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Default avatar.png midoooo: how ca i know the clash who is taking into consideration number of caracters

Default avatar.png Raghuveer: :funny:

Default avatar.png Raghuveer: hi

Default avatar.png Raghuveer: what are you doing

Default avatar.png Raghuveer: can you teach me python

Default avatar.png Raghuveer: please

Default avatar.png Raghuveer: by Raghu

DiL: hi guys! is it possible to definetly close a DM chat?

Default avatar.png Hanh: hi

Default avatar.png Raghuveer: #Dm

Default avatar.png Raghuveer: his chat

Default avatar.png Raghuveer: thanls

Default avatar.png Raghuveer: why this

Uljahn: Automaton2000 to the rescue

DiL: I mean: I would like to close a Direct Message chat opened with another user. we're no longer chatting but it still keeps showing... thanks

Automaton2000: you are just going to say that

LelouchVC2: Yea, does that all the time

Uljahn: DiL: close it and reload the page

DiL: Uljahn: I tried, didnt solved

Uljahn: try ctrl+f5

DiL: thanks Uljahn: fixed it!

Uljahn: :thumbsup:

Default avatar.png TranHuy: gooo

AntiSquid: WINWINWIN hi

AntiSquid: weird question to ask here :p

AntiSquid: at the top right click save and the save & commit, which runs all cells and saves your work

AntiSquid: then you need to click on the number and click "go to viewer", then scroll down to output, select the file you want to submit, most likely the one ending in .csv and then click submit ! and then make sure to select the your best score on the submit screen

AntiSquid: geez CG makes life much easier

AntiSquid: also you could ask people on kaggle how to do stuff there lol, they're very helpful

AntiSquid: i joined their discord but nobody talks in there

AntiSquid: WINWINWIN are you still there?

Default avatar.png Raghuveer: Yes

Default avatar.png Raghuveer: hahaha

Default avatar.png Raghuveer: :fun:

Default avatar.png Raghuveer: :thumpsup:

AntiSquid: click python in the checkbox, but there are better tutorials to just learn python on other websites Raghuveer

Default avatar.png Raghuveer: ok

Default avatar.png Raghuveer: :thanks:

Default avatar.png Raghuveer: :ok:

Default avatar.png Raghuveer: :wink:

WINWINWIN: Yeah, Im back AntiSquid :D asked it here as could not get an answer anywhere there

caubeloatchoat24: Yuck! Are u only win 3 game ?

WINWINWIN: AntiSquid, I am not able to find the output in the notebook viewer, I think it is being deleted after I exit the editor

WINWINWIN: @caubeloatchoat24 not Evan that many :P

Default avatar.png Raghuveer: can you clash

caubeloatchoat24: Why this code error bro: "cout << 1^2;" (in C++). Or i have to use a template?

caubeloatchoat24: "^" is Bit Xor

Default avatar.png tanmaycodernovice: for _ in' '*n:print(o)

Default avatar.png tanmaycodernovice: what does this line means?

WINWINWIN: print(o) n times

Uljahn: if o is of str type, it could be shortened to: print("\n".join(o*n))

WINWINWIN: print((o+'\n')*n)

WINWINWIN: would that work?

Uljahn: yes

remi6: exec(n*"print(o);") is shorter

Imsure1200q: what do you think is good golfing language?

struct: ruby perl

Imsure1200q: k i learn ruby

Default avatar.png rak1507: ruby is a great golf language

Astrobytes: Java

Imsure1200q: you cant fool me java is trash

Default avatar.png rak1507: perl is confusing

Imsure1200q: yep perl is confusion

Imsure1200q: i think the tutorial section was rushed lol

Astrobytes: perl is only confusing if you don't know what you're doing

struct: puts [?o]*n print((o+'\n')*n)

Default avatar.png rak1507: which I don't

struct: ah o is a var

struct: even shorter than

struct: dont need the ?

Default avatar.png rak1507: can anyone recommend a good resource for learning golfing?

WINWINWIN: codegolf stackexchange

Imsure1200q: zolac just made the worst reverse mode coc :((((

Imsure1200q: whyyyyyy

Imsure1200q: 9 -> 6


Imsure1200q: 1874587458 -> 272896189

Astrobytes: Ah WINWINWIN beat me to it


Default avatar.png rak1507: ty

Imsure1200q: you always get beat

Imsure1200q: >:)

Imsure1200q: wait wrong face lol

WINWINWIN: Hi Imsure1200q how`s space mazing coming along?

Astrobytes: Finished Space Maze yet?

Astrobytes: lol

Imsure1200q: nah c++ was rude to me

Imsure1200q: and music production wooo

Imsure1200q: working on 3 musics so

Imsure1200q: but imma come back to it later and not use the A*

Imsure1200q: just gonna use practical solutions

Imsure1200q: how do you do red letters

Astrobytes: Red letters are a CG Premium feature only

**Imsure1200q slaps ? around a bit with a large fishbot

Imsure1200q: lol fishbot

WINWINWIN: Yes, it is very expensive to get red letters

Imsure1200q: orange letters?

WINWINWIN: Even more so

Imsure1200q: r a i n b o w l e t t e r s

Imsure1200q: how about latex

Default avatar.png rak1507: is there a golfier way to do (x.to_i-0.1).abs in ruby?

Default avatar.png Raghuveer: :what:

WINWINWIN: temperatures?

Default avatar.png rak1507: ~~maybe~~

Default avatar.png rak1507: how the hell did someone get a 33 in ruby

Default avatar.png rak1507: that's just ridiculous

Imsure1200q: wdym 33

Default avatar.png rak1507: 33 chars

Default avatar.png Raghuveer: :nerd:

Default avatar.png Raghuveer: :brain_out:

Imsure1200q: is herdre a bot

Default avatar.png Raghuveer: hey want to join #Coders

struct: also if you might want to learn bash

Default avatar.png Raghuveer: no one in it

Default avatar.png Raghuveer: please join

Imsure1200q: w a n n a t a l k a b o u t s p a c e m a z e

struct: I solved it

struct: preety easy

Imsure1200q: g o o d !

Imsure1200q: but c++ trying to make fun of me even if im using absolutely correct syntax so

struct: C++ fault surely

WINWINWIN: clearly...

Imsure1200q: hey even google doesnt have an answer

Imsure1200q: imma reset my entire progress in Space Maze

Imsure1200q: back to the start

Imsure1200q: is there a way to sync IDE with CodinGame?

Imsure1200q: liek another ide

struct: There are extensions

Imsure1200q: is there for firefox?

Default avatar.png Raghuveer:

Default avatar.png Raghuveer: hehehe

Default avatar.png Raghuveer:

Default avatar.png Raghuveer: this is me

Default avatar.png Raghuveer: :laughing

struct: i dont know

Default avatar.png Raghuveer: :laughing:

struct: just search CG Sync on forum

Imsure1200q: ok

Imsure1200q: "Warning: your code did not read all available input before printing an instruction"

Imsure1200q: ???? huh

struct: ignore it

AntiSquid: :joy:

Imsure1200q: is that a rick roll

AntiSquid: ahm, no?

AntiSquid: wtf

AntiSquid: do people love rickroll in Philippines? Imsure1200q

AntiSquid: maybe trolling each other with rick roll at karaoke parties ? Imsure1200q

Imsure1200q: i guess

Imsure1200q: idk tho, just cant risk that rick roll man

AntiSquid: it's not rick roll

AntiSquid: :/

AntiSquid: derp


Default avatar.png Raghuveer: :/'

Default avatar.png Raghuveer: :/

Default avatar.png Raghuveer: :/ it is so bad

ToreForsell: rickity rallity

Hjax: good morning

eulerscheZahl: good afternoon

Hjax: im trying to rewrite my othello program in rust, not sure how successful im going to be

Hjax: it wouldnt surprise me if it ends up slower than the java one

Hjax: oh Washier just passed me

dbdr: Hjax: it should definitely be faster if done right

dbdr: let me know if you have questions

Hjax: im not super far along yet

Hjax: i wrote movegen and make

Hjax: and the move gen seemed slower than the java equivalent, but i think the jvm is just optimizing it away somewhat because i was just calling it in a loop

struct: also remember that ide in rust is in debug

struct: so its way slower

Hjax: im writing it in intellj locally

struct: ah ok

dbdr: are you using the release mode?

