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Key_Zhao: hi


thibpat: hello, I'm starting to stream Platinum Rift 2 =>

jrke: hey thibpat im joining

jacek: :tada:

Key_Zhao: :smiley_cat:

BlackGarlic: ?

BlackGarlic: ?

Default avatar.png JErin: hello

Default avatar.png JErin: is anybody here?

DarkScene: hi is anybody alive

DarkScene: i have trouble with IDE , wrote solution correctly but show this message "Timeout: your program did not write to the standard output in due time."

WINWINWIN: Solution may be correct, but if you take more than 50ms, it will timeout

WINWINWIN: Test it offline adding a print statement for end time and see what happends

DarkScene: how to do that offline ?

WINWINWIN: Are you doing a puzzle or a bot program?

WINWINWIN: if its a puzzle, just copy paste the puzzle test case

DarkScene: puzzles

DarkScene: where is possible to test offline ? Recommend please.

WINWINWIN: which language?

DarkScene: python3

WINWINWIN: For a temporary run,


WINWINWIN: paste your code, then click on run

WINWINWIN: after that paste the test case line by line

WINWINWIN: And, add this to the beginning of the code:

WINWINWIN: import time

WINWINWIN: start = time.time()

WINWINWIN: And, at the end:

WINWINWIN: print((time.time() - start) // 1000)

DarkScene: output that line line > for i in range(8):

DarkScene: as error

DarkScene: but that line was ok at start on codingame at all

WINWINWIN: you cannot copy paste all at once...

WINWINWIN: copy paste line by line

DarkScene: why is so ?

Dan4Life: .

Default avatar.png SomJiam: Yo

Default avatar.png Apichat: HI Somjiam

AdamEPITECH: hey


jacek: mhm

Default avatar.png MuratToprak: oh i couldnt understand anything can anybody hel pme

Default avatar.png MuratToprak: ok done

struct: cegprakash when next stream?

Deeluxe: Hello,

DarkScene: how it can be pinging leads to zero packet received to this website ? I have no wonder for error like this Timeout: your program did not write to the standard output in due time.

DarkScene: i did that pinging on cmd

Astrobytes: pinging the website is not related to your code timing out

Astrobytes: You have either exceeded the time limit or you have printed your answer incorrectly.

DarkScene: related , because after refresh brings other errors

DarkScene: on same code

Astrobytes: Timeout: *your program* did not write to the standard output in due time

Default avatar.png MuratToprak: I really leader on Wood1??

DarkScene: i have that problem and no solution even if code is corected on youtube was video with answer and i put it and post error : Timeout: your program did not write to the standard output in due time.

struct: where?

DarkScene: the descent puzzle makes such errors

struct: language?

DarkScene: english

struct: programming languagfef

struct: language*

DarkScene: python3

struct: put code here ill check

DarkScene: while True:

DarkScene: i hope you can view it.

struct: you misspell height

struct: you put height = heigh

struct: also it should only be height = mountain_h

Astrobytes: And fix your indentation

DarkScene: i fixed but still dont work for me

Astrobytes: Paste your code again

DarkScene: while True:

Astrobytes: It's your indentation, as I said

DarkScene: yes

Hjax: ouch that indentation

Astrobytes: after you use while, for, or if, the next line must be indented with a tab

Astrobytes: Your code is not indented correctly

struct: while True:

Astrobytes: Well, I was trying to avoid doing it for him but... :P

Hjax: thanks struct, my eyes arent bleeding anymore

struct: I updated ui a bit


Hjax: that is one thing i like about people learning python as a first language

struct: Added lines for debug toggle

Hjax: it forces good indentation habits

Astrobytes: Yeah, in that respect it is good I agree

struct: Can you see both lines astro?

struct: Im not sure blue can be seen easily for some colorblind people

Astrobytes: Yeah can see it fine

struct: thanks

Astrobytes: If one line was a light purple and one was blue I'd have trouble ;)

struct: UI looks good enough right?

Astrobytes: Yea, I like the debug lines, good work man

Hjax: got to all caps the stuff in the settings

Astrobytes: ^ yeah

Astrobytes: Nice of Random Python Guy to thank us all eh

Hjax: game ui looks good though ^_^

struct: I will only stop adding multies one I get puzzle of the week

struct: once *

Astrobytes: Never stop struct, never stop :)

Astrobytes: Think of all those sad little board games out there, just wishing someone would port them to CG

struct: oh no default replay in Yavalath

struct: doesnt show pictures anymore :(

Astrobytes: SDK update thing?

struct: One was my removed account

DarkScene: i have fixed indentation but still problem exist

Astrobytes: Paste your code again

struct: I guess automaton2000 pic link was changed

Automaton2000: legends of code and magic

DarkScene: while True:

struct: ah it did, it wasnt this picture

struct: the if is not indented

Hjax: your indentation is still incorrect DarkScene

struct: AutomatonNN hi

AutomatonNN: okk why the code is still only what i don't want

Astrobytes: The if needs to be in line with the mountain_h line

Astrobytes: You have an extra tab

DarkScene: i have fixed now it

DarkScene: and game works as should be

Astrobytes: Just remember that for every loop or condition, everything after it must be indented by 1 tab

Astrobytes: You'll get used to it soon

DarkScene: can i remove comments as code in codegaming ?

Default avatar.png ZombieSkull_c262: It's a bit annoying that you are limited to the coding options but at least it helps thinks in the most simplistic way

Default avatar.png ZombieSkull_c262: yeah you can

Uljahn: the only thing you shouldn't touch is inputs

Hjax: do the best temperatures submissions hard code the test cases?

struct: Important update submited

struct: Hjax I have no clue what they do

struct: Some just run bash code

Hjax: i feel like ive spent too much time on the code golf problems and i only get things im not very satisfied with

Hjax: what makes bash such a good code golf language? i havent really used it

struct: I'm not sure, I don't know bash

Hjax: like someone did power of thor in 58 characters, thats less than half the size of my submission

struct: I know that feeling

struct: I have 93 chars solution in js and first is 56

struct: on power of thor you never need to go north

Hjax: .......

