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eulerscheZahl: Happy Caturday

code_maniac: You mean Saturday 🤷‍♂️

eulerscheZahl: wait for jacek and you will understand

Default avatar.png RedRook: what is the variable that dictates your pods orientation?

abt8601: You mean in Coders Strike Back?

emigr2k1: helo

Default avatar.png RedRook: ya

abt8601: Then it is the target position in the output. The pod will try to turn towards the target position.

Default avatar.png RedRook: so there is no way to compare current orientation to nextCheckpointAngle?

Default avatar.png RedRook: or manually set current orientation?

abt8601: Are you in gold league or legend league?

Default avatar.png RedRook: wood

abt8601: If I remember correctly, you won't be able to know the current orientation.

abt8601: Until you get to gold league.

emigr2k1: helo

Default avatar.png RedRook: oh ok thanks

emigr2k1: why do you guys not say hellolo back

emigr2k1: hello

abt8601: hello

emigr2k1: hey

RedRook: What dictates your rank? If the race course is randomized every time for each player?

Tim_McSim: Hello! :)

pardouin: you fight vs other players bots, you earn points when you win, especially vs higher ranked opponents, and you lose points when you lose, especially vs lower ranked opponents.

Uljahn: yes, arena ranking is TrueSkill-based

Reksio: which ones are arena?

Reksio: bot or clash?

Default avatar.png adviceMe: If player doesn't share player's code, please banned to player. I hate this situation. Coding must be open source, free and funny. Not be competitive. Please!

Uljahn: both

Reksio: any other?

Reksio: I feel like sharing code in arena makes no sense

Reksio: but people who win should try to advise a bit without releasing a code

Reksio: still not sure if this wouldn't make it too easy to go to the top

jacek: happy Caturday

Uljahn: Reksio: just search the forum

Uljahn: kids these days are so accustomed to spoon-feeding, Automaton2000

Automaton2000: so we can have a look at my rank

WINWINWIN: Slow response by you this time Automaton2000?

Automaton2000: how can i save the state of your bot in the arena

jacek: AutomatonNN is faster

AutomatonNN: you would need to say it is cause i am a real time

jacek: indeed

caubeloatchoat24: Anyone watch ICPC 2020 live :v

Default avatar.png SuperChamp: hi

caubeloatchoat24: Virtual Event LoL

Herdre: :biohazard:

Default avatar.png TheFlyingRubberDuck_a2dd: hi everyone

Default avatar.png TheFlyingRubberDuck_a2dd: ı am new . :)

Default avatar.png TheFlyingRubberDuck_a2dd: This game is better than

jacek: which came

dbdr: the codin game

Default avatar.png CodinGamerAK: do anyone knows here how to setup kaggle environment

Default avatar.png CodinGamerAK: if yes plz help me

Default avatar.png kenyo: CoC taught me how succinct Python can be.

Herdre: ты моё подмостерье

Uljahn: #ru

Default avatar.png CodinGamerAK: #In

eulerscheZahl: #de

jacek: ln?

Astrobytes: dia

jacek: its I not L?

eulerscheZahl: i as in India

Astrobytes: "eeyup"

jacek: Lndia?

eulerscheZahl: Linda, typo

caubeloatchoat24: Anyone from India?

jacek: #In


Default avatar.png tanmaycodernovice: @kayou bro please dm

caubeloatchoat24: w do u mean?

Default avatar.png tanmaycodernovice: #kayou

WINWINWIN: Not #kayou, its @kayou

WINWINWIN: #kayou opens a chat channel

Default avatar.png tanmaycodernovice: yes i wanted to open the chat channel only

jacek: :o


WINWINWIN: Anyway tanmaycodernovice, paste the code here or in the Indian chat and someone will explain

Default avatar.png tanmaycodernovice: how do u know, i wanted to ask about a code lol

Default avatar.png tanmaycodernovice: doing that on indian channel

jacek: he psychic

Default avatar.png CodinGamerAK: #World

jacek: :thinking:

Hjax: hello everyone

jacek: moshi moshi

Hjax: now its time for another round of "lets try to make my MCTS faster"

Default avatar.png tanmaycodernovice: MCTS?

Hjax: monte carlo tree search

Hjax: it spends 20% of its time masking off moves from the move gen

Hjax: 11% generating random numbers

jacek: like int64 to vector<Move>?

Hjax: int64 with a high bit for each valid move to int64 with just a high bit for the nth valid move

Hjax: apparently i can do that with one instruction when i port to C++

Hjax: but java doesnt have an efficient way to do it as far as i can tell

darkhorse64: no pdep in Java ?

Hjax: no pedp in java :(

Hjax: pdep*

jacek: why would you need pdep :?

Hjax: it does exactly what i want

Hjax: src is 1 << n, mask is my move gen long

Hjax: output is a single move

darkhorse64: to random select one bit amongst one

darkhorse64: *all*

Hjax: your boss is so good darkhorse64

Hjax: how many rollouts does it do?

darkhorse64: 40k first turn

Hjax: jeez

darkhorse64: *second*

Hjax: well that explains why im getting rekt

Hjax: thats 4x faster than me

jacek: 40k in 150ms?

