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Gaurav.: the results page of clash of code is so sloww


TyLuu: join with me

Gaurav.: @TyLuu i got matched with u


TyLuu: join another clash

Gaurav.: ok

Default avatar.png sHlOk: @Tyluu sending clas link is a spam

Default avatar.png sHlOk: dont repeat

TyLuu: ok

LelouchVC2: Spamming is an opinion

LelouchVC2: You do you TyLuu

AntiSquid: lol

AntiSquid: no, please don't post those links in here anymore

ThunderbirdOne: Clash, that's still a thing?

ThunderbirdOne: hi everyone btw :D

code_maniac: Why most of people here don't like clash ?

code_maniac: I think it can serve as a good tool for people who wan't prepare things where they need to have time bounded environment.

code_maniac: Yeah invites are still annoying :p

tomatoes: interviews?

Daher: Hey guys, when i submit solution in CoC it take 1 minute to display the result is it normal?

tutubalin: no, that's no ok

code_maniac: @tomatoes yeah can be a good tool for interviews as well, as you get a random question with random mode, so it gives a good practice, shortest mode isn't going to help much there, but other two i think are pretty good

code_maniac: Also there are lots of good coder, who has lots of knowledge, so that can also help other when they see how people quickly reach to some solutions. They learn some methods or tricks as well from others

tomatoes: but i dont like interviews

code_maniac: Well that's a completely different thing, that's your individual choice

Default avatar.png imbadpython: if you want to practice for interviews do leetcode insteaed

Default avatar.png imbadpython: clash of codee queestions are like basic af

ThunderbirdOne: interviews are just a necessary evil

tomatoes: because of time bounded environment :neutral_face:

ThunderbirdOne: most of the time, the complexity of the questions you get dont even reflect the work you get to do

code_maniac: @imbadpython well yes, but you don't get this time bounded environment there as far as i know, Definitely the question's has to be solvable in given time span

code_maniac: @tomatoes yeah i do agree on this 👍

Default avatar.png imbadpython: there is

Default avatar.png imbadpython: a interview practice mode

Default avatar.png imbadpython: one hour two questions

Default avatar.png imbadpython: like actual quesetions

code_maniac: @ imbadpython oh didn't knew that, thanks for info mate :)

code_maniac: @ThunderbirdOne yeah, but people do ask irrelevant thing in interviewee’s also, i.e. JS's like this you need to have 4-5 years experience, you need to Java,Python, JavaScript blah blah 😂 for the job of junior frontend engineer

Default avatar.png PhucNguyen279: My interviewers said they will send me an interview test here, I'm quite nervous not sure what I'm gonna to do :joy: :joy: :joy:

Astrobytes: ThunderbirdOne! Hey :)

LelouchVC2: You let me log into ur account and do it for u

WINWINWIN: Hi, Im in 12th grade now and Im looking into college choices, I found that most colleges offer "Electrical and Computer Engineering" or Computer Sciencce

WINWINWIN: But the Electrical and Computer Engineering does not have that many CComputer ccourses

WINWINWIN: so if I am interested in computer engineering, which one is a better choice?

Uljahn: being electrical engineer with some cs knowledge looks more valuable to me than just pure cs, but that's because im electrical engineer myself :slight_smile:

Uljahn: that's about having plan B i guess

Uljahn: or skills diversification

Crypticsy: hey hey, kindah out of the blue, but can you guys give some feedback on this?

Uljahn: LCG is too much for an easy puzzle i guess, that's more like two problems in there

Uljahn: maybe you could make the main problem a little bit harder and tag the puzzle as medium?

Crypticsy: I wouldn't have used a LCG if there was a cap for input. But having an explanation at the end and a simple exposure to these things feel like it would be better to be kept at easy

Crypticsy: felt*

WINWINWIN: Thanks Uljahn

Default avatar.png tanmaycodernovice:

Default avatar.png tanmaycodernovice: can anyone interpret this

Default avatar.png tanmaycodernovice: reverse mode

Default avatar.png Migrou: do you mean Test1: 3 4 21 Test2: 2 8 20 ?

Uljahn: x*(x + y)?

Default avatar.png Migrou: sounds like it

Default avatar.png tanmaycodernovice: yess man

Default avatar.png tanmaycodernovice: nice

Default avatar.png tanmaycodernovice: but now that is over..

Default avatar.png tanmaycodernovice: clash

jacek: Oo

Tim_McSim: Hello! :)

jacek: good afternoon

struct: hello

Astrobytes: Hi

struct: Ok, boss uploaded

Astrobytes: Oh nice one, it got fixed

darkhorse64: go go go but not too far

WINWINWIN: How advanced is the Othello boss?

darkhorse64: It should rank around #9

darkhorse64: vae victis

Astrobytes: :D

WINWINWIN: I come under that bracket :(

WINWINWIN: When I couldnt get the minimax working for Othello, I cocpy pasted it to UTTT and changed the eval and simulation

jacek: boss?

Astrobytes: Motivation to improve WINWINWIN

darkhorse64: It's designed to make you sweat

WINWINWIN: Seems like it :D, when are leagues opening?

struct: they should be open

jacek: sweat?

darkhorse64: When the boss ends its run

struct: only waiting for boss to finish submit

struct: but it seems stuck

jacek: another bug?

Astrobytes: It's not moved

struct: Ill wait 10 minutes to see if it moves or not

darkhorse64: leaderboard bug likely

WINWINWIN: Cant even see it on the LB

WINWINWIN: Is the boss BigUp?

struct: Boss is BOSS 1

struct: he is currently rank 10

WINWINWIN: Then its an LB bug... Field3 is #10

struct: he is between 10 an 11*

WINWINWIN: :/ I reloaded but still cannot see it, can anyone else see it?

darkhorse64: 10 3/4

jacek: hes moving i think

Astrobytes: Yeah, just real slow

WINWINWIN: Found it, thanks

darkhorse64: I see it on the game leaderboard page but not on the global one. You never see boss on the global leaderbaord

WINWINWIN: Yes, missed thqt

WINWINWIN: It runs on a minimax?

Default avatar.png tanmaycodernovice:

darkhorse64: MCTS. It's a spin off of my Legend UTTT code (with some features removed)

Default avatar.png tanmaycodernovice: guys i need a code

Default avatar.png tanmaycodernovice: to find out power of a number

Default avatar.png tanmaycodernovice: like inputs are: 2,4

Default avatar.png tanmaycodernovice: then output shpuld be 2

Default avatar.png tanmaycodernovice: in python

Astrobytes: Solve it yourself or don't do the clash.

darkhorse64: pow(2,2) = 4

WINWINWIN: tanmaycodernovice CoC is not a team sport :D

Default avatar.png tanmaycodernovice: no the reverse way

Uljahn: maybe log?