Hjax: really?

struct: yeah

Hjax: thats hilarious

struct: This warning was not a thing before was it "Warning: your code did not read all available input before printing an instruction, your outputs will not be synchronized with the game's turns and unexpected behaviour may occur."

Astrobytes: I've been getting that all day

Astrobytes: But randomly

Astrobytes: As in, I was definitely still reading the available input

struct: I think they are touching chat too

struct: it messes a bit once i open it in a new window

struct: on same window*P

Astrobytes: Hm, chat's been OK for me so far

struct: it works fine, but when I open ide, it will show me only some messages, then refresh and show all again

struct: Hjax you have done temperatures too right?

Scarfield: i got that message yesterday struct, when i was using the wrong link

Hjax: yeah ive done temperatures, im like 20 characters off of the best python submission

Hjax: temperatures would be so much easier if you didnt have to print 0 if you get no temperatures

struct: I have 3 chars more than best javsascript

struct: with js

struct: but i never found how to reduce

Hjax: i just add the first input*9 to my list of strings to sort

Hjax: because 111111111 is greater than the biggest possible input

Hjax: but im sure theres a better way to do it

struct: I use sort

DarkScene: is codingame good for beginners ?

Default avatar.png Matrix007: ohn is a farmer, and he is very smart. He observed that the amount of corn he gets in a year is equal to the sum of the amounts that he got in the last 3 years except, of course, his first 3 years as a good farmer. So given a year N and T0, T1 and T2, where Ti is the amount he gets on year i, output the amount of corn he will get in the year N mod 1000000007. can anyone understand this

Default avatar.png Matrix007: sry

Default avatar.png Matrix007: for the long copy paste

Uljahn: DarkScene: CG is good for practice

Hjax: Matrix007 your problem sounds like the tribonacci sequence, but i dont understand the mod big at the end

Hjax: mod bit*

Astrobytes: Something to do with integer overflow prevention

Hjax: oh, i read it as taking the mod of the year, not the mod of the result

Hjax: that makes sense

Default avatar.png Matrix007: well thanks

Astrobytes: Yeah that's how I read it first time through too

Default avatar.png duy_e: hi ! i have a question , can I redo the problem that I didn't done bẻoe?

Default avatar.png duy_e: i mean before

Astrobytes: Puzzle or clash?

Default avatar.png duy_e: clash

Default avatar.png duy_e: clash

Astrobytes: duy_e No, but you can search for it here if you remember the statement/name of it and solve it in your own time

Default avatar.png duy_e: oh! thank you so much

Astrobytes: You're welcome


struct: :')

eulerscheZahl: get rekt

struct: I should finish statement today

struct: I don't think I need to change anything else in the game

MSmits: maybe an anti-fox handicap?

eulerscheZahl: but you want to farm upvotes

struct: fox already had ai

struct: from 1990

MSmits: i know

MSmits: saw it

MSmits: its cool

MSmits: ttyl getting out of train

struct: cya

eulerscheZahl: wow, that AI is older than me :o

struct: Yeah, same

struct: I wonder how strong it is

eulerscheZahl: hard to tell with 10 games in demo contributions

struct: also most of bots are random

struct: so there is that

struct: The downside of giving legal actions

eulerscheZahl: but where is anisquid with D?

eulerscheZahl: i forgot the t :/

struct: Havent seen him in a while

struct: also where is tri c trac ai

Astrobytes: hey, mine isn't random

eulerscheZahl: first move?

struct: ^

eulerscheZahl: or last?

Astrobytes: sorted, and both, depending on id

eulerscheZahl: and where is thunderbird?

Astrobytes: good point, haven't seen him for months now

eulerscheZahl: online on discord

Astrobytes: Not much time for CG I guess

struct: I need to start hiring someone to write the statements

struct: Also I think I should start writing default ais

struct: Or do you think this is not needed?

struct: All my default ais are random seed, print

Hjax: oooh rank 40 in pr2

Hjax: starting to get somewhere

Default avatar.png Pooshlmer: A starting framework would definitely encourage participation

darkhorse64: waiting for your PM

darkhorse64: I did not spend much time on my pr2 bot. The bulk of it is 30 LOC and I am 140th with it. Previous version was a straight dump of my PR1 bot. It's only know that i realize that PR2 is an interesting game

darkhorse64: *now*

Hjax: my bot is currently 204 lines

Hjax: i should port my pr2 bot to pr1 lol

Default avatar.png rares: .

Default avatar.png rares: does any1 know why console says no output found despite me printing stuff?

Uljahn: could be extra space or \n, or printing to stderr

struct: I did not had a steal for this game

MSmits: it's thought to be solved as a draw

struct: add

MSmits: even if it hasn't been proven

MSmits: assuming you're talking about Othello

struct: yeah

MSmits: yeah I think it's fine not to add a steal here

MSmits: in yavalath it was absolutely critical to have a steal because without it, p1 would always win

struct: yeah

struct: I added in yinsh, but I think its not needed at all

MSmits: havent looked at Yinsh yet

MSmits: for me the order is: Oware -> Othello -> Breakthrough currently

struct: I think to get a bot working is too much work

struct: What are you currently doing on Oware?

struct: Solving end game?

MSmits: yes, looking at several things for oware, including end games

ArnaldurBjarnason: how hard would it be to have scheme added to the useable language

ArnaldurBjarnason: list?

MSmits: not sure what you are talking about

ArnaldurBjarnason: scheme is a programming language and I would love to be able to make bots using it

ArnaldurBjarnason: it's a LISP

Uljahn: you'd better ask admins on forum or discord

ArnaldurBjarnason: ok cool, thanks for the tip :)

MSmits: ah, well if it's not in there its not likely to be added any time soon, they add languages rarely, but they do add them

MSmits: last time i think they polled to see which language should be added

MSmits: D was added then

Uljahn: D is for dead?

