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Default avatar.png imbadpython: i feel like clash of code problems quality are dropping

Default avatar.png imbadpython: so many are like tedious

PurCHES5: yep too easy

PurCHES5: It was way harder back in the day

Default avatar.png imbadpython: yes

Default avatar.png TheSpiffiest: Does anyone do these in Rust?

Default avatar.png imbadpython: @mafiron wtf ;-;

Default avatar.png imbadpython: i think a lot do in ruby (especially for shortest/code golf)

Default avatar.png imbadpython: rust idk

TheSpiffiest: As frustrating as that damn compiler is I think I might do it to get faster

TheSpiffiest: I just started. The first few I got 0% because I didn't really get where all the buttons and tests were

Default avatar.png imbadpython: nice

TheSpiffiest: Have any of you gotten jobs from here?

Default avatar.png vuhoanganh: :v

Default avatar.png vuhoanganh: ez game ?

Default avatar.png vuhoanganh: where are u from ?

Zerplin: anyone done the Dice probability calculator puzzle?

Default avatar.png vuhoanganh: ML ?

Zerplin: how did you get started on parsing the arithmetic expression

Default avatar.png imbadpython: what do you mean

Default avatar.png imbadpython: use a stack

Zerplin: did you do the Dice probability calculator

Zerplin: puzzle?

Default avatar.png imbadpython: yes

Default avatar.png imbadpython: well no but ik how to do

Default avatar.png imbadpython: let me do real quick

Default avatar.png imbadpython: have you learned stack before?

Default avatar.png imbadpython: if not just look it up

Default avatar.png imbadpython: or this

Default avatar.png imbadpython:

Zerplin: i know about stack

Default avatar.png imbadpython: ye so you first parse it into reverse polish notation

Default avatar.png imbadpython: with a queue and stack

Default avatar.png imbadpython: then use a stack to evaluate

Default avatar.png imbadpython: and just loop through all d4

Default avatar.png imbadpython: that's how i do it might be overcomplicating it xD

Default avatar.png imbadpython: if you using python this can help you

Default avatar.png imbadpython: s = input() for t in '+-*>':

   s = s.replace(t, ' ' + t + ' ')

s = s.split()

Zerplin: using c# atm

Default avatar.png imbadpython: oh then just ye do sth similar

Default avatar.png imbadpython: there are other ways

Zerplin: yeah, was maybe thinking some recurssion

Default avatar.png imbadpython: in python i can probably use eval but ill do it proper way

Default avatar.png imbadpython: ill send you code

Default avatar.png imbadpython: one sec

Zerplin: it's tempting to use js or python, but i'm doing the puzzle to get better at c#

MinhNhut: :joy:

Default avatar.png imbadpython: im struggling ;-;

Default avatar.png imbadpython: maybe i should just use eval >:(

Default avatar.png imbadpython: why the fuck are there brackets

Default avatar.png imbadpython: ye ok good luck man

Default avatar.png imbadpython: <3

Zerplin: brackets?

Zerplin: do you mean parantheses?

Default avatar.png imbadpython: ye

TheSpiffiest: Ah, learning

TheSpiffiest: Didn't realize python title was the same as capitalize

Default avatar.png imbadpython: title capitalizes each letter after space as well

Default avatar.png imbadpython: capitalize only does it for the start

Default avatar.png imbadpython: so "abc def".capitalize is "Abc def"

Default avatar.png imbadpython: but "abc def".title is "Abc Def"

Default avatar.png imbadpython: I think

Default avatar.png imbadpython: pretty sure

anid: Yes

Default avatar.png imbadpython: cool

TheSpiffiest: I could have done the whole snake cake to camel case in one liner now

TheSpiffiest: s[0]+s.replace("_"," ").title().replace(" ","")[1:]

TheSpiffiest: I did a for loop for each word

Default avatar.png imbadpython: what's the quesiton

Default avatar.png imbadpython: just give an example i think i can guess it

TheSpiffiest: convert snake_case to camelCase

Default avatar.png imbadpython: xd

Default avatar.png imbadpython: oo

Default avatar.png imbadpython: ye yours is good

TheSpiffiest: some_long_variables_ to to someLongVariables

Default avatar.png imbadpython: debugging is gay

Default avatar.png imbadpython: you too

tomatoes: no need for splitting by space

tomatoes: "some_long_variables".title() = "Some_Long_Variables"

