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caubeloatchoat24: Can anyone give me some hint <3

LelouchVC2: Yea, don't do it

eulerscheZahl: just thinking out loudly on hackerrank: i would sequentially scan the queue and see if someone is at a "better" position in the line

eulerscheZahl: that can only be done by bribing

eulerscheZahl: then adjust the initial order to reflect this, increment the bribe counter

eulerscheZahl: repeat until end of queue

LelouchVC2: This site makes me sad by the day

eulerscheZahl: hackerrank?

LelouchVC2: I ran my code, it didnt pass a test

LelouchVC2: I ran it again, it passed the test

eulerscheZahl: i liked the world code sprints on hackerrank, sadly they stopped holding public contests :(

LelouchVC2: People come on often with problems from some competitions, easy to get tired of them

caubeloatchoat24: I do, but in case 2 ones [6] , [4] is a a "lower" position in the line, and [4] stands behind [6] that means [6] bribes [4]. But in case a lot of people "lower" bribes, i dont know how to solve. P/s: much solve by O(N) :((

caubeloatchoat24: *must sr :D

caubeloatchoat24: u can switch to codeforces or topcoder by clashing with "true pro coder" :>

eulerscheZahl: do you imply that CG users are no good coders here?

LelouchVC2: I'm not saying black people are black

LelouchVC2: But I'm saying that white people aint black

Default avatar.png DinuBrat: Русские?

eulerscheZahl: #Ru

jacek: tomatoes is on fire i see

tomatoes: :grin:

struct: Still using MCTS tomatoes?

tomatoes: im not sure if it still mcts

struct: :D

jacek: jacekmax?

struct: Are you still working on othello jacek?

jacek: i put it on hold

jacek: until someone surpases me, then ill rage and upload stronger bot

struct: you have opening book?

jacek: no

Default avatar.png Raysh: sorry guys stupid question probably I am new to coding

Default avatar.png Raysh: but why does this show

Default avatar.png Raysh: Timeout: the program did not provide 1 input lines in due time... Raysh will no longer be active in this game.

Default avatar.png Raysh: when I put an if condition

struct: You might not be outputing anything

struct: or have an infinite loop

Default avatar.png Raysh: oh

Piptrosia: this can't be right

VinhDaDen: Galindo Jonathan Hahahaha

VinhDaDen: bitchh

python_programerPP: VinhDaDen stfu m8, dont low level bully

Default avatar.png nhiha60591: ...

ameybhavsar24: How to know if a account if bot on Clash?

Default avatar.png jai_m: Hey anyone there?

jacek: it should say so in their profile

PkZ: Is there a keybind to see information / see other functions? for example seeing Substring information / different variations?

tomatoes: try ctrl-space

PkZ: yeah ctrl-space gives information and ctrl-shift-space gives the overloads

PkZ: didnt know what overloads were properly called

WINWINWIN: python_programerPP please dont reject puzzles for no good reason...

Champi67: Hello there ! I have a little problem with my code : I have a two dimensionnal array, which I read in a for (). When it try to read array[i][0], I have a "cannot read property 0 of undefined", but a console.error(array[i][0]) show me the correct value... Anybody has an idea? Thanks in advance :)

WINWINWIN: Sometimes this happens if the value does not exist within the function Champi67


WINWINWIN: Someone else had the exact same error as you and this was the advice given to him.

Champi67: Hm, so I should try to add a function that takes the array as a parameter?

WINWINWIN: I think that should work.

Champi67: Well, it doesn't :(

jacek: huh

struct: very strange

Champi67: console.error(j) : 0 console.error(array[0][0]) : 1 console.error(array[j][0]) : undefined

jacek: whats the code


Champi67: but array[0][j] works fine...

jacek: error links[0][j] but links[j][0] in if?

Champi67: Yes it was a try

Champi67: I may have found a solution, but it's really... Special

Champi67: Oh, okay so it seems that it was just in the condition, which is ||, that should be &&

Nerchio: if you can't do a rollout until the end of the game in MCTS do you just limit it by max depth?

jacek: rollouts as in random playout?

trunghautt: python

Nerchio: i think so jacek, learning MCTS :D

hayder: hello

Nerchio: i mean i dont see a point of playing random moves for lets say 40 turns in advance its just waste of computation

BeardedWhale: If you cannot do a full rollout, you need to have some evaluation function that guesses a winner instead.

