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TheSpiffiest: Can anyone direct me to code for PID loops? I haven't done them before.

Default avatar.png Raghuveer: i got the answer already

Default avatar.png Raghuveer: 30 min

Default avatar.png Raghuveer: late

jacek: D:

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N0Mana: Hi, how do I turn Java to C# in codingame puzzles?

LelouchVC2: There should be a drop down to change languages

LelouchVC2: Just click on where the language ur using is displayed

N0Mana: Oh there, ye I just didnt look hard enough. thanks!

LelouchVC2: <3

N0Mana: haven't used this account for years, and I've actually been learning C# in Unity.

codingame uses base C# right?

LelouchVC2: No idea

LelouchVC2: C# and Python run fast on here though, faster than C++

N0Mana: I see. Well looking at the frameworks, it does seem like base C#

struct: I dont know why you keep claiming that python runs faster than c++

Uljahn: ye, that's bs

LelouchVC2: Idk why Jesus had long hair

LelouchVC2: but some facts we have to acceptt

LelouchVC2: Btw, I never said Python runs faster than C++

LelouchVC2: I say specifically on *this* site

struct: Which is still not true

LelouchVC2: Which is clearly true

LelouchVC2: Go look for yourself

LelouchVC2: Start anything, and write the code in C++ and C#

LelouchVC2: Run through the test cases

LelouchVC2: C++ goes through them a few seconds per test

LelouchVC2: C# runs through them like butter

struct: compilation time?

Uljahn: lol

LelouchVC2: Why would it compile for every test?

struct: I dont know

LelouchVC2: I don't know why you attacked my claim if you didn't even test it yourself

struct: What is your definition of faster?

struct: For me compilation time doesnt matter

LelouchVC2: How could you possibly know if it compiles the code every time?

LelouchVC2: And even if it does, that means code is not optimized, which makes C++ still slower

LelouchVC2: "fast" is relative

LelouchVC2: On this site, fast would be how quickly ur code runs through the test cases

LelouchVC2: If this includes compilation time, so be it.

LelouchVC2: Real world, compilation time is once, and then the code will run nicely with C++. Run-time is whats important

LelouchVC2: But in this site, in CoC, when you've got a time limit and have to finish faster than others

struct: Well in multiplayers the compilation time is not taken into account

LelouchVC2: I wouldn't know, just pissed me off when I tried out C#

LelouchVC2: And it blasted through the test cases

LelouchVC2: I realize how disadvantaged I was in CoC

struct: Does the first test case take longer?

LelouchVC2: No, all equal time

LelouchVC2: if run-time on CG servers is not the issue

LelouchVC2: Then it's retarded that it's compiling it over and over again

Uljahn: CG engine is very old

LelouchVC2: omfg

LelouchVC2: No wonder I lost to ruby in fastest. we were both done in under 30 seconds

LelouchVC2: I just tested the solution with ruby, it literally just destroyed like 8 tests in 6 seconds

LelouchVC2: C++ took 6 seconds to finish like 2-3 tests

dbdr: I would be surprised if the compilation and running time mattered

dbdr: when you submit is what should matter

LelouchVC2: I think the point went over your head

LelouchVC2: If It takes me 3x longer to test my code

LelouchVC2: than someone else

dbdr: oh sure, that matters

LelouchVC2: :(

dbdr: use the best tool for the job, as always

MSmits: this has nothing to do with the engine though? C++ simply has to be recompiled when you change the code. Nothing weird about it. And yeah dev-speed suffers.

MSmits: kinda ballsy to do coc with c++ also :P

struct: MSmits but they did not need to recompile code for each test case

MSmits: thats true yes

MSmits: what happens when you test all at once?

MSmits: will it recompile each time?

MSmits: doubt that

struct: I guess

MSmits: I mean the test all button

MSmits: I can't imagine they would not use the same compiled code, would be silly to recompile

struct: well they do that in multis dont they?

