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Default avatar.png _D_: Anyone get 100% on MIME Type c++?

tutubalin: Reksio it you solve puzzle in Practice or Codegolf section, it doesn't matter how much time you spent. You can start it today and finish next year - the time doesn't affect your score.

If you solve in Clash of Code Shortest mode, then there's a 15 minutes timelimit. For shortest mode time spent doesn't matter as long as it's less then 15 minutes.

Default avatar.png imbadpython: help

Default avatar.png imbadpython: how does clash of code help

Default avatar.png imbadpython: work

jacek: happy Caturday

Default avatar.png imbadpython: i feel like im good at fastest and reverse mode for coc

Default avatar.png imbadpython: but shortest is so hard for python

Default avatar.png imbadpython: or maybe im just bad

Default avatar.png imbadpython: why's the testing server so slow

Default avatar.png imbadpython: can we all say fuck shortest code

Default avatar.png HellcatArabella: no

Default avatar.png imbadpython: ok

jacek: lets have coitus with shortest code*

Default avatar.png SomJiam: what's lang shortest than ruby ?

Nought: puts ' '

Nought: (&:reverse)

Nought: ?

remi6: I love Shortest mode the most. I use Python too.

jacek: most puzzles are easy in shortest mode

Default avatar.png tanmaycodernovice: <built-in method sort of list object at 0x7fb103fa6280>

Default avatar.png tanmaycodernovice: what does this mean

Default avatar.png tanmaycodernovice: ?

jacek: python?

jacek: you probably printed x.sort instead of doing x.sort()

jacek: so you printed function definition

Default avatar.png tanmaycodernovice: ohh yaa

Default avatar.png tanmaycodernovice: there is a clash going on... have to find the common numbers between 2 inputs

gybson_samara: opponent_row, opponent_col = [int(i) for i in input().split()] - 2 seconds, any solution?

Default avatar.png tanmaycodernovice: i'm doing this by using sets and stroing it in list but then a null is also adding in the list

Default avatar.png tanmaycodernovice:

jacek: null? if s1 and s2 are strings there shouldnt be any nulls o.O

Astrobytes: Good morning, happy Caturday

Default avatar.png tanmaycodernovice: nvm i've solved that

jacek: :thumbsup:

Default avatar.png tanmaycodernovice: jacek check dm

jacek: darn, in othello i reached oware point. self-play stronger bot isnt really stronger in leaderboard

Astrobytes: Ah. Time to think outside the box

jacek: time to think in hex

Astrobytes: :D

remi6: tanmaycodernovice, was that Shortest mode?

Default avatar.png tanmaycodernovice: nope, reverse

remi6: I see. I tried to do it shortest. a=input() for x in set(sorted(input())):x in a and print(x,end=)

Default avatar.png tanmaycodernovice: but u need to have 2 input

Default avatar.png tanmaycodernovice:

remi6: The second input() is in for.

Default avatar.png tanmaycodernovice: my problem was i have to compare between 2 inputs and print the same number occuring

remi6: There are two sequences of numbers? I got it wrong then.

Default avatar.png tanmaycodernovice: yuppp

Default avatar.png tanmaycodernovice: 1 2 3 4 5 5 6 3 2 1

Default avatar.png tanmaycodernovice: it would be like this

remi6: I would do it like this: a = sorted(set([x for x in s1 if x in s2])) print(*a)

-Gamma-: if both s1 and s2 are sets

-Gamma-: just use sorted(s1&s2)

remi6: I'll remember this trick, thanks. Looks shorter.

-Gamma-: yup

jacek: what about space, what if numbers are 2 digits?

jacek: youd be crushed in QA

-Gamma-: hm.....

LelouchVC2: thats a risk we're willing to take

jacek: and release it on friday night

Default avatar.png imbadpython: shortest code is kinda annoying cuz python almost always loses to python and *ahm* bash

Astrobytes: git gud then.

SPDene: python loses to python? then you need to improve your golfing

Default avatar.png imbadpython: oh

Default avatar.png imbadpython: wait

Default avatar.png imbadpython: python loses to ruby

Default avatar.png imbadpython: my brain stopped

Default avatar.png imbadpython: ;-;

-Gamma-: lol

Astrobytes: Fix it.

remi6: That is what I got in the end: print(*sorted(map(int,set(input().split())&set(input().split()))))

-Gamma-: no need for int...