Hjax: yep

dbdr: :+1:

Hjax: most of the language doesnt feel that foreign, the array slicing thing is pretty weird

dbdr: that's pretty powerful, no?

dbdr: or what is weird?

Hjax: the idea that a slice of an array is a view of the array, rather than a new array

Hjax: also it seems i cant for each over an array, just a slice?

dbdr: you can do a new array is you want, but if you don't need it, a slice will be faster than what you could do in Java

Hjax: yeah is neat, its just new to me to have it work that way

dbdr: you can do both for x in array and for x in &array

dbdr: first one consumes the array

dbdr: most times you'll use for x in &array

Hjax: when you get a reference to the array you just get a slice of the whole array right?

dbdr: yes

Hjax: hopefully it will be a lot faster than my java version at the end, the entire bot is basically just bitmath

Hjax: so id expect a compiled language to be pretty speedy with it

dbdr: the JVM can be reasonably good at compiling bit operations

dbdr: Java is a compiled language ;)

dbdr: but you definitely got more control in rust

Hjax: java is in some magic place in the middle between complied and interpreted

dbdr: yeah, the machinery is complex

Washier: hey guys.

dbdr: but for any code that matters, it will be compiled after startup

Washier: loving the Othello

Hjax: i tried pretty hard over the weekend to optimize my java mcts, and i couldnt do better than 10k rollouts on turn 2

Hjax: Washier your newest submit is a lot stronger

Hjax: well done

dbdr: with MCTS you probably need to allocate, right?

Washier: ty

struct: how far from the boss Washier?

Hjax: hes 0.3 behind it

Washier: if I can give a tip - it is really really simple once you realise one thing

dbdr: go go go Washier

Washier: soo close, the boss just pips me atm

Hjax: so i tried using a node pool, and it was way worse than not using a node pool

Hjax: maybe i did it wrong somehow

struct: I guess the boss is a bit above average

struct: on strength

Hjax: the boss is a monster

struct: but if you compare against top bots it isnt very good

dbdr: I think fast MCTS implementations in all languages end up preallocting, and using indexes in the large node array

Washier: its very good.

Hjax: boss should have been a 10k rollout mcts, not 40k lol

Washier: lol

Hjax: Washier what does your bot do? mcts or minimax?

Washier: minmax

Washier: *minimax

Washier: spent some time building board\movegen logic. all bitbaording. was worth it.

Hjax: yeah i think my bitboard is pretty solid / fast

Hjax: but i think my use of memory is poor, and thats why im slow

Washier: then once you find the same aha moement i did, you will be stronger

Washier: i'm only going 4 deep

Hjax: well im doing mcts

Hjax: probably need a different aha moment

Washier: still need to understand mcts yet.

dbdr: are you doing playouts until the end?

Hjax: me? yes

Washier: impressive

Hjax: i do full random playouts to the end of the game, i get about 10k on turn 2

Washier: oh wait, i'm thinking gametree again. leme see how many random games i can play in 150ms

Washier: haha, I only manage ~300 playouts from turn 1. 10k is wow

struct: turn 1 or 2?

struct: ah sorry

Hjax: the boss does 40k though

struct: I was thinking on uttt

struct: or not

Washier: turn 1. dont have playout code, just a loop

struct: wait on first you have 2000ms

Washier: yes. i use that to fill a cache used by my bit counter. but i measure 0.5ms per random game, so i can playout a measly 300 :)

struct: What do you define by playout on minimax?

struct: until you reach max depth?

struct: Also remember that code in Arena runs on release mode on C#

struct: So the numbers on IDE are not accurate

Washier: i did run realease. i dont define playout for minimax, but to max depth = 4 is what i mean yes

Hjax: wait since when is the first turn 2000 ms?

Hjax: i thought it was 1000

struct: I increased it

Washier: usually is 1000 afaik ye

struct: But its like this since release

Washier: do you guys do stuff in that time?

Hjax: i search for what i thought was the whole time

Hjax: but apparently it was only half of the time

Hjax: i just tried to add a node pool to java again

Hjax: 1/5th the speed

Hjax: i probably should take into account symmetries, but i feel like thats hard to make work with mcts

struct: Do you take symmetries into account dbdr?

struct: I doubt its worth it tbh

struct: But I havent played the game

Hjax: it matters a lot in the opening

Hjax: i would get a lot more tree reuse

dbdr: struct: no

Washier: my gut also says symmetries not worth it. dont want to offend people because i'm a very small fish in a big pong but i think a simpler bot is better for othello.

Hjax: i still dont really understand how i am messing up node pools

Hjax: you create a big array of nodes on startup, and use pool[index++] whenever you need a new node

struct: Do you have multiple pools?

Hjax: no?

struct: Where are you running into problems?

Hjax: using a node pool divides my search speed by 5

struct: In java right?

Hjax: yes

Hjax: havent finished my rust implementation yet

Washier: haha. wish i Could say that.

wlesavo: RIIR :slight_smile:

jacek: symmetries help when building opening book

jacek: in actual game tree search, no

Default avatar.png TodorVachev: why is .sort() not working in javascript?

Default avatar.png TodorVachev: .sort() to this array [ 322, 548, -50, 529, 1009, -78, -3] returns: [ -3, -50, -78, 1009, 322, 529, 548]

jacek: are they treated as characters, not numbers/

Default avatar.png TodorVachev: yes they are integers. I have parsed them before sorting

Default avatar.png TodorVachev: const inputs = readline().split(' ').map(num => parseInt(num)); console.error(inputs) console.error(inputs.sort())

struct: put entire code here

Default avatar.png TodorVachev: thats the code

Default avatar.png TodorVachev: inputs.sort() is not sorting it

Default avatar.png TodorVachev: 322 548 -50 529 1009 -78 -3 thats the input, says that it is a "list of integers"

darkhorse64: You must say you are sorting them as integers

struct: inputs.sort((a,b)=>a-b)

Astrobytes: ^ this

darkhorse64: ¨

Scarfield: dont do javascript, but readline is only for a string i guess (?)

Default avatar.png TodorVachev: oh this stupid javascript why cant anything work the way you would expect it to work

Astrobytes: sort() without args is alphabetical

darkhorse64: ^

Hjax: Astrobytes you missed me whining about how slow my mcts is

Default avatar.png TodorVachev: yeah, it worked thanks

Astrobytes: Ah there you are Hjax, how is it going?

Hjax: i cant get over 10k rollouts :(

Astrobytes: Oof

Hjax: so i started porting to rust

Astrobytes: Oh hey, well that should help

Hjax: but it makes me unhappy to not understand exactly why it is slow

Hjax: so im still trying to figure it out

Hjax: at some point ill get fed up with mcts and go to minimax i think

Astrobytes: Hm. I'd just roll my eyes and mumble Java-JVM-something

Astrobytes: :D

Astrobytes: I still think MCTS is promising, and you should get way better results in Rust

Hjax: ive seen some mention when i was reading online of a hybrid approach

wlesavo: Astrobytes or rather why in this stupid java cant anything work the way you would expect it to work

Hjax: you do a mcts tree building thing, but replace the rollouts with a low depth search

Astrobytes: lol wlesavo

darkhorse64: Another possible explanation is that your bitboarding code is slow

Astrobytes: Ah yeah, the minimax hybrid thing

Hjax: i spend less than 5% of my total time in my movegen and make functions

Hjax: i have profiled it a lot

Hjax: im pretty confident my bitboards are fast

darkhorse64: Ok. Wrong explanation then

darkhorse64: Back to Java sucks .... :grin:

Astrobytes: lol

ekym: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

darkhorse64: I am a C++ only guy with enough background to write in languages with C like syntax. Can't really help

Hjax: i spend some large amount of my time in my rollout function

Hjax: which is just getting a random number, masking off the random move, making it, and checking if the state is terminal

struct: cant the GC be the problem?

