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eulerscheZahl: happy Caturday

jrke: Happy Caturday euler

jacek: happy Caturday

xyber: Happy caturday

Reevak05: TranDuc could you start it please?

Default avatar.png sarihasmaa: happy saturday

Default avatar.png sarihasmaa: :grimacing:

Default avatar.png sarihasmaa: :grinning:

Default avatar.png Programist_vlad: хочу навчитись

Default avatar.png Programist_vlad: ще крім того є якісь варіанти а то в play code combat пройшов певний етам а дальше платна версія(((

Default avatar.png Programist_vlad: а воно автоматом перекладає?

dbdr: #ru

Default avatar.png JBM: looks more like ukrainian

MrChocSalmon: +++

jacek: he knows because he saw his profile :v

Default avatar.png Programist_vlad: народ з чого можна почати підскажіть

Default avatar.png Programist_vlad: з чого можна почати

Astrobytes: Programist_vlad: Будь ласка, говоріть англійською.

Default avatar.png Dima0123: начни с practice - easy

AntiSquid: Programist_vlad go to russian channel

tomatoes: :grimacing:

tomatoes: russian channel is still broken tho

Astrobytes: Really? I thought it was OK again

tomatoes: yes, same problem as before. no new messages until full page reload (chat reconnect)

Astrobytes: Does CG know?

tomatoes: hm, logs broken too. not sure if its related somehow

Astrobytes: I would guess it probably is related

tomatoes: don't know, i didn't report

Astrobytes: Somebody reported before and they did something but not sure if they know it's broken again

AntiSquid: well that sucks, hope someone from ru reports it on discord, that's where they first take note of it it seems

jacek: reported

tomatoes: thanks :thumbsup:

[CG]Nick: fixed

Default avatar.png Vaibhav786: Hello Guys !!!

Default avatar.png jiki: thanks

Default avatar.png queiros84: hi, codingame is very cool

Default avatar.png queiros84: I like love it

Default avatar.png queiros84: and you

MSmits: :heart:

Default avatar.png [A1386]: what did you say?

Default avatar.png [A1386]: i like love it?

Default avatar.png [A1386]: do you no what did you say?

Default avatar.png [A1386]: know

Izzobacul: vitnsk can you please share your code?

vitnsk: what task?

proscripterlol: SHARE YOUR CODE OMG

proscripterlol: :;(

tomatoes: no

tomatoes: its embarracing

proscripterlol: .

jacek: ;

Astrobytes: ,

Laminator: wow not ever forgetting that pow function in python

Laminator: I still could've won if that last test case didn't time out.

tomatoes: pow mod?

Default avatar.png pedrosorio: I wish there was a way to chat with other clashofcode participants

Laminator: Yeah, I did it by hand and lost by a single char in shortest mode

Laminator: You can in the lobby before it starts

Laminator: and then here when you're done

Default avatar.png tssw: pedrosorio, there was that functionality before... I don't know why you could not chat in that room after leaving lobby :-(

Default avatar.png pedrosorio: it would be nice if they had the smaller chat

Default avatar.png pedrosorio: just for people who did the clash

Default avatar.png tssw: yes :/

proscripterlol: Share code please

proscripterlol: I'm trying to learn

proscripterlol: :(

Default avatar.png pedrosorio: shared

Default avatar.png pedrosorio: oof, that was slow

Default avatar.png pedrosorio: @tuffyTL look at that Python beauty

Default avatar.png pedrosorio: @dizzyramen share code?

Default avatar.png pedrosorio: @Izzobacul good job!

Izzobacul: @pedrosorio nice!

Default avatar.png pedrosorio: 38 seconds, wow

Default avatar.png pedrosorio: noooooooooooooooooooo

Default avatar.png pedrosorio: submitted before testing all cases

Default avatar.png MOSTAFA: Hello why int.parse doesn't work here

Default avatar.png pedrosorio: @Izzobacul well done!

Izzobacul: hahaha yessss

Default avatar.png pedrosorio: 3:56, that was bad

Izzobacul: I totally forgot how to do int formatting :((

Default avatar.png pedrosorio: I just used zfill

Default avatar.png pedrosorio: guys, it's supposed to be shortest code...

Default avatar.png pedrosorio: shortest code is a bit boring

Default avatar.png pedrosorio: 1:33 horrible

Laminator: damn I thought 4 counts as having a circle

Default avatar.png pedrosorio: 0:35 that's what I'm talking about

DaFrElUf: @pedrosorio: Boring? Do better before calling it boring.

Default avatar.png pedrosorio: @DaFrElUf care to share your code?

DaFrElUf: Sure

Default avatar.png pedrosorio: so, I could have spent another 5 minutes to try and come up with "import math as m"

Default avatar.png pedrosorio: it's just not the most interesting kind of challenge for me

Default avatar.png pedrosorio: I prefer the fast/reverse ones

starmaq: yes reverse ones cool

starmaq: especially when they're quite tough

Default avatar.png tssw: @pedrosorio... for shortest use bash ;-)

CuttingEdge: im confused

CuttingEdge: what are we supposed to do for this one lmao

Default avatar.png pedrosorio: oof, bash I once got the first prize of bash solutions in a bot competition haha

Default avatar.png tssw: DaFrElUf, thats nicer solution

icecream17: Automaton2000 > NN? hmm

Automaton2000: how do i add a new node

icecream17: 4th!!!!!!!!!

icecream17: Wow. 7:18pm, and 7/18/2020

Fastest: show ur code

beginnerscripterlol: Show code :cry:

icecream17: what are you working on

beginnerscripterlol: I always have to keep asking but nobody does it

beginnerscripterlol: :sad:

beginnerscripterlol: :pensive:

rcar: I always show code

icecream17: well, ....what are you working on?

TheSpiffiest: That one was just how fast can you type :)

icecream17: Here are the first three lines of my code:

icecream17: Oops. It says "this command does not exist"

icecream17: Hmm. It's because of the backslash character

icecream17: *forwardslash

icecream17: No losses, but I got a worse rank because I tied more often =/

Laminator: Is there a way to tell who the bots are in clash of code?