WINWINWIN: math.log

Default avatar.png tanmaycodernovice: winwinwin nice one

Astrobytes: That really annoys me. At least wait until the clash is done, then ask for advice. I mean what's the fking point?


WINWINWIN: Ruining it for others as well

Default avatar.png tanmaycodernovice: okk trying to solve by myself

Default avatar.png tanmaycodernovice: btw math.log function didn't work out

Uljahn: ofc

Uljahn: there's some trick involved

WINWINWIN: Idk about that, probably just gave the inputs in the wrong order and got 0.5

WINWINWIN: Uljahn when you studied electrical engineering, was communication systems and VLSI combined?

WINWINWIN: Or were they seperate streams?

Uljahn: we have different curriculum here

Uljahn: i studied control systems and power electronics

Uljahn: or electric drives

struct: oh no darkhorse64 :(

darkhorse64: Heard about Frankenstein ?

struct: :D

dbdr: only trictrac and me promoted :D

dbdr: ah no, renard now

struct: looks so buggy

jacek: im promoted

jacek: but leaderboard is so laggy

struct: I think it's CG

darkhorse64: Great! I am #1

Astrobytes: I'm promoted, it's just slow

dbdr: suddenly Astro in the lb

dbdr: while I'm playing many other people

dbdr: ah, now updated

jacek: ah promotion makes server laggy

jacek: like csb

dbdr: yes, too many players on othello ;)

Astrobytes: lol

dbdr: so it's 7 players in top league?

struct: I think so

dbdr: seems right

jacek: darkhorse64 you made better boss than your bot?

dbdr: classic!

darkhorse64: That clearly demonstrates that the leaderboard is buggy, to quote our famous friend ceg

Default avatar.png tanmaycodernovice: map is returning a object value.. how to convert it to string

Uljahn: use list()

Uljahn: then "".join()

dbdr: the smaller league will actually be good for more precise ranking

Astrobytes: Yep

dbdr: you feel precisely ranked Astrobytes? ;)

Astrobytes: Looks about right yeah :D

dbdr: you did win one against jacek, gg! :)

Astrobytes: And it wasn't a timeout!

Default avatar.png tanmaycodernovice: guys like in this 'str.maketrans()' i want to get all the str function. so what should i write on google?

Default avatar.png tanmaycodernovice: pyhton

dbdr: python string



Default avatar.png Hanne030: Is it just me or is the site kind of slow today?

Hjax: not just you

darkhorse64: There is a league rerun with 7 players. Server is overloaded

Default avatar.png Hanne030: ah thanks for the info, I started to get worried about my laptop haha

Hjax: :joy:

ZeGermans: Is it possible for the expected answer is wrong ?

Hjax: it is extremely unlikely, but possible

ZeGermans: And is there anyway someone can see what you are doing and maybe help or thats not the point of the site :)

DiL: Hi everyone! Site is very slow and sometimes I got 504 network errors. Possibly an issue with clashes?

Astrobytes: ZeGermans thats not the point of the site

Hjax: people are happy to help you if you have questions

jacek: too many people play othello

Hjax: but we wont give you the answer

Astrobytes: ^

jacek: nerf othello plx

darkhorse64: Hey guys, I'm back !

Astrobytes: grats darkhorse64 :D

Astrobytes: You have defeated your creation at last

darkhorse64: It's a good feeling to get promoted. Yes, but not by a wide margin. java_coffee_cup made it difficult

darkhorse64: Here, it's even more difficult 1 win of out 16

Astrobytes: I had 1 in 44 earlier :D

darkhorse64: 2 against you now

Default avatar.png tanmaycodernovice: is anyone here studying networking? that compression of ipv6

jacek: another clash question?

ZeGermans: Ok here it is im stuck on this one

Default avatar.png tanmaycodernovice: no no

Default avatar.png tanmaycodernovice: actually i'm trying to code for my exams.. so that it becomes easy to solve numericals

Default avatar.png tanmaycodernovice: can we remove a found string with regular expression from original string

ZeGermans: So if anyone has solved it im doing the following: convert the input string to array, convert all log and lat to doubles, calculate the formula and save it in the array. Then sort the arrays based on the distance, get the first and print out the name

ZeGermans: 1,2 and 4 testcases pass

ZeGermans: the 3rd is showing me that it is expecting something else

Hjax: the submission test cases or the practice ones?

ZeGermans: The complete file one

Hjax: so you can see what the expected answer is

ZeGermans: Yes i did and it ranks lower on my list

Hjax: add some debug prints to your code, find out why your program thinks thats not the correct answer

ZeGermans: I did a lot of those all the conversions are correct but im gonna do the math on a calculator to see if that checksout

Astrobytes: And if you want to test a particular detail you can create custom test cases too

dbdr: darkhorse64, you are bringing people's rating down when they beat you :D

struct: I still see darkhorse in wood 2

struct: something is wrong with this site

dbdr: lag

Astrobytes: This is worse than a contest

dbdr: nice to be in two leagues at once

darkhorse64: I know. I do not deserve to be here

darkhorse64: Should I delete my account ?

struct: I guess it's just maintenance

Astrobytes: :D

dbdr: ask the expert

struct: This is not normal, there was lag before I submited the boss

Astrobytes: Report it on discord

dbdr: I think the othello wood 1 leadberboard is clear: C++ is a poor language

darkhorse64: We are legion

dbdr: quantity, not quality

darkhorse64: Zerg rush on your pawns

darkhorse64: that's the strat

ZeGermans: Hjax

ZeGermans: Do you have this one solved

ZeGermans: Or anyone who has this one solved I'd be glad if you could just rerun your code and tell me if it passes

Hjax: i do not, i can try it

ZeGermans: Ty so much

Default avatar.png Tucos: ZeGermans, i did solve that one (and my solution still passes that etst). Note that the given formula is unnecessarily complicated

darkhorse64: 53000 people solved it

MSmits: damn cheaters

Default avatar.png Tucos: The forums page also mentions someone with the same issue on that test, so i think the other formula might work better

Astrobytes: All my testcases pass ZeGermans

ZeGermans: Where can i see the other formula Tucos

Default avatar.png Tucos: Left of the IDE there's a link to the forum topic for that test

MSmits: are you fighting ww2 Astrobytes?

Default avatar.png tanmaycodernovice: FE82:0:0:0:0:1A12:1234:1A12

Astrobytes: Click the forum link to the left ZeGermans

Default avatar.png tanmaycodernovice: can anyine create a regex for this

Astrobytes: lol MSmits

Default avatar.png tanmaycodernovice: to get :0:0:0:0: like this

PatrickMcGinnisII: all mine pass ZeGermans

PatrickMcGinnisII: that's actually a puzzle i did in java, cause i needed Double

ZeGermans: Thank you so much guys, solved it ^_^

Default avatar.png tanmaycodernovice: can u guys please help me

Default avatar.png tanmaycodernovice: not a clash lol

PatrickMcGinnisII: I guess Wood1 opened

Astrobytes: Site still slow for everyone?