Hjax: the GC is /always/ a problem

struct: I dont know java so Im just throwing stuff

Hjax: if the rust version is fast ill blame java

Hjax: its pretty much a direct port, because its almost entirely bitmath

Hjax: so it shouldnt take me that long

struct: You seemed stornger vs the boss Washier

Washier: that bot is a bastard. shot me down again

struct: Did you change anything?

Washier: im looking ahead 5 moves now. but also limiting(beam seach) it to the first 9 moves. still dumb hint hint - me thinks its all in the eval function

jacek: you implemented prune array eh

Washier: Snef is also really tough

Astrobytes: :grin:

Hjax: Washier is beating coffee cup and losing to me

Washier: yes, but very dumb, just expand the first 5 moves(order from top of board!)

Hjax: so im gaining points

Washier: HJax, also reallly really tough bot.

Washier: Also keep losing to field3

Washier: my bogey bot

struct: Just wait until you face dbd r :)

Hjax: once i get more playouts ill be more scary

Washier: would b an honour if I get there

Washier: HJax, i think you search way more space than me.

Hjax: yeah but im doing monte carlo instead of having an eval function

Hjax: which is probably just worse

Washier: not sure

Washier: BeardedWhale also kick my behind often

Scarfield: "Someone might eventually know something" :p

Washier: hahaha, very good. but i dont hink so

Hjax: Scarfield actually knows everything, hes just too humble to say so

Washier: saw that. humblest of all

code_maniac: "So humble that you will not be able to comprehend it" That's what his/her bio says :p

Hjax: when i said "he", i thought to myself "i have no idea the gender of anyone on this site, but im just going to go with he unless im informed otherwise"

Washier: lol

Washier: it doesnt matter.

code_maniac: well i was also writing he only, but than thought it is better to keep both :p

Hjax: id imagine the gender ratio on this site is very male favored

Washier: i would imagine so too. its unfortunate. my wife is way more clever than me, big time engineer, women can most certainly dooo eet

code_maniac: i don't think in that perspective, i think this community is pretty active and helpful.

Hjax: oh for sure, its just a cultural thing, women get scared away from engineering and especially programming

Hjax: which is a shame

code_maniac: No everywhere

jacek: i see femaly avatar, im assuming female

jacek: i thought re curse was one

Washier: i also do that. naturual i suppose

Hjax: i feel like that assumption will be wrong more often than its right

code_maniac: And the first program ever written was written by a lady

code_maniac: 😁✌️

Washier: Ada Lovelace

Hjax: my avatar is female, but i am not, for instance

Astrobytes: I really am a cat.

Imsure1200q: no

Washier: haha

Hjax: re curse is 2b from nier automata

Hjax: pretty popular game

struct: What am I?

Washier: #schooled

Imsure1200q: a struct

Imsure1200q: from c

Washier: haha

Hjax: oh yeah all of the cat avatars are actually cats

code_maniac: hahahha

Hjax: teccles is currently sleeping in the sun somewhere

Hjax: Astrobytes do the paws make it hard to type?

Hjax: :P

Washier: thibk 80% of people on here love cats

Hjax: i have considered joining the ranks of cat avatars

Astrobytes: Not at all! It's easy once you get the hang of it Hjax :P

Washier: haha

Hjax: i have a very old cat, he could be my profile picture

Washier: mine is turning 13

Hjax: hes 18 years old

Imsure1200q: he like older than you?

Washier: wow. you win

Astrobytes: Both of mine have been known to 'type' in this chat once in a while

Imsure1200q: aka press keyboard

Hjax: not older than me, im 23

Astrobytes: 18! wow, old fella!

Imsure1200q: does it have babies

Washier: 18 is very impressive

Imsure1200q: take a picture of the babies

Hjax: no babies

Imsure1200q: b

Hjax: just one old, clingy cat

Hjax: he went deaf a year or two ago

Imsure1200q: what if it had babies but they ran away

Hjax: but hes still happy

Washier: shame

Astrobytes: Aw bless him

Washier: i have two boxers along with the cat. opposite of relaxing

Imsure1200q: and if u have a dog then does your cat fight ur dog

Astrobytes: lol, great dogs, boxers

Washier: clowns of the dog world

Washier: cat is boss tho. she takes none

Astrobytes: My cats are both nuts.

Washier: best kind of pets

Astrobytes: One is permanently attached to me, follows me everywhere.

Hjax: my cat is like that too

Hjax: i can walk circles around my house, and he will just follow the whole way

Washier: pets are the best stress relievers i find

Astrobytes: Yup. I know that feeling.

Washier: this Othello bot is stubborn. will have to sleep over it

Washier: *boss

Washier: time for pirate metal :)

struct: We need 10 bots on wood 1

struct: so we get 100 battles per submit :(

Astrobytes: lol, not massively into pirate metal but being Scots means I automatically like Alestorm

Washier: haha Alestorm yass

Washier: struct - should get better as more people join

Astrobytes: yeah I'm actually surprised there aren't more players atm

jacek: maybe they are hooked to yinsh

Washier: yinsch looks complicated :)

Hjax: othello is getting me to finally learn rust

Hjax: so thats a victory

jacek: nah rust isnt succesful in othello

jacek: only 2 rust bots in wood 1

Astrobytes: Maybe you can translate some of your other bots too for more practice

struct: rust bot only has around 99% win rate

Imsure1200q: into tbilisi

Astrobytes: What?

Default avatar.png NewfieBullet: Can i message in this in the middle of a clash

Washier: rust sounds like managed C with some threading bits, me like

struct: yes NewfieBullet

Washier: Tiblisi is the capitaol of Georgia

Hjax: usually im good at the non speed critical multis

Hjax: so porting rust doesnt have a real benefit

Hjax: which isnt super motivating

Hjax: my PR2 is in python, who needs speed anyway

Washier: HJax, you into data science\machine learning?

Default avatar.png FreeDoom4ik: \

Hjax: im interested in it

Hjax: i dont really do any myself, but i follow the bigger advancements somewhat

Washier: still like coding?

Hjax: it would be cool if this site allowed pytorch or something

Hjax: yeah i love coding, i do it professionally and still have motivation to work on personal projects

Astrobytes: Used to have Keras (iirc) but for python2, and had a number recognition puzzle. But got deleted.

Hjax: the barrier of entry to using a NN on this site is pretty high

Hjax: since you have to write it yourself from scratch

Hjax: i guess you can use numpy

jacek: or goold old vectors in c++ ;v

Hjax: i would try to go full alphazero on othello, but its too much work without libraries

Washier: HJax, i'm askin bcause you sound like you wpuld get tired of coding in 5 years. imo. data science and NN's are great to learn

Hjax: i conceptually understand nns, i have wrote some simple ones

Hjax: i took a machine learning course in college

Washier: excellent

Default avatar.png NewfieBullet: I'm stuck on a clash smh my head

Scarfield: :pray:

Scarfield: not quite Mr. Burns hands

Washier: hehe

Hjax: i still have a lot to learn in terms of systems languages

Washier: cant go wrong with C.

Hjax: im fine in high level languages, but learning rust will keep me occupied for a while

Washier: pointers master you must

Scarfield: The order of the movies decided i did

Washier: haha

Default avatar.png NewfieBullet: I thought i was good at python til i hopped on this lol

Hjax: i think im reasonably competent with both java and python

Hjax: although trying to write high performance java seems to be going poorly for me

Hjax: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ blame the jvm

Default avatar.png NewfieBullet: I did an intro comp sci course in python at university and it blows my mind how much more I can learn from five minutes on this or youtube

Default avatar.png vuslat: süper

Default avatar.png NewfieBullet: Like didn't even know the map function was a thing

Washier: me thinks when it comes to these managed langs(java,c# etc), you need to stick to the same stuff you would in low level langs.


jacek: so clashy

AbundantPuddle: Somebody just surpassed you. Lol.

