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WINWINWIN: TejasTheGReat usually going through connections like your parents` friends etc is good. Else you may have to contact companies and apply.

Imsure1200q: what happens if you tie with someone in coc

LelouchVC2: u both go into a death match

Imsure1200q: dangerous

Imsure1200q: is NoopatJntsu a bot

LelouchVC2: yes

LelouchVC2: says in his profile

Default avatar.png Richard178g: hi

Default avatar.png Cameron2020: hello

Default avatar.png BarunBepari: hello

Imsure1200q: he

Default avatar.png Agungs: hi

Thomascat1: Hey coders!

Imsure1200q: coders

wlesavo: strike

Nixerrr: :regional_indicator_b::regional_indicator_a::regional_indicator_c::regional_indicator_k:

Astrobytes: He lives!

Default avatar.png _Dark_Angel_: Hello Thomascat1!!!

Thomascat1: Hi _Dark_Angel_


Thomascat1: whaddup

Astrobytes: Hey WINWINWIN

WINWINWIN: Hey Astrobytes

Imsure1200q: Hee hee

WINWINWIN: Oh. Hi Imsure1200q

Imsure1200q: hi


Imsure1200q: ?

WINWINWIN: Astrobytes is that where you all learnt othello minimax from?

karliso: othello is minimax or mcts game?

WINWINWIN: Not sure how to tell, havent learnt mcts fully

Astrobytes: Not seen that before WINWINWIN

Astrobytes: karliso, mostly it's minimax, but tomatoes is having some success with MCTS (with EPT)

Astrobytes: dbd r is top and has multi prob cut

Astrobytes: WINWINWIN looks like the guy in that paper combined MCTS, alphabeta and NN

WINWINWIN: MCTS handles a larger branching better right?

karliso: Depends

trunghautt: du du an do so tanh dinh

Astrobytes: trunghautt English please this is World chat

Uljahn: tanh is legit btw

Astrobytes: lol

WINWINWIN: :/ google translate changed his message to ":travelling to the countryside"

Imsure1200q: yes im too lazy to solve go competition

wlesavo: country code take me home

Astrobytes: To the tests, where I go wrong

wlesavo: West east south, and never north

Astrobytes: (lol) Take me home, country coooode

Uljahn: :clap:

Astrobytes: :bow:

Imsure1200q: too bad, you're already in quarantine

jacek: i think i found a name for what im doing

jacek: though im using UCB for selection

Astrobytes: MCab

Astrobytes: Or something

Astrobytes: Are you also using that for Oware now jacek?

jacek: yes

Astrobytes: Nice, was a good improvement

jacek: i think this is roughly equivalent for mcts with 0 depth EPT if you use eval directly instead of propagating win/lose

Astrobytes: Yeah it seems on par with it

jacek: so im using this in three Os: othello, oware, onitama

Astrobytes: Useful alg-O

struct: What made you discover this?

struct: Othello?

jacek: i started fiddling with mcts, for othello, yes

jacek: i have rather mature eval now, so why not

jacek: i surprised its quite stable given very volatile nature of othello

tomatoes: ninja doing ninja things

Default avatar.png PikaYuhno: bruh

Default avatar.png ninja252esko: hello

Default avatar.png ninja252esko:

Schmaenajel: what

Schmaenajel: gf

Schmaenajel: gg

Schmaenajel: lmao

Schmaenajel: hg

Schmaenajel: h

Schmaenajel: Why is this shit lagging so hard

WINWINWIN: ninja252esko is that the codingame sponsored challenge?

Astrobytes: looks like it, yeah

Hjax: so many submits Astrobytes

Hjax: pushed me above the ninja

Astrobytes: Playing around when I should really be working Hjax :D

Astrobytes: oh hey, Marchete joined us

struct: oh it was fast

struct: I saw him at wood 2

jacek: legend in 1 submit?

Default avatar.png DuongCongSon: hi

Default avatar.png DuongCongSon: hello gus

Default avatar.png DuongCongSon: who is play clash of code?

Marchete: :D

Marchete: still not enough

struct: wood 1 seems to strong

Hjax: isnt Marchete good at these sorts of games

Hjax: *im in danger*

Astrobytes: It's certainly a challenging league, which is fine

Marchete: board games? no

Marchete: I barely have opening books and stuff

Hjax: rank 4, im going to say youre good at everything

Marchete: not really

Hjax: :P

Astrobytes: Didn't see you around for a while Marchete

Marchete: yes

Astrobytes: All good?