MSmits: been slow for me for a day or two I think

MSmits: still slow now

MostComplicatedUsername: No it seems to be working at normal speed for me

MSmits: I only have problems when loading IDE

MostComplicatedUsername: Oh nvm test replays are slow

struct: I doubt a 8 player rerun caused this

Astrobytes: Well, I mentioned it on dicsord

Astrobytes: *discord lol

Default avatar.png tanmaycodernovice: tanmaysinghal380Today at 8:01 PM 'FE82:0:0:0:0:1A12:1245:1A12' i want to create a regex for it that matches ':0:0:0:0:' this part in a single list only

Astrobytes: Excuse me, but demanding we help you with your homework or whatever it is will not get you anywhere.

Astrobytes: Google it.

Default avatar.png tanmaycodernovice: dude i've tried it many times

Default avatar.png tanmaycodernovice: but can't get it right

Default avatar.png tanmaycodernovice: it is showing me in 2 values in list.. but i want it in 0

Astrobytes: Cross-posting the same question to the Discord is generally considered rude. Particularly since it is not even related to CG.

Default avatar.png tanmaycodernovice: really?

Default avatar.png tanmaycodernovice: my bad

Default avatar.png Squidgoat: i know that somewhere on discord there's a computer programming help room

Default avatar.png tanmaycodernovice: there isn't

Hjax: that easy puzzle took me way longer than it should have, who gives inputs in long/lat instead of lat/long

Default avatar.png Squidgoat: work on your googlefu...

Zerplin: the thor puzz?

Default avatar.png Squidgoat: i literally just googled "discord computer programming help room"

Astrobytes: *A wild Zerplin appears!*

Hjax: the defibrillators puzzle @Zerplin

Astrobytes: long time no see

Zerplin: hello Astrobytes

Hjax: it took me an extra 10 minutes to realize i had lat and long switched, oops

Zerplin: i'm surprised ppl still remember me, lol

struct: Can Java get wood 1 on othello?

Astrobytes: You're forever immortalised because of euler's Bender puzzle

Zerplin: glad to hear that :), it was a ton of fun working on it

Astrobytes: :)

Hjax: i didnt get a chance to work on ghost in the cell this weekend, i still plan to try to get legend in one submit

Astrobytes: lol, I forgot about your plan :D

darkhorse64: struct: how high is the boss now ?

struct: 30.75

struct: java is 29.00

darkhorse64: Unlikely to get pushed

MSmits: should have gone with C#

Astrobytes: :smirk:

darkhorse64: Not too late.

Hjax: C# Coffee Cup when

MSmits: yea

MSmits: i am looking at Othello atm

Astrobytes: C# Cup

MSmits: move generation doesn't seem easy

MSmits: but maybe i'll find a quick way

struct: There should be a few articles on it

MSmits: yeah

Zerplin: actually returned here to practice some c#

MSmits: nice

Zerplin: yeah seems much more feasible now that i've done some oop in js

darkhorse64: bitboarding Othello moves is well documented

Hjax: the article i saw just generated all permutations for a single row, and kept a few rotations of the board

Hjax: then move generation is just indexing into an array

struct: notifications not working?

struct: ah it works now

struct: just very slow

Zerplin: wish you could have several ratings on stuff like gitc depending your language

Zerplin: depending on'

jacek: ohai

struct: euler online?

dbdr: why not ping him?

jacek: achtung minen

dbdr: when you are white, you need to handle the first time specially, right?

dbdr: since it's not expert format yet

struct: yeah

struct: also for black

dbdr: well, for black at least nothing happened

struct: but if you read it will go out of sync

struct: you must add an if()

dbdr: right

struct: Now I know that I must add this before game releases

dbdr: you mean expert mode for all?

dbdr: non-optional?

struct: I should have had this input has default

struct: as*

struct: But game was already released

dbdr: yeah, simpler than the choice

struct: Next game will be 3D

Hjax: do 4D tic tac toe

struct: why stop at 4D?

dbdr: rand(10)D

Hjax: i was literally typing the same joke as dbdr

Hjax: i was just slower

struct: checkers puzzle of the week

Hjax: 4d tic tac toe is played on the same board as UTTT

hanzhere: how to create custom coding game?


struct: Is this it jacek?

jacek: ?

struct: othello

jacek: is this what :?

struct: the submit

jacek: i improved some things apparently

TheSpiffiest: Man I am addicted to this Coders Strike back thing. Gold league you get two cars. Went from just hitting targets to classes and algorithms.

TheSpiffiest: I didn't think Covid lay off would actually be fun.

jacek: and now we know the root of site's sluggishness

Astrobytes: Nah he got gold yesterday jacek

jacek: and probably pushed others to legend

TheSpiffiest: It's been about 30 hours, you give me too much credit good and bad I think

Astrobytes: yesterday yeah, CSB is fine rn

TheSpiffiest: Maybe after 3 days you can blame me for site troubles. ;)

Astrobytes: lol

jacek: i blame celestia

TheSpiffiest: It does seem to lose game state every half hour or so it seems and I have to reload

TheSpiffiest: Is there at status screen like AWS for each game?

TheSpiffiest: - looks like it

Astrobytes: Nah

Astrobytes: CSB viewer crashes sometimes, goes black and needs reloading

Astrobytes: Site's currently just slow, staff are monitoring it

Astrobytes: Almost there jacek

jacek: im curious what secret tric will reveal this time

Astrobytes: lol

Reksio: Any idea what they are running it on? Lambda, containers, azure functions?

Astrobytes: It's their own custom container-based solution I believe

Astrobytes: In contrast to (the 'Learn' tab) which uses Docker

Reksio: maybe they use k8s

Reksio: well, anything own explains the slowdown

TheSpiffiest: Looks like /services/TestSession/play accepts post data for a game... that unpacks it, passes it to a compiler, parses output to string, runs that against game specific code from referrer, returns that as a json array of frames with positions, then the local game animates that dataset... you could possibly make a recursive memory bomb depending on how the spawn your code if you were a bad guy.

Or if you didn't know what you're doing.

TheSpiffiest: just looking at network traffic anyway

jacek: well there was some troublesome submit which cause zombie process

Astrobytes: Topic referenced here (in case anyone is interested):

Reksio: yeah, this kind of problem can kill even cloud functions

Astrobytes: And that's defo not the issue this time around

Reksio: I was referring to Jacke's statement

Astrobytes: So was I ;)

Reksio: so no zombie processes?