Default avatar.png NewfieBullet: I like it when you get a full lobby of a fuckjed question noone can answer lolol

Washier: sorry NewfieBullet

Hjax: tomatoes doesnt seem to be getting more rollouts than me

Hjax: i wonder whats different

tomatoes: they're not completely random

Hjax: ah, you biased them

Hjax: heavy playouts

jacek: so heavy

Astrobytes: So heavy that you will not be able to comprehend it

struct: When NNs for Othello?

Astrobytes: When I finish my AlphaZero implementation

Astrobytes: (not really)

Washier: For the evaluation funvtion

Astrobytes: I'd wager at least one person will be working on it

Washier: 1. Search deeper. 2. Evaluate leaf nodes better. 3. Profit

jacek: is N tuple network a NN?

struct: What is that?

Washier: second?

Washier: tuple might be how you feed it

jacek: tuple, an extracted pattern from game board

Imsure1200q: javascript is definitely my main codegolf language

Imsure1200q: > : )


Washier: i hate js in code gold, its short

Washier: *golf

Imsure1200q: lol u hate losing to peepl?

Washier: yes

Imsure1200q: lol

Washier: :)

Imsure1200q: but i hate ruby people

Imsure1200q: do you hate them too?

Imsure1200q: cuz ruby shorter than js

Washier: Console.WriteLine...and i lose laready. learning ruby as a comeback

Imsure1200q: whats that language lol

Imsure1200q: pretty inconvenient

Washier: but short

Imsure1200q: no the one with Console.WriteLine

Imsure1200q: in ruby its puts

Washier: C#

Imsure1200q: e w w

Washier: same as Java

Imsure1200q: java is system.out.println

Imsure1200q: yeah, kinda long

Washier: remember, every language has its place. all languages are good

Washier: except cobol

Imsure1200q: how to thumbs up emoji

Imsure1200q: :thumbs-up:

struct: jacek that quality though :(

jacek: its java

Washier: sorry();

Imsure1200q: java is going down the toilet i guess

struct: I mean picture quality

struct: its 249x243


Imsure1200q: and the imports tho


Washier: C# is the same, VB.Net also. it a trade-off

Imsure1200q: import Java.util.* //18 chars

Washier: except when golf

Imsure1200q: using namespace std; //19 chars

Imsure1200q: isnt close to C#

Hjax: who is golfing in java

Hjax: dont do that

Imsure1200q: lol

Imsure1200q: who was that Eric guy

Washier: i do it in C#, often beat java, c\c++ bots ;)

Imsure1200q: idk but every code golf and i see a person who completed 20% and has 584 chars

Imsure1200q: ... and shows his code

Imsure1200q: ... and its j a v a

Washier: helps people learn

struct: `cat`

Imsure1200q: not if its 20%

Imsure1200q: especially the void main(String[] args) function

Default avatar.png NewfieBullet: Yeah facts if you figure out the problem please share your code

Washier: seeing not how to do something is also instructive

Default avatar.png NewfieBullet: Nothing sucks more than not figuring it out and not getting code

Washier: thats when its only you and bots

Imsure1200q: do you mean putting 0 code

Washier: usually

Imsure1200q: lol so the java guy is a bot?

Washier: check their profiles. it saysa bot if it is one

Washier: kinda sad

Imsure1200q: how about AlkhinJohn he sometimes uses java

Washier: bot

Imsure1200q: and the java always last place in codegolf xD

Imsure1200q: its a law

Washier: every language has its place

Imsure1200q: but java is not in codegolf

Imsure1200q: will codingame have support for jelly and osable?

Washier: no, neither is C#

Astrobytes: The reason they have bots is so you can still clash when there aren't enough real players

Washier: exactly. its pretty cool really. but sad

Hjax: so i just biased my rollouts, which makes my win probabilities look awful,

Imsure1200q: ya everytime, theres like at least 2 bots in a clash

Hjax: but i think my bot is better

Washier: kewl

Imsure1200q: so much bot bot

Washier: bots is the beesknees

Astrobytes: Nice one Hjax. Wait, your Rust or Java?

Hjax: java

Imsure1200q: btw what do we do after we solved a contribution puzzle

Astrobytes: Give it a test run then!

Hjax: yeah its submitted already

Washier: checking

Imsure1200q: ye all the testcases is good

Imsure1200q: after submitting the results will it be validated already?

Imsure1200q: or do we need to review it 5 stars

Washier: once you submit its done

Imsure1200q: theres no submit button

Astrobytes: A pending contribution?

Imsure1200q: ye

Astrobytes: Leave constructive comments if applicable, vote down or up as applicable.

Astrobytes: Try it in multiple languages etc

Imsure1200q: is there a standard for validating contributions or personal thoughts

Imsure1200q: I'm pretty sure the contribution can be done in all languages

Hjax: i think my changes are a massive improvement against snef and the boss, and a huge regression against field3

Astrobytes: Yes, but you need to test the generated stub code etc

Imsure1200q: whats stub code?

Astrobytes: lol Hjax, too specific?

Washier: go Hjax, good luck


Hjax: dunno, i just biased my rollouts to pick moves that my opponent could also make first

Hjax: and now it beats snef and the boss

Washier: getting warmer

Astrobytes: Imsure1200q, the default code is generated by the stub code. Check it works in all languages, it sometimes doesn't

Hjax: i should really set up brutaltester

Hjax: for othello

Washier: brutaltester?

Hjax: its a program that mass runs test games locally

Astrobytes: Definitely a strong submit Hjax, good improvement

Snef: Hjax nice submit

Hjax: i need more games against you snef

Hjax: aw i lost one

Hjax: i jinxed it

Snef: I maybe saw one bug again with a game vs you

Washier: i also was pleading for more agains Snefm they will come

Hjax: low win% when i was winning?

Washier: *Snef

Imsure1200q: is lua a code-golf?

Imsure1200q: lang

jacek: snek

Snef: I see my self winning (score=0.78) next turn i see myself loosing (score=-0.9)

struct: not good enough for golf

struct: Its on par with javascript +-

Snef: it shouldn't change that much in one turn

Hjax: monte carlo sometimes misses singular important moves

Imsure1200q: how about perl?

Hjax: and suddenly realizes how bad its position is

Washier: python is the most accessible and golfy at the same time is it not?

Snef: yea but not that much usually

Hjax: man this submit is doing super well against the boss

Washier: noice

Snef: spam submit to bring him down then :p

Imsure1200q: i guess ruby tops them all golf-languages?

struct: I think perl can beat ruby sometimes

struct: also bash is good

Washier: i keep losing about 2 out of 7 against boss

Washier: bash is good to know too

Imsure1200q: just gonna stick with javascript for now

Imsure1200q: maybe ruby will welcome me well

Washier: that safe

Imsure1200q: perl was too messy so

Hjax: the matchmaker really doesnt want me to play snef

Washier: haha know the feeling

Hjax: im playing scarfield a ton, and no snef

Washier: me too!

Hjax: weird

Imsure1200q: hjax whats the game name

Hjax: Othello

Imsure1200q: thx

Snef: Hjax there is CGBench tool

Snef: to test code

Snef: it's really usefull

Hjax: i know about it

Washier: Scarfield is like my friend now i played him\her so many times

Hjax: i dont want to test, i want rating points

Hjax: :P

Imsure1200q: looks gross imo

Snef: well submit again :p

Washier: you are competitive ;)

Snef: hopefully you'll get boss below me :D

Hjax: so many games against scarfield and k4ng0u, no snef

Hjax: i dont get it

Washier: you beat me twice know Hjax

Washier: wd

Snef: it's just random

Hjax: the rng hates me

Washier: woooza

Washier: relax

Hjax: im just kidding :P

Washier: dont believe that :)

Default avatar.png AdamJimenez: POG

struct: Nice submit jacek

jacek: nope, i jsut reverted to old one

jacek: w00t

struct: oh ok, it lokoed better than previous

Washier: think the nature of the game introduces a lot of noise.

jacek: ooh, i timeouted

Astrobytes: HOW D A R E YOU

Washier: hahahaha

Washier: my bots usally live on that edge. 1 timeout in 10 games is ok. push push

Imsure1200q: is monte carlo tree search

Imsure1200q: just rapid testing

Snef: and statistics

Snef: yes

Imsure1200q: just randomly guessing and hoping to find the solution?