Nerchio: assuming it's like 1 branch out of 500000 :D

struct: Nerchio in some game its hard to eval the state

jacek: playout is done until end of game to see the outcome. in EPT (early playout termination) you do playout to some max depth but you need eval

struct: example uttt

Nerchio: yeah i avoid in uttt i dont want to code in c++ :D

Nerchio: i want to learn on bandas probably already wrote min max for it but want to try mcts

BeardedWhale: If you have a good evaluation function, it will work better than random playout.

Nerchio: and i can count pawns on the board so evaluating is possible

jacek: then it might work

Nerchio: in games without possible evaluation with gigantic trees yeah its big trouble i guess :p

Zone_Infinity: Hello

Zone_Infinity: anyone there?

Zone_Infinity: Hmm.......

Zone_Infinity: pl help

Zone_Infinity: pls hekp

Zone_Infinity: pls help

Zone_Infinity: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Zone_Infinity: /me

**Zone_Infinity Helllo


tomatoes: but its nice to see how dumb random solves the task

Washier: trictrac, been watching you submit on Othello. Beat you once in about 100 games so far - fluke. Go go go!

trictrac: Hard to beat jacek now and tomatoes and Lerenard have improved too

trictrac: and dbdr is out of game

Washier: yes, top 5 bots are way ahead. i've been cleared off the board by all of them (0 score for me)

tomatoes: i tried to fight locally vs edax-reversi, and even with <10ms limit it totally annihilate me

trictrac: but with no memory limit

darkhorse64: It has a 7 Mo data file to help for eval

struct: not a fair fight tomatoes

Default avatar.png heavygabriel: yes! I figured out what went wrong with my stuff in temperatures

Default avatar.png heavygabriel: I made a list sort by ascending when I wanted it to be sorted by descending

Default avatar.png heavygabriel: and I didn't store the result

eulerscheZahl: astrobytes: you beat me on it (discord)

Default avatar.png heavygabriel: what?

Astrobytes: haha :D

Default avatar.png heavygabriel: now I'm trying medium stuff and holy shit

Default avatar.png heavygabriel: it's like a HS math exam

Default avatar.png heavygabriel: it's like "evan shat on the floor, determine the time it took for gravity to do its job"

struct: Solve this one

struct: ezpz

Astrobytes: Have your raycasting NN at the ready

Default avatar.png heavygabriel: bruh I'm struggling on easy

Default avatar.png heavygabriel: why would I attempt to clear expert

Astrobytes: "evan shat on the floor..." lol, too true. I remember exams like that

Default avatar.png heavygabriel: my dad once had a math exam where the ending line was "can you help X with X?" he responded no, because he geniunly thought that it was an option.

Default avatar.png heavygabriel: genuinly*

Astrobytes: I couldn't find that one eulerscheZahl

Hjax: it took many tric submits, but i got a draw against him

Hjax: feels good man

eulerscheZahl: searching for 1100 did the trick for me. i had something like that in my mind but the wording was slightly different to his

Astrobytes: :)

eulerscheZahl: so you are the reason why my herokuapp loaded instantly when i tried?

Astrobytes: lol, no

Astrobytes: Just lucky for you I guess!

eulerscheZahl: hmm it shuts down after 30min of inactivity. that means someone else was using it

Astrobytes: Well, lots of people have the link now

Default avatar.png Schwase: 5.999999999999999 how do i stop getting this when doing a % operation?

struct: I use it sometimes

eulerscheZahl: use integers

struct: % is returning 5.9999999?

struct: What language is this?

Default avatar.png Schwase: but thats the whole point is to see if it is an integer x-x%1==x

eulerscheZahl: what type is x?

Default avatar.png Schwase: @struct x-x%1 returns 5.999999

Default avatar.png Schwase: actually, 1/(1/n-1/i) returns 5.99999999

Default avatar.png Schwase: so its not even % thats the issue

eulerscheZahl: x%1? what's that good for?