Uljahn: nobody uses it besides Antisquid

struct: I would not say he uses it

Uljahn: jk

ArnaldurBjarnason: It's a pretty neat language but most detractors say that it's not a significant enough improvement over C++ to be worth the change

MSmits: those damned detractors

MSmits: always the same thing with those guys

struct: My coding skils have improved since I switched to D

struct: Now Im able to finish community multies in 1 day

MSmits: ?

MSmits: you dont code them in D

struct: Sorry I keep trolling :(

MSmits: I thought maybe D made you hate coding bots so much that you exclusively focus on creating multis now

MSmits: arggh I hate this, my best oware bot has an ugly part in the code and when I "improve" it my bot performs worse

struct: Nah, I just stopped because I enjoy creating multis

inoryy: i'm so productive since I switched to D I don't even need to submit to multis anymore

inoryy: I just look at problem statements and know the solution

MSmits: why bother coding it then

MSmits: you've got nothing to prove, you D wizard you

struct: D got you a job at Deepmind

Hjax: the D IDE is just where you put in your paypal so they know where to send the prize money

MSmits: ahh that's why its called D

inoryy: math checks out, struct

struct: Yeah, D was created by DeepMind

jacek: woah what a push

Default avatar.png MalwareBoy: malwareboy says hello

Scarfield: hi

struct: hi Scarfield

struct: MSmits how much time would you say I should put for Othello?

MSmits: time?

MSmits: oh calc time

struct: yeah

MSmits: 100 ms possible?

struct: even higher

MSmits: hmm

MSmits: at least 100

struct: even 300 should be possible

Scarfield: max of 60 turns

Scarfield: so 30 per player

struct: 490 max

struct: or my math is wrong?

MSmits: well I dont know, if you put a higher max you'll make submits slower is all

struct: yeah

struct: Im not sure what to do

struct: I put 2 sec at first turn though

struct: for memory allocation of players

MSmits: 2 ??

struct: 2 sec yeah

MSmits: why 2 instead of 1>?

struct: firs turn only

struct: because on uTTT 1 sec is not enough for me

struct: to allocate all nodes :p

Scarfield: ;o

Scarfield: :o *

Scarfield: do you set node values that are not = 0

MSmits: struct, is this on c++?

struct: yes MSmits

struct: let me check Scarfield

MSmits: I can fill all memory and it requires almost no time

MSmits: your problem is that you are assigning values to properties

MSmits: dont do that

MSmits: just int x;

MSmits: not int x = 0;

struct: all values are 0

MSmits: yeah dont do that

MSmits: dont set it to 0

struct: Node() : childCount(0), moveBoardPos(0), moveBoardIndex(0), visits(0), score(0), firstChildIndex(0) {}

MSmits: leave it whatever it is in memory

struct: ah I see

MSmits: then it will just reserve the memory

MSmits: and it will take no noticable time

Scarfield: oh i thought that was better practice to do that, and the compiler sets them to 0 anyway?

Scarfield: int x; is the same as int x = 0; ?

struct: ok I did that

struct: and my sims dropped to 30%

struct: lol

MSmits: Scarfield no it isnt

MSmits: not in c++

Astrobytes: should probably init a few of those somewhere else, your code must be expected init'd values

MSmits: the memory is whatever it was

MSmits: some random bit configuration

perseverent: what happened in UTTT in the last 2 years?

perseverent: :)

jacek: so in theory i could read someone else code? :thinking:

MSmits: no idea

Astrobytes: calloc will zero the memory but I think that's slower

jacek: UTTT is 2 years old?

perseverent: I look at my last submit

perseverent: 2 years old

jacek: oh my

struct: 05-03-2018

perseverent: some new ideas in the meantime?

Astrobytes: Yes. Run. Run away.

struct: Yes


struct: best idea

Astrobytes: Pimping your multis again struct :P

jacek: yea, who does that

Astrobytes: ...

struct: Community multis should get more love :(

Astrobytes: Speaking of which I still didn't do Paper Soccer

jacek: as for uttt, it is still faster bitboard + mcts fest

jacek: well and opening heuristic

jacek: :c

Astrobytes: The Teccles Heuristic (c) Teccles

perseverent: no minimax ideas?

perseverent: opening book?

struct: opening books yeah

Hjax: hmmm i just lost a game of pr2 where i had 102 zones to 44

Hjax: awkward

WINWINWIN: They went for the base?

Hjax: nope! they just retook the map

Hjax: and eventually had more than me

Hjax: i dont know how to tell when i should check areas again

Hjax: to know if my opponent has taken them


struct: Explaining the legal moves is not easy

struct: Is the only thing I'm missing

Scarfield: piece has to be adjacent to a opponent piece on board, and have a straight line of opponent pieces between your placed piece and another of your own pieces

Scarfield: something like that :)

Scarfield: btw if you declare your nodes with what is basicly random member values, dont you risk to get wrong links when building up a tree?

Scarfield: i could have sworn i read somewhere declaring like int x; would automatically set x to zero :'(

Hankdane: It depends on the language and the compiler.

Scarfield: c++ in this case


Scarfield: lol

Scarfield: i dont know where i got that misinformation from, maybe a nightmare :p

Scarfield: but i still dont understand MSmits why you say not to initialize members then?