Astrobytes: No, that manifested itself as a whole other set of issues

Reksio: I hope everything will be eventually consistent eventually ;)

TheSpiffiest: well it's straight C. Hopefully the filter out malloc calls :)

Astrobytes: They'll sort it out, always do

TheSpiffiest: One memory please

Hjax: that error reminds me of an error battlecode had

Hjax: every api called leaked some memory in the engine, but the engine would blame your bot for the missing memory, too many API calls and your bot would be killed for running out of memory, even if it wasnt even close to running out

Hjax: api call*

Astrobytes: lol, well played

Hjax: it was very annoying

Hjax: bot doing great, maybe winning

Hjax: suddenly, Error: Killed

Hjax: this was during the sprint tournament mind you

struct: Astrobytes hard league?

jacek: easy league

Hjax: it felt like we were playing Russian roulette, if our bot could win the game before it died

dbdr: nice jacek!

dbdr: what's new?

struct: jacek you want me to make tric trac boss?

Astrobytes: lol, trying some stuff out struct, and yeah. Good job jacek man!

struct: ah wait

struct: too late

jacek: that would be too easy boss :v

dbdr: agreed

struct: Just wait for his next submit :D

jacek: now lets await trics revenge

jacek: i think im still scratching surface of tuning eval

dbdr: someone's going to be upset

Astrobytes: oh lol, grats dbdr

Astrobytes: woops, spoke too soon :zipper_mouth:

dbdr: just lost one, but it's still early

Hjax: man you guys are really working hard on othello

Astrobytes: Well, they are. I'm failing hard :D

Hjax: rank 7 is what we call failing now is it?

jacek: 7 out of 8? yes

Hjax: much better than what i would come up with

struct: Still no books

dbdr: that's it, I finally earned your respect jacek? :D

Hjax: poor tric

Hjax: he just wants to chill at rank 1

Astrobytes: I'll have you know I was 6th earlier, I'm 'actively working on it'

Hjax: dbdr how long have you known rust for?

dbdr: 1.5 years

Hjax: do you program it professionally? or just use it for hobby projects?

Astrobytes: I remember when you started using CG to practice it

dbdr: just for hobby/CG

jacek: do people use rust professionally?

dbdr: sure, Mozilla, Microsoft, Dropbox, ...

Hjax: yeah mozilla is huge on rust

dbdr: all use rust to some degree

Astrobytes: It's pretty well established now, and more people are coming round to it

Hjax: my last few attempts to learn C++ have ended with me hating myself, i wonder if I would like rust better

Hjax: im spoiled by java and python holding my hand

dbdr: well, rustc will hold your hand too

dbdr: a typical crash or memory corruption in C++ will be a compilation error in rust

Hjax: yeah that is what makes it appealing

struct: Hjax go for it

Hjax: ive been reading "the book"

Hjax: but i havent tried to write anything yet

dbdr: I started with CG puzzles :)

dbdr: but it's a good idea to follow the book

Astrobytes: Do CG puzzles with it

dbdr: there's also exercism that's pretty nice

jacek: you cant learn "good looking" code with puzzles o.O

Hjax: oh exercism is a course? that looks neat

struct: you learn it by playing CoC

Astrobytes: No, you can do that elsewhere

Astrobytes: Never seen that exercism before

Hjax: me either, it looks like a pretty well made site

jacek: unlike CG :v

Hjax: ill take a look at it, thanks for the suggestion dbdr

struct: is performance on par with c++ on CG?

dbdr: to be fair, CG is much more complex than exercism to make

dbdr: yes, except in IDE

struct: So if you want to create an opening book

struct: it will be way harder right?

dbdr: depends how you want to do it

Astrobytes: Hey, Wood 1 Thales crew all offline... what are they planning... :P

dbdr: but you can work around the IDE speed issue

dbdr: sending a compiled binary

struct: ah

dbdr: hopefully CG will do something about it too

dbdr: issue with C# and rust now...

jacek: dont blame on issues now!

Astrobytes: Didn't they say on discord they had no plans to do anything about it?

tomatoes: exercism had very slow mentor reply when i tried it

dbdr: mentor is optional, you can skip it if you want

struct: They made a poll Astrobytes


Astrobytes: Ah yeah, forgot about that

dbdr: [CG]Thibault voted for both :D

struct: Just so both are available

dbdr: ah yes

jacek: :s

dbdr: darkhorse64 you time out:

jacek: he just saw a lose and didnt bother to continue

dbdr: jacek: I'll try to pull tric down as well :)

TheSpiffiest: In Clash of Code, it would be nice to vote other people up for sharing their code

TheSpiffiest: I am learning a lot by just seeing what others did. Would be nice to award them for it.

dbdr: you can do that in puzzles, btw

TheSpiffiest: I'll check that out

struct: But you need to solve it first

TheSpiffiest: So like

dbdr: yeah

dbdr: how many matches are there per submit?

dbdr: subjectively, it seems to vary

struct: I think its 100

struct: or 90

struct: not sure

struct: Astrobytes knows I think

dbdr: I'm at 60 with 75%

dbdr: maybe I got more because other ppl were submitting

Astrobytes: I do? 90 iirc

TheSpiffiest: So what's a puzzle? I see bot programming, code golf and optimization. Is there another category?


struct: on practice

struct: tab

Hjax: wait we can upload a binary to codingame?

struct: not on contests

Astrobytes: Only in multis not contest yeah

Hjax: i see

dbdr: you can upload a source code

dbdr: a source code can contain data

dbdr: data can represent a binary, or anything else

dbdr: hm, not getting any new matches

eulerscheZahl: i just logged in, not sure how much on topic:

dbdr: on topic

Hjax: fancy

Hjax: why is it considered a cheat for contests? because you can bundle 3rd party libraries?

RoboStac: because they want to be able to detect copyied / shared code

Astrobytes: Which can't be done if it's obfuscated in some way

Hjax: are other means of obfuscating also considered a cheat?

dbdr: yes

Astrobytes: For the reason robo stated

Hjax: i see

Hjax: didnt know that

Hjax: not that ive ever tried to obfuscate my code on here,

Default avatar.png Kirliash: hi

eulerscheZahl: but fine for multiplayers, as they are "a zoo" according to SaiksyApo

dbdr: are we the animals?

Hjax: thats why we can have someone in guru with entirely copy pasted bots?

dbdr: well, I know of a toad...

