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Tim_McSim: Hello! :)

Default avatar.png sHlOk: Hi:smile:

Default avatar.png tanmaycodernovice: how can we reomove the last letter printed while using print('he',end=',') in a loop

Default avatar.png AggYz: guys is C++ a low level language

Default avatar.png AggYz: or becoming one?

Uljahn: Automaton2000: how do you use google search?

Automaton2000: don't feel like i should be aware of?

jacek: meow

WINWINWIN: Caturday?


Reksio: @AggYz: You can consider C++ low level language.

Reksio: comparing to C#/Java,Python, VB, etc.

Reksio: but it's an industry standard for many things same as other languages

Default avatar.png AggYz: k

Default avatar.png AggYz: ok

jacek: for some even writing in direct 0 1 isnt low level enough

Uljahn: yes, compared to directly operating electric currents


Default avatar.png Chooze: Nee julle kan nie



WINWINWIN: Only 2 hours left on this one, to approve?

darkhorse64: Someone on the chat said yesterday that there are still boss/referee crashes. Although this is a nice game, it cannot be approved

Astrobytes: too much data being sent to the viewer, amongst other things

darkhorse64: I'll post it on the forum. The author should fix and resubmit. There is no reason not to approve a Go game.

Astrobytes: Yeah, don't know why the approval time limit is so short this time

darkhorse64: It has been around for quite some time. tric already made a bot

Astrobytes: I must admit I'd completely forgotten about it until last night

jacek: someone pmed but i closed. how to get back the window

Astrobytes: afaik you can't

WINWINWIN: the '/msg' thing?

Astrobytes: Yeah, if you remember the user you can do that

jacek: i dont :U

Astrobytes: Use your pony magic

WINWINWIN: He`ll probably message again

crystal_prince: hey guys

crystal_prince: anybody here knows how to delete the chat section

WINWINWIN: You cannot delete it crystal_prince

Uljahn: you can by editing css

Uljahn: .chat-wrapper {display: None !important}

Uljahn: i use Stylus plugin to customize page layouts

Uljahn: or you can add an adblock filter

Snef: Hello !

Default avatar.png chiragbansal24: hello

Default avatar.png MatthieuGorisse: hello !

Default avatar.png SamyErd: Hi

Default avatar.png Val.thlt: heyyyy

Default avatar.png PRomain: Yooo

Default avatar.png MatthieuGorisse: je suis le bergé vous etes les moutons ?

Default avatar.png MatthieuGorisse: berger*

Snef: MatthieuGorisse you can stay on #fr

Default avatar.png SamyErd: Yes i agree

Default avatar.png MatthieuGorisse: yes sorry

Default avatar.png tanmaycodernovice: is it something wrong with the site? as it not showing those who have submit in a clash

Default avatar.png tanmaycodernovice: or is it only me?

Default avatar.png imbadpython: its slow

Default avatar.png imbadpython: when people submit it says "pending"

Default avatar.png imbadpython: and it takes about a minute to grade

jacek: not everyone share their code

Default avatar.png tanmaycodernovice: for me it is not even showing pending now since last 2 days

Default avatar.png tanmaycodernovice: jacek i'm not talking about sharing the code

Default avatar.png tanmaycodernovice: input(6,4) output(210)

Default avatar.png tanmaycodernovice: any relation

Astrobytes: Report it on the forum or the discord

Default avatar.png tanmaycodernovice: okk

Astrobytes: And, again, as I told you yesterday, stop asking people to solve your clashes for you

jacek: reverse mode? its obvious input(x,y) = ((6969 * x + 1337 * y) * 0) + 210


Astrobytes: :P

Default avatar.png tanmaycodernovice: nvm i've sloved irt

WINWINWIN: well done

Default avatar.png tanmaycodernovice: astrobytes i wasn't actually asking for the code i was just asking for the rule lol

Astrobytes: ...