Astrobytes: speeds up the allocation, just make sure you initialise them with something/assign something to them elsewhere before you use them

Astrobytes: Say like when you add a child node, pull the node from the node pool, and set it's member variables there

Scarfield: ty FastroBytes

Astrobytes: yw StarField

Scarfield: Old School screensaver flashbacks :)

Astrobytes: hahaha forgot about that one

struct: I think I will make it 150ms

struct: 150ms * 60 = 9 sec + 4 sec = 13 sec

struct: not bad I guess

Scarfield: how many games for a community multi when submitting?

struct: Im not sure

struct: I think 100

struct: I will try on yavalath

struct: give me a sec

struct: If its 100 its not too bad

struct: 13 sec * 100 = 1300 sec / N_machines

struct: should be under 10min at worse

struct: Unless there is CSB promotion

Scarfield: xD

struct: I get experience if I upvote my contribution :D

eulerscheZahl: known fact struct. same for own comments and solutions

eulerscheZahl: reported long ago, CG doesn't care

struct: 1 exp for comment upvote?

struct: lol

eulerscheZahl: i never did that myself. i level up like a pro by finding 4 player CSB for 500XP legend

struct: Is it still up?

eulerscheZahl: yes. but access is restricted to those who already played it now

Astrobytes: 4 player CSB?

Scarfield: you submitted i think astro?

Astrobytes: I did?

eulerscheZahl: basically multiplayer search race

Scarfield: euler linked it here, and 5-10 players jumped on the train :D

eulerscheZahl: no collisions and 1 pod per player

Astrobytes: Don't remember it

eulerscheZahl: i was just having fun with the API

eulerscheZahl: also found code of ice and fire, kutulu, crystal rush

eulerscheZahl: and code4life i think

eulerscheZahl: all of these were older than the respective contest

eulerscheZahl: so i reported it and they pretty much restricted everything now

eulerscheZahl: e.g. a replay only gets public when you hit the share button in the bottom corner

Astrobytes: Yeah

eulerscheZahl: i think these events are related

Astrobytes: You're a clype euler, a clype I tell ye

Scarfield: clype?

eulerscheZahl: now i need a dict

eulerscheZahl: :D

Astrobytes: (an informer in SCots)

Astrobytes: *Scots

eulerscheZahl: "Petze"

Astrobytes: Yep, same

eulerscheZahl: i hate it when i comment on how shitty a contribution is and then it just gets deleted

Astrobytes: Yeah, like the n*4 one

struct: Seems to be 90 matches for community multies

eulerscheZahl: today i found now: how many digits does a^b have, causing huge numbers

Astrobytes: Yes 90

Astrobytes: overflow levels of huge numbers?

eulerscheZahl: but a python 1-lines proved the setter's solution being wrong on the smaller cases

struct: Ok, I think statement is good enough, now I wait for upvotes

eulerscheZahl: expected solution was something with log10

eulerscheZahl: but screwed up the rounding

Astrobytes: nice, very professional

Astrobytes: I kinda like it when people defend their useless contribution until their dying breath

eulerscheZahl: with pictures. definitely struct's handwriting right there

Scarfield: minecraft crafting?

struct: Now pictures use CG link

struct: Not like yavalath :D

Astrobytes: (handiwork eulerscheZahl

eulerscheZahl: highly appreciated

eulerscheZahl: i admit i don't follow my own advice here

Astrobytes: good move struct ;)

eulerscheZahl: i should also upload my avatar just for the demo replay

Scarfield: just gave you 5 more exp structo, nice work on the othello :)

eulerscheZahl: now when i change it and switch back later, the old avatar gets removed at some point

eulerscheZahl: leaving a blank space in the default match

struct: thanks Scarfield

eulerscheZahl: 10p for contribution upvotes

MSmits: perseverent if you're still here: Opening books are used by 4-5 players and they are mostly good against other players with a book. If you're up against someone without a book, it will not improve your winrate more than 5% max, maybe less

eulerscheZahl: 5 for solution upvotes, 1 for comments

struct: maybe he upvoted comments

Scarfield: 5 comments upvoted, already upvoted the contribution

Astrobytes: Description seems good struct

Astrobytes: *Statement

struct: I wrote the game without reading the rules

struct: Nothing can go wrong

Scarfield: xD

MSmits: like a pro :)

Astrobytes: I know, I remember the chaining

struct: Yeah, I implemented chaining ...

struct: and wasted time on animations for it :D

MSmits: this is like me assuming subs can teleport in ooc :P

Astrobytes: hehe, worked out alright though

eulerscheZahl: :D

Astrobytes: lol :D

Astrobytes: That was funny

MSmits: it sure made the tracking easier to code without the teleport

MSmits: I pushed re curse hard in oware

Astrobytes: struct, almost ready to publish to pending right?

Astrobytes: I saw that MSmits, and jace k. Meanwhile, I temporarily broke mine lol

struct: I must wait for tric trac comment

Astrobytes: Yes, true struct

MSmits: he's still protesting?

eulerscheZahl: protesting against what?

Scarfield: isnt he from UK?

Astrobytes: Been chained to a fence for 3 days now

MSmits: I dunno, it is an assumption

Scarfield: lol

struct: My guess it's holidays

MSmits: Astrobytes chained to a fence to protest?

Scarfield: to a tree

Scarfield: dont fell the tree

Astrobytes: He's French CarShield

eulerscheZahl: here in Germany we lock ourselves to the railway tracks

MSmits: oh, the smart way to protest

eulerscheZahl: to stop nuclear waste transportation

Astrobytes: Yeah MSmits, or glued to a window or something

Scarfield: oh bastroClype

MSmits: I see

MSmits: yeah, let the waste sit in the middle of a train track where terrorist can grab it

MSmits: instead of a safe bunker

Astrobytes: GGWP FarField

struct: Should I post othello on discord?

struct: I need exp to get Yavalath back :(

trictrac: Hello all, struct you provide a new multi "othelllo" in some hours : as usual good job !

Scarfield: xD

struct: Hi tric trac

MSmits: you can get it back struct?