Default avatar.png Schwase: x%1 where x is a double

Default avatar.png Schwase: returns the decimal

Default avatar.png Schwase: like 5.743%1 = 0.743

struct: You are doing it wrong

Default avatar.png Schwase: how so?

eulerscheZahl: use floor()

struct: if you are using javascript

Default avatar.png Schwase: java

struct: use toFixed(size)

Default avatar.png heavygabriel: now me big boy

eulerscheZahl: the modulo will give you inaccuracies due to double precision. never compare double with ==, add some error margin instead

Default avatar.png heavygabriel: trying to do the ANEO sponsored puzzle

Default avatar.png heavygabriel: also I have to do a decimal in the most american way possible

eulerscheZahl: or use integers then. you don't need floating points for ANEO

Default avatar.png heavygabriel: no

Default avatar.png heavygabriel: like the 3.6

Default avatar.png heavygabriel: instead of 3,6

Default avatar.png heavygabriel: like we do here

eulerscheZahl: you can multiply by 36 and the other side by 10 ;)

Default avatar.png heavygabriel: no

eulerscheZahl: i also got used to the . instead of , (which would be the default in Germany too)

Default avatar.png heavygabriel: I am currently dividing my km/h to meters/sec so I can confirm if I'll be able to pass it or not

Default avatar.png heavygabriel: if it's lower then IK I'll have to lower my speed

Default avatar.png Schwase: traffic lights>

Default avatar.png Schwase: ?

Default avatar.png heavygabriel: yeah

Default avatar.png Schwase: 71% damn

struct: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Astrobytes: ┬──┬◡ノ(° -°ノ)

Default avatar.png heavygabriel: if I multiply my m/s speed with the duration of the light and divide my m/s with the distance I think it'll help

Default avatar.png heavygabriel: I'm probably way overthinking it

struct: At least I think im learning some stuff with these modules things

struct: But javascript drives me crazy

Default avatar.png heavygabriel: welcome to JS

Default avatar.png heavygabriel: where NaN is a big fuck you

Default avatar.png heavygabriel: I have a few questions about the ANEO thingy

Default avatar.png heavygabriel: nvm

eulerscheZahl: but i have no answers. i dislike that puzzle

Default avatar.png heavygabriel: you can't stop

Default avatar.png heavygabriel: wait you can't stop?

Default avatar.png heavygabriel: that's retarded

struct: Well its the point of the puzzle

struct: to not stop

Default avatar.png heavygabriel: yeah but then it's a math problem

Astrobytes: ...

inoryy: ,,,

jacek: math, not even once

inoryy: maths*

Astrobytes: Hey inoryy, are you not out spreading COVID, I mean celebrating end of lockdown in the pub? :P

Astrobytes: And yes, maths.

inoryy: hey Astrobytes, you know I was planning to but then had to cancel last minute

Astrobytes: What a shame eh

Default avatar.png heavygabriel: wait can someone tell me if this formula is good for checking if I have to slow down? duration * (speed/3.6)/distance>=0

Default avatar.png heavygabriel: duration is in seconds, speed is in KM/H and distance is in meters

Default avatar.png Schwase: you cant slow down...

Default avatar.png Schwase: you have to find a constant speed...

Default avatar.png heavygabriel: to find a constant speed*

Default avatar.png heavygabriel: but what I'm doing is incrementally decrease the speed to get the fastest I can go with every kind

Default avatar.png Schwase: you need to determine if the intersection of the car's position and the traffic light's position occur on an even interval of the light (ie t < dur OR 2 * dur < t < 3 * dur OR etc)

Default avatar.png Schwase: speed * time = distance

Default avatar.png Schwase: :)

Default avatar.png heavygabriel: well that's what I did no?

Default avatar.png heavygabriel: speed * time= distance

Default avatar.png Schwase: speed / distance = 1 / t

Default avatar.png Schwase: try distance / speed

Default avatar.png Schwase: and then determine if time / duration has an even integer part

Default avatar.png heavygabriel: 1/t?