WINWINWIN: Yes... that is also not fair

Default avatar.png tanmaycodernovice: okk then... again my bad

Astrobytes: You have a problem, you must solve it, then implement the solution in code. It's a two-fold exercise

Default avatar.png tanmaycodernovice: can u guys help me with a problem

Default avatar.png tanmaycodernovice: not a clash


Default avatar.png chiragbansal24: okk

Default avatar.png tanmaycodernovice: when we use print('ge',end=',') in a loop then it also adds the elemnt at the last

Default avatar.png tanmaycodernovice: how to avoid that

Default avatar.png imbadpython: nice

Default avatar.png tanmaycodernovice: pyhton

WINWINWIN: element in the last?

WINWINWIN: what is the element in the last?

Default avatar.png tanmaycodernovice: suppose the loop runs 3 times then the output will be

Default avatar.png tanmaycodernovice: he,he,he,

Default avatar.png imbadpython: you don't want the comma at the end

Default avatar.png tanmaycodernovice: yess

Default avatar.png imbadpython: print(','.join(['he']*3))

WINWINWIN: or for shortest...:

Default avatar.png chiragbansal24: you can do print('ge' + ',')

print in python has newline of its own by using end we are overriding that default newline with ,

Astrobytes: can you please encourage him to look up functions himself, he's just been asking for straight-up answers the past 2 days

WINWINWIN: print(*['he']*3,sep',')

Default avatar.png imbadpython: ok tanmaycodernovice gtfo

Default avatar.png imbadpython: :D

Default avatar.png imbadpython: bye


Default avatar.png imbadpython: is it just me or clash of code grading suddenly sped up

Default avatar.png imbadpython: or maybe for that problem the validation cases are the same as test cases?

Default avatar.png imbadpython: cuz it instantly graded

WINWINWIN: There was some talk on the Discord on server about submission slowness being fixed.

Default avatar.png tanmaycodernovice: imbadpython we're in the same clash lol

Default avatar.png tanmaycodernovice: please share the code at the end

Default avatar.png imbadpython: i always do

Default avatar.png imbadpython: also okay thanks @win*3

Default avatar.png imbadpython: there should be some hard clash of code

Default avatar.png imbadpython: like fastest mode but hard implementation/easy puzzle difficulty

Astrobytes: Unfortunately CG have a policy of "no clash is too easy"

Default avatar.png imbadpython: @RTTArmel are you reading chat

Default avatar.png imbadpython: rip

Snef: Astrobytes do you use inline keyword in c++ ?

Astrobytes: Yeah

jacek: only in pragma

WINWINWIN: Does it need to be used as a keyword or is the pragma enough?

jacek: compiler should inline things on his own

Default avatar.png imbadpython: i feel like this 28 byte ruby solution will get rage at but my python is 45

Default avatar.png imbadpython: inline compiler will do it for you

Snef: so there is no point inlining functio n?

Astrobytes: if you speciify in pragma it should do it for you

Astrobytes: Doesn't hurt to use it but don't think it's necessary

Default avatar.png imbadpython: ^ usually compiler is smart enough


Snef: is it better to do copy paste N() and E() or the call will be inlined

jacek: profile *.*

Default avatar.png imbadpython: you can try it on

Astrobytes: ^

Default avatar.png imbadpython: look at the source code

Default avatar.png imbadpython: also is A_K a bot does anyone know

Default avatar.png imbadpython: "Given an array of size n, how many non-empty contiguous subsequences have a bitwise XOR equal to 0?"

Default avatar.png imbadpython: this pretty cool

Default avatar.png imbadpython: n<=1e3 btw

Default avatar.png imbadpython: so no triple for loop :(

Default avatar.png imbadpython: also ye the submission server is fast af now

Default avatar.png imbadpython: but it doesn't show result/pending?

Default avatar.png imbadpython: 31s vs 31s.

Default avatar.png imbadpython: ok

noubhere: well at least I didn't use python :)

Default avatar.png imbadpython: fuck

Default avatar.png imbadpython: fuck

Default avatar.png imbadpython: fuck

Default avatar.png imbadpython: wrong channel oops

Default avatar.png honeyst: lul

noubhere: oh no :D

Default avatar.png AlexandrePenon: hey

high_head: from where should I start to learn c# faster?

