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Default avatar.png ArhanMisra: me too

thanhhv317: where are u from?

Default avatar.png U.N.Owen: He's from california

thanhhv317: why are you know it?

Default avatar.png ArhanMisra: ummm who are you

Default avatar.png U.N.Owen: he's my fried

thanhhv317: yeah

Default avatar.png U.N.Owen: *friend

thanhhv317: do you want play code game with me

Default avatar.png U.N.Owen: We are, I got first in the same one as u

Default avatar.png U.N.Owen: He still hasn't finished

thanhhv317: okay !!

Default avatar.png U.N.Owen: Now he has

thanhhv317: how old are u

Default avatar.png U.N.Owen: 13

thanhhv317: wow

Default avatar.png U.N.Owen: lol

thanhhv317: what is language code

Default avatar.png U.N.Owen: ?

thanhhv317: nono

thanhhv317: :)

Default avatar.png U.N.Owen: oh, python

thanhhv317: js

Default avatar.png U.N.Owen: nice

thanhhv317: i am student

thanhhv317: and i want to a job

Default avatar.png U.N.Owen: i am too, and i do too

thanhhv317: i can build a website with php,html,css,js

thanhhv317: you can do it?

Default avatar.png U.N.Owen: nice

Default avatar.png U.N.Owen: i typically use django, cause it's easier for me to code in python

thanhhv317: wow

thanhhv317: i think python fit for algothym, AI

Default avatar.png U.N.Owen: Yeah, i use it on ai too, but with django it's simple to make websites

thanhhv317: with web, python not power

Default avatar.png U.N.Owen: True

Default avatar.png U.N.Owen: But I don't have much practice with js

Default avatar.png U.N.Owen: I'm learning though

thanhhv317: good

thanhhv317: but

thanhhv317: 13 year old ?

Default avatar.png U.N.Owen: yup

Default avatar.png U.N.Owen: u?

thanhhv317: 16

Default avatar.png U.N.Owen: cool

thanhhv317: u very cool

thanhhv317: i am bad

Default avatar.png U.N.Owen: nah

Default avatar.png U.N.Owen: Ur prbly better than me

thanhhv317: do u want play a game with me

thanhhv317: solo code :xd

Default avatar.png U.N.Owen: Aren't we in the same one rn?

Default avatar.png U.N.Owen: Oh, what is the solo code thing

Default avatar.png U.N.Owen: We couldn't find it

saarques: Hey everyone! :)

Default avatar.png U.N.Owen: Hey

Default avatar.png U.N.Owen: I wonder why we're using the world chat

Default avatar.png U.N.Owen: isn't there one for only our game?

saarques: Glad to be a part of this community!, thanks for your amazing support

saarques: Don't know, Seems like there is

Default avatar.png U.N.Owen: um... ur welcome?

saarques: Coc####

Default avatar.png U.N.Owen: yeah, right

Default avatar.png U.N.Owen: I sent a message on it

saarques: Indidrect support, I was literaaly craving to start coding for a while

Default avatar.png U.N.Owen: oh, lol, coding's a great world

Default avatar.png U.N.Owen: I've been doing it since I was about 6

saarques: Yu it is.

saarques: I couldn't do it this much, I am in my final year lol

Default avatar.png U.N.Owen: college or high school?

saarques: And that too CSE

saarques: College

Default avatar.png U.N.Owen: cool

saarques: :)

Default avatar.png U.N.Owen: I'm in middle school, i have nothing but time

saarques: Cool

saarques: Getting itno new COC, wanna join?

Default avatar.png U.N.Owen: yeah, one sec, I'm messing with my friend

saarques: Sure thing

Default avatar.png U.N.Owen: he and i are the last ones on this and I'm lying about my character count to make him submit

saarques: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Default avatar.png U.N.Owen: lol, i'm in

saarques: Yup

Default avatar.png U.N.Owen: nice one

saarques: Aaaaa

saarques: You got it

Default avatar.png U.N.Owen: only cause i cut the spaces

saarques: Yup

Default avatar.png U.N.Owen: apart from that, u and i did the exact same thing

Andriamanitra: did you even need end="" ?

saarques: I have this habit of putting spaces

saarques: Yup, it was needed

Default avatar.png U.N.Owen: lol, its a good havit

saarques: Yeah, it makes things clear for me, when I'm doing some big nasty work

Default avatar.png U.N.Owen: u needed the end="" because otherwise u would've had a new line at the end, but I guess it wouldn't have mattered much to them