Astrobytes: lol, always ready with that quote euler :D

dbdr: an owl

dbdr: a cat

dbdr: a fox

Hjax: dont forget about the duck

eulerscheZahl: some users obfuscated to some degree because of the 100k chars (no intentation, shortened var names)

Hjax: there are several cats in the zoo

eulerscheZahl: actually it's Marchete who found that qoute so funny

Astrobytes: More like a farm really

Hjax: cats that come to mind, Astrobytes, teccles, karliso

eulerscheZahl: recar

Astrobytes: and Uljahn

dbdr: acat

Hjax: lol so many cats

dbdr: isn't recar a small dog?

eulerscheZahl: i did not write the same as Astrobytes :o

Astrobytes: More like a veterinary practice

Astrobytes: lol eulerscheZahl

eulerscheZahl: no dog has such ears

Hjax: what happened to teccles, i havent seen him in here for the last few constests

eulerscheZahl: no idea, was wondering too

Astrobytes: He reckoned these contests were taking up too much of his time

Astrobytes: Guess he'll return at some point

eulerscheZahl: because they can't play in inoryy mode

Hjax: sad, hes fun to compete against, because hes usually so active in chat while hes smashing everyone

Astrobytes: That was just before OOC I think

Astrobytes: lol inoryy mode, one weekend

eulerscheZahl: exactly :D

Astrobytes: yeah, nice fella as well Hjax

Hjax: ive talked to inoryy a good bit in the starcraft ai discord, he knows his stuff

Astrobytes: Sure does. Also a nice guy

Astrobytes: Loads of nice people on here actually

dbdr: only one computing in CSB. what's going on?

Astrobytes: Cause MK is no longer with us

Hjax: what was the original reason CSB had so many people?

struct: Othello > CSB confirmed

dbdr: I think servers are down too

Hjax: i just know the jokes about it, not the actually backstory

Astrobytes: It's the 'tutorial' multi

Hjax: ah

Hjax: so its just flooded by terrible bots from newbies?

dbdr: the bottom 95K, yes

Astrobytes: lol

Astrobytes: have submits stopped dbdr?

struct: i would even say 99k

dbdr: yes

dbdr: :/

Hjax: i was about to say, my bot is rank 1303 and its like, 5 lines of code

struct: yeah

Astrobytes: OK, I'll add it to the discord, I reported the issues earlier

Hjax: its definitely terrible

Hjax: the bare minimum to get 4000 cp

Astrobytes: hey eulerscheZahl, zerplin has returned btw :)

karliso: Hjax lynx

Astrobytes: Still technically a cat karliso ;)

Hjax: lynxes are cats!

Hjax: i stand by my statement :P

eulerscheZahl: i occasionally see zerp online on discord

jacek: derp

Astrobytes: Felidae

Astrobytes: He came back to CG to practice C#

Hjax: what are the other common types of profile pictures, anime girls are pretty common

jacek: colorful horses

derjack: eeyup

Astrobytes: That's a pony.

Astrobytes: Again.

Hjax: i like that Thibaud has a starcraft picture

eulerscheZahl: he does?

Hjax: yeah, its Mira Han

**eulerscheZahl never played starcraft

Astrobytes: Thanks Hjax, the name had been bothering me for some time :D

Hjax: theres a few starcraft references around here, A*Craft of course, also Automaton2000

Astrobytes: Ages since I played

Automaton2000: and do the same thing

dbdr: Astrobytes: I resubmitted and it's working

Astrobytes: Cool, thx dbdr

dbdr: mentioned it on discord

Astrobytes: Nice one

dbdr: someone knows from what size the 10 ranking games are played?

dbdr: they aren't on a league of 8 for sure :)

eulerscheZahl: i don't think that was ever mentioned in public

eulerscheZahl: only that it's up to 10 games but an be less on smaller leagues

Astrobytes: Yeah, was real fun earlier when I had 10 games against you, jacek, tric and the fox :P

dbdr: true, I saw 3 before

dbdr: I think that's fairly recent, no?

darkhorse64: looks like the rule is (min(league_size/10), 10)

dbdr: darkhorse64 reversed it :)

darkhorse64: I did worse than that in professional life

eulerscheZahl: min(10, max(league_size, 10))

dbdr: you reverse professionally?

jrke: ready for approval

dbdr: it's a minimax!

eulerscheZahl: or refusal

eulerscheZahl: oh, it's Go

eulerscheZahl: whih will be auto-rejected in 18h

jrke: yeah

darkhorse64: No, but sometimes it is good to guess how software works (or does not) to explain the authors how to fix it

Astrobytes: nice dbdt

Astrobytes: *dbdr

struct: replays get a bit laggy on atari go

struct: at least on level 3

struct: boss vs boss

Hjax: is there a rule against go or chess in multis?

Astrobytes: No

Hjax: obviously they are pretty overdone

Hjax: but i still find it surprising we dont have either game

Astrobytes: I think they'd be fine on here

struct: I thought about it

Hjax: riddles had go, not away of anyone doing chess

Hjax: aware*

struct: But my main problem

struct: is fixed time per turn

Hjax: it would be nice if we could do increment

struct: yeah

eulerscheZahl: The game has crashed. Please contact the author and enclose the following error:

Astrobytes: yeah, indeed

TheSpiffiest: huh... I think the temperature puzzle is wrong. It says if you find 5 and -5 return 5, but when you do it says it expected -5

struct: Holy

struct: Euler

struct: what did he do

darkhorse64: the puzzle is right; your code is wrong

struct: Replay is 1000000 bytes

eulerscheZahl: redraw the full board each frame?

struct: 1,000,000

eulerscheZahl: had to close the tab

Astrobytes: Approval-ready eh

Hjax: the other feature i would like a lot would be the ability to play against bots as a human

eulerscheZahl: or it would have killed the browser

Hjax: a decent number of the games here would be easy for a human to interact with

Astrobytes: You can make your own ui and do it locally

eulerscheZahl: but i see no way to integrate it on CG. sounds like a lot of effort

Hjax: yeah its not useful, its just fun

struct: yeah the max you could do is just a javscript bot

struct: on module

eulerscheZahl: i made the local player for wondev woman

struct: and let you play vs it

eulerscheZahl: with brotaltester


struct: Smash the code has this

struct: where you play vs yourself

eulerscheZahl: ?

struct: click on viewer

struct: before playing a match

struct: click here to start a demo

Hjax: wow, thats a lot of effort for something i bet basically no one uses

Hjax: but yeah, imagine that but against a bot

Hjax: wouldnt it be fun

struct: Yeah

eulerscheZahl: ah, with arrow keys vs wasd

struct: yeah

eulerscheZahl: didn't know, won't use

dbdr: "learn something dumb everyday"

Hjax: increment would be amazing though, i really wish we had it

eulerscheZahl: about a month ago i learned that STC has a debug view

struct: Hjax also instead of increment

struct: I would rather have like "timebank"

struct: Dont know what is called

eulerscheZahl: i understand the timebank

struct: Like you would have fixed time to run the bot

eulerscheZahl: no idea what you mean with increment

struct: increment is adding time after move

eulerscheZahl: ah, similar concept

Hjax: yeah, like a chess clock

Hjax: you start with 1 second in the bank, you gain 50 ms every time you move

Hjax: use your time however you want, just dont hit 0

eulerscheZahl: RAIC has something like that

struct: If they shared the time ammount that player still has available

struct: I would port chess

eulerscheZahl: and a generous total timelimit that turns out to be small per turn becuase there are so many turns

Hjax: thats why the increment is important

eulerscheZahl: they had a rocket league contest with a 5 minute realtime match. and played it with 60FPS

eulerscheZahl: up to 6min per bot for computation time of a single match

Hjax: have the cg devs been asked to add an increment mode and said no?

