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Default avatar.png Ashraful: kya ho raha hain?

soraly: Mẫn Ăn Cứt

soraly: :rage:

Default avatar.png Oruas: lu lu lu

Default avatar.png SarthakSingh: python is the easiest language in the world

Default avatar.png Sandy9808: But python will not help you in coding interviews HA HA

LelouchVC2: Neither will cancer

Default avatar.png quocdai-IT: đông lào

Default avatar.png quocdai-IT: say hello

Default avatar.png SarthakSingh: who says it'll not help

Default avatar.png SarthakSingh: m

LelouchVC2: The dead people

Default avatar.png Ashraful: Which fool says python will not help. Programming language simply doesn't matter

Default avatar.png Ashraful: Stop fighting for programming language and don't be chauvinistic

Default avatar.png Ashraful: Sandy has not a good ranking

Default avatar.png Ashraful: Python is easy but (not only for child language)

tomatoes: :smiley:

JuliaPham: hello guy

JuliaPham: i'm a girlfriend =))

LelouchVC2: said no girl ever

JuliaPham: sory, it not enough

JuliaPham: i'm finding a girlfriend

BravenJuliet: that is my friend Lelouch :D

JuliaPham: Hello bro, how r u ?

BravenJuliet: i am fine thank you, and you :)

JuliaPham: not good =)), i'm trying some question in coding game, so difficult, ringht =))

khailq: you two are so gei

LeBaoHoang8A4: YOU are so good!

Default avatar.png lovingkiller: hi

JuliaPham: @khailq, enjoy some game ?

LeBaoHoang8A4: Which grade are you, JuliaPham?

JuliaPham: i'm 22 years old bro

khailq: Hi i'm 11. Nice to meet you

JuliaPham: badboy @Khailq

DinuBrat: #MD

soraly: .

DomiKo: how often rank is refreshed?

[CG]Thibaud: every night

DomiKo: thx

DinuBrat: #RO

Default avatar.png Schwase: i usually avoid using forums on practice challenges until i finish it myself, should i be avoiding the forums if i want to solve them independently or are they typically more constructive rather than straight solutions/walkthroughs?

Uljahn: solutions are locked until you solve the puzzle at 100%, there could be some hints on the forums though

Default avatar.png Schwase: ok, mainly i was dealing with a low number of validators and a 50% on submission but turns out i just can't read and somehow still passed the test cases. appreciate the feedback

Uljahn: some puzzles have "discussions" tab on the landing page, others have dedicated forum threads

Default avatar.png Schwase: gotcha

Uljahn: no plain solutions are allowed

Y0ursTruly: but what up with this reversemode

Hjax: are multi and contests cp formula different? besides decay on contests

Hjax: oh wait i cant read, nevermind

Magus: yes they are different:D

Uljahn: btw Magus what's happened to Automaton2000 on ru? it doesn't respond :(

Automaton2000: maybe i just need to fix my csb

DomiKo: finally reached my first legend :D

DomiKo: GrandMaster is comming today :)

dbdr: gg DomiKo! where?

WINWINWIN: Looks like CSB from his profile...

WINWINWIN: Nicely done :)

Hjax: i found a bug in my othello scoring function, fixed it, seems worse lol


reCurse: #justaithings

Astrobytes: lol

Magus: Uljahn: it seems like i can't talk on ru myself oO

Magus: does the ru channel works at all ?

Hjax: the bug basically meant i was only doing mobility

Hjax: which is apparently better than anything else i could come up with

Uljahn: Magus: that's a bug with ru chat where you have to manually refresh the page :/

Uljahn: it was reported on discord some time ago

Magus: i'm using pidgin i can't refresh anything :D

Magus: well, i can leave and rejoin

Default avatar.png savan: what is fastest way to learn programming

Magus: hmmm .... Uljahn: i assume that if you have to leave/join the channel to see new messages, Automaton2000 has the same bug. He can't see any new message until he leave/join. But he can't do that.

