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Reksio: Thank you for your answer. This is good to hear!

Reksio: I have two more questions for whomever knows and would be kind enough to answer.I also wonder if there is a way to get an error output after submit.

anid: No that is not allowed for puzzles Reksio

anid: You may print the validators and hence it should not be allowed

Reksio: oh, thanks. It's all right I suppose

anid: but in the case of bot programming, it is accessible from the replay

Reksio: thanks

Reksio: The second question. I did some dump of Console.ReadLine and WriteLine and it looks like this:



Reksio: Why it shows this link...


anid: If you paste over 5 lines, it goes to pastebin

Reksio: Ok, sorry for spamming but I'm trying to get rid of the link thing

Reksio: ah

anid: NP

Reksio: Read: 6715 microseconds Read: 2 microseconds ... Write :5 microseconds

anid: So if you print too many error messages, it only shows the first and last

anid: otherwise it would be too many lines

anid: I think there is a char limit

Reksio: Read: 6715 microseconds Read: 0.2 microseconds ... Write : 0.5 microseconds

Reksio: Actually this is correct. I don't have ...

Reksio: I just didn't want to post too many lines

Reksio: I wonder if it is normal for first read to take so much time

Reksio: I specifically talk here about the descent

Reksio: it's the early puzzle

Reksio: I'm trying to create my own tests but I wonder how game treats reading of input for 6.7 miliseconds

Reksio: while the algorithm itself takes < 1 microsecond for example

Reksio: or are those slowdowns only in IDE mode but after submit there are some guarantees about execution time of ReadLine and WriteLine

Reksio: I guess I just wonder how is execution time being calculated.

Reksio: Is number of reads and writes always set in stone and time it takes to run them always counted as fixed value (possibly 0) ?

tutubalin: Some times input is like that: 1st line: number N Next N lines: blablabla

tutubalin: So input length may vary

dbdr: execution time is not calculated, it is measured with a clock

Reksio: I'm trying to say that ReadLine which is provided to us can take x100 more time to execute than our own algorithm.

dbdr: you should start measuring after you first readline, not before

Reksio: which seems ridiculous and hopefully is accounted for somehow by removing the impact of the input/output on final "speed" score (or some solution of sort)

dbdr: otherwise you are measuring things that are not your code

dbdr: readline can "take time" because it is waiting for input

dbdr: but that's not counted as your time by the referee

jacek: ^

dbdr: v

Reksio: ok, but if input time is not counted then how is solution which reads line 1000 times scored against solution which reads line only 10 times. In real life the solution which waited for input 1000 times would be much slower.

dbdr: think of it from the point of view of the CG code

dbdr: it sends the input, then it starts its clock and waits for your response

dbdr: don't worry about the time readline takes, it's negligible

dbdr: (once the input is present)

Reksio: thank you. I will treat it as such then. This helps quite a lot!

dbdr: :+1:

jacek: for puzzle does time really matters except for timeouts?

jacek: wether it is 20ms or 50ms

tutubalin: Reksio the very first ReadLine may look pretty long time (from your code perpective) but referee doesn't take it into account (it;s zero for it). So start you clock after first ReadLine - that will make measures much more realistic.

tutubalin: Also take into account that time functions are not accurate, so if timeout is 100ms, try to fit in 95ms

Reksio: Is it just 1st read line or all read lines and write lines? The write line takes whole 5microseconds which is longer than my whole algorithm takes for the whole game (0.5microsecond) if you substract input/output from it.

tutubalin: just first

Reksio: So other readlines + writelines which can take x5 amount of time of my algorithm will be counted to the score from what you say. Then why not all of them? Is there anywhere CG actually describe all of this?

dbdr: time does not influence score

Reksio: really? Is it just timeout based?

dbdr: yes

Reksio: oh, interesting but good. Is it also true for bot competitions? Some people are complaining that C++ has advantage for CG puzzles but with just timeout as score I don't see how...

dbdr: they were speaking about multis, not puzzles

dbdr: time matters when you want to run a search to optimize something, and run your algo as many times as possible in the allowed 50ms

Reksio: makes sense

Reksio: So I just need to clarify as I get mixed responses if all input/output (readline/writeline) is cut from time I spent running my puzzle or just the first one in the whole game or the first one for each loop cycle.