Snef: not really

Astrobytes: No, it's when you climb a tree, and just look around in random places for nice leaves.

Imsure1200q: but making random guesses educated by previous guesses?

Astrobytes: That's the statistical part

Snef: Hjax could you bring down the boss instead of me ? :(

Imsure1200q: astro im pretty sure monte carlo or smth did not climb up a tree and pick some leaves and then come up with the controversial MCTS

Astrobytes: lmao

Washier: you play as many games as you can for each of your next moves. the move with the best outcoe you choose

Imsure1200q: im pretty sure newton didnt say "an apple fell on me so imma make this life-saving mind-blowing 3 laws"

Imsure1200q: i mean if he did then ok i guess

Washier: you need to implement(or git) a game engine to do this. 75% of the fun

Imsure1200q: so its basically simulation?

Washier: yes

Snef: you need simulation to use search algorithms

Astrobytes: ^this

Imsure1200q: haha

Imsure1200q: :(

Imsure1200q: intel i3

Washier: you can doo eeet

AdamJimenez: how do i close chat

Imsure1200q: the youtube play button on the bottom

AdamJimenez: found it thanks

AdamJimenez: i thought it was to run my script

Astrobytes: That one's a bit more to the left.

AdamJimenez: no shit

Default avatar.png NewfieBullet: sensei can you share your code

Default avatar.png NewfieBullet: I'm brain farting on this code clash and i'm gonna give up

Imsure1200q: just looking for a challenge that doesnt use simulation

Imsure1200q: everytime i use simulation my CPU and Memory go 100% and Codingame be like "ooo ur not responding i fail ur code"

jacek: gg washier

Snef: Imsure1200q your code isn't running on your computer

Washier: ty

Astrobytes: It's nothing to do with your computer

Washier: so stoked.

Imsure1200q: oh good then i just trash at optimization

Astrobytes: Yes.

PatrickMcGinnisII: Astrobytes i don't think the error_log is being flushed in othello before the output is processed

Astrobytes: GG Washier!

Imsure1200q: but c++ is not letting me optimize :(

Washier: ty

Imsure1200q: giving me an error with pairs


Imsure1200q: when i do the A* algo

struct: grats washier

Washier: ty

Hjax: did i bump you above the boss?

Hjax: or did you resubmit

Snef: you did

Washier: i didnt do nothin

Imsure1200q: why is Code of the Rings related to brainf**k

PatrickMcGinnisII: when i do a die(); the error_log stops in its tracks too

Hjax: with him gone, i think i can promote now

Washier: btw, losing my ass of in the new league

Washier: i miss the boss and the wood 1 gang

Astrobytes: PatrickMcGinnisII: If it wasn't happening before it might be in your code?

PatrickMcGinnisII: Astrobytes sry didn't see struct

Hjax: trying something new, it looks weaker though

PatrickMcGinnisII: trying to track down a bad node in my othello tree, think its in my move generator

jacek: good thing your bot is slow, not much to track :v

PatrickMcGinnisII: all i get is a bad index on line 0:... , when i try to add to error-log to track it down it executed the die command before the log has finished being written to

Astrobytes: Can you do a manual flush?

PatrickMcGinnisII: if I let it run without the die command, i get a big warning that keeps me from reading the error_log very well

PatrickMcGinnisII: something about not reading all input before outputting ...which is BS

Astrobytes: Yeah, that's CG's latest annoying error msg that pops up whenever it wants to

Astrobytes: Usually when I write to stderr more than 1 line

PatrickMcGinnisII: As soon as I do a depth 2 search I gete garbage, depth 1 is fine

PatrickMcGinnisII: I'll figure it out, yea that warning is annoying

struct: C# made it before Java

jacek: garbage?

Washier: wooopw oowwowpp

Washier: sorry

eulerscheZahl: "C# made it before Java" The Simpsons did it before

Washier: haha

Astrobytes: :)

Washier: honour to meet you sir

Astrobytes: Ah, Toad Worship. Don't lick him.

Washier: cannoot....resist...

eulerscheZahl: no need to see it as an honor ;)

Washier: :relieved:


eulerscheZahl: jeez, that looks weird

eulerscheZahl: i only knew this one

Astrobytes: My eyes!

Washier: <scribling notes on a pad>


Astrobytes: hahaha oh dear

PatrickMcGinnisII: damnit, I make a move array outside of the class to save time and save it in the class, but apparently php doesn't opy it fast enough before my program tries to access it...wth is going on, it works in other langs.

PatrickMcGinnisII: The php kernel needs an enema

Astrobytes: Bitboard

PatrickMcGinnisII: i'll move it into the class and see if that works

PatrickMcGinnisII: stupid

eulerscheZahl: you are free to code in another language

PatrickMcGinnisII: as soon as i make over 11 nodes, it barfs ... its not my move generator

Astrobytes: Passing around unsigned longs is faster than passing around arrays

Astrobytes: in PHP anyway

Astrobytes: And yeah, c'mon man just use C will ya :P

PatrickMcGinnisII: I'm passing a list of 0 to 63 ints

Washier: 1st rule of code. Be absolutely sure its not your issue

Astrobytes: But why, when you can just set n out of 64 bits

Washier: pass a ulong

Washier: the whole game engine can be built with ulong's, no lists needed, think masks

Astrobytes: Would definitely advise against arrays Patrick, sure convert to an array where you need to but just use ul's

PatrickMcGinnisII: well I found php doesn't like free nodes, so I basically store the node pointers in an array ... so the memory cleanup starts screwing up once I dump a tree about a dozen times

Astrobytes: :shrug:

PatrickMcGinnisII: I'll clean it up, just a php thing, ignore me

Washier: good luck

PatrickMcGinnisII: barfs intermittently: $this->l[$startnode]->movelist[$i]


Astrobytes: lol, classic

PatrickMcGinnisII: smh, I been writing in C since 1987

Astrobytes: Why stop now?!

PatrickMcGinnisII: I did Pascal before that

PatrickMcGinnisII: and basci and asm before that

PatrickMcGinnisII: and then they taught me fortran in college, and I hated them for it

PatrickMcGinnisII: I should do C#

PatrickMcGinnisII: i know

Astrobytes: FORTRAN is useful, not here but it's got it's place

jacek: in graveyard

PatrickMcGinnisII: I should clarify, Fortran 77

Astrobytes: Isn't that still the most frequently seen version? Legacy systems and all

PatrickMcGinnisII: i have no idea, the formatting can kiss my ___. I think the math functions in Lisp were better

Default avatar.png NewfieBullet: Bahahah i'm in a reverse clash with zero fucking clue what the pattern is

Astrobytes: And the modern compilers optimise whatever the version

PatrickMcGinnisII: oops, GF wants to NETFLIX and chill... (Program<=>Girlfriend) = -1

eulerscheZahl: then share the given info NewfieBullet

PatrickMcGinnisII: laterzs

eulerscheZahl: <=> is that the new C++ spaceship operator?

Default avatar.png NewfieBullet: Test 1 input: "MAM", output: "J"

Default avatar.png NewfieBullet: Test 2 input: "JFMAMJJASON" output:"D"

eulerscheZahl: january february march april ...

Default avatar.png NewfieBullet: Test 3: input "OND" output "J"

jacek: did you write it euler

Yolo_Swagosaurus: Jesus, some people do not understand the idea of shortest mode

Default avatar.png NewfieBullet: AHAHHAAH The variable name is months

eulerscheZahl: no. but saw the clash before. i think when it was still pending

Astrobytes: ...