TheSpiffiest: Even better

TheSpiffiest: s[0]+s.title().replace("_","")[1:]

Default avatar.png imbadpython: holy shit im done

Default avatar.png imbadpython: dice probability calculator :D

Default avatar.png imbadpython: lmao

Default avatar.png imbadpython: took long enough

Default avatar.png imbadpython: code review anyone

Default avatar.png imbadpython: i am the second person to implement the evaluation function instead of using eval in python lmao

Default avatar.png imbadpython: kinda waste of time

Default avatar.png badAtCoding: imbadpython youre skilled

Default avatar.png imbadpython: hmm

Default avatar.png imbadpython: i guess you too then

Default avatar.png badAtCoding: nope

Default avatar.png badAtCoding: how long youve been doing py?

RAPHI: Is it just my internet or is Coc validaton really slow today ?

Default avatar.png Alexle: i need helpy help with this tic-tac-toe thing

Default avatar.png gloomix: Hey guys. I'm doing the ANEO sponsored puzzle and quite frankly I think their test cases are wrong.

Default avatar.png gloomix: anybody else had that feeling?

Default avatar.png imbadpython: its correct

Default avatar.png tanmaycodernovice: RAPHI well done.. just 7 escond gap

Default avatar.png Alexle: need help with the ASCII art one in the easy section

Default avatar.png tanmaycodernovice: same

Default avatar.png tanmaycodernovice: me too

Default avatar.png Alexle: the hint doesn't help too

Default avatar.png tanmaycodernovice: exactly

Default avatar.png tanmaycodernovice: how is scoring based in this

Default avatar.png tanmaycodernovice: coc

Default avatar.png DJZombieMysteryInSpace_6e20: Hello! :)

Default avatar.png Tim_McSim: Such a lovely place this is!

jacek: where

Tim_McSim: This website.

jacek: really :o

Default avatar.png tanmaycodernovice: 2 47 Output 2 3 5 7 11 13 17 19 23 29 31 37 41 43 47

Default avatar.png tanmaycodernovice: can someone code this

Default avatar.png HaBao: hi

jacek: prime numbers?

Default avatar.png tanmaycodernovice: print the prime numbers between these 2 number

Default avatar.png tanmaycodernovice: yes

Default avatar.png tanmaycodernovice: i'm using print(num,end=' ') which is orpinting a space at the end

Default avatar.png tanmaycodernovice: as a result unable to pass test cases

Tim_McSim: I'm pretty new in programming, but having so much fun solving the puzzles.

jacek: so add those numbers to the temporary string and print(string.strip())

Default avatar.png tanmaycodernovice: now its over actually

Default avatar.png tanmaycodernovice: but thanks

jacek: oO

AntiSquid: maybe do it yourself next time tanmaycodernovice, so ungrateful

Default avatar.png TheRustyKnight_8e5b: hi

Default avatar.png xalpha7: hi

Default avatar.png TheRustyKnight_8e5b: hello

Default avatar.png TheRustyKnight_8e5b: hi

Default avatar.png xalpha7: are you new?

Default avatar.png TheRustyKnight_8e5b: yes

Default avatar.png TheRustyKnight_8e5b: who are you

Default avatar.png xalpha7: me too

Default avatar.png xalpha7: just an user

Default avatar.png TheRustyKnight_8e5b: where are you from

Default avatar.png TheRustyKnight_8e5b: im korea

Default avatar.png xalpha7: form soul?

Default avatar.png TheRustyKnight_8e5b: no pohang

Default avatar.png xalpha7: okay in got it

Default avatar.png xalpha7: i m form india btw

Default avatar.png TheRustyKnight_8e5b: wow india

Default avatar.png TheRustyKnight_8e5b: india's math is good

Default avatar.png xalpha7: yup bruh

Default avatar.png TheRustyKnight_8e5b: good luck bye

Default avatar.png xalpha7: okay

Default avatar.png xalpha7: gd luck too

Default avatar.png xalpha7: bye

Uljahn: Automaton2000: who are you?