Marchete: I connect sometimes, but in stalker mode

Astrobytes: :)

Marchete: :eyes:

Default avatar.png CiBou: What does noob mean ?


Default avatar.png CiBou: thanks sylte

Washier: Nice work Astrobytes

Astrobytes: Nah, it's no better than earlier. The one at last place was broken

Astrobytes: thx anyway tho :)

Marchete: dbd_r is minimax, or smth fancier?

Default avatar.png XuanAnh: hello

Washier: haha, ok, interesting

Astrobytes: yeah, minimax but he uses multi probcut

Astrobytes: Very well

tomatoes: +

Marchete: "multi probcut" another invented acronym I need to read about...

Default avatar.png CiBou: heyy can someone explain to me (cause i'm new in this site) how does it work, what can we do here and how ?

Default avatar.png CiBou: thanks

Astrobytes: You'll find it on chessprogramming Marchete

Default avatar.png CiBou: where is it ?

Default avatar.png CiBou: the chess...

Default avatar.png CiBou: programing

Marchete: CiBou this site is for competitive programming and puzzles

Marchete: it doesn't learn you to code

Marchete: it's more about solving problems, creating AI's that compete against other AI's, etc.

WINWINWIN: Of course there are excellent resources to learn here, it`s just that learning is not the primary focus

Uljahn: why do you need explanation when you can explore things by yourself? click the unclickable, solve the unsolvable :upside_down:

Uljahn: btw is Automaton2000 ded yet?

Automaton2000: so you could try to use it

Uljahn: ah that's just for ru channel

Hjax: did Automaton2000 speak russian in the ru channel?

Automaton2000: with a list of all possible moves in a row

Uljahn: yes, when online

dbdr: CiBou:

dbdr: a rabiit hole :)

Washier: indeed

AntiSquid: hello wonderful people, how's it going?

Default avatar.png strattan: Hi!

TheSpiffiest: Man if this site could throw in some networking problems it would be perfect training for a job. :)

Default avatar.png heavygabriel: backend guy?

TheSpiffiest: I'm learning so much looking at the finished code from others when I'm done.

TheSpiffiest: Full Stack, so everything

TheSpiffiest: Screen to metal

Default avatar.png heavygabriel: bruh you should see my code in temperatures

Default avatar.png heavygabriel: legit redneck

Default avatar.png heavygabriel: also I'm running in optimisation errors

Default avatar.png heavygabriel: (send help)

TheSpiffiest: Still learning, but big interviews this week so rying to stay sharp

Default avatar.png heavygabriel: now I'm trying to figure out why doesn't my data save

TheSpiffiest: Google and Amazon... kinda stressed I'm gonna flub it

Default avatar.png heavygabriel: since it always stays the same

Default avatar.png heavygabriel: you're lucky that you can get interviews though

TheSpiffiest: Can you save data on here?

Default avatar.png heavygabriel: no but I mean like passing data

Default avatar.png heavygabriel: you know when you do a loop and want to have data outside of that loop?

TheSpiffiest: right

Default avatar.png heavygabriel: it doesn't do that

TheSpiffiest: rust?

Default avatar.png heavygabriel: no

Default avatar.png heavygabriel: C#

TheSpiffiest: I don't know... I usually swap languages when I run into stuff that doesn't work the way I want it to

nitekat: I'm new to Python and I try to play CoC only using Python, tbh I learnt a lot funny and effective ways to solve problem by others sharing their code, so maybe... a weird and also a funny way to learn new language lol

TheSpiffiest: python is lazier about that, javascript too

TheSpiffiest: I've been playing using Bash

TheSpiffiest: it's silly

TheSpiffiest: Ruby for code golf though, you can always drop a few chars

TheSpiffiest: but C# should have no problem with variables outside a for loop. Possibly if they are static class level, but if defined inside a function it shouldn't matter

Default avatar.png heavygabriel: it's a double loop

Default avatar.png heavygabriel: IE it has do first

Default avatar.png heavygabriel: foreach second

Hjax: Astrobytes its interesting that your stronger submits seem to do worse against me

Default avatar.png heavygabriel: ooh

Astrobytes: Nothing works in my submits the way I think it's going to :P

Default avatar.png heavygabriel: ok so foreach gives the last instance or something, so that shit doesn't save

Hjax: are you just tweaking your eval?