Uljahn: i think the first one in the whole game (common time limit is 1 sec) and the first one for each loop cycle

Uljahn: ofc you can check it yourself

tutubalin: don't measure time of the first read of every loop cycle

tutubalin: because it takes much longer due to switch from another bot

Reksio: thanks all for your answers

jacek: darkhorse64 do you have some bias in your rollouts?

darkhorse64: For Othello, no at the moment

jacek: my early results with moves at corners trice as likely as others have much better winrate

darkhorse64: That makes a lot of sense because taking corners is almost always a favorable move

darkhorse64: I am trying to write a boss for Othello based on my best bot. I have nerfed the perfs, removed some features and it performs better :nerd:

jacek: nerfed bot is better?

dbdr: lol

dbdr: a top 1 bot is born

darkhorse64: Yes but it still rank 6. The good news is that by removing code I probably fixed a bug in my bot. The bad news is that I won't get promoted against my own creature if struct creates a league with my boss.

CodinBotChatRelay: Pratyush#9392: ok

darkhorse64: *it is*

CodinBotChatRelay: Pratyush#9392: @CodinBot leaderboard coding

CodinBotChatRelay: Pratyush#9392: @CodinBot clash

CodinBotChatRelay: Pratyush#9392: @CodinBot contest

Default avatar.png AggYz: GOOBA

CodinBotChatRelay: Pratyush#9392: ok

CodinBotChatRelay: Pratyush#9392: hi

CodinBotChatRelay: Pratyush#9392: bye

CodinBotChatRelay: Pratyush#9392: hello

CodinBotChatRelay: Pratyush#9392: how are you

CodinBotChatRelay: Pratyush#9392:


AntiSquid: spam? @_@

AntiSquid: could do that in a private chat you know

Astrobytes: darkhorse64: did you fix your skip nodes issue?

Astrobytes: AntiSquid: isn't that Benjamin's account for when he can't log in

AntiSquid: yes, but should he test his bot on the main chat?

Astrobytes: No I agree, just checking you knew it wasn't some random crap

AntiSquid: i am just thinking about this as what if everyone did the same thing

Astrobytes: Well, still random crap ;)

AntiSquid: what if everyone posted clash invites

Astrobytes: No I agree

darkhorse64: Using struct expert inputs helped a lot yes

Astrobytes: Nice one :)

AntiSquid: expert inputs?

AntiSquid: extra inputs?

Astrobytes: No, expert

Astrobytes: Well, bthe really :)

Astrobytes: *both

Astrobytes: 'If you output "EXPERT followed by the move"...'

AntiSquid: aha

Astrobytes: Just for all opponents moves and passes from the previous turn

AntiSquid: would be really useful in many multis, less of having to reverse engineers opponent's move

Astrobytes: Yeah it didn't occur to us before we approved, was only when darkhorse was having trouble with pass moves nodes in his MCTS we figured it would be a good idea, so struct very kindly patched it for us

darkhorse64: Yes, fog of war for opponent moves is not handy

Astrobytes: euler has it in Vindinium too

darkhorse64: We should have guidelines for board games. "Opponent moves must be in the inputs". It's actually more useful than game state because you wlll have to write an engine anyway

Astrobytes: That's a fair point actually

AntiSquid: make it retroactively so XR has it too :p

jacek: and oware


Astrobytes: ehm

Astrobytes: AntiSquid

raulet: Hi, new here, Whats "the Boss Validator" ?


CodinBotChatRelay: Pratyush#9392: What the heck are you all doing here

CodinBotChatRelay: Pratyush#9392: ??????

CodinBotChatRelay: Pratyush#9392: I will kick you then have fun

Default avatar.png PhanMinhTien: hello everyone

raulet: hello

Default avatar.png cult: hi

jacek: boss validator? where

struct: hi


raulet: I don't know what kind of procedure i'm expected to do to pass that.

jacek: every puzzle has test cases in validation that are not available in IDE to avoid hardcoding solutions. you can't know them

jacek: this probably means your solution has some bugs

raulet: they should give a clue or something on what expected to do or use, stuck at 87%, and don't know what I have to fix ; ;.

Astrobytes: They usually use edge cases or test efficiency. Make some custom test cases and make sure your algo can handle them properly

Astrobytes: e.g. large garden with lots of enclosed fence areas and lots of molehills

raulet: I will try that, thank you.

Astrobytes: Perhaps use "How did THAT happen?" test case as a starting point for your custom case

Astrobytes: Also "Include and infiltrate" because of all the nested fenced areas

tutubalin: your goal is to implemented what is specified in Puzzle Statement Test cases are just a way to test your solution (that's why they are called tests). So watching tests and trying to cover only cases described there is wrong way.

tutubalin: In real life part programming some test cases are provided by QA, but a lot of test cases are created by developer themselves.