Automaton2000: was just curious if anyone has any idea what the problem is that my code is

-Gamma-: Automaton2000, where are you?

Automaton2000: i didn't use it in the right direction?

-Gamma-: you didnt

Default avatar.png NgonTran: hello everyone

jacek: ohai

MSmits: hey guys, I have a question about oware

MSmits: if you are playing your last turn

MSmits: does it matter that the opponent can't do a move after that?

MSmits: can you play moves that leave the opponent with no move of his own

MSmits: also when there is no such moves, does he lose all his seeds even though the game has ended?

MSmits: by last turn i mean turn 200 of course

jacek: you dont read statements? :V

MSmits: does it say this?

darkhorse64: You cannot play a move that starves your opponent. If your opponent is strarved you must play a move that feeds him. The opponent loses all remaining seeds to not his own

MSmits: yes

MSmits: but what if there is no next turn

MSmits: i am talking about the last turn of the game

jacek: i think the seeds are not capturd in last turn

MSmits: yes, but you dont know for sure

MSmits: how do we know for sure

jacek: replay

MSmits: doesnt tell me anything

darkhorse64: I understand your question. Does these rules aplly on the very last turn. Honestly, I do not know. And I do not know whether the referee enforces these rules on the very last turn

jacek: in the replay, 200 turn occurs and the final score without seeds in houses is final

MSmits: yes but you did not try to play a move that leaves the opponent no move

MSmits: also you did not capture all his seeds because he had no move on turn 201

MSmits: so you didnt test it

jacek: oh hmm

MSmits: this is really an implementation detail for which we need to see the referee

darkhorse64: ^

Astrobytes: The referee is linked in the forum thread

MSmits: cool

MSmits: will go look at it

jacek: oware is so last week. do othello

Astrobytes: lol

MSmits: i will eventually :)

Astrobytes: afk for a bit, catch you guys later


MSmits: I think this says that you cant play actions that leave the opponent without a move, even if it is the last move you make because of turn limit

MSmits: so that answers my first question


MSmits: this says that the last turn you still get to capture all his seeds

MSmits: even if he doesnt need to move after that

MSmits: so there is no exception needed for the last turn

dbdr: MSmits: to know for sure, read the referee source :)

dbdr: sorry, you are :)

MSmits: yeah, i didnt at first know there was a shared referee

MSmits: because its not in the statement

MSmits: which is a bit weird

jacek: they wanted to hide boss

jacek: ?

MSmits: no idea

jacek: and yet im 2nd :F

darkhorse64: resubmit

MSmits: this is othello?

darkhorse64: Yep

MSmits: cool

jacek: eeyup

jacek: no mcts

MSmits: why not

MSmits: you said no mcts on Onitama :P

jacek: im too dump to reliably incorporate eval to mcts

MSmits: maybe you dont need eval

jacek: i think it worked in oware by accident

jacek: given how fixed are my replays with agade

MSmits: oware is extremely RPS

MSmits: but eval surely works

MSmits: mcts with eval that is

eulerscheZahl: give up and play another gmae

eulerscheZahl: game

MSmits: yavalath?

Default avatar.png imbadpython: what you guys talking about

jacek: yinsh

struct: hello

MostComplicatedUsername: jrke what's episode 2 of lost child???? He gets even more lost?????

MSmits: maybe he gets lost in a different way?

MSmits: first he is just lost

MSmits: the second time people "lose" him

MostComplicatedUsername: lol

jacek: lost The Game

Astrobytes: The Game?

Astrobytes: hey jacek, how the hell are you not 1st yet

jacek: i can win with tric but i started to lose with losers

jacek: like some cat

jacek: but not to worry, i pulled him down a little bit

Astrobytes: Hey it's only like 1 game per submit :P You timed out against Eric too

jacek: time out?

jacek: oh yeah

jacek: hmm

jacek: im using 145ms

jacek: i wish it said if this is some error or really timeout

Astrobytes: Server maybe

Astrobytes: Yeah it's super annoying

Astrobytes: Does it affect your bot much if you reduce to 140?

jacek: dunno

Astrobytes: cause most of the spikes due to the server are less than 10ms usually

struct: Is this spike issue recent?