Default avatar.png imbadpython: find some project you already have/know/coded

Default avatar.png imbadpython: translate into c#

Default avatar.png imbadpython: repeat

Default avatar.png imbadpython: google when you don't know

Default avatar.png honeyst: what was your first project ?

Default avatar.png imbadpython: my first project erh idk

Default avatar.png imbadpython: just code some common algorithms

Default avatar.png honeyst: k :-)

Default avatar.png imbadpython: gl

Default avatar.png imbadpython: that's how i learned c++ at least

Default avatar.png imbadpython: :D

Default avatar.png imbadpython: clash of code telling me to stop grinding clash of code by giving me captchas now

Default avatar.png imbadpython: huh

Default avatar.png imbadpython: ;-;

AntiSquid: the only redeeming thing about clash of code for those who don't like it :p

tutubalin: imbadpython i was there!

tutubalin: the most awkward was that after successfully going through captcha i found myself with bot opponents

Default avatar.png imbadpython: lmao

Default avatar.png imbadpython: i mean its good

Default avatar.png imbadpython: grind leaderboard

Default avatar.png imbadpython: is there any code where python is better than ruby

Default avatar.png imbadpython: or can match it (same length)

Default avatar.png imbadpython: like just the print vs puts is disadvantage lmfao

Default avatar.png imbadpython: and input vs gets

Hjax: good morning

Default avatar.png imbadpython: good morning

jacek: ohayou

Default avatar.png Klin228: guys i have a problem with numbers using C. What should I do if numbers are smaller than long double can work with&

Hjax: smaller?

Hjax: oh with a float

Hjax: i see

Hjax: there are libraries that can do that for you, but i dont think you have access to any of them here

Hjax: so i guess youd have to write your own big float class

Default avatar.png imbadpython: big int class

Default avatar.png imbadpython: or fractions

Default avatar.png imbadpython: if big int just shift float until int and keep track of exponent

tomatoes: multiply them on some big number

Hjax: ^ that works

Default avatar.png imbadpython: @Klim228 what you trying to do tho

Default avatar.png imbadpython: if more specific there might be a better way

Hjax: why do we need such precise floating point numbers? a long double is pretty accurate

Hjax: oh imbadpython beat me to it

Default avatar.png imbadpython: ?

Default avatar.png imbadpython: beat what

Hjax: to asking why he needed suck precise floats

Hjax: such*

Default avatar.png imbadpython: oh

Default avatar.png imbadpython: i thought you asking me to beat you to it

Default avatar.png Klin228: ive found the problem, it was my fault and now i need function like atof, but with long double in result. Do you kniw any? (_atold doesnt work)

TheSpiffiest: Poop. I got 30 characters on Code Golf, but it still says pending results.

TheSpiffiest: I think it might time out before it ends

Default avatar.png imbadpython: til never be generous and use pythhon

Default avatar.png imbadpython: use ruby and win :D

TheSpiffiest: yep :)

TheSpiffiest: I'm trying bash in code clash, because I think I'm a masochist

Default avatar.png imbadpython: oml

Default avatar.png imbadpython: bash

Default avatar.png imbadpython: >:(

Uljahn: play stupid games, win stupid prizes, Automaton2000

Automaton2000: so if you want to have a small part of the referee

Default avatar.png imbadpython: when this round ends ill send my codegolf code

Default avatar.png imbadpython: i nneed help with code gol

Default avatar.png imbadpython: f

Default avatar.png imbadpython: im so bad lol

Hjax: code golf is a weird skill

Hjax: because its not really applicable to much, and theres so many weird tricks you can do

Default avatar.png imbadpython: ye

Default avatar.png imbadpython: can someone help me with this

Default avatar.png imbadpython:

Default avatar.png imbadpython: ok cya

Default avatar.png tanmaycodernovice: for i in range(1,n+1):

   print([i,"Foo","Bar","FooBar"][(i%5==0) + (i%7==0)*2])

Default avatar.png tanmaycodernovice: what type of print stement is this?