Default avatar.png Schwase: t = time

Default avatar.png Schwase: sorry

Default avatar.png heavygabriel: it's ok

Default avatar.png heavygabriel: I learned algebra like 3 years ago

jacek: good for you

Default avatar.png LukaszMalkowicz: Hey C# why this is happening to me in defiblirator puzzle CS0103: The name `MathF' does not exist in the current context ? I was using MathF before with no problem

eulerscheZahl: i'm using C# for almost 10 years and that the first time I hear about MathF

eulerscheZahl: seems to be a Unity library function

Default avatar.png Schwase: dead men's shot (pirates of the caribbean darts puzzle) was pretty fun to do

AhmedMasry: I can't solve thor

Default avatar.png Schwase: why not ahmed? (not trying to be condescending just asking what obstacle is stopping you)


heart: :joy: :joy: (CSB bots)

Zenoscave: moin eulerscheZahl

Astrobytes: pewpewpew, bit late for euler now I think

jacek: why so low

Astrobytes: broken version

Astrobytes: trying some things

Default avatar.png TheCaptainSausage_bf9e: elédjomb

Default avatar.png TheCaptainSausage_bf9e: kanye 2020

Default avatar.png TheCaptainSausage_bf9e: Coluche 2002

Default avatar.png Sheepsteuuuuur: buying feet pics

Default avatar.png Sheepsteuuuuur: just have to slide in my dms

Default avatar.png Sheepsteuuuuur: ;););)

LelouchVC2: you'll buy my feet picsZ?

Default avatar.png Schwase: bro

Default avatar.png Schwase: order of successoin

Default avatar.png Schwase: more like "i didnt order a suck session"

Default avatar.png Schwase: 100% get that outta here

Default avatar.png DarkDev: does anyone here play roblox

Default avatar.png Schwase: used to

Default avatar.png DarkDev: is anyone interested in making games with me

Default avatar.png Schwase: :\ not rly

Default avatar.png DarkDev: ohv okay

Default avatar.png DarkDev: oh*

Default avatar.png Schwase: someone else might tho

Default avatar.png DarkDev: ok

Default avatar.png DarkDev: i will wait

Default avatar.png Schwase: maybe ask on the discord server

Schmaenajel: Dude I have opened this chat for the first time, and the first thing I read is "I buy feet pics" - I love the internet

Schmaenajel: fml

Astrobytes: It's not a game making site

Default avatar.png Schwase: "does someone want to code roblox games with me" = Unacceptable

Astrobytes: It's not always like that Schmaenajel

Default avatar.png Schwase: "buying feet pics" = perfectly ok

Default avatar.png DarkDev: deos anyone know lua

Default avatar.png DarkDev: HEY

Default avatar.png Schwase: sureeeeeee

Default avatar.png DarkDev: rude

Default avatar.png Schwase: dude asked if someone wanted to code some games on roblox theres nothing wrong with that

Default avatar.png DarkDev: :angry:

Astrobytes: Who said there was?

Default avatar.png Schwase: Astrobytes 05:37PM It's not a game making site

Default avatar.png Schwase: hmmm

Default avatar.png Schwase: i wonder who had a problem with it.....

Astrobytes: Implying he might be better off asking elsewhere, such as discord, as you suggested

Default avatar.png Schwase: fair enough

Default avatar.png DarkDev: how old ryall

Astrobytes: Lots of people mistake CG for a game coding website cause of the name I guess

Default avatar.png DarkDev: who wants to make roblox games with me

Default avatar.png Schwase: idk astro, last night some dude came in here who was doing the whole "reverse racism is a thing and conservatives are oppressed" and that went on for a while. i feel like some people just troll when they see the window of opportunity

Default avatar.png DarkDev: what are yall talking about

Default avatar.png DarkDev:

Default avatar.png DarkDev: join me

Astrobytes: Yes. Very amusing.

Default avatar.png DarkDev: huh?

Astrobytes: trolololol

LelouchVC2: Astrobytes

Astrobytes: No shit

LelouchVC2: Schwase

LelouchVC2: I was trolling you because you made it easy

Default avatar.png DarkDev: pls do not swear

LelouchVC2: Right and left wings are both important and equally gay

Default avatar.png Schwase: yes

Astrobytes: You're open like a book bruh, try harder :D

LelouchVC2: Black people are humans, and human lives don't matter other than to humans

LelouchVC2: Now give me a dildo and call me daddy

Default avatar.png Schwase: <3

Default avatar.png Schwase: :D

LelouchVC2: <3

Default avatar.png Schwase: lol

Default avatar.png Schwase: so was the plane joke not actually an r/woosh?

Default avatar.png DarkDev: huh

Astrobytes: Do you seriously not have anything better to do with your time?