Astrobytes: Hey tutubalin, it's nice to see the #ru users being more active in #world recently :)

eulerscheZahl: you could just go to #ru if you miss them

Astrobytes: My Russian isn't so good ;)

eulerscheZahl: they are more relaxed about english speaking intruders than our french friends

Astrobytes: :D

darkhorse64: I use google translate. Funny results sometimes

Astrobytes: It's not too bad for Russian mostly

Astrobytes: I wouldn't rely on it to translate my English (or French for that matter) to Russian though

Uljahn: do you miss MadKnight? i guess he got offended by being compared to a bot :(

wlesavo: Astrobytes you have to be working on uttt to join #ru though :slight_smile:

Astrobytes: The idea of Maddy being so offended that he left is a wonderful irony

Astrobytes: lol wlesavo, seems so!

wlesavo: this uttt fever going for a while, i got caught by it even in self isolation

Hjax: wait, you guys scared away madknight?

eulerscheZahl: sometimes i had the impression that cyberpunk used google translate

Astrobytes: Yes, for some things I think he died

eulerscheZahl: he was really understandable here on world (general back then). but his private messages were glibberish sometimes

Astrobytes: *did, lol

wlesavo: and died as well

eulerscheZahl: nah

eulerscheZahl: he just left us :(

Astrobytes: He pops up in #ru discord with random ML related things now and then

eulerscheZahl: but ru to en works surprisingly well

eulerscheZahl: i never tried ru to de

Astrobytes: afk

wlesavo: Ich denke, Russisch zu Deutsch wird schlechter sein, da es viel weniger Benutzer gibt

tutubalin: ja

wlesavo: tell me if that makes any sence :smiley:

tutubalin: Basically German is closer to slavic languages than English

Hjax: ? isnt english a germanic language

tutubalin: also many words came to Russian from German

eulerscheZahl: this sentence makes perfect sense wlesavo

eulerscheZahl: was about to ask you if you speak German :D

wlesavo: :smiley:

tutubalin: German is closer to English than to slavic. But it is closer to slavic than English to slavic

eulerscheZahl: i read an interview of a google lead engineer for translations 1 or 2 years ago

jacek: omelette du fromage

eulerscheZahl: he's a fellow German and disappointingly said that german<->english doesn't work as good as he'd like

eulerscheZahl: machine learning approach, just feeding lots of texts and translations of books

tutubalin: gurken - ogórek - ogurets

tutubalin: eulerscheZahl probably they parsed it as words

tutubalin: so they couldn't find a proper mapping for Donaudampfschifffahrtselektrizitätenhauptbetriebswerkbauunterbeamtengesellschaft

jacek: a cat sat on your keyboard?

wlesavo: tutubalin there are tools for feeding whole sentences i believe, no need to parse it

Astrobytes: "Association for Subordinate Officials of the Head Office Management of the Danube Steamboat Electrical Services"

Astrobytes: Google version: " danube steam shipping electricity main plant construction subordinate company"

jacek: try deepL

wlesavo: russian version looks like translation from english as well

Astrobytes: jacek, deepL just gives the same text back

tutubalin: i think that most of emails of this company cannot pass spam filter

Astrobytes: :D

NASADeveloper102: How do links work in Ghost in the Cell

Astrobytes: factory1 is linked to factory2, factory2 is linked to factory1. distance is the distance (int turns) between them

Astrobytes: *in turns

eulerscheZahl: and the distance is an int

Astrobytes: :P

eulerscheZahl: btw where did the space maze guy go?

Astrobytes: Just disappeared. Thankfully

Astrobytes: Working on his ray casting NN I suppose.

NASADeveloper102: I don't mean that.

NASADeveloper102: I mean how do we know the ID of the factory we're talking about.

NASADeveloper102: ?

Astrobytes: factory1 is the ID of factory1 and factory2 is the ID of factory2 ;)

NASADeveloper102: Oh my lord

NASADeveloper102: I don't know how I didn't realize this.

Astrobytes: Too long staring at it no doubt :D

NASADeveloper102: Probably.

Astrobytes: Easily done

NASADeveloper102: Thanks for the help!

Astrobytes: No worries, good luck :)

NASADeveloper102: :thumbsup:

Default avatar.png beinebruestearschgesicht: hey all

NASADeveloper102: Hello

Default avatar.png sHlOk: Hi everyone!

Default avatar.png sHlOk: How r u all?

NASADeveloper102: I'm doing well

NASADeveloper102: and you?

Default avatar.png sHlOk: Well and fine!

NASADeveloper102: Nice :thumbsup:

Hjax: NASADeveloper102 you took my suggestion?