Automaton2000: maybe it's just a way to fix it

DomiKo: Tron at the moment :D

DomiKo: iam trying to push my MCTS in UltimateTTT but it's not easy

WINWINWIN: Found that the best way to learn for UTTT is to wait for MSmits to log in and discuss with other guys like Astrobytes :)

Astrobytes: Well, I don't have a UTTT bot but for that kind of thing yeah :D

DomiKo: yea help in UTTT would be the best way

WINWINWIN: :) Havent gotten a clear understanding on MCTS yet.. But the minimax was heavily based on the chats :)

Hjax: i wrote a mcts for the first time not too long ago

Hjax: if you have any questions let me know WINWINWIN

DomiKo: i guess i know basic of MCTS

DomiKo: i know how it should work

DomiKo: but the hard part is

DomiKo: how to implement it correctly

DomiKo: and how to improve from full random

DomiKo: i reach 157 place in Gold, with like 20-30K rollouts

DomiKo: read whole forum

DomiKo: helped

DomiKo: but not enough to reach legend

Astrobytes: Hm, afaik 20k + should be enough for UTTT?

Uljahn: i guess you have a bug or not optimal exploration constant

DomiKo: hmmm

DomiKo: maybe

Hjax: im really confused why my proper eval is worse than just straight mobility

Uljahn: 20k on the second turn?

Astrobytes: And full random is OK for UTTT so you don't need to worry with any heuristics

reCurse: There's so many reasons it's hard to tell

Hjax: i wonder how long it would take me to get a UTTT submit from my othello one

Hjax: i think i still have a UTTT bitboard somewhere, so it might not take very long

dbdr: Hjax: try a minus sign in front of the non-mobility eval ;)

Astrobytes: ^ could well be that

DomiKo: yea 20K+ on second turn

Hjax: i definitely checked the signs

DomiKo: i will try to play with exploration contant

dbdr: don't check, just inverse it and try that :D

Hjax: if its better im going to be upset

dbdr: and happy, no?

Hjax: no, because i wont understand why its better

Hjax: ok its even worse with flipped sign lol

dbdr: did you spend time calculating the part you didn't use?

dbdr: otherwise it could be the benefit is perf

Hjax: i was calculating it, it was just wrong

Hjax: i was rewarding corners and penalizing the squares around corners

Hjax: but i was looking at the black bitboard for both players

Hjax: so it canceled out

dbdr: ah :D

dbdr: maybe your weights are too high

dbdr: for that part

Hjax: thats possible, i havent tuned anything

dbdr: tune this by dichotomy

dbdr: if the "ideal" value is closer to zero than to what you have, it would make sense

Hjax: is your eval function written by hand dbdr? or did you do some fancy training / tuning thing

Hjax: i should just stop being lazy and go write n-tuples or something

eulerscheZahl: my tshirt got shipped from Russia to Germany and back to Russia :'(

reCurse: They don't hold your package in germany?

Astrobytes: wtf

Hjax: did they try to deliver it, fail and give up?

eulerscheZahl: i have no idea what's going on

Hjax: return to send

Hjax: sender*

Astrobytes: Do you have the tracking number to contact them with?

eulerscheZahl: my mailbox is large enough to put in a tshirt without even ringing the doorbell, so that should not be the issue

eulerscheZahl: and i got that list via tracking number

Astrobytes: I can only suggest you contact them directly, it could be an error

Astrobytes: I've had that happen before, tracking says it's gone AWOL and turns out to be a the local depot

Astrobytes: *at the

HuyCuto: hello

jacek: did i miss some uttt talk?

reCurse: No

jacek: oh

Hjax: jacek how many tuples is your eval function? did you generate them randomly or by hand?

jacek: 4x1 non overlapping horizontal tuples

jacek: then rotate board by 90 degress and use the same n tuples

jacek: i used 16 such n-tuples, but 4 could be enough but i was too lazy to make symmetries and whatnot

jacek: now i have different n-tuples. i created by hand

jacek: i experimented. i found nx1 are better than squares

jacek: though i could play more around the corners

Hjax: thats kind of surprising

Hjax: and you just trained using TD learning with selfplay?

Astrobytes: Kinda the opposite of what I would've thought.

jacek: yes

Hjax: did you bootstrap it with a games database from the internet? or just started from scratch

jacek: from scratch

Hjax: neat

Hjax: thanks for sharing :D

jacek: and well, not only pure TD. after TD 'saturated'

TrapRNotGay: if only I could code away my depression, OH WAIT!

jacek: i let it play with itself, then i used 2-ply search for self supervised learning so my 0-ply value function would match better the 2-ply

jacek: several 100k of TD games, and about 50k of self-supervised thing

jacek: now i have 26k weights in my eval

Hjax: 26k O_O

Hjax: i wonder what dbdr is doing then lol

Hjax: if even that isnt enough to beat him

dbdr: let me count :)

DomiKo: you talk about OTHELLO?

Hjax: yes

dbdr: 300K

Hjax: you guys are insane

Hjax: are you doing n-tuples dbdr?

dbdr: thanks :D

tomatoes: :sweat_smile:

AndreiSchuch: I've found a solution for "Power of Thor - Episode 1" that uses only 2 if statements, but the character is not fast enough to reach his destination during "Easy angle" and "Optimal angle" test cases. I think there is a bug. :thinking:

Hjax: tomatoes and me are here with our cute little hand crafted evals

Hjax: at least i think tomatoe s is still using a hand crafted eval

dbdr: gg on #3 by the way, tomatoes

dbdr: 2 Rust in top 3 :)

dbdr: the decline of C++ has started ;)

Hjax: i want to join in, but i dont think im close

Hjax: i need to get a real eval

DomiKo: this game is like reversi?

tomatoes: i have fixed weight for corners and frontiers. and increasing closer to the end for moves

dbdr: 3 rust in top 10 is pretty good too

Hjax: how do you have 300k weights in the character limit

dbdr: they compress well

Hjax: i see

tomatoes: and it total fail for minimax, but good enough for evaled mcts

jacek: othello is (almost) reversi, yes

Default avatar.png heavygabriel: can we talk about the ANEO thing and how many stuff you gotta take in account?

jacek: aneo?

Default avatar.png OnlyLouis: whats aneo?

ZarthaxX: a puzzle

Astrobytes: BearthaxX o/

ZarthaxX: Astrothello :*

Astrobytes: lol

wlesavo: A/Bytes

ZarthaxX: how is your spine Astrobytes

Astrobytes: No change ZarthaxX

Astrobytes: wlecato o/

Hjax: what would my name be? hcat?

Astrobytes: Or Catjax

wlesavo: Hmax

Astrobytes: Jhax

Astrobytes: etc

struct: Hothello

Astrobytes: Othellax

Hjax: oooo new robo submit

struct: yeah

Hjax: above the fox now

struct: rank 5 it seems

Astrobytes: Not too far above the fox tho

Astrobytes: tomatoes has a nice rank now

Astrobytes: (just noticed)

wlesavo: damn thats some dbd'recting

Hjax: he renounced losing games a while ago

Hjax: he had a perfect submit, only wins

struct: He had 2 I think

struct: He is at another level

jacek: robo wins against me

struct: yeah on last match

RoboStac: we both win if we're p1, lose as p2

jacek: matches are the same eh?

jacek: i have very granual eval

jacek: and my mcts doesnt have mc in it ;v

RoboStac: yeah, no randomness for me either and as it's a guided search it tends to be very deterministic

LintuStorm: =)

jacek: :horse:

AbundantPuddle: :spider_web:

AbundantPuddle: :regional_indicator_t::regional_indicator_h::regional_indicator_i::regional_indicator_s: :regional_indicator_i::regional_indicator_s: :regional_indicator_t::regional_indicator_h::regional_indicator_e: :regional_indicator_n::regional_indicator_e::regional_indicator_w: :regional_indicator_f::regional_indicator_o::regional_indicator_n::regional_indicator_t:

Default avatar.png quoctv: oh

Default avatar.png quoctv: i don't understand 1's in this problem

jacek: hm?