Astrobytes: yay

MSmits: there's trictrac, he's on his phone in the middle of a riot now I bet

Astrobytes: :D

MSmits: dodge, tric trac, they're shooting rubber bullets

MSmits: we need you alive

Astrobytes: He doesn't live in Marseille or Paris MSmits

MSmits: ahh ok

struct: no MSmits

struct: its gonne forever

MSmits: oh ok

MSmits: well everyone knows it's yours

Astrobytes: You can retrieve via CG staff no?


struct: I guess

MSmits: nice video :)

Astrobytes: lol, I remember that one

Astrobytes: (no it wasn't me)

struct: I can calculate circle speed if I dont know speed but I know the time it takes to reach the point right?

eulerscheZahl: i'm surprised how quickly i found it again

struct: Ok im dumb

struct: its easy

struct: Im gonna need it for the next multi

struct: for the animations

MSmits: the next ?

struct: Yeah, its almost done

eulerscheZahl: have you decided which will be next?

struct: I never finished it

eulerscheZahl: oh

jacek: sh...?

eulerscheZahl: tzaar?

Astrobytes: Othello II: Physics Edition

struct: shobu

struct: yeah

struct: Tzaar I have it finished

MSmits: there's 3D TTT

struct: but never bothered submiting

struct: The viewer is very bad

Astrobytes: 4D Yinsh or I'm out

MSmits: if you have a 3D game, then time is the 4th dimension

MSmits: so...

Scarfield: We Want 4 Spacial Dimensions!

MSmits: all CG games are 3D

Astrobytes: Fair point. 5D Yinsh. More Yinsh games is the 5th dimension

MSmits: because of time

trictrac: With this number of new multi produces by struct, It wiil be very very difficult to provide good bot for all these multi

MSmits: says the guy that put a bot on all multis in less than a year :)

struct: You don't have to play all

jacek: should make general game multi

Astrobytes: I think we need a Board Game section :D

MSmits: good idea

Scarfield: or a structo section

eulerscheZahl: you will soon bypass my by contribution count :scream:

eulerscheZahl: i totally agree about the board game section

trictrac: one upvote for the struct section

Astrobytes: :)

Astrobytes: Yeah, but a board game section would be great, in all seriousness

struct: yeah

Scarfield: true

struct: I agree

MSmits: well that saves me a few seconds navigating to the next multi to play

Scarfield: xD

Astrobytes: Where would I post that on the discord?

eulerscheZahl: we can add tags like

struct: Community games?

jacek: programming memes

struct: Oh no I see othello

Astrobytes: lel

struct: Ah its the puzzle euler mentioned

MSmits: it's cool, you can link it in the statement

MSmits: if its good that is

trictrac: with a specific leaderboard for Msmits, jacek, dbdr, recurse, robo, ....

MSmits: and trictrac

Astrobytes: Oh also, we need ideas and suggestions for the CG SDK Wiki

Astrobytes: while I'm here

MSmits: how many nr 1 trictrac?

MSmits: breakthrough right?

Astrobytes: lol trictrac

eulerscheZahl: i answered 1 question in the wiki. so there is an answer in the list of open questions :D

MSmits: ahh checkers too

eulerscheZahl: and in that process doxxed my ISP

trictrac: only 5 and some second behind you

MSmits: *only*

struct: One thing I can't understand

struct: is why they dont update skeleton repo

struct: It's so old

MSmits: oh you have checkers/breakthrough and 3 smaller games?

struct: oh they updated it

struct: :D

MSmits: I only have 2 atm I think

trictrac: one some they are not many players

MSmits: yeah, i didnt do the smaller games yet. I spend way too much time on some games

eulerscheZahl: they should still accept the pull request regarding intelliJ files in gitignore

struct: How did you end up leaking ISP euler?

Astrobytes: lol eulerscheZahl, I thought that reply was yours. We need to make the wiki a coherent source of info though, not just random facts without context like re Curse pointed out on the discord. Ideas would be appreciated

eulerscheZahl: editing the wiki page, logs show my IP

struct: ah

eulerscheZahl: sorry, i'm not motivated to invest much into that wiki. but i like the chat history :)

Astrobytes: Just ideas, not asking for work to be done ;)

Scarfield: but "would you kindly"

jacek: struct there is othello puzzle, maybe you can reuse the background from there :thinking:

eulerscheZahl: the background is the smallest issue

eulerscheZahl: but it's a good one, showing the actual game

eulerscheZahl: for an overview page i prefer those over great artwork that has nothing to do with the actual game

struct: I guess I'll ask nicola when I see him around

MSmits: never seen him around

MSmits: but maybe he's online on euler hours in the morning?

Astrobytes: "euler hours" :D

MSmits: you know.. when normal people sleep


MSmits: looks good

struct: yeah

eulerscheZahl: nicola is online right now

Astrobytes: While the community sleeps, euler beats them down

eulerscheZahl: mostly active on #fr

MSmits: ahh like so many

struct: Ok I need a translator

eulerscheZahl: he speaks English

MSmits: even if his English was bad I'm sure you can make him understand you want to use his pic :)

eulerscheZahl: i hereby volunteer for english to english translation and back

eulerscheZahl: he wrote a lot of puzzles. i'm pretty sure his English is decent

MSmits: is that when you correct people's grammar?

Astrobytes: I can do Scots<>English

eulerscheZahl: no, i would just echo

MSmits: ah

Astrobytes: :P

eulerscheZahl: and parrot for the way back

MSmits: but without the errors?

eulerscheZahl: with errors to keep the translation idiomatic

Scarfield: using google translate into a language and back to the starting language make for some great song lyrics :p

MSmits: would be fun to have a parrot that repeats you and corrects your errors

Astrobytes: Ever use Translation Party?

