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Default avatar.png recreationx: pl

Default avatar.png recreationx: ok

WINWINWIN: python is almost the best for clash of code, second only to ruby.

cegprakash: hey someone sent me an awesome video on alpha beta pruning in the past

cegprakash: and I missed it

cegprakash: does someone has that link

cegprakash: I think struct shared me that link

PatrickMcGinnisII: I haven't seen one, sry

cegprakash: found it


cegprakash: looks like I had it in my youtube playlist :D

Andriamanitra: does ruby have something equivalent to python's [::2]

DeWill: Still it have many other advantage....

Andriamanitra: i know, i love ruby but i'm doing some insanely convoluted stuff just to get every nth character of a string

Andriamanitra: i guess{|c,i| i%2==0}.join is about good as it gets, not as nice as simple s[::2]


Andriamanitra: yeah that's what i was looking at

Andriamanitra: i found a little bit shorter way though, not sure if as readable: s.chars.values_at(*0.step(s.length-1,2)).join

OhayouWIbu: hello guys


Thyl: Yo !

Default avatar.png tie: hi

DomiKo: hi

TIE: iam new

DomiKo: heloo

DomiKo: how u doing?

TIE: good

TIE: what about you?

DomiKo: just reading

DomiKo: need to read sth to improve mcts

jacek: good afternoon

DomiKo: hii

muchClue: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

rubber_duckie: is discord down everywhere? or is it just my country

rubber_duckie: almost every website i try to access is down today...

tomatoes: works

Andriamanitra: some of these clash problems are insane

Andriamanitra: 7 players and everyone got 0% :laughing:

DomiKo: 7 players but are they good players?

MSmits: hey guys

DomiKo: hi ;)

MSmits: I have a question

DomiKo: uuu

MSmits: how do I store data as characters in the IDE

MSmits: using their byte encoding

MSmits: everyone who's ever done a NN here knows thi

MSmits: but i cant find any examples

MSmits: 2 bytes per character

DomiKo: hmmm

MSmits: in c++ specifically. I have been able to make something work in C#

MSmits: long time ago though

MSmits: say i have a 16 bit integer

tomatoes: 2 bytes as unicode codepoint => utf8 character

MSmits: yes how do i do that

DomiKo: wchar?

MSmits: o idea

MSmits: n

tomatoes: manual shifts and ors 👀

MSmits: I dont mean the bits part

MSmits: i mean how to write an actual 16 bit integer as a single character

DomiKo: so if i understand what you mean

DomiKo: you can use

DomiKo: u32string

DomiKo: read normal string

DomiKo: and then using this magic stuff

MSmits: doesnt that use 4 bytes per character?

DomiKo: wstring_convert<codecvt_utf8<char32_t>, char32_t> conv;

DomiKo: hmm you need 16

DomiKo: hmmm

MSmits: the IDE understands 16 max

MSmits: i think

MSmits: basically what i want is to be able to offline put data into characters, paste the code into the IDE and when it runs, convert it back to data

MSmits: so that i can make maximum use of codesize

MSmits: IDE allows 100k characters, 2 bytes per character

tomatoes: ide count 3byte utf8 as 1 character

MSmits: 3??

MSmits: interesting, so i can store even more data then?

tomatoes: no

tomatoes: too many control bits

MSmits: man... I wish someone wrote a guide about how to do this

tomatoes: encoding in python chr(int16).encode(‘utf-8’) should work. but dont know about c++

MSmits: hmm and how to get it back from utf-8 back to int16?

tomatoes: check utf8 wiki page

tomatoes: 1110xxxx 10xxxxxx 10xxxxxx

MSmits: ok will do thanks

tomatoes: x’s are writable, 10 fixed

tomatoes: and 4 bytes utf8 count as 2 symbols in ide, kinda useless

RoboStac: I use for encoding and then have c++ code to decode it

MSmits: thanks Robo, will check that out


MSmits: ohh nice c++ code even

derjack: msmits doing NN? :scream:

eulerscheZahl: or a larger opening book

MSmits: non NN no

MSmits: openingbook is one of the things yes

MSmits: not sure what else. It's just something I've wanted to know how to do

tomatoes: it seems base65536 use 4 bytes utf8 too. which are not good for CG

derjack: endtables?