Default avatar.png NewfieBullet: If i legit read that i couldve had it done five minutes ago lol

eulerscheZahl: i never created a clash of code

Astrobytes: You so should

Astrobytes: Clash of Toad

eulerscheZahl: nah, i prefer working on bigger things

LelouchVC2: *wink*

eulerscheZahl: and then fighting with the graphics :D

Astrobytes: :D

Yolo_Swagosaurus: Guys are there any bots on this website?

Hjax: i like how im taking snefs rating points and donating them to field3

Astrobytes: So generous of you

Hjax: call me robin hood

Astrobytes: :grin:

eulerscheZahl: there are thousands of bots, Yolo_Swagosaurus

Yolo_Swagosaurus: eulerscheZahl Why tho?

eulerscheZahl: even a few in clash of code. and > 100k at coders strike back

Hjax: isnt that the point of the site?

eulerscheZahl: it's part of the website: write your own bot and compete

Hjax: would be pretty depressing if there were no bots

Astrobytes: There's a whole section dedicated to 'Bot Programming' so...

Yolo_Swagosaurus: No i mean in clash of code

eulerscheZahl: even on chat: hi Automaton2000

Automaton2000: i would like to use a ga

Yolo_Swagosaurus: oh

Yolo_Swagosaurus: well frick me then

Hjax: the clash bots are there to give you an opponent if no one is around


Hjax: otherwise clash would never have any players

Astrobytes: DAMN YOU

LelouchVC2: who are the clash bots?

eulerscheZahl: haha

Astrobytes: :D

LelouchVC2: ;)

Astrobytes: I was literally about to hit enter

Hjax: ok well i dethroned snef with a heuristic that i dont really understand

eulerscheZahl: everyone above 10k clashes is a bot

Astrobytes: gj, what's your heuristic?

LelouchVC2: if there are bots

Hjax: literally just "play moves that are also available to your opponent first while doing rollouts"

LelouchVC2: how is tychkorg not a bot

LelouchVC2: he's on like 24/7

eulerscheZahl: tychkorg *is* a bot

LelouchVC2: niiiceeeeee

Hjax: im still 1.1 points behind the boss

Hjax: but for some reason that was a huge improvement overall

jacek: do bots need to do the captcha? :o

eulerscheZahl: literally says so on the profile page

LelouchVC2: lmao

LelouchVC2: i never looked at his profile

darkhorse64: basically, you are restricting move choices for your opponent

jacek: mobility heuristic eh

Astrobytes: It's called mobility. You wanna maximise yours and minimise his

darkhorse64: ^

Hjax: yeah im familiar with it as a minimax heuristic

Hjax: but i didnt think it would work in monte carlo

Astrobytes: Anyone tried EPT with this yet?

darkhorse64: I'll let you know when I leave lb bottom

Astrobytes: That or the hybrid shallow-depth MCTS-minimax idea I think should be good

Astrobytes: (The one you mentioned earlier Hjax)

LelouchVC2: My life is a lie

LelouchVC2: the people i've been fighting against

LelouchVC2: have been bots

eulerscheZahl: they are real players from the past

Astrobytes: lol darkhorse64, at least you fixed the timeout

LelouchVC2: im so dead

LelouchVC2: CoC has betrayed me

eulerscheZahl: time to get into multiplayer games

Astrobytes: ^

LelouchVC2: Not all my rivals have been bots

LelouchVC2: but so many

LelouchVC2: </3

Hjax: join us in othello

LelouchVC2: Is that bot programming?

Hjax: yes

LelouchVC2: My first and only bot

eulerscheZahl: or upload your own game: otoado

LelouchVC2: And the damn game broke at my peek

Astrobytes: In multiplayer everyone is a bot. But it's bots written by us.

eulerscheZahl: or github

Astrobytes: "otoado" :D

LelouchVC2: :(

Astrobytes: Yeah, don't github your bots.

Hjax: Astrobytes can you run a game against me, i want to see how badly i lose

LelouchVC2: fist fight, it gives better results

eulerscheZahl: never bring a fist to a gun fight

Astrobytes: Hjax:

jacek: such passion

Hjax: ouch

Hjax: that wasnt particularly close

Astrobytes: Swapped:

Astrobytes: DUH

jacek: huh

eulerscheZahl: great link


Astrobytes: Quiet toad :P

Hjax: i put up a fight that game at least

Hjax: your eval didnt just increase forever

Astrobytes: lol indeed

Astrobytes: My arena version is not... optimal, may I add (it's pretty shit)

Hjax: well i know my bot is terrible

Hjax: it wins by mistake sometimes :D

Astrobytes: And my IDE bot jsut crashes so :D

Astrobytes: *just

eulerscheZahl: silence! I kill you!

eulerscheZahl: sorry i'm late with that joke, was distracted

Astrobytes: I keeeeeeel you!

Astrobytes: Ahmed. Such class.

Hjax: you forgot the phlegm

Astrobytes: *Achmed

darkhorse64: Astrobytes: yes, there was a issue with the solver not exploring all nodes (which is a good thing par se). When I had several skip nodes in a row that resulted sometimes in selecting nullptr. Now, the solver is working which increases my bot strength. Still last but closer

Hjax: you are using mcts solver?

darkhorse64: Yes. But I was not careful enough with pass moves

Hjax: how much did solver help

Hjax: i havent tried to implement it yet

LelouchVC2: Where's this othello thing

LelouchVC2: SO i can enhiliate u all


LelouchVC2: thanks <3

darkhorse64: I helps in two ways: once, a node is solved, it does not get explored anymore.

Astrobytes: Aha, I see. Not an instantly obvious bug indeed.

darkhorse64: You also don't need to explore all children of a solved node. Yeah, I use skip nodes (a null move that just switch players) to keep on alternating players (allowing lots of code resuse) but it's more tricky that it seems

darkhorse64: *than*

Astrobytes: Definitely easier to handle null moves within a/b framework

darkhorse64: My initial intent was to include the solver in the boss. It would have been even stronger

Astrobytes: Next boss.

Snef: i'm glad you didn't

tomatoes: passes has great bug opportunity

Default avatar.png NewfieBullet: I'm begging everyone to please share their code in clash of code lol

Default avatar.png NewfieBullet: I have gotten stuck and failed without an answer so many times

LelouchVC2: I usually do <3

Astrobytes: Hi tomatoes, good submit earlier :+1:

Default avatar.png NewfieBullet: Love it

LelouchVC2: anyone coding this othello bot in C++?

Snef: you can see it on the leaderboard

LelouchVC2: could have just said, "Yes, I am"

Snef: yea but that way you can see for others

LelouchVC2: just a quick question :(

LelouchVC2: even though it's outputting infront of my eyes, it tells me iv timed out

LelouchVC2: Any insight?

struct: replay

LelouchVC2: replayed a million times

struct: Paste the replay hjere

LelouchVC2: With C# equivalent code, it plays the first round

LelouchVC2: And then times out


jacek: and the code

LelouchVC2: i only wanted to test out the game. I only added two lines


struct: you need endl

struct: after you output

LelouchVC2: wew, that's gay

jacek: you need to get all inputs

LelouchVC2: thanks

struct: also get all inputs yeah

struct: or you will have problems

LelouchVC2: okie <3

LelouchVC2: thanks guys

jacek: someone codegolfed it into 126 chars

LelouchVC2: Crazy idea

LelouchVC2: Your code creates a new game for every turn, and the new game is exactly where the current game is at

LelouchVC2: and it plays out the scenario of making each move

LelouchVC2: 🧠

LelouchVC2: you run out of CPU power about 20 seconds in

LelouchVC2: But you can't lose ;)

Astrobytes: Um, yes.

Astrobytes: minus the CPU part and not losing

LelouchVC2: Alabama

Astrobytes: ?

