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Default avatar.png U.N.Owen: If u go to their profile it shows, but apart from that, I don't know of any way

Default avatar.png U.N.Owen: in their bio

Crypticsy: hey, only 2 days left for the validation so could you give it a try ?

eulerscheZahl: so you want us to tell which number appears how often and not print numbers with 0 occurences?

eulerscheZahl: what a complex way of describing that

Crypticsy: yeah XD

eulerscheZahl: then i think i know why noone wants to approve it

Thyl: Yo !

Default avatar.png MOSTAFA: why this compiler doesn't understand

Default avatar.png MOSTAFA: int .Parse

Default avatar.png MOSTAFA: ?

Default avatar.png MOSTAFA: C#

alexfacciorusso: Maybe try `Int32.Parse`?

eulerscheZahl: int.Parse is fine too. we need more context

whay: hi

Default avatar.png tendai1km: cac

Default avatar.png tendai1km: :rage:

jacek: :o

Default avatar.png tatabusa: hi

Default avatar.png jiki: :tophat:

jacek: lazy sunday eh

eulerscheZahl: where did my struct go? haven't seen him for about a week :(

jacek: lost in js madness

jacek: unrecoverable

jacek: what have you done

eulerscheZahl: and he writes game engines like he plays contests... was working on it for weeks without a single git push :/

Astrobytes: Maybe the JS finally drove him insane

eulerscheZahl: i thought it could cure him, - * - = +

jacek: cure of life

Default avatar.png ad99526:

Default avatar.png Schwase: is today the day im gonna finally leave path finding...

Default avatar.png Schwase: maybe

Default avatar.png Schwase: ima try again

remi6: Hello!

remi6: Hi MathieuGanesan. It is awesome to see you playing CoC today too! Let's do our best.

icecream17: Wow. pb4's win against me is... wow. wow.

Default avatar.png ad99526:

Default avatar.png JBM: !ban

remi6: ad99526, is it a private one?

icecream17: italready strated

remi6: Yeah, I can see that. I wonder whether it is a custom game or not.

icecream17: no

Default avatar.png ad99526:

Default avatar.png ad99526:

Default avatar.png ad99526:

Default avatar.png ad99526: anyone up?

icecream17: don't post the same link 3 times in a row..... just one... i was working on something and now i got distracted

tiwariji264: hi

Astrobytes: ad99526 Please do not spam the chat with clash invites

Astrobytes: Just asking is enough

icecream17: WHAT!? I threw -1 stones

Default avatar.png JBM: you cheater

Default avatar.png JBM: burn!

icecream17: =)

icecream17: I threw (number - 2 * othernumber)

Default avatar.png acm: how do i close the char

Scarfield: if you mean chat, the triangle "play" icon below

Default avatar.png acm: thanks very much

Default avatar.png acm: the ui is unintuitive as hell

beginnerscripterlol: theres a little arrow bottom left corner

beginnerscripterlol: clic kitr

beginnerscripterlol: click it*

Default avatar.png JBM: but it's unintuituve

icecream17: jbm your contribution is amazing

jacek: hm?

icecream17: troll vs castles

Thyl: Hi !

jacek: me vs castles?

Default avatar.png Silsquad: Anybody that does Coders Strike Back know how to display text next to your pod?

eulerscheZahl: x y speed message just append it at the end

Default avatar.png Silsquad: Thanks got it!

Default avatar.png JBM: icecream17: thank you---what do you like most about it?

icecream17: The game has simple rules but is very complex

icecream17: Also the silly things, like the messages and the mountain

Astrobytes: That artwork tho' :heart_eyes_cat:

Default avatar.png JBM: i put all my love into it

icecream17: that castle when it falls down

Default avatar.png JBM: i've got a special alternate animation for that one coming up for when i complete multiround

Laminator: Some real contenders up in clash right now.

Default avatar.png JBM: clashes suck

hhdhwuus: same

Laminator: how do they suck?