Astrobytes: Not just eval no, trying a few things out

Astrobytes: As you may have noticed, I've been mostly unsuccessful so far :D

Hjax: keep pushing me up please :P

Hjax: no i lost one D:

struct: Still no NN :(

struct: I wanted to know if it would work

jacek: put a bounty on NN

struct: 10€ to whoever gets 1st with NN

jacek: how can you verify? dbdr could say his bot is NN

eulerscheZahl: i'm not even sure if i recognize a NN when i see one

TheSpiffiest: CodinGame is way better than HackerRank, but Amazon uses HackerRank for interviews... you guys gotta get your sales team or something talking to them. :)

struct: I will trust the player

eulerscheZahl: like the story behind the name of linear programming

jacek: hm?

eulerscheZahl: for classic puzzles i even prefer hackerrank. animated puzzles and multiplayer games is where CG shines

eulerscheZahl: hm? hm?

Astrobytes: So Uncle Euler, tell us the story behind the name of linear programming

struct: jacek if you get rank you just need to tell me its NN

struct: I will believe

eulerscheZahl: oh it's actually more of a mathematical than a programming problem. but programming got more funding at that time

eulerscheZahl: so just call it "programming", as those in charge won't understand it anyways

Astrobytes: Ah right, isn't that same as the dynamic programming term

eulerscheZahl: or did I confuse the story of those two?

Astrobytes: No I think they're both along the same lines

jacek: is this like a story of jacek programming?

eulerscheZahl: entertain us jacek :popcorn:

jacek: its simply writing random code until it works

eulerscheZahl: there's the infinite monkey theorem

Astrobytes: Surely applies to algorithms too

eulerscheZahl: yeah, we already modified it to the infinite MK theorem

eulerscheZahl: one MK getting first at CSB

Astrobytes: lol

Astrobytes: in jacek's case it's the Infinite Pony Theorem

jacek: IPT eh

Astrobytes: Sounds legit

Default avatar.png heavygabriel: it's called voodoo coding

jacek: when will fim++ be on CG?

Default avatar.png heavygabriel: it's what I do everytime I'm stuck

eulerscheZahl: not before Vala

Default avatar.png heavygabriel: c

Default avatar.png heavygabriel: c--

Default avatar.png heavygabriel: decrements c

eulerscheZahl: can you install it on ?

Default avatar.png heavygabriel: c++? no

Default avatar.png heavygabriel: c-- ye

Astrobytes: Dear god

eulerscheZahl: wow, it's version 6 already, still actively developed

eulerscheZahl: the first time i heard about it was version 4. even installed it in a VM because i was curious

Default avatar.png heavygabriel: is it lightweight?

Astrobytes: "What are people saying about PonyOS?" is great

Default avatar.png heavygabriel: but can it run on arm64?

eulerscheZahl: "PonyOS works on many different machines" just try it

dbdr: is PonyOS wrintten in Pony?


struct: Why does CG have D but not Pony?

Default avatar.png Harphazi: hello

Astrobytes: Or FiM as jacek pointed out

dbdr: probably more (fake) demand

dbdr: but Pony looks more interesting

Default avatar.png Harphazi: hello guys, I have a question please. which best langage for games

Hjax: depends on the game, and what youre good at

Hjax: python is really approachable and fine for some games

Hjax: but if you need more performance, something like C++ is better

struct: *rust

dbdr: *pony

Uljahn: *D

Astrobytes: VB 4.0

dbdr: :door:

Default avatar.png Wendys: i suck at clash of code

Hjax: if you need more performance but arent masochistic enough to use C++

Hjax: i recommend Rust

Default avatar.png Harphazi: thank you guys im appreciate

TheSpiffiest: I'm falling in love with Rust, but every so often I just go do something in Python because I need it done in 5 minutes :)

dbdr: by the way, well done on finishing your Rust bot Hijax!