Astrobytes: No, it's pretty constant. I remember it was really bad for a while, when we were getting huge spikes in CSB

struct: Its strange

struct: I use all the time allowed in uttt and stc

struct: and no timeouts

Astrobytes: Just a few ms here and there

eulerscheZahl: hi struct. you reported a bug at uploading a contribution. did it get fixed?

struct: I think so

eulerscheZahl: "Please wait, we are building your project..."

struct: It worked past a few hours

struct: I guess its random :(

struct: report it again I guess

eulerscheZahl: meh

Default avatar.png zizo1337: It seems in C# Function Append of Stack<T> does not do anything.

Default avatar.png zizo1337: Tried that locally too.

jacek: append on stack? not push?

Default avatar.png zizo1337: Push works.

Astrobytes: ...

jacek: ???

jacek: i left to 140ms

Default avatar.png imbadpython: what you guys talking about

Default avatar.png imbadpython: also can someone look at my contribution? (clash of code challenge) i don't understand why it's downvoted so much

Default avatar.png imbadpython: and no one has given constructive feedback at all yet

Astrobytes: Good score jacek, still losing to tric a fair bit though

jacek: still im too afraid i may cause him to rage quit

Default avatar.png imbadpython: what competition you guys talking about

Astrobytes: :D

Astrobytes: Othello imbadpython

jacek: the game, not the puzzle

Astrobytes: Multiplayer not a contest

struct: Does he still find win before you jacek?

Default avatar.png imbadpython: is the game about execution speed

Default avatar.png imbadpython: sounds hard


MSmits: why would you cause tric trac to rage quit jacek?

MSmits: he seems emotionally stable ?

Default avatar.png imbadpython: is AlkhilJohn a bot

Astrobytes: Yes.

Default avatar.png imbadpython: oh

Astrobytes: imbadpython, read this. It explains why there are bots in clashes:

Default avatar.png imbadpython: ahhh

Default avatar.png imbadpython: that's pretty cool

Default avatar.png imbadpython: "I understand it can be frustrating to play against people who manage to complete a Clash in less than 20 seconds, but there is most likely no cheating involved." shit that sounds exactly like me

Default avatar.png imbadpython: also the captcha is kinda bad

Default avatar.png imbadpython: isn'tt here like captcha v3

Default avatar.png imbadpython: like auto captcha

Astrobytes: imbadpython The captcha is there to prevent people writing bots to auto-submit solutions

Default avatar.png imbadpython: ye but doesn't google have captcha v3

Default avatar.png imbadpython: you don't need to click images anymore

Default avatar.png imbadpython: its like it looks at your cursor movement or sth

Default avatar.png imbadpython: cuz the images i swear captcha takes more time than the actual CoC round

Astrobytes: It is what it is.

Default avatar.png imbadpython: like i mean they can just update it

Default avatar.png imbadpython: but ok

jacek: MSmits of course, this is only explanation why im losing to him... *ekhm* why i still allow him to win with me

jacek: struct i think we find the win/lose at the same time

jrke: im trying to add sim in PCR can any body make me explain its physics

eulerscheZahl: sure: how do physics work? explain it to me!

jacek: if we only had physics teacher in the chat :thinking:

jrke: i mean what is movement etc

eulerscheZahl: or jacek in the box

eulerscheZahl: "can any body make me explain" the stage is yours, start explaining

jrke: i mean what is movement *speed* etc

eulerscheZahl: seems i can't make him explain :(

jrke: :slight_smile:

jacek: D:

TheSpiffiest: Speed is distance per unit of time

jacek: finally! :tada:

jrke: no the speed used in PCR

jrke: i know Speed=distance/time

jacek: uh oh tric responds

Astrobytes: gg anyway jacek

TheSpiffiest: For which meaning of PCR?

TheSpiffiest: I'm thinking polymerase chain reaction in genetics


Astrobytes: tric's submit is not looking good for you jacek

dbdr: trictrac did you have something ready, waiting for jacek to take #1?

trictrac: yes

jacek: :scream:

Astrobytes: Pretty sure that's a yes

Astrobytes: ah lol

dbdr: :smirk:

jacek: you fool! this isnt my final form!