Hjax: ill be working on a ghost in the cell bot this weekend as well

NASADeveloper102: Yes I did!

NASADeveloper102: Thanks, this game seems pretty simple, but it allows for a lot of different strategies.

Default avatar.png AggYz: i lern python 2 min ago

Default avatar.png AggYz: time to clap ppl

Default avatar.png sHlOk: :clap::clap::clap:

NASADeveloper102: :clap:

NASADeveloper102: Good job

tutubalin: Python 2 is a bit outdated

NASADeveloper102: I don't even think you can get it in codingame anymore

-Gamma-: i think he/she meant...

-Gamma-: I leant python "2 minutes ago"

-Gamma-: learnt*

NASADeveloper102: Oh I see.

tutubalin: No

tutubalin: I leant "python 2" a minute ago"

NASADeveloper102: Why do you say that?

Hjax: they definitely meant (i learned python) (two minutes ago)

NASADeveloper102: That's what I thought.

NASADeveloper102: Why would it be, " I learnt python 2, a minute ago"?

wlesavo: learn python2 min()

Hjax: learn min(python2, go)

NASADeveloper102: Huh?

NASADeveloper102: :joy: I wish I understood this.

Hjax: we are just being silly

Hjax: pay no mind :P

NASADeveloper102: Uh okay then

muy31: for some reason recently the console in various arenas have been giving me: Warning: your code did not read all available input before printing an instruction, your outputs will not be synchronized with the game's turns and unexpected behaviour may occur.

muy31: enev though i always read all inputs

muy31: is it some bug

Hjax: yeah pretty sure its a bug

Hjax: ive been seeing it too

wlesavo: this is a recent feature, i think it was introduced in some forum post

Hjax: i definitely am reading all of the inputs

muy31: but then it actually messes up my execution

muy31: and i timeout

wlesavo: are you sure this is the issue? i got that message only when i had an actual bug in my code


muy31: when I delete the 'depth' on the return statements i get the bug

tutubalin: i have it every so often

muy31: as in return -50, 50, etc.

tutubalin: when i press Play button again it disappears

Hjax: maybe they fixed it, im not getting it anymore

Hjax: i was getting it a lot the other day

muy31: no didnt fix, now i get it randomly

jacek: lets fix it and release on friday afternoon

struct: :)

Astrobytes: I get it randomly, sometimes when I crash, sometimes if I print to stderr, othertimes just out of the blue. Never once, may I add, for the reason it is intended.

Default avatar.png karimdjemai: Has someone got an idea why bitwise operators in js like | might return something like 1010274303 ? shouldnt it be only 0s and 1s?

jacek: w00t?

Default avatar.png karimdjemai: for example (1010011101 | 1010110010) evaluates to 1010274303

Hjax: because you arent calling it on a binary number perhaps

Hjax: i phrased that poorly

jacek: no way, in python its also 1010274303!

Hjax: it takes two numbers, regardless of a base, and returns a number, regardless of base

Hjax: base is just how you display the number, it doesnt change the value

jacek: karimdjemai try (0b1010011101 | 0b1010110010).toString(2)

Default avatar.png karimdjemai: ohh so youre saying it interprets the numbers as base 10 by default?

Hjax: yes, but you are also inputting base 10 numbers

Hjax: 101 is one hundred and one, not 5, unless you specifically tell it you are using base 2

Default avatar.png karimdjemai: thank you a lot i was very confused :D

Hjax: 1010011101(base 10) binary or 1010110010 (base 10) is in fact 1010274303 (base 10)

Default avatar.png karimdjemai: makes sense!

tutubalin: Also, remember about no very well-known feature of JS: bitwise operations always cast number to 32-bit signed integer.

tutubalin: 1e10 | 0 == 1410065408

tutubalin: (2e10 * 2) != (2e10 << 1)


tutubalin: jacek

tutubalin: watch page source )

Astrobytes: haha very nice

tutubalin: script works in Node.js as well )


tutubalin: also some nice slides from Martin Kleppe


code_maniac: This website is cool for such braifuck tricks

code_maniac: This website is cool for changing any normal code to brainfuck code

jacek: you mean to change into js

code_maniac: You can change both way

Astrobytes: Martin Kleppe created JSFuck

code_maniac: He has given a talk on this as well

Astrobytes: I liked his 'inceptions'

Astrobytes: jacek y u still #2

jacek: i dont wanna tric to rage quit

Astrobytes: :laughing:

tutubalin: Astrobytes yeah, inceptions is great

tutubalin: alas there are some XSS attacks are based on this technique

Astrobytes: Yeah, that's always gonna be the way whatever you do. It gives you some knowledge to be able to detect such attacks however.

NASADeveloper102: Do you recommend light mode, for chat and coding

jacek: :scream:

NASADeveloper102: What?

NASADeveloper102: Did I say forbidden words or something?

NASADeveloper102: Is "light mode" a construct that is aggravating to some people?

NASADeveloper102: Probably honestly.

jacek: eeyup

CPea: ey


Astrobytes: "light mode" - what is this witchcraft

tutubalin: come to dark side

NASADeveloper102: I'll just continue using Light++

NASADeveloper102: *Light+

Astrobytes: You don't know the power of the dark side

NASADeveloper102: Uh, sure.

Astrobytes: :P

Astrobytes: Just ribbing.

NASADeveloper102: :joy:

NASADeveloper102: Okay then.

NASADeveloper102: Also why would you use vim for C#?

NASADeveloper102: Not you specifically, but anyone.

Astrobytes: Masochism?

jacek: because i cant leave

NASADeveloper102: y i k e s

NASADeveloper102: I see.

Astrobytes: Finished your boss yet darkhorse64?

darkhorse64: Yes. I"m trying to understand why it works so well. I removed the solver, nerfed the engine by a factor of 2

Hjax: boss for what?

Astrobytes: How 'well' does it work?

muy31: breakthrough

Astrobytes: no, Othello

darkhorse64: othello. It ranks #6

muy31: oh

Hjax: why are we calling it a boss?

Astrobytes: Because it will be

muy31: for leagues, right

Hjax: othello is going to have leagues?

Hjax: do community multis have leagues?

Astrobytes: Well, 2

Astrobytes: Yes. Only Wood leagues though

darkhorse64: If struct wants for a boss for a league, I could offer one

Hjax: i see

Hjax: why only wood leagues?

Astrobytes: But you can call them whatever you like

struct: Sure darkhorse64

Astrobytes: CG issue Hjax

darkhorse64: I think a tough may foster some interest from other players. Give me a few days for testing. My eekend is going to be very busy (read not much time for CG)

darkhorse64: *tough bot*

Astrobytes: Yes, I'm all for decent bosses

Astrobytes: And take your time, no rush

Hjax: im too motivated by codinpoints to try the smaller multis

Astrobytes: lol, there's such a thing as fun you know. F'ing SC players :P

Hjax: isnt fun just watching numbers increase?

Astrobytes: :D

Hjax: you must have a weird definition of fun :P

Astrobytes: lol

Hjax: idk, smaller multis are spooky

Hjax: because they are almost exclusively populated by really good people

Hjax: makes it hard to measure your own progress

struct: Site broken or only clashes?

Astrobytes: I heard there's gonna be pylons and cannons in Othello...

struct: It was 60+ people clash and it broke :p

struct: 80

Astrobytes: I'd report that struct, could be a capacity issue on CG side

Astrobytes: btw, wtf clashes have 80+ people?! Stream?

struct: yeah

Astrobytes: Madness.

jacek: maybe ru guys they moved from uttt

Astrobytes: Hjax, I do smaller multis and I'm shit, don't worry about it :)

Astrobytes: lol jacek

struct: darkhorse64 don't worry too much, I would code a bot, but I also don't have much time

jacek: maybe make my bot a boss

struct: I'm spending time on learning sdk modules

jacek: i would have more motivation to improve myself

jacek: :v

Astrobytes: They don't document the JS modules struct?

struct: It's a bit poor

struct: Only real documentation is UTG referee

Astrobytes: They're updating docs soon right?

struct: No idea

Astrobytes: Sure I saw that in forum

Astrobytes: I don't wanna work on SDK wiki until they do that

darkhorse64: I would rather be worried not be able to beat my own creature

struct: well it can use half the time

Astrobytes: Yeah, reduce depth or calculation time, or both

struct: easier solution

struct: // #pragma...

Astrobytes: Might make it toooo dumb ;)

Astrobytes: Don't want it to fail on turn 1 precalc

struct: Ideal bot would be 30.00 points atm

struct: boss*

struct: wait 30.18, so no java allowed

Astrobytes: hahaha

Astrobytes: But yeah, 30 seems about right given the gaps

Hjax: why no java allowed

darkhorse64: No problem for that but I ant to understand how features removed improved (or not) my bot strength. For instance, doubling the rollout count helps but is approximately + 1 ELO point

jacek: +1 with confidence [-100,101]

struct: Hjax Im joking, I just don't like Java

struct: And Im forced to use it on sdk :(

Hjax: :(

Hjax: i like java

jacek: kree java!

darkhorse64: I made several runs

struct: you use mcts right?

darkhorse64: I do

struct: early game might be a bit weak right?

darkhorse64: Usually things start to look wrong against the top by move 35 but it may be due to a weak start. I don't play othello myself

jacek: neither do i

Astrobytes: I only ever played casually myself, doing a lot of reading

jacek: i think i would have some problem playing it with real board

Astrobytes: Nah, you'd pick it up pretty quick I think

darkhorse64: I am only a chess player

Hjax: i think my goal for this weekend will be to go from bronze to legend in ghost in the cell, with 1 submit

Astrobytes: Stream it! Stream it! Stream it!

Hjax: lol, why

Hjax: my development process is not very fast, or interesting

darkhorse64: I did that nearly for Tron

Astrobytes: Just a stream-worthy comment

Hjax: its easy to get into the habit of spamming games against top people, or just spamming submits

Astrobytes: This was during a contest darkhorse64 no?

Hjax: i think it will be a fun challenge to not do that

Hjax: plus i think ghost in the cell is a pretty easy game, so handicapping myself a bit is more fun

darkhorse64: No

Astrobytes: Or after or something. I think you applied something you'd used in another contest or multi, and went gold or legend

darkhorse64: I read the right PM

Astrobytes: Oh I see

darkhorse64: BFS for the in

darkhorse64: win

Astrobytes: You don't even have to correct your typos anymore, I'm quite used to filling them in myself :P

Astrobytes: Need to get your ankles working properly to fix them.

darkhorse64: my w key is not in great shape. Technically, it is not a typo but a hardware malfunction

Hjax: the hard part is going to be knowing when my bot is strong enough enough

Hjax: uh, scratch one enough

Astrobytes: OK, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt darkhorse64

darkhorse64: It's so kind of you

Astrobytes: I'm a generous type :D

Astrobytes: Hjax, you can use replays from top bots etc etc

Hjax: sure, but i cant play against them

Hjax: i read agades pm

Astrobytes: Pretty sure you can CG bench against them if you fiddle around a bit

Hjax: no no no, thats cheating

Astrobytes: Nope, technically it is not.

Hjax: hmmmmm

Astrobytes: But I get your point ;)

Default avatar.png Ratchef: Is there a way to invite my friends to a private battle?

Hjax: i really like agades solution to the question "can i get punished by increasing here"

DestroyTasmania: yeah you can create privat lobby and send them link or just invite on right

DestroyTasmania: @Ratchef

Hjax: just play against a clone of yourself that doesnt increase, and see if you get rekt

Astrobytes: I don't remember if I ever read the PMs for that game tbh

Hjax: i played a lot of galcon back in the day

Hjax: on my ipod touch

Hjax: fun game

Astrobytes: And yeah, self-play also a solution. Just don't overfit. brutaltester is good for that

Astrobytes: Yeah galcon was great

struct: I tried to get legend in 1 submitg

struct: did not end well

Hjax: i also played the 2010 planet wars ai challenge

Astrobytes: something something something account deletion

Hjax: back when i was brand new to programming

eulerscheZahl: public github repos are a great source for bronze to legend in 1 submit

struct: I think the closest I got was uttt

struct: Where i got like top 3 gold

struct: from bronze to legend in 1 submit

Hjax: lol, as test opponents, or as copy/paste steal the bot euler?

struct: c&p


struct: If there is a bot

struct: its in this profile

eulerscheZahl: i was expecting this user when i clicked the link

Astrobytes: :D

struct: I think I sitll have the link of his old account

struct: give me a sec

darkhorse64: When you see a top 20 guy ask what is a BFS, you figure out why C/P is a bad thing

Astrobytes: To paraphrase jacek "eeyup"

Hjax: lol, he stole all of his submissions?

dbdr: 16th?

dbdr: copy paster I guess

darkhorse64: This is the guy I was thinking of

Astrobytes: yeah

darkhorse64: Look at his CP profile, especially the time scale

Hjax: im surprised theres such strong bots publicly available

dbdr: 4996CP in clash

darkhorse64: guru in to weeks

eulerscheZahl: struct claiming that it's anirudh? i don't think so

struct: yes

eulerscheZahl: darkhorse64 sorry to bother you but what is that BFS you were talking about?

darkhorse64: :smile:

dbdr: Big Fing Secret

dbdr: nobody really knows

eulerscheZahl: Fing? Chinese?

Hjax: theres really that many strong open source bots? im kind of surprised lol

dbdr: effing

Astrobytes: Bird First Search

Default avatar.png JBM: isn't effing spelled with an E?

dbdr: yes but that ruins the accronym

Astrobytes: f'ing would be more correct

darkhorse64: Hjax: yes


Default avatar.png JBM: can we ever be too correct?

struct: This was aniru I think


Astrobytes: Who knows JBM, we can try

Default avatar.png JBM: nobody Really knows JBM

reCurse: That's really sad

Default avatar.png JBM: innit

reCurse: Was talking about the copy paster

Default avatar.png JBM: point stands

Astrobytes: :D

eulerscheZahl: no struct. there should be a tagline "almost alll languages". with 3 L

Default avatar.png JBM: oh new meme

Astrobytes: JBM: "Who knows, JBM. We can try"

Default avatar.png JBM: what did i miss?

eulerscheZahl: old actually, account deleted years ago

Default avatar.png JBM: ouch

eulerscheZahl: he claimed to be able to code in all languages

eulerscheZahl: as the bots he copied were in different languages :D

Hjax: amazing

Astrobytes: ani d profile looks about right then "I am a 12th grade student at Indus Bangalore, I have learnt several languages: python, C++, C, C# and Java. Dabble in JS, ruby. Now learning D"

struct: So this one ueler?


struct: Platinum Rift - Episode 2 0th / 0 / 0

struct: This is the first time I see this in CG


Astrobytes: It's not True CG unless it's 0nd

struct: No score on multi

struct: Not even language shows

eulerscheZahl: you found him struct!

struct: yes he is bottom of hypersonic legend leaderboard

struct: last player

struct: Doesnt even show language

eulerscheZahl: iirc thibaud did some cleanup

jacek: a purge

eulerscheZahl: he got DQed in a contest (stole python bot, added bash wrapper and claimed it's pure bash)

eulerscheZahl: then rage-deleted the profile after he got lots of hate on the chat

struct: also he used bot on CoC

jacek: who rage deletes their account?

Astrobytes: :thinking:

eulerscheZahl: absolutely barbaric

Astrobytes: :D

freeman42x: streaming clash of code:

Hjax: why did struct delete his again? because he was upset with his UTG bot?

struct: I said legend in 1 submit or delete

Hjax: ah

Astrobytes: Waited until last day

Hjax: UTG is a pretty hard game to get legend in 1 submit with

jacek: just like you, 1 submit from bronze to gold

Astrobytes: , night even right struct?

Hjax: because its so metagame dependent

struct: I cant remember well

Hjax: planting fake bombs and guessing your opponents

struct: But maybe

Hjax: hard to test properly with just selfplay

Astrobytes: Pretty sure you waited til the night

Astrobytes: Don't do that again eh

struct: We need more anonymous contributions

struct: *undefined

Default avatar.png Smokie: Hello

freeman42x: private clash:

Daher: private clash


Daher: for java, c, c++ and c# coders

Astrobytes: Not very private if you er, post it in world chat, is it?

EliTheCoder: he just doesn't want to get bots in his game

EliTheCoder: and he can control what languages he wants

Astrobytes: The bots will be there if not enough players anyway. And yes, I'm aware of that. The feature is supposed to be for sharing with friends you want to clash with.

muy31: what's the deal with short time limits anyway? does making it too long cause issues with servers and whatnot or what?

Astrobytes: Yes. Imagine a leaderboard of 2000 bots all using 1 second of calculation time, playing matches against each other

Astrobytes: For the CG configuration this would be a Very Bad Thing.

muy31: i see

muy31: that is why we cannot do chess on CG

Astrobytes: We could have a chess game on here for sure, it would have to depend a helluva lot on book moves though :)

Astrobytes: Fischer-Random/Chess960 might be doable though

Astrobytes: And it still might be a nice addition just to practice on

muy31: i dont see it happening and any of the ais submitted to the leaderboard actually being good

Astrobytes: Oh yeah? I'd bet otherwise

muy31: unless like someone hard codes a move for each state

Astrobytes: like I said "it would have to depend a helluva lot on book moves though"

Astrobytes: Which is about 80% of chess anyway right

muy31: in that case, one would preprogram a chess bot locally and the CG bot would just a 'scribe'

Astrobytes: Not quite, bit more to it than that

Default avatar.png CykaBo: share code on hjava pls

Astrobytes: Neumann, I never noticed your 5th place in CSB, nice

Neumann: Thks, SR gave me a slight eval improvment :D

Astrobytes: "slight" :D

Default avatar.png CykaBo: share codes pls

Astrobytes: CykaBo 1234abcd!"£$ - now decipher the code

Default avatar.png CykaBo: at the end I meant 4Head

Neumann: What do you expect us to understand with "share code"

Default avatar.png CykaBo: show code or whatever the option's name is

Astrobytes: Qml0ZSBteSBzaGlueSBtZXRhbCBhc3Mh

Default avatar.png JBM: that password is going to need replacing

Default avatar.png JBM: omg a Neumann

Neumann: ?