Default avatar.png Harphazi: :thumbsup:

Hjax: thanks dbdr :D

Hjax: ended up with a nice performance bump

struct: Now use AVX

struct: for even more

dbdr: I agree TheSpiffiest, , I also like python for such short scripts

Default avatar.png Harphazi: what is your opinion about GoDot engine

Astrobytes: It was nice when I could test against Hjax in the IDE... :P

Hjax: :D

Astrobytes: Harphazi, I have a friend who uses it a lot (Godot), it's pretty solid afaik

Hjax: its kind of silly that ide runs bots in debug mode when you are challenging bots that arent yours

eulerscheZahl: too bad that #if DEBUG doesn't work anymore for C# :(

Hjax: if it makes you feel any better, i cant test against anyone

Astrobytes: :D

Default avatar.png Harphazi: thanks

Astrobytes: It's quite an annoying situation really

Astrobytes: But hey, not the end of the world

Hjax: i need to set up my self play stuff

eulerscheZahl: which CG planned to address right after the last contest

struct: Hjax you can do what dbdr does

Hjax: what does he do

eulerscheZahl: release more compilation everywhere, even in the IDE

Astrobytes: Send a binary?

struct: Yeah

Astrobytes: mode euler?

eulerscheZahl: ?

Hjax: you said more instead of mode

Astrobytes: "release more compilation everywhere"


eulerscheZahl: i'm just paraphrasing a discord discussion how CG plans to tackle the issue

eulerscheZahl: oh

eulerscheZahl: mode

Hjax: :D

Astrobytes: Compilations, asa far as the eye can see

jacek: discord? see, another mlp reference

Astrobytes: *as far

Hjax: how do i send a binary for rust?

Astrobytes: Mail it to France first

Astrobytes: :P

struct: I dont know Hjax

struct: I guess you could ask dbdr

eulerscheZahl: place it in the rain for a year

TheSpiffiest: Lol - Clash of Code - every player got 0%

TheSpiffiest: first time I've seen that

eulerscheZahl: faster if you add salt

Astrobytes: lol euler

dbdr: Hijax: there is

dbdr: as-is or for inspiration

eulerscheZahl: with unicode for larger binaries

Hjax: rust in debug mode seems to be about as fast as python

Hjax: release mode is 70x faster roughly

dbdr: 70x between debug and release, wow

Hjax: well i get 7k rollouts turn 1 in ide, and 500k on submit

dbdr: I saw 40x for one algo, and I thought that was a worst case situation

dbdr: hm, it might not be perfectly linear

dbdr: each time you go deeper, rollouts are shorter

dbdr: though you need time to go through the tree, but so it's different, one way or another

Hjax: im using EPT

Hjax: all of my rollouts are the same size

dbdr: oh true

dbdr: right

dbdr: probably depends a lot on the structure of the code as well

Hjax: as someone completely new to rust, i make no claims about my code quality

Hjax: it compiles and the borrow checker doesnt blow up, so im happy

dbdr: e.g. if you have many small functions (one instruction), not inlining in debug mode will be more expensive

dbdr: it's not even about quality

dbdr: it's just that the speed factor depends on many things

Hjax: oh i have one really small function

Hjax: its just a unsafe _pdep_u64 block, used in my move gen

dbdr: don't worry about it

dbdr: wow, that's cool!

Hjax: i get a lot of speedup out of being able to use BMI2 i think

Hjax: just because of pdep

dbdr: popcount too?

Hjax: ah true, also popcount

Astrobytes: pdep for actual move gen or just to pick one from the generated moves?

Hjax: the latter, but its kind of part of move gen

Astrobytes: yeah cool, just clarifying :)

TheSpiffiest: I gotta learn them words

Hjax: i considered trying to make my move gen faster, but i dont think i spent much time in it at all

Astrobytes: It's probably not a bottleneck

dbdr: don't guess, measure ;)

Hjax: i dont early terminate if my state doesnt change, i still run all 7 iterations

Hjax: yeah i need to go set up my environment properly if i want to debug / benchmark rust

Hjax: havent done that yet

dbdr: by the way any C/C++ debugger/profiler should also be fine with rust

Hjax: dont have one of those either

dbdr: right, just saying there are options :)

tomatoes: clion debugger and valgrind as profiler works fine

tomatoes: on macos

Hjax: i downloaded the clion trial, and it said i had to set up mingw or cygwin toolchains

Hjax: and i didnt bother yet

Hjax: my bot can win games from the IDE to be fair

dbdr: I think IntelliJ is the free version of Clion, essetially

Hjax: yeah, but intellij doesnt have native debugging support

Astrobytes: yeah yeah yeah :P

Hjax: unless you buy the ultimate version

Hjax: intellij is meant for java development

dbdr: originally


Astrobytes: (yeah yeah'ing at your IDE replay btw)

Default avatar.png Pierre-OlivierMorin: How do you import the whole thing to the ide?