Default avatar.png U.N.Owen: Yeah

Default avatar.png U.N.Owen: Cleaner code is better code

saarques: No, it did matter

Default avatar.png U.N.Owen: Oh

Default avatar.png U.N.Owen: Yeah

saarques: I tried that, it wasn't accepting the newline

Andriamanitra: weird, i had newline at the end of my square

saarques: That's cool too Andriamanitra

Default avatar.png U.N.Owen: urs would be fine, because the default value of end is a newline char

Default avatar.png U.N.Owen: But we wrote it in one print statement

saarques: No, your may not have been a newline, I in my case, put it forcefully

saarques: Yup, just as owen said

Default avatar.png U.N.Owen: so, we had to add our own newlines and then there would be excess at the end

Default avatar.png U.N.Owen: Oh, owen isn't my name, its just a username thing

Default avatar.png U.N.Owen: I use it in a lot of places, its from a book

saarques: Ohkay :)

Default avatar.png U.N.Owen: It's supposed to be sounded out as Unknown, ya know

Default avatar.png U.N.Owen: Un Owen

saarques: I remember only one Owen, that's a footballer

saarques: :)

Default avatar.png U.N.Owen: lolll

saarques: Ohh, right

Default avatar.png U.N.Owen: It's from agatha christie's "And then there were none"

saarques: Hmm, that's cool

saarques: Up for the next one? :upside_down:

Default avatar.png U.N.Owen: yup

Default avatar.png U.N.Owen: One sec though, i have to wait for my friend

saarques: Sure

Default avatar.png U.N.Owen: no, he did it in the same time as me

saarques: forky is your friend, it seems

Default avatar.png U.N.Owen: k, I can join the next one now

Default avatar.png U.N.Owen: hm, no, its ArhanMisra

saarques: Ohh, okay

Default avatar.png U.N.Owen: Oh, I think I missed urs

jistjoalal: i just did a clash that only required 3 buttons on keyboard

saarques: That's great

Andriamanitra: why am i getting security checks every single time i join a clash T_T

kazuki_fuze: ok lets go

jacek: because youre bot

Kyojin_MasterX: funny

thanhhv317: hi

thanhhv317: i using js

jacek: im sorry

Default avatar.png VietAnhMai: 123

Default avatar.png ViktorCalebFuentes: oi

Default avatar.png ViktorCalebFuentes: hello

Default avatar.png ViktorCalebFuentes: fuck you

DomiKo: another top1 in gold ehhh

DomiKo: that's the feeling when you love it and hate it at the same time

jacek: but youre in legend now?

jacek: also, go to wybory

dbdr: gg on joining the top pack, MSmits!

jacek: :F

DomiKo: wybory done ;)

DomiKo: and no ;(

MSmits: thanks dbdr, I just have a few eval parameters, super basic

MSmits: trying to tune them but half of my opponents cant be tested against

MSmits: also there's some serious rock paper scissors, already found a set of parameters that beats tric trac half the time

Astrobytes: Yes, it's very annoying not being able to test

Astrobytes: gj btw ;)

MSmits: thanks

MSmits: I think a simple set of params like i use in oware is going to be really limited here

MSmits: I do think one of those fancy trained evals is necessary

Astrobytes: Seems like the way to go

MSmits: I'll see if I can make something work after I get back from vacation

MSmits: never done this before

jacek: trained eval?

MSmits: yeah

MSmits: like the ntuples

Astrobytes: How is the election going jacek

MSmits: jacek running for office?

Astrobytes: lol

jacek: for codingame president

jacek: im gonna ban rust

MSmits: ahh I see

MSmits: good idea

MSmits: those damn rusties, coming in and stealing our leaderboard spots

dbdr: easier than to compete? ;)

Default avatar.png JBM: definitely

Default avatar.png JBM: just claim it's unfair for some reason and get them banned

Default avatar.png JBM: like why do they get -O2

MSmits: they'd choke otherwise?

Astrobytes: ffs :D

dbdr: C/C++ gets #pragma. ban them! :)

Default avatar.png JBM: ban them all


Andriamanitra: in clash of code is there no way to see where my code went from after the round? i was a bit too quick on the old submit button

dbdr: CG should only accept OISC code. how to generate it is up to players

Default avatar.png JBM: (as it is for any code)

jacek: oisc?