Default avatar.png JBM: hadn't seen you in a long time

Default avatar.png JBM: always a delight tho, until proven otherwise

Astrobytes: So as not to pollute #fr JBM, I suggest your trolls should have been Korrigans

Default avatar.png JBM: lal

Default avatar.png JBM: you're so welcome to pollute #fr

Astrobytes: I try not to, sometimes I "cross over"

Default avatar.png JBM: we welcome that

Default avatar.png JBM: i personally welcome it more when it's expressed in #fr

Default avatar.png JBM: as bad as it comes (hi MK)

Astrobytes: lol

Default avatar.png JBM: the effort is what makes it worth it

Astrobytes: on that note, MK left it seems

Astrobytes: Anyway I'm out for tonight

Astrobytes: gn all

tomatoes: gn

Default avatar.png JBM: gn u

Default avatar.png my_genjutsu: help

Default avatar.png my_genjutsu: i need

NASADeveloper102: Okay

NASADeveloper102: With what

Default avatar.png my_genjutsu: im gonna die

Default avatar.png my_genjutsu: i need

Default avatar.png my_genjutsu: help

Default avatar.png my_genjutsu: i need a

Default avatar.png my_genjutsu: NOTCH APPLE

Default avatar.png my_genjutsu: im gonna die

Default avatar.png my_genjutsu: help

Default avatar.png my_genjutsu: help

Default avatar.png my_genjutsu: help

NASADeveloper102: -HUh

NASADeveloper102: What?

NASADeveloper102: I don't know whether or not to take this seriously, but I assume if you were dying in real life you would call the police and probably not come here, the probability that you would come here instead of any other place is very low.

NASADeveloper102: I don't know why I just explained my train of thought to a person who was saying, " Help, I need a notch apple "

Default avatar.png JBM: please stand by

Default avatar.png JBM: police will be with you shortly

NASADeveloper102: I wish I knew how to respond to that.

Default avatar.png JBM: "do you have a warrant?"

Default avatar.png JBM: "is habeas corpus even a thing anymore in my country?"

NASADeveloper102: Uh....

NASADeveloper102: What?

Default avatar.png JBM: sorry i thought you were american for a while

muy31: Why would this man cheese my bot like this?

NASADeveloper102: Uh I'm American.

NASADeveloper102: I don't know what a "habeas corpus" is.

NASADeveloper102: I probably should, now that I think about it

muy31: right to go before a court when arrested

muy31: 6th/7th amendment


tomatoes: what so good 3.8 got?

NASADeveloper102: %= ?

NASADeveloper102: I don't know

LelouchVC2: Python 3.8 introduces a feature that lets the code fondle your balls

scareware047: can i downgrade

scareware047: my league

scareware047: and start over in another language

tomatoes: no, but you can start with another language in your current league

scareware047: ye but current league is hard xD

Hjax: 3.8 has the walrus operator

Hjax: :=

Default avatar.png UsamaKahout: c

Reksio: Hi All. Is code golf counting a source code length after or before the compilation ?

Reksio: I also wonder how time it takes to finish the puzzle is taken into account if at all.

Reksio: Anyone?

SPDene: time taken to finish is only relevant is it takes (i think) > 15s. then it will time out/fail

SPDene: if*

struct: code length is show on ide

struct: its before compilation

struct: all chars count, spaces, tabs, comments

Reksio: haha :) this is great

Reksio: and you say 15s 8-)

Ratchef: Hello I have a question about Java

struct: Also compilation time doesnt matter

Reksio: +1

struct: Since the time will get is the time you press on submit

Ratchef: Can I add a variable to itself like this? int value = value +1;

Reksio: yes

struct: Ratchef yes, but you can declare it again

struct: like you just did

struct: you did int value = value + 1;

Ratchef: It often tells me that the value isn't initialized

struct: yeah, if you never assigned a value to it

struct: it might happen

Ratchef: So I should do int value = 0; value = value + whatever;

struct: or value += whatever;

Ratchef: okay I'll try next time thanks

Ratchef: Is there a way for the code to know if a character is uppercase or lowercase?

struct: yeah

Ratchef: Is that a java function?


Ratchef: ty

Danger189: any python people have a second to help me with something?

Hjax: Danger189 what do you need?