Hjax: "In CLion, you get even more: fully-fledged debugger, CPU profiler, and Valgrind memcheck. "

dbdr: right

eulerscheZahl: and Kotlin of course

Default avatar.png Pierre-OlivierMorin: lets say i want to code on visual studio 2019


Hjax: that game is amusing Astrobytes, i give you all 4 corners and win somehow

struct: Visual studio for c++

Astrobytes: Because my bot is shit currently Hjax :D

struct: VSCode with wsl for rust should be nice right?

eulerscheZahl: why is sublime more popular than atom?

Hjax: i really dont like atom

dbdr: probably be nice since many peple use it, struct ;)

dbdr: I can only speak for vim

RoboStac: eulerscheZahl - because lots of people hate electron apps due to resource usage

Hjax: vscode feels much snappier than atom, despite them both using electron

RoboStac: yeah, I prefer vscode

Hjax: i dont really know what atom did

Hjax: but it always just feels so sluggish to me

Hjax: major turn off

RoboStac: struct - does #1 in wood 2 with an NN count as proving NN can work?

Astrobytes: Oh crap, here comes robo :)

Hjax: oh no

Hjax: go away robo

eulerscheZahl: hm, didn't think about that... tried sublime and it kept telling me that i should upgrade to the paid version, so i got annoyed

eulerscheZahl: was still working, just the message

Hjax: whats the boss at

Astrobytes: Yeah, I ditched Sublime for vscode for that reason

RoboStac: boss is 35.51

Hjax: wow it climbed back up

Hjax: i had it at like 33 when i promoted

RoboStac: sorry, 33.51

Hjax: ah ok

Hjax: so you are about to promote

RoboStac: yeah

Hjax: youve been working on a NN? :O

Hjax: fancy, out of my league lol

RoboStac: for the past hour or so, yeah :)

Astrobytes: May the Lord have mercy on our bots

Hjax: ... hour

Hjax: youre not human

Astrobytes: Same alphazero approach robo?

RoboStac: I mean 99% of it was already written

RoboStac: just had to swap the game rules out from breakthrough for othello

RoboStac: and I stole them from

jacek: youre doing NN for breakthrough?

dbdr: what about training time?

RoboStac: well, it's still running. I just submitted as soon as I beat the boss

jacek: mining othello coins eh

Astrobytes: :D

Hjax: i think im about to lose a rank

Astrobytes: If the previous ones are anything to go by we're all about to be crushed. Will be fun to see it up against dbdr

RoboStac: it's only really worked amazingly on oware

RoboStac: breakthrough / yava didn't go too well

Hjax: how long did it take you to develop initially

Astrobytes: That's still your best one huh?

jacek: i still dont get whats 'policy'

jacek: NN outputs are possible moves?

dbdr: I need a reason to work on improvements ;)

Hjax: nn outputs are a probability for each square on the board

Hjax: at least in alphazero

Hjax: for policy

struct: oh no

struct: I will lose 10€ :(

RoboStac: the policy in AZ is to guide the MCTS - its basically an explore factor for each move. Theres also a value for how good the current state is

jacek: i mean more technically

jacek: its NN with multiple output nodes?

RoboStac: yeah

Hjax: the output is the whole board

RoboStac: 64 policy outputs and a single value output

struct: Robo you have bugs though

jacek: so 65 output nodes?

RoboStac: (yes, I know I could filter the middle ones but I'm really lazy)


Hjax: youre using PUCT then RoboStac?

struct: you had 1 possible move

RoboStac: the pass moves have been a real pain

RoboStac: why can't people just lose instead :(

jacek: that would be original reversi eh

dbdr: hard to chose between 1 move

struct: :D

Hjax: im ready for the NN apocalypse

Hjax: yeah whenever you pass you timeout

dbdr: the nnapocalypse

Hjax: end of an era, for any TCEC fans here

Astrobytes: AZocalypse

dbdr: Hijax, what happened with TCEC?

Hjax: people joked a lot that it was the end of the (minimax) era

Hjax: when all of the alphazero style engines started showing up

struct: Stockfish still won :(

struct: vs lc0

Hjax: it did, several times

Hjax: it won a superfinal the other day

struct: yeah I only saw superfinal

Astrobytes: Total beast

struct: Then I saw stockfish vs komodo

Hjax: that was a really good super final

struct: komodo won 3 games out of 100

Hjax: and fish won like, 30 or 40 lol

Astrobytes: oof

Astrobytes: Oh robo working his way up Wood 1

Hjax: 2-2 against me so far

inoryy: great job, RoboStac

Hjax: inoryy can smell new neural networks

inoryy: lol

Hjax: and comes to offer congrats

Astrobytes: :smile:

inoryy: NN sense is tingling

jacek: so youre always losing when pass move happens eh

struct: not always

jacek: :scream:

Hjax: i was just watching that game

Hjax: how long until its done training RoboStac?

Hjax: when will the network be saturated

Hjax: oh boy a new submit

RoboStac: hopefully will fix passes crashing

Hjax: how long does the network take to train

Hjax: when will we see the full strength monster network

RoboStac: no idea, its more of a wait and see kind of thing

struct: Does it only self train?

RoboStac: oware is pretty much done after an hour, but yavalath takes longer

RoboStac: yes

Hjax: you got another pass crash

Hjax: against Astrobyte s

Astrobytes: Yasss a win

Astrobytes: :P

Hjax: pass crash against me, but i was in a won position

RoboStac: ah yes, checking if the enemy made more than 2 moves won't detect single passes

Hjax: teapot has 100% winrate against RoboSta c

Hjax: all hail teapot

eulerscheZahl: and teapot == boss. how did robo even promote?

Astrobytes: No, current teapot is not boss

Astrobytes: That was Old Teapot

dbdr: old teapot make better tea

dbdr: *teapots

Astrobytes: 'tis true

Astrobytes: Oh a legit win!

struct: Now we wait

Hjax: era not ended yet

LelouchVC2: Matrix has been destroyed

darkhorse64: the teapot is a kind of cerberus (two heads only), top of Wood2 and bottom of wood1. No one has been able to to take his place

Astrobytes: :D

Hjax: theres only two bots robo hasnt defeated yet

Hjax: teapot and dbd r

struct: lol

Astrobytes: epic

dbdr: TIL there's a middle finger emote in the CG forum, and its code is :fu: :D

eulerscheZahl: 🖕

Hjax: ✌️

dbdr: eulerscheZahl abusing unicode ;)

eulerscheZahl: and it doesn't even look like the middle finger if you don't know it

dbdr: btw I saw you retook global #1 today

eulerscheZahl: could be a thumb with a rotated hand too

dbdr: with +500 CP

eulerscheZahl: my bandas was crashing

dbdr: any submit, or just fluctuations?

dbdr: ah ok

eulerscheZahl: allocated 3e7 nodes

eulerscheZahl: language update broke it, so i reduced the number

eulerscheZahl: no idea why. less efficient memory handling on .net Core? :thinking:

eulerscheZahl: also: I was second with exactly 1 point difference yesterday

dbdr: lol

dbdr: possible, allocating a very large array will be very sensitive on how it's implemented

eulerscheZahl: 6 large arrays

dbdr: ah, SOA instead of AOS :)

eulerscheZahl: struct of array, array of struct?

dbdr: yeah

eulerscheZahl: sorry for the ping :flushed:



eulerscheZahl: i lied, only 4 arrays

LelouchVC2: imsooo saadddd

LelouchVC2: it was the last 8 seconds and i accidently typed "second" instead of "first"

LelouchVC2: I would have gotten 100% on the clash and been first :(

Default avatar.png LuckyDaffyDuck: Java solution with only 3 lines of code :wink:

Schmaenajel: ey

Default avatar.png Wendys: :thonk:

AhmedMasry: To be the first in the site

AhmedMasry: I've to compete for one month and be the first every time or that is'nt enough ? :grimacing:

Zenoscave: are there othello leagues?

Zenoscave: (on phone)

Hjax: yes, wood 2 and 1

Hjax: 13 people in wood 1 right now

Zenoscave: Cool

Zenoscave: thx

LelouchVC2: AhmedMasry

LelouchVC2: If you're talking about Clashing, it probably won't get you further than 5000

LelouchVC2: I rank 1st/2nd 90%+ of the time, and after 8000, rank only trickles up

Hjax: solution, play multis instead of clash

BravenJuliet: i think java is best language programming in the world.

LelouchVC2: You thought wrong

Default avatar.png Wendys: lmfao

Default avatar.png Wendys: i hate myself rn

BravenJuliet: Code python is very short but difficult to understand

Default avatar.png bdlance: @LelouchVC2 are you talking about Clash of Code rank?

Default avatar.png bdlance: Your Clash of Code rank is 388th

LelouchVC2: No, i meant overall rank