MSmits: those too derjack, can use those for bandas

MSmits: for oware too, but i've found that the tables you generate in the first second are bigger than the ones that fit into codesoze

MSmits: codesize

MSmits: not sure how it is for bandas

MSmits: codesize = max 5 seeds i think, i do 6 seeds generating them in 1st second

derjack: or make endtables into c++ std and #include those *_*

Astrobytes: #include <win>

MSmits: if that were possible :)

tomatoes: too suspicious

wlesavo: #include <top3bot>

eulerscheZahl: tomatoes 03:12PM it seems base65536 use 4 bytes utf8 too. which are not good for CG

CG counts chars, not bytes for the code size limit

tomatoes: i checked in golf mode and some symbols count as 2

tomatoes: 𒄠

MSmits: probably because they are more than 2 bytes

tomatoes: for example

MSmits: so are you saying that this base65536 thingy sometimes converts 2 bytes to something that counts as more than 1 character?

tomatoes: i think it works but possible to compress better

RoboStac: it may well be possible to be better, but it was a massive improvement over base85 and didn't require much thought :)

MSmits: hmm but if you need the full range of 16 bit integers you will always need characters that require more than 2 bytes right?

MSmits: because of control characters and whatnot?

eulerscheZahl: but as how many chars does this count? ̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤̤

MSmits: oh noes

eulerscheZahl: :rofl:

MSmits: *euler trollmode off

eulerscheZahl: deep inside i'm still a little child

tomatoes: i'm not sure but it seems cg counts 1-2-3 bytes utf8 as 1 character and 4 bytes utf8 as 2 characters

MSmits: true euler

MSmits: thats weird tomatoes

Astrobytes: chat vandal!

eulerscheZahl: gotta enjoy the last days of trolling before the new mods get added

tomatoes: 3 bytes utf8 has 16 "free" bit. and 4 bytes utf8 has 21 free bits (or 10.5 per character)

Astrobytes: :D

MSmits: makes sense then tomatoes

tomatoes: i dont know how cg counts it inside, but random 4 bytes gives "code size: 2"

tomatoes: and random 3 or less always code size: 1

RoboStac: it would explain why I've struggled to work out exactly how big to make networks that'll fit

tomatoes: that weird glyph

RoboStac: and instead just keep shrinking them until cg stops complaining

RoboStac: never thought of checking on code golf though

tomatoes: hmm. what if golf and submit count all this things differently :thinking:

tomatoes: i checked only golf

RoboStac: it does seem to match - code golf says my othello is 95000

RoboStac: and I knew it was close

RoboStac: whereas wc says its 78k chars / 193000 bytes

derjack: do you use some compression?

MSmits: RoboStac do i understand correctly that I have to print my integers as 8 bit ascii characters that it then encodes into unicode characters?

MSmits: "ab" seemed to be turned into one character wheras "abc" became 2

RoboStac: on the python encoding side I'm passing a bytearray in, not ascii

MSmits: ah ok, but i am not using python so it will be reading a file

RoboStac: yeah, but is it a binary file? encoding text makes no sense

jacek: well i encode opening book which is text into unicode

jacek: saves exactly 2x space

MSmits: i am not sure what a binary file is compared to a text file tbh

MSmits: i have always worked with text files

jacek: print("ab".decode("utf-16")) becomes some chinese char

MSmits: 靡

MSmits: ?

jacek: yes. and c++: wstring text = L"..."

MSmits: what does that dp ?