-Gamma-: oh sorry

-Gamma-: yeah int is needed

remi6: Yes, it is to sort properly.

-Gamma-: yeah ofc

Default avatar.png imbadpython: im solving the questions too quick i need to do captcha

Default avatar.png imbadpython: what a scam

Astrobytes: It's not a scam. It's to prevent bots/spam.

remi6: I had to deal with it too. You are probably better to take a break for a day.

remi6: Since it annoys.

Astrobytes: Solve puzzles or play multis instead for a while.

Default avatar.png imbadpython: i wanna get to top 50 :(

Default avatar.png imbadpython: sure

Default avatar.png imbadpython: lmao

SPDene: just spend that day writing code which can solve captchas :P :P

Default avatar.png imbadpython: avg its taking like 20s per ques lul

Default avatar.png imbadpython: bye i guess

Astrobytes: Take a break and learn some ruby or bash.

SPDene: 20s to click 3 crosswalks?

Astrobytes: People have no patience these days.

LelouchVC2: Patience is a virtue

LelouchVC2: That I do not possess

MSmits: Being lazy is a form of patience

remi6: These CAPTCHAs gets more difficult with each time you pass it. It probably thinks you are bruteforcing or something.

Astrobytes: To my detriment, I have the patience of a saint.

Astrobytes: Hey MSmits, how's things

-Gamma-: same

MSmits: good good

MSmits: finally scaling up my meta mcts operations :)

LelouchVC2: You guys still have jobs?

-Gamma-: but even after so much patience I'm unable to solve andy very hard level puzzles

Astrobytes: Oh nice, increasing threads or working on something else?

MSmits: I didn't know how to have a persistent database, so i was serializing everything to a text file

Astrobytes: LelouchVC2 Yeah, though business is a bit less these days. And I'm off on sick leave on the other.

LelouchVC2: I see :oo

MSmits: some of them were hundreds of mb, takes a lot of time to save and load to disk

Astrobytes: What are you using now?

MSmits: now I can go up to 4 TB

MSmits: well if my HD space could handle it that is

MSmits: Persistent Dictionary, a C# class

Astrobytes: Can you query it like a db?

MSmits: very nice thingy. It saves a dictonary on your HD and is about as fast as SQL and such, just limited in what you can use as keys and values

Astrobytes: With LINQ and such?

MSmits: i can sort of query it, if you can call a dictionary look up a query :)

jacek: you done multithreaded mcts?

MSmits: nah

MSmits: I dont want to use more than 1 core

Astrobytes: Hm. I'd probably just have used a database

Astrobytes: But pretty cool nonetheless

jacek: id probably make something myself and complaing why this sh*t isnt woking

MSmits: this is basically a database, it's the lightestweight db you can have I guess

Astrobytes: Wayyyy better than a txt file

MSmits: yeah

Astrobytes: I donno, I might have used sqlite or something. Less work this way I guess

MSmits: I just used it for yavalath for now

MSmits: yeah, sql lite was an option i found online

MSmits: but I dont have any experience with sql

Astrobytes: Oh you'd pick it up easy, it's like writing in English

MSmits: i know

MSmits: i did do sql injection

MSmits: for the security class

Astrobytes: lol oh yeah, forgot about that

MSmits: but i never used an actual db

MSmits: It has a lot higher setup overhead I think

MSmits: setting up the db

MSmits: It's basically this:

MSmits: static PersistentDictionary<Guid, Guid> nodes = new PersistentDictionary<Guid, Guid>("Yavalath Database");

MSmits: thats all the setup you need

MSmits: i use Guid because it's 128 bit

Astrobytes: Well, setting up DBs for simple things isn't hard at all, but that is most definitely faster ;)

MSmits: and you need to use a primitive value type as key

MSmits: i suppose the conversion functions count as setup too, then it;s a bit more work

Astrobytes: cool

Astrobytes: Well, it's done and it's working right? :)

MSmits: yeah seems too

MSmits: i can just click it away if i want to end and it will flush to the DB on quit

MSmits: no save/load

Astrobytes: That's handy

MSmits: Yeah, I'll still make a back up every week or so, because I am not sure what will happen on crash

jacek: some people mine cryptocurrency, others make yavalath books

MSmits: :)

Astrobytes: lol

MSmits: jacek, you still have two bots on yavalath?