MSmits: Othello submit is like: Wreck anyone rank 8 and below, then get wrecked by anyone 1-4 while trying to catch a tomatoe

MSmits: gap below tomatoes is huge


dbdr: i like the "catch a tomatoe" expression :D

MSmits: thanks :copyright:

dbdr: wow, you just caught a tomatoe :D

MSmits: seems like it yeah

MSmits: i am just messing with parameters

MSmits: that frontier stuff is useless btw

MSmits: in an eval

MSmits: took it out, best param value was 0

jacek: oO

eulerscheZahl: maybe it helps in one stage of the problem and not in another?

MSmits: i have the corners thing and also tried to add a separate eval for corner adjacents

MSmits: could be eulerscheZahl

MSmits: could not make corner adjacents work yet either. Maybe I need to check whether the corner has been taken already

MSmits: if the corner is taken, then its no problem to have a corner adjacent cell

jacek: thats why ntuple would take care of

MSmits: otherwise when you own a corner, you'll get punished for also having a corner adjacent

MSmits: yeah i know

dbdr: tomato is still fresh after all

MSmits: yeah, rock paper scissors

jacek: no, tomato is already rusted

jacek: and rotten

tomatoes: :smile:

MSmits: hi

tomatoes: i think frontiers is a bit usefull in the early game

tomatoes: first 20 plies maybe

MSmits: maybe, couldn't tell

MSmits: this is really the perfect game to experiment with. I get why it's so popular as a research subject

MSmits: damnit jacek, 9 wins in a row to start my submit. You just had to ruin it

jacek: :cat:

MSmits: trying to get past tomatoes, renard and tric trac

MSmits: otherwise known as

MSmits: fox and friends

MSmits: oo first jacek win

jacek: :E

struct: Damn even with no books

struct: The game was played perfectly for 10 turns

struct: until MSmits made a mistake


struct: The right move was D7

jacek: how do you know


SkyDreamer: just did a shortest code contest and i cant understand why my code didnt work

SkyDreamer: print('+'.join(sorted([int(i)for i in input().split('+')])))

MSmits: well this is definitely a good submit then

Astrobytes: It would certainly appear so, very nice

MSmits: I love that this game has a public opening book

MSmits: if i ever make one for othello i can check it against that

jacek: or jsut copy paste

MSmits: whats the fun in that

MSmits: I hope people do that

MSmits: it's so easy to counter a deep opening book :)

jacek: there is logistello database games, for which you can train from

jacek: or compare

MSmits: yeah hjax is going to do that

jacek: you pushed me above robo, thx

MSmits: you're welcome

MSmits: my current test:

MSmits: RoboStac GW=25,00% [ W=16,67% L=66,67% D=16,67% ] [18]

             Renard    GW=68,75%    [ W=68,75%   L=31,25%   D=0,00%   ] [16]
           trictrac    GW=60,71%    [ W=57,14%   L=35,71%   D=7,14%   ] [14]
        -- TOTAL --    GW=50,00%    [ W=45,83%   L=45,83%   D=8,33%   ] [48 games]

MSmits: doing well against renard and trick trac

MSmits: but Robo is strong

jacek: youre not testing against me?

MSmits: not yet, you're too tough, waste of games

jacek: i feel so unworthy

MSmits: if you lose everything, then there is no test

MSmits: I try to pick opponents around my bots strength

MSmits: in this case, many are rust, so not much to choose from

Default avatar.png FLQ4: lol

dbdr: only tomatoes

Default avatar.png FLQ4: only oranges

MSmits: and hjax, and that one guy at the top, forgot his name

jacek: but he uploads the binary :?

MSmits: oh dbdr is testable

Astrobytes: Yeah, you'll just lose

MSmits: not that it matters. I am not going to play 2000 games to see whether I win 1 or 2

struct: high expectations I see

Astrobytes: :D

dbdr: and hij*x is quite lower, so test probably not useful either

dbdr: lol

MSmits: had the same problem in oware, tests against robo and re curse were useless for a long time

MSmits: true

dbdr: so improving my bot would be a good investment

MSmits: if I dont find a fancy eval like the top 3 did, I will not come anywhere near I think