MSmits: but I guess they live so long because they don't do that

eulerscheZahl: a long time ago i used babelfish

eulerscheZahl: i feel old

eulerscheZahl: was impressed how good it worked

struct: Remember if you have any suggestion for games you would like to see, feel free to say so, tric trac asked for one, but I can't find a way to port it to CG

MSmits: Scarfield I think jimmy fallon has some game where they sing such lyrics

Scarfield: never heard of it astro, yea smits thats where i saw it :)

MSmits: ah ok

eulerscheZahl: i suggested yinsh. we have it now but it almost broke you :(

struct: This is what he suggested


MSmits: I think this happens when we let struct do his own ideas

MSmits: when i said he had to do othello, it was no problem

eulerscheZahl: yinsh was my idea

struct: yeah it was euler

struct: that suggested

MSmits: oh, it's just you then

struct: long ago

eulerscheZahl: but then didn't feel like coding it

Astrobytes: Scarfield

Scarfield: yea just found it, doesnt seem to do anything though?

jacek: try deepl translator

MSmits: eulerscheZahl so next time wield the structo responsibly

jacek: destructo

Astrobytes: Aw crap, it's down :/

Astrobytes: It translates to Japanese back to English repeatedly until equilibrium

MSmits: struct is like mjolnir only every time you use it, it makes boardgames

Scarfield: lol

Astrobytes: It's usually rather amusing

eulerscheZahl: don't worry MSmits, coding my brainfarts myself atm

MSmits: good :)

Scarfield: but who is worthy to hold structo then?

MSmits: good question

eulerscheZahl: let's release othello and wait 2 or 3 weeks

eulerscheZahl: then #1 can request a new game

MSmits: cool

struct: That would be a nice idea actually

MSmits: I will ask Renard if he has any other bots from the 90s

Scarfield: xD

struct: lol

struct: Do you want me to publish it?

MSmits: If the testers say it's good, then it's good

eulerscheZahl: you cant decide that alone

eulerscheZahl: need 3 approvals

struct: 3 damn

MSmits: should be easy

struct: 3 is so low tbh

MSmits: ye

MSmits: gotta do some shopping, before store closes, ttyl.

struct: What tags I add for Othello?

eulerscheZahl: cries in space maze

Astrobytes: lol

struct: The secret is to give legal actions

Astrobytes: Tags: Classic board game, board game, trytobeatlerenardsoldAI

struct: Bitboarding

Astrobytes: MCTS, minimax, the usual

Scarfield: Tags: Don't invite euler to coc

Astrobytes: Oh and Simulated Healing or whatever it was from the SR WIP :P

Astrobytes: *ANhealing it was :D

Scarfield: lol

Astrobytes: MiniSnax, AlphaEata (greddy algos :P )

Astrobytes: *greedy

Scarfield: GAimax

Astrobytes: Ah yeah. True AI too.

Scarfield: of course

Astrobytes: Prune array

Scarfield: poor seg xD

Scarfield: ceg *

Astrobytes: HE loves it :P

jacek: and yet not long ago some people thought about othello's chainings..

Scarfield: i missed this othello chaining thing?

Astrobytes: Yeah we got him earlier for that :D

struct: Scarfield I thought othello had chains

Astrobytes: He was under the impression that moves trigger chains of flips, rather than flipping all pieces at once. It was... interesting

struct: So I added them in my code

Scarfield: xD

Astrobytes: And animated them very well

Astrobytes: Yeah struct, do you plan variable board sizes?

struct: no

Scarfield: so if a flipped piece would allow new peices to flip sort of chain?

struct: yes Scarfield

struct: let me see if I have replay


Astrobytes: then darkhorse's comment is valid, you only need to read board dimension once, outside loop

struct: Something like that

struct: I know Astrobytes, but most of the games the var is inside

struct: its to not confuse players

darkhorse64: More to the point than my previous comment.

Astrobytes: lol :D

darkhorse64: It got me 2 XP.

Astrobytes: Yeah maybe so struct but 1. it's annoying, 2. one more thing to read = wasted time

Scarfield: hmm could maybe be an interesting game though :D Structhello

Astrobytes: 2XP :D

darkhorse64: Only 9998 left for level 40

struct: it makes it easier to start the timer

struct: :p

struct: Ok Ill move the height to outside the loop

struct: or shouldnt I even add height?

Astrobytes: Cool. Also - how would it confuse players?

struct: All my games had that I think

struct: thats why I thought it was generic

eulerscheZahl: official games like the great escape give the board size in input too

Astrobytes: Something like boardSize // width and height of board

darkhorse64: In the loop ?

Astrobytes: Yeah. It's really annoying.

eulerscheZahl: outside the loop

struct: ok Ill keep

struct: but outside the loop

Astrobytes: Yeah don't get rid of it, just outside the loop

darkhorse64: Fine. Upvote me. 12997 left

Astrobytes: lol, I even did it for you

Astrobytes: *actually not even

darkhorse64: Should I really solve 15 puzzles in Haskell, VB.Net or Clojure ?

eulerscheZahl: no, be smart

eulerscheZahl: codegolf counts as 2 if you submit twice

struct: We commented at same time astro

eulerscheZahl: A*Craft, CG sponsored: submit default code, get terrible score with 100% corret

eulerscheZahl: correct

eulerscheZahl: same for number shifting

Astrobytes: Nice struct, now upvote my comment

Astrobytes: :P

eulerscheZahl: CGFunge Prime: solve once, farm language achievements

struct: Time to get 1sst

darkhorse64: I have ample solutions provision. What bothers is writing code for esoteric (to be kind) languages

darkhorse64: *bothers me*

struct: LeRenard I'm sorry, I broke your bot, I moved the height outside the game loop

Astrobytes: Don't think that'll take a lot of time to fix tbph ;)

struct: ok I updated it, also updated repo

struct: I wont touch it anymore

darkhorse64: First with a 2 points margin !!!

Astrobytes: Seems to be working OK

darkhorse64: Come rekt me

Astrobytes: I did

darkhorse64: gg

Astrobytes: :P

Astrobytes: struct - boarSize?

darkhorse64: beardSize ?

Astrobytes: Wild or...?