Default avatar.png rak1507: it's just a normal one, but the trick is that it uses list indexing to pick which one to print

Default avatar.png tanmaycodernovice: what should i type on google to get this type of case

WINWINWIN: Some guy writing code in bash...

WINWINWIN: try python -c


Scarfield: rak alraedy answered it tanmaycodernovice, but test it. let n be 35

Default avatar.png tanmaycodernovice: that code is already in python tho

tutubalin: tanmaycodernovice what is ["Foo","Bar","FooBar"][2]?

tutubalin: correction... what is [i, "Foo","Bar","FooBar"][2]?

Default avatar.png zizo1337: tanmaycodernovice i%5==0 lets say that i is 5 it would return true and true is equal to 1

tutubalin: tanmaycodernovice second question is what is i%7 == 0

tutubalin: tanmaycodernovice and the last question is what is True*2?

Scarfield: thats too true.. badum ts

reCurse: tfw you casually find a massive bug in matrix multiplication code affecting all NNs you ever worked with

Astrobytes: Does it still work after fixing it?

reCurse: Who knows

Astrobytes: Best of luck

reCurse: Reading garbage memory is subtle noise

struct: How much do you think it affects? They still seem to be very strong.

reCurse: Well it's noise, NNs adapt well to it just perform less well

reCurse: Making it that much harder to find

reCurse: I deserve every bit of it for not writing unit test on math stuff

Scarfield: doesnt it only increase the training time, and not the performance though?

reCurse: No because every value you pass to it is slightly wrong

reCurse: Or very wrong if the garbage memory is exceptionally garbage

struct: Makes sense, at least you found it

reCurse: Thank god for nans

Scarfield: xD

Astrobytes: And you will write unit tests next time ofc

reCurse: Just like everyone starts backuping all the time after losing a hard drive

reCurse: Natural comes back

Astrobytes: :grin:

reCurse: It's very hard to spend spare time on this

dbdr: I seem to recall it's not the first time you found such bug, reCurse

reCurse: Case in point

jacek: he will never learn, unlike his NN

Astrobytes: Moar training required

reCurse: Ahh fuck I'm stupid

reCurse: Nevermind nothing to see

reCurse: Garbage * 0 = 0

reCurse: nan * 0 = nan

Default avatar.png Zerp: in gitc is it guaranteed that there is a link between every factory? besides from a factory to itself?=

Astrobytes: lol

struct: I think so Zerp

dbdr: not a bug reCurse?

Default avatar.png Zerp: btw is it overkill to implement djikstra in gitc`?

reCurse: I put nan as padding

reCurse: To spot bugs

Astrobytes: :D

reCurse: But what I found was already handled by multiplying by 0

reCurse: It just breaks for nan obviously

Astrobytes: Zerp: No, I don't think so

Default avatar.png Zerp: nice, just making sure

Astrobytes: Could probably use F-W too I think

Default avatar.png Zerp: wait these algs just returns the shortest distance, and not the path itself?

Astrobytes: Depends how you implement it. You can modify either of them to reconstruct a path

Default avatar.png Zerp: was thinking of storing the first vertex, that's on the shortest path

Uljahn: F-W should return both first vertices and distances

Default avatar.png Zerp: really? from what i gathered it seems to just return an adjacency matrix where each is shortest distance

Default avatar.png Zerp:

Default avatar.png Zerp: where each element*

Uljahn: have you seen wiki pseudocode?

Uljahn: i guess those are two arrays dist and next

PatrickMcGinnisII: seriously

jacek: hm?

PatrickMcGinnisII: draw

jacek: well its possible

Default avatar.png AggYz: kiki

Default avatar.png AggYz: do

Default avatar.png AggYz: uluv me

Default avatar.png AmirZamfiratos: what is the ranking based on?

struct: Everything in the compete tab

eulerscheZahl: or Trueskill. the question is too generic

Default avatar.png AmirZamfiratos: in the clashofcode i taught there is based on time but then i see sometimes it is on number of carachters

Default avatar.png AggYz: yes

Astrobytes: There are 3 modes: shortest, fastest and revetrse

Astrobytes: *reverse

Default avatar.png AmirZamfiratos: and the mode is decided random?

tobk: Hm, is there a way to see if an optimization solution timeouted or did not make it in the allotted number of turns in Search Race?