MSmits: horsey is yours too right?

Astrobytes: That's a pony

MSmits: I guess one was minimax and the other mcts?

jacek: oh, forgot to turn off derjack there

MSmits: is derjack minimax?

jacek: one is mcts, the other is mcts + n-tuple experiment

MSmits: ahh ok

MSmits: my failed minimax got about as high as derjack

MSmits: I was convinced that minimax is best here at one point, but now I don;t know

MSmits: it's such a weird trappy game

karliso: Which player has advantage is yavalath?

MSmits: 2nd

MSmits: because of the switch

MSmits: steal I mean

MSmits: the first player chooses a hex

karliso: Do you think it solves as a loss to p1?

MSmits: Well there are 9 starting moves and I solved 2 of them as a loss for whoever plays second

MSmits: the other 7 probably arent solvable

MSmits: but if they were, then all counters to these moves must be losses

MSmits: wait no

MSmits: or wins

MSmits: because of steal

MSmits: to be a draw, at least one response to each move must solve as draw and the rest as loss

MSmits: so in short, I don't know :)

MSmits: there are more than one starting move that seems balanced

karliso: In the games you lose against derjack you make opening mistake?

MSmits: Yes

MSmits: Probably

MSmits: The early game of yavalath is a minefield of traps

MSmits: one wrong move = loss

Astrobytes: That's why minimax works better than vanilla mcts early on I guess

MSmits: yes, it does

MSmits: but you can put many minimax characteristics into a mcts

Astrobytes: Absolutely

MSmits: so that it deals with traps better

MSmits: i don't think NN's do very well here either, not just based on Robo's result, but because of the nature of the game

MSmits: it's hard to come up with a "overall good strategic move" when out of 55 moves or so, 53 are losses and the other 2 are some obscure trap that barely ever happens in other gamestates

MSmits: leading to wins

MSmits: it also completely screws up mcts statistics

Astrobytes: hence the need for the book

MSmits: yes, funnily, after 20 or so plies, the minefield is exhausted mostly

MSmits: traps become less deep and the smaller branching makes them easy to spot

MSmits: less deep because there is less room

MSmits: you can't set up some giant strategy using 14 hexes when a third of the board is occupied

MSmits: blocking many lines

MSmits: it's really hard to gauge bot strength in this game also because bots are very deterministic. If a bot has one deterministic flaw, it loses 100% if you can exploit it

MSmits: even if you do it without a book, you're still exploiting it without knowing

MSmits: so that's it for my daily text wall :P

karliso: Is your flaw agains derjack determinitic? :)

Astrobytes: lol, Smits Sermons

MSmits: karliso no, derjack actually makes a bad move sometimes and my bot doesnt expect it. It goes off book and plays more randomly. So it occasionally loses

MSmits: I have had issues with Robo's NN though

Astrobytes: When are you coming to wreck us in Othello then?

MSmits: he would end at rank 10, but still win 60% or so with me as opponent. Then I added 1 opening book move and he was back to 0% We would play the same game every time

MSmits: it's on my list Astrobytes

Astrobytes: :)

MSmits: might be a few eeks

MSmits: weeks

Default avatar.png haihiepnguyen: any one failure like me

Default avatar.png haihiepnguyen: standard output stream: "3 5 7" but it failure and found: ""3 5 7..."

Default avatar.png imbadpython: might have a space at the end

Default avatar.png imbadpython: what's your code

Default avatar.png haihiepnguyen:

Default avatar.png haihiepnguyen: this is my code in Ruby language

Default avatar.png imbadpython: hm

Default avatar.png imbadpython: idk then xd

Default avatar.png imbadpython: seems right

Default avatar.png haihiepnguyen: yeah it's long but i think it's right :D

Default avatar.png haihiepnguyen: i don't know why it found "..." at last

Default avatar.png imbadpython: that's not long

Default avatar.png imbadpython: lol

Gaurav.: is the result system for clash of code slow today or is it jus my wifi

Default avatar.png imbadpython: slow

Default avatar.png imbadpython: af

Default avatar.png imbadpython: i just submit and leave

Default avatar.png imbadpython: the test cases are pretty quick

Default avatar.png imbadpython: but the final result is

Default avatar.png imbadpython: idk

Gaurav.: yes same

Gaurav.: ahh this is annoying

Gaurav.: i came second in a coc just cuz it refused to submit

remi6: Same happened to me, but I guess my code was less efficient and slower than theirs.