Astrobytes: Hit them with a feature request struct, gl with that :P

eulerscheZahl: yes Hjax

struct: I asked for it before

struct: I tried measuring time that player uses

struct: but is not reliable

eulerscheZahl: such thing was suggested several times by different users

Hjax: oh you tried to do it in the ref?

struct: yeah

Hjax: i see

eulerscheZahl: then again it would screw up with the CG system. the referee always assumes that you use the max time given to you per turn

Hjax: you could do a silly timebank, where bots can request an extra turn without making a move

Hjax: that would work in ref lol

eulerscheZahl: if you accumulate lots of time and the get 500ms/turn at some point, CG assumes you really take that long and kills the game after 30s in total

eulerscheZahl: the extra turn could work, true

eulerscheZahl: adds an extra frame to the replay but no biggie

Hjax: kind of an ugly work around, but it would work

Hjax: its just kind of a shame that you get 1000 ms on the first frame, but if you have a book it goes to waste

dbdr: you would need to ping to switch to the second half of the turn?

Hjax: yeah you would just think for 50 ms and then output "MORE TIME" as your move

Hjax: and then keep thinking next turn

dbdr: make it MOAR TIME

Hjax: ^ i like it

struct: I see a small problem with this though

struct: Game is 30 sec max, despite which player uses it

struct: So a player could have used 20 sec vs 10 sec

Hjax: give each agent a limited number of MOAR TIME requests

Hjax: that they can budget throughout the game

Astrobytes: Seems fiddly to implement

Hjax: to ensure that the game doesnt go over the 30 seconds limit

Hjax: im not sure how many moves you would want to force a draw in chess, 150?

Hjax: its not like we would be doing tablebase adjudications like tcec does

Astrobytes: Can you imagine the server strain

Astrobytes: :D

Hjax: im not sure how much exploration has been done with 50 ms per move chess

Astrobytes: oooh tric is coming

Hjax: does stockfish even do something decent in that time?

Astrobytes: Yeah that's why I think it would be interesting Hjax

Astrobytes: (wrt 50ms limit)

Hjax: leela can probably just play on policy in 50 ms

Hjax: and be really strong

Astrobytes: I'm not current with the latest versions of the big chess engines tbh

struct: 50ms is more than enough to beat me

Hjax: leela is a alphazero copycat, based on the papers deepmind released, two outputs from the neural net "value" who is winning, and "policy" what moves look the most promising

Hjax: leela plays pretty strong chess even if you just output the policys favorite move

Hjax: with no search

jacek: chess, here? tcec style or from the beginnig?

jacek: i wonder how that would be the opening fest

Astrobytes: nice Hjax, Stockfish still alphabeta based I take it?

Hjax: i feel like with only 50 ms per move and no tablebases, chess here would be decisive even with no tcec book

Hjax: yeah stockfish is a conventional alphabeta engine, free / open source and ridiculously strong

Astrobytes: Yeah I know it's strength :D

Hjax: the tcec superfinal is happening right now, stockfish is beating up leela

eulerscheZahl: lastweektonight just taught me something new: jail != prison :o

jacek: why would it be ==?

eulerscheZahl: both is about incarcerating people

eulerscheZahl: i always thought these words are synonyms

Astrobytes: Prison is long-term, a jail is generally in the police station

struct: Just make 4 player chess

struct: no more problems

Hjax: i would be surprised if chess here was draw heavy

eulerscheZahl: in German we have the simple word "Untersuchungshaft" for jail :D

Hjax: not enough time / no tablebases

Hjax: someone will blunder

jacek: german is beautiful

struct: Well with 150 you could do around 200ms

struct: 150 turns*

Astrobytes: Kinda translates to "custody", which works for here too

Hjax: i feel like giving really limited time is kind of fun for chess though, forces people to be clever

Hjax: rather than just searching deep with lots of speed optimizations

Astrobytes: Jail is kind-of a US term I think

Astrobytes: You underestimate the ability of CG'ers to pack books into their bots Hjax :P

Hjax: chess books are also cool

struct: Well I could do arimaa

struct: and rip books

Hjax: chess opening theory is very deep and complex

jacek: and crushed by NN zeros

struct: or chess960

Astrobytes: I like the idea of chess960 (Fischer Random) as I've said previously

Hjax: chess960 would be cool

Astrobytes: less book, more chess

Astrobytes: *moar, sorry

Astrobytes: In fact, that could be the title of the multi

jacek: chess69

Hjax: multis are written in java right?

Astrobytes: Trust you to lower the tone jacek

Astrobytes: Yeah Hjax

Default avatar.png Kirliash: hi

jacek: ohai

Hjax: thats convenient if i ever decide to write a multi

struct: Just dont follow my multis as a guide

jacek: but i followed when i made mine D:

Astrobytes: Pony magic

eulerscheZahl: make sure the board is randomly generated and not just the same starting for each game

Astrobytes: Other than chess, do you have some ideas Hjax?

eulerscheZahl: don't tell!

eulerscheZahl: not if it could be a possible contest

Astrobytes: That's chess960/Fischer Random eulerscheZahl

eulerscheZahl: sorry, didn't read all the chat :(

eulerscheZahl: back to last week tonight

Astrobytes: And yeah, not asking to disclose, just wondering if he had some ideas

Hjax: i havent really put any thought into the idea that i could write a multi before this moment

Astrobytes: Well, put that Java knowledge to use eh

jacek: submits stopped again?

Astrobytes: No, tric's submit seems to be working

Astrobytes: Maybe slow?

Astrobytes: No, seems OK actually

Hjax: i dont think any multi i would come up with would make a good contest, id probably just be reimplementing an existing game

Hjax: im not incredibly creative

Astrobytes: Never say never

struct: What if player could choose starting positions?

struct: Would it be too random?

Astrobytes: And original games are mostly collaborations too

Astrobytes: For chess960?

struct: yeah

struct: So it wouldnt be mirrored

Hjax: i feel like that would eliminate a lot of the positions

Astrobytes: Doesn't seem like there's a point to that

Hjax: some of them are just horrible

Hjax: and would be a free loss if picked

struct: ok, I don't know a lot about chess

struct: I only played a few games, I'm very low rated

Hjax: im a roughly average chess player

Astrobytes: I hardly play these days, was a lot better when I was younger

LelouchVC2: I shall eliminate all chess players with my superior power

struct: Hjax if you end up making it pm me or something

struct: So we dont end up both making it

Hjax: if you want to make it its all yours

struct: Nah, I have something else to do atm

Hjax: i wouldnt even start until after im done with ghost in the cell

Astrobytes: Remember, if you don't get Legend in that single submit you have to delete your account Hjax

Hjax: ouch

Hjax: i dont intend to delete my account :P

Hjax: guess ive got to make sure my bot is perfect

Astrobytes: struct really raised the bar for failure

Hjax: should have called it ghost in the terminal, because you know.... shell

Astrobytes: Doesn't trip off the tongue quite as nicely though

Hjax: true

struct: Chess wouldnt take a lot fo time to port right?

struct: Like 1 or 2 days should be done right?

