only works to base 36.

TheSpiffiest: thought I had such a 20 character solution. :P

AntiSquid: pedrosorio obviously Botters of the Galaxy #1 by far and not because i helped making it, then there is Code of Kutulu, Vindinium and i also liked Legends of Code and magic to some extent (but with this last one i am biased since i like card games)

AntiSquid: code 4 life is alright, i mean i liked splendor, smash the code is also decent

Default avatar.png pedrosorio: wow, that's enough to keep me busy until the end of the year, thanks AntiSquid

AntiSquid: uhm just start the list with first few i mentioned and honestly keep an open mind to the other multis and even check out optimization section, because everyone has different preferences

AntiSquid: you will see people nagging about various games, but they are only right when they tell you what they like, not what you like

AntiSquid: i like A*Craft btw as an optimization puzzle

Default avatar.png pedrosorio: just to be clear, I wasn't being sarcastic, it's awesome there are so many interesting challenges

AntiSquid: i was just saying you don't have to religiously stick to my list, except for Botters of the Galaxy duh

inoryy: suggesting botg as a first multi? that's a bold move

AntiSquid: see what i mean pedrosorio, this guy is going to tell you what he likes, watch out ! listen to your own feelings

AntiSquid: gn8

Default avatar.png pedrosorio: :D

Default avatar.png pedrosorio: inoryy what do you recommend?

tomatoes: choose by popularity

Default avatar.png JBM: "not both" it seems

Default avatar.png JBM: Mmm in autocorrect land now

Default avatar.png JBM: * botg

inoryy: probably a controversial opinion but CSB is the easiest to get started, partially because it has built-in tutorials for the first few leages

tomatoes: and, for example, im dont like (bad at) multiagent multis, maybe you're also like/dislike something

Default avatar.png pedrosorio: oh, just realized I was doing CSB, reached gold league, now I need to code a good bot

jrke: good morning

jrke: happy caturday

pvchopade204: Good Morning...

pvchopade204: Happy Naga Panchami.

jrke: Yeah its "Naga panchami" in India

pvchopade204: yepp...


Uljahn: :cat: