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CyberLemonade: wow someone had a nice time

jacek: aww

LelouchVC2: Hey, Jeff Cavalier,

Default avatar.png Defflex: i'm new in JS

Default avatar.png Defflex: the Van Eck sequence is pretty hard to me :(

rkhapov: gays, do u now flags of C++ compiler?

jacek: yes, we do. do you?

LelouchVC2: Wrecked

rkhapov: i dont

R8T3D: > when people don't submit their solutions :(

R8T3D: on clash

[4.0]poorgoomba: i submitted


[4.0]poorgoomba: np

R8T3D: Wow I don't understand that but thanks regardless

R8T3D: Much appreciated

jacek: #pragma GCC optimize "Ofast,unroll-loops,omit-frame-pointer,inline"

  1. pragma GCC option("arch=native", "tune=native", "no-zero-upper")
  2. pragma GCC target("rdrnd", "popcnt", "avx", "bmi2")

Qoter: AntiSquid why did you ban rkhapov?

Default avatar.png JulioSalamander: Hello, is it possible to use std::map? i have errors only with the include<map>

jacek: try #include <map>

Default avatar.png JulioSalamander: thanks all

YurkovAS: jacek in uttt or other mcts multi do you use mcts-solver? Is solver has winrate 65% vs standart mcts?

jacek: i always use solver. for me this is the "standard" mcts

jacek: winrate depends on game, but i think i in uttt i got something like 55%

jacek: in yavalath is a must-have. even if mcts solver doesnt help much, it doesnt worsen mcts either

karliso: How do you go about implementing mcts solver?

karliso: Do you see a node that ends, and then check if previous ends as well?

jacek: i have bool terminal in a node

karliso: So you check if all children terminal?

jacek: if i encounter terminal state, if this is a win for player, the its a lose and terminal for a parent

jacek: if this is a lose, i check all siblings if they are lose. if yes, parent is a win, and grandparent is a lose again

YurkovAS: jacek thanks

jacek: whats with the sudden interest in uttt in #ru :thinking:

darkhorse64: Don't tell me that all these people get so high in UTTT without a solver :scream:

YurkovAS: +5 new users in uttt legend from #ru in last one week. they found all tricks

LelouchVC2: #CodeGeass

darkhorse64: Except for teccles heuristic, there are not so many tricks in UTTT

CyberLemonade: darkhorse64 what's that?

darkhorse64: teccles heuristic ? When you play for the first time in an empty miniboard, send your opponent to the same board. I haven't tried it, so I don't know if it applies on rollouts and/or move selection

CyberLemonade: I see, thanks

YurkovAS: darkhorse64 solver is hard to understand. do you have good example? not pseudo code from "Monte-Carlo Tree Search Solver.pdf"

tutubalin: jacek when there's no challenge, we help new guys in #ru with CSB or puzzles. If there are no new guys, we discuss UTTT.

Astrobytes: lol, we only discuss UTTT when re Curse isn't here :D

jacek: pseudo code from that paper is kind of mess, like theyre mixing negamax propagation with normal

Astrobytes: It's horrible

darkhorse64: Score Bounded Monte-Carlo Tree Search is an improved version. I implemented from this paper.

darkhorse64: Yeah, it's horrible so you have to read carefully between the lines to realize it's plain simple

YurkovAS: darkhorse64 thanks

Astrobytes: Yep. I read the paper, then I saw the pseudocode and started questioning whether I had understood it. Had a conversation with Smits to make sure I wasn't going crazy

darkhorse64: Several pages paper for something that can be explained in two sentences

jacek: hopefully the results there were legit

darkhorse64: Just tried google translate on #ru. It does a pretty good job. There's going to be lot of ne comers in UTTT top

darkhorse64: *new*

jacek: invasion?

darkhorse64: Once they stop banging their heads on the solver, I fear that

tutubalin: too late, we've already annexed legendary league

Astrobytes: :D

tutubalin: next major goal is to do that on Python

darkhorse64: It's one thing to reach legend, it's another to reach the top

JohnCM: @darkhorse64 that paper sounds interesting

darkhorse64: The boss is an MCTS which performs at 25K rollouts. Good luck !

JohnCM: can you post a link to the score bounded monte-carlo tree search paper


JohnCM: thanks

jacek: 25k in second turn?

Default avatar.png LonelySausage_6464: hey

darkhorse64: Yes. 20-25k second turn. That's what I heard on the chat

jacek: so what im doing wrong if i get 10k in 2nd turn?

Uljahn: using solver and 1ply check? :smiley:

jacek: well yes

darkhorse64: You have smart rollouts ?

Uljahn: i guess vanilla MCTS is just plain random rollouts without heuristics and tree reusing

jacek: theyre not smart. 1ply check is just about choosing winning move and avoiding losing one

jacek: i have teccles, solved, 1ply check and tree reuse. in rollouts some small bias towards moves that would win small board

tutubalin: jacek do you use bitmaps?

jacek: yet having several times slower bot i am at the top

darkhorse64: Yes. Tree reuse and solver do not reuire game knowledge. Moreover, they are "free". Playing winning moves and avoiding losing moves is also a nice improvement

jacek: i use bitboards

tutubalin: how do you check if position is terminal?

Uljahn: "i have bool terminal in a node"

tutubalin: i mea in random playout

jacek: if my main board is terminal. i have table of 512 possible states and just do lookup

jacek: well any board, not main board

jacek: for (move : availableMoves) -> makeMove() check() undoMove()

tomatoes: i tried to check if possible to win then do it, but no much difference

WINWINWIN: still cant get the minimax to work for Othello :sob:

WINWINWIN: worst part is that it looks so simple

darkhorse64: How do you use teccles: biasing the rollouts, biaising the selection, book move ?

jacek: just in the beginning. if both players use teccles, it will end up in 18th move

darkhorse64: As a book move then.

jacek: WINWINWIN you cant get the minimax part, or the game mechanics?

WINWINWIN: The minimax keeps returning None as the best move

WINWINWIN: But printing to stderr shows that the actions are being generated

darkhorse64: tomatoes: wow #2. Did you add an opening book ?

WINWINWIN: And the actions are accurate with the initial input

tomatoes: no, i have no idea how to store it

darkhorse64: So you climb this high without any hardcoding (except the first move, I guess) ? Any special trick ? Just say yes if you don't want to share. I'm ok with that

tomatoes: im selecting nodes by heuristic

tomatoes: no random and ucb with a bit patched formula

darkhorse64: You found one. It's a common and accepted knowledge that there is no heuristic for UTTT. On other board games, combining evaluation and MCTS yields a powerful bot

Astrobytes: Smits is gonna love that leaderboard when he sees it :D

darkhorse64: He claims he can get to #1. It may be harder than he thinks

Astrobytes: Indeed. He thought he was only up against karlis o

WINWINWIN: But its only 0.15 points back to #2?

WINWINWIN: Wouldnt a lucky resubmit put him back at #2?

Astrobytes: #3

Astrobytes: Oh right, gotcha lol

darkhorse64: Yes. It means nothing except that there is a new contender

tutubalin: jacek when do you create new node?

Astrobytes: Yep. And when he comes back with his new bot (I believe he's working on that now) then it'll be tuned for karlis o and not tomatoe s

WINWINWIN: In the top areas of legend league, do people add modifications to cater to the opponents>

jacek: smits use special opening books for them

Astrobytes: Guess he's gonna have another few months work :P

jacek: tutubalin when i expand visited once node

jacek: he also planned othello

Astrobytes: Oh nice

tutubalin: jacek so you don't create it on every random move, right?

jacek: ?

tutubalin: one of my failed attempts was when i created a node for every played state

tutubalin: for example, during random playout i created a node for every played move

Astrobytes: Isn't that what struc t was doing? Creating nodes for all his playouts

tutubalin: that was slow and took too much memory

tutubalin: it would work fine if we had a lot of time and memory

jacek: i dont create any nodes during rollouts

tutubalin: but with limitations we have it's waste of resources: most of these nodes will never be visited again

tutubalin: hmmm.... ok...

tutubalin: do you turn optimizations on?

jacek: of course

tutubalin: do you use standard C++ random or custom one?

jacek: custom

JohnCM: yea rollouts can be huge, especially if the state space is stochastic (affected by random factors)

tutubalin: hm... than i have no idea why you've got 10k rollouts on 2nd turn

tutubalin: probably your rollouts are much better than mine

Astrobytes: Are they heavy rollouts jacek?

jacek: not much heavy, no

jacek: or i alwats get lucky resubmits

tutubalin: have you tried to profile?

tutubalin: what's the most time consuming part?

jacek: long ago, most of the time in my games the rollouts are time consuming

tutubalin: my last idea: probably there's a bug in rollouts counter, and you have 10x times more of them )

Astrobytes: lol

jacek: shouldnt have used int16_t for that

tutubalin: ahahaha )

Astrobytes: Seriously? :D

Default avatar.png III: hi

dbdr: Rust #2 on uTTT :)

dbdr: gg tomatoes!

tomatoes: thanks :sweat_smile:

dbdr: have you been using rust for long?

darkhorse64: I'll wreck him in the IDE then

tomatoes: no, half year maybe

dbdr: what did you use before? hard transition?

jacek: D

Astrobytes: :smirk:

tomatoes: python mostly, not hard, but i also dont use most rust features on cg

tomatoes: threads, async, lifetimes etc

dbdr: makes sense. multithreading is rarely useful on CG, regardless of language

dbdr: lifetimes can be, but most of the times there is a simpler solution without them

dbdr: if you don't use them coming from a GC language, it seems you get it :)

dbdr: technically you always use lifetimes in rust, it's just that the compiler infers them and checks them automatically for you :)

tomatoes: thanks rustc

dbdr: indeed :)

Default avatar.png Kuly2Fraise: hello

struct: yeah, that was what im doing on uttt Astrobytes

struct: But I had no idea that mcts did not work like that

Astrobytes: Easy enough mistake to make

struct: Also the expand takes up 40% of the performance

jacek: expandArray?

Astrobytes: GAexpandimax

Astrobytes: True Expansion.

jacek: darn had 1 timeout against java coffee cup

struct: fix it

Default avatar.png TheFunkyPanda_d606: sa va les gars

Default avatar.png la_chatte_a_maman: yo

Default avatar.png TheFunkyPanda_d606: tu code quoi

Default avatar.png TheFunkyPanda_d606: ?

Default avatar.png TheFunkyPanda_d606: moi je code in game

Default avatar.png la_chatte_a_maman: moua ossy

Default avatar.png TheFunkyPanda_d606: moi je fai batmane

Default avatar.png TheFunkyPanda_d606: ces trop bien

Default avatar.png la_chatte_a_maman: 2 ouf

Default avatar.png la_chatte_a_maman: j'adore

Default avatar.png TheFunkyPanda_d606: :star_and_crescent:

Default avatar.png TheFunkyPanda_d606: :flag_dz:

Default avatar.png TheFunkyPanda_d606: coincidence

Default avatar.png la_chatte_a_maman: :underage:

Default avatar.png TheFunkyPanda_d606: :non-potable_water:

Default avatar.png la_chatte_a_maman: :shinto_shrine:

Default avatar.png la_chatte_a_maman: arouf gangsta t'as capté

eulerscheZahl: please stop spamming the chat

Default avatar.png la_chatte_a_maman: excuse us

eulerscheZahl: #your_room feel free to click that and chat there

Default avatar.png TheFunkyPanda_d606: ouh ouh arouf gangsta

Default avatar.png la_chatte_a_maman: houhou arouf arouf

eulerscheZahl: reCurse your turn

Default avatar.png TheFunkyPanda_d606: j'fais pas d'interview j'fais pas de feat

Default avatar.png la_chatte_a_maman: y'a pas de talent qui s'exprime

Default avatar.png la_chatte_a_maman: t'aura pas mon argent, t'aura meme pas50 centimes

Default avatar.png TheFunkyPanda_d606: ehehe

Default avatar.png la_chatte_a_maman: arouf gangsta

Default avatar.png TheFunkyPanda_d606:

AntiSquid: hey guys what are you doing? @_@

AntiSquid: just one minute away from chat and this is what happens :/

Hjax: this is nothing compared to last night

Hjax: last night someone spent about half an hour flooding the chat

AntiSquid: i saw that when i entered chat

AntiSquid: it was form 2 AM my time so no way i'd be up :p

eulerscheZahl: i think we could expect more dedication from you. disappointing

AntiSquid: i don't get paid enough to do this

eulerscheZahl: dedication doesn't need payment

struct: Yeah, my chat experience was ruined yesterday :(

eulerscheZahl: one star because there is no way to give 0

dbdr: give 2^32 stars and count on overflow

eulerscheZahl: 2^31 and hope for am overflow to a negative rating

Default avatar.png AggYz: Guys is it true that some python libraries and modules are built with C/C++

eulerscheZahl: yes. but if you don't trust whoever told you this, why should you trust us?

Default avatar.png AggYz: becuase

Default avatar.png AggYz: lots of ppl here

Default avatar.png AggYz: 1 person who i read it from

Default avatar.png AggYz: How does python work wiht C/C++

eulerscheZahl: "Written in Python, C" almighty wikipedia, the most trustworthy source of all

Default avatar.png AggYz: how do they work with eachother


Default avatar.png AggYz: Do ppl only build modules with C because of speed or stuff that python just cant do (at least effective and efficiently)

eulerscheZahl: python is turing complete. if you can do it with C/C++, you can do it with python too. but speed is a good motivation to still use C/C++

Uljahn: you can build modules even with Fortran

Default avatar.png AggYz: isnt fortan a boomer language

eulerscheZahl: you can even compile Fortran with some C compilers

eulerscheZahl: fortran is the first high level language


eulerscheZahl: interesting history. they even delayed it to add compiler optimizations

Default avatar.png AggYz: when integrating py and c can you call functions and objects or is it just simple reading variable from each other

eulerscheZahl: not to "burn" the language. when coders decide that it's too slow, they have a negative attitude to an improved version already

eulerscheZahl: disclaimer: i never tried anything with C+Python

in general you limit yourself to primitive types such as int, double when you code some cross-language code


Default avatar.png AggYz: so you could make a loop in py then pause after every iteration then make c read it and do stuff with the index then resume in python?

tomatoes: more like you need to write data to c

Uljahn: isn't it what happens when you call numpy functions

Default avatar.png AggYz: kikikikikikkik

tutubalin: AntiSquid there was collateral damage. you banned rkhapov for asking about compiler flags

Hjax: its a combination of the performance of C and the trend that more experienced developers prefer C

Hjax: oh i wasnt scrolled

Hjax: good old chat

tutubalin: AggYz you cannot just inline C code inside Python. but you can create a C-module which then can be imported from Python code

tutubalin: Of course C code should be aware that it is used with Python and follow some conventions

Default avatar.png AggYz: oki

AntiSquid: "boomer language" lol, is older than some boomer's parents

AntiSquid: fortran is

Default avatar.png AggYz: is there only like 20 ppl who know lua here

Default avatar.png AggYz: what is the minority language here

reCurse: D

Default avatar.png AggYz: D has a nice name ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

AntiSquid: automatonnn lives matter

AutomatonNN: i feel like i can't say anything about the contest

jacek: !

reCurse: Ohh is that a penis joke

AntiSquid: i am only D user so i am minority!!!

reCurse: Nice!!!

Default avatar.png AggYz: your D is pretty minor

Default avatar.png sachinnb_2005507: hey

AntiSquid: im going to burn and loot your house if you discriminate me with your joke AggYz

Default avatar.png AggYz: woah

Default avatar.png sachinnb_2005507: wtf antisqquid

Default avatar.png AggYz: ban yourself

AntiSquid: coming

Default avatar.png AggYz: is cock free speech

Default avatar.png AggYz: coc

tutubalin: this D minor joke was really good one

Default avatar.png AggYz: big thank

Default avatar.png sachinnb_2005507: hey

dbdr: I had missed it, thanks tutubalin, and gg reCurse

Default avatar.png AggYz: hey

Default avatar.png sachinnb_2005507: wassup

Default avatar.png AggYz: I will discriminate against you because of your name

Default avatar.png AggYz: change it to sachinnbruh

Default avatar.png sachinnb_2005507: i'll tear you to half

Default avatar.png AggYz: no numbers = "sexy"

reCurse: Alright that's enough shitchatting

Default avatar.png sachinnb_2005507: i am not your bruh

Default avatar.png AggYz: ?

Default avatar.png sachinnb_2005507: okay , recurse now get the fuck out of here

Hjax: cg chat is weird today

reCurse: Ok

Snef: Our savior \o/

Default avatar.png AggYz: :eggplant::peach:

reCurse: Any more takers?

jacek: :no_mouth:

AntiSquid: lol

AntiSquid: no manners at all

reCurse: Dunno why chat to teenagers is like catnip to cats

jrke: What a chat !

Default avatar.png FelixvanBeusekom: hi

reCurse: :wave:

jrke: Recurse i tried hard but didn't even completed 1 lap in CSB against you :neutral_face:

reCurse: Hehe

Hjax: watching the good csb bots play is so interesting

Hjax: i watched a game where re curse's pod bounced off an enemy pod, creating a perfect gap for his second pod to get through

reCurse: It's definitely not about racing anymore past a certain point

Hjax: its about being a massive bully

Hjax: and just blocking forever

reCurse: Yeah and cooperation

Default avatar.png ViewDeveloper: reCurse what does that icon mean?

reCurse: Tooltip says moderator

Default avatar.png ViewDeveloper: So you're an employee of the site? :thinking:

reCurse: No

Default avatar.png FelixvanBeusekom: Guys how do i sqrt() in c++?

Default avatar.png ViewDeveloper: <script>alert("The robots are here.");</script>

AntiSquid: is it just NN or are there any conditions you added to your CSB bot?

reCurse: It basically just means I keep the chat clean as best I can

Default avatar.png ViewDeveloper: darn

Default avatar.png ViewDeveloper: come play coc

reCurse: No

reCurse: AntiSquid: The only "just NN" bot is Fenrir afaik

AntiSquid: sqrt() FelixvanBeusekom, not sure what you mean

Hjax: #include <math.h> sqrt() ?

Default avatar.png FelixvanBeusekom: Thanks Hjax

Default avatar.png FelixvanBeusekom: Actually cmath instead of math.h but i got it

jrke: ya for c++ use #include <cmath>

AntiSquid: :>

jacek: and for D <dmath>

eulerscheZahl: and for java it's JMath?


jacek: oh boy

AntiSquid: Tamizh no clash link invites here

tutubalin: only UTTT discussions are allowed here

jrke: whats UTTT means ?

jacek: maybe reBless will explain

tutubalin: Ultimate Topic To Talk

jrke: oh

darkhorse64: You are not a real CodinGamer if you have no UTTT bot

reCurse: Is that CGatekeeping?

dbdr: CGregation

struct: gg jacek

jacek: boring game, make new one

Default avatar.png **AggYz l

darkhorse64: This game needs a boss

jacek: damn

dbdr: someone spoke too soon

darkhorse64: trictrac is a tough nut

jacek: hmm maybe i should skip eval at last moves, i think i can solve it at 12-13 plies before end

OiYouYeahYou: @HexaHonut Hello stranger!

struct: No time to make a boss :(

jacek: in the beginning i had 5 strike win with him but later i was losing

darkhorse64: I can make one for you but it will rank around 7-9

struct: Sure, I would also make contribution private so they cant download the code

darkhorse64: There is a link to the referee, that's enough

struct: yeah

jacek: you want to add boss after its been approved?

jacek: what would happen to the bots now?

struct: bot will submit

struct: all above get promoted

struct: after it gets 100%

dbdr: will ppl get demoted from woo1 to wood2 first?

struct: everyone starts at wood 2

struct: so yeah

dbdr: but people are already in wood1

struct: wood 1 becomes wood 2

dbdr: ok, cool

jacek: especially at morning

Default avatar.png NathMin: Anyone else got the CTO lurking on his LinkedIn account ?

Default avatar.png NathMin: My guess is a bot is using his account, but still, weird

eulerscheZahl: that leads to a follow-up poll: who has a linkedIn account?

PatrickMcGinnisII: Next poll: who has a LN acct just to weed out fakes?

PatrickMcGinnisII: I have 0 contacts, but I am on LN... what's your point eulerscheZahl?

eulerscheZahl: my point is: i don't have "the CTO lurking" on my LinkedIn. But I don't have a LinkedIn account, so it's not surprising

eulerscheZahl: my social media account is this one on CG

jrke: ya same here no whatsapp,FB,etc just CG


dbf: "my social media account is this one on CG" - whats about

eulerscheZahl: i don't use that one for chatting

eulerscheZahl: i know nothing about RAIC players who are not active on CG as well

eulerscheZahl: jeez, that storry PatrickMcGinnisII :o

eulerscheZahl: and the employer didn't even verify your accusation?

NASADeveloper102: Hi, I'm new to codingame. What's there to do here?

NASADeveloper102: Sorry if I'm interrupting a conversation

eulerscheZahl: if you are new to coding: if you feel confident already:

PatrickMcGinnisII: I don't know exactly what they did, but I'm sure they firedrilled his work computers and email, because he did lose the job.

NASADeveloper102: Thanks.


if you have spended sometime in coding :smiley:

Default avatar.png sayantan_2005516:

can anyone send me the solution of this code

jrke: no-one will send his solution make your own solution

reCurse: Nope

NASADeveloper102: o _ o, wouldn't it be better to solve it yourself?

LelouchVC2: I'll send love

Default avatar.png sayantan_2005516: plesae

Default avatar.png sayantan_2005516: please

reCurse: Cheating won't get you anywhere

NASADeveloper102: The solution of the code is

< Patience >

Default avatar.png sayantan_2005516: sorry

PatrickMcGinnisII: Most americans are easy to find, LN is just 1 more way to gather info. Getting a name, addy,email,phone,DL # is easy... I'm wide open IDC, but don't mess w/ computer geeks. ;)

jrke: why everybody ask for solution :thinking:

NASADeveloper102: Maybe they just need more programming knowledge to solve the problems here.

NASADeveloper102: Which I guess would be the objective of this place, to push people to learn more programming?

NASADeveloper102: Or to get more cash :)

jrke: hey i wanna ask to recurse,Agade and all top rankers in CSB are they using smitsimax or anything else

reCurse: pb4 and Agade published a document saying what they do

jrke: Where?

PatrickMcGinnisII: Some of the more challenging puzzles really take a deep dive into math oriented algorithms, that i get...ascii-art ... c'mon ... learn to google or learn to code

eulerscheZahl: github

jrke: K

eulerscheZahl: pb4git account


jrke: thanks

PatrickMcGinnisII: base85... interesting... I did a base88, it works for hardcoding big numbers

jrke: recurse do you have Phd(s) in computers

reCurse: No

jrke: k

eulerscheZahl: agade has a PhD I think. But in Physics

Astrobytes: w lesavo too iirc, again in some branch of physics

Astrobytes: hi jrke

jrke: hey astrobytes

jrke: just going to sleep in 10 mins

jrke: no problem

NASADeveloper102: Should I really be doing coders-strike-back if I don't have a lot of experience with nueral networks? Well I guess the first question I would ask is, "does it require one"?

jrke: not till silver its easy till silver

NASADeveloper102: Easy seems like a very opinionated statement here.

eulerscheZahl: 100000 players and the arena. and top4 are neural networks

eulerscheZahl: still plenty of players without

NASADeveloper102: I see.

jrke: i just have simple simulation and in legend with 189 rank

eulerscheZahl: there are also minimax, monte carlo tree search, genetic algorithms, ... on the leaderboard

jrke: smitsimax also

NASADeveloper102: Simple still seems pretty complicated.

eulerscheZahl: personally i don't even think that CSB is a good game for getting started

NASADeveloper102: Perhaps it's simple to you. It may not necessarily be to me.

reCurse: Neural networks are no concern to you until you care about breaching top 4 legend

Hjax: pr2 turned out to be pretty straight forward and fun

jrke: but CSB have tutorial in starting i think so

Astrobytes: Just depends on your experience I guess whether CSB suits you or not

Astrobytes: Plenty other games to try out, that's for sure

eulerscheZahl: it took me a while to understand the turning angle and why i should slow down. just missed a proper description of physics

eulerscheZahl: "beginner friendly" :rolling_eyes:

jrke: but these things are in gold euler

Hjax: ghost in the cell is also pretty easy to get started with

NASADeveloper102: What is the incentive for getting legend?

Hjax: pride! xp!

Hjax: thats about it

Astrobytes: + bragging rights if you can get to the top

Default avatar.png wattakuki: Damn I just started this website today and I can't get past the first level without help /./

eulerscheZahl: occasionally there are contests on CodinGame. You can win tshirts and other goodies there. Multiplayer games are just for fun and learning

jrke: :smiley:

WINWINWIN: Astrobytes, have you ever encountered a continous None output in minimax?

NASADeveloper102: I see.

Astrobytes: No, because I don't use python WINWINWIN :P

jrke: hey winwinwin

Hjax: if minimax is returning none, you have a bug

eulerscheZahl: but we have to wait a few months till the next contest :(

Astrobytes: But sure, I've had no move returned when I had bugs

jrke: ya october or november


Hjax: i suppose theres no hope of another surprise contest like OOC?

jrke: next contest

Astrobytes: Wait for second wave of COVID Hjax

eulerscheZahl: a surprise contest would require an existing game

Hjax: i guess the unofficial contest was the surprise contest

eulerscheZahl: OOC was an old prototype, as no one had anything else

eulerscheZahl: went much better than expected

Hjax: i see

Astrobytes: Was a lockdown-special

eulerscheZahl: i think the next bot contest i'll play will be mini RAIC

eulerscheZahl: no date announced yet

jrke: k

dbdr: Hjax: step 1, start a new pandemic

eulerscheZahl: what soup do you want to try?

jacek: frog soup

dbdr: toad

eulerscheZahl: :scream:

jrke: :smiley:

eulerscheZahl: :runner:

Astrobytes: Toad-licking should do it

Hjax: maybe we can convince thibpat to do another unofficial contest in a month or two


Astrobytes: :d

Astrobytes: :d

Astrobytes: oh dammit

jrke: :smiley:

eulerscheZahl: simpsons is like xkcd

jrke: im going to sleep bye to all

Astrobytes: Definitely eulerscheZahl

Astrobytes: goodnight jrke, sleep well

jacek: welp

jrke: gn astrobytes

USE-TO: We need python3.8 support

Astrobytes: hey jacek, good work in Othello, tric is struggling to get back on top (for now)

jacek: yeah he resubmitted and was 2nd

Astrobytes: I saw :)

trictrac: gg jacek yout bot is strong

jacek: so lesson today: keep your lucky resubmit

trictrac: *your

jacek: thx

Astrobytes: It is very strong, what did you improve today? Or you don't wanna say

jacek: better move ordering, fixed killer heuristic so it wont overwrite best move from TT

jacek: as well adjusted weights for eval

Astrobytes: Nice. Was a very clear improvement, well done again

LelouchVC2: We need C++22 support

LelouchVC2: I want features that I don't yet know I want

Hjax: move gen in othello looks annoying

Astrobytes: Why?

Hjax: because if a move is legal or not depends on the state of the rest of the board

Hjax: its not like chess, where you just look at one piece

Hjax: some chess engines dont even care about check making moves illegal, and just allow the king to be taken

Hjax: because forced loss is avoided anyway

Astrobytes: It's not too difficult, just some shifting and whatnot

jacek: you just need to copy paste clever bitboard tricks from internet and your good to go :v

Hjax: lol

Hjax: oh hey look, the chessprogrammingwiki has an othello page

Hjax: amazing

Astrobytes: I think I need to look for some of those

Hjax: i found someone just precomputing a table of all legal moves for a given row

jacek: for testing eval i use random xot openings so i could see if eval is really better or just better against my old bot

Hjax: and then just rotating their bitboard

Hjax: well, keeping rotations of their bitboard

struct: If you think othello is annoying

struct: you should see yinsh

struct: :p

Hjax: i clicked on yinsh once

Hjax: i noped out of there real fast

Astrobytes: "i clicked on yinsh once" - meme-worthy


PatrickMcGinnisII: :joy:

PatrickMcGinnisII: fair numbering puzzle took me a couple hours, but got it down to 18 lines

PatrickMcGinnisII: I'llc all today a success, now to mow the frickin' lawn

PatrickMcGinnisII: glhf

AntiSquid: mowing lawn is probably more enjoyable

Default avatar.png anyo: HEY

Default avatar.png AggYz: guys

Default avatar.png AggYz: I have question

Default avatar.png AggYz: what are pipelines

Hjax: like, for continuous integration?

Hjax: if so, then its an automated process for building / running / testing the code you push to a repository

NASADeveloper102: I doubt this, but I'll ask anyway. Does using C++, or any compiled language decrease execution time in bot programming puzzles?

LelouchVC2: If you're asking because the puzzle says ur solution is taking too long

LelouchVC2: Then no I'd say. It should be referring more to time complexities

NASADeveloper102: Okay that makes sense.

NASADeveloper102: I haven't gotten that, but I figured that was a thing.

LelouchVC2: Try to make your program do less work - make it work smarter not ahrder

LelouchVC2: harder*

NASADeveloper102: Thanks!

LelouchVC2: <3

struct: NASADeveloper102 you mean on multiplayers?

NASADeveloper102: Yes

Uljahn: do you mean time limits?

NASADeveloper102: As I said, I haven't gotten an error regarding the time it takes to execute code.

NASADeveloper102: And I don't mean time limits.

struct: Which multi?

NASADeveloper102: Any of them

NASADeveloper102: Will the answer change per each one?

struct: shouldn0't

NASADeveloper102: Okay then

struct: Just wanted to know if it was multies

struct: so compilation time should not matter

struct: what matters is execution time

struct: Which is the same for all languages

NASADeveloper102: I know the compilation time shouldn't matter.

NASADeveloper102: But thank you for that latter piece of information.

Hjax: you are given the same amount of time, but obviously a faster language will get more done in that time

struct: This doesnt apply to puzzles though

struct: at least for some

Hjax: theres a reason you dont see any python bots at the top of uttt

NASADeveloper102: I see.

struct: Rust has release mode

struct: C# does too

struct: C++ has pragmas

NASADeveloper102: Release mode?

Hjax: when you run a language like rust in the IDE, its compiled in "debug" mode, which is slower but gives you more helpful errors

Hjax: when you hit submit, its compiled in "release" mode, which is much faster

NASADeveloper102: I see.

NASADeveloper102: Thanks.

NASADeveloper102: Do you recommend a bot programming competition I should try first?

MPSI_LIV_CronierDamiano: hey guys

NASADeveloper102: Hello.

MPSI_LIV_CronierDamiano: is there someone who know ocaml ?

struct: Which type of games do you like nasa?

NASADeveloper102: What type of games do I like?

NASADeveloper102: I like RPGs like pokemon.

Hjax: well a beginner should probably play a game that isnt too hard to wrap your head around, im currently looking at Ghost in the Cell, which looks pretty straight forward

NASADeveloper102: Thanks for the recommendation, I'll look into it.

Hjax: i also recently played Platinum Rift 2, that was pretty fun and straight forward as well

NASADeveloper102: Okay, I'll probably write these down.

NASADeveloper102: These all have leagues right?

Hjax: platinum rift 2 does not

Hjax: it just has a normal leaderboard

Hjax: still an enjoyable game

struct: Fantastic bits

struct: best game

NASADeveloper102: Okay, cool.

NASADeveloper102: Thanks!

Uljahn: yinsh is better :smirk:

NASADeveloper102: yinsh?

Hjax: i would not recommend yinsh to a beginner

struct: yinsh might be a bit hard for starting

NASADeveloper102: I see, okay.

NASADeveloper102: Do you mean beginner to programming, or beginner to puzzles?

Hjax: both

NASADeveloper102: Or perhaps a mixture of both?

NASADeveloper102: I see.

struct: These modules are driving me crazy

struct: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

NASADeveloper102: Also another question, why is coders strike back so, infamous here?

Hjax: because it has by far the most users on its leaderboard

Hjax: also the game is pretty difficult imo, but maybe im just bad at games like that

struct: Game is hard to get to top 50/100 maybe

struct: But I think it's a good to learn

NASADeveloper102: Okay, thanks!

Hjax: personally i find grid based games to be way more straight forward

struct: It has a guide on how to write a sim written by a cg user

NASADeveloper102: A "sim" meaning simulator?

Hjax: yes

Hjax: a lot of games on this site benefit from having a sim in your bot, to figure out the outcome of your actions

NASADeveloper102: I don't quite understand the benefits of a simulator in a bot.

Uljahn: predicting the future

Hjax: ^

NASADeveloper102: I see.

NASADeveloper102: So you take the game variables and you use those to predict the future.

NASADeveloper102: I assume?

Hjax: if i do this, and he does that? what will happen? a sim answers that question

NASADeveloper102: Huh.

NASADeveloper102: Neat.

struct: Then you evaluate

struct: The best state

Hjax: yeah then you ask yourself, i do this, and he does that. do i like the result? what if he does something else?

NASADeveloper102: Whenever creating "self-sustaining" programs I usually use a finite state machine, is that what you mean by "state"?

NASADeveloper102: I think that makes sense.

Hjax: you go through all of your actions, and all of your opponents actions

Hjax: and find the combinations that result in the best situation

Hjax: assuming your opponent plays optimally

NASADeveloper102: Wouldn't this result in a large execution time?

NASADeveloper102: I guess not if you write it well enough, or the game is simple enough.

LelouchVC2: HEADLINE: A bot that uses Random numbers to generate random moves destroys opponents

NASADeveloper102: 0 _ o

Hjax: if you are curious, look up the minimax algorithm

NASADeveloper102: Okay, sure.

Hjax: generally bots that use it run until they run out of time, and go with the best move they found

Hjax: but you have plenty of time to look quite a few moves into the future

Hjax: depending on the game

NASADeveloper102: Okay.

NASADeveloper102: Cool.

NASADeveloper102: Thanks, I never knew this.

NASADeveloper102: I really appreciate this.

struct: Also there is AVX :)

NASADeveloper102: AVX?

NASADeveloper102: Is that another algorithm?

struct: no

NASADeveloper102: Is AVX a bot programming puzzle?

struct: Advanced vector extensions

NASADeveloper102: o _ 0

NASADeveloper102: What exactly does this mean?

struct: Imagine you have 8 floats

NASADeveloper102: Okay.

struct: and you want to add those 8 floats to another 8

struct: with avx those 8 floats take the same time as 1 float

NASADeveloper102: :thinking: Huh.


struct: This you can skip

struct: If you don't need it

NASADeveloper102: :thinking: Okay

Default avatar.png AggYz: guys what are doubles

Default avatar.png AggYz: i dont undestand what double data tyes are

struct: doubles?

Default avatar.png AggYz: y

Default avatar.png AggYz: ye

Default avatar.png AggYz: yes

Idleless: If you know what a float is, it's double the precision of a float (twice the size, same function). If you don't know what a float is, it's a real number (a number with a decimal place. example: 3.1234)

Default avatar.png AggYz: hwo double precison

Default avatar.png AggYz: how

struct: more bits

Uljahn: Automaton2000: what are numbers?

Automaton2000: i need a new object

NASADeveloper102: This is a bot for codingame?

NASADeveloper102: Where does

Uljahn: ye, there are two of them

NASADeveloper102: Where does it get it's messages from

NASADeveloper102: also what is the second bot

struct: chat

struct: AutomatonNN

NASADeveloper102: Huh neat.

AutomatonNN: eulerscheZahl is there a way to see the code and it works for me i was wrong about that in the code

Idleless: @AggYz

Default avatar.png AggYz: @Idleless thanks

Default avatar.png AggYz: /me

NASADeveloper102: Also hasn't this been here for a long time? I mean the bot. So how does it choose the messages from such a large amount of them?

Default avatar.png **AggYz has thanked you

Hjax: it doesnt choose messages, it generates them, learning from chat

Uljahn: with Markov chains

NASADeveloper102: Wow I just suspected that it chose a random message based on one already spoken.


Automaton2000: some of the things i do in the next round

Default avatar.png AggYz:

Default avatar.png AggYz: any1 jooin im lonely

NASADeveloper102: What is the point of clash of code?

Hjax: depending on who you ask, there isnt one

Default avatar.png AggYz: fun

Default avatar.png AggYz: fun

Default avatar.png AggYz: learn

Default avatar.png AggYz: flex

Default avatar.png AggYz: ez

NASADeveloper102: What circumstances would make you have to write code for an answer to a prompt quickly?

Default avatar.png AggYz: interview

Hjax: job interviews

NASADeveloper102: And you would have to beat other people.

Uljahn: or bots

Default avatar.png AggYz: this is basically interviews

Hjax: not everything that is fun has to be useful

NASADeveloper102: I was thinking a coding competition

Hjax: if you think its fun, go play it

Hjax: ive played a bit of it, its alright

NASADeveloper102: Well I guess if it's useful in a job interview.

NASADeveloper102: I should try to spend at least an hour a day doing it.

struct: Clashes have downsides

NASADeveloper102: Because a social media life, is something I lack.

Hjax: honestly i like playing a multi has more benefits to a job interview than clash

Hjax: i feel like*

Uljahn: agreed

reCurse: Social media is the worst invention of the last decade, so no worries

NASADeveloper102: What benefits would outweigh the ones ones for clashes?

struct: in clash you will get bad coding habits

Default avatar.png AggYz: how

Hjax: code written quickly has the tendency to not be particularly good code

NASADeveloper102: Probably.

NASADeveloper102: But couldn't you say that you can learn to find a solution to a problem quickly and then write code for it?

NASADeveloper102: But I guess the same problem arrives.

NASADeveloper102: The quality of the code could potentially be lowered.

struct: I have 3695 clashes, and I don't recommend them

reCurse: It's not code you should be interested in but problem solving

Default avatar.png AggYz: i agwee with wecuwse

reCurse: For clash there's definitely diminishing returns

struct: most clashes are math problems and parse strings anyways

NASADeveloper102: Okay.

NASADeveloper102: Is there a memory limit in multiplayer puzzles?

Hjax: yes, 768 mb

Uljahn: multis teach you staying focused on large tasks, thinking of architecture, performant data structures and optimizations i guess

NASADeveloper102: Thanks

NASADeveloper102: You probably can't include other libraries that aren't in the standards right?

Hjax: list of libraries by language here

Uljahn: check

NASADeveloper102: I mean like pandas?

NASADeveloper102: Thanks.

Hjax: python does get pandas yes

NASADeveloper102: Thanks.

NASADeveloper102: Do you think the PS5 is going to live up to the hype it's getting?

Default avatar.png AggYz: no

NASADeveloper102: Well that was surprising?

NASADeveloper102: Why?

tomatoes: games > specs

NASADeveloper102: Huh, yeah you're right.

NASADeveloper102: I don't play console games, but I was thinking about getting an xbox or play station.

NASADeveloper102: So I can be introduced into the console gaming world with their accessories and money making schemes.

NASADeveloper102: And then I can feel the anger among gamers that have to spend money on seemingly meaningless things, that are required for some games.

NASADeveloper102: or features of them.

tomatoes: i have only psvr, used it ~2 times

NASADeveloper102: . . .

NASADeveloper102: How do you use something a negative amount of times?

NASADeveloper102: Anyway.

NASADeveloper102: I assume, "psvr" is play station virtual reality?

tomatoes: around two times

tomatoes: yes

NASADeveloper102: Wouldn't it make sense to put ~2 and not -2

tomatoes: as i did

NASADeveloper102: Wait a minute....

NASADeveloper102: That's tilda?

NASADeveloper102: What is this font?

tomatoes: tilda, yes

NASADeveloper102: Huh.

struct: -~

Reksio: Hi All. Does anyone know how Submitted application deal with Jit compilation? I know that code which first time runs for 1800 microseconds can run in just 15 microseconds if it runs 2nd time just after the first run. Is every submitted puzzle run twice at least?

Reksio: Or even every test case...

Reksio: Or is some kind of AoT (CoreRT) compilation used?

eulerscheZahl: your code is run once on every testcase. the speedup to account for JIT languages is to give 1s for the first turn. you have less time for later turns, whenever there is a loop of repeated input and output