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jrke: what a map


Default avatar.png jokzyz: hi

JakeCubes: UN OWEN, u wanna play with me?

Imsure1200q: why is code of rings abt optimization but there's useless rendering in the display

minhluan2292: anayone did complete

Imsure1200q: still doing it lol

minhluan2292: you reply me Imsure1200q ?

Imsure1200q: yes

abt8601: I completed it

jacek: github down?

Wangpy: I also completed light-bulbs puzzle, i think it is a variant of hanoi-tower problem

Imsure1200q: didnt notice that :(

minhluan2292: for 4 days, it not work :(

LeBaoHoang8A4: :)

MusaFernanda: hello

Default avatar.png AdamJeddy: hoi

baobigbang: :D

Default avatar.png aButteredChicken: hey


Default avatar.png Sun_Young: hi

DomiKo: helo ;)

jacek: hows wybory? :F

DomiKo: in what sense?

DomiKo: for me? or in general

jacek: just chatting

jacek: ^^

DomiKo: :>

Default avatar.png YuriAivokov: hi

Default avatar.png MadDictatorOfDoom_9230: sup

Default avatar.png Zachary_0722: hello

Default avatar.png Sko0owi: hi

Default avatar.png Schwase: hi

Default avatar.png Schwase: quaternion multiplication was a fun puzzle

mrfojo: hi

kein_plan: hi

Default avatar.png AbsoluteMadlad12: gg

awesometj: hey

jacek: ohai

jai_m: hey

no39mz: I want to sleep

Default avatar.png TheMysteriousLampshade_b7c0: cout<<"Hello World!";

jacek: congratulations, now youre expert on C++

Astrobytes: Go forth and make games.

Default avatar.png dusty_sky: mmmm

Default avatar.png dusty_sky: why it is so easy?

Astrobytes: jacek, not the best result eh

Default avatar.png TheMysteriousLampshade_b7c0: i go to hack NASA to see files with HTML hacking for NASA

tomatoes: gl

Astrobytes: I see...

Astrobytes: Off you go then.

eulerscheZahl: hacking the NASA? did you mean NSA?


Astrobytes: lol

jacek: at least i rekt smits in oware

Astrobytes: Ah nice placement!

**Anonymous33 slaps Astrobytes around a bit with a large fishbot

Default avatar.png vasivarga: why all these exercises are in french? Is there any option to change the language? :DD

eulerscheZahl: yes

Astrobytes: Settings->Language

Astrobytes: Your profile->Settings->Language

eulerscheZahl: or bottom of the start page


Astrobytes: Or fix your French.

eulerscheZahl: whatever is easier

Default avatar.png vasivarga: switching to english is fine :)) thanks

eulerscheZahl: community puzzles only have an English statement btw

Default avatar.png vasivarga: I was in the learning section

eulerscheZahl: if it says "by XYZ", then odds are good that it's English only

eulerscheZahl: for SDK contributions it's possible to have a bilingual statement. but most contributors me included don't care

jacek: sacrebleu!

eulerscheZahl: mon dieu

Astrobytes: hon hon baguette

Scarfield: sauerkraut

Astrobytes: choucroute not sauerkraut!!!

Scarfield: xD

Default avatar.png Schwase: ive been trying to figure out BFS for the maze/pathfinding application, but im still a bit stuck, ive created a class named "Node" with a List field and a Node field and created methods to construct a path using open and closed lists, but i dont think im really getting the actual object "Node" part of this, should the list be the Node's neighbors? also, how is iterator used?

Default avatar.png Schwase: i understand the separate elements on their own, but im not really putting together how they all lead to a BFS pathfinder...

eulerscheZahl: A node has the neighbors as a list of nodes

eulerscheZahl: you start with a queue of nodes, initially only containing your target node

eulerscheZahl: when, as long as there are nodes in this queue: dequeue a node n

eulerscheZahl: for each neighbor of n, which you haven't visited before: visit it and put it in the queue

Default avatar.png Schwase: ok

Default avatar.png Schwase: that helps

Default avatar.png Schwase: ty

eulerscheZahl: and save the path, how you reached that node. can be a class member "from" for instance

Default avatar.png Schwase: ok

Astrobytes: Don't forget to break when you reach the target (if you have one)

eulerscheZahl: oh, France has a public holiday tomorrow

eulerscheZahl: Bastille Day

Astrobytes: yeah Bastille DAy

Astrobytes: ah

eulerscheZahl: that explains why i saw close to no staff online today

eulerscheZahl: taking an extra day off

Astrobytes: Yeah, they'll probably go on strike or a protest on Wednesday just to make it 3 in a row :P

Astrobytes: It's the French way!

jacek: so its time to break cg server

Astrobytes: Someone upload an optim with loads of validators, where's Illedan when you need him

Default avatar.png Schwase: in philadelphia they always have (had before covid) a bastille day celebration at the Eastern State Penitentiary

Default avatar.png Schwase: pretty fun

Masterpiece: Hello

Masterpiece: Is there anyone who would like to do contest with me in code forces ?

DomiKo: wow finally

DomiKo: legend on hypersonic :D

jacek: :tada:

Astrobytes: good job

DomiKo: now only 3:30H waiting....

jacek: hows uttt going

DomiKo: not good...

DomiKo: right now iam stuck with my performence

DomiKo: so today was a chill day

DomiKo: and i did hypersonic

DomiKo: but tommorow i will try again

Default avatar.png AggYzz: hello wolrd

Default avatar.png PexN: hello everyone

**Anonymous33 slaps PexN around a bit with a large fishbot

Default avatar.png Uly: Hi everyone ! In Java, what is the most efficient way to remove an element from an array ? .remove(int index) seems not to work

Default avatar.png JBM: Still not sure why the rest of the world calls it Bastille day

Default avatar.png JBM: Kind of a recent phenomenon, to the best of my observation

Default avatar.png JBM: Nobody calls the fourth of July Washington or capitol day, afaik

Default avatar.png Uly: I'm french, I'll explain it to you

Default avatar.png Uly: on July 14th, 1789

Default avatar.png Uly: french ppl took the arms against monarchy and took the political jail Bastille

Default avatar.png Uly: to get guns and gunpowder

Default avatar.png Uly: france made it the national day since

Default avatar.png Uly: Washington wasn't built in one day

Default avatar.png Uly: but Bastille was taken in one day