Astrobytes: tailleDuSanglier

Astrobytes: = 8

jacek: :B

struct: omfg

struct: zzzz

Astrobytes: Othello: Wild Pig Edition

struct: I was ready to delete othello from my pc

struct: you spoke in time

Astrobytes: I'm just glad I stopped laughing in time to comment

struct: In statement I also wrote

struct: boarSize

struct: wtf

Astrobytes: btw, don't remove until successful publishing

Default avatar.png Gilbino: hi guys

struct: I can just download it

struct: hi

Default avatar.png Gilbino: where are you from

struct: Check the flag

Astrobytes: Hover over our avatars

Default avatar.png Gilbino: sorry i'm new here around

struct: no problem

Astrobytes: all good

struct: I was also thinking in porting this game


Astrobytes: Oh wow, now that does look interesting

Default avatar.png Gilbino: in fact i know this site from years... then i met the nintendo challenge

Default avatar.png Gilbino: anybody did it?

Default avatar.png JBM: atleast 93

Astrobytes: 2 player Pipe Dream with extras

Astrobytes: @struct

struct: You like it?

Astrobytes: Yep

struct: On this on I guess I could increase board

Astrobytes: Probably. Not by tooo much though

Astrobytes: struct, now you have boarSize declared and read, then try to read from boardSize in the first for loop

struct: What do you mean?

struct: Did i broke it?

struct: omfg

struct: I renamed in statement

Default avatar.png JBM: boarSize

struct: and not in stub?

Default avatar.png JBM: that's a call for a new game

Astrobytes: struct

Astrobytes: Boar Wars

struct: ahahahah

struct: I see

struct: I only renamed one

struct: submiting...

Astrobytes: Version II: "Tuez le sanglier"

Default avatar.png JBM: how queer

Default avatar.png JBM: i'm so not expecting not-english here

Astrobytes: A random walking wild pig strides around the board, knocking your stones off

struct: fixed?

struct: JBM is nicola still active?

Astrobytes: JBM, only cause I renamed his variable as tailleDuSanglier earlier

Astrobytes: All good now struct

Default avatar.png JBM: struct: i'm afraid he kinda is

Default avatar.png JBM: Astrobytes: lol

struct: I want to use the picture he has for his othello

struct: Astrobytes I didnt see that game has rng :(

Astrobytes: Get JBM to make you a logo :smirk:

struct: Now I don't like it as much

Default avatar.png JBM: i'll wait until my proposal wins the vote on

Astrobytes: struct, you mean the tile picking?

struct: yeah

Default avatar.png JBM: not doing that much more free work until then

Astrobytes: lol

Astrobytes: Can you compensate for that by giving players identical tile? Would it work struct?

struct: I have no idea

struct: The fox uses 140 ms

struct: 1900 ms on first turn

struct: wait

struct: do I have a bug

struct: I see he uses 1900ms two times

struct: o.o

Astrobytes: !

struct: Ah

struct: he measures opponent time I think

Default avatar.png JBM: but what does the fox SAY?

struct: not sure

Default avatar.png JBM: yeah that sums it up

Astrobytes: Please god not that

LeRenard: I use 1900ms in the first turn and 140ms after

Default avatar.png JBM: what would you like to be talking about?

LeRenard: Response time first turn is ≤ 2000 ms. Response time per turn is ≤ 150 ms.

Astrobytes: Just in reference to the reference JBM :P

Default avatar.png JBM: monody knows both you and i know the other got it

Default avatar.png JBM: *nobody

Default avatar.png JBM: i've got a norwegian friend

Default avatar.png JBM: that might explain some

Astrobytes: Yep. I have a couple of Swedish ones

Default avatar.png JBM: well *that*'s norwegian

Default avatar.png JBM: i had no choice but to learn

struct: but this LeRenard


Astrobytes: Also, "monody" - trying to get monads involved here somehow?

Default avatar.png JBM: and dyads too

Default avatar.png JBM: just for the sake of global confusion

Astrobytes: "Monody" is what you call a Functional slip

LeRenard: Before your change I start the timer after height

Default avatar.png JBM: i see it as ope opposite to homophony

Default avatar.png JBM: *one

LeRenard: and now just after while(1)

Default avatar.png JBM: come on kbd

LeRenard: it is maybe the problem

struct: LeRenard you need to start after the for loop

struct: the first for loop

Default avatar.png JBM: ok struct

Default avatar.png JBM: now i'm seeing a replay

Default avatar.png JBM: they don't exceed the diameter

Default avatar.png JBM: but it's still weirding me out

struct: Yeah jbm, that is because its a fake flip

struct: it doesnt really flip the piece

Default avatar.png JBM: no kidding

Default avatar.png JBM: can't you just flip it and be done with it!

struct: I cant flip it

Default avatar.png JBM: why not?

Default avatar.png JBM: who's preventing yu?

struct: Dont know how to code it

struct: My brain

Default avatar.png JBM: i'd do that for youjust to not see that any ;ore

Snef: that kindness

Default avatar.png JBM: what's your current routine

jacek: whats wrong with the flip

Default avatar.png JBM: just look at it

Default avatar.png JBM: then take a RL coin and flip it

Snef: yea the rotate isn't what it should be it's like they aren't flat on the ground


struct: it uses skew

Default avatar.png JBM: not appropriately

Default avatar.png JBM: is there a *fast* and easy way to generate a very short game to generate it?

struct: if you download and open project it should do it

struct: just run main

Default avatar.png JBM: just lauched maven

Default avatar.png JBM: dl'ing the internet, brb

Default avatar.png JBM: wait, alREADy

Default avatar.png JBM: my oh my

Default avatar.png JBM: that fr localization of ffx is delightful

Default avatar.png JBM: "some page is slowing down your whatevs"

Default avatar.png JBM: "stop it" "have patience"

struct: ties seem to work :D

Astrobytes: I don't even mind the animation, just flipping colour works for me - but I appreciate the appeal of aesthetic quality.

struct: Yeah, switching colors slowly would be fine

struct: Also I did small changes like placing piece is not instrant

struct: instant*

struct: I think this makes it easier to spot where its placed

Snef: you could do a lightning strike on the tile

Astrobytes: With the Mars Lander sfx

Zenoscave: JBM what is that base64 bytes you're sending?

Zenoscave: some sort of key?