MSmits: unless I cheese it and counterbook your bot, but I only do that when I am already in the ballpark, otherwise it feels like cheating

dbdr: and should be easy to counter if needed

MSmits: not exactly

MSmits: unless you randomize your bot

dbdr: book against your book

MSmits: so far I won every book war. It's a matter of who is most obsessed

dbdr: :D

MSmits: i can hold on because I think its fun to do :P

dbdr: sounds fun to me too :)

MSmits: well we'll have one later then maybe. But I need a good bot first

MSmits: btw, i try to counter book robo in oware atm

MSmits: not having much luck at all

MSmits: he plays perfectly deterministic

MSmits: but

MSmits: so far first 15 plies he plays perfectly. He doesnt seem to make a mistake :P

MSmits: so kinda hard to counter. Expected seed difference stays at 0 and I lose the rest of the game

jacek: and yet here i am weith the move 10 as p2

MSmits: oh right, seems to work fine jacek

MSmits: my tests say 1, 4 and 5 are good as p2

jacek: so you cant outbook me!

MSmits: Robo does 1, I do 5, Agade as well

MSmits: It takes forever, iwont get to you with in a month probably, if it even works

MSmits: maybe my bot is not good enough to create a reliable oware book. It's a long game

jacek: when i search deep, there is 5 vs 4, sometimes 1

MSmits: I saw a paper that listed games of top bots

jacek: and robo resubmited

MSmits: they started with F a lot (6th pit)

MSmits: yeah I know I am testing vs his current bot

MSmits: i meant they replied with F a lot sorry

MSmits: so 5

jacek: i use 6-11 for the upper ~

MSmits: I think multiple replies are solved as a draw

MSmits: ah I just always use 0 to 5

MSmits: from what i can tell only the 0 reply (6) is bad

MSmits: maybe 2 also

jacek: i wonder if in ancient times they researched that game thoroughly

MSmits: maybe it would explain some cave drawings :P

Astrobytes: That was during the Owarecene era

MSmits: :)

Default avatar.png PAVANBHAT: hi

jacek: good morning

MSmits: when Robo's bot says -100 he lost?


MSmits: I am just wondering how a NN can solve this soon

eulerscheZahl: An error occurred (#UNAUTHORIZED): "You are not authorised to view replay 476766964".

MSmits: ahh right

MSmits: i forgot about that

jacek: ?

MSmits: i cant share a cg bench game

struct: if you do share-replay in the link MSmits

eulerscheZahl: you can

struct: will it work?

MSmits: how?

eulerscheZahl: click the share button

MSmits: the share button isn there

jacek: na sharing

jacek: no caring

eulerscheZahl: screenshot or i don't believe you

struct: If he edits the link to

struct: and then opens it

struct: wont it share it?

Astrobytes: Button? For cg-bench?


eulerscheZahl: hmmm...

MSmits: you dont need the link though, I was just referring to the -100 he says one ply after I solved it on my side

MSmits: so I am guessing he solved his loss

dbdr: that does not look very soon

MSmits: but NN's dont search very deep

MSmits: 16 plies before the end though

eulerscheZahl: i don't even care about the -100, just wanted to nag you

MSmits: i know :P

dbdr: very few legal moves

dbdr: tree is narrow

MSmits: true

dbdr: why does NN not search very deep

dbdr: eval is more expensive?

MSmits: yeah

MSmits: I think they have 10x less rollouts or something

MSmits: maybe even less than that

dbdr: must depend a lot on the network

MSmits: sure

MSmits: i guess good eval also does help you solve a bit sooner

dbdr: say it's linear in the number of weights

MSmits: might have been a fluke


MSmits: here i solve pretty late, but he solves much later even

MSmits: perhaps because he doesnt do his eval when there's just 1 child

struct: dbdr you have no opening book right?

dbdr: none

dbdr: yet ;)

struct: Your bot early moves are optimal, even when oponent makes a mistake

struct: amazing

MSmits: i think some training methods might basically encode an opening book within the weights. Early game positions occur much more often than middle game ones, so if you just train on games, you may train harder on the opening

dbdr: well, since I have no book, it makes no different what the opponent does

RoboStac: MSmits - yeah, -100 is I know I've lost

MSmits: ahh ok thought so

RoboStac: the policy from the nn means I search good moves effieciently

dbdr: right

struct: Yeah dbdr but what I was trying to say is that you answer the wrong move with the perfect move