Hjax: im doing 11k ish in 150 ms

jacek: in java eh

Hjax: yes

jacek: not so bad

Hjax: i occasionally lose to the garbage collector

darkhorse64: 40k in 150ms

struct: I guess minimax Java could beat it

Hjax: my selection / backprop is recursive, im not sure if thats inefficient

Hjax: but it was easier to write

darkhorse64: 500k for the first turn

Hjax: i get 40k for the first turn, java needs to warm up

darkhorse64: Once recursive is working, reimplement using a stack

jacek: well 1st move is just one move, reducing symmetry and rotation

jacek: so if you tree reuse, you could use that

Hjax: ah, is that a lot faster? or just more memory efficient

Hjax: to use a stack

Hjax: i dont do anything with rotations

Hjax: i do tree reuse, but it only gives me about 10% more effective speed

darkhorse64: a stack avoids the overhead of function calls. I cannot swear it makes a big difference

Hjax: ill try it

jacek: depends how deep is your tree

jacek: i doubt converting recusive calls to non-recursive would make much difference

darkhorse64: 20 plies at least in the endgame

jacek: noice, i can solve game in 11 plies

jacek: that means game is decided mostly in middlegame

darkhorse64: Yes, around move 30, I see my eval jumps from 50% to 5% in one move against the big guns. Game over

darkhorse64: not jump, fall

darkhorse64: a big cliff

jacek: :shrug:

darkhorse64: Time to look for an eval

TheSpiffiest: When does checkers game end?

TheSpiffiest: I saw it was game of the week, does that mean it goes away soon?

Hjax: its not going away

TheSpiffiest: OK, cool. I have to paint my deck, but have more work to do. :)

tutubalin: TheSpiffiest it's always on the site. game of the week just put it in a spotlight to attract more people

jacek: youll need cg premium to get checkers

jacek: *.*

struct: Where can I get it?

jacek: new accounts only. you need to delete this one

Hjax: lol, i was going to say "its unlocked upon reaching legend in UTG"

darkhorse64: :laughing:

struct: I'll do it later, pixi is currently killing me

struct: When I saw that to change sprite color i need to remove it and draw it again

struct: I almost quit

dbdr: what are you working on struct?

struct: Can't say

struct: It's not chess though

jacek: cheese?

Hjax: its a multi?

dbdr: do you count chess 960 as chess?

struct: yes and yes

Hjax: you make multis so quickly

Hjax: im not even done with othello yet

struct: making a multi is easier than to create an AI

struct: wait that is wrong

struct: Porting*

struct: We need more people in wood 1

Hjax: next time dont pick a boss that has solved the game

dbdr: :no_mouth:

struct: Next time Ill make dbdr the boss

dbdr: :+1:

struct: The current boss would be last in the current league

struct: Also it seems good to have competitive boss

jacek: nyoro~n

Hjax: it was all a ploy

Hjax: the boss checks the time

jacek: darkhorse64 you timeout a lot

Hjax: it only unleashed its full strength yesterday

Hjax: :P

jacek: we can check the real time? hmmmmm

Hjax: dunno, id assume so

darkhorse64: I have a bug when multiple passes occurs. Which game(s) ?



dbdr: jacek, why not?

jacek: dunno :v

darkhorse64: Thanks, I can't seem to reproduce it in the ID. I have instrumented my code. Sorry for spamming the leaderboard. At the same time, I cannot do any harm to anybody :-)

dbdr: you do harm me darkhorse64 ;)

darkhorse64: True; you lose points for winning against me. Wish me luck for my bug hunting

dbdr: glhf! :)

code_maniac: what is Caturday ?

jacek: everyday is Caturday

Humble.Proletarian: How do I slide into DMs

Hjax: id recommend a running start

jacek: DMs?

Hjax: direct messages

Default avatar.png DoublyNegative: Lots of butter.

Default avatar.png Breachy: Humble.Proletarian please slide into mine

Humble.Proletarian: Hjax, thank you for this insight

Humble.Proletarian: Tbh I'm more of a WD40 than butter kind of guy

Default avatar.png DoublyNegative: I rate that.

Humble.Proletarian: displacing all that water

Default avatar.png Breachy: a man of culture

Default avatar.png DoublyNegative: WD40 saved my trumpet valves.

jacek: good for you

caubeloatchoat24: heh do you guy know top 1 ?

Default avatar.png JBM: anything to do with top gun?

caubeloatchoat24: just for fun bro ? i actually things top 1 's bot too lol .

Uljahn: top 1 in clashes?

Uljahn: def not a bot, only 998 games played, bots have 44k+

struct: But he can use a bot

Uljahn: sure

Uljahn: then his bot is good at captcha solving i guess

struct: I don't get captchas from clashes

struct: But I dont play them anymore so I cant be sure

jacek: :cat:

MSmits: :heart_eyes_cat:

struct: MSmits we are waiting for you

MSmits: ah yes, sorry, no time yet, will happen :)

jacek: no sleep till get rid of NN e

jacek: h

MSmits: there is that yes

MSmits: at least I have the power of reshuffling the top 3

MSmits: I can pick who is nr 1, 2 and 3 in oware just by changing params

MSmits: it just wont be me :P

jacek: such responsibility

dbdr: while (top[0].name != "MSmits") reshuffle();

jacek: its like death note

MSmits: kinda

MSmits: though, I am pretty sure if i make an opening book like you I can take the nr 1... its a lot of work though

MSmits: meta mcts are complicated programs =/

MSmits: or dorp out expansion thingy, whatever it is you use, its not easy

MSmits: end game book was easier to make

jacek: for oware is easy, no cycles or transpositions much

MSmits: hmm, well there are cycles, but you can view them as separate states because the turn timer increases, you're closer to the last turn

MSmits: so it's not technically the same state

MSmits: transpositions would happen, but very rarely if you include the turn time as part of the state

MSmits: my meta mcts programs are 2000 lines of C# and also have a 1k bot in C++ i adapted from my normal bot

MSmits: so thats still a lot of code

MSmits: I use the c++ program as a separate process that gets told what gamestate to simulate by the meta mcts program

Default avatar.png Tzak: pebis

12944qwerty: how do you make your own clash with friends

12944qwerty: nvm

Ltrltrltr1234: join clash of code