Astrobytes: :D

Astrobytes: Very strong bots, both of you

Astrobytes: nice work

JoachimNapias1: Hi, in the section "Learn" when i click on a "run" it put waiting indefinitely

jacek: puzzle?

JoachimNapias1: it is just on my computer?

jacek: try to refresh page

Astrobytes: Learn takes you to

Astrobytes: well, the content

Astrobytes: JoachimNapias1 try going to and running it there

JoachimNapias1: i try but same effect :/

Astrobytes: Do any of them work? (try another playground other than the one you're trying now)

Astrobytes: Title defended successfully jacek, gg

jacek: good, im not gonna rage quit

Astrobytes: lol

jacek: maybe if i learned how to play othello, it would be better :thinking:

trictrac: I have an other parameter to try I will resubmit

Astrobytes: :)

TheSpiffiest: Interesting. I'm still doing pod racing... I don't know PCR yet, but I'll figure that out this week. :)

TheSpiffiest: I'm going to have to implement bezier curves to win the races I think

Snef: what league are you ?

TheSpiffiest: bronze right now, but just started this morning

TheSpiffiest: just tweaking paramters

jacek: :s

struct: dark horse64 just sent me the boss, I will add it soon

Astrobytes: better improve now jacek

dbdr: was that the boss that was better than his main bot?

Astrobytes: That's a *very* strong submit by trictrac

dbdr: after removing features?

Astrobytes: nice struct

struct: I dont know dbd r

Astrobytes: Looking good dbdr!

darkhorse64: To make a long story short, there is something fishy with my solver. When I remove it, it make my bot stronger.

darkhorse64: *makes*

dbdr: thanks Astrobytes!

Astrobytes: That's not really what a solver is supposed to do darkhorse64 :P

dbdr: debugging time darkhorse64

b1l4l: {

struct: "Please wait, we are building your project..." :(

struct: Still happens

Astrobytes: Have you been saving this bot for the right moment dbdr? :D

darkhorse64: I spent the afternoon on it without success. That's the main issue with MCTS: it's very hard to debug when it goes wrong

dbdr: yes, learning from trictrac ;)

trictrac: dbdr your bot seems to work good !!

jacek: :F

Astrobytes: gg man, well played

dbdr: also, I have a huge bug in my eval

Astrobytes: God help us all

dbdr: I *had*

Astrobytes: Ah

dbdr: unfortunately :D

jacek: mcts?

dbdr: minimax

struct: I guess the boss submit wont happen today

struct: Since cg is stuck again

dbdr: struct: eulerscheZahl was saying this happens

struct: yeah

struct: same happened last week

dbdr: just need to retry

struct: nah

struct: " Oups An error occurred (#INVALID_PARAMETERS): "Invalid parameters"."

Astrobytes: Time to delete

struct: O.o

jacek: restart account

Astrobytes: :D

struct: Ok now its tottaly broken

Astrobytes: invalid parameters are "invalid parameters", interesting

darkhorse64: You break CG ?

Astrobytes: Hey it's pretty good at doing that by itself

struct: Do you also want the wood 2 boss to be the default AI?

struct: or it doesn't matter?

Astrobytes: That's a good idea I think

jacek: i feel so noob :c

dbdr: is that an insult jacek? ;)

Reksio: :)

dbdr: (towards me I mean)

jacek: how can i lose to such lowlings!?

Astrobytes: lol rekt

dbdr: :innocent:

jacek: phew

dbdr: gonna be close

Astrobytes: lol, it heard you

dbdr: or not

Astrobytes: Very strong submit regardless, gg

dbdr: I lost to "lowlings" ;)

dbdr: yes, happy to have made it work finally

struct: Boss will be a quite strong too

Astrobytes: Yeah, I meant to ask, is this boss gonna destroy everyone except #1

jacek: i dont remember submiting boss, so no

dbdr: add solver to the boss to weaken it ;)

Astrobytes: hahaha

struct: Will top 8 be too strong?

struct: for first league?

struct: I dont want to add multiple

jacek: imo boss should be just better than random moves

Astrobytes: You were going for around 30pts cutoff no?

dbdr: I like strong bosses

Astrobytes: ^

struct: Maybe top 10?