Astrobytes: You can choose if it's a private clash I believe AmirZamfiratos

struct: tobk only if you run it offline

tobk: (I mean in submission of course)

Astrobytes: Is it just me or has CG been almost exclusively about clashing for the past week

tobk: hm, too bad. already increased the buffer time to 10ms (out of 50)

Astrobytes: *CG chat

struct: well clashes get many people when there are streams

struct: Some people enjoy them

Astrobytes: Wasn't there something about a 35ms limit in SR? OR did that get sorted

tobk: says 50ms in the doc, but also says 1000ms for first turn, and it always timeouts when I use that, so those might be somewhat off

dbdr: Astrobytes: well, some Othello as well :)

Astrobytes: :D

PatrickMcGinnisII: I just submitted again in othello, looks like i might go up 7 places, I'm still not doing any depth

struct: What do you mean dbdr?

PatrickMcGinnisII: struct you relishing in being last?

dbdr: that was responding to "cg chat has been almost all about clash"

struct: ah ok, I thought there was timeout problem on othello

struct: Patrick I dont have time to create AI

struct: Also I enjoy more creating the games

PatrickMcGinnisII: I'm just happy i successfully used a spaceshipp operator. ;)

darkhorse64: struct is a reverse boss. The boss guards the top. He guards the bottom

struct: github ui changed :/

PatrickMcGinnisII: darkhorse64 <=> struct = 1

Default avatar.png AggYz: tychkorg

Default avatar.png AggYz: @tychkorg

struct: What does <=> do patrick?


struct: Ah I see

PatrickMcGinnisII: i have concluded that no one in wood2 othello is doing anything really, including me

PatrickMcGinnisII: where is leiria, nvm googled it

Snef: PatrickMcGinnisII are you judging my bot N :(

Snef: ?*

jacek: who is leiria

PatrickMcGinnisII: where the creator of Othello lives apparently

jacek: i thought he was dead

PatrickMcGinnisII: ouch struct

jacek: ah

Snef: lol

PatrickMcGinnisII: Anyone in EU have a rental property they wanna trade for the summer?

Default avatar.png AggYz: patrick what

Default avatar.png AggYz: trade for what

PatrickMcGinnisII: I have a house here in FL, swap for like 2 months

jacek: during pandemia?

PatrickMcGinnisII: well Disney is gonna open back up July 15th

Voidsway: Should I buy Disney stock?

PatrickMcGinnisII: about 30 minutes away

PatrickMcGinnisII: legoland is here where i live

Default avatar.png AggYz: voidsway no

Default avatar.png AggYz: they will still be making mostly losses

Voidsway: ;) Just a little sarcasm

Default avatar.png AggYz: o:

Default avatar.png AggYz: does anyone know python

Default avatar.png AggYz: and can help me

PatrickMcGinnisII: ok, maybe a dumb idea ... whatever, I can make it happen tho. ;)

Default avatar.png AggYz: guys how to add binary numbers in python

Default avatar.png AggYz: not in the sense 1+1 = 10

Default avatar.png AggYz: but 1011 + 1111 = 2122


jacek: so adding digits separately?

Default avatar.png AggYz: yessir

jacek: split string into digits and add digits separately :?

Default avatar.png AggYz: like in a looop

jacek: liek in loop

Default avatar.png AggYz: but is there a more efficient way?

jacek: ask python guys

Default avatar.png AggYz: i tried turning into int ten adding

PatrickMcGinnisII: sounds like the (:*) discussion, btw i don't know python

Default avatar.png AggYz: but then the prefix and suffix 0's get removed

tutubalin: tomatoes congratulations!

Astrobytes: uttt?

Hjax: yep

Hjax: rank 1 uttt

struct: oh nice he is first

struct: He doesnt have a book right?