LelouchVC2: That was everyone's reaction when they got there too

Astrobytes: :expressionless:

Hjax: i feel like LelouchVC2 almost figured out minimax

Hjax: but then didnt

Astrobytes: :+1:

Hjax: the mobility heuristic is so funny for mcts

Hjax: my bot will usually report below 20% win chances

Hjax: and then suddenly spike to 100%

Hjax: when it solves the game

LelouchVC2: Like when your climbing a mountain and cant see the top


LelouchVC2: 10 steps later: "oh, we're here"

Astrobytes: Or are you? Might be a local maximum.

Astrobytes: So you figured out minimax and hill-climbing so far, anything else to report?

jacek: true ai

Astrobytes: Prune Array™

LelouchVC2: I figured out that the boss is racist

LelouchVC2: He think he's an expert just because im black

LelouchVC2: well, i have an idea for how I want my bot to play

LelouchVC2: But the thought of coding it makes me lazy

Hjax: werent you saying youd destroy us a few minutes ago

Astrobytes: LelouchVC2 08:49PM Where's this othello thing SO i can enhiliate u all

jacek: shakespear eh

Astrobytes: As men in rage strike those that wish them best

jacek: how can i see the boss points?

Astrobytes: View a replay

struct: 33.89

Default avatar.png ortz: :grinning:

Hjax: im surprised people dont use the debug prints more in games like othello

Hjax: its fun to see the win% move around

Astrobytes: Sometimes a source of shame too :D

Hjax: my bot can make snef print out WIN, and then win after

Astrobytes: snef's win prediction is a bit off I think

Snef: i don't have solver

Default avatar.png JBM: a Bit

Hjax: i usually get at least a :) while im winning

Hjax: what win % is the :) Snef?

Astrobytes: :grin:

Snef: 65% for :) 85% for WIN

Hjax: ah

Snef: 45% for :( 15% for LOSE

Snef: 35* for :(

LelouchVC2: I'll still destroy you all

LelouchVC2: Just when I get around to it

Snef: LelouchVC2 use the time you chat to code :)

Snef: and destroy us

darkhorse64: The proof of the bot is in the submitting

LelouchVC2: Have some errands

LelouchVC2: I'll start coding it tomorrow if bot coding is still in my veins

Uljahn: submit or delete

Uljahn: dive into coding the struct way

Hjax: rank 1 in one submit or delete

Astrobytes: Betcha 10 codinpoints he doesn't

Hjax: lol

Astrobytes: Right, I'm out for tonight. darkhorse64 fix your bottom, gl Hjax, I expect you in Wood 1 tomorrow! gn all ;)

tomatoes: wood 1.5

Hjax: ok ive joined the ranks of the cats

Default avatar.png YEET1: BOIOII

Default avatar.png YEET1: JZBoy

Default avatar.png YEET1: this is insanely hard

Default avatar.png YEET1: Lts go

LelouchVC2: rank 0 in one submit cause im so pro

Default avatar.png boinkus: AAAAAAA

Default avatar.png boinkus: I LOST BY ONE CHARACTER

Default avatar.png boinkus: SOMEBODY KILL ME

LelouchVC2: come over and the deed shall be done

Default avatar.png boinkus: HAH


Default avatar.png boinkus: BY ONE SECOND

Default avatar.png boinkus: REDEMPTIONNNNN

LelouchVC2: 🧠

Default avatar.png boinkus: Thats me

Default avatar.png boinkus: Mr. Big brain

LelouchVC2: Wtf is thisssss

LelouchVC2: Literally all I added was a single nested if statement and my program doesn't output in time..

Default avatar.png boinkus: I'm having weird issues too

LelouchVC2: Everytime I give bot programming a try, it's just trash on here

Default avatar.png boinkus: It's saying the js heap is out of memory

Default avatar.png boinkus: mcScuse me?

LelouchVC2: The first round should be give 2000ms, which is 2 seconds


Default avatar.png boinkus: Mines not running at all

LelouchVC2: Yea, idk

Default avatar.png boinkus: welp idk what to do so I'm submitting

Hjax: if you are timing out, its probably that you arent printing anything at all

Hjax: rather than a single if being too slow

struct: or not printing \n once again

Hjax: oh struct youre still awake?

Hjax: im used to being all of the EU people being gone by now

struct: Yeah I just got back home

struct: I usually stay awake until 3-4 am

Hjax: oof

Hjax: man im good at typing

Hjax: i combined two sentences

struct: Where?

struct: Im confused

struct: :p

Hjax: " im used to being all of the EU people being gone by now "

Hjax: i started typing "im used to being alone"

Hjax: and then switched midway through

struct: I read it just fine

struct: That also happens to me

LelouchVC2: It says "did not output in time"

Default avatar.png 360hazzy: hey guys

Default avatar.png 360hazzy: im a noobie lol and that clash of codes was really difficult

LelouchVC2: I put a "cout << "HERE";" in different parts of the code

LelouchVC2: before that ONE NESTED IF STATEMENT, it outputs HERE

LelouchVC2: RIGHT AFTER IT, it outputs nothing

Hjax: cout? that will count as an invalid output from your bot

LelouchVC2: There's no outtput at all. And why would cout be invalid output?

LelouchVC2: I'm coding it in C++

Default avatar.png 360hazzy: i really dont understand class of codes lol

LelouchVC2: Keep doing it and it'll get easier

Default avatar.png 360hazzy: am i supposed to make the variables or am i supposed to type what they are saying on the screen

LelouchVC2: The program you write will be fed input

Default avatar.png 360hazzy: im 17 btw lol

LelouchVC2: All you have to do is take the input and make the program be able to output what the tests expect

LelouchVC2: hi 17, I'm Lelouch

Default avatar.png 360hazzy: bruh i mean my age lmao

Default avatar.png 360hazzy: second person who did me that lmao

Default avatar.png 360hazzy: funny

LelouchVC2: :D

Default avatar.png 360hazzy: bruh

Default avatar.png 360hazzy: still failure

Default avatar.png 360hazzy: im doing php

Default avatar.png 360hazzy: can u help?

LelouchVC2: Just when you give bot coding another chance, it fucking destroys ur will to do it

LelouchVC2: I don't know php

Default avatar.png 360hazzy: burh

Default avatar.png 360hazzy: java?

LelouchVC2: I know C#, which is similar

Default avatar.png 360hazzy: hmm

LelouchVC2: C++ is where it's at though

Default avatar.png 360hazzy: well it says Test 1 right and under it says 1234567890 and the out put is (123) 456-7890

Default avatar.png 360hazzy: what i am doing is creatigng the variable

Default avatar.png 360hazzy: creating*

Default avatar.png 360hazzy: like

Default avatar.png 360hazzy: $Test1 = 1234567890; if($Test1 = 1234567890){

   echo "(123)"456-7890";


Default avatar.png 360hazzy: not working

LelouchVC2: So you'll see a premade program which takes in input. The input is going tot be 1234567890

LelouchVC2: Nooooo

Default avatar.png 360hazzy: another way i did it

LelouchVC2: Don't create your own variables

Default avatar.png 360hazzy: ohhhhh

Default avatar.png 360hazzy: waitwait

LelouchVC2: It's going to give it to you

Default avatar.png 360hazzy: this way i did it like this...