LelouchV: l

PatrickMcGinnisII: :fast_forward:

Hjax: i saw i had a win against jacek and i got excited, and then i realized it was just a timeout

Astrobytes: yeah that's par for the course in Othello atm :)

struct: We need 1 more league :)

Astrobytes: Fox as boss?

struct: I guess

Astrobytes: Hard to pick one right now since robo is on the improvement

Hjax: why another league

Hjax: why any leagues at all

struct: I wonder if NN will work

Astrobytes: To hurt us more Hjax

struct: The wood 2 league is needed

Astrobytes: It will struct

Hjax: its not like it affects anything

Hjax: why is wood 2 needed

struct: Well it will make you play vs stronger players

Hjax: so?

Astrobytes: Hurt. A world of hurt.

Hjax: after a few games your rating is high enough to play strong people even with no leagues

struct: Well games in comunity multies are not many

struct: 80 games per submit

struct: Is not that much

Hjax: that seems like quite a few to me


struct: Yeah, its very low

Hjax: why is 80 low? as long as your rank is stable by the end it doesnt matter

jacek: and new league would make it lower

struct: I think in these games its no problem

struct: There are no random elements

jacek: just wait till it becomes puzzle of the week

Hjax: othello doesnt need leagues at all imo

Hjax: will it get many submissions if its puzzle of the week

jacek: eeyup

struct: it wil get +1 player

Astrobytes: Actually, I'm a fan of 2 leagues minimum in community ,ultis

Astrobytes: *multis

Astrobytes: So you can play against serious players

Hjax: i dont hate two leagues, but i dont see the benefit of more

Astrobytes: And separate the 'output last/first provided move" bots

RoboStac: I don't think more are needed unless it gets really popular

Hjax: which isnt likely lol

Hjax: community multis seem to stay tiny forever

jacek: no more loeagues, unless somehow they will allow for bronze and more

Astrobytes: I'm surprised more people don't go for the board game ones at least

Astrobytes: Lack of advertising I guess

Hjax: yeah community multis are at the bottom of the list, with few players and basically no codinpoints

Hjax: why would anyone play one

Astrobytes: Teh fun!

struct: 10*playerCount

Hjax: the only reason im playing othello is because you guys wouldnt stop talking about it

jacek: not (much) exp from them

struct: 1000 points on Yavalath

struct: Rank 1 is easy /s

Hjax: i was going to play ghost in the cell

Astrobytes: Oh yeah, your legend in 1 submit :)

Astrobytes: Or delete account ofc

Hjax: yeah well now im working on othello instead :P

Leosalty: is bitwolf even real?

struct: no

struct: If you click on their profile it will say its a bot

Leosalty: ah

Astrobytes: Leosalty:

Astrobytes: Explanations there

Leosalty: thank wasnt too confused, I just had an gut feeling and was right

Astrobytes: :)

Astrobytes: Alright guys, catch you all tomorrow, take care

Hjax: cya

Humble.Proletarian: get good

nickarshadi: hey guys lets nail this

nickarshadi: happy coding everybody


JuliaPham: Good morning bros

Default avatar.png OnlyLouis: good morning guys

JuliaPham: :heart_eyes:

Default avatar.png ShadowCrown: i don't have a good morning :v

Default avatar.png cookies_and_dream: good morning

Rikami: Henlo

Default avatar.png OnlyLouis: hiiiiiiiiiii

soraly: Good Nighr :v

JuliaPham: Nope =))