RoboStac: despite only eval'ing about 3000 positions per turn

MSmits: yeah that makes sense

MSmits: I eval 650k positions :P

dbdr: it means ntest has book entries for opponent "mistakes"?

struct: yeah

dbdr: interesting

struct: you can try the link I posted

dbdr: might not need it if it's a big mistake

dbdr: but they have different constraints

dbdr: space is not an issue

struct: even if opponent makes a mistake

struct: you can do a worse mistake after

RoboStac: was hoping for better from this submit, hadn't spotted tric had updated and msmits was now an issue :(

MSmits: thanks

MSmits: well you put some distance between me and the fox so thats good

dbdr: true in principle, struct, but othello is short enough and close to draw, that one mistake is probably fatal, if you have a good enough search

MSmits: oware is even worse like that

MSmits: well its not short, but it has crazy loops

MSmits: 1 mistake does lead to loss

struct: Cant be worse than Yavalath

MSmits: hmm, its different

MSmits: yavalath is harder to solve probably

MSmits: but it has early game ends

MSmits: many

Default avatar.png RARH: hi im kinda new to coding

MSmits: welcome

Default avatar.png RARH: my dad keeps making me do things like this even though he knows i struggle like crazy with them

MSmits: your dad is making you code?

Default avatar.png RARH: yh

MSmits: modern of him

MSmits: he coulda been making you practice baseball or something cliché like that

Default avatar.png RARH: i do sort of like coding but not when its waaaaay too hard

MSmits: small steps

Astrobytes: *we have rounders and cricket here MSmits

Astrobytes: No baseball.

Default avatar.png RARH: lol

MSmits: ow

MSmits: RARH do easy puzzles here

MSmits: the easiest ones should be doable

MSmits: you can pick what language you think is easiest

MSmits: small steps

Default avatar.png RARH: is that meant to be a link?

MSmits: oh you mean the red color?

MSmits: thats what you see when someone types your name

Default avatar.png RARH: it wont work like one if i hover my mouse over it (yh the red)

Default avatar.png RARH: oh

MSmits: you can finish names with tab button on your keyboard

Default avatar.png RARH: kool

Astrobytes: This is definitely a link:

Default avatar.png RARH: ohhhh

eulerscheZahl: it's a trao!

eulerscheZahl: trap

Astrobytes: :D

eulerscheZahl: i need an artist :(

MSmits: it seems 11 new easy puzzles were created since my last vacation in july last year

struct: JBM

Astrobytes: ^

eulerscheZahl: *a good artist

eulerscheZahl: more like Zerplin

Astrobytes: :scream_cat:

Default avatar.png RARH: how do i set my profile picture type thing? i c u all have one

eulerscheZahl: go to your profile

eulerscheZahl: click the avatar

Default avatar.png JBM: now what?

MSmits: put a random animal

Default avatar.png RARH: i did it

Default avatar.png RARH: i think

MSmits: JBM euler is in a mood where he annoys people

eulerscheZahl: yes you did RARH

MSmits: you know how that is

eulerscheZahl: why do I annoy people?

Default avatar.png JBM: i dunno

Default avatar.png JBM: but you shouldn't

MSmits: you said you were nagging me earlier :P

eulerscheZahl: you shared an invalid link

MSmits: thats true

Astrobytes: trollerscheZahl

eulerscheZahl: and i still need an artist

Default avatar.png RARH: it doesnt look like i have the profile pic thing on my screen...

eulerscheZahl: that's MK style, Astrobytes

dbdr: was thinking the same :)

eulerscheZahl: clear your cache and reload RARH

Astrobytes: lol

RARH: done that

MSmits: I see fire

RARH: oooh it works now!

Astrobytes: Confirmed

MSmits: :fire:

eulerscheZahl: :water:

eulerscheZahl: :bucket:

eulerscheZahl: come on

MSmits: :water_polo_tone1:

Astrobytes: :fountain:

RARH: :fire:

RARH: :fire:

Default avatar.png JBM: :earth:

eulerscheZahl: :ice:

eulerscheZahl: :snow:

RARH: :earth:

eulerscheZahl: :snowflake:

Default avatar.png JBM: :air:

RARH: lol

RARH: :ice:

eulerscheZahl: 8 arms for the snowflake?

