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nguyenletienbao: how to loop through every two element in array? help..

jacek: which language

Klient: Use a simple for loop with i += 2

jacek: or [::2] with python

Klient: Don't know python so said the most general thing xD

Klient: If that works it works tho

jrke: [::2] slice is enough for python

Uljahn: "for a, b in zip(arr, arr[1:])" gives you all pairs of elements i.e. 0, 1; 1, 2; 2, 3 etc. and "for a, b in zip(arr[::2], arr[1::2]):" gives pairs with step 2: 0, 1; 2, 3 etc.

jacek: arr :pirate:

Uljahn: that's what you get being addicted to numpy :/

Uljahn: should be of list type ofc not array

Uljahn: or 1D array, though could work with ND

Astrobytes: How do you annoy a pirate? Kick him in the arrr-se...

Astrobytes: (sorry)

Default avatar.png Cedrikus: hello, world


Herdre: hi

Klient: That was perfect, Astro :"D

jacek: arrstrobytes

Astrobytes: lol

Astrobytes: R - language of choice for pirates.

Default avatar.png DJBrutalCarpet_85b3: 1

something_ok: sr. how long to ranking be reloaded?

WINWINWIN: :D Astrobytes

Astrobytes: ;)

Default avatar.png JoeEhab12: does anyone know how to join a clash with multiple rounds?

WINWINWIN: dont understand you... multiple rounds in what sense?

Default avatar.png JoeEhab12: i mean not only one 5 min challenge

Default avatar.png JoeEhab12: like 3 rounds of different problems

Default avatar.png JoeEhab12: or that needs a private clash?

WINWINWIN: Surely not in a regular clash, but I am unsure with the private clash mechanics.

TrapRNotGay: integrals are fun + C

Default avatar.png ad99526:

Default avatar.png ad99526: join

Default avatar.png ad99526: challenge

Default avatar.png Hanifu: tes

Default avatar.png ad99526:

darkhorse64: Please don't post CoC invites on the chat

Default avatar.png proscripterlol: hi

Default avatar.png AggYzz: hello peoples

Default avatar.png AggYzz: my name is aggyzz

Default avatar.png AggYzz: no

jacek: good for you

Default avatar.png AggYzz: no u

Washier: <vuvuzela>

omer-chetin: why people not sharing thier code


omer-chetin: soo annoying

omer-chetin: hi

proscripterlol: guys why not share code please

proscripterlol: im here to learn

proscripterlol: ;(

proscripterlol: it make me sad

Default avatar.png StockBot: lol, we are here to WIN !


AIDRI: i m sad for you

Washier: some of the opponents are bots. they dont share afaik

K4Mx: eulerscheZahl, can you paste again the sample game output of Onitama per turn, you sent a sample once here , forgot to save it , its for a pres , thx

K4Mx: cant find it on git, is it there ?

K4Mx: or ill just hack it in the code , lazy me xD

jacek: oO

omer-chetin: neredesin turk

Laminator: Pirate favorite language: "You may think it's R but me only love is the C"

Washier: haha.

Astrobytes: lol, well played

Washier: I know R quite well. its not the tool for this place, unless maybe if you're training\evolving something. it is beautiful tho when you work with data\stats

Astrobytes: yeah, it's common in my field (biology), still haven't got around to it myself (left it for the bioinformatics guys) but I should

Laminator: Yeah, I have a stats background so same. I could probably hold my own in a clash of code using R. I'd say it's as easy as Python. Plus it uses a base-1 system.

Washier: noice. yes, it evolved from S. biologists and the like were doing data science\ai in the 80's already. Ihe big diff is vectorisation, so you could declare a vector like (1,2,3) and add 1 to that, without a loop.

Munchkin: Hey, guys, is it norm way to use shield? print(str(next_check_x) + " " + str(next_check_y) + " " + "SHIELD")

Uljahn: seems good

Washier: R is a script , so really slow. for puzzles, and especially golf, yes i would like the option, but it doesnt fit imo

Munchkin: ty

omer-chetin: HELLO WORLD

Washier: invite me to a clash moer-chetin

Washier: *omer-chiten. apologies

omer-chetin: how

omer-chetin: clash not found

eulerscheZahl: Washier do you know that you can tab-complete usernames?

Washier: no didnt, ty

Washier: noice

Washier: omer-chetin (it works) we missed each other.

Washier: I will follow you and invite you incessantly

omer-chetin: do it

Washier: promise.

Washier: i also need some learning on CoC. i wield C# and ruby

omer-chetin: so you dont know python

Washier: no. the lack of scoping brackets pisses me off ;)

omer-chetin: I have simple experience in Python and web devtools Except javascript

eulerscheZahl: i like python :(

eulerscheZahl: + some experience with Django

Washier: i'm just full of it big boss euler. python is amazing

Laminator: ruby is an absolute monster at shortest mode. I can pull out all the stops on python and still lose by 10%

omer-chetin: thats true

Washier: yes, it is so short. i like that

Laminator: We need some language balancing for shortest mdoe

Washier: haha. being a c# guy i would say yes. but i would be wrong.