Default avatar.png imbadpython: oh that's not a problem

Default avatar.png imbadpython: the final time is when you submit it

struct: Hello

remi6: Hello

tutubalin: haihiepnguyen probably you need to remove newline in the end

Default avatar.png DreamBox: Hi:grinning:

Default avatar.png imbadpython: hi

xStrqfeHardcore: hi

xStrqfeHardcore: someone teach my js

xStrqfeHardcore: hehhe



xStrqfeHardcore: lol

Default avatar.png banhmisg9509: :unamused:


freeman42x: streaming it at

Default avatar.png swiftpipe: hello

Ratchef: Hello, sometimes my I have errors that say "expected : "19Nothing"

Ratchef: or whatever value followed by "Nothing"

Ratchef: what does that mean?

Ratchef: Oh nevermind

SPDene: you have something extra on the end of your output, maybe a space or newline character

SPDene: @freeman42x please stop spamming invites. i don't know who you are


freeman42x: @SPDene there is no option to ignore you

Default avatar.png BinhLe1: helelo

Default avatar.png BinhLe1: anyone there

Ratchef: Yeah

AntiSquid: freeman42x create your own room of clash invite links

AntiSquid: #freeman42x_vip_lounge

AntiSquid: there

SPDene: @freeman42x STOP

Astrobytes: SPDene, only thing you can do is ask him to unfollow you unfortunately

Uljahn: or report him on his profile page :smirk:

SPDene: @freeman42x please unfollow me. I have no idea who you are, and your spam is annoying

Astrobytes: And definitely add your voice to the forum post re curse linked you

Astrobytes: Nothing worse than clash spam

MostComplicatedUsername: If only yinsh had a proper coordinate system...'

MostComplicatedUsername: sigh

Astrobytes: wdym MCU

MostComplicatedUsername: it's like...

MostComplicatedUsername: diagonal

MostComplicatedUsername: not sideways

MostComplicatedUsername: if you know what i mean

Astrobytes: Ah you'll get used to it

MostComplicatedUsername: --_--

MostComplicatedUsername: im just going to start with random placement

Astrobytes: Look at the columns if it helps

jacek: trying to put me down? :E

Astrobytes: Nah just trying a couple of things I didn't have a chance to try this afternoon

struct: tomatoes are you also doing othello?

tomatoes: only did vanilla mcts

struct: ah ok

tomatoes: don't know how to play

Astrobytes: (sorry for all the submits btw, be finished shortly)

jacek: ban

tomatoes: is first/second player has advantage?

tomatoes: in othello

Scarfield: i think 2nd player has an advantage

Astrobytes: Sometimes

Astrobytes: and hi Blofeld

Scarfield: there is basicly only 1 first move for the 1st player due to symmetry, so 2nd player has more control (?)

Scarfield: :wave:

Scarfield: Dr. NoBytes

Astrobytes: :laughing:

jacek: othello is thought to be draw

jacek: at this level there is no clear player advantage though

struct: on yavalath its clear who has advantage

struct: But there is "steal"

Default avatar.png codeboy69: Hi guys! I'm new here. Any recommendations on things to try out?

MSmits: there are many things you can do

MSmits: what do you like?

Default avatar.png MikeOxlong: how do I close the global chat?

tomatoes: adblock

_Milo: hello

Reksio: @MikeOxlong There is a button at the bottom ">" for hiding it

Default avatar.png Alexle: hello world?

Default avatar.png imbadpython: hello

Default avatar.png imbadpython: sup

PushpendraSingh2: hello

Default avatar.png LucianoNascimento: hello

Default avatar.png LucianoNascimento: does anyone can help me with tictactoe ?

Default avatar.png imbadpython: sure

Default avatar.png imbadpython: send challenge link

Default avatar.png imbadpython: puzzle

Default avatar.png imbadpython: whatever it's called

Default avatar.png imbadpython: actually i found it

Default avatar.png imbadpython: what do you need help with