Astrobytes: Sense of achievement

dbdr: nice challenge, even if you don't compete for the top 3

dbdr: not many people have really worked on it yet

dbdr: level will improve

struct: I guess you are right

struct: I will leave it as it is

struct: I don't have any game ready yet after this

struct: I have prototype of Amazons

struct: But I'm currently working on other stuff

jacek: i submitted good bot and suddenly there are bunch better

Astrobytes: All good struct, take your time and prioritise what you have to!

Astrobytes: jacek - they were waiting in the shadows for you

struct: Just wait until Msmits submit

struct: :smiling_imp:

Astrobytes: At least you have a few weeks before that

struct: Is he a fan of minimax though?

struct: mcts doesnt seem to be doing so well here

Default avatar.png simpledark: yo guys

jacek: mcts isnt thing for othell until MSmits will come

TheSpiffiest: silver league yeah! :)

TheSpiffiest: What does

Promotion to Gold League in :

01H 19MN 07S mean?

TheSpiffiest: Do I have to do anything or is it going to put me in gold in an hour?

darkhorse64: Just wait

darkhorse64: pcr ,

darkhorse64: ?

Astrobytes: CSB

Astrobytes: Someone found -3vel

Astrobytes: :P

darkhorse64: Yet another 1000 promotions ?

struct: TheSpiffiest you have to wait 1 hour

Astrobytes: Server death incoming

TheSpiffiest: Thanks. I'll play some other games I guess. I like this site.

NASADeveloper102: I finally submitted my bot for Ghost in the Cell.

Astrobytes: gg TheSpiffiest

Astrobytes: nice NASADeveloper102

Astrobytes: How is it?

NASADeveloper102: It's....

NASADeveloper102: Buggy, but I'll fix it later.

Astrobytes: Well, Rome wasn't built in a day and all that

NASADeveloper102: I guess.

TheSpiffiest: NASADeveloper102 - are you actually working for NASA? Any interesting projects? :)

NASADeveloper102: No, I aspire to work there though.

struct: Must solve mars lander

dbdr: struct: why is the puzzle name othello-1?

Astrobytes: Yeah, get on the Mars Lander series

TheSpiffiest: Same here. :)

NASADeveloper102: What is the Mars Lander series?

struct: dbdr because there is already a puzzle named othello :(


dbdr: oh. no big deal!

TheSpiffiest: Interviewing for Astrobotic soon I hope! 🤞

Astrobytes: In puzzles section NASADeveloper102, there's Episode 1 2 and 3. Increasing difficulty. Also theres an optimization game based on it

jacek: its a big deal, its a direct ripoff of that puzzle!

jacek: they even have the same background

NASADeveloper102: I see.

NASADeveloper102: But you never actually explained what it is.

Astrobytes: It's what it says. Land the lander on 'Mars' ;)

NASADeveloper102: I see.

TheSpiffiest: Ha! It's the old lunar lander game from like 1980

Astrobytes: First one is ridiculously easy, after that they get more fun

NASADeveloper102: Okay. I'll check it out.

TheSpiffiest: I have a friend at NASA, he's helping me train for a contractor position. I guess they use low level C for everything, which kinda sucks.

Astrobytes: Well, there's a lot of assembly used, alongside FORTRAN, as well as C

jacek: you know what doesnt suck...

Astrobytes: Vacuum cleaner made in...

TheSpiffiest: his specific project is converting OpenCV libraries to radhard stuff for computer vision based docking

Astrobytes: Nice

jacek: oh todays celestia day

Astrobytes: wtf is that

TheSpiffiest: like going backwards, no classes, no boost, just pointers and and includes

jacek: longest day in year

Astrobytes: Summer solstice

jacek: eeyup

TheSpiffiest: aw poop I'm supposed to run today

Astrobytes: You and your MLP jacek

jacek: i dont use multilayer perceptrons

Astrobytes: ...