LelouchVC2: Just take in input, think of it as linux redirection

Default avatar.png 360hazzy: if($Test1 = 1234567890 ) echo (123) 456-7890; ?>

LelouchVC2: Just try to take in data from the user, and the site will give you the lines you see in test

LelouchVC2: almost there, we're getting somewhere

Default avatar.png 360hazzy: i did it that way

LelouchVC2: That's just going to hardcode the outputs

LelouchVC2: There are 2 sets of tests

Default avatar.png 360hazzy: but when i copy n paste the code n changed the numbers its failing

LelouchVC2: the ones it shows u, and the one it actually tests your program to do

LelouchVC2: Once you hit submit, it tests ur program with the second set

LelouchVC2: the first set of tests are just for you to test your program with

Default avatar.png 360hazzy: i did

Default avatar.png 360hazzy: Failure Found: Nothing Expected:" (123) 456-7890"

LelouchVC2: So what that clash wanted you to do was create a program that can take ANY 10 digit number

LelouchVC2: and format it to a phone number style

Default avatar.png 360hazzy: im not sure if im supposed to use the quotes tbh

Default avatar.png 360hazzy: this is my 2nd day doing php

Default avatar.png 360hazzy: i covered the netire syllabus

Default avatar.png 360hazzy: entire

LelouchVC2: Gay

Default avatar.png 360hazzy: lol how

LelouchVC2: cause php

LelouchVC2: if you code php

Default avatar.png 360hazzy: lol

LelouchVC2: you have to do php

Default avatar.png 360hazzy: this is the wonderful part of coding

Default avatar.png 360hazzy: raging

LelouchVC2: yee

Default avatar.png 360hazzy: raging atm

LelouchVC2: Anyway, try another clash of code

Default avatar.png 360hazzy: nothing working

Default avatar.png 360hazzy: ite

LelouchVC2: ill join u

Default avatar.png 360hazzy: yh i see u

LelouchVC2: btw, the clash chat always closes for me at the start of the clash

LelouchVC2: so if u talk to me on there i wont see it

Default avatar.png 360hazzy: k

Default avatar.png 360hazzy: i dont understand this N thing

Default avatar.png 360hazzy: in yellow

LelouchVC2: N is just a variable name

Default avatar.png 360hazzy: n is just the interger?

LelouchVC2: yes

Default avatar.png 360hazzy: oh

Default avatar.png 360hazzy: ok

Default avatar.png 360hazzy: can i delete the mini code they put

LelouchVC2: yea, but make sure you can take in all the input it's going to give you

Default avatar.png 360hazzy: when they say number of throwers N does that mean ur supposed to say in other words...The number of throwers are x amount of throwers?

LelouchVC2: Yea

Default avatar.png 360hazzy: ite

LelouchVC2: Just a variable name

Default avatar.png 360hazzy: sorry but im slow to learning in general

LelouchVC2: There are N throwers, which is 2 in thee example

Default avatar.png 360hazzy: bruh i dont even know how many throwers it has

LelouchVC2: ?

Default avatar.png 360hazzy: for N

Default avatar.png 360hazzy: the first one

LelouchVC2: Every test case will have a different number of people throwing shit

LelouchVC2: You need a program that can take in as many throwers as needed

Default avatar.png 360hazzy: so i can put any amount?

LelouchVC2: It's going to give you an amount

Default avatar.png 360hazzy: hmm

LelouchVC2: The logic of the program shouldn't depend on how many throwers there are

Default avatar.png 360hazzy: tbh my editor is blank

LelouchVC2: Lmao

Default avatar.png 360hazzy: u see this is y i started these games!!!

Default avatar.png 360hazzy: because i not good with problem solving

Default avatar.png 360hazzy: but i wanna do Cyber Security

Default avatar.png 360hazzy: so yh gotta practise

LelouchVC2: hmmm

Default avatar.png 360hazzy: can i see ur code thus far

LelouchVC2: It's in C++

LelouchVC2: will it be useful?

Default avatar.png 360hazzy: ik

Default avatar.png 360hazzy: something so


Default avatar.png 360hazzy: thanks

Default avatar.png 360hazzy: oh u make a vairbale

Default avatar.png 360hazzy: variable\

Default avatar.png 360hazzy: gud job lol

LelouchVC2: Now you can see the working code

Default avatar.png 360hazzy: lol i give up yes this is too hard ill try a next one

LelouchVC2: I was hoping for a simple one

LelouchVC2: But it gave us this shitty one

Default avatar.png 360hazzy: ikr

Default avatar.png 360hazzy: next...

Default avatar.png 360hazzy: wait is this chat going in the legit discord chat

LelouchVC2: idk, doubt it

Default avatar.png 360hazzy: hmm let me check

Default avatar.png 360hazzy: no

Default avatar.png 360hazzy: it dont have world

Default avatar.png 360hazzy: i feel like im solving algorithms

LelouchVC2: For the most part

LelouchVC2: Not all clashes are like this, but a lot are

Default avatar.png 360hazzy: bro i was looking for a simle one like test input 50040 and outs 499463

Reksio: The War puzzle was quite annoying to understand but the most annoying part is that tests run in old language version (while IDE used a new one). They need to fix this puzzle description and running env or tell people it's mean to be annoying :)

Default avatar.png 360hazzy: thats easy for beginners like me

LelouchVC2: there's many like that

Default avatar.png 360hazzy: im leaving

LelouchVC2: we just happen to be on a streak of hard ones

LelouchVC2: xD

Default avatar.png 360hazzy: im gonna keep searching

LelouchVC2: :(

Default avatar.png 360hazzy: until i get a simple one

LelouchVC2: okie

Default avatar.png 360hazzy: ??

LelouchVC2: this one is simple though

LelouchVC2: Not as simple as it could be

LelouchVC2: But if you try I'm sure you can get it :3

Default avatar.png 360hazzy: searching...

Default avatar.png 360hazzy: my gosh now they are giving me stories

LelouchVC2: lmao, ikr

Default avatar.png 360hazzy: just a noob quesation please:sob:

Default avatar.png 360hazzy: tbh i didnt know the programming life this tuff

Default avatar.png 360hazzy: lol

Default avatar.png 360hazzy: i never seen or heard or think problems like these before

LelouchVC2: They're not very realisitic, they're just problems to solve

Default avatar.png 360hazzy: ite

Default avatar.png 360hazzy: now they talking about biology and nucleus

Default avatar.png 360hazzy: is this the only game on this site

LelouchVC2: Nah, plenty of puzzles you can solve

Default avatar.png 360hazzy: ite bet

Default avatar.png 360hazzy: fall challenge

Default avatar.png 360hazzy: thats a registration event

Default avatar.png 360hazzy: oof cant wait

Default avatar.png 360hazzy: im gonna do conditions

LelouchVC2: okie :3

Default avatar.png 360hazzy: i think i need to go at least 2 or 3 more days with practise of php

Default avatar.png 360hazzy: before doing these games

Default avatar.png 360hazzy: im good at java but i dont wanna do that it'll be too easy

LelouchVC2: Yea, you've got this

LelouchVC2: ;)

LelouchVC2: And the clash you left, I got 1st, but only got a score of 80%

Default avatar.png 360hazzy: can u maike friends on this

Default avatar.png 360hazzy: bruh

LelouchVC2: You can "follow" people

Default avatar.png 360hazzy: im gonna follow u

LelouchVC2: <3

LelouchVC2: well, i'ma get off and waste my life playing video games

Default avatar.png 360hazzy: follow back please

LelouchVC2: already did ;)

Default avatar.png 360hazzy: yea i now about to say im gone

Default avatar.png 360hazzy: thanks

Default avatar.png 360hazzy: gonna brush my wave then code more

Default avatar.png 360hazzy: cya

LelouchVC2: okie, c ya later <3

danabanana: been a while since i did competitive programming.. i'm loving this clash of code thing

Default avatar.png Raghuveer: Can anyone help me in this code

Default avatar.png Raghuveer: python

Default avatar.png Raghuveer: the code is

Default avatar.png Raghuveer:

Default avatar.png Raghuveer: error second line

danabanana: not sure which is which.. can you post the exact line here? and what's the error?

Default avatar.png Raghuveer: (input(question)

Default avatar.png Raghuveer: first line

danabanana: parenthesis

danabanana: (input(question)-1 missing parenthesis

Default avatar.png Raghuveer: what

Default avatar.png Raghuveer: is it

danabanana: (input(question)-1)

Default avatar.png Raghuveer: (input(question)-1)

Default avatar.png Raghuveer: ok

Default avatar.png Raghuveer: def menu():(list, question):

Default avatar.png Raghuveer: error in this now

danabanana: syntax error?

danabanana: print is a function so it should have parenthesis as well

danabanana: print('something')

danabanana: also why do you have print ')'?