MSmits: do

jacek: for (auto & c : text) {

   normal_text += (char)(c&255);
   normal_text += (char)(c>>8);


MSmits: yeah thats what i was thinking

MSmits: c is 16 bit ?

jacek: so you have wstring text = L"䔱㝆噄㙳䔾乏嵑獠䌱噆䐶慗" and decode into string normal_text and do whatever you waznt

jacek: actually i dont know o.O. i think

jacek: or is it wchar

MSmits: well it looks like 16 bit the way you are shifting it

jacek: as long as it works, i dont care

jacek: *ML expert*

MSmits: lol

jacek: bbl

Default avatar.png Zachary_0722: is python the most frequent language?

eulerscheZahl: what's your scope for the question? on the whole world? for clash of code shortest mode? for ...?

Default avatar.png AmarjitSingh: Can someoone suggest a good Machine learning project

swordwielder: use the AWS sagemaker and build a machine learning car

Default avatar.png AmarjitSingh: ohk thanks

Default avatar.png FlatJelly_17bc: hi I have a coding challenge test on codingame for a junior java developer position. any suggestions on how to proceed to be well prepared?

swordwielder: use leetcode

swordwielder: majority of any tests are on there.

Astrobytes: FlatJelly_17bc:

Astrobytes: And try some easy + medium puzzles

Default avatar.png FlatJelly_17bc: thankss

Astrobytes: np

Default avatar.png FlatJelly_17bc: what topics do you think the test includes

Default avatar.png FlatJelly_17bc: for a junior

swordwielder: I wish I knew

Astrobytes: I couldn't say, it might be similar problems that you'll find in the puzzle sections, or it could be custom-designed by your prospective employers

swordwielder: I have a coderpad interview tomorrow too.

swordwielder: any good suggestion on how to prepare

Astrobytes: I don't know anything about coderpad tbh, sorry

Default avatar.png Apocrypha_blank_01: Whats the easier way to count how many nodes were visited with minimax ?

tomatoes: increment some counter on visit

Uljahn: ye, kinda global variable if it's possible to use in your language

Ripkite: yerrrrrrrrr

jacek: i increment visits whenever i do game->makeMove()

thanhhv317: Hi

thanhhv317: in here, at 12PM

thanhhv317: and i am looking for a jobs JS

thanhhv317: i can using nodeJS in server side, reactJS in front-end side

Default avatar.png Apocrypha_blank_01: Thanks for the suggestion of using global counter ! helped a lot. Have been trying to use some counter in recursion while searching nodes and havent achieved much that way

SantriptaSharma: ooh

jacek: ah

Default avatar.png queiros84: hi

Default avatar.png Schwase: the new easy puzzle is a fun one

jacek: new puzzle?

Uljahn: the newest accepted is

Default avatar.png checkmunza: hi


jacek: :skull:

Andriamanitra: i hate reverse mode, this clash makes no sense

polytuky: I like reverse mode. :))

Andriamanitra: it's been 10 minutes and none of us have gotten it yet

Andriamanitra: it's just a bunch of random sequences with no pattern i'm pretty sure

Default avatar.png Gojol: Console.WriteLine(Math.Rand)

polytuky: Sometimes, It too easy.

Andriamanitra: actually not a bad idea :smile:

Andriamanitra: what's easy about 170859375 268435456 410338673 612220032 893871739 1280000000 1801088541 2494357888 3404825447 4586471424 6103515625 8031810176 10460353203 13492928512 17249876309 equaling 7

polytuky: It easy to said that a hard problem :))))

Andriamanitra: lmao 28% by outputting random number between 0 and 14

Laminator: longest repeating number?

thanhhv317: no no no

thanhhv317: do u know "Toi di code dao" ?

thanhhv317: find it in ytb

icecream17: Failure Found: tr...

icecream17: oops

icecream17: Expected: trueNothing

thanhhv317: loob

Anh_Quan: help me..

Ripkite: yeerrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Default avatar.png bartekkowalski: YERRRRRRRRRR

Default avatar.png TejasTheGReat: what does it mean when it says "Found Nothing?"

Default avatar.png TejasTheGReat: It says that I have something im my standard output stream