Hjax: not really, but i havent written a multi before

Astrobytes: Ghost in the csh

Hjax: i also find it amusing that ghost in the shell sounds more codingame esque than ghost in the cell

Hjax: since the normal scheme is to insert a coding pun into an existing name

Astrobytes: Yes, very true

Shagufta_Siddique: anyone else who has done code how time flies in c++

struct: If I do make it, I will try both variants

Astrobytes: Host in the Shell would be a nice CTF name

Hjax: you could just write 960, standard chess is one of the 960 starting positions

struct: 1 / 960 :D

Hjax: right, but if you decided you didnt like 960

Shagufta_Siddique: i need to submit it tomorrow as my semester project , anyone who can help

Hjax: you could just force the right starting position

struct: yeah nothing will change

Hjax: might be interesting to do like, 50/50 standard chess and 960

Hjax: like pump up the odds of normal chess

Hjax: but still have 960

Astrobytes: Intriguing idea

struct: or let players choose

struct: if they want both 960 is 100%

Hjax: lol they vote on it? thats clever

Astrobytes: hmm...

struct: Yeah, you can do that

struct: if its 50/50

struct: too bad

Astrobytes: This would not stop book play though

Hjax: it wouldnt, but it would weaken it

Hjax: i dont hate books

struct: Books are also part of the strategy

Astrobytes: No me neither, just would be fun to have anti-book chess

struct: Its a bit different from uttt books

Astrobytes: You can't book 960

Hjax: you could do some automated book generation for 960

Astrobytes: Well, I guess you could to an extent

Hjax: just do a deep search from each starting position and cache the result

Astrobytes: But it wouldn't be a book small enough to use on CG

Hjax: you could probably fit a 3 or 4 ply book

Hjax: for all of the starting positions

Hjax: with good compression

Astrobytes: Yeah, sounds about right

Astrobytes: BUT, it might be totally useless in 960

Astrobytes: As traditional opening theory doesn't apply

Hjax: but if you are generating it with a deep search

Hjax: then it doesnt matter

Astrobytes: So once you're off book, many lines are possible that you might not have anticipated

Astrobytes: If you see where I'm coming from

Hjax: sure, you probably wont win in book

Hjax: but you probably can get some edge consistently

Astrobytes: Would be interesting to see!

Hjax: maybe i should write an othello bot before i try chess 960

Astrobytes: :)

Hjax: too many games, not enough time

Hjax: unless i want to be coffee cup 2.0, i really need to use rust or c for othello

Hjax: which is why ive avoided it and similar games until now

Astrobytes: Well, no time like the present eh ;)

Snef: otherwise you do python Hjax ?

Astrobytes: But finish GitC first ofc

Hjax: im comfortable writing both java and python

Hjax: and horribly uncomfortable writing anything else

Hjax: my pr2 bot is python, my utg bot is java

Astrobytes: Write your Othello bot in either and port it after?

Astrobytes: Porting from one language to another is always a useful learning experience

Hjax: so i tried to do that for pacman

Astrobytes: During the contest?

Hjax: yes

Hjax: because my monte carlo was too slow in java

Snef: i was doing my bots in java 3 years ago and started doing them in c++, it's not that different tbh

Astrobytes: Less pressure outside of contest ;)

Hjax: and i discovered i leaned on a bunch of things in java that i couldnt easily rewrite in c

Hjax: especially given the time constraint

Hjax: i ended up just giving up on pacman on friday, and not doing anything on saturday or sunday

Hjax: im too used to garbage collection lol

Astrobytes: Yeah, you can write C++ in that Java-ish style, then optimise afterwards

Astrobytes: It becomes C with some C++ features

Hjax: i forget what i hit my head on in C++ while trying to port pacman

Snef: Astrobytes do you use c++ fancy stuff ?

Hjax: but i remember being frustrated with it

Astrobytes: What 'fancy stuff' Snef?

Snef: i mean, i do c++ but i feel i use 5% of the lang

Snef: like i only use class / pointer

Snef: bitboard..

Hjax: i think it was the arrays in C++ that were annoying me

Astrobytes: I sometimes use std container algorithms, sometimes even std containers (I have a custom vector class though if speed is required). I use auto and stuff, otherwise just mostly C-style

Hjax: you need to know their size at compile time, and i kept getting compile errors when i tried to make a 2d array

Astrobytes: You could use vectors Hjax

Snef: any benefit to use auto over basic type ?

Astrobytes: No, just laziness/saves typing out long iterator types etc

Snef: hmm okey

Snef: and i never used boost stuff

Snef: is it usefull ?

Astrobytes: Me neither

Snef: okey i guess i'm fine then :p

Snef: (should i start Othello and try to beat you today hmmm)

Astrobytes: :D

Hjax: ill have to check the exact issue i was having later, i just remember thinking that my java was not written in a very C++ friendly way

jacek: he done it again :scream:

Snef: almost 97% wr wow

Astrobytes: holy shit, 6 points clear almost

Hjax: jokes on you jacek, tric has like 10 versions waiting to submit,

Hjax: he solved the game weeks ago

Hjax: :P

Snef: Astrobytes what do you have on othello ?

struct: wtf I only saw now

Astrobytes: a/b + ID minimax Snef

struct: tric rating

Snef: tomatoes are you here ?

Snef: oh ok Astro

jacek: hes mcts

Snef: vanilla ?

Astrobytes: tomatoes has MCTS

Hjax: tomatoes said he has no idea how to play, so he just wrote vanilla mcts

Astrobytes: afaik yes

jacek: i think so

Snef: optimized ?

Snef: his rollouts seems low

jacek: teapot claims 80k rollouts on 2nd turn

Astrobytes: very

Snef: i need to learn how to optimize lol

Snef: even with bitboard and look up i only achieved 30k on uttt

Hjax: so when people write a search in a non garbage collected language, what happens to the nodes that fall off the tree when a move is made?

Hjax: do you have to free them yourself

Snef: i have a big array for nodes

Astrobytes: Node preallocation

Hjax: oh you reuse them

Snef: new is to slow

darkhorse64: recycle. We are green

Astrobytes: Put that first 1s to use

Snef: and those 720MB

Hjax: how do you decide if a node is already in your tree or safe to reuse? or how do you find a fresh node to insert into your tree

Snef: index and you increment :p

Snef: if your array size is big enough there is no problem

tomatoes: i patched rollouts with some priority

Snef: otherxise you need to reset it at some point

Hjax: so you preallocate enough nodes for the entire game?