Default avatar.png JBM: improper rhythm, bots, cheaters, and downslope om the contributions' quality

Astrobytes: With their mouths ofc :P

Astrobytes: JBM, just noticed your little place on the web, look forward to more

Default avatar.png JBM: oh lol i forgot about that one lately

Default avatar.png JBM: i'll be sure to tell about my trolling progress

Astrobytes: heh heh

Laminator: There are cheaters?

Default avatar.png JBM: it's a game

Default avatar.png JBM: mmmtalking about it, i need a favicon

Astrobytes: Tiny troll, or perhaps it's fig leaf

Astrobytes: *its

Default avatar.png JBM: i'm going for way more subtle

Astrobytes: A blank image with steganographically encoded information?

Default avatar.png JBM: maybe later

Default avatar.png JBM: for now, just an ellipse and an ellipse section

Default avatar.png JBM: how do i configure apache so that if the request contains the string "php", IP is banned and nothing is logged?

Default avatar.png JBM: this is eating up on my disk quota

inoryy: are you sure you want to do it on the apache level?

Default avatar.png JBM: of course not

inoryy: then I'd recommend setting up iptables

Default avatar.png JBM: to check the tcp's first line?

Default avatar.png JBM: it can do that?

inoryy: something like this

Default avatar.png JBM: in all honesty i haven't checked yet

inoryy: that way you're not wasting compute on apache

Default avatar.png JBM: but i *hope* most my traffic is over ssl

Default avatar.png JBM: then again i'm fine giving the private keys to iptables

Default avatar.png JBM: but double de-ssl vs apache grep... not sure

inoryy: I mean if you don't expect a lot of traffic then maybe doing it on apache level is also reasonable

inoryy: haven't touched it in 10 years so can't say how to proceed though

Default avatar.png JBM: my gut feeling is trigger at apache level, filter at iptables

Default avatar.png JBM: (maintain tables' length with cron)

Andriamanitra: spent 4 minutes golfing my clash solution before realizing it's fastest mode :sweat_smile:

Counterbalance: jbm might want to check out fail2ban

Default avatar.png JBM: that's all the fewer minutes you'll need next time

Default avatar.png JBM: yeah i know the name

Default avatar.png JBM: i just never consciously associated it with apache

Default avatar.png JBM: i saw it as a login (say ssh) thing

Counterbalance: it can also ban IPs that do apache php requests

Counterbalance: any ban ips for anything it can find in any log.. It's a PITA to customise though, I only use it for ssh

Default avatar.png JBM: well i do get a lot in my ssh logs, but i don't browse them quite as much

Default avatar.png BurakParlak: hi

_Akira_: hi

Default avatar.png JBM: hi

Zorsal: Hi, I'm doing temperatures puzzle and I thought about using abs() but it doesn't recognize "abs()" even if math library is imported

Default avatar.png JBM: try using another programming language

Zorsal: it works with c++

Default avatar.png JBM: so what's the problem?

Zorsal: Originally I wanted to use java, not being able to use abs confused me, I wonder why it works with c++ but not in java even if it's exactly the same in both

Counterbalance: Math.abs()

Default avatar.png jjhiggz: I just discovered this website, its pretty great

Default avatar.png jjhiggz: I feel like I can dump alot of time into coding and genuinely just be having fun

itzblinkzy: yea this website is amazing

itzblinkzy: found it around last week

itzblinkzy: im really developing my skills here

Laminator: It's definitely one of my favorite hobbies right now. And I've used a lot of the techniques I've learned at my job already so I feel really good about investing the time.

Laminator: Allis I know you wanna share your code

itzblinkzy: When people don't share their code it makes me sad

itzblinkzy: :cry:

itzblinkzy: Sometimes i find a hard question i couldnt solve and looking at how others solved it is beneficial to me learning

Zorsal: when you finally solve the errors but the platform says the code is not optimized enough to handle some cases :)