LelouchVC2: idk what r/woosh is

Default avatar.png Schwase: i said 9/11 jokes were just PLANE wrong

LelouchVC2: i only know that sub reddits begin with r/

Default avatar.png DarkDev: i have nothing better to do

Default avatar.png DarkDev: eeeeeeeeee

LelouchVC2: lmao, i didnt notice

Default avatar.png DarkDev: wow

Default avatar.png DarkDev: really

LelouchVC2: I'm not home, hot as hell where i am

Default avatar.png Schwase: r/woosh is a reddit for people who didn't get a joke/anti joke

Default avatar.png DarkDev: it hot as satans layer in my room

LelouchVC2: Hard to think when ur brain is melting

Default avatar.png Schwase: like if someone took me seriously saying "if africans ate more maybe they wouldnt have a hunger issue"

Default avatar.png Schwase: thatd be on r/woosh

LelouchVC2: i see ;o

Default avatar.png Schwase: or when you corrected me and said "*plain" after i made that joke last night

LelouchVC2: I was doing a clash while sweating so it went over my head xD

Default avatar.png DarkDev: my brain is not working

Default avatar.png Schwase: ah gotcha lol

Default avatar.png DarkDev: pls help me XD

Default avatar.png Schwase: brain not work? brain got brrrrrr

Default avatar.png Schwase: go*

LelouchVC2: I send you love DarkDev

Default avatar.png DarkDev: huh

Default avatar.png DarkDev: whats dat

Default avatar.png DarkDev: i am new

Default avatar.png DarkDev: a

Default avatar.png DarkDev: a

Schmaenajel: a

Schmaenajel: a

Schmaenajel: i am new

Schmaenajel: whats dat

Default avatar.png Schwase: WHAT IS LOVE

Default avatar.png Schwase: BABY DONT HURT ME

Default avatar.png Schwase: DONT HURT ME

Schmaenajel: NO MORE

Default avatar.png Schwase: NO MORE!!!!!!

Default avatar.png Schwase: lol

Default avatar.png Schwase: nice

Schmaenajel: yea

Default avatar.png DarkDev: i am nw to dis website

Schmaenajel: well

Default avatar.png DarkDev: fjj goufdxngirdtonfuibjnjhgboxnfhoxubgn

Default avatar.png Schwase: bro its not a chat room lol

Schmaenajel: You cant be that new DarkDev

Default avatar.png Schwase: its a coding site

Default avatar.png DarkDev: lol

Default avatar.png Schwase: with a pop out chat

Schmaenajel: Lol

Default avatar.png DarkDev: how doyou turn the chat pink

Schmaenajel: creaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaopy

Schmaenajel: creampy

Default avatar.png DarkDev: aaaaaaaa Schmaenajel

Schmaenajel: creamie

Schmaenajel: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Default avatar.png Schwase: rasberry pi

Default avatar.png DarkDev:

Default avatar.png DarkDev: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Default avatar.png **Schwase slaps LelouchVC2 around a bit with a large fishbot

Default avatar.png DarkDev: who said that

Default avatar.png DarkDev: * Schwase epicly slaps LelouchVC2 around a bit with a large fishbot

LelouchVC2: lmao

Default avatar.png DarkDev: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Default avatar.png **DarkDev slaps Schwase around a bit with a large fishbot

Default avatar.png **DarkDev slaps all around a bit with a large fishbot

Default avatar.png DarkDev: someone slap me

LelouchVC2: * LelouchVC2 epicly slaps DarkDev around a bit with a large fishbot

Default avatar.png Schwase: /slap lol

Default avatar.png **Schwase slaps around a bit with a large fishbot

Default avatar.png DarkDev: say /slap nickname

Default avatar.png Schwase: You cannot leave this channel.

Default avatar.png Schwase: F

Default avatar.png DarkDev: do yall watchflamingo

Default avatar.png **DarkDev is dying of bordome help him NOW

Default avatar.png DarkDev: why is no one talking

Default avatar.png DarkDev: TALK

LelouchVC2: aqweds

Default avatar.png Mukesh1311: Hi

Default avatar.png thienok: please share your code when you have done

LelouchVC2: And dont forget to like, subscribe, and share this video

Default avatar.png TejasTheGReat: Hey Does Anyone Know the best way to get an internship in CS?

Default avatar.png DarkDev: who wants to code my roblox game

Default avatar.png DarkDev: guys type in

Default avatar.png DarkDev: if you want to help me then type /join lua