Snef: Hjax if you have low enough rollout you can

Hjax: and if you dont? you want to reuse rollouts from previous moves right? so you dont want to throw away your existing tree

Astrobytes: Don't create nodes for your rollouts

Snef: well if you use less than 10% of your node array each turn i think your safe

Hjax: ?

Snef: because you won't keep node that you created 10 turn before

Astrobytes: rollout from your created nodes

Hjax: i dont follow

Astrobytes: rollout from created child node, propagate result

Astrobytes: No need to create nodes for the rollout

Astrobytes: It's just moves

Hjax: yes

struct: dont do it like me

Snef: he was just talking about reusing tree i think astro

Astrobytes: Ah ok

Hjax: yeah tree reuse, how do i know what nodes to keep?

Hjax: assuming i search too fast and run out of memory

Snef: if you are close to your max

Snef: just reset the tree

Hjax: and play a terrible move while you rebuild it?

Snef: not terrible

struct: That is the easier way

struct: But there are better ways

Snef: and you 'd only reset it one time in one game

Hjax: i wrote a bitboard representation for uttt a while ago

Snef: i don't reset for uttt Hjax

Hjax: but i couldnt work out how to structure the search in C++

darkhorse64: first reset your tree index

tomatoes: i had [idx % pool_size] in more earlier version of uttt

Snef: i'd need 80k+ rollout to need reset

Hjax: how many nodes do you allocate?

darkhorse64: before resetting the tree itself

Snef: 10M

darkhorse64: 20 M

Snef: darkhorse64 cheater :(

struct: 15 M

Astrobytes: I don't do UTTT yet but in Oware I have 10M

darkhorse64: I could do more

jacek: 2.72M

Hjax: interesting

Hjax: the tree generation stuff was the part of mcts i got stuck on the last time i tried

Hjax: i understand the theory, and could write a very slow version in java or python

Snef: it's not hard to do a fast mcts, the problem is doing a fast play() and move generator for the game i guess

Hjax: i already have move gen + play written for uttt

Snef: in c++ ?

Hjax: yes

Hjax: i just couldnt figure out the mcts part

Snef: i can share part of my code if you want

Hjax: nah you dont have to do that

tomatoes: uttt dont need to gen all moves in rollouts

Snef: well i don't care ^^

Hjax: why not tomatoes?

tomatoes: its slow

Snef: you just to know how much you have to take one random, that's what you mean ?

Snef: +need

Hjax: im not sure how i would know how many legal moves there are without generating them

tomatoes: yes, or 2 if freemove

Snef: Hjax i keep the number and decrease it after every move

Snef: but there is other solution

Snef: are*

Hjax: so you just say, theres 5 legal moves, i shall play the 2nd, make the second 0 bit in the miniboard a 1, deincrement down to 4 legal moves

tomatoes: precompute allowed

Snef: Hjax yes

Snef: but i do that for the global board

Snef: if i play in one miniboard only

Snef: i just bount bit

Snef: count*

Snef: empty = ~board & 512

Hjax: popcount is magic

Snef: popcount(empty)

Snef: and i use builtin ctz to get index of the bit, but i know this isn't the fastest way

Hjax: idk maybe my next attempt at mcts will succeed

Hjax: i could definitely write it in python, it would just be slow as dirt

Hjax: java wouldnt be much faster

Astrobytes: Do it and convert. teccles did his in python first, then converted to C++

Hjax: dont compare a mere mortal like me to teccles :P

Astrobytes: :D

Astrobytes: Point still stands tho'

Astrobytes: You can do it

Astrobytes: dbdr: sometimes it's all about the small victories :P

tomatoes: wlesavo said he learned cpp for his uttt bot in 3-4 days

dbdr: gg Astrobytes :)

Astrobytes: Sheer luck

jacek: good, pull him down

Snef: jacek mcts ?

jacek: good old a/b

Snef: dbdr too ?

dbdr: ab

Snef: tomatoes is the highest mcts ?

Astrobytes: afaik

jacek: MSmits but he didnt upload it yet

Snef: he hasn't started yet

Astrobytes: :grimacing:

Astrobytes: He looked at it today.

Snef: he told me he was gonna beat those nn in oware before :p

Astrobytes: He was at one point.

Snef: past doesn't matter..

Astrobytes: He was above one of them before Agad e resubmitted his fixed NN last week

Snef: i'm pretty sure he will beat them soon :p

jacek: oh, trics using book

Astrobytes: opening or endgame?

jacek: opening

Snef: 4 ply

jacek: or at least his bot says so

Astrobytes: Just seen it

Astrobytes: Might be a troll :D

jacek: 16 plies against me

struct: lol

struct: rip

jacek: average 8-9 plies hello

AntiSquid: hi

AntiSquid: nvm bit late reply :p

Default avatar.png StarTigerCrafts: Hi

Default avatar.png KyleDOG: Bro

Default avatar.png BlackMystery_5bba: im gay

Default avatar.png KyleDOG: Whatsup

Default avatar.png KyleDOG: I am gay to😊😊

Default avatar.png StarTigerCrafts: Dabudidubdidabudah

Default avatar.png KyleDOG: jk

Default avatar.png KyleDOG: jk

Default avatar.png KyleDOG: jk

Default avatar.png BlackMystery_5bba: hahha funny -_-

Default avatar.png KyleDOG:


Default avatar.png BlackMystery_5bba: hi, Kyle :)

Default avatar.png KyleDOG: what my name is joe

not_bad: my name is not badd

not_bad: do you know matu

Default avatar.png KyleDOG: matu fatu

Default avatar.png StarTigerCrafts: :upside_down:

not_bad: nah matu ballz in your mouth

Default avatar.png KyleDOG: my Dogs Name is Kyle Thats why i Am KyleDog 8====D

not_bad: :joy:

Default avatar.png BlackMystery_5bba:

Default avatar.png KyleDOG: bye

Default avatar.png Liston: Herro


not_bad: mines bigger boii

Default avatar.png BlackMystery_5bba:

Default avatar.png prod24: whats up boys

Default avatar.png AwardWinningDemon_c1db: who are you?

not_bad: ur sugar daddy


ardozl: hi guyss

ardozl: any khontkar fans ?

ardozl: sürtüğe bakkk!!!

burakgecer: heyy dude im biggest fan of khontkar

ardozl: istiyo ben

ardozl: really???

burakgecer: yes yes

ardozl: OMG -_-

burakgecer: skkrt


ardozl: 100

ardozl: redkeysss

burakgecer: gelemem

burakgecer: gelemem

ardozl: aye

ardozl: fvck şehinşahh

Default avatar.png KingHuey: time to practice!

Default avatar.png KingHuey: Got to get good

Default avatar.png DragonJ: get good = spyder and having a brain