reCurse: The only sane use of this acronym

Astrobytes: Hey, he's the brony, don't look at me

derjack: who

Astrobytes: lol ffs man

Astrobytes: Hmm dbdr and tomatoes submitting at the same time, it's a Rust conspiracy I tell thee

dbdr: :sunglasses:

tomatoes: it's sure is

Astrobytes: :D

Astrobytes: nice improvement anyway tomatoes

jacek: :E

Astrobytes: dbdr is destroying you jacek. Fix it

jacek: because i let him

Astrobytes: Right, rage quit and all that

Default avatar.png JBM: how is ur csb

jacek: meh my eval still isnt perfect

jacek: 0.7+ for win, then next move and proven loss

Astrobytes: What are you eval'ing

jacek: the board :v

Astrobytes: I mean like there's a whole bunch of stuff

Astrobytes: That you can use

jacek: confguration and tanh it as winning probability

jacek: well discs and ther positions

Astrobytes: available moves, stability..?

jacek: N-tuple network learned via temporal difference

Astrobytes: hah really?

jacek: it works wonders for i.e. 2048

jacek: im too dumb to make fast stability disc check or frontiers

jacek: i showed you my eval the other day didnt i

Astrobytes: frontiers isn't hard

jacek: oh my dbdr

dbdr: I think it's mosty luck

dbdr: mostly

Astrobytes: fkin hell man lol

eulerscheZahl: luck of others to not get completely crushed

jacek: someone isnt giving up

Astrobytes: tric never gives up :D

jacek: its breakthrough all over again

struct: oh well

struct: too bad I cant submit the boss :(

struct: Did you manage to upload euler?

Astrobytes: Failing, failing so hard! :D

jacek: wow you knew its loss so soon

Astrobytes: ha ha

darkhorse64: Looks like dbdr seriously pissed off trictrac.

Astrobytes: Seriously.

Astrobytes: That's insane.

dbdr: if opponent == "dbdr" {



darkhorse64: Improvement: beMerciless()

Astrobytes: More like, if (opponent) wreck();

dbdr: lol

Astrobytes: trictrac :clap:

trictrac: thanks

trictrac: I introduce TT and reduce pruning

Astrobytes: You did all that before without TT?!

trictrac: yes

Astrobytes: Just eval and a/b?

Astrobytes: (obviously eval)

trictrac: and ordering heuristic

Astrobytes: Impressive man, very impressive

Snef: what is TT ?

Astrobytes: Transposition table Snef

trictrac: Transpostion Table : mémorisation of alphabet result

trictrac: alphabeta

trictrac: based on key of the board

Astrobytes: hashtable with attitude

struct: transposition tables

PatrickMcGinnisII: NASADeveloper102 I tried to work there and for all the subcontractors back in '92, there was a hiring freeze and people with degrees were forced to work in very menial jobs ... it ruined my life's dreams. Wish u luck, but don't get your heart broken.

Astrobytes: Only an hour late there Paddy ;)

PatrickMcGinnisII: yea i saw that, but says they still in chat

PatrickMcGinnisII: Astrobytes that replay hurts, too much white

Astrobytes: lol, I got "rekt"

PatrickMcGinnisII: fixin to do my first submit

LelouchVC2: and i got erectile disfunction

Astrobytes: *dysfunction. Corrected just for you LelouchVC2, as I know you love it

LelouchVC2: my bad, erectile defunktable

Astrobytes: I still reckon you should switch to C or something PatrickMcGinnisII

Astrobytes: I know you love your PHP and all but... realise the potential.

LelouchVC2: C++ > C

PatrickMcGinnisII: I can't do much with MCTS in php, but I can score the board after a few depths

Astrobytes: Yeah, nobody's gonna bite Lelouch

LelouchVC2: That's not even a troll comment

LelouchVC2: just facts

Astrobytes: Whereas in C, you definitely could. So... not hard to port your code PatrickMcGinnisII ;)

PatrickMcGinnisII: don't make me pull out the asm

LelouchVC2: As soon as I got use to assembly they made us code in MIPS

Astrobytes: You got C and C++, with AVX and all sorts, it's all good

PatrickMcGinnisII: Happy fathers day to all the bot daddys!!! You mfers... sry. ;)

LelouchVC2: Thanks dad

Astrobytes: Thanks son

LelouchVC2: A function with factorials and shit took me 139 characters in c++

LelouchVC2: AFTER removing like all the spaces and formatting

LelouchVC2: And it took this bitch 51 in Ruby:

LelouchVC2: x=gets.to_i;puts (x-gets.to_i+1).upto(x).inject(:*)

LelouchVC2: That was his whole code

Andrelamus: and that is why shortest sucks

Astrobytes: Um, yeah. Well why would you choose C++ for clash shortest?