Astrobytes: gg

Hjax: i would be very surprised if he had no book

Astrobytes: He said the other day, I just can't remember :/

struct: wtf he even has emojis

struct: on output

Astrobytes: Something about a heuristic (not the teccles one)

Hjax: hm hes printing out rollout statistics from the first move

struct: yeah

Hjax: so maybe no book, thats crazy

struct: I think he said he has no book

struct: Well you can still use the time

struct: to search

struct: even with book

Hjax: true, doesnt gain you a ton though

Hjax: guess it depends on how deep your book is

tutubalin: i'm pretty sure he's using one of Dostoevsky's books

tutubalin: they are very deep

Astrobytes: hahaha :D

Hjax: :P

Hjax: shoutout to google for helping me get that joke

jacek: he seems not using solver o.O

Hjax: what makes you say that

Hjax: doesnt he print a check mark when he has a forced win?

jacek: on the last move :?

struct: nah before that

struct: 5 turns only though

jacek: still i think hes bugged

jacek: he lost to a draw

struct: What turn is a draw?

struct: oh 49?

tutubalin: jacek -0.37 on turn 46. That means your chances to win were pretty high there

jacek: so i would draw if i didnt see it?

Uljahn: wth those rollout counts in the replay

Uljahn: that's not normal

jacek: work smarter not faster

Astrobytes: Do both = Profit;

Default avatar.png Zerp: :thinking:

Default avatar.png Zerp: it really weirds me out that c sharp uses 2dArr[x,y] instead of 2dArr[x][y]

Default avatar.png Zerp: isnt the latter more common?

Hjax: yeah because 2dArr is an array, and 2dArr[x] is also an array

Hjax: which means you can index into 2dArr[x]

Default avatar.png Zerp: oh, haven't thought of it like that

Default avatar.png Zerp: does this look like a correct implementation of floyd warshall?

Default avatar.png Zerp: i really dread debugging it if it doesnt just work first try

Uljahn: in python it's just one import :smirk:

Hjax: good old scipy

Uljahn: saves the time

Default avatar.png Zerp: not fair

Default avatar.png Zerp: give me node.js so i can import a npm module with the solutions to every puzzle

Uljahn: you can ask for it on the forum :smirk:

Default avatar.png Zerp: codegolf would be so dominated by node.js

Astrobytes: Stop moaning and See Sharp Zerp :P

Default avatar.png Zerp: step 1: write solution step 2: upload solution as npm module step 3: import npm module in one line step 4: submit

Default avatar.png Zerp: step 5: ??? step 6: profit

Scarfield: no profit without under pants

Default avatar.png Zerp: going from c to js was bliss, going from js back to c# t.t

Astrobytes: Hi Gnomefield

Scarfield: :wave:

Default avatar.png Zerp: you dont need to add any extra syntax to pass a 2darray to a function in c#, right?

Astrobytes: Same as a 1D array I believe

Astrobytes: My C# is limited however

Default avatar.png Zerp: An object reference is required for the non-static field, method, or property

Astrobytes: like arr[,]

Default avatar.png Zerp: i think it wants me to add the class infront the method

Astrobytes: I think

Default avatar.png Zerp: oh

Default avatar.png Zerp: okay def didn't do that

Astrobytes: or type[,] arr rather, btu you know what I mean

Default avatar.png Zerp: i think doc says otherwise

Default avatar.png Zerp: int[,] theArray = { { 1, 2 }, { 2, 3 }, { 3, 4 } }; Print2DArray(theArray);

Default avatar.png Zerp: man i really dont know

Default avatar.png Zerp: this is my code

Default avatar.png Zerp: int[,] map = findPath(factoryDist, factoryCount);

Default avatar.png Zerp: and this is the error

Default avatar.png Zerp: An object reference is required for the non-static field, method, or property 'Player.findPath(int[*,*], int)'csharp(CS0120)

Astrobytes: I was meaning like methodToPass2dArrTo(int[,] arr)

Astrobytes: Misunderstood perhaps

Default avatar.png Zerp: oh right you have to declare type

Default avatar.png Zerp: too used to js

Default avatar.png Zerp: frick, my browser closed and i lost all my progress

Default avatar.png Zerp: good thing i shared that warshall implementation on hastebin