RARH: :snowflake:

MSmits: :ice_cream:

Astrobytes: :wind:

MSmits: :nauseated_face:

eulerscheZahl: stop puking off the fire

Astrobytes: Actually, that's accurate. Been eating a lot of bean chilli recently

MSmits: that explains it

RARH: lol

Default avatar.png RogerRoger: \join coc7711921


jacek: :scream;

Default avatar.png Schwase: do medium+ puzzles not have java lang assist enabled?

jacek: they do :?

Default avatar.png Schwase: idk

jacek: restart browser then

Default avatar.png Schwase: smart thinking

Default avatar.png Schwase: its been open at least overnight

Astrobytes: that'll be the issue

Default avatar.png Schwase: yep

Default avatar.png Schwase: back up now

Default avatar.png Schwase: thx

69razer69: hey guys

69razer69: anyone solved the weekly challenge

jacek: overnight? youre some cg addict

Default avatar.png Schwase: haha wasnt coding just had some macros running

Anonymous33: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

**Anonymous33 slaps Schwase around a bit with a large fishbot

Default avatar.png Schwase: stock exchange losses short be an easy puzzle lol

eulerscheZahl: easy to code. needs a little thinking what to code

Default avatar.png Schwase: store max, substract new value store difference if new minimum

Default avatar.png Schwase: idk

Zenoscave: Oh man I almost had a SSD bite the bullet

Zenoscave: just about lost a lot of private git repos I don't have backed up.

inoryy: aren't private git repos free now on github?

Zenoscave: Not sure

struct: they are

Zenoscave: should probably check

jacek: yes, but github belongs to m$, so

struct: up to N members I think

Zenoscave: Yes!!!! Good news everybody

Zenoscave: where's hypnotoad

eulerscheZahl: private repos are free for up to 3 collaborators

inoryy: jacek so..?

jacek: i dont trust them :v

eulerscheZahl: not everything MS does is bad

inoryy: are you hanging onto outdated stereotypes?

eulerscheZahl: .net core is under MIT license

jacek: outdated?

inoryy: alright, what is your distrust based on

eulerscheZahl: i wouldn't install a windows on my personal computer. too much ways to collect your data and i don't like the OS itself

eulerscheZahl: but i don't hate MS as a whole company

jacek: i have windows only for the games

eulerscheZahl: only windows + MS office

Astrobytes: Apple kinda out-MS'd MS tbh

jacek: but i dont like windows 10 nagging and forces updates

eulerscheZahl: i only play old games that run with wine

jacek: better games are played with vodka

Astrobytes: lol

jacek: as for the elections, welp exit polls: 50.4% vs 49.6%

Astrobytes: To Duda?

inoryy: if you're studying in university I wonder if you're even old enough to remember why MS was hated for in the first place; peake of their cutt-throat and anti-consumer practices was almost 20 years ago

jacek: yes, but we need to wait for vote counting

Astrobytes: :/ best of luck

eulerscheZahl: back in those days when Linux was considered the enemy

MSmits: it's not anymore?

Astrobytes: Ah the antitrust case days, it almost doesn't feel like that long ago until I remember my age

eulerscheZahl: they even integrated a linux shell in windows

inoryy: point is that it's under a completely different leadership, arguably a different company basically.

Astrobytes: Very different.

Default avatar.png digitalmaster: pretty close

Astrobytes: Anyway, it's Google everyone needs to worry about now eh inoryy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

tomatoes: ads in paid OS

tomatoes: :money_mouth:

struct: ads in tvs :)


Astrobytes: On point.


caubeloatchoat24: Come here bros

Astrobytes: No.

eulerscheZahl: NO!

eulerscheZahl: tomorrow this will be a kick *insert evil laughter*

eulerscheZahl: (just kidding)

Astrobytes: heh heh heh

Scarfield: AdstroBytes

Astrobytes: Scarfertising

jacek: all hail princess Luna

PatrickMcGinnisII: Kali

PatrickMcGinnisII: no one <3s Kali?

MSmits: trictrac


MSmits: your solver has a bug i think

jacek: well for oware i treat draw as lose

MSmits: why?

trictrac: yes thank you draw is bad managed

MSmits: kk np

jacek: copied from old code mcts, too lazy to change into draw

MSmits: lol ok

MSmits: is this normal or do i have a bug:


struct: you did not find loss?