Washier: shortest mode forced me to start learning ruby. so good imho. for fastest or reverse i will stick to C#, because i know it best, more about the problem solving

eulerscheZahl: that's why we have 15min on shortest: you can google your way

Washier: exactly. how i'm learning.

Washier: i know i sound like a stuck gramaphone, but i really love codingame. my advice to anybody would be, keep going

Laminator: I learned Ruby for the exact same and only reason lol

Astrobytes: Agreed. If you put the effort in you can learn a lot.

DiL: I'm also learning ruby just to compete on shortest mode lol

DiL: and as a python dev, ruby just looks crazy :-)

Laminator: I did learn a ton of tricks in python. But it still wasn't enough. 15 min is still plenty of time to solve it in Python and then try to google my way through Ruby.

Ripkite: whats up hombres

Washier: deep discussions bud

tomatoes: poor ruby

Washier: haha. ouch

Washier: tomatoes, you obviously a top coder. what do you think?

tomatoes: im not. think about what?

Washier: dont believe that. but ok, about languages. what lang would you lear if you started now

Washier: *learn

tomatoes: same i know. python and rust

Washier: ty

tomatoes: python is everywhere. rust is nice and fast. js maybe, but depends on tasks

jacek: as for "dont believe that" Dunning–Kruger effect

Washier: haha, my surname is Kruger

Washier: sharp point though, absolutely.

Default avatar.png McCheng: Rust is better or C++ is better?

jacek: yes

eulerscheZahl: only correct answer :D

Default avatar.png JBM: Nice underhanded plug for D

Default avatar.png JBM: +1 wouldn't have done better

eulerscheZahl: throw new DNotMentionedException()

AbundantPuddle: if Rust > C++{ gotoAndPlay(D);} else{ gotoAndPlay(D);}


Astrobytes: Because everyone should use the D once.

proscripterlol: hey guys please be nice and share your code :(

Astrobytes: I did

DiL: yes you D-d Astrobytes

Astrobytes: lol DiL :)

eulerscheZahl: proscripterlol are you clashing vs the bots that don't share?

eulerscheZahl: also: nice one DiL :D

DiL: :-)

DomiKo: wow

DomiKo: first win vs jacek


Washier: wd

DomiKo: i guess that's good direction

Washier: has to be

Astrobytes: gg

Astrobytes: Are you MCTS or alphabeta-based DomiKo?

Washier: would like to know also

DomiKo: alphabeta

Washier: chest bump

Washier: how deep?

DomiKo: like 10 in first move

Washier: very noice

DomiKo: then like 7/8

DomiKo: in worst moment

DomiKo: mid game so expensive

Astrobytes: I get 14-16 currently but I have other issues

DomiKo: full depth?

Washier: wow

Washier: 14-16!

Astrobytes: Do you use a TT?

DomiKo: or some cuts

Astrobytes: Cuts

DomiKo: TT?

Astrobytes: sorry, transposition table

Astrobytes: Also, aspiration windows

DomiKo: no

DomiKo: i don't really know what could be use of TT

DomiKo: i just use bitmasks and currently trying to make good eval

Astrobytes: Well, whatever you're doing keep doing it, seems to be working good ;)

DomiKo: maybe i will try to do some better cuts

DomiKo: yours 14-16 is so impressiv

Astrobytes: Just have to fix my other bugs, currently rewriting. Just finished my offline arena, seems to be working nicely.

DomiKo: yea offline areana is really useful

DomiKo: i will try MCTS in some days

Astrobytes: Yeah I was thinking about trying MCTS variant too

Astrobytes: But I hope to get multi probcut working with my alphabeta at some point (one day lol)

DomiKo: i have to read about some varations of MCTS

DomiKo: because i guess that fully random mcts woudn't be so cool

Astrobytes: Yeah, heuristic-guided works well for a lot of things. Early playout termination w/ eval etc

DomiKo: i heard that

DomiKo: but first i have to find some blogs

DomiKo: that will expail that

Astrobytes: The EPT sometimes just becomes a UCB guided tree search, no random

Astrobytes: I'd say experiment with lower depths and eval when you terminate, experiment with what you backprop score-wise

DomiKo: interesting

Astrobytes: Depending on the game, MCTS solver might help, sometimes maybe not so much

DomiKo: i have to spend some time reading about MCTS variations

DomiKo: and maybe i would improve on UTTT too

Astrobytes: There's some good papers out there (and some not so good), just ask in here if you get stuck with anything.

DomiKo: i found some

DomiKo: will read them tomorrow

DomiKo: and definitely will ask if i needed

tomatoes: there are a lot

Astrobytes: Cool. Watch out for the pseudocode in the original MCTS solver paper, it's awful, just read the text.