Astrobytes: I don't clash, but, y'know, doesn't take a genius

LelouchVC2: I win C++ with shortest a lot. But when it comes to math equations, these other languages have shortcuts

Astrobytes: Use the right tool for the job

LelouchVC2: Thats why I used a hammer to get my point accross

Astrobytes: Anyway, you can choose languages now in clashes so I see, private ones anyway

LelouchVC2: Bash my ideas into the skulls of my enemies

LelouchVC2: I thought I was talking to the other guy the whole time AstroBytes

Astrobytes: So no more complaints.

LelouchVC2: I've been bamboozled

struct: to bad that his ruby code is not even optimal

struct: can even be shorter

LelouchVC2: Ruby is gay

LelouchVC2: any language that has "(:*)" is gay

Astrobytes: Very mature criticism.

LelouchVC2: Thanks, it took years to refine

LelouchVC2: A black guy walks into a bar

LelouchVC2: And nothing happens because @Equality

Astrobytes: Anyway, I'm out, got an appointment with Saul Goodman and a cheese toastie

LelouchVC2: You've been seeing Saul alot

Astrobytes: gn

Snef: gn

LelouchVC2: Should i be jealous?

LelouchVC2: Damn, ignored

Bangatron: hey guys, sorry to interrupt, but I'm doing the CodeBusters challenge and I notice some people get their Busters to say stuff... Any idea how to do that?

PatrickMcGinnisII: How many C++ programmers does it take to change a light bulb?

LelouchVC2: 3, 1 to solve the problem, 1 to code it, and the other to hire someone to do it

struct: Bangatron I think you need to output followed by the message

struct: MOVE 213 123 message

Bangatron: orly? I'll check that out right away, thx! n.n

Bangatron: o wow yea that works! Thank you so much, struct!! 😊

struct: yw

PatrickMcGinnisII: hopefully none, they just reuse it. But in reality it takes all night to realize the class is protected

PatrickMcGinnisII: <insert exception throw() here>

PatrickMcGinnisII: only 30 othello users

PatrickMcGinnisII: the 5 people below me are lazy

PatrickMcGinnisII: ok back to the real world

PatrickMcGinnisII: glhf

PatrickMcGinnisII: 0 cp for 41/74 in search race, what is this world coming to

struct: Hmm

struct: you should get some

struct: after it updates

Snef: PatrickMcGinnisII you also seems to be lazy (for Othello)

mashmallow: ize(); i++)

Reksio: are c# puzzles compiled with unsafe flag? I think it supposed to be on..

Reksio: Does anyone know anything about it it being off?

Reksio: actually even if I don't use Unsafe code Span<T> is not visible to the compiler. Aren't puzzles running on .net core 2.1+ ?

struct: net 4.7 according to faq

struct: and yes it uses -unsafe

struct: C# 7.0 (Mono 6.4.0, .NET 4.7) Compiled with ‑unsafe

Reksio: well, it is not. At least not for old puzzles

Reksio: otherwise it would understand Span<T> I suppose

Reksio: My specific puzzle is Chuck Norris

Reksio: for reference

struct: Well printing version returns 4.0.30319.42000

struct: So I don't know :(

Reksio: It's probably running on lambda or something of sort and they didn't change env for old ones. Probably new puzzles run on new .net.

Mysterrion: Join guys

c0cainee: no

Mysterrion: K

Reksio: Is there a preferred list of puzzles which should be done on each difficulty before moving to higher difficulty?

Default avatar.png badAtCoding: c0cainee can you publish your solution?

Default avatar.png badAtCoding: nevermind.. thanks

LelouchVC2: cocaine can do anything

Default avatar.png badAtCoding: i can see that ):

c0cainee: I do share all my solutions when I get them right