MSmits: ahh no, it must be a bug

jacek: tomato did win with me like that or with dbd

tomatoes: both :sunglasses:

jacek: turn on legal moves

jacek: you get many legal moves, and trapot has many frontiers

MSmits: hmm ok

jacek: if your eval account for that, it will say its very good

MSmits: i dont do frontiers

MSmits: ohh I see

MSmits: I dont end the game properly I think

jacek: maybe your solver didnt kick in to ruin the fun

MSmits: yeah something like that

MSmits: i wonder if this is only my new version or that it also happened in the old

jacek: hmm

Default avatar.png zombi3123: Is anyone else terrible at codinggame or just me? I'm rubbish and getting quite worried. Am I just dumb or what? I've just started my internship is this a sign I'll be useless and get sacked or what?

Default avatar.png zombi3123: Need advice here

Default avatar.png Schwase: m8 thats pretty hard for any of us to weigh in on. but id say if its an internship leading to employment, you should measure your success based on the tasks they give you, if its work study itd be awfully hard to lose the position without some form of rule breaking

Default avatar.png Schwase: dont let CG be the standard you use to measure if youll be good at your internship, just let it be a measure if youre good at what skills CG requires/tests

Andriamanitra: none of us really know what we're doing, just keep grinding and checking stackoverflow for every stupid little thing

struct: What stuff are you doing zombi3123?

struct: puzzles?

Default avatar.png zombi3123: I'm doing clash

Default avatar.png zombi3123: Just abit worried is all

Default avatar.png Schwase: there there

Default avatar.png Schwase: :)

Default avatar.png zombi3123: What about the euler problems. I find they take me about an hour or longer to do each

Default avatar.png zombi3123: and I don't think I can do many on the next pages

Default avatar.png Schwase: some people could never get through them tho you have a leg up on all of those people

Default avatar.png zombi3123: Not really clear on that

Default avatar.png zombi3123: Oh yeah true

Default avatar.png zombi3123: Some people find things difficult I find easy

Default avatar.png Schwase: like math

Default avatar.png zombi3123: Did haskell coursework in uni and some people couldn't do question 1 where as I did nearly every question

Default avatar.png zombi3123: Without uch difficulty

Default avatar.png zombi3123: *much

Default avatar.png Schwase: youll do fine

Default avatar.png Schwase: just dont be lazy

Default avatar.png Schwase: and show them what you know they want to see

Default avatar.png Schwase: are you good socially? like do people (professionally) like you usually?

Default avatar.png zombi3123: I'm alright. i think I have aspergers syndrome which makes me abit socially weird, but nothing major people like me

Default avatar.png Schwase: ok, so thats good

Default avatar.png zombi3123: Usually when I'm stressed out I act more normal than in my calm state

Default avatar.png zombi3123: I'm more normal in work than school/college

Default avatar.png Schwase: performing under pressure is a good trait

struct: I recommend puzzles over clash

struct: no time pressure

Default avatar.png Schwase: ^

Default avatar.png zombi3123: not so much that lol. I just mean my personality is less weird when under pressure ahaha

Uljahn: agreed, clashes are like 10% of experience CG can deliver

Default avatar.png zombi3123: I have anxiety which is anoother thing

Default avatar.png Schwase: yeah you wont ever need to speed code for most work

Default avatar.png Schwase: just take your time and get through your assignments without letting things go for too long and you should be ok

Uljahn: in multis you can test your ability to handle larger projects

Default avatar.png Schwase: Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Zombie, Spock and the Large Hadron Collider

Default avatar.png Schwase: when can we expect this to be coming to CG?

Default avatar.png Schwase: :P

Default avatar.png zombi3123: goin to bed now. Night xx

Default avatar.png Schwase: good night

Default avatar.png Schwase: dont stress about it too much

Default avatar.png Schwase: at the end of the day, we have control only over the present and never over the future itself

Default avatar.png Northbeach: :no_mouth:

Default avatar.png RogerRoger: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

thanhhv317: hi

thanhhv317: i come from vietnam

thanhhv317: where are u from?

Default avatar.png U.N.Owen: HEY

Default avatar.png U.N.Owen: sorry capslock

thanhhv317: wow

Default avatar.png U.N.Owen: ?

thanhhv317: good morning

Default avatar.png U.N.Owen: It's evening here but... hey

Kyojin_MasterX: morning for me

soraly: .

thanhhv317: sorry, i don't know about that

Default avatar.png U.N.Owen: oh no, its fine, i was just saying

thanhhv317: here GTM +7

Default avatar.png mindyourbots: Woot