DomiKo: oh yea

DomiKo: pseudocodes and really oful sometimes

Astrobytes: Aw you saw that already I think

Astrobytes: Or maybe was someone else

tomatoes: text is a bit awful too :grinning:

Astrobytes: lol true

DomiKo: old papers have that thing

DomiKo: (new ones too...)

Astrobytes: hehe indeed

DomiKo: or maybe

DomiKo: have you guys some paper

tomatoes: dont know why they mixed nega/mini in one paragraph

DomiKo: on EPT?

DomiKo: i guess about MCTS solver i will read the original one

tomatoes: i just translated idea to big if tree

tomatoes: it works and i dont touch it

Astrobytes: EPT I don't think I used a paper for it, I just did it and then found out what it was after

Astrobytes: Whilst some of us were working on Oware Abapa

Astrobytes: Actually, it was Neumann who mentioned it to me. I didn't get it at first then just tried it out and it worked.

Astrobytes: In that case it was depth 0, just select -> expand -> eval -> backprop

DomiKo: so when i backprob

DomiKo: i make it like in minmax?

Astrobytes: You can, bunch of ways to do it, it would seem

DomiKo: ohh yea

tomatoes: im propagating in mcts style

DomiKo: i found


tomatoes: i think its better with weak eval

DomiKo: i guess yes


Astrobytes: In Oware I tanh to keep it sensible

DomiKo: in this paper they try to do two things at once

DomiKo: mcts style is like taking avreage of eval values?

Default avatar.png finnn: when i use lua

Default avatar.png finnn: it prints 2.0 instead of 2

DomiKo: convert it to integer

Default avatar.png finnn: but why should i have to do that

Astrobytes: brb, afk 5 mins

Default avatar.png finnn: it should already be an integer

DomiKo: idk what you did

tomatoes: yes

Default avatar.png finnn: just doing print(2/4)

Default avatar.png finnn: i mean

Default avatar.png finnn: print(4/2)

Default avatar.png finnn: prints 2.0 instead of 2

tomatoes: try //

DomiKo: yap

remi6: '{:g}'.format(4/2)

DomiKo: operator / return float

Default avatar.png finnn: it's lua

tomatoes: yes, and?

RvveSplit: oh this is a surpirse

RvveSplit: hello

RvveSplit: oh ok bye

Default avatar.png finnn: print(4/2) in lua should print 2

Default avatar.png finnn: not 2.0

jacek: ohai

Default avatar.png finnn: lua doesn't have integer/number types

Default avatar.png finnn: i mean float not number

tomatoes: print(4//2)

Astrobytes: ^

Default avatar.png finnn: that's a thing??

Default avatar.png finnn: strange

Astrobytes: Yes. You perhaps should spend some time learning more about the language ;)

Default avatar.png finnn: i come from using luau (roblox's lua)

Default avatar.png finnn: not plain lua

Default avatar.png finnn: so i guess you're right

Astrobytes: Well, plenty resources out there to get up to speed. Keep going and don't give up

Default avatar.png finnn: i think it's a version thing

Astrobytes: Alright I'm out for tonight, brain's frazzled. Goodnight/good day guys

Default avatar.png finnn: dunno which version // was added or removed in but it's definitely specific to a version of lua

DomiKo: goodnight

DomiKo: see ya

Default avatar.png finnn: literally

Default avatar.png finnn: if you do

Default avatar.png finnn: 5^5

Default avatar.png finnn: it prints 25.0

Default avatar.png finnn: ???

Default avatar.png finnn: i have to add extra lines & spend extra time to correct that

Default avatar.png finnn: not a normal lua thing

omer-chetin: 5**5 in python

omer-chetin: use round func

Laminator: I remember seeing python code where instead of a for loop, they used the exec() function and multiplied the actions as a string by the iteration amount or something, I can't figure it out. Do anyone know what I'm talking about and can give me a working example?

Ripkite: yerrrrrrrrrr

Default avatar.png bartekkowalski: YERRRRR

Ripkite: lit

Ripkite: we need a more hype chat

Default avatar.png bartekkowalski: ikr

Ripkite: this is why we get no biddies in this field

Default avatar.png MarkAdell: hey, this is my first time here, is there a way to compete with a random user?

Default avatar.png MarkAdell: like a 1 on 1 contest

Default avatar.png bartekkowalski: not sure but if you just do clash of code you play against randoms but it is not a 1v1

Default avatar.png MarkAdell: alright

Default avatar.png MarkAdell: yea i tried clash of code, it's fun

Laminator: you could do a private clash of codes

Default avatar.png recreationx: wsup

Ripkite: anyone else smacked

Ripkite: bro coding is so much fun

Ripkite: what you guys use in clash?

Ripkite: been switching between c++ and javascript

Laminator: python all the way

Ripkite: off that

Ripkite: only good for machine learning

Ripkite: and data mining