Astrobytes: Zerp, always code in offline IDE

struct: I've been thinking about the chess

struct: My problem is that some people might enjoy normal chess too :/

Default avatar.png Zerp: are you writting an engine?

struct: no, i would port it to CG

struct: so others can play

Default avatar.png Zerp: as a chatbot or puzzle?

struct: multiplayer

struct: so you write a bot for it

struct: and fight other players bot

Default avatar.png Zerp: oh man writing an engine sounds really daunting

Astrobytes: Yes for sure struct, both would be great in all honesty

Astrobytes: Good practice plus 960 is something different

struct: The game might be good for learning too

struct: lots of resources

Default avatar.png Zerp: i wish there was a introductory ml puzzle. i heard there was one for python with tensor flow once, but it got removed

Astrobytes: Yeah was the number recognition one, and only for python2

Default avatar.png Zerp: been wanting to learn ml for so long, but struggling to find some newbie friendly resources like stuff here on cg

Astrobytes: Brush up on your LA, calculus and stats and hit some tutorial sites I guess

struct: The upside if i ever port is that I dont need to do almost any change to port from normal chess to 960

struct: just need randomized start

Default avatar.png Zerp: probably for the better than i haven't gotten around to it, because i've wanted to learn ml before i knew what classes and OOP was xd

Astrobytes: Yeah like we were saying before it's just a simple change

Default avatar.png Zerp: that i haven't*

Astrobytes: Are your mathematics skills strong?

Default avatar.png Zerp: just finished a LA course at uni

Default avatar.png Zerp: so no need to brush up xD

Astrobytes: Well you should be good to start digging into the theory then

Default avatar.png Zerp: when you say theory, what are you thinking about?

Astrobytes: With regards to general machine learning topics

Default avatar.png Zerp: because i'd say i got a decent amount of "surface level" knowledge regarding stuff like monte carlo, GA, general concepts etc.

Default avatar.png Zerp: what i feel i am missing is a resource to guide me through implementation through cg-like puzzles

Uljahn: there are ipython notebooks on coursera's Deep Learning, they're almost like playgrounds

Astrobytes: That's just search algorithms, there's a bit more to it than that!

Astrobytes: Yep, I've not delved in myself yet but as Uljahn says there're plenty courses out there with hands-on learning

Astrobytes: Then you can go to Kaggle or something after that to practice, depending what you want to achieve

Default avatar.png Zerp: like this?

Astrobytes: Gotta combine quite a few mathematical approaches for any ML stuff

Astrobytes: Stuff like that yeah. Give AntiSquid a shout when you see him, he's delving into it at the moment I believe, might give you some pointers

Astrobytes: (or references :smirk: )

Default avatar.png Zerp: ty, i'll tell him you told me to bother him :wink:

Astrobytes: Ofc, hit up inoryy also for learning resources and epic knowledge.

Astrobytes: And everyone else on CG who's into ML ofc. Ask on the discord and you'll get more response if you word your questions carefully

Astrobytes: Hey Uljahn, do you pronounce "Uljahn" like "Oolyan" or "Uljan"?

Astrobytes: Or even 'Yoolyan'

Uljahn: dunno

Uljahn: that's nick isn't supposed to be pronounced

Uljahn: Oolyan could be close though

Default avatar.png AnishaK: are there any games for beginners??

Uljahn: like coders strike back?

Uljahn: or clashes of code?

Uljahn: the site is for practice, you'd better learn the basics elsewhere

douglasmacb: we

ardozl: are the world

ardozl: we

ardozl: are the children

LelouchVC2: we are also gay

Default avatar.png RadioControlledShoeFromAfar_a04: hi

Makwy: hi

Default avatar.png HongVinh: yes it's me

Default avatar.png Irene_iylr: hey

Default avatar.png ouroborus: Anyone know of list of uni assignments for learning data structures?

Default avatar.png ouroborus: Specifically one geared towards c++