MSmits: multis dont have a test all button

MSmits: its just a single test

jacek: can someone explain l2 norm. is it just adding lambda * sum(w^2) to the cost and nothing more?

jacek: im talking about code. fancy math mentions some derivative in weight update

jacek: but i think weight update should go as usual, the different cost function should cover it right?

jacek: or is it cost the same, but update is more like w[i] = w[i] + alpha*delta - 0.0001 * w[i]

jacek: doh i hate fancy math

dbdr: they don't recompile each time in multis anymore

MSmits: jacek are you throwing NN tensormath around now?

MSmits: what's this world coming to

Uljahn: do you mean l2 regularization?

jacek: eeyup

Uljahn: there are two ways i think, the second one is almost yours:

Uljahn: so L1 decays weigths by a constant value while L2 decays by a percentage

jacek: thankies

Default avatar.png Dick121380: When I was to participate in Clash of Code, it notified me that I must prove I'm not robot,but how to?:tired_face:

Default avatar.png Dick121380: There is no new pages loaded

Uljahn: google captcha doesn't work in china

yshing: Get yourself out

MSmits: Dick121380 if you can't figure out, you must be a robot :P


kdhakal: :grinning::grinning::grinning:

linjoehan: hey I'm puzzle of the week woo hoo

eulerscheZahl: congrats for becoming a puzzle linjoehan

MSmits: nice job, I'm just a test case

MSmits: or was it headcase? I forogt

MSmits: forgot

jacek: pacman puzzle of the week?

eulerscheZahl: checkers

jacek: pacman checkers?

eulerscheZahl: rock paper scissors checkers - kind of...

linjoehan: what a great game

dbdr: the rules were not completely clear to me

Scarfield: if pawns have the same of RPS choose one, and fight agian. then there is one trap and a flag that apperently has to be captured

linjoehan: I think the trap can't move and the flag means you lose

linjoehan: or win

dbdr: sometimes you see the opponent kind

dbdr: but you can change it anyways

Scarfield: after a fight you know the winners kind, and if you fight them with the same "weapon" they can choose

Scarfield: otherwise they fight with the same as what the pawn won with last

dbdr: coming soon to CG?

Scarfield: too little FoW

Scarfield: you here Hjax? :)

Uljahn: that game looks similar to stratego

eulerscheZahl: "too little FoW"


eulerscheZahl: oh, up for approval

eulerscheZahl: seems that he fixed the crashes on longer games

eulerscheZahl: 200 turns on the large map, 150kB replay size

eulerscheZahl: i'm sure this can be improved. But it's not crashing anymore

struct: yeah also noticed that

struct: if he rename sprites I think it will also change a lot

struct: ok it will only save 1846 chars

MSmits: is this 9x9 go? Or are the rules different?

MSmits: I see typo's in the statement also

eulerscheZahl: 13x13

MSmits: "Beside these simple rules there are a view more rules, on where stones can be placed and where not."

eulerscheZahl: a view

MSmits: I doubt there is any need to go beyond 9x9

tutubalin: this Rock-Paper-Scissors Stratego was an addon for ICQ

MSmits: it's nowhere near solved is it?

eulerscheZahl: yes, was an ICQ game

eulerscheZahl: i also remember a few other mini games. i really liked the pool game back then. and the war sheeps

jacek: 7x7 is weakly solved

tutubalin: Rock Paper Scissors

jacek: storms \o/

dbdr: Atari go is supposed to be until the first capture

dbdr: not just smaller board compared to Go

jacek: atari go is smaller go fitted in atari 2600

eulerscheZahl: but how do i run it on my commodore?

jacek: play commodore go

dbdr: 2x2 go

darkhorse64: With handicap ?

brand: hello all

tutubalin: I prefer ZX Spectrum go

tutubalin: board is divided in 8x8 areas with 2 allowed colors per each

Default avatar.png CaptainKitten_382c: hello

Yeet6969: bb

Yeet6969: no

Zenoscave: no 4004 go?

Ruukasu: Clash of code go go

Anthua: haha

WINWINWIN: Can someone explain how to save the output from a notebook on Kaggle?

AbundantPuddle: Did you try turning it off and turning it back on again?


AbundantPuddle: I wish I actually could be more help, but I am not familiar with Kaggle at all.