Snef: seed ?

Zenoscave: I think

Astrobytes: Did you update your code for the new inputs Zeno?

Zenoscave: new inputs when?

Zenoscave: I think I did

Astrobytes: donno but you should have these: cin >> roadLength >> initialStones >> gameSeed >> gameSide >> reserved; cin.ignore();

Astrobytes: (well, in your lang)

Zenoscave: lol I did road_length, initial_stones, *_ = map(int, input.split())

Zenoscave: I just ignored them

Astrobytes: pewpew

Zenoscave: pewpewpew

LelouchVC2: Black Lives

Zenoscave: Matter

Snef: only real AI matter

Zenoscave: Astrobytes Do you know what that base64 is in JBM

Zenoscave: it's 256 bytes after decoding

Zenoscave: seems like raw binary data

struct: zeno still no othello bot'

struct: ?

Zenoscave: othello?

Zenoscave: when was it added?


Zenoscave: Been working a lot lately not much time

Zenoscave: sweet!

Astrobytes: which input is giving you a base64 value Zeno?

Zenoscave: no JBM's bot prints some base64 data

Astrobytes: Ahhhh

Astrobytes: no

Astrobytes: lol,

Astrobytes: I'll check that one out tomorrow

Default avatar.png JBM: Zenoscave: it's "nvm trying out some boss stuff"

Default avatar.png JBM: you're not really supposed to read too much into it

Zenoscave: first move

Default avatar.png JBM: oh i know what it does O:-)

Snef: JBM i found a bug

Zenoscave: I'm going to though ;)

Default avatar.png JBM: Snef: shoot

Default avatar.png JBM: Zenoscave: really, you mostly can't

Default avatar.png JBM: just beat the other people around

Snef: i play vs your bot you output 1 nvm me testing future boss and then it send 3 stones, but only decrease your stones by 1

Default avatar.png JBM: naaaaw

Default avatar.png JBM: ignore the boss

Default avatar.png JBM: it cheats

Default avatar.png JBM: beat the other players

Default avatar.png JBM: the boss HAS THE POWER

Default avatar.png JBM: though if it sends 3 it should decrease by 3

Default avatar.png JBM: what does the viewer say?

Snef: Sortie standard :

Default avatar.png JBM: are you playing in IDE or is it a rankings' match?

Snef: IDE

Default avatar.png JBM: yeah i can't have the viewer on those

Default avatar.png JBM: the boss cheats

Default avatar.png JBM: it has to

Default avatar.png JBM: when the leagues are in, it's got to let normal people by

Alshock: it's reading the player's output?

Default avatar.png JBM: and beat the ones who cheat

Default avatar.png JBM: that's not possible

Default avatar.png JBM: what *is* possible, OTOH...

Alshock: nothing's impossible if you have WILL

Default avatar.png JBM: well, you'll find out if you really want to

Default avatar.png JBM: the point is, it cheats, and you can't

Default avatar.png JBM: so ignore it (for now)

Default avatar.png JBM: if you don't cheat too much, you'll beat it in due ti;e

Default avatar.png JBM: *time

Default avatar.png JBM: (i.e., when the leagues are actually pushed)

Alshock: hey you see that shining stone ther at the bottom of the pond?

Snef: so it is normal that he throw 3 and it only decrease by 1 ?

Default avatar.png JBM: i saw that video too

Alshock: look at it! it's so beautiful, oh nvm you can't reach it anyway so just ignore it

Default avatar.png JBM: snef: don't read too much intp its inputs

Default avatar.png JBM: Snef: the viewer data is supposed to look consistent, that's all

Default avatar.png JBM: just try to rank above ZeroDoc

Default avatar.png JBM: who cheats (but fails)

Astrobytes: Right, I bid you all gn/bn. Until tomorrow, take care

Snef: gn

Default avatar.png JBM: gn astroes

struct: gn

struct: Oh no

struct: I found Yavalath brother

MSmits: good for you brother

Default avatar.png JBM: shit, i got sidetracked

struct: MSmits


Default avatar.png JBM: struct: when od you intend to publish othello?

MSmits: weird game

struct: I can still update it after its released

Default avatar.png JBM: right

struct: I dont know when Ill publish it

Default avatar.png JBM: i'd do your flips just to prove a point

struct: it can be aproved atm

Default avatar.png JBM: but i've got serious trolling to do too

struct: np

Default avatar.png JBM: and i'm behind schedule

Default avatar.png JBM: way behind

Snef: fix it

struct: There is this game its similar to TGE

struct: I dont know if CG was inspired by it

Default avatar.png JBM: corridor?


Default avatar.png JBM: not the one i had in mind

Default avatar.png FeridBelgaid: bilel

Rush_iam: Is there a way to disable chat?

Default avatar.png jlfu10: alt f 4

Andrelamus: Can I choose to opt out of all shortest mode?

struct: Andrelamus no

**Rush_iam slaps jlfu10 around a bit with a large fishbot

Default avatar.png my_genjutsu: HELP

Default avatar.png my_genjutsu: HELP

Default avatar.png my_genjutsu: I NEED HELP

Default avatar.png UndisclosedSamourai_e598: I would help but I am not confident I am skilled enough to help anyone

Default avatar.png FeridBelgaid: @bi

Hjax: is PR 2 so old that there isnt a referee for it

Hjax: (for brutal tester)

AkioU: wassup

Melonai: hellooo

struct: Hjax still here?

Hjax: im here


Hjax: awesome thanks

struct: w

struct: yw+

dyc3: I'm trying to debug why my bot is timing out. Sometimes, the game replay says that my bot timed out, but when I bring the parameters to the IDE, my bot doesn't time out. Any ideas?

struct: You/your opponent bot might have random movements

pb4: JBM : "quoridor" not "corridor"

Hjax: struct: brutaltester is crashing :(

Silverdimond: why is boss 3 so hard

tomatoes: this is what bosses for

Silverdimond: ok boss 4 is harder